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The Roommate

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I let Michael move into my house because I needed to offset some bills, thus share the rent. He was a long-term friend, someone who I thought I could live with. He had a good job, and nice stuff… a bonus. Plus, there was something about him… something I couldn’t put my finger on, but he had an effect on me that I could not explain.

Something that made me want to pay attention to him. I had yet, over the years, to define just what it was.

I helped him move in one Saturday. We settled on where his stuff would go in coordination with mine, and I helped him put some stuff in his room. I helped him set some things out, but there was one box he had taped shut, and was pretty hasty about not letting me open it. It was cool, hey everybody has personal stuff that is just that, personal. I really didn’t think anything of it at the time.

We had slightly different schedules… he worked in the evenings, I worked a typical corporate schedule. It suited us well, at least we wouldn’t be tripping over each other. I usually went to bed pretty early, seeing as I got up at 6am, he usually went to bed pretty late. We never really disturbed each other with the time differences.

Lately though, Id had trouble sleeping… troubles with a girlfriend, and stressed with a new job. I often tried to get myself to sleep by masturbating, but sometimes even that didn’t work. One night I was half awake, laying in bed , half-heartedly stroking my cock. Michael’s room was right next to mine, and his bed was against the wall much like mine. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he’d sometimes heard my girlfriend and me having sex. But I never heard much from his room, but then again I was usually asleep. Tonight was different though… I could have sworn I heard the bed creaking. Did he have a girl in there? I’m sure its possible that someone had come over and I just didn’t hear her come in. I moved lightly over against the wall and put my ear against it… and in fact did hear the bed creaking… and Michael groaning. Not loudly of course, but enough to hear from my vantage point. I’m sure he thought I was fast asleep.

So what was going on in there? I was fixed in my position, ear against the wall… and was pretty sure at this point he was alone. His groans had increased in tempo, the bed rocking a little harder. He was totally getting off in there! The more I listened to him, the more turned on I got… and realized I had been stroking my cock. Faster now, as his tempo increased… I was now stroking to his tempo… my breathing heavier… god I could not believe I was beating off listening to my buddy doing the same! But it was hot… and I was so completely aroused. I heard his moans get just a little louder, and knew he was close… and finally heard him cum, and it sounded like he was cumming hard too. I could no longer hold back, and came breathlessly in my hand and on my sheets.

I grabbed some tissues and cleaned up… and laid there in bed trying to absorb what I had just heard. I tried to visualize it in my head, and came to the conclusion that he must have been grinding his cock against the mattress, which would explain the bed creaking. Id done that many times myself, and found myself again aroused at the visualization of Michael doing it himself. Naked, hard… ass clenching as he ground his cock harder until he came. I wondered what he fantasized about as he did this.

And then it occurred to me, what it had been all these years about him. I was attracted to him! Wow… that was it… I was attracted to Michael. How could I have not known? That explained the mixed up feelings Id always had when I was around him. I mean, I was pretty sure I wasn’t gay. I loved fucking women. But admittedly, he affected me. Big time. Here I was hard again at the thought… and Id never been able to get hard that fast after cumming with a woman. What did this mean?

I thought about him the next day, and most certainly the next night. I purposely stayed up late to listen for him, and once again got a nice show. I didn’t hear the bed, but his groans were different this time… deeper, more intense. I tried to imagine what he was doing… and could not resist. I got up and walked ever so quietly to the outside of his door. Living in an older house, we had keyholes that one could see through. What were the chances that I might get to see something!! I put my eye up to the hole… the room was dark, but illuminated by the light of the TV. And what a sight to be seen… I had a perfect line of vision to his bed… and there he was, in his glory. Naked, legs bent and up off the bed… and now I knew what he was doing… he was fucking his ass with a dildo!! Oh god I damn near came right there on the door in my pajamas. With each thrust he groaned… he was stroking his cock, and it was incredibly hard. I never realized how large it was. Id seen it in locker rooms and such, but now I really was getting to see its full size.

I found myself with my hand on the outside of my pajama pants on my own hard cock, as he fucked himself and stroked his cock. He seemed to tease himself a little, taking it almost all the way out, then shoving it hard back in deep. He moaned each time he did this. I noticed that he was looking at something intently, and realized it was the television. He had to have been watching a porno (after all who’s going to jerk off to late night television?)… I wanted badly to see what he was watching… wanted to know what it was that turned him on so much. Right now I had to admit I wish it was me turning him on! I could not believe I was admitting this to myself, but here I was, watching one of my best friends pleasure himself, as I did the same. My cock was so incredibly hard at that moment.

