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The Soccer Mom and the Pizza Guy

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Sally West had something of a reputation amongst my coworkers for being a bitch. She often would complain about her orders, finding the silliest excuses to call back and make us come back out to her house. The other drivers hated her so much they always took her order last, which of course infuriated her even more. For some reason, though, she seemed to like me; maybe it’s just that I was the ‘new guy,’ or maybe, in light of later events, it was something else.

Regardless, she eventually started requesting me whenever she would order, which prompted my boss (a lecherous old Italian) to rib me incessantly. “Your girlfriend called for you,” he’d say. “She said she wants you to bring her a pizza and then eat her pussy. Heh.” I took it in stride, but after the night I’m about to relate, I hid a secret smile whenever he’d heckle me.

The ‘events’ to which I’m referring occurred on a gloomy, rainy evening in early spring. It was still relatively cold, but I had forgotten to wear my jacket, so I was quite miserably cold and wet. I pulled up to her little house around nine o’clock, after business had slowed down somewhat, and carried her pizza to her door, knocking. By this time I’d learned most of the things that she expected in order to not become annoyed. She always wanted a receipt, she wanted her pizza hot but not soggy, she wanted me to knock on the door instead of ringing the doorbell. So I did all these things as usual, shivering as I waited for her to answer the door.

When she did, I saw she was wearing a white terrycloth robe and her soccer-mom blonde hair was still wet from her recent shower. She gave me a look of genuine concern as I handed her her pie, saying, “Oh my, you look like you’re freezing! Why don’t you come in while I write you your check?” Since I was freezing, I accepted, closing the door behind me.

Sally sat her pizza down on her coffee table and grabbed her checkbook. She laid the checks out on an end table in front of me and leaned over to write. As she did, her robe fell open a little, and I found myself surreptitiously sneaking a peak inside. I could make out the cleavage of her smallish pale breasts, dotted with freckles. As her arm worked her pen over her check, the flesh of her bosom jiggled ever so slightly, and at one point I caught a glimpse of a brownish nipple, still hard from the chilly night air. I tried to be discreet, but at the same time I had no intention of looking away. She was an attractive woman, and something about the wrongness of ogling a customer – and one at least twenty years older than me – was beginning to arouse me.

Before she looked up, as she was tearing out the finished check, she shocked me by saying in a husky voice, “See something you like?” Caught completely off guard, I reflexively answered “No.” I felt heat rising in my neck and realized I was probably blushing. I quickly looked back up, diverting my eyes from Ms. West’s still-exposed boob.

“No?” she asked, finally looking up at me. She wore a sardonic smile as she fixed me with her eyes. “No, you don’t see anything, or no, you don’t like it?”

I honestly had no idea what to say. I gaped at her stupidly as she stood up and handed me the check.

“What, you’re not going to try and tell me you weren’t checking me out, are you? I can feel it when someone’s staring. I know you got an eyeful. So, I guess by ‘no’ you meant you didn’t like what you saw.” She parted the top of her robe a little more, revealing the smooth crescent-shaped swell at the top of her firm breasts.

“It’s not that, Ms. West,” I stammered, starting to wonder how I was going to get out of this without getting fired.

“So you do think I’m attractive, then?” She chuckled. “And don’t call me ‘Ms. West,’ for god’s sake. Call me Sally.”

“All right, Sally,” I replied. I cursed myself internally as I realized my nether regions were starting to stir. What if she saw?

“That’s better. I was going to be hurt if you didn’t think I was attractive. I’ve always thought I had a pretty nice body for a 46 year old woman.” As she spoke, I noticed she was untying the robe of her belt. The terrycloth flaps fell to either side, revealing a perfectly smooth white belly, free of stretch marks. From the corner of my eye I could see the neatly trimmed blonde thatch of her pubic mound, but I dared not look at it directly, even though I was beginning to get the feeling I was being seduced.

