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The Backrub

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His strong, but gentle hands rubbed her shoulders, massaging the tension out of her aching muscles. She leaned back into the sensation of the stress leaving and felt his hot breath at the back of her neck… His fingertips gently moved her soft, curly hair out of the way so his lips could brush her skin. He chuckled to himself as he briefly thinks, “Why does she always smell so sweet?”

Her shudder broke his train of thought. He absent-mindedly drew the tip of his tongue along the sensitive area of her shoulder… the one that makes her submit and beg with her eyes… The moistness of her skin always amazed him… how it could be perfectly cool in the room and yet, she would have this wonderfully tasty sheen… It always amused him to nibble up her neck to the spot just behind and below her ear… that nice little hollow in her neck that ALWAYS brought a shiver when he reached it.

She smiled to herself, content that he knew her so well and she trusted him implicitly. The quickening of her breath, the little squeal of pleasure… all let him know he was doing something right. His hands wrapped around her and cupped her ample bosom. She felt his thumb and forefinger tweaking her already rock-hard nipples. A sigh escaped her lips as she rocked back into him and melted into his embrace.

She reached for him but he gently took her by the wrists and held her arms to the bed over her head. “Don’t move,” he said, “and you won’t be sorry.”

He took the opaque scarf from beneath the pillow and gently covered her eyes with it, tying it behind her head. “I want you to be surprised by whatever I choose to do with you.”

Her chest heaved with anticipation; her nerves electrified to the most subtle sensation. She loved it when he took control and couldn’t wait to enjoy what was to come…

He smiled to himself as he watched her twitch at every perceived sensation. Just a small puff of air would cause her to writhe upon the bed. What would a feather do, he wondered? Now he had a decision to make, should he use the stiff raven’s wing feather or the soft fluffy ostrich tail feather? Why not both he thought? He used the ostrich feather to gently stroke her breasts with, running it over her ribcage and around and over each breast and nipple. It’s very nice to be somewhat ambidextrous, he mused, as he took the raven’s feather in his other hand and began twirling it and stroking it along her nether lips.

The gathering moisture allowed him to “paint” her body with her own fluids. He saw the conflict in her face, her desire to reach out and please him as he was pleasing her, but this time it was all about her pleasure, he would derive his pleasure from bringing it to her. “Keep your hands on the bed, or I’ll have to tie them down,” he commanded.

He watched as simultaneously with his command, her nipples seemed to harden even more. She fought the urge to writhe, took a deep breath, and sighed. He was controlling her and she adored it. She’d never felt so spoiled. He had the soft ropes ready in case he needed them, but he preferred that she submit to his will without having to be restrained.

Her moisture had gotten to the point now where it was more comparable to a small flood. Her cavern was a wet adventure awaiting his attention. He ceased the teasing with the feathers and sat back on his haunches to let her anticipate his next move.

As he surveyed the work he had done with the feathers, and the resulting morass of lubricating fluids, he decided to “up the ante”.

She was ready to explode and wished he would rip off the blindfold and take her. She heard herself squeak with excitement when it was apparent that his tongue was making its way down her cleavage… He circled first one nipple, then the other, seeing them pucker in anticipation. Gently he blew across the moisture left on each one causing them to pucker even more though that had seemed impossible a few moments ago. She arched her back and moaned. As the tip of his tongue tickled the creamy white flesh beneath her pink nipple, her breath starting to become more rapid…

Making sure the blindfold was secure around her eyes, he again grasped her wrists tightly in his strong hands. “Roll over. Get on your elbows and knees!” he whispered fiercely in her ear. “I want your ass in the air. Now!”

She rolled over and assumed the required position; head down, ass up in the air, hands clasped tightly on the bedspread, legs slightly apart. He gently kissed one butt cheek as he trailed his fingertips lightly down her spine. All the way from the nape of her neck to the beginning cleavage of her ass, he watched as the goose bumps arose on her quivering flesh.

