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Another Lonely Night in Ely

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Another night in Ely. What a pain. The drive up was OK and Gypsy had made good time, as always. The weather had been clear and she’d pushed along between 80 and 90 almost all the way. A quick lunch, check in at the motel, then off to the prison to see a couple of guys she had been working with. She used to look forward to these little excursions, but now they were becoming more work than fun. Sometimes Tommy would come along, and it would be sexually exciting, sort of naughty in a way.

The strange surroundings in a different city always seemed to get their juices flowing. But he could not come this time, and Brian had backed out also. So Gypsy was all by herself. Oh well, if Tommy had been home they could have talked on the phone. But he had to go back to Wichita for a couple of days to visit his folks. So she picked up dinner at a local eatery, then returned to the motel to watch TV.

A quick shower and into her T-shirt and panties. Gypsy watched a couple of sitcoms, checked the movies on pay-for-view, but there wasn’t anything she hadn’t already seen, and nothing she wanted to see a second time. Settled down with a book, she sat in the bed and passed time till she felt sleepy. Tomorrow she had one other meeting, then she could start back to Las Vegas. Unfortunately the guy wasn’t available till almost noon, so a morning doing nothing much in Ely loomed on the horizon. Oh well, life’s like that sometimes. Finally sleep began to tease at her eyes and she slid down under the covers, fluffed her pillow, turned out the light, and faded into dream land.

Strange dreams, there was some kind of danger she was in, but Gypsy could not quite make out what was happening. Just a pervasive feeling of vulnerability. People moving around in the background, but not real enough to be alarming. Then someone grabbed her wrist and she suddenly felt real fear. Can’t get awake. Where was she? Oh yes, the motel in Ely. Odd, she still felt the grip on her wrist and now on the other one also. Far away movement. Coming awake now a little bit. She felt cool, to cool for the blankets. Eyes fluttering open to the darkness of the room.

Ohmigod, two men standing by the bed. Wide awake now Gypsy pulls on her arms to sit up, but they were secured in some kind of binding. Her mouth opening to scream as her heart beat races. A gloved hand over her lips, closing off the cry for help. A third man kneels on the bed by her head gagging her with his hand.

“Shut up bitch,” cold, gravelly voice.

He pushes Gypsy’s head back down onto the pillow. Ohmigod, ohmigod. The other two have moved to her feet and are securing her ankles with restraints. Gypsy looks into the face of the man in front of her. He has on a ski mask, open at the eyes and mouth, but all else is covered. Shifting her eyes she sees the other two are similarly dressed. They have tied her legs to the bed. She is spreadeagled and bound. The man by her head produces a knife. It catches the light through the curtains as if it were lit up from inside. The blade looks cold and sharp, and …..evil.

He holds it to her throat, “Just keep your mouth shut cunt, or I’ll hurt you, bad.”

This can’t be happening. “Please, I’ll be quiet, just don’t hurt me.”

“You’ll be quiet, you’ll be noisy, you’ll be any damn thing we want you to be.”

The two at her feet have moved up the sides of the bed. Gypsy’s eyes are wide with fear. Ohmigod. They all have masks and gloves and she can not make out any characteristics of any of them. She pulls on the bindings, but they are strong and hold her fast. She notices that the restraints are not just pieces of rope, they are leather manacles. These men came prepared. She searches her memory, but no tales of serial rape come to her mind. But they were not amateurs, this is not their first time. The one by her head reaches into his pocket and produces a blindfold. Not just a rag or piece of cloth. A real blindfold, the kind people wear that have to sleep during the day. He slips it over Gypsy’s eyes. Ohmigod.

They don’t talk among themselves except in low tones. Gypsy strains her ears ro hear what they say, but it is just beyond her grasp. She can hear their clothes rustling, a zipper sounds out an alarm that freezes her blood. Then the knife. She feels it at her throat. He plays it lightly along the top of her shoulder.

“Please..” she pleads.

Laughter, cold laughter. A hand grabs the collar of her T-shirt and the blade of the knife begins to slice through the material, opening the shirt clear to her waist. Next he slits the shoulders and then pulls the remains from her body. Gypsy’s nipples are hard as small rocks, from the cold, from the fear. She can feel the other two stroking the inside of her thighs. One turns on the radio, loud. Again laughter. Again the knife blade, this time at her thigh. It slices easily through the flimsy material of her panties up to her waist. Then the other leg, the flap of material is jerked from under her and she is completely nude.