“Um, Ms. West, I mean, Sally, you know I need to get back to work… I mean, you know I think you’re beautiful, but really, what…”

“Oh shut up,” she laughed, a wide smile breaking across her face. “What kind of a man are you? A sexy woman just flashed you her boobs and you’re trying to escape? I know you want to stay.” She was shimmying her shoulders free from the robe, her tits now freely hanging, surprisingly pert for her age, topped with crinkled quarter-sized nipples the color of a good tan, hard as needles and thick as erasers. Her smile was now almost condescending… she was such a bitch, I swear. She knew the effect she was having on me and she loved it. I wondered if I was visibly quivering. I didn’t know what to do… should I run like hell? Should I say something witty? Or should I just leap for her and have my fill of that sexy mature body?

As I was contemplating my next move the robe fell to the ground, leaving her completely nude in front of me. Her full breasts hung tantalizingly against a narrow chest; two pairs of ribs were visible through her creamy skin between her arrogant tits and her hourglass-curved belly. I couldn’t help it now; my eyes were drinking in her immaculate body. Her wide hips arched out from her waist, framing her professionally waxed crotch, its curly blonde hair forming an almost transparent triangle between her thighs. I could just make out the shadowy pucker of her labia inside that shiny nest of aryan pubes.

“I really can’t stay long, Sally,” I said, noticing my voice sounded almost like it was moaning the words, washed in the tragedy of having to choose gainful employment over ravaging this hot and ready single mom.

She gave me a sexy look, all pouted lips and sideways-glancing eyes. Her manicured hands reached out for my waist and hooked me through the belt-loops of my jeans. “You don’t have to stay long honey,” she half-whispered, lips so close to mine I could feel the heat of her breath against my face. “It’s been over a year since I got laid; I’d be happy for fifteen seconds with you… so what do you say?”

My hands finally gave up their pretense of responsibility, somewhat before my mind did. They were roaming, of their own accord, across the soft curve of her hips and back to her firm, heavy buttocks, cupping them, spreading them ever so slightly, and pulling her close to me. She was fairly short, about 5’3, and when her firm frame pressed against me, the increasingly hard lump between my legs was pressing into her just above her navel.

“I guess we shouldn’t waste any time, then,” I said as I locked my lips with hers and fed her my tongue. She almost melted in my arms, her tongue dancing with mine. Within seconds her hands were fumbling with the buttons of my jeans, and without delay she had pulled my half-hard prick out of my boxers, delicate fingers coiled around its swelling shaft and pulling it into her belly. Without even a trace of hesitation she dropped to her knees and popped my head into her mouth, my foreskin sliding slipperily back from my purple glans as it sank between her lips, penetrating her throat, caressed simultaneously by her flicking tongue and her pumping hands.

It didn’t take a minute before she’d sucked me to full erection, even though as I stiffened and swelled she had an increasingly difficult time fitting me into her mouth. When I was finally hard, she pulled back, hand still gripping my throbbing shaft, fingers barely able to encircle its warm, spongy girth. She looked at it and started laughing.

“Damn, Jake, what the hell have I gotten myself into? Did your mother feed you growth hormones during puberty?” She had both her hands, one atop the other, wreathing my cock, double-pumping it while letting the head slide noisily between her moist lips.

I gave her a confident little grin, sliding my fingers into her hair and lifting her up. “My, grandpa, what a big dick you have!” I said in a little girl’s voice, then responded to myself, “All the better to fuck you with, little Sally.” She looked at me with wide eyes as I lifted her up and laid her out on her sofa, back mostly upright. I kissed and sucked her nipples for a moment, then pushed her thighs far apart and buried my face in her groin, slurping wildly at her glistening cunt. Her juice was hot and loose, not thick like some girls. It had the consistency of sweat but the tart, musky flavor of pussy. My tongue parted her lips and teased her hole, tracing through the slippery folds up to her hard little clit, sucking it and licking it, making her writhe.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, damn, the pizza guy knows how to eat pussy…” she said, no longer acting the conceited bitch but beginning to loosen up and get into it. Her eyes were shut and her hips rocked back and forth, feeding me her dripping slit.

