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Rudra and Riya

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This story is a continuation of Riya and Rudra. I fucked up while changing the password of my previous account Rudrdutt and so had to create another one. If anyone wants to catch up on the previous series before this please search for Riya and Rudra. I hope you will like this story.


Dark hands pushed a lubricated doll head the size of a baby’s head inside my hot throbbing cunt. Bringing a baby into the world was less painful than having one shoved right back in. Rudra the apple of my eye yearned to see me pregnant again and yet he could not afford to knock me up so soon again. Ma still did not know.

Every inch of pain that he gave me while doing so made my heart swell. Sometimes I felt my love for him would explode my heart.

“Ahhhhhhh, Oh Baby! Shove him into me, push him right in until he nestles peacefully inside my bare womb. Oh darling I so want a baby from you.” I heard my lusty voice beg.

He inhaled sharply and his hands trembled against my thighs. It had been almost a year since we had come back home. Yukti and Vansh were now a year old and our hormones had kicked right back in. I was mad with thoughts of conceiving another baby from my brother. Rudra was barely keeping control. He confessed, all he could think of was pulling a set of quadruples out of me.

“Oh baby take him inside your fertile womb and make me another baby my sexy cunt. How I want to rip you open to reveal that sacred place inside you, where you hold my seed and nurture it into the world.” With that he pushed the doll hard into me forced his fingers inside my cunt until a gasp escaped my lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I moaned raising my hips to receive my baby into my womb. I could feel the head of the doll rest against my cervix. I raised heavy eyes laden with lust to my brother. “Your baby is inside me. He will be safe here until you bring him into the world.” And yet there was a sadness in each of our eyes, this role play could feed our sexual desire but it could not fill the void in us. We were emotionally starving for another set of babies but we knew it was a rare possibility.

I felt the tiny bump the doll left on my belly and a sob escaped my lips, tiny rivulets of warm tears began to run from my cheeks.

My brother held me in his arms feeling the tiny bump while we both shed silent tears on our misery.

“I want a baby,” I cried into his chest. “I want a baby. I miss thos when we first began trying to conceive Yukti and Vansh. I want to give you babies for the rest of my life Rudra,” I whispered. We were lying in Rudra’s bed at home while my room had been converted into a nursery for our beloved babies. Ma had not suspected anything when one fine morning she had found Rudra and I sharing his bed. She had merely expected exhaustion to be the reason. So now every time I heard ma climb up to the nursery I no longer made a dash for my room. We just put a semblance to our bed before it was time for her to arrive. It was strange how naïve she was. Once even when she walked in on us while Rudra was partially sleeping over me, she did not bat an eye merely asked me to feed Vansh for he was awake. I had gawked at her and then as senses had dawned, scuffled to my hungry baby. She had even walked on us once while I was feeding Vansh on a bare breast while Rudra was there eying me with lustful eyes waiting his turn.

“I keep wracking my brains to make this a possibility hon. You know I want to see your swollen belly more than you do. My prego whore!” He gave me a gentle squeeze while his hand kept roving all over my belly; the doll still inside me. He loved calling me that and I smiled to myself all the while my hand squeezed his baby making balls. I loved them so. Each was the size of my hand and every time they jetted their load inside a condom my heart sank. We were taking extra precautions and I was on a pill as well. My finger ran the length of his engorged shaft then rested on his pee hole the seat of all my un-manifested dreams. I sighed.

“I want to fuck you hard.” He breathed roughly against my cheek. Lie on your belly full of baby, I want to take you in your tight ass, cunt.”

I rolled over jutting my hips at him provocatively. When I did that the doll began to slip out of my slithery cunt. “Be sure to push the baby in before you start banging me darling, in case he takes a sneak peak.

“Nobody can see you but me,” He growled and slammed the doll back in pushing it further than he ever had.”

“AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh… hhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned aloud as the soft head of the baby doll rested against my cervix. “Take your pregnant whore now,” I said salaciously. “Bang her, fill her, tear her, she’s here just for you.”

“Take this you slut,” he rammed his engorged penis into my ass.

“Ummmmmmmm,” I bit into my lip pressing my face into the pillows for the next fifteen minutes Rudra hard fucked me. A cunt full of baby and an ass full of Rudra’s cock was my favorite bedtime snack before sleep.

