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The Reunion

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Jamie sat in his kitchen, studying the woman across from him. He squinted through the smoke from his pipe and, for a moment, saw her as she had been when they met. He smiled at the memory. She had been 19, he 35. Neither had believed the other could be interested in themselves. Yet they were. Then she had been young, pretty and immature.

Now she was older, wiser and definitely beautiful. In 2004, when he had last seen her, she had been…well, a little on the too heavy side. Now, 4 years later, she was toned, slimmer, but still definitely WOMAN.

Her feet were propped on his chair, between his legs. Her toes were stroking his massive cock and driving him crazy. He leaned over and cupped her calves in his big hands just below her knees and slowly slid them down to her ankles.

“mmmm yes, little mama, your skin sure is soft. I love it.”

She smiled and pressed her foot harder against his cock, “Thank you. I try.”

He leaned over and stroked her lower thighs, she parted them enough for his fingers to slip between them. She smiled softly and moaned. His touch electrified her, it always had. She wanted to rip his clothes off, wrap herself around him and fuck him till they both passed out. But, she wanted to do this right. She had much to make up for.

So she had dressed carefully. She was wearing a loose cotton dress with a light floral print. Her legs were bare, as were her shoulders and arms. Her hair was in a braid that reached half way down her back. Her hair, once such a dark brown, now had streaks of silver in it. Under her dress was a surprise.

She stood and stepped over to him, she leaned over to whisper in his ear. “Daddy, i want to make love to You, please.” She kissed the top of his head and stepped back a little.

Jamie shot to his feet and pulled her to him for a hard kiss. His tongue plundered her mouth as he tried to wrap her hair around one hand. He grunted in frustration and yanked the elastic off. He untangled the braid then wrapped her hair around his hand. He pulled her head back.

As he sucked her lower lip into his mouth and practically devoured her mouth she slid her hands under his shirt and ran her hands through the thick hair on his chest. At the feel of that hair and the soft skin underneath she groaned. She ripped her mouth from his.

“Please! Now Jamie, please.” She begged him softly. “I’ve missed you so much.” She pleaded with him to take her. Her hands fumbled at the buckle on his shorts. She pushed his clothing to the floor and followed it down. She wrapped her lips around his cock.

They both moaned, she from the sheer satisfaction at tasting him again and he from the sheer heat of her mouth. His hands moved to her head, holding her hair back, pushing her further down his cock. He encouraged her verbally, telling her what he wanted. His hips bucked as his orgasm approached and he tried to stop her. She wrapped her arms around his legs and forced him to stay in her mouth.

“Baby, stop, I’m going to cum, stop!” His pleas turned to moans. His cock exploded, dumping his huge load down her throat. He gasped as her tongue deftly cleaned him.

Alicia rocked back on her heels and looked up at him with a Cheshire cat grin on her face. “Well, my love, now we can take it slow. Rediscover each other.”

He smiled down at her and held out his hand. When she was standing he unbuttoned her dress and pushed it to the floor. He gasped in surprise and she laughed, did a slow turn so he could see.

“Wow, mama.”

She was wearing a leather corset. Her breasts were bound tight, causing an impressive cleavage. Her waist was cinched. The deep brown leather laced up at the front and zipped at the back. Little bits of skin were visible through the laces. A small leather thong completed the outfit. He loved it. He wanted it on the floor beside his bed. He grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hall to his room. She grinned and lightly smacked his bum.

“Hey now!”

“Sorry,” she said, not sounding the least bit apologetic. “I just couldn’t help it.”

He smiled. He’d been considering the spanking thing since they’d talked about it some years before. She’d just given him the excuse he wanted.

She was surprised to see his room. One set of shelves was gone. In its place was a big wooden chair that appeared to be made specifically for Jamie. Beside the chair was a small table that held his alarm clock, a couple of candles and a tube of KY.

Jamie noticed Alicia’s surprise. He shrugged, “I got tired of the clutter in my bedroom.” He sat down in the chair, pulling her to him. “You’ve been a bad girl, little Alicia, very bad. Tell your Daddy the truth and maybe it’ll be easier on you.”

Alicia tilted her head to one side while she considered this new game. She decided to see how far it would go. She put her finger in her mouth and let her eyes dart away, the very picture of a not so innocent little girl. “Why Daddy! How could you say such a thing? I’m a good girl.”

Jamie tried hard not to grin and put a frown on his face instead. He looked her up and down. “You’re dressed to tease Daddy. Little girls shouldn’t tease.”

She placed a foot on the edge of his chair and leaned over to rub her ankle, giving him a view of her rather impressive cleavage. She pouted, “But Daddy! I would never do that.”

He reached over and undid the laces and pulled the corset apart. Alicia shimmied a little and it slid down her body to the floor. She pretended to be shocked. “What are you doing?” She covered her breasts with her hands. He pulled her closer and clamped his knees around her. He stroked her skin.

“Little girl, you need a lesson in proper behaviour.” Quick as a wink he had her stretched across his lap, ass in the air. With one big hand on the back of her neck he held her down. She struggled briefly but he suspected it was for show.

Unable to resist the lure of her silky skin he ran his free hand down her back. He caressed every inch of her until he felt her relax. Then he gave her one sharp, hard smack on her rear.

