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The Sweet Seduction Of Samantha

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Samantha Thompson’s interest in men had always been radically different than other eighteen year old women she knew. For some unknown reason Samantha had always been attracted too much older men. At night when she was alone in her bed masturbating she would often fantasize about seducing her best friends father. She could almost feel him eating her hot dripping snatch, or madly fucking her wet pussy and tight ass.

Samantha was an eighteen year old virgin when she met Scott during her senior year. Scott was eleven years older than Samantha. They had long meaningful conversations unlike anything she had ever experienced with boys her own age. Scott treated Samantha like a grown woman, but he also respected her right to decide when she was ready for intercourse. Scott had been with many different women before meeting Samantha so he was very experienced. Scott was a very gentle and caring person, and he worshiped the ground that Samantha walked on.

Gradually Scott and Samantha explored different ways of providing oral and manual stimulation to satisfy each other sexually, without actually having intercourse. The night Samantha turned nineteen she celebrated by surrendering her virginity to Scott. It was a beautiful night that she would treasure for the rest of her life.

The flames of their passion continued to burn out of control throughout the summer. Scott used his years of experience to teach Samantha everything he knew about making love to another person. Samantha gave herself freely to Scott, and together they explored every hot avenue of ecstasy.

The summer passed much too quickly for both of them, and Samantha left home to begin her freshman year at a college near Philadelphia. During that last sexually and emotionally charged night together they expressed their undying love for one another, and vowed to remain faithful.

Samantha had always loved art, and had visited most of the major museums in the east. Therefore when it came time to select her first semester classes she was delighted that Art History was available as an elective.

Professor Ryan Barlow had taught Art History for 25 years. He was highly respected among his peers at the institution, and prior students attested to his skill as an educator and mentor.

Ryan was a happily married man who had been faithful to his wife Helen for more than twenty years. He had always been able to maintain a proper professional relationship with his female students. Over the years Ryan had been severely tested a couple of times when beautiful young woman offered themselves to him in exchange for better grades. Ryan had always adhered to his professional code of ethics, and politely rejected their advances.

However during the last year Helen’s attitude toward their lovemaking had changed considerably. She rarely instigated sex anymore, and when they did have sex the intensity and passion were sometimes lacking. The frequency of their lovemaking had decreased from once or twice a week, to once or twice a month, leaving Ryan horny and unsatisfied most of the time. Ryan suggested that they introduce role-playing, toys, porn, and cybersex into their love life.

Helen refused his suggestions saying, “You’re a perfect lover Ryan, and I’m very satisfied with our love life. We’re getting older Ryan, and you shouldn’t need sex so often. I just can’t imagine why you would want to try all those filthy things you suggested.”

Ryan was very frustrated, he loved Helen so much but she just didn’t understand that he still had the sexual needs and longings of a younger man.

Samantha could still remember that first fateful day of Art History class. Her heart soared when Professor Barlow announced that they would be concentrating on the renaissance period this semester. This wonderful period of 15th century art was Samantha’s favorite, and she already knew a lot about the artists and their paintings. In fact her favorite painting – The Birth of Venus – by Sandro Botticelli, was from that period.

Samantha looked at Professor Barlow standing in front of the class. He was a rather average looking man approximately 5’10 inches tall, and 200 pounds. His head was almost bald on the top, but the silver hair on the sides gave him a somewhat distinguished look. Samantha guessed that he was probably in his mid fifties. Despite his age Professor Barlow displayed the vibrancy of a much younger man. His eyes sparkled when he talked about art, and his voice had a strong commanding tone.

Before leaving class that first day Samantha went down and introduced herself. “Hello Professor Barlow my name is Samantha Thompson, and I just love art from the renaissance period. I’ve heard great things about you, and I’m really looking forward to your class.”

Professor Barlow peered into the deep liquid pools of Samantha’s beautiful blue eyes and smiled warmly. “Well Miss Thompson it’s always a special pleasure to have someone in my class who truly appreciates fine art. So many of my students sign up for this course because they think it will be easy.” As they both turned and walked towards the door Professor Barlow put his hand on Samantha’s bare shoulder and told her, “I’ll look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow Miss Thompson.”

The warm friendly touch from Professor Barlow caused Samantha to blush a little as she turned and said, “Thank you Professor Barlow, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As the weeks and months passed Samantha utilized every opportunity she could engineer to engage Professor Barlow in spirited conversation about art, and other subjects of mutual interest. Despite the immense difference in age the bond between them grew closer the more time they spent together, eventually stretching the limits of the normal professor/student relationship. When no one else was around they now addressed each other as Samantha and Ryan, not Miss Thompson and Professor Barlow.

