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The Virgin Bride

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Their special night finally arrived. Lisa had been looking forward to this all her life. Actually, she had been looking forward to finding the right man all her life.

Lisa was a romantic. She didn’t mind admitting it. She wasn’t embarrassed by it. She cried so terribly much during all of the romantic movies. Of course she cried when Rose lets go of Jack’s hand, when Nickie sees the painting on Terry’s wall, and when Annie finds the backpack (and Sam soon arrives to get it).

But, she also cried when Dorothy Boyd said, “You had me at hello,” when Louise Bryant says goodbye for the last time to John Reed, when Mark tells Bridget that he was just buying her a new diary, when Sally says “I hate you Harry, I really hate you,” when Lucy plays the “Good Morning Lucy” tape as Israel Kamakawiwo’ole sings, and even when Eve Rustikoff dropped the cigar box. Well, maybe these also weren’t so unusual. But, she did watch lots and lots of romantic movies, probably too many, and she knew she had finally met the man whom she truly wanted to marry: Alec Stewart.

He was a wonderful man. He was considerate, warm, funny, sociable, and even good looking. He dressed well. He worked out. He had a nice steady job. He was great around the house (for fixing things, not for picking up or cleaning). He was always there for her. He took care of her when she was sick. He listened to her when she was upset. He liked to do things with her. He even liked to take her to romantic movies. He really had no faults. Well, that wasn’t true. He would leave things lying around, on occasion he liked to belch, he was a rabid football fan (Lisa found the game too violent), he would put off doing the dishes, and he liked to go to action movies (which Lisa abhorred). So, he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend. But, as Beverly said to Carol in As Good as it Gets, “Everybody wants that dear; it doesn’t exist.” Perhaps what made Alec perfect for her was that he did love her: “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” as Lisa liked to say.

They dated a year and a half before he proposed. She actually knew within the first six months that she wanted to marry him, but she was patient and she knew it would be worth the wait. The proposal was itself romantic, at least to her. Their first meeting had been accidental. They had met on a subway car. He was sitting down when she got on. There were no more empty seats. He naturally got up to offer her his seat, which she gratefully took. They chatted a bit, exchanged pleasantries, but nothing more than that. Actually, that’s not true either. They both could tell that there was an attraction between them. Their conversation had been so natural, so comfortable. But, you don’t pick up strangers on subway cars, no matter how good looking or engaging they are. So, she just watched him go when they reached his stop, waving cheerfully at him as he walked off, hoping that he would impulsively ask her for her number. He didn’t.

But, when she sat back down, there on the seat, was a small package that he had apparently forgotten. She opened it, hoping for some identification as to the owner. She was rewarded. It was a present for his mother, and the receipt had his name and return address. Fortunately for her, no address for his mother. She couldn’t just send it to her. She had to contact him. Well, to make a long story short, they both used the returning of the package as an excuse to see each other again.

When he eventually proposed, he again met her on the subway. He didn’t have to get up this time to offer her his seat, but when she sat down next to him, there was this small package in the seat across from her. She picked it up and opened it again, to see if there was something important that someone had lost. It contained the ring.

OK, it wasn’t nearly so cute as Gaylord’s failed attempt with the children’s signs in Meet the Parents, or as sweet as when Robbie Hart sang “Grow old with you” in The Wedding Singer, but still, it was so very nice that he put such thought and effort into it. He was like that.

Lisa worked as a receptionist for a doctor. Alec had to leave for work earlier than her (he worked in construction) and at times he would sneak off real early in order to first stop by her doctor’s office to leave little presents for her on her desk. They were always sweet little surprises. She never grew tired of them. On her 23rd birthday he had 23 pink roses (her favorite flower) in separate individual vases placed in a line marking a path from her front hallway to the bedroom. Waiting inside her bedroom was a single vase with 23 more, and on her bed was a new pink dress that she had been repeatedly admiring (from a rather expensive store, which is why she hadn’t purchased it herself). Needless to say they made love amid the petals of the roses.

There seemed to be though one way in which they might be incompatible. She couldn’t understand it, but he seemed to actually like, even want, anal sex. This was definitely not something that she enjoyed. Well, she couldn’t really say that, as she hadn’t really tried it. She came close a few times, but the whole thought of it seemed disgusting, if not scary. She thought that anal sex was something a slut did, or a drunk woman. Anal sex simply wasn’t natural. She long thought of it as a perversion. She would say, “My goodness. This is where you poop.” It stinks, it’s unsanitary. It can even be dangerous. ‘Why would anyone want to do such a disgusting thing?!’

But, she slowly grew to realize that Alec wanted to do it. After six months of sex he started hinting at it. He was courteous, nice, even sweet, about it. He didn’t just come right out and ask her, and he certainly didn’t force it on her. He just gradually approached the idea, trying to ease her into it, so to speak.

She began to notice little cues. Like, he almost always fondled her bottom when they made love. She did like that. She liked it when he caressed her there. His hands felt so strong, powerful, and masculine as he felt and fondled her lily white, soft cheeks. She did have a cute little butt. Her breasts were not so large. Their shape wasn’t even anything special. She frankly didn’t like them. He claimed he did. He said they were adorable, lovely, and sexy. She wasn’t sure if he was just trying to boost her morale. But, her bottom was truly a sight to see. They were real apple cheeks: round, pert, and firm.

Alec would encourage her to wear dresses and slacks that hugged her bottom. She didn’t mind. The bottom was an important part of a woman’s figure. Many a man’s eyes followed the wiggle in her walk as she strolled away. Her breasts would not turn a man’s head. Why not use her bottom? She enjoyed the fact that she would get second glances in her mini skirts, summer skirts, and low slung jeans.

As she passed a group of men she would at times turn her head back after she went by to see if she could catch any of them stealing a glance. If she did, she might act annoyed, but she was actually quite flattered. She would at times even smile flirtatiously, although she didn’t really want any of them to approach her. She would just do it for fun.

With Alec she would do even more. As she was undressing for bed, he would at times ask her to stop just as she was slipping a dress, skirt, or panty just past her bottom, so that he could admire its sweet, tender smoothness, the delectable crack, the soft perky hillock. She would even bend over for him, wiggle it back and forth, and then look back at him with a cute smile and ask, “Is there something you want, dear?”

Lisa enjoyed Alec’s attention to her derriere. His hands were tough and calloused from his construction work, but his touch was so tender when he petted and fondled her there. She even liked it when he grabbed her bottom during intercourse. His hands felt so masculine and powerful as he gripped her cheeks, pulling her hard against him as he plunged in and out. She liked it when he was so forceful and aggressive. She would at times respond with equal fury and passion, pounding her hips against his. This was one of the few times that she could actually say that fucking was making love. Their sex was furious and forceful; they were indeed fucking; but they were also making love.