I could tell that Michael was close to cumming… he was stroking his cock harder, his moaning had gotten more frequent, and he was fucking his ass faster and faster. God this had to be one of the hottest things Id ever seen. I was still stroking my cock, hadn’t even bothered to put my hand inside my pants, Id just been doing it on the outside of the fabric. The precum was soaking my pants, but I didn’t care. I was so fucking hot at that moment that I couldn’t stop. As he stroked faster, so did I… if only I could have moaned out loud like he did!! But I did not want to give myself away.

I saw his legs tense, and his hand flying like lightening up and down his cock. He was going to shoot his load any second. His ass raised right off the bed, and he erupted… cum everywhere, god Id never seen so much of it out of one person! He was moaning louder now (certainly with no concern over waking me up!) as he thrusted up off the bed. I could no longer take this sight in front of me and came hard in my pajama pants. Cum just kept coming out of my cock, up over the waistband, on the floor. I could hardly breathe as a slight moan escaped my mouth. Oh I hoped he didn’t hear me! He didn’t seem to look in my direction, but then again he had enough going on to notice me (hopefully).

He seemed to cum forever… he had to have been covered in it. My cum was all over my hand and there was some still wet on the floor. I was heaving in the aftermath of my orgasm. I couldn’t take my eyes off him! I never realized how attractive he was to me… how beautiful he looked in the light of the television, naked, hand still on his cock, chest rising and falling as he still breathed hard from cumming. His orgasm was soo intense! As was mine…

Finally he moved to get up and headed for the door! Quickly, and as quietly as I could I scurried back to my room and shut the door. I heard him open his door, pause, and then head to the bathroom to turn on the shower. Had he found my cum on the floor? I finally fell asleep, thinking of what Id just experienced with Michael.


A few days had gone by, but I had not heard anything from Michaels’ room. He’d been working a lot of hours, so maybe he was just too tired. It occurred to me now what must have been in that box he wouldn’t let me open – his toys, and I’m sure his porno videos. God would I have loved to see what was in there now!

I had taken Friday off, just to bum around and sleep in. Being Thursday night , I went out with a couple of buddies for some beers , and got home just before Michael was due in. I was horny as hell (the girlfriend and I had since split up) and was hoping he was too so I could get another show tonight. I was actually thinking at that moment, that Id have taken being with him over a woman that night. He just turned me on that much!

I undressed and got into pajamas and turned off the light… and was already hard. I laid in bed, hoping he’d be home soon, and tossed and turned. I found myself on my stomach, feeling my hard cock between my stomach and the mattress. Gyrating my hips slightly, I created a friction that was really arousing. I lost myself in this rhythm, and let my thoughts wander to Michael. I imagined laying with him, kissing him, and that I was rubbing my cock against his rather than my mattress. I moaned into my pillow, and increased my tempo. I now allowed myself to imagine taking his cock in my mouth as he did the same to me… that I was not thrusting into the bed but his rather into his mouth. Ohhh how good it felt! His warm wet tongue on my cock, on my balls, in my ass.

Finally, I allowed my thought to drift as far as they could go… and now I imagined myself fucking his beautiful ass. My cock replacing the dildo. Him stroking his cock as I fucked him, instead of him fucking himself. Him cumming hard because I was pleasuring him. The thoughts running through my head were so arousing… and turning me on immensely. I was thrusting against the bed now, my bed hitting the wall much like his had the other night. I was so close to cumming… soo close… god it felt good! I moaned his name into my pillow… “oh Michael… ”

My reverie was broken by the sound of the door slamming – he was home!! Perfect timing, as I had just about let myself cum all over the bed. I rolled over, cock still hard, and could feel the wet spot from the precum underneath my ass. I didn’t care, I concentrated on listening for what I hoped would come. I heard Michael come upstairs, and head straight for the bathroom. He had turned on the shower, and I heard the door shut. Minutes passed, and finally he exited and crossed the hall to his room. Once again, I could have sworn I heard him pause near my door…

His door shut… and I inched over to my wall and put my ear against it, cock still in hand. I was still hard. I heard him rooting around, and heard the unmistakable sound of him putting a tape into the VCR. Oh god he was up to something!! A drawer opened and shut, and music began to play… the cheesy kind you hear in a porno. Yes!! He was going to do it… I began to unconsciously stroke harder. A minute or 2 passed… I could hear groaning from what I knew was the scene on the tape. I heard a man’s voice say ” fuck me with that huge cock”… and knew that the video was a gay one. Ohhhh my… I suddenly got harder… and wondered why I had not been able to hear the sounds of the video before, certainly he had watched them often?

Not being able to resist, I got up and padded to the door, out into the hall, as quietly as possible. Once again, my eye went to the keyhole… and found my prize. There he was, naked… on his knees on the bed with his head facing the VCR so he could see. He looked sooo fucking hot!! He had the dildo in his ass… and his other hand on his cock. He was stroking slowly, as he had just gotten started. This was going to be an incredible show! Is this what he’d look like if I got to fuck him? He was moaning now, slowly fucking his ass as he watched. My hand flew to my cock… hard as a rock now, precum soaking my pants. I stroked with him, my breathing quickening as I got more and more turned on.

