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The Voyage

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Janet looked herself in the mirror, and smiled, pleased with what she saw. The mother of three spirited teens, she was still a knockout. Her shapely legs curved upward, towards firm, round buttocks behind and in front, a trim, flat stomach with only the barest hint of curve. From a pretty navel, her gaze moved upward toward shapely, gently curved breasts. Not overly large, they were shapely enough to attract glances from the men at the office where she worked. More importantly to her, they were very sensitive, and easily aroused.

Her tiny pink areolas gave way to wine-colored nipples that could stand erect at the slightest stimulation. Her slender neck supported a pretty face framed by shoulder-length dark brown, almost black hair. At 5′ 8″ the total package was tall and shapely, and she was proud of it. She again smiled at her reflection as she began to dress.

Today she and Bob were going sailing. Bob owned a 40 foot sailboat that he used for business meetings, weekend cruising, and with a crew that had been together for years, for racing. Racing had brought Bob and Janet together: nearly two months ago, with co-workers on a “girls night out,” she had gone to the party at the Lakebridge Yacht Club the night before the Regatta. The band had been loud, the clubhouse dance floor had been stiflingly crowded, and air inside was rank and smoky. Worst of all, the sailors had been drunk, boisterous, and for the most part, horny and crude. She had escaped the crowded dance floor, and had gone walking along the pier, taking in the fresh air, and looking at the boats. She had always wanted to sail, but her first husband had never been interested and now, as a single mother, she only had enough to sustain her and her boys. Sailing was an expensive luxury, far beyond her means. So she walked up and down the rows of boats, gazing and dreaming. Then suddenly, a man’s voice interrupted those dreams.

“I was beginning to think I was the only person on earth who wanted away from that noise,” spoke a friendly voice from the shadows behind the rigging of a blue sloop. The speaker then stood up from his deckchair and stepped out from the shadows. He was tall, over six feet, slim and handsome. His blue polo shirt revealed a trim, muscular torso, and his khaki shorts revealed handsome legs. His sculpted face wore a relaxed smile that reached his blue eyes. Janet was instantly drawn to him.

“It is a bit much, isn’t it?” she replied.

The stranger’s grin deepened. “Welcome to the club,” he answered. “I’m Bob, and this is the ‘Bookworm.’ Care to come aboard?”

And she had. For the next several hours the two had talked. Over two glasses of wine, and then three cups of coffee, oh how they had talked. She discovered he was a widower, whose young wife had died years ago in a automobile accident after only four years of marriage. Janet found herself telling him about her children, and about how she had thrown herself in her work after her husband, their father, had left her for his theretofor unknown mistress. “I need something new,” was all he had said at the time, leaving her to wonder what was so wrong with her that he would destroy their family to be away from her. She also told Bob of her desire, someday, to sail.

They were both slightly startled when, in a moment of companion-

able silence, they discovered that the night had somehow slipped away. The party had ended, the crowds had dispersed, and Janet’s friends (along with her ride) had apparently left without her. Moreover, it was only a couple of hours until the dawn. Each of them then realized that they had spent hours in each other’s relaxing and pleasant company. That realization quickly turned to a mutual attraction; and awareness of each other instantly led to awkwardness, as each wondered what to say next.

“I should go,” Janet said without conviction, as at the same moment Bob invited her to “Stay.” She stared at him, wondering if he was propositioning her. He quickly blushed.

“I mean, stay up here on deck. It’s only a little while until dawn. Sunrise over the lake is something to see.” She blushed to think that she would have spent the night with this man, even if it had only been in pleasant conversation. She hesitated.

“Tell you what,” Bob said, as much to hide the awkwardness as to keep her from abruptly leaving. “Watch sunrise with me, then let me treat you to breakfast. The club always does a nice spread for the Regatta. Then, I’ll call you a cab.” She had immediately jumped at the prospect, although in the end, the cab ride had been delayed. After breakfast, she had not wanted to leave, and he definitely had not wanted her to go.

Bob’s crewmates began to arrive, he introduced her to each of them. More than one met her with arched eyebrow, wondering what sort of conquest their skipper had made the night before. Janet blushed as she read their obvious thoughts. Then she got out of the way as they made final preparations for the race.

Just before they shoved off, Bob stepped off the boat and moved close to her. He walked her to the cabstand in front of the club. He hesitated, then quietly told her, “I’d like very much to see you again.”

Janet smiled shyly, and said, almost in a whisper, “Yes, please. Here’s my number,” as she handed him a scrap of paper. “And good luck.” Then she smiled at him. She didn’t move as he looked at her, and smiled a smile that went all the way to his eyes. Then he forced himself to open the cab door and watch her climb inside. He said a quiet “so long,” then began to walk back toward the boat. She sat there and continued to watch as his crew cast Bookworm off from the dock, and turned down the river, into the stream of boats heading into the lake for the Regatta.

After that, they dated for about six weeks, and today, they would be spending the whole day together today. Her teens were staying the weekend with their father. As she finished dressing, she smiled yet again as she allowed herself to contemplate being with Bob. If today went well, then perhaps they would spend the night together. Janet hadn’t yet been able to let herself do that, despite her attraction to the tall banker. A month ago, after their third date, Bob had made a polite, tempting overture, and Janet had clumsily rebuffed him. Bob was gracious and pleasant, but Janet was sure she’d never hear from him again. So she was relieved and gratified when he called the next day, as he had done after each of their previous dates, to arrange their next outing. And for the next month, each date thereafter had ended with the same friendly kiss on the cheek. But he had never again made another pass.

And now they were going sailing. There was no racing this weekend, and the weather forecast was for a clear day, with a storm front forecast to come through in the evening hours. Bob assured her that the storm wouldn’t threaten them. They could be back long before it arrived.