In all his years of teaching Ryan Barlow could not remember ever having a student like Samantha. Her passion for art was unequaled, and her zest for life was extraordinary. For the first time in his career Ryan shared stories with a student about the years he had spent in Europe studying the masters. Ryan had wanted to become a great painter, but intense desire is not always enough. Instead Ryan had returned to the United States and became a professor at a college near Philadelphia. If he couldn’t paint at least he could share his knowledge and love of the arts with his students.

Ryan had always been very careful about suppressing his sexual desires when he was around his female students. However there was something extremely exciting about Samantha that assaulted all his senses, causing his control to waiver. He felt twenty or thirty years younger when they were together. His heart quickened at the sight of her beautiful smile, the sound of her sexy voice, or the scent of her exotic perfume.

Sometimes their hands would innocently touch each other as they spoke, and then linger longer than necessary before finally retreating.

When Samantha was with Ryan his nearness excited her, causing a stirring deep within her loins. Her sensitive nipples would become hard and thrust outward against the thin material of her bra and sweater. Often she would catch Ryan discreetly gazing at her large breasts as they talked. She knew he couldn’t miss seeing her aroused nipples straining against her sweater. When she caught him looking at her breasts Samantha would sneak a quick peek downward, and see a nice bulge jutting outward in his pants. Then their eyes would briefly peer into the other’s, both sensing the smoldering sexual tension that was growing between them.

On more than one occasion, after they had finished talking, Samantha had to hurry to the ladies room and cleanup before her dew soaked panties caused a noticeable stain on the front of her jeans.

At home when he was alone Ryan sometimes fantasized about making love to Samantha as he stroked his manhood. Just thinking about having wild passionate sex with her always caused him to ejaculate fiercely, squirting stream after stream of hot jism into the tissue he was holding. Ryan vowed that if he ever had the opportunity he would seduce Samantha, and devour her succulent young body.

Samantha’s boyfriend Scott had received a promotion at work. Unfortunately it required him to relocate further away from Samantha in order to advance his career. He was on the road at least fifty percent of the time, and the two young lovers were lucky if they could be together once a month. They talked almost every day, and tried to satisfy their carnal desires by role-playing over the phone. However even after she experienced a couple of orgasms during the hot phone sessions Samantha still felt a deep longing for the touch of her lover.

Many nights Samantha’s body was tormented by vivid sexual dreams. She often dreamed of Scott caressing her body and fucking her until she climaxed over and over again. She missed him so much! However some nights in her dreams it was Ryan’s touch stimulating every fiber of her body, teasing her to the breaking point. Samantha would wake up, sweating and gasping for breath, with an unbearable longing burning within her pussy. Then she would think about making love to Ryan, furiously stroking her clit until an intense orgasm washed over her body and provided relief.

Samantha had scored a perfect 4.0 in Art History, and Ryan asked her to stay after class that final day of the semester. “Congratulations on your perfect score Samantha, you certainly earned it. In fact since you are the first student in ten years to achieve a perfect score in my course I have a special reward for you. I received a special invitation from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to attend a private showing of their new renaissance art exhibition this Saturday. Since Helen is away on a business trip I would like you to be my guest.”

“Oh Ryan I would love to go with you,” Samantha breathlessly exclaimed! “Is it okay for us to be seen together? I don’t want you to get into any trouble since I’m a student.”

Ryan smiled and said, “Since today is the last day of class, technically you are no longer one of my students. Therefore the rules governing student/professor conduct are a bit more relaxed. If we are seen together it won’t cause any problems.”

Ryan gave Samantha some ideas on how to dress for the event, and told her what time he would pick her up on Saturday.

Samantha stood in front of the full-length mirror in her dorm room appraising her reflection. She had to admit that the reflection of the woman standing there in a navy blue wraparound dress looked pretty damn good. The jersey material of the dress ended three inches above her knee, clinging to every curve of her hourglass figure. The v-neck opening in the front was cut low enough to display ample cleavage, without appearing trashy. Samantha wore the diamond pendant and matching earrings she received from her mother on her eighteenth birthday. Underneath the clingy dress Samantha wore a light blue lace bra and thong set, silver thigh high stockings that glittered, and three inch heels that would make her almost the same height as Ryan.

For a late November afternoon the weather was very pleasant so Samantha didn’t need to wear a coat.

Ryan arrived at the dorm precisely at 1 o’clock. Samantha came walking out of the dorm and Ryan’s jaw dropped. He had never seen Samantha dressed up before, and he couldn’t believe how fantastic she looked. Ryan said, “Oh Samantha you look simply gorgeous today,” as he opened the car door for her.