How beautiful he looked… his round ass in the air, dildo in his ass, lucky for me the arm facing me was the one stroking his cock so I could see. God did I want to be there with him!! I wanted to be the one stroking his cock… shoving the dildo in his ass… hell shoving my cock in there! No longer did it trouble me having these thoughts… I was just entirely too aroused by this man pleasuring himself and how badly I wanted him.

As I watched, he moved to what I thought would be on his back. Instead he laid on his side, his upper leg bent, cock facing the door, dildo still in his ass. What an incredible view I had!! Ohh I had to fight not to cum… I lessened the grip on my cock slightly. Suddenly it occurred to me, as I watched his hard cock going in and out of his hand, that his view was no longer on the video, but on the door… the very door I was standing behind! Before I could react, I heard him say ” open the door Steve… and come join me”.

Had I just heard that? Was I sure Id heard that? My first instinct was to run… not to my room, but out of the house, out of the state! Oh god Id been caught!! But I couldn’t move… I was paralyzed there… cock still in hand and surprisingly still hard. Again I heard his voice ” I know you’ve been watching me and listenting to me, you wouldn’t have come back if you didn’t like what you saw”. All the times Id thought of being with him, was it true that he was now inviting me to fufill my dream?

My hand reached for the door… and was met by twisting of the handle from the other side. Michael had gotten up and opened the door, met me there. We were now face to face, eye to eye. I wasn’t sure I was even breathing. As if he knew, he said “breathe Steve… its ok… you don’t have to come in if you don’t want to… I just assumed you did”. I stammered “yes” and somehow managed to move my feet. Michael took my hand and led me to his bed… I sat down, and he looked into my eyes, ” I only want you to be here if you want to be… no pressure Steve”. He was still touching my hand. His eyes were so reassuring… at that point , a pack of wild horses could not have driven me away!

I told him I wanted to stay. That I was sorry I had been watching and listening to him. He told me not to apologize… that he was even more turned on once he realized what I was doing. That’s why I could hear the video, why I could hear him moaning – he was doing it for me!! And yes, he’d stepped right in my cum that night outside the door!! That’s when he knew for sure. And, he admitted to having been attracted to me, and he hoped I was to him. I nearly fainted. Was this really happening? I told him that ‘yes, I was attracted to him’. That’s when he said ‘good’ and leaned over to kiss me… he took my breath with that kiss. He moved to take off my shirt… leaned over to kiss my neck, and down to my nipples. I had never known how good that felt! What a rush!

He laid me down on his bed, still gazing into my eyes… he must have known this would calm me, reassure me. His hands roamed my body, but never touched my cock. He caressed my face, kissed me again. He tasted so good, not like kissing a woman, yet a wonderful feeling. I felt his hands on the waist of my pants, and within seconds we were both naked together. He laid down next to me on his side, and pulled me to him. There our cocks were, touching, hard, as he put his arms around me. I was instantly moaning, slowly grinding my cock to his in reaction to his touch. I felt him moan back into my mouth. His hands slid now to my ass to pull me even closer to him. They caressed each cheek, and a fingertip touched my hole. I moaned loudly ‘oh yesss’ as he probed… and finally entered. My hips thrust against his… the feeling was incredible.

He whispered in my ear “god I have wanted you for so long”. I could not believe I was hearing this! Separated by only a wall, we had both wanted the same things. He rolled me onto my back, and laid on top of me. His cock was soo hard… and has he rubbed it against mine I put my arms around him and kissed him hard. I grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against me, and he reacted by grinding harder against me, my legs around his waist now to grant him full access. We were both moaning so loudly, hands roaming wildly, hips thrusting. It felt so wonderful, and I was so close to cumming… and I could tell by his breathing that he was too. He sat up… pulling his cock away from mine… ” if we don’t stop we’re both going to cum” he said and laughed. ” I want to experience more with you” he told me, and got on his knees between my legs.

He spread my legs, and licked the inside of my thighs. As he neared my balls, I could feel his breath on them… and then his tongue. So wet, so warm, I was in heaven! He ran his tongue over my balls, down to the spot between my balls and ass, and finally to my hole. I had never had a tongue there, not even my girlfriends’ tongue. I moaned out loud, as his tongue entered me. In and out, his hands on my upper thighs, but never touching my cock. He was smart, he knew Id cum if he did. He kept this routine, from my balls to my ass, concentrating on my hole. I felt so good, and it occurred to me that I should be returning the favor. “Michael, let me taste you” I told him, and I could feel him moan into my ass. Without a word, he turned his body and there was his hard cock, right over my face as he straddled me. It was even more glorious in person and up close! I took it in my mouth… and it tasted as wonderful as I had thought it would. He groaned as I took it, and began to thrust in and out of my mouth. My hands roamed his ass, probed with my fingers as he had done to me. He moaned again, and I knew I was doing the right things. I wet a finger as I sucked him, and slipped one in his ass. He moaned my name loudly… oh what a turn on!