Janet finished dressing, remembering Bob’s advice. “It’s warm on shore,” he had said, “but on the lake, it can be quite a bit cooler, so bring a light jacket. The best approach is to dress in layers. An outer layer of long sleeves and long pants over something like a t-shirt and comfortable shorts. Bring your favorite sunscreen, and some type of lip balm. We might have swimming weather out on the lake, so if you want, bring a swimsuit,” he had added.

So she looked at herself in comfortable but snug jeans, a long- sleeve button down shirt, over a polo shirt of her own, and khaki shorts. In her carry-on bag she packed a comfortable, muted tan one-piece swimsuit that she always liked. But at the last minute, she also packed her electric yellow bikini, the one with the deep plunging front snap bra and the even skimpier bottom. She always felt a bit slutty wearing it, but it did make her look so very good. And maybe, just maybe, today would be the day to try “a little bit slutty.”

As Janet arrived at the dock, Bob was unwrapping the sail cover. She stood there and said “good morning,” a bit awkwardly. He turned to her and smiled that smile — oh, how she was becoming addicted to that smile!

He said “Hello to you too! Come on aboard.” She did so, and he said “You can stow your things below, if you like. There’s space in the locker behind the port side settee.” And when she looked confused, he grinned. “Port side. That’s the left. And before you come back up, help yourself to something cool from the fridge. That’s just beside the galley stove, also on the left.”

Janet went below and saw the spacious, well organized layout of the boat, and its gear. She also noticed the door to the master cabin aft was open. That was his bunk — large, comfortable, and with fresh, crumpled sheets and a warm comforter. She blushed as in her mind’s eye she briefly saw the two of them intimately intertwined on that bed. Then she trod firmly on her imagination, grabbed two cans of juice from the cooler, and climbed back up onto the deck. There, for the next hour, Bob had explained the boat, it’s rigging and components, and how the boat worked.

Bob patiently answered her questions, and showed her the names of the various parts, ropes and equipment. He demonstrated how the winches helped grind up the lines, and he also described various maneuvers. Finally he said, “Okay, you’ve absorbed all you can from talking about it. The rest you just have to see and experience out on the water. Ready?”

She nodded, nervously. “Okay then,” he smiled, “prepare to cast off. I’ll get the stern lines.” He then started the engine as she took the position he had pointed out earlier. “Cast off!” he commanded, and, as he had shown her, she took the dock lines off the cleats that held the boat in its slip, and set them on the dock. She helped him maneuver the boat out of the slip, and they slowly motored up the channel. She looked briefly at her car, disappearing in the distance, and then she turned and looked forward as he piloted the boat toward the lake. She wondered what this day would hold, but she was determined that she would not look back.

As soon as they reached open water, Bob throttled the motor down until the boat was just making headway, then he turned it into the wind and motioned for Janet to take the wheel. “I’m going forward to raise the sails,” he said. “You just keep her pointed into the wind.” And with every confidence in her, he headed to the mast, where he quickly untied the sails and hoisted them — first the mainsail, then the big overlapping jib. The sails fluttered loudly in the wind as Bob hoisted them up the mast and forestay, drowning out the drone of the engine, as he adjusted the halyards, then tied them down.

“Now turn that way!” he yelled from the front of the boat, pointing left. As she turned the wheel, the boat hesitated, then responded as the rudder bit in the slowly flowing water. As she pointed Bookworm where Bob directed, he sheeted in the sails. The boat leaned over a little as the wind caught the sails, startling her. She grabbed the wheel with both hands and her eyes widened in momentary panic. She looked at Bob and saw that he was relaxed and enjoying it. That was enough to quickly calm her down enough to remember what he had told her earlier. The boat would lean over — “heeling,” he had called it. It was normal, he said, and all Janet needed to do was to stay on the windward side of the boat. “The high side,” she remembered him saying. So, keeping her hands on the wheel, she stepped up to the right side of the boat that was leaning gently to the left. Bob grinned and nodded as he stepped around her and pulled a lever on the helm station. A moment later, the engine coughed and came to a stop. Bob then sat down beside her — so very close to her — but didn’t touch the wheel, or her. As Bookworm accelerated on the wind, his grin grew as he looked at her and said, “You’re sailing!”

And so she was. For a couple of moments she marveled in the sensations — the wind on her face, the gentle undulations of the boat on the waves, the way it responded when she turned the wheel one way or the other. She closed her eyes a moment and smelled the fresh air, and the lake water. She felt the cool breeze and the warmth of the sun. She opened her eyes, and looked up at the sails, their tell-tales flying the way Bob had said they would. She savored the whole experience. She was sailing! Just as she had always wanted to do. Now that she was, it was even better than she had imagined.

Then she remembered that she was not alone. She sensed, rather than saw, Bob’s presence next to her, watching her. She looked at him, and saw his pleasure as he looked at her. She smiled at him, a smile of gratitude, of joy, of genuine excitement and pleasure, and in a sudden flash of decision, an unspoken promise of other pleasures that they would share when the sailing was done. He smiled back, and she wondered how much he understood of the decision she had just made. Then, blushing, but still smiling, she turned her attention back to the boat.

Bob showed her how to sit on the transom as she kept the helm. He moved away from her and went forward to trim the sails. To her disappointment, he stayed there for a moment, then he turned to her. “Ready to try tacking?” he said loudly.

Tacking! Oh God, he had explained how that would happen, but what was it he had said? Bob seemed to understand so he gently talked her through it. “Pick a point off your right shoulder,” he said. “That’s where you’re aiming for.” She looked right, and saw a tower on the far shore, miles away. She nodded, still looking at the tower. “Okay!” he said. “You tell your crew you’re about to tack by saying ‘Ready about!'”

