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The Revenge of the Dragon Lady

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“Come on over and check the place out.” Charlie Cattalano, C-Cat to his friends, leaned on the wall of his friend Missy’s cubicle as he asked her to look at his new house. “You’ll be safe, I have a friend from out of town visiting and she’ll keep me at bay.”

“I don’t know,” started Missy, “is this the famous Dragon Lady you’ve been talking about?”

“Kelly won’t bite. Much. Come on, it’ll be fun. The pool is awesome, you’ll love it.”

“I’m still not sure,” Missy smiled and her nose crinkled in that way that made Charlie’s blood boil, “What if I don’t particularly want protection?”

“She may just hold you down for me then.”

Missy gave Charlie a smile and a twitch of an eyebrow, but Charlie and Missy had been pals for years and he knew that meant she was just teasing him. She and C-Cat were buddies, going out to dinner and seeing a movie on occasion, but being comfortable in their relationship neither made an effort to take it a step further.

In the end the promise of a swimming pool was the clincher for Missy, she loved the Carolina heat and a cool dip in a swimming pool with friends on a hot sunny day was what summer was all about for her. She arrived Saturday afternoon at the appointed time, beach bag in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other. C-Cat’s house was an unassuming ranch house set well off the road and surrounded by many large shade trees and bushes.

Charlie met her at the front door with a huge smile and a hug and welcomed her into the house and gave her a tour. The house was nice, three bedroom, one of which he converted into an office, and the décor was bachelor eclectic but not gaudy. His pride and joys of the house were the large spacious kitchen, the huge fire place in the living room and an immense fish tank where angel fish the size of saucers prowled.

Missy made all the right comments about his house, and was surprised that he was able to pick curtains that work with his décor. “Now show me the pool!” she demanded in her deep Alabama drawl.

“Go get your suit on,” said Charlie pointing to the bathroom where she could change. “Git!”

“I’m a-gittin!” she giggled and scampered down the hallway to the bathroom. Soon she emerged and C-Cat gasped. Missy was probably one of the cutest women he had ever met, her deep brown eyes actually twinkled when she was being mischievous, her cute little nose wrinkled when she smiled, her dark rich hair was a thick black mane that reached her shoulders, but he had never seen her in any clothing that could be considered revealing. She chose to wear loose flowing clothes at work or on the occasions when they went out, and she was one of those women you never, ever catch dressed in grubby old clothes. So when she stepped out of the bathroom wearing a bikini, Charlie was quite shocked.

He drank in the sight of her full round breasts, tiny waist and slim hips. Except for her 34 D breasts and her 5’9″ height Charlie realized everything about Missy was tiny, her mouth, her nose, her feet, even her belly button were tiny. “My my my,” smiled Charlie while Missy twirled around for him.

“You’ll have to at least buy me dinner first,” she said with a faux haughty air as she walked past Charlie and trailed her hand along his jaw line.

“I’ve bought you plenty of dinners,” he said as he aimed a playful swat at her small tush, but she darted out of the way and dashed for the glass doors that lead out to the deck.

Outside Missy stopped to drink in the sight of the back yard, it was surrounded by a stockade fence which was overhung with vines and shaded by large beech trees. The pool was a large above ground oval with a walkway all around, the end nearest the house meeting up with the comfortable awning covered wooden deck.

“Missy, I want you to meet Kelly Dragonette. Kelly, this is Missy McKenzie,” said Charlie as he led Missy over to the lounge where Kelly lay. Charlie groaned when he saw Kelly in her tight one piece bathing suit. While Missy was tall and slim, Kelly was short and curvaceous. Her large breasts strained at the top of her bathing suit showing plenty of cleavage, her wasp waist flared out to round hips that he loved to hold while he ram fucked her into delirious orgasms. Unconsciously his cock began to tent out his bathing suit as Kelly stood and hugged Missy, their breasts pressing against each other.

“So you’re Charlie’s slave?” asked Missy brightly in that sing song voice that let Charlie know she was intentionally trying to embarrass him.

Before Kelly could answer Charlie jumped in. “No, I told you. She’s my sub. There’s a difference.”


