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The Renovation

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Hi, my name is Jennifer and this is another one of my ongoing series of stories about my various adventures a young wild woman. For those who haven’t ever read one of my stories, I’ll fill you in a little background. For those who have read previous stories, just skip these next couple of paragraphs, you’ve probably heard it all before.

I live in California and am a professional portrait artist.

I found this site I guess 6 or 7 years ago now. I was surfing the web looking for trouble I suppose and I found this place and found it intriguing. But at the time, I thought the stories were… well just kind of OK. I guess the truth of the matter was that they just didn’t really work for me personally. They seemed to be more fantasies and somehow missed the whole rush of sex, or at least the rush of sex as I saw it. I mean a lot of them were well written and stuff, but there just wasn’t that ring of truth to a lot of the stuff. So I decided to try my hand at it. I’d had a pretty wild youth and just figured I’d write one story about one of my wilder experiences and see how it flew.

Well, the truth of the matter was that it was terribly written. It really was, but I guess I hit a kind of chord with people because it got a fairly good rating. I was surprised and so wrote another one, and then another and so on and so on. Now I have 24 stories posted, 25 with this one. I find it hard to believe that I could write so many, but there you go. In the process, I’ve gotten much better at writing as well… thankfully.

So that’s that and not to change the subject, but I guess I am. I get a lot of questions as to how I look. I think I’m pretty average. I don’t break any mirrors or anything when I look into them and I personally think that’s a good thing. I am petite though, that’s my most dominant feature. Strange isn’t it that being diminutive is a feature and a dominant one at that, but I have to say it is. Guys seem to love petite women, I think because it makes them feel bigger. But no matter, it works for me and I’ve always gotten a fair amount of attention. I don’t mean that as bragging, it’s just how it was and truth be told still is for me. I have dark reddish, brown hair and green eyes. I’m just barely 5′ tall and weigh around 83 lbs. I’m small everywhere except my nipples. They’re huge! God must’ve gotten a laugh when he put those on me. I hated them when I was really young but I deal with them just fine now. When I first started to develop, those were the first things to really start to grow and grow they did. It took another year for my breasts to play catch up. It seemed like forever that I was totally flat chested with these huge nipples. It was embarrassing!

One time, this group of boys caught me on the path in the woods; they ended up holding me down and pulling up my shirt to look at them. They started pulling and twisting them, all the time laughing. They made me feel like some sort of freak. Now though I realize that they were actually turned on by them.

I guess in way, that’s how all this got started.

So enough of the background stuff, it’s time to get on to the story… This one is going to go back to my early days. I wrote this it over 3 years ago and never posted it. I thought at the time that it was just too intense and in a way I think that. I really don’t know what I was thinking at the time, I guess I just wasn’t, but this adventure set a tone for the rest of my life. I began to look it over a couple of weeks ago and decided to edit it and get it posted. I hope you all enjoy it.

I had just graduated high school when this little adventure took place. I made the mistake of thinking a couple of guys who were doing some renovations of my family’s house were the same as the school boys I had been teasing up to this time.

I found out different and learned that I like to be taken and that I like it rough sometimes.

So on to the story…

As I mentioned above, my dad had decided to have some renovations done to our house. Most of the work involved my living space. My parents decided it was time for me to have more space in the house. They decided to convert the pool house into an addition that linked to my room. That way I could have my own suite or apartment in the house. I thought it was very cool of them to be so considerate, especially since I was going to be heading off to art school in the fall. I guess they wanted to make sure I would continue to come home to visit and spend summers. In any event, it was so totally cool of them.

The carpenters showed up on a Monday. They were big guys, the first one Jake was probably around 40, He had a shaved head, a goatee and was really muscular and a talker. The other one, Pete, was quiet. He was probably around 30, kind of cute with long hair and a beard. He was just a muscular, but in a different way, I guess kind of lean and cut. Neither guy looked like a gym rat, they just looked like they were just strong from the work they did. They both had tattoos and had a sense of toughness about them. I don’t mean that they acted like jerks or anything, but there was a definite badass aura. I sensed they could turn mean fast, I don’t think they took much crap from anyone. Over the course of the week, I found out that they were both bikers and I thought that fit. This was a new breed of guy for me, I had never really met anyone like them before and of course, I thought they were totally cool and exciting, exactly the kind of guys my parents warned me to stay away from. I was intrigued.

I don’t really remember how it started, but I guess I got into teasing the guys a little bit here and there. Nothing really crazy you understand, at least not at first. I just kind of noticed that they were checking me out whenever I’d walk through where they were working. I liked the feeling of their eyes on me, so I started wearing outfits that were maybe a bit more daring and kind of sexy. It caught their attention and that felt good and so I escalated it a bit.