“Thanks Ryan you look very sharp in that suit and tie,” Samantha replied. She caught the look of lust in Ryan’s eyes when her dress parted as she got into his car. Samantha knew that Ryan had been able to see the lacy tops of her stockings. She hesitated briefly before fixing the dress, giving Ryan a chance to drink in the feminine beauty of her long firm legs. When Ryan jumped behind the wheel Samantha glanced over and noticed the tent in the front of his slacks.

When they arrived at the art museum Ryan opened the car door for Samantha. As she exited the car he was rewarded with another quick peek, this time seeing a flash of creamy white flesh above the lacy tops of her stockings.

Seeing the works of masters like Raphael, Francesca, Cellini, and her favorite Botticelli in a private setting was overwhelming for Samantha. They spent the whole afternoon together viewing the various works of art, sipping champagne, and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

Samantha was not much of a drinker, and she had consumed a lot of champagne during the afternoon. She felt a little tipsy by the time they were ready to leave the museum. Ryan sensed her unsteadiness so he offered Samantha his arm to help support her. Together they walked arm in arm down the long rows of steps and headed across the parking lot to the car.

When they reached the car Samantha decided that she wanted to give Ryan a special treat for being such a gallant gentleman. Knowing that he would be watching again as she slipped into the car, Samantha spread her legs wider this time giving Ryan a long lingering glimpse of her legs and lacy blue thong.

As Ryan entered the car he noticed that Samantha’s dress was still parted, and her pretty little lace thong was still visible. The stiff erection tenting the front of his pants was painful, and had become impossible to hide.

Samantha giggled and blushed as she noticed Ryan looking up her dress. As he sat behind the wheel of the car she could see how aroused he had become, and his obvious discomfort.

Ryan saw Samantha staring at his crotch, knowing that she could see the boner painfully trapped inside his tight pants. Trying to distract her attention he asked, “Samantha would you like to get something to eat? I know a great place not too far from here.”

Samantha gave Ryan a sexy smile, slowly licked her lips, and then stared at the bulge in his pants and said, “I’m so hungry I could eat anything!”

They drove for about 10 minutes before Ryan turned into a very exclusive residential development with huge expensive houses. Samantha wondered where they were going. Ryan turned the corner and pulled into the driveway of a beautiful two story colonial stone home. As they entered the garage he turned to Samantha and said, “I hope you don’t mind dinner at my place? I’ve been told by more than one person that I’m a very good cook”

Samantha laughed and breathlessly replied, “Nothing about you would surprise me Ryan!”

Ryan escorted Samantha into the house and gave her a tour of the downstairs. Samantha was very impressed with the artwork and other rich furnishings displayed throughout the rooms. In what looked like a spare bedroom sunlight streamed through French doors that led out to a beautiful private screened deck with an oversized hot tub. When they entered the next room the walls were filled with paintings that Ryan had done over the years.

Ryan told Samantha, “Look around while I get us something to drink.” Ryan returned shortly with a chilled bottle of white wine and two glasses. He poured a glass for each of them, lifted his glass, and said “To fine art, and beautiful company,” as they gently touched glasses. “Make yourself comfortable Samantha while I fix dinner.” Samantha offered to help but Ryan insisted on doing it all himself. After admiring all of Ryan’s artwork Samantha went back to the living room and sat on the sofa so they could talk while he prepared the meal in the kitchen.

Ryan could see Samantha sitting on the sofa as he worked in the kitchen. Her shapely young legs were spread slightly causing the wraparound dress to part just enough for Ryan to see the lacy top of one of Samantha’s stockings. Ryan would go into the living room from time to time to fill Samantha’s wine glass, and hopefully get a better look up her dress. He was now walking around with a permanent erection in his pants.

The combination of the champagne and the wine was making Samantha’s head feel funny. Giggling she said, “Ryan are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?”

Ryan quickly replied, “Only if you want me to Samantha.” They looked at each other with lust filled eyes, neither one knowing what to say next. The bell rang on the timer in the kitchen indicating that the meal was ready, temporarily breaking the mood. Ryan filled their plates and put them on the table. Samantha came from the livingroom and sat next to him at the dining room table.

“Ryan everything looks wonderful, and smells delicious,” Samantha remarked.

Ryan poured more wine for them. He sat down next to Samantha, and had just started eating when the electricity went off. Suddenly the whole house was plunged into darkness. “Please sit still Samantha, I’ll get us some light.” Ryan came back a few minutes later with two long tapered candles that were lit, and placed them on the table. The sexual tension continued to smolder as they ate. While talking they both took every opportunity to softly and sensually touch the other’s hand or leg.