Kelly patted the lounge and Missy sat next to her. “In our case the difference is exclusivity. I live quite a ways away so Charlie is only my dom when I’m here or he’s at my house. If I were his slave he could give me away to another master and I wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.” Kelly poured Missy a glass of sangria from the pitcher on the low table next to them.

At first Charlie was terrified of a cat fight breaking out. Missy sounded like an air head with her high pitched voice and deep Alabama accent, but she was truly an intellectual and had a constitution of steel. She had a habit of suckering people into thinking she was a dummy then dropping the hammer on them when they least expected it. Kelly on the other hand was fiercely proud of her open life style and choice to be a sub and would broach no criticism of her lifestyle from strangers. He was terrified that Missy’s slave remark would lead to fireworks, but Kelly chose to forgo any retaliation and began to explain to Missy how exciting her life as a submissive truly was. Missy seemed to relax when Kelly began to explain the relationship between her and Charlie and her tone of voice changed when she started asking Kelly about their different adventures and laughed in her high birdlike giggle when Kelly told her about their public bondage scene at the renfaire.

Finally Missy asked, “Is it good? Doesn’t it make you feel like a piece of meat and less of a woman to be used by a man like that?”

Kelly smiled. “Oh no. Although he’s binding me with rope, I’m binding him with trust. His honor won’t allow him to do anything he promised not to do. Without that trust I suppose I really would be just a piece of meat and he would just be a rapist. However with that trust my desires are being serviced as well as his.” She leaned closer to Missy, “And I’ve never felt more like a woman in my life.”

“Good answer!” smiled Missy with an infectious grin. “God but your stories got me so hot!”

“Then let’s go swimming,” said Kelly.

“I need some sunscreen first,” said Missy and produced a bottle from her beach bag. Kelly nodded her agreement and produced a bottle of her own and the women began to slather the lotion on their bodies starting with their arms and legs. As they rubbed in the lotion they continued talking about life as a submissive.

While the girls talked Charlie slipped into the swimming pool to both cool off and hide his throbbing erection, but he remained near the edge of the deck to catch the conversation. Kelly was talking about how exciting it was to release control of her sexual responses to someone she could trust when she turned her back toward Missy and lowered the upper half of her swim suit to her waist giving Charlie an unobstructed view of her magnificent breasts. He saw that her nipples were crinkly and hard, evidence that her conversation with Missy was getting to her too.

“Will you get my back Missy?”

“Sure.” Missy began putting lotion on Kelly’s back while Kelly closed her eye and smiled in pleasure. Missy saw Charlie watching and when she caught his eye she smiled and reached around and cupped Kelly’s breasts. “Y’all gonna share these with me?” she asked him.

“I didn’t realize you were into women,” answered Charlie shocked at Missy’s sudden display of boldness.

Missy released Kelly’s breasts. “I don’t know if I am, I never tried.” She turned her back to Kelly, “Now do my back.”

Kelly turned and without pulling her suit top back up she began putting sunscreen on Missy’s back. With a deft hand she released Missy’s bikini top and flipped it away revealing Missy’s schoolgirl firm breasts. Kelly looked at Charlie with real longing in her eyes, anxious to grope Missy’s tits as she had grasped hers. “May I master?”

“Only if Missy allows it.”

Kelly leaned forward and whispered something in Missy’s ear that Charlie couldn’t hear over the pool filter and the music from the satellite radio. Missy turned her head and whispered to Kelly who beamed in pleasure as her hands slick with sun block began to gently message Missy’s firm breasts. Charlie watched in growing excitement as Missy turned to Kelly and began massaging Kelly’s large breasts while Kelly massaged hers.

Finally satisfied that their breasts were well protected from the sun both women rose and walked bare breasted to the swimming pool. Charlie gazed at Missy’s breasts, although large she had tiny areole and very small nipples. Kelly knelt down at the edge of the pool with a huge grin and said breathlessly “She wants to play too! She submitted to me!”

“Fine,” said Charlie, “But I’m still your dom. I’m not going to order you to share, in fact I give you free reign to do what you want with her.”

“Are you sure?” The evil glint in Kelly’s eye should have tipped off C-Cat that something was up.

“Positive, now get naked and get in here.”

