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The Punishment

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She was at work when her phone buzzed against her thigh. Making sure her customers didn’t need her for a moment, she pulled out the small phone and opened up the text message that was waiting.

‘I hope you didn’t put panties on today.’

She smiled at the text and wondered how to respond. Biting her lip, she put in a quick message.

‘Not today, Sir.’

Then it sent off into the electronic space. She went back to her tables to make sure they were doing okay on drinks and their food was fine. The shift she had picked up was going slow as she hadn’t had a new table in fifteen minutes. The phone buzzed again.

‘Is these the panties you were debating on wearing then?’ Underneath the text was a picture of her lacy red panties. She blushed, looking over her shoulder in hope that no one else saw them.

‘Yes, Sir. But no panties cover my ass.’ She sent the message and put on a smile as another table was sat in her section. Greeting them and introducing herself, she took their drink order and left the table. Her phone buzzed again.

‘Good. But a shame, won’t get to pinken that ass tonight.’ Heat flooded through her and she shifted slightly. Hurrying up with the drinks, she went back out to the table and asked them if they needed a couple of minutes to look over their menu. They stated yes and she went behind the counter.

‘I’m sure you will think of a reason to pinken my ass Sir’ She hesitated a moment before sending the text.

A second later the phone went off again.

‘Oh trust me, I’m sure I can think of a couple of reasons already.’ She felt more heat pool into her sex and shifted uncomfortably.

‘What would be one reason Sir?’

Her table was talking and she went over to them, taking down their order as she waited for the familiar buzzing of her phone. Thanking them and telling them her name again, she walked away. Checking on another table, her phone buzzed and she did everything in her willpower to make sure she didn’t run away from the table.

‘How about one reason being this?’ Below was another image, this time of the vibrator that they had bought together. Her face warmed considerably at the image and pocketed the phone before anyone could see. As she was putting in the order for her new table, her phone went off again.

‘Did we happen to play before we went to work today, pet?’

“God, that guy knows everything!” She hesitated before sending a reply.

‘If I did?’

She started to wrap silverware as she waited for either her food, a new table, or the next text message. Her mind was in a flurry of thoughts. What would he do if she did masturbate before coming to work? He had said nothing, but usually he was there to take care of her need. Today, he had left earlier than normal and she was hot and wanting from their session last night.

Her phone startled her from the thoughts.

‘I remember telling you no playing last night. Or did you forget, pet?’

Her mind swirled over the thoughts of last night. She remembered walking into the bedroom and him standing there with a new toy. How eager she was as they played. Then he stopped, leaving her right there on the edge, and told her firmly no playing until he said so. She paled at the thought. “Fuck,” she muttered under her breath.

‘I’m sorry Sir. I forgot. If you had just let me cum last night, I wouldn’t have played this morning.’

After she sent the text, she realized she had put her foot in her mouth.

Her relief came in early and gave her a smile. Noticing her pale features, she raised an eyebrow. “Everything okay sweetie?”

“Yea. Just remembered I didn’t feed the cat.” In her mind though, she knew that it wasn’t just the cat she was worried about.

“If you say so, sweetheart.” The server clocked on and she gave her a tight smile before her food came up. Placing the food on the trays, she went out to her table and placed the plates before the right person. She did her job of telling them she would be back to check on them and went to start on her outs. There wasn’t many left, but she tried to drag them out as much as possible. Her phone went off and she bit her lip.

‘I think someone has forgotten their place. I don’t get home till a little later tonight. I want the chores done and you on the bed, naked, with your ass in the air. I don’t care if you have to wait a while before I get there.’

‘Yes Sir’ she replied without hesitation, though the heat pooled between her legs even more and she moved to feel the slickness down her thighs. Cleaning off some of the tables, she checked on her last one and continued with her outs. As she did so, the phone went off again.

‘When you get off, I want you to call me while you walk home. I want you to tell me what you are going to do after we play with this’ The picture that was underneath it was of the paddle he loved to use to spank her when she was disobedient. She sucked in breath, almost let out a moan, and sent a ‘Yes Sir’ as her reply.

The end of her job went faster than she wanted and, as she stepped out onto the city street, she blushed as she realized how crowded it was. Every single person would look at her with curiosity or lust, she knew, as she described what she wanted to do to her Sir. Sucking in a breath, she called the familiar number.

“Hello, slut.”

“Hello, Sir.” She shivered despite the heat and took in a big breath. “Sir?”


“I’m sorry for disobeying. I’m sorry for being rude. Please don’t use the paddle, Sir.”

His chuckle made fear race up her spine. “Not getting out of it so easily, pet. The paddle will be on your ass tonight. Now, what are you going to do after your discipline?”