“Ready about,” she said in a normal tone of voice.

“Louder!” he said, smiling. “Everyone has to hear you, even the guy at the bow!”

She imagined sailing with a full crew, so she repeated, much more loudly, “Ready about!”

Bob grinned, uncleated the jib sheet and nodded. “Ready!” he replied. Janet hesitated, so he went on encouragingly, “You say ‘Helm’s a-lee!’ Loudly, because everyone on deck and below decks needs to know we’re tacking! Then turn the wheel to the right!”

Janet took a breath, looked back over her shoulder for her tower again, and almost screamed “Helm’s a-lee!” as she gingerly turned the wheel a little to the right.

“Turn harder!” Bob commanded. “Once we’re into the wind, we only have our momentum to get us across!” So Janet turned harder, and Bookworm began to turn more quickly. When the wind was straight ahead, Bob released the left jib sheet, and quickly began pulling in on the other sheet. The mainsail fluttered in front of Janet as the boat continued to turn, and the boom at the bottom of the sail began to move from the left to the right, until the mainsheet snapped taut and the sail began to fill on its new tack. The boat heeled to the right. Janet started to straighten the wheel as she saw her tower come to the front of the boat, and then keep moving left. They were still turning! She began to panic as the boat continued to fall off the wind.

“What do I do?!” she screamed at Bob.

Bob smiled calmly and said “Turn the wheel the other way until you get your reference point where you want it.” Janet turned the wheel left, and as the boat began to respond, her tower drifted from the left back until it was directly in front of her. She then breathed a sigh of relief.

“Relax,” said Bob, as he came up and sat down beside her and briefly touched her shoulder. “You’re doing great.”

Bob put his hand on the wheel, and, looking up at the sails, said to her “My helm.”

As he had taught her before the left, she responded “Your helm,” and then took her hand off the wheel.

Bob adjusted Bookworm’s course and said casually, “It’s not like driving a car on a paved road. Steering this boat means throwing a plank –the rudder — around in the water. It doesn’t respond as quickly, and if we’re not moving through the water, it won’t respond at all.” She looked at him as he went on. “You have a touch for it, though,” he said encouragingly. “Keep at it and you could be a first-class helm right quick.”

Janet smiled back. Then she took a breath and looked him in the eyes. “Thank you,” she said, suddenly bringing her hand up to caress his cheek.

Bob caught his breath, and his heartbeat raced. She’d never touched him like that before. Still he tried to nonchalantly shrug his shoulders “I didn’t do anything,” he said.

Now Janet smiled at Bob, a smile full of promise, a smile that made Bob’s knees weak and which made him very glad he was sitting down. “Oh yes you did,” she said. Then, suddenly, she was leaning into him, and her other arm was now around his neck. She gently pulled him toward her. “You know you did,” she whispered, then, for the first time in their relationship, she kissed him.

The kiss, like the expression on her face, was full of promise, of hope, of excitement, and Bob sensed that it was also full of barely restrained passion. He wrapped his free hand around her waist and returned her kiss, gently, but in such a way that he let her know of the ardor that had burned within him for almost two months.

Bob continued to kiss her until Bookworm demanded his attention. The boat had turned into the wind and come up from its heeled position. Its sails fluttered loudly, as if jealous that Janet had stolen Bob’s attention. Bookworm was no longer moving forward. Bob and Janet broke the kiss, looked up at the sails, looked at each other, and both laughed out loud. It was a good laugh. They broke their embrace, but their hands held each other as he said, “This is what it means to be ‘in irons.’ I’ll go forward and backwind the jib. When I do, turn the wheel to the right. As soon as the main fills, steady us up on our previous course.”

“Okay,” she said. But neither of them moved as their hands, seemingly with a mind of their own, refused to let go, and neither could take their eyes off the other. Above them, though, Bookworm’s sails fluttered loudly, as if annoyed at the way her crew ignored her.

“Okay,” he agreed, as slowly, very reluctantly, they parted, both to do their part to get their impatient boat back into sailing trim.

Thereafter, the rest of the morning was filled with laughter and more sailing. Under Bob’s tutelage, Janet learned all about running a sailboat. As the morning cool gave way to the midday heat, Janet removed her long-sleeve shirt. She caught Bob admiring they way she filled her t-shirt, and though he was quick to glance away, she smiled at him reassuringly. She found herself liking the way he looked at her. And she made sure that he knew she approved.

Before they knew it, it was nearly noon, and they were both very hungry. Bob announced “lunchtime!” and before Janet had time to wonder what would happen, Bob took the helm and showed her how to “heave to”. With the jib backed, the mainsail squared, and the helm locked down, the boat seemed to hold still, just off the wind, the forces of wind and wave balanced off the rig and the rudder. Then he went below, and a few minutes later came up, with lunch in hand. He had made sandwiches and canned soup; a simple lunch, but given the appetite she had worked up, Janet thought it was one of the tastiest meals she had eaten in a long while. And, she noted, Bob had changed into swim trunks, although he had left his polo shirt on. She liked him in those trunks, but found herself a bit disappointed that he still wore his shirt. But, she thought to herself with a private smile, she was pretty sure that she’d remove him from his shirt before their day was through. Yeah, and maybe even from his swim trunks, too.

After lunch, Bob mentioned that they could go swimming in the lake before they continued their voyage. When Janet agreed, he went forward to set the anchor, while she went below to change. She looked at both of her swimsuits, and decided that she was very glad she had brought the bikini. He’s waited long enough, she thought to herself. And so have I, she realized, with a sudden burst of ardor.