Kelly shed the rest of her swimming suit and then ordered Missy to take her bikini bottom off. From his vantage point in the pool Charlie could compare both girls pussies. Kelly had large swollen lips, already tinted pink and gleaming with moisture in her excitement, her bush was trimmed to a heart shape. Missy’s pussy lips were small and tight, although just as moist as Kelly’s. She was shaved as bare and a young girl and a tiny heart was tattooed on her mound.

The girls slid into the water as Charlie doffed his swim suit and tossed it up on the deck. He took Kelly in his arms and kissed her deeply as she squirmed her lush wet body against his. He reveled in the feel of her large breasts pressing against his chest and the electric tingles of her wet flesh sliding across his nipples. His aching cock was pressed between their bodies and she wiggled her hips sliding her tummy across his pulsating pole. When they broke the kiss Kelly turned to Missy and kissed her just as passionately. Charlie saw Missy hitch for a second in panic, and then she relaxed and returned the kiss with enthusiasm. He drew up next to them and gently massaged their backs as they became lost in their passions. As their lips parted their tongues still tangled and the sight made Charlie’s cock twitch in excitement. Then Missy turned to Charlie and they kissed passionately as Kelly massaged their asses. Charlie put an arm around Kelly drawing her into the embrace. The three lovers passionately kissed and rubbed together until Missy pulled back in a fake swoon and began to float on her back in the cool refreshing water.

“I think I’m getting’ some tonight!” she drawled.

“You ain’t gonna have to wait that long!” cried Kelly imitating Missy’s accent diving after her as Missy began to back stroke away.

Charlie was mesmerized by the sight of the two beautiful naked women splashing and wrestling, laughing and shrieking in excitement as they played in the crystal clear water. They stroked and gently grabbed each other, each trying to get the other in a submission hold, but their bodies were so wet they were able to slide out of each others holds. The wrestling duo slowly made their way back up the length of the pool getting closer and closer to Charlie. After Missy slipped out of Kelly’s arms yet again Kelly gave Charlie a look of frustration, but Charlie wanted to try something. He came up behind Missy and snatched her up off her feet. When she turned in his arms to face him he took her firm breast into his mouth and began suckling.

“Oh God, that’s not fair!” she groaned as she held his head tight to her breast.

Kelly came up and began working on Missy’s other breast and between the two of them they began to drive Missy out of her mind. The sounds of the lovers slurping and sucking on Missy’s tits filled the air, but when Charlie gently captured her small nipple gently between his teeth and began flicking it with his tongue while Kelly slipped a finger in Missy’s tight pussy Missy began to gasp. She pushed their heads away, her eyes were practically spinning with her pent up desire.

“Too much!” she gasped breathlessly, “I need… I need…”

Charlie nodded then lifted her up on the deck and pushed her back so that she lay on the deck with her legs dangling in the water. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and slowly lowered his head to her pussy. Meanwhile Kelly hopped out of the pool and lay next to Missy and began kissing her neck and stroking her tummy. She watched as Charlie began planting little kisses on Missy’s inner thighs and knew what he was up to, he was getting ready to submit Missy to the most delightful torture she’d ever endure.

He started kissing Missy’s smooth sensitive inner thighs, following each kiss with a little lick, each kiss coming closer and closer to her pussy until he was nearly there, then he switched to her other leg and repeated the process. Each time he did that Missy groaned in disappointment. She was actually trembling her need to come was so bad. Over and over he kissed and licked his way up her thighs getting nearer and nearer to her center of passion only to stop and start over again on the other leg. She was beginning to weep in frustration and sheer rut as he stoked her passions then purposely avoided her pussy. On and on he went slowly driving her out of her mind. Meanwhile Kelly kissed her deeply causing the fires in her cunt to burst into a raging inferno of desire.

Finally Charlie stopped teasing her. He began to explore her little pussy with his tongue, gently flickering the tip of his tongue over the lips and darting in between to survey her depths just a little bit. Missy groaned and made little whimpering noises into Kelly’s mouth as she tried to push her pussy tighter into Charlie’s face. But Charlie was taking her at the pace he wanted to set, not her. His licks slowly grew more intense and he reveled in the smell and taste of her copious moisture as his teasing caused her to lubricate more furiously.