Hands roam over her. Touching, probing. Her throat, her legs, stomach, thighs. They cup her breasts, tease her nipples. A mouth descends on hers. Holding her head the lips brush over hers. His tongue begins to tickle along the outside of her lips, then swirls inward. Parting, it enters her mouth. Fingers touch in all her places, arms, sides, calves, stomach. She feels a warm, wet mouth engulf one nipple, then the other, then both. The tongue probes and wanders in her mouth. In spite of her fear, the sensations on her nipples and mouth begin to raise a small ember in her center. They are in no rush, there is no hurry toward pain, but a slow building of pleasure. Three pairs of hands trail increasingly sensuous paths across her skin. Three mouths pulse sensation into her mouth and breasts. The ember grows into a low flame. She can feel herself beginning to get wet.

“This can’t be,” she thinks. “I can’t be feeling this way.” And yet…

Her mouth is freed from its invader and she hears him move away. Then she feels her legs being freed. First one then the other. The hands of the other two, and their mouths continue the sucking, licking, touching. Gypsy feels the third man’s mouth upon her ankle. Quickly she pulls her legs together. His mouth, and hands begin an upward journey. Her knees fall victim to him, then her thighs. A mouth from her breast leaves, then reappears upon her lips. The heat in her center begins to blaze. The lower mouth eases along the top of her cunny, across her lower stomach, at the juncture of her delta. The blaze flourishes. The tongue slips into the very top of her slit, a hand on each knee applies light pressure to open her gate. The hands do not force, only request. Tongues, mouths, hands everywhere. The blaze erupts into molten lava. As if of their own accord, her legs begin to part to give access to this mouth and tongue and fingers that ask so irresistibly. He slides his body between them, in the canyon her need has created. Lifting them he places Gypsy’s ankles crossed behind his head. Small moans escape her lips. He begins to tongue and lick all along her outer lips. Her hips rise to meet each trip of the wonderful sensation his tongue delivers. The mouth on her nipple increases insistence and Gypsy arches her back to press into the warmth of it. Her tongue fences and toys with the one in her mouth. Sighs of pleasure come regularly from her. The lower tongue enters into her vault. A cry of pleasure issues from her. Her cunt, and clit are assaulted with fingers and tongue. The mouth on hers is replaced by a hard cock, pressing for entrance.

From the ice palace she has been locked within, Gypsy springs forth. The heat in Gypsy’s center has freed her and she takes over the body. Gypsy’s tongue slides out and swirls around the head of this cock. The taste of his pre-come fills her mouth. The tongue at her cunt drives deep inside and a long moan escapes around the cock slipping inside her mouth. She sucks tightly as he pushes toward het throat. Her nipples are on fire with mouth and fingers. Her toes curl as her back arches and orgasm sweeps over her. Prolonged gasping, moaning explosion of feeling engulfs her as the mouth sucks her clit inside.

“Oooooooh Ggggggggooooddddd,” issues from her quivering body.

Gasping as she comes back, but there is no letup from all the fingers, tongues, mouths, teeth, cock. Then movement. The mouth is withdrawn from her breast. The man between her legs rises upward. Gypsy feels his erection coming up her legs, at the opening of her vault. He pushes inside her. Slow, so slow. Inch by tantalizing inch he penetrates her vault. Till at last he bottoms out against her pubis. Her throat greedily accepts the stroking of the higher cock. She can hear his breathing faster as he plunges. She fucks him with her mouth. The lower cock begins to pump in earnest. Out just to the edge, then headlong thrust all the way in. Her hips rise to meet him each time, her head rises to meet the other. Ohmigod, ohmigod. The third has placed his head on her lower stomach and his tongue toys and teases her clit. Both cocks are driving now toward fulfillment. Screaming, Gypsy starts to come. The lower cock joins as she feels his semen spurting to cover her vault with hot, molten lava. Gypsy’s mouth is filled and her throat as the upper presses in with his ejaculation. Waves of orgasm this time. Rising and falling. More movement. Two mouths back on her nipples, sucking, nibbling, laving. A new cock presses for entrance in her soaking box. Gypsy is flowing so much from her own juices and those of the previous man, that come runs in small rivulets down the crack of her ass to pool on the sheets. This man plunges all the way inside. Driving like a jackhammer. Over and over slamming into her pubis. The feeling is too much, again the orgasm takes her. This time she can hear the invader cry out his eruption, but it sounds from far away. Darkness. Gypsy has passed out from the intensity.

But she comes back and finds her hands are free. The room is quiet and still. She listens but, no sounds come. Slowly Gypsy touches the blindfold, but no order to stop comes. Removing it she sees ………. Tommy with a huge smile on his face!

“You remember Bob and Dan, don’t you, darling?”

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