“You really are a great cook Ryan, thank you for such a wonderful meal,” Samantha cooed when they had finished eating.

Ryan replied, “My pleasure Samantha. I love to cook and don’t get the opportunity very often. Let’s go into the living room where we’ll be more comfortable.” The electricity was still off so Ryan turned on the gas fireplace to provide a soft light, and warmth throughout the room. Ryan asked, “What kind of music do you like Samantha?”

“Whatever you would like to hear,” she replied.

Ryan put a couple of CD’s into the battery operated radio and pressed the start button. Slow sensual music poured from the fine acoustical speakers. Ryan asked Samantha, “Would you like to dance?”

Samantha replied, “That sounds like fun.”

After she slipped her heels back on Ryan took her hand, and helped her from the sofa. Ryan led Samantha into the open space in front of the sofa. He softly pulled Samantha against his body, looking into her beautiful deep blue eyes as they moved to the slow rhythm of the music.

Samantha felt Ryan’s hard erection softly rubbing against her mound as they danced. It had been four weeks since she last fucked her boyfriend Scott. The months of dreaming about sex with Ryan, combined with feeling his hardness brushing against her, was making Samantha very horny. Samantha heard warning sirens going off in her head but she ignored them, not sure whether it was the alcohol, or her desperate need to have Ryan between her legs.

They danced for a while, the flickering light from the fireplace dancing across their faces. Ryan’s fingers reached out lightly caressing Samantha’s cheek, and then her neck. He looked into her sparkling eyes and said, “You’re such a beautiful, intelligent, and vibrant young woman Samantha. Do you have any idea what effect you have on me?”

Instead of answering Samantha put her arms around Ryan’s neck, and pulled their two bodies tighter together. Samantha slowly ground her pelvis hard against Ryan’s raging hard-on and said, “Are you talking about that this hard lance that feels so good rubbing against me?”

Ryan slowly guided Samantha back to the sofa and they sat close to each other. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her even closer, looking deeply into her lust filled blue eyes.

Ryan’s fingers moved Samantha’s short brown hair aside, as his lips gently nuzzled her neck and ear. Ryan’s tongue traced the outline of her ear, and then moved to the inside. Ryan heard a soft moan issue from Samantha’s mouth, and he felt her breathing quicken. He turned her head and gave her other ear equal attention, causing another soft moan to escape from Samantha’s lips. He kept alternating from one side of her neck to the other. Gradually his lips worked their way to Samantha’s waiting mouth. He kissed her deeply, and slowly slipped his tongue inside her mouth.

Samantha moaned a little louder as their tongues dueled with each other. Minutes passed by as they continued the hot passionate kissing. Samantha would break the kiss every so often and flick her tongue into Ryan’s ear, driving him wild. Finally Samantha pushed him away and said, “I’m very attracted to you Ryan, but we can’t do this! You’re a happily married man, and I love Scott! We have to stop now!”

Ryan’s lust fueled by months of unquenched desire, and Samantha’s teasing earlier, was boiling out of control. He kissed her passionately again, ignoring her initial plea to stop. Once again their hungry mouths connected, temporarily distracting Samantha. Ryan reached down and easily untied the belt holding Samantha’s dress together at the waist, and deftly slipped his hand inside. His hand quickly found one of her large lace covered breasts. He cupped it with his strong hand and gently squeezed, causing another soft moan issued from Samantha’s mouth.

The palm of Ryan’s hand moved in slow lazy circles around her stiff nipple causing another sultry moan from Samantha. Ryan’s hand moved to her other breast and repeated the sensual massage. Back and forth his hand alternated between the two breasts, making sure that he gave them equal attention.

The flames of passion lapped at Samantha’s body. She felt like she was on fire. Her body wanted to let the flames engulf her, but Samantha’s brain told her to stop before it was too late. She grabbed Ryan’s hand and tried to remove from her left breast, “Please Ryan! We can’t do this! It’s so wrong!”

Ryan knew that Samantha was right. What they were doing was very wrong. “You’re right Samantha! I know we need to stop soon, but please let me see those beautiful tits, then we’ll stop.” Without waiting for Samantha approval Ryan’s hand deftly unhooked the front closure of her lacy blue bra allowing her awesome tits to spill from their enclosure. Ryan quickly cupped her left tit in his hand, and lowered his mouth attacking the rigid brown nipple.

Samantha’s large pointy nipples were extremely sensitive. Ryan’s mouth and tongue greedily sucking on her tits was rapidly breaking down what little resistance she had remaining. Samantha’s hand was still on top of Ryan’s, but instead of trying to pull his hand away she quickly guided it to her right tit, which also screamed for attention.