However, he began to spend more and more attention to her bottom. There was one time in particular when he seemed to spend quite a bit of attention back there. At first it seemed to be just a natural result of the fact that he was giving her a back rub. She was lying naked on the bed, face down. He was sitting on his knees, with each knee on either side of her legs.

It was a really good back rub. His beefy, rugged hands were well suited for a deep muscle massage. Her tight nerves, her ruminative worries, her insecurities, just seemed to melt away as his muscular hands work on her more delicate, tender muscles. She would feel so serene, so mellow after one of his rubs.

She didn’t mind at all that he eventually turned his attention to her derriere. His husky hands affectionately stroked and massaged her cheeks. It was a little intimate; well, real intimate. No professional masseur, nor even a masseuse, had ever worked her butt. They always kept that part of her hidden from view, even the females. It was a little titillating knowing that her bare bottom was only just a draped towel away. She could at times feel herself getting excited when a masseur worked her hips and thighs. She would not object if a professional masseur removed the towel, but none had done so.

When Alec began to work on her bottom, she let herself indulge in the fantasy that it was a masseur who was admiring the roundness and firmness of her derriere. She sighed with pleasure as he massaged and fondled her fanny. Her thigh muscles relaxed. She parted her legs ever so slightly.

Alec slid back farther on the bed to give himself a better view of and angle to her butt. He leaned forward to the point that he was almost entirely lying down across the back of her legs as his hands continued to work her cheeks. His face was just inches away from her crack, and he was enjoying the view immensely. As he handled her bottom her cheeks would part to reveal her cute little rosebud. It looked so enticing to him. It was a part of her that was so intimate, so naughty, so virginal. He wanted so much to touch it, to even kiss it, to lick it, and perhaps to even make love to it. But, he held back. He knew that she wouldn’t like it. So, he just took the opportunity to gaze at it, to appreciate and admire it. He smiled with pleasure as he studied closely the curls, furrows, and folds of her virginal brown hole. If only she would just let him touch it.

Alec also spent time admiring her fanny when they did it from behind. He particularly enjoyed this position. Lisa clearly preferred the traditional way. He didn’t denigrate it by referring to it as the “missionary” position. He agreed that it was more romantic that way. They could look into each other’s eyes as his cock slid softly but forcefully in and out of her wet, tight cunt. He could feel himself swell harder when she smiled sweetly at him, when she caressed his check, felt his muscles, scratched his back. He had no complaints about doing it that way.

From behind, though, was a bit different. As she said, they could recall no romantic movies when couples made love with the man mounting her from behind. They could recall a view times when the couple was spooning, but he had to admit not knowing any romance movies in which the couple did it doggie style. Doing it from behind seemed to be confined to more animalistic, even aggressive scenes, as when Noodles fucked Carol, the secretary, in Once Upon a Time in America, one of those gangster movies Alec liked and Lisa didn’t. It was hard to call such scenes romantic.

It wasn’t that Lisa didn’t like doing it from behind. She even liked calling it “doggie style” when she was feeling a little bit saucy herself. It felt so much more naughty, even animalistic, to do it that way. It made her feel like she was yielding to a powerful man, even feeling a little submissive to his strength, his control. She couldn’t use her hands when they did it that way. He was really more in control. At best her hands were used to keep herself in place while she presented her cunnie to him. She couldn’t even really see him, let alone kiss him. She was just displaying her cunt to him like a dirty bitch in heat, sticking her bottom up in the air for him to use as he saw fit, waiting for her tough, dominant mongrel to mount her.

There was one time in which he had in fact mounted her while she was trying to reach something under the couch. They had originally intended to go out for dinner. She was wearing one of the short skirts he liked so much, and when she did he would encourage her to occasionally pick things up to tease men who happen to be in the vicinity. She didn’t mind doing that. She actually looked forward to it. She had even special panties for the occasion. However, as she was fixing one of her earrings it slipped through her fingers and bounced under the couch. She got down on her knees, bent way down, and looked under the couch for it. It was a sight that would be difficult for any man to resist. Her skirt rode up so high that the lower half of her panties were in full view.

Alec asked, “Is my little puppy trying to give daddy some naughty ideas?”

Lisa giggled. That was quite an odd mix of metaphors, but she did appreciate that her posture was rather enticing. She played along, “Woof, woof,” she barked, wagging her bottom at him.

He didn’t need any more encouragement. He quickly moved up behind her and flipped her skirt up entirely out of the way.

“Alec!” Lisa protested. “You stop that. I’m trying to find my earring.”

“I’m sorry, dear. I thought perhaps that the skirt was in your way.”

“Yea, right,” she said sarcastically. “That was the problem.”

But, Alec did not pull the skirt back down. Instead, he just admired the sight of her sexy panties, drawn so snugly around her firm cheeks. She was wearing pink lacy boy short panties that wrapped very tightly around her buttocks and left exposed the bottom third of her cheeks.

Alec felt a surge of lust sweep through his loins. He reached for the panty waistband and quickly pulled them down. Out popped those sweet apple cheeks, as well as a verbal protest. “Hey, fella, c’mon now! No time for that.”

As far as he was concerned, there was always time for that, and certainly time for a little sight seeing. And, it wasn’t like he was even delaying or interfering with her. She could look for her earring whether her panties were up or down, and, she certainly looked good doing it this way. He tenderly placed a hand on the soft curve of her bare derriere. “Lisa, have I ever told you how pretty your bottom is.”

She called back, running a hand along the carpet beneath the couch, trying to find the earring, “Yes, I believe you have, and I certainly appreciate the attention and compliment, but I need to find this earring. Now, pull those panties back up!” She groped around under the couch. There wasn’t much room for her hand to reach underneath and it was very dark. She could hardly see a thing. She didn’t understand how her earring could have gotten so far underneath. Perhaps it hadn’t even fallen there at all?

Alec responded jokingly, but with a certain biased interest. “Here, let me help you keep your balance while you look.” He placed one hand on each cheek, as if he was trying to steady her, but instead using the opportunity to spread her cheeks apart so that he could get a good luck at her rose bud.

And, there it was, again. He found it so pretty, so delectable. It was so nicely puckered. The furrows were curved, parallel lines running around the center, like a little brown star. He couldn’t explain why he found it so appealing, so attractive, so sexy, but that was simply the fact of the matter. It was so cute, so delicate, so inviting.

Lisa laughed at his silly joke. She enjoyed this kind of playful fun but, “Alec, really, I need to find the earring.”

“Well, maybe, honey, it slid up in here?” He let go of a cheek, reluctantly, but with perhaps equal pleasure he used a finger of the free hand to lightly draw along the slit of her cunt.