Realizing that Charlie had stopped teasing and was getting down to business, Kelly began to get down to business too. She gently gnawed and suckled on one of Missy’s breasts while she gently rolled the tiny nipple of her other breast between her finger and thumb. Kelly would also reach up to lick and suck on Missy’s neck just behind the ear while she pinched her nipples which made Missy gasp at the sudden shock of erotic energy.

Now Charlie was intent on making Missy cum, his tongue began spearing her wet pussy and circling his tongue around until her slim hips began wiggling. Then he zeroed in on her clit. Like every other part of her body other than height and breast size, it was tiny. With the thumb and index finger of one hand he spread her pudgy pussy lips open then began flicking her tiny clit with the tip of his tongue while he eased a finger into her tight moist depths.

“Oh God! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop!” Missy began to groan over and over. Her hand clutched Charlie’s head and held his mouth tightly to her pussy. With his mouth tight against her clit he began sucking on it as he continued to strum the throbbing bud with his tongue. Meanwhile he slipped two fingers into the tightest pussy he had felt in years. He slowly stroked his fingers in and out of her sodden cunt while continuously assaulting her clit, slowly gaining speed as her breath came in gasps and her body shook with the erotic lightning he and Kelly were creating inside her. His finger fucking picked up the pace and his tongue kept time with his fingers as he drove her closer and closer to her climax.

Finally it crashed over Missy; the orgasm he had been denied for what seemed like forever. She planted her tiny feet on Charlie’s back and her hips raised up off the deck as her eyes shot open and she cried out soundlessly. Suddenly her body went limp and her ass slapped back to the deck as the waves of sweet release crashed over her causing her body to spasm and her mind to go blank. Someone was screaming in sweet ecstasy and Missy was so far lost in the tidal wave of rapture to realize those sounds were coming from her.

Slowly reality began to reassemble itself around her and she realized that Charlie and Kelly had stopped manipulating her body and that they were kneeling over her, Kelly was kissing and licking Charlie’s face. Missy blushed then felt another surge of erotic passion flow through her when she realized that Kelly was licking her juices from Charlie’s tightly trimmed beard.

“That was perfect,” sighed Missy and she stretched bonelessly on the deck. Charlie and Kelly stopped their kissing and looked down to a smiling Missy who hugged herself as the afterglow of the powerful orgasm still radiated in her core. “I want to make love to a woman but I was scared.”

“I know what you mean, it was like that for me at first too,” said Kelly as her hand wrapped around Charlie’s throbbing cock. It was so thick she couldn’t get her finger tips to meet. She slowly stroked him as he hefted her large breast and pinched a nipple making her suck her breath in.

“But when I was able to touch Charlie’s head and felt his short hair I knew it was a guy eating me,” said Missy, “but I could feel your boobs pressing against mine and it felt so good too. I don’t think I’m afraid to make love to a woman now.”

The three rose and dried each other off. Missy’s legs felt wobbly and weak from her incredible orgasm, both Kelly and Charlie still trembling in desire. As they entered the cool living room Kelly realized how her revenge on C-Cat for the public bondage scene was going to play out. She gestured for Charlie to sit in his recliner then she knelt between his legs and gestured for Missy to kneel next to her.

Kelly slowly traced her tongue up the length of Charlie’s cock and swirled around in the large drop of precome that was forming at the slit. While she licked and kissed the head of his cock, Missy tongued his balls and gently sucked them into her mouth.

“Master,” said Kelly looking up from his cock. “I would like to make love to Missy, I want her first time with a woman to be special.”

Charlie nodded his head. “What do you have in mind?”

“Will you promise to stay here in this chair while I make love to her and teach her to make love to me?”

Charlie’s cock twitched and not just from Missy’s expert tonguing of his shaft. “I promise,” he said.

“And will you promise to save your cum for us? You can cum on us or in us or where ever you want after.”

“I promise.” Charlie smiled inwardly anticipating the show he was expecting to see.

“Oh thank you master!” she sighed and stood up tugging Missy up with her. The two lusty women stood in the middle of the living room and held each other tight while their lips drew close. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Kelly whispered into Missy’s mouth.