Ryan sensed that he precious little time before Samantha would mount one last desperate attempt to stop them from plunging over the precipice of no return. His other hand had been tracing slow lazy circles up Samantha’s stocking covered leg. When he reached the lacy top his hand quickly continued across the creamy white flesh until he reached the junction of her desire, which was barely covered by the lacy blue thong. Ryan’s fingertips traced along the side of the dew soaked thong, teasing her wet quivering lips. Slowly his fingers slipped under the thin covering, gently brushed against her bare pussy lips, and followed her crease until they reached her opening.

Samantha cried out, “Oh Ryan, that feels so fucking good, but we must stop! Please stop!” Samantha used both hands and desperately tried to pull Ryan’s hand away from her pleasure zone, but he resisted and his strength was more than she could overcome.

Ryan’s ability to reason logically was completely overwhelmed by the pure animal lust boiling in his loins. At this point he had to have Samantha, no matter what the consequences. Ryan was still sucking on Samantha’s tits, his head against her chest. In this position her back was pinned against the sofa. Samantha’s ongoing struggle to dislodge Ryan’s hand from her thong only caused it to slide sideways, giving his hot probing fingers greater access to her bare pussy lips. Ryan’s fingers traced their way up her crease and gently teased Samantha’s clit. He heard Samantha inhale sharply, and her struggling subsided somewhat. Ryan knew that soon she would yield completely, giving herself willingly to him. Samantha was dripping wet allowing Ryan to easily slip his middle finger into her hot snatch. He concentrated on massaging the sensitive vaginal walls just inside her entrance.

Samantha felt Ryan’s hot finger slowly penetrate inside her. He was swirling it in slow circles, teasing all the sensitive nerve endings at the entrance to her hot wet pussy. Ryan’s finger caused jolts of electricity to surge through Samantha’s loins. She arched her back off the sofa, trying to drive his invading finger deeper into her hot hungry pussy. Samantha’s resistance finally evaporated, and she wantonly surrendered to the carnal desires of her body. Her soft trembling hands unfastened Ryan’s belt, pulled down the zipper, and quickly extricated his hot six-inch lance from the painful confines of his pants and boxer shorts. Samantha’s silky hands caressed Ryan’s cock, slowly studying it like a blind person learning to read Braille.

The smooth skin of Samantha’s hands caressing Ryan’s cock causing ripples of pleasure to pulse through his organ. Ryan carefully inserted his two longest fingers into Samantha’s dripping vagina about two or three inches, then bent them upward towards her navel searching for her G-spot. When his fingers felt a portion of the upper vaginal wall that wasn’t as smooth as the rest he knew he had found the elusive location. Ryan slowly moved his two fingers like he was motioning for someone to come towards him, causing his fingertips to stimulate the extremely sensitive area. When Ryan felt the area under his fingertips begin to swell he moved his fingers back and forth faster, applying more pressure. Ryan could tell from Samantha’s ragged breathing, and frenzied moans of ecstasy, that he was driving her towards a shattering climax.

“Oh yes! ohh yess! ohhh yesss! ohhhh yessss!” Samantha moaned breathlessly as a ferocious series of orgasms exploded throughout her body. Samantha’s whole body stiffened as spasm after spasm hit her vagina. Loud breathless cries of pleasure poured from her mouth. Her thighs locked around Ryan’s hand like a vise, holding it in place against her G-spot. The intensity of the orgasm was like nothing Samantha had ever experienced before, and she almost passed out. Eventually her orgasms subsided and Samantha said, “That was so fucking unbelievable! I’ve never cum that hard before!”

Ryan rose from the sofa and helped Samantha to her feet. He lifted her into his arms, carrying her into the spare bedroom that overlooked the hot tub, and gently laid her down across the bed with her stocking covered legs hanging over the side. He quickly undressed and stood before her completely naked. Except for a little extra flab around the stomach his hairy body was well toned. Ryan looked down into Samantha’s smiling face and said, “Samantha you’re such an intelligent and beautiful woman. Your body is magnificent and I have thought about making love to you for months.”

Samantha’s deep blue eyes were clouded with lust as she stared at Ryan’s hard swollen cock, that she needed so desperately. “Oh Ryan, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about you fucking me. I want you so bad! Please fuck me!”