One day, I had been out shopping and when I got home, my dad told me to go into the dining room to look at the plans for my new suite, the foreman, architect and carpenters were going over everything. My father wanted to make sure I was good with everything being planned.

I went in and introduced myself. The carpenters already knew me on site, but hadn’t been formally introduced. The plans were laid out on the table and I knelt on a chair and leaned over the table to look at them over. It was all pretty innocent, but I noticed the carpenters standing on the other side of the table. The architect was beside me explaining everything and answering my questions. The foreman was on the other side making some notes about materials that needed to be ordered.

I had been wearing shorts and this kind of white blouse and no bra. I guess when I leaned over the table to look at the plans, the blouse ballooned out a bit and I was giving the guys a look straight down my shirt. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I hadn’t really intended on that. On the other hand, my nipples pebbled up, getting hard as they watched. That felt really cool, it made me feel really sexy having those guys all checking me out like that. When I looked over at the architect to ask him something, he was looking right down my shirt. I just smiled and pretended not to notice what he had been doing. My father came back a minute later and I stood up saying that everything looked good to me and thanked them all. I had to get out of there, I was wicked worked up and I didn’t want my father to notice that I had been flashing these guys.

I guess that was the defining moment that set everything else into play. I loved that they had been checking me out and that night, I got myself off thinking about it again. It really drove me crazy to know that these guys had seen my breasts, particularly Jake and Pete. Later as I lay naked in my bed, I fantasized about those big hands rubbing all over my body. I started to rub my pussy and I fantasized about them seeing me getting myself off like this. That was enough to send me over the edge in shivering orgasm. I turned off the lights and went to sleep thinking about them.

I wasn’t really planning on doing anything, but I found excuses to stay home instead of going out with my friends. I started hanging around the pool and I noticed them checking me out even more. I found it really exciting that these tough guys thought that maybe I was kind of hot. I’d leave in the morning to take care of chores and errands that I needed to get done, but would be back by 1 or 2 in the afternoon. My parents were working, so I wasn’t worried about them coming in. I’d change into a bikini and go hang around the pool for a couple of hours just so the guys could check me out.

Jake was the one who came over first and started to chat me up a bit. Even though he was wearing sunglasses, I could tell he was checking my body out as he talked to me and I liked it. I don’t know why, but just talking to him got me crazy wet. There was a definite connection thing happening. My whole body hummed as we chatted, it was like I was under some kind of spell.

I was ramping up and getting more and more daring. I started wearing some of my more risqué bikinis, basically strings with a little bit material for the vital areas. One day, they were working around the pool area preparing to cut a hole into the side of the house for a new door. I had smoked a joint and was feeling really daring so I wore one of my Wicked Weasel bikinis.

There was nothing to it at all. I lay on my belly, my ass totally on display and I untied the top so that I was essentially lying there topless and nothing but a small patch of semitransparent material covering my pussy. It drove me wild to know that they were checking me out like this. I finally had to cool down; I was getting too crazy worked up. I retied my top and took a nice long swim. I was just so high. When I climbed out of the pool, I noticed that the white bathing suit turned transparent. I went to lie back down in the sun. When I looked down and saw just how transparent the suit was, I knew it was time to call it a day, I was going overboard. I hadn’t intended to be this revealing. But just then Jake came over to chat again.

I was lying on my back and when he came over, I got up on my elbows to chat. He was squatting down by my feet. Pete joined us a minute later. I knew that I was giving them quite a show, but I pretended to totally unaware of it. I was high and for all practical purposes naked lying in front of these guys. My bikini was still soaking wet and my own excitement was helping to keep it that way. I was just so wet knowing that these guys were checking me out so intimately. My pussy lips were spread and my opening was totally on display for them. It wasn’t much different for my breasts. My nipples were swollen and I knew they could see every detail of them. At the time, I remember thinking that I had taken this too far, but it was too late, I was on display and they were enjoying the show. If my parents had showed up just then, they would’ve killed me.

The guys talked to me for probably a half hour or so. The whole time my pussy was throbbing under their stares. We all had sunglasses on and so no one could really see each other’s eyes. But I knew they were checking me out, but I was checking out the bulges in their shorts too. I swear I was on the edge of an orgasm just from what I was doing and seeing. The guys were both aroused.

They finally went back to work and I went in the house to change. Before I changed though, I went out to the garage to get my phone out of the car. I happened to overhear Jake and Pete talking just outside the garage. They were talking about me.

“Jake, did you see how tight that little pussy of hers is?” Pete asked… “I’d give my right nut to slide my hog into that. Man that was fucking sweet.”