She yelped in surprise more than pain. “Ouch!”

“Shhhh baby, we don’t want the neighbours to hear. Not another sound!”

Alicia nodded, biting her lip, “Yes Daddy.”

Jamie delivered several more hard smacks. He was surprised to find it turned him on. Her ass was turning a bright red and becoming hot. He decided to see how far this could go. He continued spanking the wriggling bum.

At first Alicia was loving it. Just being with this man was enough to make her happy. But to have him assume a Dominant role and be spanking her! She was ecstatic. She moaned and wriggled her way through the first 15 blows. They had started to hurt at about number 7 but she loved a good spanking. At 15 her ass was starting to burn and se could feel every millimeter of that big, strong hand every time it landed.

By 20 she was starting to cry. At 25 she was fighting not to cover herself with her hands. My God he had such strong hands! He was telling her what a bad girl she’d been. At 30 she started to babble apologies and for him to stop spanking her.

His cock was throbbing, aching to be inside her. Jamie pushed her gently off his lap and stood her between his knees. He hugged her and kissed her tears away. “You’ll be my good girl now, won’t you?”

She sniffled, nodded, “Yes Sir.”

He slid his hands over her and between her legs. She was soaked. He pulled the thong off, pushing it to the floor. She stepped out of it while he played with her pussy. He slipped his fingers through the slickness. Jamie pinched her clit and she gasped, her knees giving way with the force of the pleasure. He held her up with the hand on her cunt. Her hands on his shoulders tightened as he continued to pinch and rub her clit. She came very quickly, her cum soaking his fingers before she slid to the floor with the force of the orgasm.

Alicia found herself eye to…ahh…eye with her favourite cock in all the world. She smiled, of course she loved every inch of this man and these inches were among the best…after his eyes, his mouth, his shoulders, his hands…She licked her lips hungrily and leaned forward. Her hot mouth took in as much as she could handle and sucked on him.

She wrapped one hand around the base and slid her mouth off of him. She nibbled down the length of it and his hands went to her head. He guided her back to the tip, “Bite it baby, big bites, the way I like it.”

Alicia set about devouring his cock. She bit the head hard and treated the rest like glass. He groaned. He allowed her to continue, enjoying it thoroughly, for a few more minutes. Then he removed his cock from her mouth. She whimpered in disappointment.

He put her on the bed and knelt between her legs. He put a little KY on her. It had been 4 years since the last time they’d seen each other and she’d always been tight around his cock. He slid in his cock in a couple of inches. Her hips bucked, trying to get more of him in. He grabbed her ankles and put them on his shoulders. He leaned forward and started moving. Short thrusts, no more than 3 inches of his 10, so short they drove her mad.

Alicia gasped and moaned as his thick cock stretched her. The head was scraping against her g-spot and she was building closer to another orgasm already. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy.

Jamie pinched a nipple. “Look at me little girl.”

She pried her eyes open and grinned at him. She reached up to rub his chest. How she loved the feel of him.

“Who do you belong to?” He ground the question out between clenched teeth as he slammed into her, filling her completely. Before she could answer he moved back to the short strokes.

Alicia gasped in surprise then moaned, “Please Jamie! Please, fuck me.”

He asked again, “Who do you belong to?” Each word was punctuated with a deep thrust.

She was writhing in desperate pleasure. “You! Only You!”

“Good girl.” He loved her with his cock, long, slow strokes that drove her mad. He bit her lower lip hard then soothed her with soul wrenching kisses.

Suddenly he pulled back and moved into the short strokes again, rubbing her g-spot. An orgasm ripped through her and she almost cried at the force of it. She pulled at him, wanting him, needing him closer.

“Whose cock is going to be the only one you feel again?” he slammed home, creating an incredible combination of pain and pleasure within her.

Alicia’s head whipped back and forth with her need for him. “You! Oh baby, only your cock!” He loved her again, biting her neck and sending new spasms of pleasure through her.

He whispered one final question into her ear. “Who will you love for the rest of your life?”

His hot breath in her ear triggered another orgasm. When she could speak again she answered him with all her heart, “You Jamie, only you. My Big Daddy, my only love.”

He hugged her tight before slipping away from her. He flipped her over to her hands and knees. She immediately lowered her head and shoulders to the bed, raising her ass and pussy. He moaned as he slid back in. She gasped then groaned as he reached deeper than she thought he could go.

Slowly at first, but picking up speed, he fucked her. He was slamming into her, pressing her to the bed when he shouted, “Oh baby, I’m going to cum!”

Alicia squeezed her cunt around him and cried out encouragement, “Oh yes! Please Jamie give it to me.” Her voice lowered to a throaty growl, “Cum for me baby, fill me.”

Jamie dug his fingers into her hips and slammed in as deep a he could before his balls emptied into her. Sweat dripped from him onto his back like a rainfall. Two more shuddering thrusts into her orgasmic, spasming pussy and he was done.

He groaned as she gripped his sensitive cock. Leaning over, he pressed his back to hers and pulled them down till they were spooning. She sighed happily at the feel of his broad, hairy chest against her back.

“I love you, little Alicia, very much.”

“Oh Jamie, that makes me happier than you’ll ever know.” She smiled and kissed his palm. She fell asleep a short while later, knowing she was home at last.

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