“I want to try… I’m so nervous,” said Missy, her passions starting to build again. The feeling of Kelly’s full breasts pressing against hers and Kelly’s soft pubic hair rubbing against her bare mound were fast heating up her passions again. “If it doesn’t work can we stop?”

“Since this is your first time, ok, sure.” Their lips touched gently then Kelly gently licked Missy’s lips. “Next time however, you’re all mine.”

Kelly’s words shot straight to Missy’s clit, the thought of being possessed by a woman, to be forced to make her come, to have orgasms forced upon her was overwhelming and Missy’s head felt light as their lips came together and their tongues intertwined. They were so lost in each other they didn’t hear the soft moan from Charlie as they fondled and kissed each other not 4 feet away from him. They also didn’t hear him groan in shock and disappointment as they walked hand in hand into the master bedroom.

“Bitch,” Charlie mouthed wordlessly. Two of his favorite women in the world making passionate love to each other in the next room and he promised his sub he would stay in the chair and not move! He couldn’t be bound more tightly to the chair if she used rope. If she had used restraints like a rope getting loose could be considered part of the game, but to get up to watch them or join them against his word would be breaking the sacred bond of their relationship. “Bitch!” he silently screamed.

A soft moan from the open bedroom door reached his ears. “Oh MISSY! Oh sweet gods! Where did you learn to do that? OOooooohhhhhh Gggggghhhhoooooddddd!!!! No don’t stop… don’t stop that…” Kelly’s hearty cries of passion were music to his ears. His cock began to pulsate with each heartbeat and precome literally drooled from the end of it.

Charlie looked down at his throbbing cock. She also bound him not to get himself off. He was nearly in tears of need and frustration as Missy’s cries of passion reached him in his solitude. “No don’t… not there… no one’s ever… oh yes… oh Yes… oh YES!!! AAAAHHHHHH YESSSSS!!!” Charlie realized through his frustration that the revenge Kelly once promised for forcing her to come in public is now complete. But his revenge for this would be powerful indeed. Oh yes…

In the bedroom the two lovers lay twined in each others arms, their passions burning fiercer than the summer sun. Their lips remained passionately locked except to gasp or cry out as they explored each others bodies with their nimble fingers. Missy gently fucked Kelly into a blissful state with three fingers while Kelly eased a bold finger deep into Missy’s bowels as her thumb gently rolled Missy’s clit.

Breaking the kiss Kelly rose up and looked down at Missy. “You are so delicious looking,” she gasped, her throat suddenly dry in desire. Missy reached up and pulled Kelly down on her and they kissed again, and as they did Missy rolled Kelly over on her back and started planting kisses on her neck, then breasts then tummy. “You think you’re ready for this?” gasped Kelly as Missy’s lips grew closer and closer to her pussy.

Missy didn’t answer, she just slid down between Kelly’s legs and stared at the first pussy she ever touched other than her own. ‘This is it,’ she though to her self, ‘I’m going to eat a cunt.’ And she lowered her lips to Kelly’s pussy. Missy stuck out her tongue and licked Kelly from anus to clit eliciting shudders and moans from her new lover. Missy wasn’t surprised at the flavor of Kelly’s pussy, having licked her own juices off of her lover’s cocks in the past, but the difference was a surprise and delight to Missy. She realized that her fear was unfounded; all she had to do was do to Kelly everything she liked done to her self. Soon Kelly was writhing and moaning under Missy’s inexperienced tongue. She licked and kissed Kelly’s clit over and over while she slid two then three fingers in and out of Kelly’s drenched pussy.

“Oh God Missy! So gooood!” panted Kelly between shudders of sexual rapture. “Suck me, please suck me…”

Her groans spurred Missy on and Missy looked up to see Kelly grasping her own breasts and twisting her nipples. It was such a turn on to watch Kelly touch herself that she pinched her own nipple with her free hand and reveled in the erotic jolts that caused. As requested Missy began sucking on Kelly’s clit and Kelly went wild. Her hips began bucking off the bed and she grabbed Missy’s head and held it tight to her crotch and screamed as she came. Missy had a hard time continuing to suck at Kelly’s clit but she tried as Kelly’s pussy clamped down hard on her fingers. Missy’s head spun with the realization she was eating a woman to orgasm for the first time, and the thought created such an erotic jolt through her nervous system that her reached down with her free hand and touched her own clit and suddenly an orgasm flashed through her too.