Jake responded… “I know, I know… Her fucking pussy lips were spread wide open, I could see her fucking clit, her tight little hole… fucking everything… Goddamn she’s hot little slut. and did you see how big her fucking pussy lips are? Can you imagine those goddamn things wrapped around your fucking rod as you’re railing her? She’s so small that I bet she’d fucking crush your cock in that tight little cunt if you could even fit it in. She had to know that we could see it all too, I think that sweet little thing wants to get fucked and fucked hard… and how about those fucking nipples, are those fucking huge or what?” Her titties are kind of small, but those nipples, they make up for it.”

Their voices faded as they walked to the back of the house. My panties were soaked again.

I was really such a hot pants then… I was into … I don’t know… I guess whatever… adventures. I felt like I lived on the edge and loved it. Little did I know that I wasn’t even close to the edge, I wasn’t even in the same league as these guys. All week I could feel their eyes on me as I moved around the house and yard. The more I felt them checking me out, the more I wanted them to see. I didn’t think I was willing to let them fuck me, but I wouldn’t mind them checking me out again. My boyfriend would’ve killed me if he knew what I was doing, but I just couldn’t help myself, it was intoxicating.

One evening later in the week, my dad told me that the workers were coming early the next morning to work on a new door from my room out to the pool area. He wanted me out of the house before they got there. I guessed he must’ve noticed my teasing. That should’ve been a clue that I wasn’t being as discreet as I thought, but I never caught the clue. My dad was concerned because he was going to be traveling for a couple of days. He and my mother were catching a flight early the next morning and wouldn’t be around to stop things from getting crazy. He made it clear he wanted me dressed and out of the house before the guys got there the next day.

I’m sure part of the reason was my teasing, but part of it was the fact that I slept in the nude; actually I still do most nights. He had tried, unsuccessfully to get me to wear pajamas or a night gown or something, but I just ignored him and he didn’t know how to force the issue. My mom really didn’t see an issue with it. I was never inappropriate anywhere else in the house and her view was that it was my room and I should be able to do what I want. I think she thought I would grow out of the practice. I never did. Anyway, I’m sure what he didn’t want was for the guys to be coming in seeing me and getting any ideas especially with how I had been teasing them all week.

Early the next morning just before heading out the door on his trip, he poked his head in my room reminding me to start thinking about getting up and dressed, the carpenters were going to be here in an hour.

I groggily agreed and blew him a kiss goodbye, but immediately fell back to sleep. I woke up again when I heard the front door close and the rattle of tools as the Jake and Pete made their way through the house. I guess I should’ve gotten up and let them know that I needed a few minutes and gotten dressed, but I didn’t do that.

I decided instead to be really daring; I wanted to tease them even more. I was horny; I had gotten myself off a couple times during the week thinking of how I showed them all my stuff at the pool. Now, I wanted to take it to the next level and let them to see me really naked.

I pushed my covers down to my feet and lay there on my back with my legs spread out. I had my arms up over my head and pretended to be sleeping. I figured that they would open the door to my room and see me, I’d maybe pretend to wake up, act all embarrassed, they’d apologize and close the door and that would be it. I thought that would be a real rush, I loved playing the exhibitionist and showing off my pussy was always the best. I even spread my pussy lips so that they looked like an open gate to my tunnel.

I guess the thing I didn’t think about or realize though was that these were older guys, not the high school boys I’d been having fun teasing up to this point… and while I didn’t know it, they were also much rougher, you couldn’t tease them too much before they acted. As I said before, they were a different breed of guy, they were bikers.

I heard them walking down the hall to my room, they were laughing and talking. To this day, that still seems to have happened in slow motion. I remember thinking again that I should just jump up and tell them not to come in. But the naughty part of me didn’t want any part of that deal. This was the perfect opportunity to play the little exhibitionist. I was so excited by the idea of them finally seeing my totally nude body that I just lay there and waited, I waited… on display, pretending to be asleep… then I heard the door open.

Everything was quiet for maybe 30 seconds or so… as I lay there waiting, I knew, I don’t know how I did, but I just knew that I had made a big mistake. I had underestimated them. I now knew what a rabbit must feel like when it’s spotted by the wolves.

Then I heard Jake start talking loudly…

“Oh Yeah… I think someone here wants to get laid this morning. I told you Petey, I told you this rich little hottie wanted some working man dick.”

Both guys laughed as I heard the door shut and them walking across the room toward me. The footsteps stopped by my bed and it was quiet for a long moment. I didn’t know what to do, so I just lay there with my eyes closed, waiting.

Nothing happened for minute or more; then I heard a rustle of clothes and then a weight on the bed by my head. I opened my eyes and Jake was kneeling on my bed with his hard dick twitching only inches from my face. Pete was bent over at the foot of the bed checking out my wet, open pussy. That only confirmed that I had taken this too far, way to far.

Pete looked up at me, “You got a great pussy here Jenn, really world class, I fucking love it.”

Jake just looked down at me with a smile and said… “How about sucking my cock sweetheart?”