Lisa laughed even harder. “Oh yeah, it fell off of my ear, down my dress, and into my panties. C’mon Alec, I’m serious, and you’re being very rude!”

Alec, however, noticed that she was not actually moving away from him. She could stop him at any moment simply by sitting back down on her haunches or getting up. She didn’t do either. She instead kept her bottom raised up in the air. With her mouth she complained and protested, but with her bottom she egged him on.

“Well, you never can tell with these things.” He continued to lightly stroke his finger up and down her slit. He could feel her getting a bit wet. “Didn’t you find one in your bra once? I think I even recall one being in one of my shoes. How in the heck did it get there?” The tip of his index finger was now moist with her fluid, and he moved it up to her clit. He pressed his finger against the hood and applied a slow circular motion.

Lisa sighed. She could now feel herself getting wet. She always enjoyed his fingering. She decided to play along, at least for a little while. She said softly, while spreading her legs and raising her bottom up higher, “Well, maybe you are right. I haven’t looked there myself.”

“No, no, you haven’t. We can’t let any stone go unturned, any crevice unexplored.” He moved his finger back down her slit, and slowly, with small circular motions, inserted his finger into her vagina. She was now very wet, as well as tight. He released his other hand from her bottom and used it to massage his cock through his pants as he fingered her pussy from behind.

Lisa began to match his movements with her own. She slowly waggled her bottom up and down as he pushed his finger in and out.

Her movements were very enticing to Alec. Her bottom was bobbing up and down. He couldn’t stop now. He quietly unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his stiff cock through the horizontal flap of his jockey shorts. He stroked his dick as he fingered her cunt. They could both hear the squishing noise as his finger sloshed in and out of her cunt.

Lisa felt rather obscene. This was not something she could have ever imagined her mother doing with her father, or even approving of her doing. She was kneeling on the carpet in their living room with her panties down to her thighs and her naked butt raised up in the air as she was being fingered from behind. But, then, she couldn’t imagine her mother having any sex at all, and she must have done it quite a bit. Well, it didn’t matter if her mother would disapprove. It did feel nice, and it was even kind of sexy to be doing something so dirty, even nasty.

Alec was thinking of something that was really much more dirty, perhaps even actually nasty. For the moment, however, he was settling for this. It was, for the moment, nasty enough to have his romantically inclined fiancé be doing something so purely sexual, humping his finger while he watched from behind. She even spread her legs further apart, stretching her panties, so that he could more easily get into her cunt.

He had to have more. He got up on his own knees and maneuvered in between her legs. “I’m sorry honey, but I can’t feel it with my finger. Maybe I’m not getting in deep enough. Let me try something else.” He raised up as high as he could go on his knees and aimed his cock for her cunt.

As soon as the soft round head touched her wet pussy lips, Lisa groaned with pleasure, and with approval. She abandoned all pretense of looking for her earring. She instead rested her head on her arms and concentrated on helping him get his cock into her cunt.

It wasn’t difficult. She was tight but very aroused and wet. He had to make slow, repeated thrusts, each time getting in somewhat deeper, and deeper, but eventually he found his dick fully engorged by her cunt. It was so nice. For him, doing it from behind was perhaps the next best thing to doing it in the behind. He could at least imagine that his cock was in her butt. From his vantage point, it sure looked that way. And, it wasn’t that he didn’t like it in her cunt. She was so warm, so soft, so tight, so wet. He knew that his cock wouldn’t feel nearly so good in her butt. It was just that her butt was so pretty, so round, and that hole looked so cute, so adorable, so inviting. He had to have another look.

While he was slowly drawing his cock in and out of her cunt he placed both hands on her cheeks. He would naturally do this to balance and steady himself, but he also used the opportunity to once again open up her cheeks so that he could see her arsehole. He gazed at its puckered loveliness as his cock slowly went in and out of her cunt. How could anyone resist that?

Lisa’s breathing increased in depth and rate as she felt his hard, stiff, swollen cock slide in and out of her pussy. She was herself feeling rather animalistic. She more urgently thrust her hips back to him, encouraging him to do it harder and faster.

He let go of her cheek with his right hand to free his index finger. He lightly drew the finger up and down the inside of her crack.

At the feel of his touch there, Lisa sighed. She wiggled her bottom. It did feel nice; a bit ticklish, but also sensual.

Emboldened, Alec slid his finger slowly down her crack, down farther and farther, until it made contact with the little brown star. He could see her instinctive reaction: the sphincter clamped tightly shut.

As soon as she felt his finger make contact Lisa was certainly surprised, even a little shocked, but she didn’t say anything. It unnerved her, but she felt so aroused, so wet, so hot. She concentrated her attention on the feel of his cock thrusting in and out of her cunt.

Alec did not keep his finger on her butthole long. He knew he had to be patient, to move slowly. He had to carefully, gradually help her get used to it. He shifted his finger back to sliding up and down her crack. He stroked and caressed the soft globes of her fanny. At one point he even bent down over her and reached around underneath to briefly rub and massage her clit. She appreciated that. She moaned loudly and displayed more urgency in the bestial thrusting of her hips.

He returned, however, to her butt crack, sliding his finger up and down, up and down, only occasionally making contact with her anus, and never staying for very long, although lingering a bit longer each time. All the while he kept a steady rhythmic thrusting of his cock in and out of her cunt. Lisa’s sighs were becoming gasps.

He eventually lingered long enough to lightly trace, caress, and explore the external furrows of her wrinkly brown hole. He could see her asshole flinch and twitch, but she did not complain or resist. He was delighted. He was now being allowed at the door, perhaps he should do more than just knock.

Lisa did not object because she had to admit that it felt rather nice. It was such an intimate place to touch her, and she felt so sensitive there. The nerve cells felt so exposed, so raw. She squirmed her bottom, but not in an effort to discourage him. It was just so weird; sort of ticklish and dirty at the same time and, besides, she was already so aroused, so excited, on the verge of an orgasm herself. She even found herself trying to feel or play with his finger with her anus as he caressed her: squeezing and relaxing her sphincter as he explored her butthole.

Alec now felt very hopeful. “You know, dear,” his voice was rather breathy, as he was himself getting pretty close to cumming, “I still can’t feel your earring inside there. I don’t think that’s where it went.”

Lisa didn’t understand why he was still pursuing that silly joke. She was herself lost in the physical pleasures of the sex, abandoning herself to this wanton doggy fuck. She didn’t answer him.

“It could be one more place,” he suggested, hoping that she would get the message and again play along.