Bob’s eyes opened in suprise and approval as Janet climbed through the hatch, wearing nothing but the oh-so-small and oh-so- revealing yellow bikini. He saw how it flattered her legs, and barely contained her tight bottom. His gaze traveled up her taut belly and trim back, to her firm, shapely bosom, attractively (and barely) encased in her bikini top. As he forced his eyes from her breasts to her face, he saw her watching his inspection. He smiled, a bit boldly this time, and nodded approvingly. “Wow,” he murmured to her. “Very nice.” He stepped to her, and put his face down to kiss her again. This time, his hands caressed the soft, firm skin of her back, and he pulled her tightly to him. She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, and stepping even tighter into him. And Bob wasn’t entirely positive, but did she just flick her tongue onto his lips?

Bob realized that his body was responding very enthusiastically to Janet. He wasn’t quite ready for her to realize this, so he stepped back and asked “Ready to jump in?”

Janet nodded, but she had already felt his physical reaction. And it pleased her. It was such a rush, discovering that she could still command such a reaction from such a handsome man. Moreover, she had felt enough of it to be confident that Bob had all the necessary equipment to take her over the moon. Yes, things were looking very nice.

Bob quickly turned and fumbled with the shackle on the stern rail that led to the swimming ladder. He opened it, and motioned Janet to jump in. She gingerly stepped down into the surprisingly cool water. Instantly, she felt her nipples harden. She knew that under the thin material of her bikini top, they would be clearly visible to Bob. She decided to tease him, so she stopped partway down the ladder with her legs up to her knees in the water. “Oooh, it’s so cold,” she said, teasingly. “I need to get used to this water.” As she said that, she wiggled her body, so that her breasts, with their erect nipples, swayed enticingly underneath her top. She saw that Bob was definitely watching. And his reaction underneath his swim trunks was strengthening.

Bob watched her for a moment, thoroughly enjoying the view, then decided enough was enough. “Well,” he began, mischieviously, as he drew off his polo shirt and dropped it on the deck, “there really is only one way to deal with the cold lake water.” He approached the stern rail, and for a moment, Janet, momentarily distracted by the sight of his manly, muscular torso lightly covered by soft hair, thought he was going to take her hands off the railing and throw her into the cold lake. Instead, Bob lengthened his stride, shifted his approach to pass alongside her, and with a powerful leap, jumped headlong into the lake. His smooth entry resulted in very little cold water splashing on Janet. He swam underwater for several feet, using powerful kicks and arm strokes. Breaking water to surface almost twenty feet away from the boat, he turned to Janet and said “Come on in! The water is fine!”

Janet giggled, then lowered herself the rest of the way into the cool water. A strong swimmer herself, she swam around the stern, then swam toward Bob. An amused look on his face, he treaded water as she approached. As she drew near him, she suddenly put her hands on his shoulders, and pushed herself up, dunking his head underwater, but feeling his face as she pushed it down her cleavage, down her belly, and briefly as it rubbed against her bikini bottom. She quickly pushed away as Bob resurfaced with a gleam in his eye and a grin on his face. “Is that how it’s gonna be?” he asked challengingly.

“Yup,” she replied, with her own playful grin, as she backpedaled away from him. “But only if you catch me.” She then turned away and started swimming from him with strong, fluid strokes. Bob quickly gave chase, and after a few moments, caught her by the leg.

“Gotcha now!” he cried in triumph. But instead of dunking her, he pulled himself hand over hand, up her leg, grazing her bottom, until he had her in a clinch. Janet wriggled in mock protest, until Bob turned her to face him. Then, still treading water, her arms went around his neck and there was no more playing. She kissed him with all the ardor she felt for him, and he responded with all the passion he felt for her. She opened her mouth to him, and their tongues wrestled and twisted as she rubbed her hard nipples against him. His hand moved down her back and held her tightly, as she felt his hardness rub against her. This time she didn’t hesitate, and she wrapped her legs around him. Even in the cold water, she felt her own arousal. She wanted him, and she could tell that he wanted her.

Back aboard the Bookworm, they stood on the aft deck, both dripping water, both staring at each other. They both knew where this was heading; they both were afraid to be the first to take the next step. So Janet took a deep breath and did it for both of them. “I don’t want my wet swimsuit to drip in your nice clean cabin,” she whispered. “Maybe you better take it off me so it can dry up here.” As she said this, she took his hands, and gently placed them on her breasts. She could feel her hard nipples rub against his palms. She was surprised to feel that his hands were trembling.

With his hands resting on her breasts, Bob kissed Janet’s cheek, then bent down to kiss her jaw, her throat, and the top of her shoulders. He kissed his way down her breasts and kissed his way around her nipples. As he did so, she became even more aroused. She wrapped her arms around him, and began to breathe even more quickly.

Bob removed his right hand from her left nipple, as his left hand continued to rest on her other breast. His kisses, licks and nibbles moved around and around her nipple, coming closer and closer. Janet writhed underneath his grasp, trying to force his mouth onto her nipple. Bob toyed with her for only a couple of seconds before he put his mouth on her nipple, still covered by her bikini top. He sucked on it, then he took the aroused, erect nipple gently between his teeth. Then with his tongue, he began to flick her nipple. That began to drive her wild.

Janet gasped, thoroughly aroused now. One of her arms stayed around Bob’s neck and kept her from falling. Her other hand was around his back, and now she began firmly to move that hand down his back. She hesitated for only a moment when she encountered the waistband of his swim trunks, then she slid her hand inside them, and slid down, until she could feel the strength and tension in his bottom. She squeezed, and he groaned.