Exhausted he collapsed over me, spent, his load in my ass. We lay there for a while.

“Time to deliver the baby, baby girl.” He got up to sit between my legs. “Open your legs and push.” His eyes shone like two jets. I opened my legs seductively rested my hands on my belly and pushed while two of his fingers dove into my molten cunt to grab the legs of the doll. Slowly so I could feel every inch of it coming out of me he began to pull the baby out of me. The most difficult part was the head which was comparatively larger in size to the rest of the body.

“ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I winced in agony when the head was dragged out with a loud slop that left my cunt gaping and empty.”

“Here you go my darling heart,” he wrapped the doll in a towel and handed it to me.

I smiled back at him, the sexual act was over and it was time for reality to descend on us.

“We’ve got to do something Rudra or I’m going to go insane. I can’t concentrate on anything, can’t work, can’t eat.”

“You have lost weight honey,” that’s not good, you can’t conceive a baby if u starve yourself like that. He squeezed my breast, pulled on a nipple and dragged it into his mouth. “The babies and I want to suckle on these breasts for a long time to come so take care of your diet hmm.” He shoved the nipple back into his mouth and began to suckle like a baby.

Rudra loved suckling. He said it de-stressed him and that since he had, he had been keeping fit. No bouts of common cold or lethargy or any other complaints. I smiled lifting myself on my elbow holding him in the crook of my arm and shoulder and feeding him in earnest like a baby. He was the most precious thing in my life. He closed his eyes contentedly suckling until we drifted into sleep.

I heard a rustling of robes and at once I woke with a start. Was it mother? On scanning the room I could not see anyone. Thank heavens I thought or today mother would have found us out. Rudra lay nestled against my massive jugs while a nipple had begun to drip milk all over his cheek. I smiled and wiped his face clean kissed him, then got up, straightened my night dress and went to feed the babies. Surprisingly ma did not turn up at all. I had worried for no reason. Once I was done, I contemplated on whether I should go down and make tea or have a quickie before work. I peered into Rudra’s room, seeing that he was fast asleep I decided to go down. I was also worried why mother hadn’t come up at all.

“Good morning ma.” I smiled at mum. She gave me a crooked smile through wrinkled eyes and I wondered what it was. She looked old and tired. “What’s wrong ma?” I rested a hand on her arm. “Is anything the matter?” I felt worried. Are you well? She got up at once like she did not want me to touch her. “I need to go to the farm for a few days,” was all the answer I got before she went to her room. Then at once my heart stopped, had she seen us? Was she the one I had heard in our room in the morning? My head dipped with shame and I couldn’t meet her eye after that. I felt so shaken that I couldn’t even move my feet to go up to tell Rudra about it. Would she shunt me out of the house now, would my paradise come crashing down around me? I choked on a sob. How carelessly stupid I had grown in a year? That I had forgotten what it had been like to lose everything before.

Just when I needed it most, strong warm arms embraced me from behind, he placed a kiss on my neck and squeezed me harder against him. “Where’s ma?” he whispered.

“I think she knows,” I sobbed and he froze. “I think she saw us in the morning,” I began to tremble. Before he could reply we heard mother coughing in the corridor outside the kitchen, just in time for Rudra to pull away from me. I began to wash the utensils while with a weary hand I wiped my tears. Rudra threw ma a few furtive glances.

“I need to go to the farm for a few days.” It was more an order than a statement. Rudra nodded and went upstairs to get dressed. Ma had left without a word and by the time Rudra had got back I was almost sick to the stomach. I had long put the babies to bed and had been waiting since then.

“Did she say anything?” I ran into his arms. “Is she angry with me?” I’ve hurt her again Rudra?” I couldn’t hold my tears back any more.

“No, she didn’t darling,” he whispered and held me close. “We’ve both hurt her again.”

“When is she coming back?”

“I don’t know. She didn’t say”

We were both distraught. An entire day had passed and we still hadn’t heard from her. She did not call. By next day I had forced Rudra to give her a call.

“She sounded composed,” he even managed a smile. “Do u think you could’ve been wrong darling?” He asked me.

“I dunno, she seemed obviously quiet and contemplative so I wondered whether she had seen us. She didn’t talk much so that was the only conclusion I could draw. But your right, the last time when she found I was pregnant she blew her top off.” I began to smile.