She jumped as she felt the wet tip of his tongue caress the top of her ass crack, slowly trailing down the crease. His tongue bypassed her twitching rosebud as it continued down to lap at her dewy lips. Gathering some of her fluids on his tongue, he dragged them up over her opening, spreading the lubrication all around.

Surprised at the sensations she was feeling, she let out a long low moan of pleasure as the tip of his tongue explored her. It was if it were a living sentient being, knowing instinctively where her pleasure centers lay. She had had no idea that such pleasure could come from her “dark place”. She gave into the feelings and let herself go as she felt the tip of his tongue begin to insinuate itself into her opening. Gasping and moaning, she tried to push back against him as he slowly thrust his tongue up into her.

His hands had not been idle as his tongue was playing its song against her anus. His right hand had been gently stroking her outer lips, spreading her juices into a slippery froth while he used his thumb to slowly stroke her clit. His left hand had been stroking her body, running up and down her back and underneath her to tweak her nipples from time to time.

He could tell that her “temperature” was rising rapidly as he began to tongue fuck her ass. Feeling his tongue do such things to her made her feel decadent. She could feel her breath coming faster and faster, becoming a loud panting that signaled her impending climax.

His tongue was thrusting deeply and rapidly into her now as her ass had loosened up a bit. Her hips had begun to push back against his face and his hand as the time grew closer and closer. Her hands were clutching the bedclothes so tightly they were in danger of tearing under her fingernails. Her eyes, covered by the scarf were shut tightly as she gave into the final onslaught.

Her scream of pleasure accompanied a virtual waterfall of fluid from between her lips, running down the inside of her thighs, soaking his hand and the bed cover underneath her. Her anus gripped his tongue so tightly that, for just a moment, he thought it was in danger of being ripped from his mouth. The convulsions that gripped her body slammed her cheeks into his face with an incredible force.

She collapsed upon the bed, body still wracked with the occasional shudder, muscles quivering beneath her soaked skin. Her body eventually released his oral appendage and he raised his body to a slight crouch over her.

His hands soothed her twitching body, but at the same time prepared it for a third round of pleasure. He knew that she would need to rest a little before he continued, but he wanted her to know that he was NOT done with her. Not by any stretch of the imagination. He would take her places she hadn’t even dreamed of going…

She laid quietly, her body thrumming with the aftershocks of her orgasms as he gently stroked her back. His hands once again felt soothing and relaxing rather than stimulating. He smiled to himself as he listened to her gasping breaths as she tried to recover her senses. One of her senses was still in his control as he visually checked to assured the blindfold had not come undone.

“Be still now,” he whispered. “Let me take you even higher.”

She whimpered at his voice, not knowing if she could take any more. Her abdominal muscles were going to be sore tomorrow from the convulsions of her orgasms that she had already had. Could she take any more of this sweet torture?

He didn’t give her the option of refusing as he stroked his hands over the small of her back and onto her buttocks. Kneading them deeply, he pushed them together, then pulled them apart; concealing then revealing her anal opening. It was slightly puckered from the oral attention he had given it earlier and looked vaguely stimulated. Running both hands between her thighs, separating them, and under her mons, he gathered and spread her orgasmic juices all over her pussy and ass. He made sure that plenty was applied around her anus as he probed and stroked.

His index finger was making teasing little circles around her anus as his left hand continued to stroke her ass and labia. Not yet entering her, he would run his finger first around then over her nether opening. He could see it twitch every time he crossed over the opening, almost like it was winking at him. It seemed as though it was trying to open up to capture his finger. He tickled the rim of her anus with his finger, running it around in a circle and tugging slightly at the opening. He felt it relaxing and trying to open more for him.

“What are you doing to me?” she said. “I’ve never had anything or anyone up there before today. I never thought I would want anything in my ass before, but now… Please fuck my ass. Please!?!”

“Shhhhhh, all in good time,” he laughed, “all in good time. You know what they say? All good things come to she who waits!”