I didn’t’ say anything, I just looked at it and him, forgetting for a moment about Pete looking at my wet pussy.

“Oh come on Jenn, you know you want to. You’ve wanted this all week.” Jake smiled.

He moved it toward me, brushing it across my lips.

“Don’t be shy, just kiss it. It only wants to be friends,” and he laughed.

Not sure what to do in this situation, I just did what he asked and lightly kissed the swollen, purple head when he brushed it against my lips again.

I knew that I miscalculated and had taken this too far. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get fucked this morning by these two guys. In one respect, I was afraid of what they were going to do, but I really didn’t think they would hurt me. I was more excited than I had ever been in my life. I was certainly more excited than scared. My nipples were swollen and hard. My breathing was already ragged. I hoped my boyfriend wouldn’t find out about this. I hadn’t even let him see me naked yet, never mind fuck me.

“Just grab the fucking thing”, Jake demanded impatiently. “It’s not going to fucking bite you!

I felt like a deer caught in the headlights, I was helpless to do anything other than what he said. Still looking at him, I reached up and wrapped my hand around his throbbing monster. I remember thinking that he’d never be able to fit that thing inside me.

It felt hot in my hand and throbbed.

I moved my hand slowly down his shaft, then back up again.

I watched the foreskin slide over the head of his dick as I pulled my hand up toward the tip.

“Faster, stroke it faster” he demanded.

I began to jerk him off faster.

“Oh yeah… yeah that’s good, you like that big old dick, don’t you?”

I absently nodded my head. I was looking at his dick and the veins bulging along the sides. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what else to do. So I just jerked him off.

His dick felt huge and heavy in my hand as I slowly masturbated him.

“Ok Jenn, that’s nice… Now open your fucking mouth, I think it’s time for you to show this bad boy some love. I saw you looking at it the other day when you were showing off in that fucking white bikini. I know you want to suck it.

He moved in toward me shoving his dick at my face. I kind of half opened my mouth and he just stuffed it in. Then he started to fuck my face. He held my head and was thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth, his balls bouncing off my chin. I tried to get my tongue around it, but he didn’t seem to care about a blow job so much as just fucking my mouth. He grabbed hold of one of my breasts and started to roughly squeeze and play with my nipple, pulling and twisting it painfully. I was surprised to find it got me hot to have him using me like this. I could feel myself bouncing on the bed as he fucked my face.

I couldn’t see Pete. I figured he was just watching, but then I heard a voice and he told me to spread my pussy open.

At first I didn’t know what to do, but he repeated himself and was more demanding, I slowly reached down and started to rub it while they watched me.

“Spread it open, let’s see how wet that sweet little thing really is.”

I spread my legs even wider and then with two fingers, pulled open my pussy showing the guys everything… my large engorged outer lips, my small, pink inner lips, my swollen clit and my wet, coral red tunnel.

“Yeah… that’s what I mean…” Jake shouted. “Look at that tight, little fucking pussy!”

“What’d I tell you Petey… these rich bitches love hard cock, no matter how stuck up they act… No matter what fucking little cock teasers they are… None of that fucking matters when it gets down to it. Their pussies crave it and they can’t deny it.”

He didn’t miss a stroke as he continued thrusting his dick into my mouth while he talked.

“Remember the first time this one started her fucking teasing? Flaunting her tight little ass at us? Remember that? How about that fucking bathing suit the other day? We should’ve just fucked her then. Didn’t I tell you Petey? Didn’t I tell you we’d be fucking it before this job was done? Now look at her, getting her face fucked, I tell you man, she’s loving this, this one loves to fuck and suck… look at her playing with that sweet pussy of hers…. Look how fucking wet she is. That’s a million dollar pussy right there, you don’t a get a chance to fuck that every day! Shit!!!”

Jake was quiet for a moment, when I looked up at him, he was staring at my excited pussy. “Fuck! She’s got a nice pussy. I do love em meaty like that!”

Petey wasn’t saying or doing anything, he was just watching me play with myself as his buddy fucked my mouth. Then I felt a finger at my opening and it pressed into my pussy. The dick in my mouth just kept thrusting in and out. Its owner had one hand on the back of my head and with the other; he continued to roughly play with my breasts.

“Man this little bitch is fucking loving this… she’s on fucking fire…look at her move those hips… in fact… you know what? Since you’re not doing anything than playing with it dude, I’m getting me some of that tight little pussy right now.”

He pulled his dick from my bruised mouth and I began moaning. This rough, unexpected treatment had me ready to explode. I only meant to tease and now, I knew I was going to get tag teamed and couldn’t do a thing about it.