“She’s getting on in age my love. Prone to mood swings too. Perhaps that was the reason then.”

“Yea quite possible, I hope so,” I beamed back at him.

We both laughed and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I placed a warm kiss on his cheek and our thoughts connected at once. “Do you know that it’s been almost a year since we’ve been home alone.”

“And a year since you knocked me up.” I bit into my juicy lip teasing him.

Just the fact that getting pregnant again was so forbidden made me want to conceive even more.

“Fuck me, to my heart’s content.” My hands brought his to rest on my big milky boobs and I made him squeeze them. We bit into each other’s lips swallowing our mixed saliva. He pushed me down on the kitchen floor dragged my night dress, opened my legs wide pushed his hard on inside my cunt. Then he slowly began to slow fuck me, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his hard muscular back. We fucked like that until the babies began to cry and we had to disengage.

For the next couple of days our escapades were a little weary. We were not sure when mother would be back. During the day while Rudra went for work I would spend my day at home taking care of the babies.

It was time to discuss the future and as we both lay In Rudra’s bed that night I mentioned it.

“I won’t get any more leave to take care of the kids. If mum doesn’t return we’ll have to think of something, I may have to leave the job. We can’t hire a nanny.” My hand rested on his flaccid cock. If ma had decided to be away for long, we could try having a baby. I smiled my naughty smile.

“A nanny is out of the question, unless we want the whole world to know about my secret baby breeding sister.” He chuckled. “I can always give ma a call and ask her about her plans.”

That statement made me even more horny. “Ask her now.”

“It’s ten in the night.”


He looked into my face throwing me a knowing smile. “You are naughty, cunt.”

“And horny,” I chuckled.

His cock stirred under my hand. He picked up his phone from the side table and dialed the number.

Ma was kind of vague. Although she did mention that we should perhaps hire a nanny for she wasn’t sure when she would be back. Apart from that she sounded composed. Even so it kept bothering me why she had decided to leave and was keen on staying away.

“She sounded fine,” Rudra announced when he called off. You’re worrying over nothing. She didn’t see anything you fool.”

I shrugged, “Quite possible.” Besides I couldn’t concentrate much on anything but the same persistent thought. I wanted to have another baby, possibly babies. I had to seduce Rudra.

“If ma’s planning a late return, should we not be planning something,” I smiled shyly.

“No, we shouldn’t,” came the prompt reply.

“I want you to make another baby with me Rudra. Don’t you want to see my belly full of your inbred babies. Your own sister bearing your illegitimate children.”

He began to breathe heavily, “Stop it Riya.”

“Don’t you want to see me carrying a bulge, all our friends and family wondering where your sister got knocked up from while all along it’s your illegitimate sons she’s bearing. Don’t you like to fuck me hard on a pregnant belly, your babies and you sharing the same space inside your little sister.

“Ohhhhh Riya,” he squeezed my boob hard. “Stop it.” “Stop talking like that.” His lungs laboured.

“I know you do Rudra,” I stated a fact. “You’ve wanted nothing more, then why deny yourself what you can have, what is yours for the taking. I know you want nothing more than to stuff me full of cock, until my womb is bathed in your semen. You want to F-U-C-K your sister’s cunt darling until you’ve got her pregnant.

“Yes I do.” The words tore from his lungs.

He pulled my legs apart aimed his dick at my baby making hole and jammed his hard on inside me.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, Make me an inbred baby cunt, you shall stay here until you do mmmmmmmm.” He pulled out handcuffs from the bedside drawers and tied my hands behind my head. “Take this you cunt, he gritted his teeth and rammed into me again. Keeping your womb bare all this while, shame on you cunt.”

“Yes fill me my darling, shame on me for not giving you a baby like you want. Stuff my cunt with your baby making potion and I will bear you devil’s children. Punish me for not fulfilling your wish. Hurt me, punish me.”

“You will be punished cunt, you will be punished to carry my cubs for the rest of eternity.” He pushed harder, his pelvis pushing harder between my legs. The head of his penis rubbing against my cervix.” He bit into my breast and I cried in agony but he was oblivious to the pain he inflicted on his sister. He was a man possessed. I had never seen him like this before. He was hurting me in earnest. Guess our obsession of making babies together was equal in intensity. I smiled.