She wondered if he meant her mouth. She wouldn’t mind giving him a blow job. As long as he continued to help her cum before, during, or after. She didn’t mind doing that for him. She in fact liked having his cock in her mouth. A number of times they had even been able to make each other cum that way at the same time. Her mind drifted to the time his cum exploded into her mouth while her pussy spasmed in lust on his face. They had both made quite a mess on each other’s faces.

But her reverie was cut short when she felt his finger thrust down past her sphincter and into her rectum. He had actually stuck his finger up her butt? “Honey, what are you doing!?”

He tried to keep it lighthearted, like nothing unusual was happening. “Just taking a look around dear. You never can tell what holes those pesky things might fall into.” He was really enjoying this. His finger was actually down into her rectum. He could feel how tightly her sphincter was grasping his finger and how soft and warm she felt inside. It also looked so cool. That cute little round butt with his finger stuck up inside.

“Dear, please, get it out.” She was serious. She didn’t mind him touching her there on the outside. But, having his finger inside of her there seemed so invasive and disgusting. Didn’t he realize what she did there? What might still be in there? She thought of him now touching her with that finger. This wasn’t sexy, this was filthy. Why would he want to do that?

Alec pulled his finger out, but he didn’t really appreciate how troubled she was by this. As soon as finger popped out, he also withdrew his cock from her cunt. She whined with confusion and disappointment as it pulled out. She wondered if maybe he was upset with her.

However, Alec was now intent on shoving his cock quickly down into her ass. He figured that once he got it inside she would see how good it felt, how sexy it was. He figured that she probably did like his finger in there but was also embarrassed by it. Keeping her butt spread with one hand, he got up onto his feet, squatted down and pressed the head of his cock against her exposed asshole.

“Whoa!” she yelled as she felt the soft head of his cock touch her anus. Now she did resist with behavior as well as with words. In fact, she quickly squirmed away from the plumb attempting to explore her tunnel. When she was beyond him, she scrambled to her feet, pulled up her panties, and plopped down on the couch, thereby keeping her anus hidden as well as protected from any further invasion.

Alec was notably disappointed. He sat back down on his haunches; his erect cock sticking out from him, glistening with the juices of her cunt.

“Sweetie,” she said, “You know I don’t want to do that.”

“But, why not? I promise I will be careful. If it hurts at all, I will stop. I will go real slow.”

“That’s not it.” She knew you could do it without any real pain or risk. And, Alec’s cock was frankly on the small size with respect to girth. If you were going to have anal sex with a man the first time, he might be your choice. But, that wasn’t it. “It just seems so disgusting to me. It’s gross. I mean, why ask me why I don’t want to do it? Ask yourself why you want to do it!”

“I think it’s sexy. I love your bottom. You have the sexiest, cutest bottom. I want to make love with you there, as well as everywhere else. I want to share everything with you. I want us to explore and experience all of us. I don’t think of any part of you as being gross or disgusting.”

“Well, maybe you should. I mean, won’t your thing stink afterward? Won’t you want to clean it up? Hey, where are you going to put that finger now? I sure don’t want you to touch me with it. If you don’t think it’s disgusting then you can put it in your mouth right now.”

She might have a point there. He did wonder about that. After all, for all he knew she was about ready to go to the bathroom when he stuck his finger inside. Well, if he was ever going to convince her to try it, he would have to walk the walk. He stuck his finger in his mouth and licked it off.

Her jaw dropped in surprise. “Disgusting!” She got up from the couch and marched off. “I’ll get some different earrings. You wash your hands and brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth before we go out.” She twinged now at the thought of even kissing him.

‘Well,’ he said to himself, ‘that didn’t work.’ And, it was quite awhile before he even came close to trying again. At first she wouldn’t even let him fondle or play with her butt. He was clearly on probation back there. She even stopped playing their flirtatious flashing games with strangers. She missed doing that, but she didn’t want to encourage or mislead Alec.

She did eventually though let him return, as he had clearly learned his lesson. Once allowed back on the hills he didn’t try to explore the valley. It was months before he ventured down into the crevice, and whenever he did he would withdrew as soon as he sensed any tension.

However, they eventually reached an explicit understanding. She would let him play with her anus on the outside, on occasion, as long as he didn’t try to stick anything inside, including his finger. He agreed to that. If you can’t go inside, you can at least enjoy the front porch.

She could accept this. If this was something he liked to do, then she wouldn’t object. Her mother had told her that it was inevitable that a guy will want her to do things that she will find disgusting. Heck, her mother seemed to feel that just sexual intercourse was largely a service one performed for the husband. Touching her there seemed a bit perverted to her but it could be a lot worse.

Knowing that her rectum was safe from invasion, she eventually even let him devote a lot of time to it. One time worth noting in particular was when they were watching Casablanca. This was one of her all time favorites. She really couldn’t say how many times she had already seen it. They had even seen it together at least once that year already, but she had said during dinner that she had her heart set on it. She just loved that movie. He said fine, but only on one condition: they first must watch a recently released action movie, King Kong. The thought of seeing a giant gorilla fighting dinosaurs and crashing through Manhattan didn’t really appeal to her, but it was a fair trade. They had seen Casablanca a lot. But, true to form, she cried when the eyes of Ann Darrow and Kong met in his final moments atop the Empire State Building.

While they watched Casablanca, he was sitting on the couch; she was lying down, her head in his lap. She eventually crawled across him to get the movie guide that was lying down beside the couch. While doing so her bottom was situated right across his lap.

“You know, Lisa, maybe you should get a spanking for burning those lamb chops this evening.”

It had actually been kind of funny. They even had to open up windows as it smelled so bad. Lisa wasn’t into spanking, but she wasn’t worried about him actually doing that. She knew he was joking.

“You would spank me just for that?” She raised her derriere up a bit for him, looked back at him and gave him one of her more exaggerated pouts. “I thought you liked my bottom.”

It was so nice to have her flirting like this again. He was not going to take any chances though. “You’re right. I couldn’t hurt this sweet little apple.” He affectionately patted her bottom.

She spoked in an exaggerated girlish voice. “Well, I don’t think that’s enough. I think you might have scared my bummie with all those threats of cruelty and violence and everything.”

Alec laughed. “Well, I am sorry. I do apologize.”

“No, that’s not enough. I think you need to kiss it to make up.”

Lisa was back in form. He loved these little games. There was one time she had even teased him into eating her out in a phone booth because he had said, “What a cunt,” after hanging up on a particularly rude receptionist. He had done so gladly. It was pretty risky, but it had been great fun. “Well, if I must.” He pulled up her skirt to reveal her panties. This evening she was wearing white string bikini panties. He had to admire how she dressed. It was always a treat to look under her dress.

He first caressed and fondled her bottom. Her curves were so sweet, so soft. Many men might go right away to the white mound of flesh poking back through her thighs, but he stayed with her pale, smooth, soft hills.