Bob shifted his position, to make it easier for her to grab his bottom. He moved his face from her left nipple to her right, and repeated the teasing circles, leading to taking her right nipple in his teeth and flicking it with his tongue. As he did so, his right hand gently flicked and pulled on the nipple he had first nibbled on.

“You can take it off me, if you want,” whispered Janet.

Bob looked her in the eye, and even more aroused, brought his trembling hand up to the snap on the front of her top. “You’re sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, impatiently. “Do it now!”

So Bob did it now.

Janet’s bikini bra opened with a bit of a spring as her breasts were released, but the lake water held the fabric to her skin so that it did not yet reveal all of her. Bob brought his mouth down to the open snap, and kissed her cleavage as the bra slid off and her shapely breasts sprang into view. Then he began to suck and nibble her right breast with enthusiasm and abandon. His right hand continued to flick and pull gently on her left breast — now completely open to his view. Bob stopped — briefly — to admire that view, and again kissed Janet, deeply and ardently. Then he sat her down on the deck bench, leaned her back, and bent over her to resume his most enjoyable chore.

Janet sat back and enjoyed the sensations. She was half-naked, on a boat in the middle of the lake, with this extremely handsome man nibbling, sucking on, and playing with her tits, and she was loving it. Moreover, she was becoming thoroughly aroused. She felt herself become wetter beneath her bikini bottoms, and she rubbed herself against his hardness as her worked on her chest.

Bob loved the taste of Janet, and couldn’t get enough of her. After he had both of her nipples standing as erect as pencil erasers, he began to slide down her body. He kissed the undersides of both her breasts as his arms slid down her back, from her shoulderblades to the small of her back. He kissed and nibbled on her ribcage as his hands slid further down, just beginning to feel the swell of her rump. He kissed her stomach and licked her bellybutton as his hands slid further down, and squeezed her ass outside of her bikini bottom. Her moan of “yeeessss” encouraged him on, and he kneaded her buns like two tight, round mounds of firm dough. He continued to kiss, lick and nibble his way down below her navel, feeling her belly undulate as her breathing became more rapid. Soon, his chin touched the waistband of her bikini panty, and he could smell her arousal.

Bob began to kiss and nibble her belly along the line of her waistband. Then he ventured further down, outside the yellow, wet, fragrant panty. He felt her groan, and her breath caught as she did so. Her legs spontaneously opened to his overtures and he could see her arousal. Bob moved his face away from her bikini bottom and started kissing her legs, just above her knees. All the while, he continued to knead her ass cheeks.

Janet squirmed as Bob kissed the insides of her thighs, and she felt her legs spreading even further to allow him access to every inch of her. He kissed and nibbled, and his hands continued to squeeze and knead her ass. He could smell, and now begin to taste, the fluids of her arousal. As he moved farther up her inner thighs, his nose, and then his chin rubbed against her bikini bottom. Overcome with lust, Bob buried his face in the thin material and felt the shape of her labia on his face and cheeks. He thrust his tongue as deep in her pussy as the taut material would allow. Janet squirmed and moaned even more loudly. Still thrusting his tongue and licking her thights, Bob then slid his hands beneath the her bottoms, and squeezed her bare ass cheeks.

That did it. As Bob continued relentlessly kissing, licking, and squeezing her, Janet felt herself falling in the throes of a violent orgasm. “Oh, god!” she gasped, “Oh, god! Oh. . . . Oh. . . Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ooohhh mmmyy ggooddd, I’m cumminggg!” she screamed out loud. Bob grinned and kept going.

Janet’s orgasm seemed to go on for a long time. But eventually, the half-nude woman collapsed onto the deck bench, gasping as if she had run a marathon. She partly rolled over, disengaging his mouth, and partly moving away from his roaming, squeezing hands. Bob gently caressed her lower leg and watched her, as, with eyes closed, Janet rested and caught her breath. Finally, she opened her eyes, and after a moment, focused on his face.

“Oh, my god,” she half-whispered. “I wasn’t sure I could do that anymore.”

“You didn’t?” Bob asked with a raised eyebrow. “Then you have done that before?” he grinned in anticipation awaiting her answer.

“I’ll have you know I used to be very good at this,” Janet answered defiantly, her breasts gently bobbing in agreement. “It’s just that it’s been a while, and I didn’t know how much it was going to come back.”

Bob grinned. “All you need is a good skipper, and you’d be amazed what you can make a fast boat do,” he chuckled.

Janet gave him a mock frown. “I’m not sure which is worse: being compared to a boat, or being called fast.” Then she grinned at him.

“Either way,” Bob grinned, as he moved toward her, “I trust that this was just the beginning. Something tells me we may not be doing much more sailing this afternoon.”

The look on Janet’s face confirmed that she too, was looking forward to more. “Probably not,” she said. “But can we go below? I know there’s no other boats in sight, but I’m still a bit self-conscious.”

You weren’t all that self-conscious a moment ago, Bob thought. But he stood up and stepped toward the small ladder that led from the upper deck to the cabin area and climbed down. “Allow me,” he said chivalrously as he turned, took her hand and guided her down the ladder, where he followed, and then moved forward to hug her half- naked body. She stepped willingly and enthusiastically into his embrace.

As Bob embraced her, he didn’t feel her hands on his back. He briefly wondered about that, then felt her begin to untie the drawstring of his swim trunks. His arousal, which had softened during their chat after Janet’s orgasm, immediately hardened as he realized where her hands were going. Janet reached in his trunks and grasped his cock in both her hands. Gently, she stroked up and down his excited member as she looked him in the eye and said innocently, “Gee, skipper, is this for me?”