In fact, the truth of the matter was that I wanted it. I wanted to feel him slam his dick into my wet pussy. I wanted them both to fuck my brains out. He walked around the foot of my bed. He grabbed my legs and dragged me the end of the bed. Every thing about him was rough. I moaned out even louder, my pussy was on fire. He lifted me so that my hips were level with his. My head and shoulders were all that were still touching my bed. He slowly pulled me onto his dick inching it deeply into my quivering pussy. I could feel myself stretching to accommodate his size, I hadn’t thought it would fit, but it did and it felt absolutely delicious. He pulled it back out just as slowly and I felt like he was turning my pussy inside out.

“Fuck Jenny, you have one tight little pussy, I can barely get my cock into it.”

He pushed it back in and I literally screamed out my pleasure as he started to rock and roll inside of me. It felt he like was literally fucking my brains out, my head and shoulders were bouncing on the bed as he pounded his hard ravaging flesh into my body again and again. I was moaning like crazy, I had my legs wrapped around his waist and was meeting his every thrust. My pussy was wrapped tightly around him, surrendering to his invading cock.

He was right; I had wanted some dick. I didn’t even realize how much I needed a man. It was turning me on something wicked that they had just taken me like they had and that they were so rough about how they were using me.

I had never had sex like this before but found that I loved it. Most guys in my experience tried to seduce, not these ones… they took what they wanted and it excited me beyond all reason. They were practically raping me, but I didn’t feel in danger or afraid. The teasing all week long had built a sexual tension in my body. I needed release and I needed it so badly that just the thought of what was happening to me and how good felt was enough… My body began to tremble and I started to orgasm.

He continued to pound away at my pussy even as I was claimed by the orgasm. I was out of control humping and writhing as I came again and again impaled on his big dick.

In the background and through the intensity of my orgasm, I could hear Jake urging Pete on.

“What the fuck you waiting for Pete? All you’ve talked about for the last week is the fucking you wanted toss her. Now look at her man, she’s so hot and into this that she’s coming like a banshee. This is your chance dude, time to feed her your meat. This one likes sucking cock. Look at that face, pretty huh?”

“Now imagine that mouth wrapped around your fucking rod and sucking. She wants it man… believe me! She was made for this, she’s a little fuck queen! You gotta feel her pussy man; she’s fucking crushing my goddamn cock.”

When I calmed down a bit from my orgasm, Jake looked down at me with a smile… “You like cock don’t you… you sexy, little bitch?”

“This is what you wanted all week long wasn’t it. I bet when you found out your daddy wasn’t going to be home today, you planned this all out. You probably didn’t sleep last night just thinking about the fucking and sucking we’d toss you today. I love how you fucking planned it though. It was so fucking sweet coming in here and seeing you all spread out just waiting to get fucked. I thought we were going to have to try to sweet talk you or something. I like a girl who knows what she wants and goes after it.”

The whole time he’s talking, he’s slowing pumping into me. I was panting and moaning, rocking my head from side to side. It felt so goddamn good. He had fucked me right through my orgasm. I was kind of amazed in a distant way that he didn’t come. Up to that point I found that almost all guys come before I do. They get so excited listening to me getting worked up and that they forget everything and come first. It’s so frustrating!

I could hear the wet sounds of our sex. It sounded so dirty. He kept talking about what a tight piece of ass I was and how much he loved seeing my pussy wrapped around his cock. He told me how he’d been checking me out all week long especially my little titties every time I bent over. He went on about how he loved my big, juicy nipples and how he came back one night after dark to watch me get undressed and how he had even seen me play with myself until I came.

With that he leaned forward and grabbed both of my breasts and gave them a hard squeeze, finishing with a cruel twist of both nipples.

“I fucking love your little titties. Goddamn”, he laughed, “I just fucking love chicks! Especially when they have long nipples and I’m fucking em.”

Pete finally made his move. He came up next to my head and dropped his shorts down to his ankles. He rubbed his dick on the side of my face until I turned to face him. Let me have a smile good looking. I smiled at him. He then rubbed his dick across my lips and moaned when I licked the head of it. I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide it in. I started to blow him as his friend fucked me. I closed my eyes, really getting off on the sex. I was getting high on it. This was so wild. I really loved being used by these guys. This was a totally different kind of sex, rough and wild and uncontrolled, primal… This was the edge and I was lost to it.

Just the thought of what I was doing and what my friends would think if they could see what was happening was almost enough to send me over the edge again. I was thinking about how cool it would be see this on video or something, really hot. I liked having 2 dicks in me, I liked how wicked it made me feel.

I could feel fingers playing with my clit and pussy. There were hands on my breasts, roughly playing and squeezing them. I was squirming and moaning around on the bed when the one screwing me lost his grip on my ass and my lower body fell back to the bed. I had been getting close to another orgasm and I guess a little too excited. I moaned my frustration when I felt my pussy suddenly cold and achingly empty.