In the living room Charlie heard the familiar song of Kelly reaching orgasm. He was torn, he so wanted to be there in the bedroom with her when she came, but it was also so erotic to be in another room and listen to her come so loudly as a new lover drover her over the edge. Her passionate cries seemed to go straight to his cock, and suddenly the high pitched keening of Missy’s shrieks of delight joined in the chorus. Their cries and squeals caused him to writhe in his own desire, his cock bobbed and throbbed, precome flowing as he listened to the women please each other. Soon he begins to hear both girls gasping and crying out in ecstasy, but their voices muffled so he guess they were now in a sixty nine position. He pictured them laying side by side licking and sucking each others pussy stopping only to cry out in ecstasy before returning to the pussy they were just licking. Or maybe Missy was laying on top of Kelly, pushing her pussy against Kelly’s face as she buried her face in Kelly crotch. His mind was rampant with images of the two women pleasing each other.

Missy rolled off of Kelly, she was in fact on top of Kelly, for a while. And side by side with her, for a while. And under her, for a while. The two women were so into each other that they rolled back and forth across the bed a couple of times before breaking to catch their breath.

“So how was it?” asked Kelly.

“Oh my God, I don’t think I’m going to stop shaking for a week,” grinned Missy. “Look at me – I’m glowing! Now I know what my Momma was talking about.” She rolled over on her stomach and tried to relax.

“Ready to give up men?” asked Kelly as she gave Missy’s tiny anus a flick of the tongue.

“Oh hell no,” mumbled Missy into the mattress. “This was incredible, and I want to do it again and again, but I still like dicks.”

“Me too,” agreed Kelly. “Some men may suck but dicks rock.” Her remark brought giggles from Missy. “Speaking of dicks, there’s a dick waiting for us and he’s probably ready to pop.”

“One of us is so going to get soooo fucked,” agreed Missy.

“Probably both of us, but…” Kelly rummaged through her toy bag and came up with a large vibrator and a quarter. “Call it. Winner gets Charlie, looser gets B.O.B.” and she tossed the quarter in the air.

Charlie’s nuts were aching by the time the girls came out of the bedroom hand in hand. Kelly was carrying a bottle of lube and Missy was carrying Kelly’s Battery Operated Boyfriend. Without a word Missy knelt down in the middle of the floor on her hands and knees and wiggled her tail at Charlie. Kelly went to Charlie and smiled. “Thank you lover, that was incredible.”

“I owe you one now,” he snarled, but in good humor.

A rough bondage session including a flogger and nipple clips flashed in Kelly’s mind and she shuddered in anticipation. “Yes, and I can’t wait but…” Kelly started stroking Charlies cock with a lube covered hand, “…Missy has a present for you as a thank you for this afternoon.”

“Oh?” asked Charlie as he stood at Kelly’s urging.

“Her last cherry,” said Kelly as she led Charlie to the nervous Missy. She urged him to kneel down between Missy’s legs and kissed him. “Don’t hurt her, please?” as she guided Charlie’s throbbing pole to Missy’s prelubed anus.

“Are you sure you want this Missy?” asked Charlie out of real concern. Her rear pore looked tiny as his thick cock began pressing against the tight ring of her asshole.

“I want to try everything today,” said Missy, still flush from the excitement of her first girl/girl tryst.

“I’m holding his cock against you,” said Kelly and she held Charlie’s cock on target. “We’re both going to fuck you with his cock.”

“Ssss…” hissed Missy as she felt his dick pushing against her ass. She forced herself to concentrate on relaxing, remembering how good Kelly’s fingers felt in her anus only moments ago. Then Missy realized that Charlie wasn’t pushing very hard. Maybe out of concern, or maybe he was teasing her with his dick like he did with his tongue earlier. Missy groaned and pushed back, fucking herself on his long thick pole.

Kelly and Charlie watched Missy’s ass slowly swallow Charlie’s cock. The circumcised head of his cock popped into her tightest hole and she paused before pushing back taking more and more of his lubed dick.