“Oh . . . yes . . . it . . . is . . . .” Bob gasped in reply, suddenly overcome by powerful lust. “And . . . it . . . is . . . very . . . glad . . . to . . . meet . . . you . . . too.” He was barely able to speak. Hoping to regain a measure of control over the events, his hands wantonly grasped her breasts, seeking to tweak her nipples into submission.

“Oh, no you don’t” she said playfully, as she twisted away from his hands, then led him by his hard cock into the master cabin she had glimpsed earlier. “It’s my turn. Is there anything else we need to do to make the boat safe?”

“Um . . . no . . . not now . . .” he gasped. “Later. we’ll need to watch for that storm. Not . . now. But . . .” he began awkwardly.

“But what?” she asked, amused, as she continued to gently stroke him.

“But . . . um . . . if you want me to put on a rubber, . . . . um . . . you better stop now,” he grunted, embarrassed. “Now or never.”

Janet chuckled. “I’ve been on the pill for years to regulate my cycle,” she said. “I’ve tested clean since after my last relationship ended. And I think I trust you enough to believe you if you tell me you’re clean. Unless you want to stop,” she added, giving him an additional stroke.

“Nah,” Bob said, still breathing hard. “By all means, continue.”

“I thought so,” she said, as she climbed onto the comfortable double bed, still holding his erect penis. “I’m glad we’re not going to be interrupted.” Janet then took ahold of his swim trunks, and then pulled them down his body, leaving Bob naked and powerfully erect in front of her. His arousal seemed to turn her on. “I told you I used to be good at this,” she said. “But you be the judge.” Then without further warning, she bent down, and kissed the head of his throbbing cock. She licked the top of his cock from the head, to the base, buried in a soft layer of pubic hair. She then licked the bottom of his cock from the junction of his circumcised head to the end of the shaft, and down his scrotum. After gently taking one of his testicles in her mouth and sucking and licking on it, she then ran her mouth up to the top of his cock, which she immediately covered with her mouth, taking as much of his cock as she could down her mouth.

Bob stared in amazement as Janet went down on him, swallowing his cock the very first time and then sucking him like he had never been sucked before. She sucked with her whole mouth, her lips, her tongue, her cheeks, and her throat, like she was trying to suck the life out of him, playing with his balls at the same time. She knew he was going to blow his load quickly and she did everything to encourage it. Finally he started to groan and Janet was rewarded by the gush of his huge load into her mouth. She sucked and sucked, swallowing every drop as Bob filled her mouth with cum.

“Wow!” Bob exclaimed as he fell onto the bed, and took Janet again into his arms. “That was incredible.” He kissed Janet’s nipples, and again took her bottom in his hands.

Bob’s arousal, and her power over him, had only served to heighten Janet’s own arousal, and her cuntal lubrication had resumed as she had orally satisfied him. “Told you I used to be good at this,” she grinned. “So it’s your turn again. What can you do for an encore?” she taunted him.

“This,” Bob responded. He began again to knead her buttocks as he resumed kissing and licking her nipples into arousal, and he could feel her wetness against his arm. He felt her nipples quickly stiffen again, and her response so aroused him, that it took only a minute or so before he began to become hard a second time. As soon as he felt it, he moved his hands to the waistband of her bikini panties. Janet responded by lifting her ass off the bed to allow him to slide them down her tan, tapered and eager legs. Bob’s eyes widened in suprise as her pussy came into view.

“Shaved?” he exclaimed in aroused shock.

“Just this morning,” she panted, his actions on her breasts making speech difficult. “Just for you. You like?”

“Oh, yeah!” Bob exclaimed as he bent his head down and resumed licking her pussy, his hands grabbing her ass, as for the moment, he abandoned her bosom for juicier parts.

Janet inhaled and squirmed for only a couple of moments before she moaned, “Oh, that’s wonderful. But I’m ready for the real thing.” As Bob raised his head to look her in the face, she gazed at him with lust-crazed eyes. “That’s right,” she panted. “Fuck me. Now, please.”

Bob lay down on the bed beside her, kissing and touching her, as she kissed, hugged and touched him all over. Janet brazenly grabbed his prick and began rubbing herself up and down it’s engorged length. Bob rolled over on his back, inviting her to climb on top.

“Yum!” Janet replied as she straddled Bob’s torso. Then she began to rub her thigh, and then her aroused pussy, against his cock. Bob’s eyes were closed as he continued to knead her nipples and Janet continued to rub herself against him.

Bob gasped when he felt his cock enveloped in the warm moistness of Janet’s pussy. “Oh, god, this feels so good,” she hissed, wriggling her hips until she had his entire cock buried inside of her pussy.

“Oh, yeah,” Bob groaned as Janet began to systematically fuck him.

“Oh, my god,” Janet said, taking nice long strokes as she fucked him. “I should have done this ages ago,” she panted, increasing the pace.

“You’re going to make me cum again,” Bob groaned, feeling his balls tighten.

“That’s the idea,” Janet gasped, grinding her pussy onto his cock. “And I might even get in on the fun, too!” Bob opened his eyes to see her smiling at him, her face and body covered in a sweaty mist, her breasts and hips undulating above him.

Bob wanted to hold off his climax and enjoy the sensations of fucking this very hot, very wonderful woman, but his body would not be denied. His breathing turned into short gasps as he warned Janet, “I’m cumming!”

Janet increased her tempo as the knowledge of Bob’s imminent orgasm increased her own arousal. She ground her pelvis on his, and matched him, thrust for thrust, stroke for stroke. Bob’s hips undulated more violently, thrusting her up until her head nearly struck the low ceiling. Janet didn’t miss a stroke, but put her hands up on the crossbeam to hold on. Putting her arms up pulled her breasts up, and stuck her hardened nipples out into the air as Bob watched. That did it. He exploded, and with animalistic growling, groaning noises, he grasped Janet’s hips tightly and thrust himself as deep into her as he could, lifting his buttocks off the bed as he did so. She immediately felt her own orgasm begin, and as she did so, she ground herself as hard into his pelvis as she could. She could barely hear Bob’s exclamations as as she half-screamed and half moaned through her own orgasm.