I pressed my palms on his hips pushing him inside me. I wanted his baby. An entire year without one was a waste of our time together as a couple.

“Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh AhhhhhhhhhAhhhhhhhhhAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let mother see us making this beautiful baby. Let her see how we make love to each other, that even the fear of the world knowing about us does not keep us apart.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… hhhhhhhhhhhhhh Riyaaaaaaaaaaa… aaaaaaaaaaa,” my brother dumped his load inside me.

“Oh I love you so Rudra,” I choked on tears.

“Raise your hips, I want to see you pregnant.” He got off me and collapsed into his pillows.

I did as I was told. I held my cunt tight, lifted my legs so my brother’s sperm would get to work immediately. I was wise to have stopped taking the pill. It was always wise to follow your intuition. I had even planned to apply again for Switzerland, ma was bound to return but I would make myself scarce as soon as I conceived this time.

“Wake up cunt, I’ve got to dump my load in you.” Rudra shook me from my sleep. He was back between my legs humping me like a stud. I want to see your swollen belly, cunt, he repeated over and over in his stupor and carried to ram me hard.”

“Soon my darling,” I cooed into his ear. “Soon, you will see my swollen belly. Just remember to pour all your semen into my waiting womb and I’ll give you the happy news soon. I whispered. “Take leave from work for a few days to bang your little sister every moment until mother returns.” And even before you’ll notice you’ll have given her your baby. And soon to follow will be the swollen belly”

That aroused him even more and he began to push his penis harder into me.

“ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmm,” I moaned my content into his ear. “Your sister loves you, and she loves it when you give her a belly full of your illegitimate children. She loves carrying inbred children for you. She adores it. She loves being your cunt. Ummmmmmmmmmmm. Harder, fuck her harder.” I whispered close to an orgasm.

“And you shall have them all cunt, you will not be spared. You will carry all my children.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Rudraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” My body convulsed and my cunt squeezed my brother’s dick even harder inside me.

Rudra on the other hand was far from an orgasm, he was still going strong inside me. I held on to him, molding my body to his needs.

“I am a vessel for your illegitimate needs master, use me as you will. I was born to please you, to carry your off springs in this world.”

Whispering this into my brother’s ear I had released the devil inside him, and he fucked me without remorse.

He was in me an entire hour before he came. It was the best fuck I had ever experienced and I was a content cunt. Right after he had smothered my womb with his cum a vaginal plug was stuffed into my cunt and I was ordered to sleep with my legs raised.

By the time I woke the next morning, Rudra had bathed the babies and fed them.

“Why didn’t you wake me,” I croaked smiling at the site of Rudra playing with our babies.

“Coz you’re making more of these, so I thought you could do with a little more sleep.” He got up and came to kiss me.

“Did I hurt you, last night.” He sounded apologetic.

“No,” I whispered back. “I like it when your hurt me, Master!” I gurgled.

He smiled sheepishly, “you brought it on, teasing me like that, you’ll get yourself killed one of these days.” He whispered held me in his arms and began to kiss me.

He bit into my lip, sucked it then dragged it into his mouth. The his snaky tongue darted into my wet mouth. Our tongues rubbed against each other before he grabbed my tongue in his mouth and sucked hard on it.

“Mmmmmmmhhhhhh,” my knees gave way so he pushed me against the wall and held me in place. He bit into both my lips while his long middle finger plunged into my molten fold without warning.

“Ahhhhhhhmmmmmmm… mmmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned squeezing his hand between my legs. Both my hands found his and I began to fuck myself with his finger.

“More I whispered, more.”

And one finger was replaced by two, while he smiled naughtily arousing me into a flurry. His fingers dove hard into my leaking cunt until he had me squirming on the floor. I opened my legs.

“Fuck me,” I squeezed my own boob. “Harder,” I ordered.

But he stopped, just looked at me, his own breathing even and controlled.


Instant tears sprang in my eyes and I convulsed on a sob.

“No hard fucks anymore,” he answered kindly. “We take precautions until you deliver.”

Oh Lord, I suddenly remembered the first time I was pregnant, how he wouldn’t risk getting the babies or me hurt. I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. I enjoyed a good fuck and by common standards I guess it was an extreme fuck. I enjoyed fisting and having objects inserted into me or just plain and simple hard fuck. But I guess a baby was a priority for both of us and you had to lose some to gain some.

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