“Oh Samantha I intend to fuck you, but first I want to drink the nectar from your fountain of love.” Ryan went down on his knees between Samantha’s legs. Starting at her knee he ran his teasing tongue in lazy circles up her stocking covered leg, across the lace top, over the creamy expanse of white thigh, and then into her weeping crease. Then he switched to Samantha’s other leg and covered the same territory on that side. As his tongue lightly danced through Samantha’s bare pussy lips, teasing her clit, he slowly removed her lacy blue thong and slid it down her long shapely legs.

With his tongue flicking against her clit Samantha felt surges of pleasure pulsating through her pleasure zone and she cried out, “Oooh right there! That’s it baby! Eat my fucking pussy!” Samantha’s hands reached out and clutched Ryan’s head, holding him in place directly over her hot throbbing button of desire.

With Samantha’s hands urging him on Ryan feasted on her engorged protruding clit like a man who was famished. At the same time his fingers penetrated her hot dripping pussy, and once again went to work on the same spot that had caused her to climax so intensely a few minutes ago.

Ryan stimulating her clit and G-spot at the same time caused Samantha’s body to convulse violently. “Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!” she cried, as a series of unbelievably intense orgasmic waves ripped through every fiber of her body. Samantha felt like she was drifting weightless in a cloud. Minutes passed before all her senses returned to normal. Ryan thought that she had passed out. He told her to lie still for a few minutes and rest, while he went for more wine in the kitchen.

Ryan returned with two glasses of wine, and they both laid on the bed staring deeply into each other’s eyes while they slowly sipped the wine.

Samantha smiled and said, “Wow Ryan! I can’t even begin to describe how fucking great that felt! You really know how to impress a woman!”

Ryan replied, “Samantha I want your memories of today to last forever.”

Samantha reached out and gently grabbed Ryan’s softened cock. Her silky hand wrapped around it, moving up and down the length a couple of times. Ryan’s cock quickly sprang to attention. Samantha laughed and said, “Now it’s my turn to blow your mind. Why don’t you turn over and lay on your back.” Samantha finished her wine and set the glass on the table next to the bed. She put the bed pillows under Ryan’s head so he would be propped up, and then crawled into place between his spread legs.

Samantha looked up at Ryan, and his thick cock standing up straight in front of her, and said, “Oh baby, I’m going to suck you till you explode in my mouth.” She loved how it felt when a hot throbbing cock dumped a load in her mouth. Samantha’s hot tongue snaked out of her mouth and slithered all over Ryan’s hot cock, making sure that it paid extra attention to the very sensitive area underneath the head.

After torturing Ryan with her tongue for a few minutes Samantha finally hovered over the cock head with her mouth wide open. She stared intently into Ryan’s hazel eyes as she slowly lowered her mouth down upon his hot throbbing cock, bathing it with her warm saliva. She would go down on his cock a couple of inches, and then suck hard as she pulled back up again. Over and over she repeated this wet sucking motion, using her hand to pump Ryan’s cock up and down at the same time. Samantha loved watching the expression on Ryan’s face, his moans of pleasure, and the dirty words that streamed from his mouth. Samantha was very turned on, and it inspired her to make sucking him off last as long as possible.

Samantha’s oral abilities amazed Ryan. It felt like she was stimulating every nerve ending in his cock, and in a matter of minutes his cum was boiling. Seeing those deep blue eyes looking up at him while most of his six-inch cock disappeared in and out of her hot wet mouth assaulted all his senses. Ryan moaned, “Oh yes Samantha, you’re the best! I love watching my cock disappear into your hungry mouth. That’s it, suck me harder baby!”

Samantha sensed that Ryan was getting close to blasting his load so she backed off a little, and went back to just licking him. Samantha continued taking him almost to the point of no return, and then backing off. After repeating this sensuous torture three or four times Ryan’s cock head was purple, and had swelled considerably.

Ryan groaned, “You’re killing me! Oh please Samantha, finish me! Let me cum in your mouth!

Hearing Ryan begging her to take his cream was sweet music to Samantha’s ears. She loved the feeling of control that sucking cock gave her over a man. She decided to take pity on Ryan and end his suffering. “Okay baby, I’m going to let you cum in my mouth real soon.” Samantha used saliva to wet one of her fingers. As her mouth went back to work on Ryan’s fat pecker she used the moistened finger to massage his brown puckered anal entrance.

Ryan screamed at the top of his lungs, “Ohh fuck! Here comes my hot load baby!”