I was writhing on the bed when I felt Jakes hand’s under my ass lifting me back up. Then he slammed his throbbing dick against my tender, open pussy lips forcing it back deep into my yielding body.

He stood back, pulling his thick manhood back out until it was barely parting my swollen, fleshy lips and then ordered me to fuck him.

I wrapped my legs around his waist again. I started to swivel my hips against his dick and then pulled myself onto him. I thrust my hips at him and sucked Pete’s dick at the same time.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah…you are one hot little girl that’s for goddamn sure. You have a body made for fucking… what a great little pussy you have here. I love how it looks wrapped around my fucking rod. Yeah sweetheart you just keep pushing like that and I’m going to fucking shoot my load all over your pussy. I bet you want me to blow my nut deep in your fucking pussy, don’t you. Just keep moving like that sweetheart and you’re going to get your wish… oh yeah!”

I could feel another orgasm building. His talking excited me. I started to fuck him faster, rotating my hips and grinding into him again and again.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s right, fuck me…”

“Fuck me…”

“Fuck me…”

“Yeah that’s it” He breathed hoarsely.

I could hear his breath start to catch. I fucked him even faster. I was pulling back far enough for his dick to leave my pussy, then I reversed direction and drove back onto him, impaling myself. His dick would slam back into me, first hitting my clit, then slide down my wet slit and then bury itself to the hilt deep in my pussy. It was driving me crazy and driving him over the edge. He reached down and grabbed my ass and lifted me to him, I almost lost Petey’s dick. Jake started pumping long hard strokes into me. I thought the bed would break we were bouncing so hard on it.

I was moaning and trying to focus on sucking on Petey’s dick, He was rubbing the side of my face. I finally had to pull it out of my mouth, I was getting close to another orgasm and I needed to breath and didn’t want to bite it by accident. Pete was having none of it though.

“Fuck that, you keep sucking my fucking dick!” he ordered. “I’m going to shoot my fucking wad down your throat.”

He turned me back toward him and slid his dick back into my open mouth just as I went over the edge and came again.

I arched my back and could feel my pussy clenching around Jakes hard dick as I thrust at him.

He lost it and I could feel the hot jets as his dick swelled in my pussy and then exploded, spraying his seed deep inside my spasming pussy. I was holding onto Pete’s dick with one hand with the rest of his it in my mouth. As I came, I squeezed hard on it and bit down… not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough. I could hear him sucking in air between clenched teeth while I did everything I could not to clench my jaw as I screamed while the intense waves of pleasure coursed through my body.

I don’t know when I went from biting down on the dick in my mouth to attacking it, sucking, kissing and licking it like it was the last one I’d ever get. I totally lose control of myself when I orgasm and this was just so intense. I pulled it out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face, then kissed it and sucked it back in. I could tell Petey was getting close to coming, the head of his dick swelled and started to throb. He tried to pull it out of my mouth, but I grabbed his ass with both hands and held him to me. He moaned that he was going to come and I continued to suck his dick, paying special attention to the knob of nerves just below the head. I was twisting my head one way and then the other. I was just going crazy, loving that dick in my mouth and knowing that he was going to blow his top any second.

Then all at once he exploded and I felt blast after salty blast of his hot fluids hit the back of my throat. I swallowed, still in the lingering aftermath of my orgasm. I was in another world as I let him finish coming in my mouth. Sucking and licking, drawing everything he had to offer. With his final spasms done, he finally staggered back away from me, pulling his throbbing dick from my hungry mouth.

Jake was still almost absently sliding his dick in and out of my pussy. He was breathing deeply and his eyes were closed as he started to calm down from his orgasm. I was still moving my hips in time to what he was doing to me. My pussy was still clenching at his dick in the after shocks of my own orgasm. I looked up at him with half closed eyes, watching as he lazily continued to violate me.

He finally opened his eyes and slowly pulled his hard, wet dick from my swollen opening.

“Here Petey, you gotta fuck her man, whew… what fucking hot piece of ass… you won’t get this every day. I think I’m gonna make her blow me again… she looks like a pretty good little cocksucker.”

They switched places, but before Pete could slide into me. Jake told him to wait. He took off the rest of his clothes revealing a lean, muscular body. He got onto the bed and sat back against my headboard. He had me flip over onto my belly and then put my ass into the air so that Pete could fuck me doggie style. Pete moved against my offered bum and slid slowly into my tender folds. Jake moved so that he was lying on my pillow and wiped his dick across my lips and just slid it back into my mouth…

“Ok little girl, let’s see how good you suck cock, let’s get that sweet little mouth of yours busy now.”

I could taste myself on his dick. I wrapped my tongue around the shaft and began to slowly blow him.