She smiled as she watched him fondle and admire her bottom. She didn’t understand his interest in anal sex, but she did like how he loved her bottom. He bent down to give her a kiss on her butt. “Oh no, don’t you think you can get away with that.”

He was confused. He was being careful not to go too far. She said it was ok; she in fact had told him to do it.

“Not through the pantie. Right on the bottom.”

He smiled at her. No problem there. He used both hands to grasp the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her knees. Her sweet white cheeks were now just inches from his face. She even pushed up her bottom higher, in the process spreading apart her crack to reveal the brown valley in between and the forbidden pink star. He bent over and gave her a lingering, romantic kiss on her fanny as he softly caressed the crevice of her cunnie with a finger.

Lisa closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure.

When he was done he looked at her, patted her bottom affectionately, and waited for her cue.

She smiled at him, turned her head toward the television to watch the movie, and lowered her bottom into his lap. She made no gesture or suggestion to pull her panties back up. She left the skirt lying across her back. Her naked bottom was sitting on his lap, left there for his interest and pleasure.

As they continued to watch the movie, he continued to caress her bottom. He lightly stroked, fondled, squeezed, and explored to his heart’s content. It was like they were both getting one of their favorite treats. She was watching Casablanca for the umpteenth time; and he was provided with a delightful, erotic toy with which to play while she was engrossed in the movie. He did not abuse the privilege.

He even gave due attention to her cunnie. He used a finger of his right hand to caress and explore her wet, warm slit, and the index finger of his left hand to explore her rippled brown hole. She could tell, and she appreciated, that he did not use the same finger for both. It was a little awkward to use his left hand for her anus, but this was a small sacrifice to pay for such unlimited access (at least with respect to time).

She didn’t flinch or resist. In fact, once again, she slowly began to enjoy it. It was odd, peculiar, but appealing nevertheless. The fact that she was also watching Casablanca probably helped. Everything seemed tender and loving, even Alec’s finger on her butthole, and as Ilsa said, “The day you left Paris, if you knew what I went through, if you knew how much I loved you, how much I still love you,” Alec’s finger slipped into her cunnie and he felt the tight, wet, hot insides. Lisa sighed deeply with the emotion of the love between Richard and Ilsa, and Alec and herself.

He continued to fondle and finger her throughout the film. He could tell that at times she was getting very excited. His own erection was pressing hard against her as she lay across his lap. But, he never took her all the way. He knew how to make her cum this way. He had done so many times before. But, he could also tell when she was getting close, and whenever her panting was appearing to reach a crescendo, when she closed her eyes and gripped his finger with her cunt, he pulled out.

He would then briefly rest his finger on her butt cheeks, giving her time to collect herself, to regain her composure and lower her level of arousal. It also allowed him to leave some moisture of her cunt in between her cheeks, which he picked up with the finger of his left hand to make the fondling and caressing of her anus more pleasant and erotic. She either didn’t notice that or didn’t mind.

She protested a few times how he was not taking her all the way, but she also appreciated his patience. It was certainly better to have a man who took his time in foreplay than one who rushed it. But, this was foreplay lasting for over an hour.

Eventually, as the movie was nearing its end, Alec’s ministrations were becoming more intense. He was now working three fingers in and out of her cunt. While inside he circled around and around, feeling the soft wet folds. The dialogue of the movie mixed with her heavy breathing, her moans, and the squishing sounds of her cunt.

When he pulled back, she pushed back against him, trying to skewer her cunt down onto his fingers rather than waiting for him to reinsert them. She even reached under herself to fondle his cock through his pants. She had to shift a bit to do this, but they both eventually got into comfortable positions. She liked that his cock was so rock hard as he devoted himself to pleasuring her. As he felt, flickered, and fondled her clit with his fingers, she stroked and squeezed his cock with her hand.

Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier. She was thrusting her cunt back against his fingers. It was like she was being spooned with his fingers. She began to whimper and moan. She was even enjoying his caressing of her anus. It seemed to tingle with excitement as he tickled her puckered star.

She was getting closer and closer to orgasm. It wasn’t going to be long now. As Rick said, “In the names of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Laszlo,” Alec began to furiously rub, press, and circle her erect, wet clit. She pushed her cunt down hard onto his fingers and twisted and squirmed her butt to maximize the stimulation. She could feel his other finger exploring her asshole but she didn’t mind. In fact, just as Rick said, “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life,” Lisa squealed, “Do it Alec, do it, you can do it, stick it in, I don’t mind.”

Alec, however, did not. It didn’t matter that she said yes. It was perhaps just a moment of passion. He didn’t want to do it until she was entirely ready, and he certainly didn’t want to shock her out of her excitement as he had done before. He concentrated instead on increasing the urgency of his manipulations of her clit, although pressing down harder as well on her butthole. It gave away a little, but he kept this finger circling outside. He thought of his finger on her asshole as she gripped his cock in her hand.

“Oh honey, please, I think I’m going to now, please don’t stop now, let me do it, please.” She was gasping and squirming; and suddenly she felt her orgasm sweep through her. She gasped, “Finger my bottom” as Rick said, “Here’s looking at you kid.” Alec then burst as well, squirting gobs of his cum into his pants as she twitched and jerked on his finger. He could feel spurt after spurt being released into his pants as her plea to finger her butt rang in his ears.

He was making quite a mess in his pants but it was well worth it. It was even fun; it made it all the more spontaneous and playful to cum this way. For this moment in time, all was good in the world.

Lisa was also lost in her own feelings of relief and joy; waves of pure sensual pleasure were overwhelming her. She pressed down hard on his fingers as the last moments of her orgasm rippled through her body.

When she was done she relaxed her hips and laid back down on his lap. She gripped his wrist with her thighs to keep his hand on her cunt. She wanted him to hold her there as she slowly, quietly got back her voice, breath, and control.

She felt moisture in her hand, realizing for the first time that he had cum as well. She rolled over and smiled. She said to him as she lightly stroked the wet spot in his pants. “Well, I guess that was fun for you too?”

“Believe it or not, I think I had more fun than you.”

She reached up with her left hand and played with the hairs on his chest that poked through his shirt. “Honey, you didn’t do it, did you?”

He knew what she meant, but he felt he could tease her a bit.

“Do what?”

She playfully wacked him on the chest. “You know what.”

“No, I’m afraid I am confused. Did you ask me to do something? I don’t recall.”

She giggled. “C’mon, you know. Why didn’t you? I told you that you could.”

He became more serious. “Lisa, only until I know that you are really ready; that you actually want to do it. If that is never, then that will be fine with me.”

She felt tearful and pulled herself up to him to give him a big kiss on his lips. They held each other for some time, as the movie credits played out, the soundtrack filling the room.