His finger was still gently playing with her anus, sliding around the opening and softly probing. He left her ass momentarily to re-lubricate his fingers. Dipping deeply into her vagina, he sought her rich, thick moisture that she had secreted earlier. Returning, he again spread the swampy liquid at her anus, but this time he slowly and carefully pushed his middle finger into her ass.

“AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhyeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!” she moaned. “Fuck my ass!”

He slowly pumped the one finger in and out of her, twisting his finger, pulling first one way then the other. He was gradually getting her anus loosened up and open to him. As he noticed her relaxing, he carefully added his index finger inside her. Crossing his fingers as though he was breaking a promise, he pumped both fingers into her, slowly, deeply, all the time turning and twisting his digits.

He leaned over and kissed the small cleft at the base of her spine. “You feel and taste so good! I know you’re going to love it when I take your ass. I promise I’ll make it good for you.” He reached his thumb under her as he said this and stroked her clit briefly as he continued to stroke his fingers inside her.

Her head was buried in her arms as her hips moved to meet his hand as he pumped them into her. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels sooooooooooooo good! I want your cock in me. Please fuck my ass!”

“I will, sweet cheeks, I will. But you’re still not quite ready for me.”

Tucking a third finger in to form a phalangeal triangle, he continued to stretch her opening. He would occasionally pull his fingers completely out and saw that her anus became slower and slower to return completely shut closed. She was almost ready. He could feel that she was beginning to become lubed up on the inside of her ass as well. That told him she was really getting excited.

Keeping his fingers in her, he knelt behind her and stroked his cock deeply into her pussy. He alternated between keeping his fingers still in her ass as he stroked into her pussy, and keeping his cock deep in her as he stroked his fingers in and out of her ass.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “I want your cock in my ASS!”

“I’m just getting it a little slippery for you,” he answered. “It’s going to be where you want it in just a sec.” With that, he simultaneously removed his cock and his fingers and slowly pushed his cock deep into her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy Gooooooooooooooooooodddd!!!” she screamed. “You feel so huge up there! God, it feels so good! I had no idea it would feel so good.”

“Now you know why guys like anal sex,” he said, “it’s so we can feel like we’re the size of John Holmes.”


“Never mind,” he said as he began to slowly back his cock out of her ass.

“Don’t take it out! My god! Leave it in!”

“Don’t worry, babe, it’s going right back where it came from.” He grabbed her hips and again, slowly pushed his cock deep into her ass. Maintaining a slow rhythm, he pumped her ass, alternating with deep and shallow strokes. He did indeed feel bigger in her ass, so he was careful not to get too carried away. He wanted more than anything for her to enjoy this other form of making love, he didn’t want to hurt her.

“Oh my god, this feels incredible,” she said. “I can feel it deep inside me! I didn’t think it would be possible for me to cum like this, but I can feel it building. I think I’m going to cum just from this.”

“I know I can,” he murmured. He began to increase his pace, pulling her into him as he pushed into her. His pre-cum and her moisture was making it very easy to slide into her ass now. She was still very tight, but he moved easily into her. His hips became a blur as he pumped into her.

“Oh yessss, yesssss, yesssssssssssssssssssssss!” she screamed. “Fuck me hard, fuck my ass, make me cum. Now! Now! Nooooow!!!!” Her body jerked in a spasmodic motion as her head snapped up. “Oh god! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!!”

He could feel her ass tighten around his cock as her orgasm took control. He could feel the juices from her pussy flow over the fronts of his thighs, soaking him completely. The ferocity of her orgasm triggered his own. He felt his balls tighten up in preparation to firing his load into her. His eyes rolled up into his head as he felt his cum jet out of the end of his cock and into her ass. With a final push, he shot the last of his load into her as he collapsed over her back.

Falling over together, still joined together, he pulled her close against his chest. Stroking her arms and kissing the back of her neck they fell into a gentle slumber and dreamed the dreams of lovers.

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