It didn’t take long before Pete was driving me crazy again with his dick. I was young, but already loved feeling a man inside of me, filling me up with his throbbing excitement. It was dirty and naughty what I was doing and I knew I was being wicked letting these men use me like this. That was what made it so hot for me.

Jake was right, I was made for this, I loved to fuck and it turned me on something fierce being forced to do it.

I knew that I was being really naughty and I reveled in it. I was slowly blowing Jake as Pete pounded into my willing pussy. When he got close to the edge, he’d pull his dick out and slap my open pussy with it, most of the time hitting my exposed clit. It was like he was sending shock waves through me. Then when he calmed down, he bent over me and slipped it back in. He started slapping my ass hard as he fucked me. I could hear the slap echo through the house every time he hit me and every time he did, I clenched my pussy at the shock of the strike. Each time he hit me it was harder than the time before. I moaned and pushed onto him on each slap.

Pete started talking as he fucked.

“I bet before today you never had a real man’s cock buried in this tight little pussy of yours… have you… you sexy little bitch. You ain’t never been fucked like this by your rich little pussy ass boyfriends; I can guarantee you that. By the time we’re done with you, you won’t ever be satisfied with anything else.”

“You were right Jake man, she does have a tight little cunt.”

I hated that word, but in this situation, it sounded hot… Somewhere in my crazed thoughts… that surprised me.

He pulled his dick all the way out and rested it on the crease of my ass. I groaned in frustration and tried to angle myself so that he would slide back in, but he wasn’t having any of it.

“Beg me for it rich girl, if you want to feel my cock you’re going to have to beg.” I moaned and released the dick in my mouth.

Please Pete, fuck me I whimpered… I want to feel your dick inside me again.

Tell me how you wanted us to do this all week.

“I did” I moaned, “I got so hot when you guys started checking me out. I wondered how hot you’d be in bed.”

Yeah… and did it get you off when you were lying there driving us fucking nuts with that white bathing suit. You’re lucky we didn’t rip that fucking thing off right there in the back yard and fuck your brains out… showing us your tight little pussy like that.

“Yes…” I moaned “I didn’t mean to show you that much, it was the first time I went swimming in it, When I saw how revealing it was, I was getting ready to go in the house, but then Jake came up and it was too late. I knew you could see everything and it got me hot knowing you guys could check me out like that.”

“Bullshit!” he laughed, “You knew exactly what you were doing there. You’re just a hot little slut who needed to get her pussy royally fucked.”

I was biting my bottom lip; I could feel his dick resting right on my back opening. He was rubbing it and down the crease of my ass. Then he roughly drove it back into me and I arched my head in a scream of pleasure. I could feel it push all the way up to my belly. He held his hands on my hips and just went to town fucking me. I devoured Jakes hot dick again.

“She got a world class pussy or what Petey?” Jake laughed.

“We got to start every day like this!” Petey responded. “It’s fucking great to get paid to fuck a hot little bitch like this.” They laughed and high fived each other.

Jake was looking around my room and noticed my video camera on my dresser. He rolled off the bed, pulling his dick out of my mouth and went to get it. I just closed my eyes and lay my head on my arms to enjoy what Pete was doing to me.

“Hey man, pull out your hog for a minute, let me get a shot of that sweet pussy.” Jake told Pete.

Pete pulled his dick out of me and Jake filmed my open, wet pussy.

“Ok, now slide it back into her”.

I moaned as Pete slid back inside and began to fuck me hard. I could hear the bed creaking at the force.

Yeah that’s it Petey, fuck her hard… oh yeah look at those little titties bounce. I fucking love how she sounds when she’s getting fucked.

“Hey Jenn, you’re on candid camera… how about a big smile.”

I opened my eyes and looked right into the lens of the camera. I couldn’t smile or do much of anything else. Pete was driving me nuts with his dick.

I was getting close to another orgasm when Pete stopped.

“Hey Jake, how about getting a shot of me sliding my cock into her ass?”

He pulled his dick out of my pussy and placed it against my back opening.

Beg me to fuck your ass he demanded. I moaned… I wasn’t sure about that, but I was lost and just wanted to feel his dick inside me again.

Oh god… yes fuck my ass, please I’m begging you. Just fuck me… anywhere you want. I need you inside of me I begged.

“Oh you hot little slut! Alright, since you asked, here you go… This what you wanted?”

He began to push. I tried to relax so he could slide in and finally felt myself open as he forced first the head of his dick into my tight opening and then the rest of his cock slid into me until he was buried in my young ass. Then he began to slowly fuck me again.

“There you go, how do you like that now?”

“FUCK… Your ass is even tighter than your pussy.”

“Oh my god!” I moaned. I felt so full.

He reached around and started to play with my clit as he slowly fucked me.