She said, “I think I will want to do it someday, Alec. Maybe sometime.”

He squeezed her bare bottom with his hand, kissed her, and said, “Lisa, it’s not your bottom that I love.”

She whispered to him, “I love you very much.”

– – – – – – – – – – –

That day had now finally arrived. It was their wedding night.

She had always wanted her wedding night to be special. It should be the most personal, romantic, intimate night of a relationship. She wanted it to be special in the sort of way that the wedding night was suppose to be. In this regard, she was jealous of those ladies who actually waited for this day to come, who remained “good girls,” who saved their flower for that very special person on that most special of nights.

Lisa was herself far from a virgin. Heck, they had made love on their fourth date (they counted the subway meeting as their first) and they had done so many times since then. She couldn’t even provide an estimate of how many times they did it.

But, there was a part of her that no man had yet enjoyed. A part of her that was still virtuous. A part of her that her man longed to have: her bottom.

Just the thought of doing it this way made her very nervous and anxious, but that’s precisely what made it so perfect for their wedding night! Most any virgin bride is also likely to feel very nervous and anxious, perhaps even afraid. Lisa realized that she could also give her flower to Alec; more specifically, her rosebud.

She prepared herself for the event. For a month prior to the wedding she experimented on her own with anal stimulations and penetration. She read that it was helpful to first play with oneself while in a bath. She felt a little silly doing that, touching herself down there, but she had to admit that after awhile it was actually fun. It reminded her of the first times she had masturbated. When she was a little girl she had considered masturbation to be dirty and naughty. However, with some nervousness, shamefulness, and embarrassment, she eventually let herself do it, secretly and quietly in her bed at night; and, in time, she grew to really enjoy it. Similar reactions and thoughts surfaced while she was lying back in a hot bath, her legs up, her finger feeling around her anus. She felt once again like the young girl, doing a forbidden act.

She at first just felt her anus from the outside. It kind of tickled. It seemed like such a bad thing to do. Being in the bath helped not only because the warm water was relaxing and soothing, but it also helped to overcome the feeling that it was a truly dirty, even filthy thing to do.

She eventually inserted her finger, sliding it in and out. She noticed that the more tense she was, the more ambivalent, the harder it was to insert her finger and the more uncomfortable she felt. She therefore would wait until she was quite comfortable, calm, and tranquil before she even attempted to insert her finger. Nevertheless, she would often blush once it was in, even though she was by herself and nobody knew what she was doing; nobody but herself.

Once she was able to insert her finger she would just hold it there for awhile. She thought about someone actually seeing her do this, sticking a finger up her butt. She flushed with embarrassment at the thought, but she also giggled. She had the same fear when she was little; the fear that a parent might walk into her bedroom while she was diddling herself.

She had to admit that the finger did feel kind of funny. It wasn’t, at this point, a sexual excitement, but there was something titillating, stimulating, about it. Perhaps it was just the fact that she was doing such a bad thing, but it was also curious, intriguing to be stimulating nerves down there that she had never played with before, never used like this. She was also impressed how hard her sphincter could squeeze down on her finger. Alec would like that.

She used the finger of her other hand to slowly, gently, manipulate her clit. This was naturally arousing. She had no difficulty masturbating herself. She was good at that. And, as she pressed and rubbed her clit in little circular motions, she drew her finger in and out of her rectum. How very strange, and frankly arousing. She was now readily reminded of her adolescent masturbation, when it was mixed with the excitement and embarrassment of doing some taboo act, something that she had never done before and was told was wrong, was indecent, was shameful.

For many persons the first orgasms, the first times at sex, are among the most arousing, the most exciting and most thrilling, because they are the first times. She could even recall the first time she had a true orgasm. It was such a shocking and exciting experience, mixed again with the sense that she was doing an obscene, naughty deed.

All of these feelings came back as she rubbed and pressed her clit in swift circular motions, while at the same time moving her finger slowly in and out of her rectum, occasionally feeling around inside while she clutched and squeezed it with her sphincter.

It did not take long for her to cum. She was suddenly gripped with a paroxysm of pleasure. It actually shocked her, as her orgasm flushed across her body. She bent her head down and grabbed her cunt, letting the swells of passion sweep over her, clutching her rectal finger tightly with her anus throughout.

When it had passed, she lazily opened her eyes. Her finger was still embedded in her anus. She slowly dragged it out. She had to admit to herself that it really hadn’t been bad. In fact, the dirtiness of it, the naughtiness of it, had helped to make it fun. It was an admission that was hard to make, even to herself.

They were married in the late afternoon. It was a lovely wedding. Her brother played the piano and sang. The final song before the wedding march was, “To make you feel my love.” It was their favorite. The reception was also nice. Each guest had a little subway car for their place setting; you had to slide open the door to get the menu.

Lisa imagined that it was a bit unusual to sneak off before the reception to give herself a mild enema; actually more like a rectal douche. According to what she read, this wasn’t really necessary, but it reassured her and so it was probably worth it. However, she doubted that many brides did this. She told those who noticed her unusual departure that she was having a bit of stomach trouble due to all the excitement and perhaps as well due to something she ate the night before.

When they finally got to their honeymoon cottage, Alec even carried her over the threshold. It was so nice, just like she had imagined. When they were alone in the room he gave her a special present: a three-stone diamond heart pendant. She loved it, in part because she knew he really couldn’t afford it. He would just do things like that. She couldn’t be happier. She threw her arms around him. They embraced, and kissed, for quite some time.

“Honey, I have something for you too.”

“Really?” He honestly wasn’t expecting anything, and it was nice to know that she had gotten something for him as well. It was probably something romantic, something that would always remind him of her.

She led him over to the bed. She reached into her purse and removed a CD that she inserted into the player that was so nicely provided for the honeymoon cottages. She had made a tape of their favorite love songs. She told him to stand by the side while she got into bed.

He was confused by this. He suspected now that perhaps the present was some new sexy underthings. That wouldn’t be particularly new. She already had quite a collection of undies, which he certainly enjoyed. But, then, that was precisely why it might be something uniquely provocative. He wouldn’t be surprised if she had purchased something really exotic.

She kicked off her heels and crawled onto the bed, which wasn’t easy in her wedding dress. Some brides change before they leave for their honeymoon, but this trip was not particularly difficult. It was just a few hours drive into a private romantic cottage nestled in the Pokonos. It wasn’t much, but it was good enough for them. In any case, Lisa wanted to be in her dress that night.

She got onto her hands and knees, facing away from him. All he could now see was a large white mound of layers of fabric. She had gone the full nine yards in that regard. Full white silk skirt, lacy crinolines, and petticoat. It took her quite awhile to pull them all up, out of the way and over her back. Alec was tempted to laugh as he watched her struggle, but he knew that all that effort was for him.