“My God that is so sexy to watch,” gasped Kelly as she watched Missy take more and more of the dick that has plundered her own ass on occasion.

“Now you know why guys are so visually stimulated,” agreed Charlie watching more and more of his cock getting swallowed by Missy’s ass.

“I’m getting a strap-on to use on her,” said Kelly as Missy pushed back with a grunt and took the entire length of Charlie into her rectum.

Charlie couldn’t respond, he was reveling in the feeling of the heat of Missy’s bowels. Her ass grasped his cock tight in its wet embrace. “So big…” groaned Missy.

“Does it hurt?” asked Kelly as she gently touched the junction of her two lovers with her lubricant covered fingers.

“Yeah, but it’s ok. Just so big… let me get used to it,” sighed Missy as she lowered herself to her elbows.

Ever mindful of hurting the slim girl Charlie grasped her hips and slowly eased his cock back out of the tight clutch of her anus. He eased back until only the head of his cock remained, then after letting her relax a bit he began to ease back in, millimeter by millimeter. He swore he could feel her insides rearrange themselves and he pushed forward sinking deep into her guts. He didn’t stop pushing until his aching balls were pressing against her wet pussy lips.

In and out he eased from her tiny hole, feeling her loosen up and relax with each stroke until she began to emit a little whimper with each stroke. “Is it getting better?” he asked.

“Oh God is it ever!” moaned Missy, “do me faster.”

Charlie grinned and began to speed up his strokes, his throbbing erection plowing into her narrow channel faster and faster, his groin slapping against her tight little ass cheeks and her rubbery tits bobbling back and forth with each thrust. Missy began to yelp in time with the trusts as she urged Charlie on. “Oh God yes fuck me. Fuck me with your fat cock.”

“I can feel your asshole sucking me,” groaned Charlie as he pushed his hips forward into her clenching grip. He looked at Kelly who was stroking her clit and watching the entire scene unfold. “You should put your sub’s mouth to good use.”

Kelly grinned a huge dimple bejeweled smile and scooted up to plant her pussy right in front of Missy’s face. Missy just moaned and sucked Kelly’s clit into her mouth. Remembering that she still had Kelly’s vibrator she lined it up with Kelly’s pussy and thrust it in making Kelly howl in sheer rut.

The three lovers became a fucking machine with one thought in mind; capturing the elusive orgasm. The slapping of Steve’s groin against Missy’s ass, and the slap of the heel of Missy’s palm against Kelly’s pussy lips as she brutally fucked Kelly with the vibrator acted as a percussion section to the three’s cries and gasps of delight. Steve was ram fucking Missy now, thrusting into her with all the might and passion he could conjure. The force of his thrusts rippled through her body forcing her face to mash against Kelly’s clit which caused Kelly to cry out again in delight.

Kelly came first, the sheer eroticism of the threesome coupled with the insistent buzz of the vibrator and Missy’s voracious mouth brought her off in near record time. Her hips pushed up against Missy’s mouth and her tummy muscles clenched as jolts of sweet release crashed over Kelly. One wave was so powerful her stomach muscles contracted causing her to sit up and scream, but her orgasm was so intense no sound came out until the intense waves of pleasure began to lessen. Missy’s oral attention became too much for her sensitive clit so Kelly pulled away and collapsed just in time for Missy’s orgasm to strike.

As the waves of pleasure crashed over Missy she began thrusting back as hard as she could shrieking “Fuck me! Come in my ass you bastard!” She clenched her ass muscles around Charlie’s cock, milking him for all he was worth as the explosions of her first anally induced orgasm went off in her head. Just as her orgasm was beginning to subside Charlie pulled her hips back hard and came deep in her ass, bellowing his release as he fired volley after volley of his sperm into her bowels. The two pressed against each other and shuddered as their orgasms slowly relinquished control, then they limply slid to the carpet.

No one spoke for a long time then as Charlie’s softening cock eased from Missy’s distended ass he crawled over to Kelly and gave her a lingering kiss.

“Hope you got some more in there,” she smiled weakly as she hefted his still bloated balls.

“For you,” smiled Charlie feeling his cock slowly starting to harden, “there’s always more for you.”

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