“Oh yes Ryan, give me your hot load! I want to taste your cum!” She felt Ryan’s body tense, and knew that his hot seed was ready to explode. Samantha quickly wormed the wet finger into Ryan’s tight ass, and massaged his prostate just as he started to cum. Ryan’s sphincter muscle tightened around her finger, and she felt the hot molten lava rocketing up through his cock. Samantha’s eyes focused on Ryan’s as she opened her mouth wide, catching stream after stream of his hot sticky cum on her tongue. Her finger kept pushing against his prostate causing him to shoot even more cum into her insatiable mouth. When Ryan’s pulsing cock stopping shooting Samantha showed him how much cream she had collected on her tongue and in her mouth. She swirled the cum around in her mouth savoring the taste, and then swallowed it all in one big gulp.

“Oh baby, your cum tastes so fucking good!” she moaned. Samantha sucked Ryan’s cock back into her mouth, harvesting any cum that she had missed. While Ryan lay there recovering from her ball draining blowjob, Samantha went into the kitchen and filled their wine glasses.

They laid on their sides facing each other as they drank the wine, and rested. Ryan smiled and said, “You’re quite a woman Samantha. That had to be the best blowjob I ever received.”

“My pleasure Ryan, it was the least I could do after all those unbelievable orgasms you gave me.”

Ryan asked, “Would you like to go in the hot tub?”

Samantha replied, “I love hot tubs Ryan, but I didn’t bring a suit.”

They both laughed at the obvious joke. After taking turns in the bathroom to freshen up, they walked outside naked and eased into the hot tub. Ryan flipped the switch and the pulsating jets sprang into action churning the water. Ryan’s tub was bigger, and much nicer than others that Samantha had been in before. They frolicked in the water, teasing each other until both of them were aroused again.

Ryan sat on the seat in the corner, and Samantha sat on his lap with her back against his chest. She could feel Ryan’s hard member pinned between their bodies. Slowly she gyrated her hips, grinding her twat against his meat. After teasing him for a minute she raised up, and Ryan positioned her snatch directly over the head of his rod. Samantha let her body drop down hard, swallowing Ryan’s cock to the hilt. Ryan played with her tits, rolling and twisting the puffy nipples between his fingers. Samantha felt her sexual heat start to build again. She gyrated her hips while Ryan was buried to the hilt in her pussy, then raised up and thrust downward again. They both moaned with delight as they shared the carnal pleasure these movements provided.

They switched positions and Samantha sat on the seat. Ryan quickly plunged his cock deeply into Samantha’s pussy from the front. He hammered like a piston into her hot clutching pussy for a couple of minutes, increasing the level of her arousal.

Samantha shouted to Ryan, “Please fuck me doggy style! Make me cum again baby!”

Ryan smiled, and moved Samantha into position close to the side of the tub. This allowed her arms to hang over the edge, supporting most of her weight. In this position Samantha’s twat was bombarded by the bubbles from one of the jets on the side of the tub. The pulsating water hitting her aroused pussy was almost enough stimulation to trigger another orgasm. Somehow Samantha willed her body to wait a while longer. She felt Ryan standing behind her with his hands on her hips, and his cock poised against the hot quivering entrance to her tunnel of love.

Samantha urgently pleaded, “Do it Ryan! Give me that hot cock baby! Stuff me!”

Ryan slowly inched his cock into Samantha’s tormented pussy, then slowly pulled it out again. His hands moved around her and pinched her aching nipples causing her excruciating throbs of pleasure. The bubbles of hot water from the jet pulsed against her pussy, heightening her need.

Samantha looked over her shoulder at Ryan, a pleading look in her eye, and said, “Ohhh, do me hard baby! I’m so fucking close!”

Ryan enjoyed seeing the lustful look in Samantha’s eyes, and hearing the urgency in her voice. He quickly picked up the pace and intensity of his thrusts, hammering hard into her cunt. As he felt her hot tight vaginal walls gripping him intensely, Ryan knew that her climax was near.

Samantha’s eyes locked with Ryan’s as she felt the first climatic ripple hit her with fierce intensity. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Samantha screamed. Her eyelids began to flutter rapidly, and her facial expression changed dramatically as the ripples turned into waves of pleasure. Wave after wave violently crashed against her beach.

Ryan kept thrusting hard and deep into Samantha’s clutching pussy, causing the long series of intense orgasms to last as long as possible.

As Samantha’s rapture slowly subsided her legs suddenly felt weak, causing her to slump against the side of the tub while she basked in the afterglow from the multiple orgasms. Ryan’s strong hands were around her waist supporting her until she recovered enough to stand on her own. He slowly withdrew from her pussy and led her over to the seat in the corner so she could sit and rest for a few minutes.

Samantha smiled tenderly at him, touched his cheek and said, “You’re a fantastic lover Ryan! I’ve never met a man like you before.” Samantha told Ryan how great his cock felt when he was fucking her. Samantha was very impressed with Ryan’s stamina. He had fucked her intensely for a long period of time without coming. Samantha reached under the water and grabbed his hot lance, feeling it throb in her grasp. Smiling she asked,”Do you have any more of that hot cream for me?”