It was worth the effort and the wait, for both of them. What was left to view was so very enticing. She was wearing white lace nylons, held up with a six strap white satin garter belt. She had worn her panties above the garter belt so that they could be pulled down without having to remove the belt and nylons. She knew that Alec would like this. She asked, “Do you like my new panties, Alec?”

They were worth at least a smile, if not a lustful grin of anticipation. They were a rather inexpensive white cotton and in that regard didn’t match well the rest of her outfit. However, emblazoned across the stretched white cotton, rounded by the curve of her bottom, were the words, “For your wedding night.”

She said, “Pull them down, honey.”

He was more than happy to do that. However, he did it quite slowly. He wanted to enjoy every moment of this, to watch the sweet slope of her white bottom slowly come into view. To see the crack first appear, and then grow longer and wider as her cheeks were gradually revealed. When the panties were past the bottom of her cheeks he paused, leaned forward, and gave her a kiss on each cheek, the sound of To Love You More in the background.

She smelled lovely. He wasn’t expecting that. She had dabbed each cheek with perfume. It was partly to offset her own self-consciousness, but it was as well a nice romantic touch. He lingered to enjoy the scent. He then pulled the panties down the rest of the way.

She told him, “Take them all the way off.”

He did so, placing them carefully on the bedside table. He then turned his attention again to his bride’s upraised, naked bottom, so beautifully framed by all of the white satin and lace. He so much enjoyed doing it from behind. It was sweet of her to entice him this way, as he knew how nervous and uncomfortable she had been when he had tried to have anal sex with her. She was letting him know that all was forgotten and forgiven. However, he soon learned that it was much more than that.

Lisa then spread her legs somewhat, reached back with both of her hands, grasped her butt cheeks, and spread them fully open.

Alec’s jaw dropped. There before his eyes was his bride, his Lisa, spreading open her ass cheeks, something he never imagined that she would do, so show him her little brown star in the middle of a round white moon. He asked, quite tentatively, “Lisa, what is this?”

She responded, “This is your present, honey. I want you to have it. I want you to do it there.”

He really couldn’t believe it. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, very much so. I really do want you there. I want you to have all of me.” She even puckered her sphincter so that it would appear to be flirting with him, winking at him.

He quietly exclaimed, “Oh my gosh.” It was true. He would now finally be able to do it, to put it in her butt. This would indeed be a night he would remember.

“But, honey, in my purse, there’s some Vaseline. Put some on first.”

He breathlessly replied, “Yea, sure,” but instead first leaned forward to plant another kiss, this time right on those puckered lips.

As soon as his lips made contact with her anus her head rose up in surprise. She wasn’t expecting that. He was actually putting his lips on her anus? Her initial reaction was one of shock, and then the usual apprehensive feelings of worry, even a bit disgust. She could not help but wonder if she could actually kiss him now. But, she soon relaxed again. It was fine. She had been careful to thoroughly clean herself.

‘Whoa!’ she thought as she felt his tongue. He was now even using his tongue on her. He began with a little light flicking, gently licking around the center, at times pushing against it. After awhile he was more firmly licking, pressing the bulk of his tongue down hard against her hole, pushing at it and massaging it, like he would at times do with her clit.

Her initial feelings of anxiety and disgust gradually washed away. This was how she wanted her wedding night to be. A night of romantic music and intimate sex, when she would give to him what he had not ever had before. And, she had to admit, it did feel nice. His tongue was much better than her finger. Her finger had at times felt very nice, kind of ticklish and naughty as she caressed the outside of her anus. His tongue though felt much more sensual, more intimate, and, of course, it was quite a different story for it to be someone else doing this to her; it was her husband, the man she loved, licking her butt hole.

She relaxed her anus as she felt his licks and listened to another Celine Dion song. She even pushed out with her anus, as if she was trying to push something out. She opened up.

He felt the breach with his tongue. He pushed hard, sticking the tip down against her hole, force his way in, his tongue entering her rectum. He never got far, but it was a lot of fun trying.

He eventually stopped his oral pleasure. He pulled back and admired the sight. Her puckered brown hole looked even sexier all moist like that. It was now a twinkling brown star. He unzipped his fly, dropped his shorts and slacks to the floor, and stepped out. He didn’t have to do anything to get hard. He was already firmly, stiffly erect. However, he did reach for his cock just to enjoy the sensation. He then reached for her purse and removed the Vaseline jelly.

Lisa’s apprehension had returned somewhat as she heard him removing his clothes. She tried to look behind her but there was so much silk, crinoline, and lace piled up over her that she couldn’t see a thing. It was frankly difficult to keep her head free from being covered, let alone be able to see behind her. This might have been good though, as the sight of the hard cock that was about to enter her bottom for the first time might have exacerbated her worries. “Please be gentle, honey,” she implored. She smiled to herself. She did sound like the blushing, virginal bride, and she certainly felt like it.

Alec thoroughly coated the head of his cock with the Vaseline, and then applied a good large dab to her anus. She flinched a bit at the first contact. He took his time lightly working the Vaseline into the crevices and ripples of her butt hole, again enjoying the feel of her crinkled and furrowed dark hole, as well as giving her time to get used to it.

She not only relaxed but eventually responded by lightly wagging and circling her bottom.

Alec’s cock swelled in his left hand with her display of pleasure at his touch. He gently pushed his index finger inside, being careful not to prick her delicate skin with his fingernail. It easily slid into her rectum.

Lisa moaned, but with pleasure. She gripped his finger with her sphincter and raised her butt up higher. She held onto his finger with her anus as she swung her bottom, letting him know that she was a full partner in this.

He withdrew his finger, got a fresh dab of Vaseline, and pushed it in again. He continued to work the Vaseline in, and actually out as well. He was making sure that she was thoroughly lubricated, but this careful ministration was actually erotic as well, especially for her. She enjoyed feeling his slippery, thin finger sliding and popping in and out.

When she seemed to be thoroughly lubricated he warned her, “I think you’re ready now.”

“Just one second,” she said. She pulled some pillows from beside her and pushed them underneath to give her more support. She also brought her butt down a bit to more thoroughly extend her legs and allow easier access. She had read that this was a good way to do it. She at first held her breath, but then corrected herself and relaxed her breathing.

He brought the round, soft head of his cock to her anus. He paused before he made contact. He wanted to enjoy the sight of his swollen red bulb poised at the entrance to the hole that he had wanted for so long. The moment had arrived. He was going to finally do it. He leaned forward into her butt.

Lisa’s eyes widened at the pressure. The head of his cock was clearly much larger than his finger. She grunted with the forced compression onto her clenched sphincter, but she calmly relaxed her muscles.