Bob and Janet stayed interlocked that way for what seemed like an eternity, until Bob’s hips collapsed back onto the bed. Janet leaned forward and with her legs still alongside Bob’s torso, she lay down on his upper body, her hard nipples rubbing against his chest, her arms around his neck, and her lips kissing his with wanton abandon. Bob reciprocated, their tongues wrestling for maximum contact. Finally, reluctantly, their lips broke apart as each took in huge gulps of air. Janet laid her head down on Bob’s shoulders and tried to catch her breath. Bob concentrated on breathing, too.

“That was incredible,” Janet murmurred.

“Yes, you certainly are,” Bob replied, causing the both of them to chuckle at the small joke. “Thank you,” Bob then said, seriously enough that Janet turned her head to look at him. Bob was watching her as she did so. “Thank you,” he repeated. “That was wonderful, and I know that it was also a leap of faith on your part. I hope it was worth it.”

Janet smiled. “You are sooo welcome, and it was soooo worth it,” she chuckled. They fell into a pleasant, companionable silence as they drank each other in with their eyes. They continued to caress and rub each other, as if each couldn’t quite believe the other was real. Finally Bob broke the silence.

“And here I am without my class ring,” he said with a grin.

“Class ring?” Janet asked, confused.

“Yeah,” said Bob. “I supppose this means we’re going steady?” Then, as Janet looked at him quizzically, not completely believing what he had said, Bob looked at her innocently and then asked with mock alarm, “You mean after all this, we’re we’re not going steady?”

Janet responded with loud, uncontrolled laughter, and one look at the Bob’s wide-eyed expression drove her into even stronger laughter. Seeing her reaction, Bob continued, playfully frowning, while maintaining the same character. “I feel so . . . so . . . used,” he said, in mock petulance. “I’m beginning to think you only came aboard so you could use me to satisfy your own carnal lusts.” Janet laughed so hard that she almost had difficulty catching her breath. Finally, Bob broke into a big grin as he watched her unrestrained joy, and he gently hugged her as her laughter faded and she caught her breath. He found that he loved holding her as she laughed.

“Well, now,” Janet responded, in a mock bass tone of voice, “I didn’t come out here to take advantage of your innocence. But now that I have,” she continued as she looked him in the eye and began to stretch her whole body against his, “I may have to do it some more.” She kissed him deeply and soulfully, and then dropping into her normal voice, she asked, “Think you can handle it?”

“I’ll certainly try ma’am,” Bob replied. “But first I need to go check on the anchors. The swells are picking up.”

Only then did Janet realize that the boat was undulating fore and aft more than it had been when they came below. Bob kissed her and reluctantly climbed off the bed on which they had so thoroughly enjoyed each other. He slipped on his swim trunks and disappeared up the gangway ladder leading from the cabin to the deck. Janet lay there, basking in self-satisfied wantonness, when suddenly, she sat up as through the open ventilation hatches, she heard him mutter, “Oops.”

“Bob?” she asked in alarm, climbing off the bed and climbing partway up the gangway to the deck. She followed his gaze as he stared back in the direction of their marina. The blue sky and soft white clouds that had marked the beginning of their journey had been replaced by an unbroken line of clouds.

It was the leading edge of a storm system. And on the other side of the front, there was nothing but and unbroken line of thick gray, angry clouds all the way to the horizon.

Bob heard her footsteps and turned to see her standing in the hatchway. His frown at the storm front that had snuck up on them as they indulged themselves, turned to a calm, encouraging smile.

“It came up on us faster than I’d anticipated,” he explained. “Sorry about that, but I was a bit . . . distracted.” He grinned at her as he said it. “We probably shouldn’t try to sail back through it.”

Janet was definitely worried. “We can’t go back?!” she exclaimed. “What do we do?” “We ride it out, of course,” replied Bob, as he headed for the bow of the boat.

“We what?” Janet repeated in disbelief.

“We set a second anchor,” yelled Bob over his shoulder as he bent down to extract Bookworm’s extra anchor from the bow locker. “Then we’ll wait out the storm, and head back in the morning.

“Ride it out?” asked Janet. “Is that safe?”

“Safer than trying to sail back in that storm,” replied Bob. As Janet stared at him, he smiled again and continued, “It’s going to be gusty and choppy as the front comes through. After a few minutes of that, it’ll just by very windy, with maybe some lightning. Our one anchor can probably hold through that, but I like a second anchor, just to be safe. As far as sailing back, well, we could, I suppose,” he continued, looking skeptical. “But it would mean sailing through heavy weather, and I’d rather not do it with only a novice on board.”

Janet began to calm down, but asked, still alarmed, “So we’re going to be drenched, and maybe hit by lightning?”

“No,” Bob answered, calmly, as he went about setting the second anchor. “We’ll be snug below the secured hatch, and we’re properly grounded. Even if lightning hits the mast, you’re safe as long as you’re not touching the mast and dipping a foot in the water at the same time.” He grinned as he continued. “Do try to avoid that, okay? I’ve become rather fond of you healthy. Besides,” he said as he oogled her lecherously, “do you have any idea how much paperwork I’d have to do if you get hurt on this boat? ”

Janet calmed down some more. “Okay then,” she asked. “What can I do?”

Bob grinned. Janet’s confidence in him was very sexy. “Secure our swimsuits and seat cushions below, please,” he began. After that, tie down the mainsail.”