It was hard to believe that I was actually there, having my dick sucked by this wonderful man that had me so turned on, and I got to suck his too! Our bodies moved together, thrusting into each others’ mouth, our fingers probing each others asses. I don’t remember feeling so turned on, ever. And just when I thought it could not get better, Micheal lifted his head… turned his body around… I asked him ” is everything ok”? He answered me with a hard kiss, and told me ‘Steve, you are so hot… will you fuck me?” I damn near fainted… was it possible I was going to get everything I wanted with this man in one night?! Apparently I was!

I looked at him… kissed him back… and told him that ‘yes , god I would fuck him, it was all I had been thinking about these nights ‘!! He moaned in my ear… and leaned over me to reach for his lube and a condom. He got on his knees… and handed me the lube. I leaned down and kissed his ass, licked the hole… and proceeded to pour the lube generously down the crack. I rubbed it on my cock, and reached around and wet his cock with it too. He moaned for me as I did this. I put the head of my cock at his ass… and pushed gently. Instinctively he pushed back, and it took nothing for me to enter him fully. As I bottomed out in his ass, he groaned with me. In much the manner of fuckng a woman, I began to thrust in and out of him. He felt better actually, tighter, and I was certainly more turned on with him than I had ever been with a woman. God I was fucking this man… in and out, as he stroked his cock. He told me how good I felt… and that he wanted to ‘be fucked harder… please Steve, I want it harder, deeper’. I obliged willingly… my balls slapping against his ass… my hand roaming his back. I leaned down and kissed his neck, and he whimpered.

“Im going to turn over… ” He said, so I withdrew for only a minute as he turned to his back and spread his legs for me. I slidback in easily. “Ohhhhhh god” he moaned as I did, and grabbed his cock. I took his hand away, and replaced it with mine. I had never felt a cock so hard, and he groaned as I stroked him in time with my thrusting. The noises we made were so erotic… our moans, grunts, the sound of wetness, the bed against the wall… calling out each others’ names in ecstasy. As I put his legs over my shoulders, I leaned down to kiss him. I felt him moan into my mouth, and he grabbed my ass to pull me in deeper. The feeling of fucking this man was beyond compare. So tight, so wet, so amazing.

We continued like this for only moments longer. The feeling was too much for either of us, as he took his cock from me and I concentrated on fucking his ass. I grabbed his calves, and he stroked his cock like lightening. Just like I had watched him do through the door, here I was on top of him watching. His eyes were half slits now, his groans deep and long, as he fucked back against me. I could take no more, turned on to the point of no return, and felt that familiar rising from my balls. Except this orgasm was from the core… I could feel that I was going to cum harder than I ever had before. I warned him. “oh god Michael I’m so close… ” ” cum in my ass… cum for me Steve”!! There was no way Id be able to hold back at that point… every muscle in my body spasmed, and I thrusted harder and harder and faster and deeper into him. We were both yelling at this point, and he moaned that he was going to cum with me.

I almost screamed as my orgasm hit… wave after wave of cum flowed… I couldn’t stop. “Ohhh god I can feel your cum Steve! I’m cumming too!! ” With that his ass clenched around my cock, his eyes closed, his free hand clenching the sheet, his other hand almost hard to see for as fast as it was moving. His cum flowed everywhere as the power of his orgasm lifted his ass right off the bed, with my cock still in it. I was still cumming too. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck”!! As he shot over, and over again. Cum was everywhere – on his chest, my face, his face, the sheets. His head moved from side to side wildly in ecstasy. We had to have been cumming for a few minutes now… still lightly thrusting… we were both still hard… cum dribbling out… our bodies heaving with hard breathing… moaning quietly now… I dropped onto his chest, feeling his cum now between us. He put his arms around me and held me close, with what little energy he had. I kissed his face, and swirled his cum back in his mouth. It tasted wonderful.

Our cocks subsided, and mine slid out of his ass. We laid there like that for some time, almost asleep. His hand caressed my back, my hair. We finally summoned the energy to head to the shower, and cleansed one another. Once dry, silently I took his hand and led him to my bed (his was cum and sweat covered!) and we crawled in. Sleep came instantly. We slept in the next day. I woke and saw him there, not sure if it was one of my dreams. Until he rolled over and took my hand and put it on his hard cock, and kissed me. This was reality, and what a wonderful way to start the day… and so it was for Michael and I… and my room is now a spare bedroom…

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