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The Visit

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You come by one Tuesday morning, eager to see me after a long stretch without visiting. You have the pumps, skirt and tight sweater you had on back when we were first reunited. I answer the door, a smile on my face and a light in my eyes indicating my happiness at seeing you.

We talk, you and I sitting together on the couch, my hand occasionally slipping under your top to tease your sides and stomach. Your hand occasionally slides lightly over my legs, as my expression intensifies, you chuckle, knowing how much that drives me crazy.

You swing around, putting your legs up on me, letting the skirt fall away as you’ve done before. It’s my turn now as my fingers lightly play along your legs, the gentle touch bringing a warmth to your body, as I play along your calves, the back and inside of your knees, and all along the inside and outside of your thighs. When I sense your increasing heat, I begin occasionally brushing my fingers over your nylon-covered crotch, sometimes pressing down a bit so that you feel it more deeply.

You lean forward, and I begin rubbing your neck and shoulders. Every once in a while I lean down and kiss the side and back of your neck, one time my tongue teases the side of your neck and I gently blow the wet trail dry. After several more minutes of this torture, you get up, and lower yourself down on my very warm midsection. You feel my cock in a rock-hard state. My hands slide up under your sweater, and begin fondling your breasts through the material of your bra, teasing the nipples with my thumbs until they become fully erect and swollen.

I suddenly push you up, and stand up from the couch. I grab your hand, and begin walking towards the bedroom.

You stop, saying “I can’t, I’ve got to go to work soon.”

A very intense look comes into my eyes, and I simply say, “Come with me,” in a voice that very much makes it sound like an order.

You still hesitate, and offer up (albeit halfheartedly) “But I haven’t got time.”

Again the intense look, along with an enigmatic smile, “We have an hour…come with me….now.”

I stop just outside the bedroom, and lean you against the wall just to the left of the doorway. I say, “Stay just like that,” and walk past you into the bedroom. I emerge a few seconds later with something in my hands. You feel me slipping something over your head, and then feel a soft leather blindfold pulled down over your eyes.

You stand there for what seems like eternity, waiting for something to happen, the anticipation of pleasure, and the slight fear of being in my hands for the first time causing your breath to quicken and an excited queasiness to stir in your stomach. You feel my hands slide up your thighs, pulling your skirt up with them, while my breath brushes your right ear. “This is for all the times you’ve teased me, my dear.”

After your skirt has been pulled up over your ass, you feel a light, but firm tap on your right ass cheek, followed by another on the left. You feel my fingers play along your hips, and the insides of the backs of your thighs, the intensity of the ticklishness augmented by the silky feel of your pantyhose. “You like being a bad-girl tease don’t you?” I say, my breath again brushing your ear and neck. Once again, you feel a tap on your right ass cheek, this one slightly firmer than the first, once again followed by one on the left; then a second round, hard enough to make your breath catch. You feel wetness beginning to well up in your pussy, your body temperature continuing to rise.

“Raise your arms”, I order. “Babe, I really have to get back…”

Suddenly you feel and hear a very hard smack on both of your ass cheeks, hard enough to bring a gasp of pain and pleasure from your lips.

“I told you”, I say, in a commanding tone you have never heard from me before, “This is payback. You will do what I tell you…period. Now, raise…your…arms”. As you raise your arms, I pull your sweater up and over them. You hear the soft rustle of it falling to the floor. As I lean against you, you can feel my now very hard cock rubbing against your backside through my shorts.

My fingers begin playing over your stomach, bringing an excruciatingly ticklish sensation. Soon, they move up to your breasts, teasing your nipples again through the lace of your bra, making your nipples even harder and fuller than they already were. I unsnap your bra, letting it fall to the floor, joining your sweater.

You hear and feel nothing for a long, long time. Then you feel the leather tip of something sliding over your leg. It trails up the back of your knee, to the bottom of your ass. Then you feel my hands pulling your pantyhose down off your hips, drawing them down to mid-thigh, leaving your ass and upper thighs exposed. You begin grinding your thighs together, pushing your face up against the wall, anticipating the feel of whatever comes next against your bare, exposed ass.

Soon you feel the THWACK of the riding crop I now have in my right hand against your ass. It brings a pain much sharper than my hand, and much more localized. I apply several strokes to your ass cheeks, then you feel its kiss on the backs of your thighs. As I crack the riding crop on your backside, you feel my other riding crop (with the flatter, larger surface), which I hold in my left hand, begin patting your pussy from the front. Combined with the pressure of the already building cum inside of you, this brings a nearly uncontrollable desire to just let go of your building orgasm. As you squirm in ecstasy against the wall, you cry out “Gawd, baby! I’m going to CUM!”

Suddenly everything stops.

You feel me lean close to your ear again. “You are NOT to cum. Do you understand? You are to save that for me later.” As I say this, I run the sharper edged riding crop over your pussy lips, causing you to grit your teeth. “Do you understand?” “Unnnnnnyesssssss” you finally get out.

You feel my hands grab yours, and I begin leading you towards the bedroom. I carefully guide you to the bed. “Get in bed, on all fours.”

Knowing it’s far too late to protest now, you do as your told. Soon you feel my feather tickler running over your nyloned feet…then over your ankles…then the backs of your knees. Then you feel my other hand give you a genuinely hard, stern smack to the ass. You hear your voice cry out, certain that your backside is a bright red now. You wonder if you should tell me to stop, but the pain is so delicious, and your pussy is absolutely throbbing. The tickler is running between your thighs now, causing a high-pitched moan to rip through you. As it lightly traces your pussy lips, you feel your entire midsection buck with the effort to hold your orgasm back, for which you are rewarded by another loud, painful THWACK from my skillful hand.

Soon the feather tickler is brushing over your erect and painfully sensitive nipples. You feel sweat trickling down your body now, as your body temperature has hit the sweltering point, added to by the heat coming from my midsection pressed against you. As you feel another sharp smack from my hand, the tickler runs over your neck, and over the fleshy part of your arms, which are far more ticklish than you remember them being.

Finally, you hear the rustle of what sounds like my shorts falling to the floor. Then you feel my swollen, extremely hot cock against your now-tender backside. I press the tip of it against your swollen pussy lips, teasing the edges of your cunt. An almost animal-like grunt comes out of you, as all you can think about is being taken. You push back towards me, trying to force my cock inside of you. I respond with one more smack against your oh-so-tender backside. You feel tears of both pain and joy welling inside you.

Finally, you feel my cock thrust inside your pussy lips, brushing against your swollen, hungry clit. The first orgasm hits you almost immediately. As you bathe my cock with your cum, you feel it pumping inside you, my hands holding your sides, pulling you against me, forcing me deeper and deeper inside. Soon, as you feel your second orgasm welling up, you feel enormous heat creeping up my shaft. As you feel the waves of your orgasm course through you, my shaft explodes inside of you, the almost impossibly hot cum shooting deep inside as you hear me groan in ecstasy.

As we slowly, sweetly wind down, I collapse against you, wrapping your still intensely warm body with my arms. I pull the blindfold from you, and give you a long, slow lover’s kiss.

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