He began to pick up speed. He was punishing my tight rear opening with his big dick. He was bent over me, rubbing my clit. With his other hand, he reached under my body and started squeezing my nipples between two hard fingers. He roughly mashed my breasts as he began to pump into me like a madman.

Jake was filming it all. I kind of just ignored him. It was almost too much to focus on what else was happening to me. Maybe if I ignored the camera, it wouldn’t really be there recording my complete submission.

I was getting really close. Pete stood up and started slapping my ass again. Every time he hit me, I would tighten up and he would moan. It was in the middle of this that I lost it again. One moment I was just really high on the rough sex and then next I was exploding into another wild orgasm. He reached around to ride me through my orgasm. He squeezed my breasts so hard that I had black and blues on them the next day.

I could feel myself crushing the dick in my ass. Pete moaned and then that was it for him too. He groaned and then I felt him come in my ass. He slowly continued to fuck me, moaning as his orgasm claimed him. My own was beginning to subside.

As I started to calm down, Jake lay down in front of me again and fed me his dick again. I started to really suck on it as he videotaped every nuance. Pete pulled his now soft dick out of my throbbing ass. I heard him leave the room.

I rolled over onto my side in a more relaxed position. I moved my hair out of the way and then started to concentrate on the dick I was sucking. I would slowly suck it into my mouth and then wrap my tongue around the shaft as I moved up and down on it. This guy had incredible stamina. He just seemed to be in a zone and was just lying back enjoying what I was doing to him. I remember thinking at the time, that he had a really big dick. My hands barely could fit around it and the head seemed to be the size of a small lemon. I was stroking it and playing with his balls as I moved this way and that while I worked my tongue around the head. When I looked up at him at one point, he was just lying there filming it all with a smile.

As I continued to suck him off, I heard Petey come back into the room, he handed Jake a cold beer and sat in a chair in the corner of my room with his own beer to watch me blow his friend.

“She gives fucking great head don’t she Jake?”

“Oh yeah… and a hot piece of ass to boot, this little girl likes her cock, don’t you sweetheart?”

“Why don’t you rub my cock on your titties, use it to play with your nipples… I wanna see you do that.”

I slipped his dick out of my mouth and I moved up so that it was level with my breasts and then started to rub my nipples with it.

“Slap em with it”, he ordered.

I did and my nipples started to twist up again as I beat on them with his dick.

“Oh yeah… that’s sweet, I fucking love it. Here, why don’t you climb up onto my dick and fuck me for awhile. I want to watch you on top.”

He continued to film as I rode his dick.

Lean back, let me see my dick sliding into your fucking pussy. I leaned back on my elbows so that he could see everything. I looked down and was amazed that his dick could fit inside me and feel as good as it did. It looked huge and I felt stretched to the max to accommodate that thing. I was still kind of inexperienced at that time and didn’t know that I could stretch even further. But that’s another story for another time.

I continued to slowly ride Jake and do whatever he asked. I kind of felt like his slave a little bit and wasn’t really responsible for any of the naughty things he made me do. He told me to play with my breasts as he filmed and then to stretch my nipples as far as I could.

He was starting to get worked up and I began to ride him harder and faster. When he was close, he had me roll off him and onto my back. He squatted over my chest; he pushed my breasts together and then began to titty fuck me. He told me to open my mouth and he moved up and slid it into my open my mouth. He held my arms above my head and began to pump into my mouth again. He was almost choking me as he drove his hard dick deep into my mouth and down my throat. He pumped faster and faster and then buried it as deep down my throat as he could.

“Suck it!” he demanded.

I did my best and he lost it shooting another thick load down my throat. He pulled it out of my mouth and moved down shooting his hot come all over my face and body before finally sliding his slick dick back into my pussy. He finished in my now tender pussy, stroking until he finally lost his erection.

He pulled out and climbed off the bed. He panned my spent body with the camera, then picked up his beer and sat down in another chair. I heard him high hand Pete and both guys laughed.

“What a way to start a fucking work day ehhh Petey?” Jake said.

I lay on the bed totally spent, warm come all over me.

Petey asked Jake if wanted to go get some breakfast,

Jake agreed.

“Hey Jenn, you are one hot piece of ass. If you want us to toss you another good fucking, just let us know. Hey maybe we can bring a couple more friends over. I know one guy who’d love you.”

Jake slipped the tape from the camera and pocketed it, then both guys left.

I wiped the come off myself and lay there for another 15 or 20 minutes trying to recover.

I felt totally used, my pussy and ass were a little sore, but I could still feel the pleasant tingles from my orgasms. I was totally satiated.

I finally got up on wobbly legs and took a long hot shower and finally got out of the house.

I didn’t trust myself to be around those guys any more. I was afraid I would let them bring their friends over. I wondered who they would show the video to.

I decided it was a better idea to visit my friend Rachel for the weekend.

I never saw the guys again.

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