“Yes Samantha, I have a big load waiting for you.”

Samantha grinned and said, “Well what are you waiting for? Just tell me how you want it baby!”

Ryan was a little embarrassed but he asked anyway, “Samantha can I fuck your beautiful ass? Helen won’t even try anal, and I’m afraid that I’ll never know what it feels like to fuck a woman up the ass.”

Samantha looked into Ryan’s pleading eyes and said, “I don’t have a lot of anal experience, but I’m willing to try anything that will bring you pleasure.”

They moved back to middle of the tub. Ryan positioned Samantha with her ass against the pulsing jet. The warm bubbling water pulsating against her anal entrance felt great. Ryan gave her a minute to relax and enjoy the sensations caused by the jet. Samantha played with his cock raising his level of excitement.

Ryan’s hand reached around her ass, his finger toying with the puckered entrance. Very slowly he eased his finger into Samantha’s tight bum. With the water pulsating against her ass, the finger invading her anal tunnel didn’t feel too uncomfortable. Ryan held his finger steady for a minute giving Samantha a chance to get comfortable. Slowly he moved his finger in and out, stopping occasionally to give Samantha’s ass a chance to relax and adjust to being filled. Ryan took his time, making sure the tight anal sheath was stretched enough to accommodate his swollen cock.

Samantha looked up at Ryan and tenderly said, “Okay baby, I’m ready for you to fuck my ass with that big cock.” Ryan withdrew his finger and she turned around, positioned her pussy against the pulsating jet, and pushed her ass back towards Ryan’s hard waiting lance.

Her ass sticking up in the air was a beautiful sight. Ryan’s hands spread her cheeks, and he positioned his cock at the puckered entrance. Slowly and carefully he eased just the head into her hot tight ass.

Samantha’s body tensed a little and she moaned, “Ahhh!” as Ryan’s fat cock head forced its way past her gripping sphincter muscle.

Ryan couldn’t believe how fucking good it felt to have his meat partially into her ass. Ryan moaned encouragement, “Oh Samantha, your fucking ass is so hot, and tight!” Since Samantha didn’t have much anal experience, Ryan decided to let her control how much cock she wanted to stuff in her hot dark tunnel. Ryan said, “Samantha you’re in control. When you’re ready for more cock just push your ass back against me.”

As her tight anal muscles slowly relaxed Samantha pushed back against Ryan, forcing another inch of two into her tight dark cavern. New sensations of pleasure stirred in her loins. Samantha paused briefly and then pushed harder until she felt the rest of Ryan’s six-inches slip into her ass. Samantha had never experienced such a feeling before. The pulsating jet was getting her pussy worked up again, and she wanted to feel Ryan’s cock stroking her ass. She looked back over her shoulder and noticed the look of ecstasy in Ryan’s eyes as she said, “Fuck me! Fuck my hot tight ass! Fuck it good!”

Being buried to the hilt in Samantha’s tight ass was an incredible once in a lifetime feeling and Ryan knew that he would cum quickly if either of them moved. Hearing Samantha telling him to fuck her ass got him even more excited. Ryan started to slowly and carefully move in and out of the tight tube. Samantha’s ass felt like a hot tight glove wrapped around his cock, squeezing him over and over again. His hand reached around her body and started to furiously rub her clit.

Samantha was looking over her shoulder watching Ryan’s facial expressions as she shouting obscenities to urge him on. Samantha saw Ryan grit his teeth and heard him scream, as she felt his hot cream shooting forcefully against the walls of the tight tunnel. Samantha pushed hard against him, rotating her hips, to make his climax last as long as possible. Feeling Ryan spurting deep in her ass pushed Samantha over the edge again. A series of strong tremors quaked through her body as more orgasms hit her.

They both were so exhausted. They crawled out of the tub and walked back into the bedroom, collapsing in each other’s arms on the bed. They both drifted off to sleep for a while before waking.

It was getting late, and they were both spent. The electric power had returned sometime while they slept. They took separate showers and dressed. As they sat talking and cuddling like lovers on the sofa, their misty eyes met. They both knew that today had been a once in a lifetime experience they both would cherish forever. As the tears rolled down their cheeks they kissed and held each other tightly.

Ryan drove Samantha back to the dorm, both of them trying to keep the conversation light and humorous. When they arrived at the dorm tears again formed in their eyes, and ran down their cheeks, as they exchanged one last emotional goodbye.

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