Janet immediately began to do as Bob directed. Bob set the second anchor and adjusted the rode so that the bow was positioned evenly between and behind them, pointed into the wind. As Janet tied down the main sail, he secured the jib, tied it down, and tied off the sheets. The first warm drops of rain began to fall as they finished their tasks. “Below!” Bob ordered.

As Janet crawled down the ladder, Bob took a last look around, making sure that all was secure on deck for the coming storm. Then he followed her below, slid the gangway hatch closed, and flipped switches to turn on his anchor lights, nav lights, and to raise the radar reflector. “There,” he said. “All set.”

Bob then turned to Janet, and allowed his gaze to take her in from head to toe and back up her body to look her in the eye. “My, my,” he commented, grinning. “I like your idea of crew uniform.” Janet then realized that she had climbed up the gangway ladder, discussed the storm with Bob, and done her tasks — all while still completely nude.

Unable to prevent the grin that came to her face, she turned to him, came to attention and threw him a mock salute, part of which consisted of thrusting her chest invitingly toward him. “Perhaps the captain would care to conduct a full inspection,” she said, smacking her heels against the flooring, which made her breasts jiggle even more appealingly.

Bob did not hesitate, but returned the salute. “Yes, I think so,” he said, unable to keep the lust out of his voice. “About face!” he commanded. Janet immediately turned toward the hatchway leading back to the main cabin. She could feel his gaze run down her back and seemingly burn into her firm buttocks. She involuntarily shivered as she contemplated his gaze, and the shiver gave her tusch just the right amount of jiggle to turn Bob’s knees to jelly. He stepped forward, gently cupped her ass cheek, sqeezed it lustfully, and pushed on it enough to guide her back into the main cabin, and towards the bunk.

Janet grinned as she climbed in and awaited her captain’s command. She turned to lay flat on her back as Bob crawled in beside her, and kissed his way down to her fragrant pussy. Janet felt his hot breath between her legs. Then Bob inserted her tongue deep into Janet’s hole. Dragging it back out, his tongue traveled slowly up and around her clit and back down deep inside.

“So hot, so wet, so wonderful,” Bob’s voice was like pouring liquid fire over Janet’s nerve endings. The tongue returned to its lazy circling up the furrow around the clit and back down.

Janet grabbed Bob’s hair and pulled his mouth back up to her clit. The tongue flicked out rapidly and Janet felt the pressure begin to build. But she didn’t want this to end yet. She held his head steady but rotated her hips to move his tongue to her wet cave.

Bob’s tongue cooperated and formed itself into a little prick that pistoned in and out of her channel. She moved her hips again and his tongue lapped alternately at each of the two lips. Then Janet rotated her hips back down and moved his tongue to its reward. His hands snaked upward to massage Janet’s breasts.

The pressure built in Janet’s hips. Suddenly the wave of warmth lashed out from her clit to her breasts to her fingertips and toenails.

“Oh, Bob, Bob Bob! Oh! My Lord!” Janet’s whole body went rigid and then let go. She felt as if all her joints had fallen apart, then she felt and saw only blackness. She didn’t see the widening grin on Bob’s face as he gave her a moment to catch her breath. Then he rolled over on top of her, kissing her face as he did so.

Bob quickly positioned himself between Janet’s wide-spread legs. Holding his hard cock, he guided the bulbous head between the slick lips of her pussy. Subconsciously, she tightened the muscles around the entrance to her pussy. It didn’t deter her lover from penetrating her with his steel hard shaft. Stroking it twice inside her, he managed to impale her fully. Janet felt his warm balls tapping lightly against his butt.

“Oh God, that’s fucking wonderful!” Bob moaned as he slowly fucked his hard cock in and out of her.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Janet locked her ankles together, gripping him tightly against her. Bob pounded into her fast and hard, then slow and easy. Another orgasm quickly built deep inside her, erupting like a volcano before she could suppress it. Her hands clawed into his shoulders, holding onto him as her body succumbed to the intense pleasure.

“OHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!” she cried out as the contractions took control of her exhausted form.

Bob pulled his cock all the way out of her pussy after her orgasm subsided. She looked down between her breasts to see the shaft glistening with her juices. The swollen head of Bob’s cock seemed to be pulsating.

“Had enough?” Bob jested, his sweat-soaked face looking down at her.

“I could never have enough of your cock,” she muttered between breaths.

Bob plunged his cock back into Janet’s pussy, jolting her till her head was just inches from the bulkhead. Bob fucked her hard and fast, his grunts and groans getting louder and more frequent. Feeling his impending climax, she tightened the muscles around her pussy. Bob gushed a heavy load of hot cum deep inside her but he didn’t quit fucking in and out of her. His body tensed a few moments later as he shot another thick load inside her. Janet’s pussy was flooded with the combination of their fluids.

Bob’s head dropped as he was looking down at her pussy. He held the position for a few seconds before suddenly collapsing on top of her. Janet could feel his heart pounding hard in his chest as it pressed against her breasts. His face was sweating, but he was smiling at her. His breathing was deep and fast.

“You realise that if you kill me with sex, you’re gonna have to figure out how to sail this boat home by yourself,” Bob teased, as he struggled to take some of his weight on his elbows and his legs. Janet chuckled lustily as she wrapped her legs and arms around him.

“Oh don’t do that,” she grinned at him. Not just when you’ve got me addicted to you.” She kissed his sweaty, warm, flushed cheek. She then realized that even though they were cooling down, Bookworm was still plunging up and down. She heard the wind whistling through the rigging, and a metallic pinging as a halyard bounced against the mast.

The storm had arrived.


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