It wasn’t easy to get it in. His dick did not slide in like his finger. It was more difficult than Alec thought it would be. However, he took his time. He would push just a bit, then pause, then push again a bit harder, make a bit of progress, then pull back. It was just a matter of getting her sphincter muscles, particularly the inner one, to get used to the pressure, to relax, and to allow entry. Suddenly, her butthole opened up and the head of his cocked thrust all the way in, disappearing from sight into her rectum.

“Unnnnnng,” Lisa groaned. She felt so distended, so bloated and stuffed. “Wait, wait a second, Alec.”

That was fine for Alec. It was nice for him just to pause and treasure the moment. He was actually inside Lisa’s butt. Her cute little round derriere was up in the air and his dick was down inside. All he could see was the stem of his dick; the round bulb of the head was tucked inside. The physical experience was also nice. It was a very tight fit, like there was a clenched rubber band around his shaft, just below the head, with the head itself being cushioned by receptive soft tissue. He stayed like this for awhile, enjoying the sensations and the sight.

Lisa grunted. “Oh, Alec, it’s so big in there.” Her breathing was sharp and measured. She instinctively just wanted to push it out, like a giant turd that demanded to be released. She realized now that she should have practiced more; specifically, with things larger than just her finger. The bulb and shaft of Alec’s cock was certainly a lot bigger than her finger. Her instinct was to try to push it out, or to pull away to escape the uncomfortable distension. But, she also wanted to just relax. Any pressure she put on it made it feel even more uncomfortable. She could feel her sphincter on the verge of spasms.

“Do you want me to pull it out?”

“No, no, just wait, I’ll get used to it.” It was such an odd sensation, an usual pressure that she only felt when she really had to go bad, really bad, which wasn’t very often. She breathed deeply a few times, accepting the size into her butt.

And, it was gradually becoming a nice sensation, like she was being filled up, being engorged, by the big, hard cock of her lover, now her husband forever. Alec was not a particularly big man down there, but he felt like quite the hunk, the stud, right now. “Honey, you really feel so big this way.” She kind of liked it. It reminded her of the first few times she had done it, when she really was a virgin, when the boy felt like a man, a very large, powerful man penetrating her delicate virginity. She felt, once again, like she was being taken for the first time.

Alec slowly began to push in farther, but not very far, and then pull back. He repeated this movement again and again, each time going in a bit farther. It wasn’t easy. She was awfully tight. But he enjoyed the feel of her rectum rubbing and massaging the head of his cock as it worked its way in and out of her ass. He also enjoyed the sight of it entering and leaving her cute pale fanny, wrapped in the white satin and lace of her wedding dress.

For Lisa, it was very much like the early years of sex, when she was so young, so very tight. She felt very much the young bride. She gasped as he shoved in deeper. “Alec, you feel so big, so huge, so enormous inside me there.” She met his motions with her own. Pushing back toward him when he thrust forward, pulling down when he pulled back. She even wiggled her bottom to give him more stimulation, physically and visually. It no longer felt so hard to accept him inside, her sphincter muscles now fully welcoming the size of his hard cock as it moved in and out of her rectum, more caressing than resisting him.

Alec reached under her, careful to use only the fingers of his left hand to stroke and fondle her cunt. He was happy to see that she was very wet. It was clear she was actually enjoying this. Lisa sighed when his fingers made contact with her clit.

Alec then rhythmically moved his cock in and out of her ass, never pulling out too far or moving in too deep, continuing to play with her cunt, dripping wet with arousal. He pumped his cock in and out, but not too rapidly. He was sensually fucking her butt in tune with the voice now of Jennifer Warnes. All the time, fondly caressing the wet, slippery lips of her cunt and massaging the hard little button of her clit.

Lisa half closed her eyes. “Alec,” she whispered, ever so quietly. “This feels so good.” She now wondered whether she should have done it sooner. She was perhaps wrong to be so resistant, but, then, if she hadn’t they would not have had this special moment on the night of their wedding. It was indeed as if she had been saving herself, her flower, her rosebud, for this night. Perhaps not for the right reason, but she was glad that they had waited.

She reached down between her legs and grasped his balls, squeezing them softly. It was Alec’s turn to gasp. She fondled, tickled, and gently squeezed his testicles as began to stroke short rapid thrusts with his hips. He was now giving her asshole a good quick fucking, not too deep but very animalistic, like a dog mounted on its lover, plunging rapidly to get a quick release, at the same time squeezing and rubbing her cunt with more force and pressure.

Lisa responded by grasping down hard on his shaft with her sphincter, trying to meet his rapid thrusts with her little bottom, but recognizing that she could not keep up. She then just held her butt still, let go of his balls, and let him fuck her little derriere with his big, manly cock. She remained passive, giving her butt to him for his to fuck as he saw fit, but still holding tight on his cock with her sphincter so he couldn’t escape. Rather than not let him, now she didn’t want to let him go.

His plunges quickened in pace, lost in the sensation of her rectum wrapped tightly around the head of his cock as his shaft was grasped by her sphincter. He wanted to cum now, wanted to release his jism deep into her bowels. And, then, he felt his legs stiffen with the inevitability sweeping through his loins. He stopped thrusting and let it cum, the first wave of cum jettisoning up through his shaft with substantial force, bursting out from his cock deep into her ass. It was like he was a plugged hose that finally had forced out an impediment and was bursting and gushing forth its fluid.

Lisa felt the pulsation through her sphincter muscles, closing her eyes to enjoy the sensation of him spurting his cum into her ass. She could feel the shaft twitch and jump with each ejaculation. She thought she could even feel the liquid mounting in her rectum, like she was getting her second enema that day. It was wonderful. She repeatedly squeezed his cock with her sphincter, trying to milk him with her ass. She reached down again in between her legs to play with her cunt as she felt him spasmodically squirt his loads into her butt.

Alec leaned forward onto her back with pleasure and exhaustion, panting, bracing himself with his hands on her hips as his last spurts entered her rump. He basked in the thought that he was releasing his sticky wet cum into the sweet bottom of Lisa. As the last few spurts weakly left his cock, he opened his eyes, and breathed a sigh of deep satisfaction. It had felt so good. He wished it could have continued longer but he enjoyed now the feeling of blissful relief. He smiled, and slowly pulled his cock out, the head giving a pop as it was released through her clenched sphincter. Her anus stayed open a bit after he removed it, gaping at him, showing him the globs of cum in her rectum, then slowly shut once again.

She dropped her bottom down onto the bed. He slowly lay down onto her. He pulled away the linen, silk, and lace to get to her face.

She turned her head to smile at him. “Did you like that honey?”

He replied, “I love you very much.”

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