When she was as wet as I thought anybody could possibly get, I lifted up, pulling her ankles to my shoulders and positioning the thick length of my hard cock against the tiny hole of her sex. I tried to cram it in, but she was stunningly tight. She winced as the head of my dick was deflected by her vice-grip snatch, popping up hard against her sensitive clit. “Careful,” she implored breathily, “she isn’t used to having horses fuck her.” I laughed at that; I may not be hung like a horse, but it looked like this tiny little cooze was going to get torn open when I got my meat into it.

I realigned my shaft with her twat, still hard as a railspike. Holding her lips apart with my fingers, I leaned my weight against her, using the mass of my body to drive the wide, veiny organ into her virgin-tight pussy. With a little work I had the first inch or two in, and when I started rocking in and out of her, she quickly loosened up, letting me in almost all the way. Though I still had a few inches outside her cunt, I could already feel the fleshy point of her cervix, and she was gasping with each thrust as my large dick opened her up and pressed home into the hot depths of her belly. Though she wasn’t actively squeezing me with her muscles, still her cunt was pressing at me, sucking at me, trying alternately to pull me into her body or push me out.

“Oh, Jeesus,” she gasped, her eyes open wide as she lifted her hips up to accept my thrusts. I grabbed her firm ass cheeks and lifted them, allowing me to inch just a little deeper between her tropical lips, causing her to yell out loud. “Not so deep, goddammit! Oh, it fucking hurts, I love it, fuck me yeah…” She was chattering like a whore or a phone-sex slut, totally transformed from a bitchy single mom into a writhing fuck-machine, stinking of twat-juice and begging for cock. I could feel the telltale tremor inside her body as her orgasm began to approach, inexorably being pumped out of her by the huge shaft filling her, slamming her womb and grinding against her neglected clit.

I lifted off of her, my prick sliding out with a slimy pop, followed by the sputtering belches of her abused, pumped-out cunt. Her hole was wide open now, a slimy black gash inside her glistening, dew-soaked cunt hair. It spasmodically clenched and released, still trying to pull a phantom cock back inside her.

“Don’t stop now, I’m too close, baby… come on, come on…” she begged. I was half-mad with lust now, and I knew how I wanted to finish her. I lifted her bodily from the couch and rolled her over onto her belly, easily maneuvering her light, lithe body underneath me. I lifted her hips up, pulling her cream-colored, pear-shaped ass into view. It was beautiful, with perfect skin, the deep cleft of her crack free of visible hair. I parted her cheeks roughly, exposing the gaping gash of her fuck-hole, shiny with her running juice, and also the tiny wrinkled bud of her asshole, its sphincter folds spinning counter-clockwise around an opening that looked impossibly tight. I grabbed my dick by its thick, pulsing base and held it to her cunt, watching as I pushed its stunning length into her, moaning and gasping as I watched and felt her lips stretching till they were thin and white around the invading phallus. Ignoring her protests I seized her hips and pulled her with all my strength back to my hips, at last burying every inch of my desperately straining cock into her tormented pussy.

“No, oh fuck no…” she gushed as she took the fat dick all the way into her belly. Her ass shivered, trying to pull away but I wouldn’t let her. I could feel her heartbeat in the walls of her vagina, stretched condom-tight around me. I had to fuck her, and I did, pulling out to a depth she could enjoy and fucking her steadily and thoroughly from behind, watching her eagerly take my thrusting meat into her horny body. My thumbs took turns caressing her asshole as I fucked her out, making her shudder as my shaft pounded her.

We were both dripping with sweat when she began to come. Rivulets of sweat cascaded down from my body onto her back and butt, making her skin shimmer. She began chattering incoherently, her ass dancing side to side on my deep-thrusting prick. I could feel the walls of her cunt rippling rhythmically around my shaft, then they clenched even tighter than before, holding me firmly inside her, deep inside her, as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her twat became so tight it hurt; my prick was aching inside her. She shuddered, bucking her ass wildly back and forth on my firmly-clenched cock, holding her breath for almost thirty seconds until her passion subsided and she relaxed, freeing me from her quaking folds.

“Are you safe?” I whispered into her ear, leaning over her back, cock still inside her. “No baby,” she responded, arching her head around to tongue-kiss me. “Had no idea I was gonna fuck tonight.” She smiled and I smiled back, then started slamming her harder than before, visciously grabbing her flopping tits while my cock pulsed back and forth through her cunt, in and out, all the way, over and over. I was finally ready for my own release, pushed to the edge by the sound of my flesh spanking against hers each time I rammed my prick to the hilt inside that sloppy, sexy twat. I could feel my swinging balls smacking against her furry mons each time I filled her. When I finally came, I pulled my shaft out of her cunt and let the thick fluid spurt out in its sticky streamers all over her sexy ass, spattering her cheeks with creamy white droplets, running in syrupy rivers down into the dark canyon of her crack, pooling in the crater of her asshole. I was still shaking, pushing my prick forward at her, finding it slipping through the lubricated ring of her ass and sinking into her protesting asshole. I gasped at the ease with which my cock was sinking into her slippery, cum-lubed butt.

“Oh jesus, no,” she cried, “I’m still virgin there… oh!” I was pushing even as she was complaining, anxious to finish my inadvertant invasion. I felt the gentle pop of her sphincter relaxing and her whole body twitched, a muffled choke seeping from her worried lips as her butthole swallowed my pulsating snake. My cum oozed out around the stretched rectum as my shaft spread it open and filled it. Soon I had five wide, slick inches lodged in her asshole, slipperily sliding back and forth as my hips fucked my cock in and out of her upturned asshole. She loosened up a little, arching her back farther to take me deeper into her bowels. I filled her with abandon, ramming my still-hard dick back and forth in that poor, virgin chute. Shocked, she cried out as she came again, her anus spasming wildly around its thick invader.

Grabbing hungrily at her bony hips I ground my giant prick in and out of her churning ass until I felt my cum rising again. Soon I forced myself into her backdoor so deep our pelvic bones were rubbing against each other, and I let a second load of hot jizz boil up from my balls, flooding her virgin shithole. She gasped incoherently, flopping back and forth on my pulsating rod, her tiny titties jiggling, her bowels painted with my sticky juice, overflowing from her swollen asshole down the raw, red folds of her twat. My dick squished in and out of her over and over, emptying my load deep inside her, till at last I relaxed and filled her one last time, slickly fucking into that now well-lubed hole easily.

When I finally pulled out of her butthole, we both laid back, gasping for breath, on the couch. She cleaned herself off with her robe as I pulled my pants back up, stuffing my red, softening dong (still seven inches long even though it wasn’t hard anymore) back into my boxers. It made an obscene, snake-like lump in my jeans. I hoped it would go away before I got back to work.

“Thanks,” she said, “that hit the spot. Better than pizza any day.”

“We’re not going to tell anybody about this, are we?” I furtively asked, kissing her as I prepared to leave.

“No, baby, we’re not. And if it doesn’t happen again don’t hate me. You’re nice and all, but I really just needed a fuck and, well, you were here…”

“Heh, thanks Sally. I think. See you ’round.”

And with that I left, heading back to the restaurant, hoping there wasn’t anything about my appearance (or my scent) that would give away that I had just fucked the hell out of Sally West. When I looked at the clock in my truck I couldn’t help but laugh; I’d only been in her house for fifteen minutes. That was, without a doubt, the best fucking ‘quickie’ I’ve ever had.

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