She groaned. There goes that hope, she thought. Starting down the street towards her apartment, she thought about what she would do. “I would. . .I will thank you for each swat, Sir. I know I will be wet with arousal, but you will probably not play with me. I will move when you say I can and . . .”


“And I will get on my knees in front of you, Sir, and start by unzipping your fly and button.” She got a few glances and started to speak lower. “I will then-”

“I can’t here you, pet.” His voice interrupted, the hidden demand that she speak up. Her face reddened immensely.

“I will then take your huge cock out and stroke up and down with my hands. Tracing every vein and feeling it throb in my hand as it only does for me Sir. I will lean down and take one of your balls in my mouth and suck lightly and trace it before doing the other one. I will stroke your hard cock with my hand, slowly. Then replace it with my mouth. I will let you slide as far as I can and keep you there as my hands play with your balls and the rest of your length. I will circle my tongue around you as I start to bob up and down your cock.”

She moaned at the image and didn’t care about the guy that was following her. She jumped when she heard Sir’s voice.

“Getting needy, slut?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Continue.”

“I’ll keep going faster with my mouth until your hand goes into my hair and holds me still as you thrust into my mouth. My hands will stay play with the rest of your cock and balls, waiting for you to cum into my mouth. And when you do I will swallow it all.”

“And why will you swallow it all, pet?”

“Because I am a good slut, Sir,” she whispered.

“What was that?”

“Because I am your good slut, Sir.”

“Better. Are you home yet?” She hadn’t realized that the dirty talk had turned her on so much and made the blocks fly by.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Go to your apartment and make sure you lock the door. Wouldn’t want someone to follow you and take what is mine. I’ll be home in a while. Be on the bed, slut.” With that he ended the call and she hurried inside.

She stripped once inside her door after making sure it was locked. Her shoes went by the door and she folded her clothes into a pile on the chair. This way, he knew that she was naked and in nothing else. Not every day did she have to follow the order of being naked when he arrived home, but it was a decree this morning. She shivered as the cold air made her nipples peak.

She tried to focus on her chores as best as possible. Every so often, she looked at the time, wishing that he would have told her what time to expect him home. Anticipation leaked through every pore, as well as the fear of the paddle. She made dinner, pasta that night. After she had done everything else she was to do that day, she walked into the bedroom, stepping slower the closer she got there.

On the bed there was a note.

‘My bad little slut,

I want you to put the anal plug in your ass as well as being on the bed. There is lube where it always is. Also, the butterfly and turned on low. You are not allowed to cum, pet. If you do, it will be another ten swats on that lovely ass. You know how I like to make it pink.


She found the anal plug beside the note and winced at the side. It had been a while since they had last done anything remotely anal. Finding the lube, she did her best not to shiver as she played around with her asshole. After wetting both the puckered sphincter and the toy, she slowly pushed against it until it went in with a pop.

The butterfly was in the closet waiting for her. Stepping into the straps, she moved it all the way till the little nub pressed against her clit. Turning it on with the remote, she shivered as her anus contracted against the plug. Dear lord, she felt like she was about to come from just the two sensations. Gently getting on the bed, she made sure her ass was towards the door as she lay down on her upper chest.

She tried to focus on everything else minus the butterfly and the anal plug. She focused on how her day at work was and how Sir had taken her on a great day last night. On how she was to go out with some friends over the weekend. Everything though turned sexual as the butterfly buzzed against her clit, making her wetter and even needier. Every so often her sphincter clenched against the plug. She wiggled around, trying to find some comfort against the fullness of her ass.

Sounds started on the wooden floor in the entry way. She didn’t know what time it was as the clock was on the other nightstand away from her. The steps started forward, across the living room, into the kitchen where she heard the door to the fridge upon up. A shiver ran through her. It was Sir.

Her mind kept chanting for him to get this over with but as she listened, she followed his movements to the cabinets and then to the stove. He was eating before seeing to her! She growled in outrage and then had to reprimand herself. He did say however long he took.

The butterfly seemed to turn up in its vibrations and she gasped. He had the other remote. Groaning into the blankets, she turned her thoughts elsewhere, wondering what they were going to do tomorrow. However, the buzzing against her clit distracted her distraction as her body seemed to stretch towards her orgasm.

She started the mantra in her head ‘No cumming no cumming’. With her thoughts inward, she didn’t hear Sir come into the bedroom nor his steps around the bed to the closet.

When his hand came to touch her ass, she jumped a bit before relaxing. She looked up at him and his look was heated, mostly by lust, the rest by disappointment. He traced her bottom to her sex and pressed two fingers into her. She moaned at him and wiggled her bottom which earned her a slap on the ass.

“No moving slut.” She clenched at his command and he gave a small chuckle.

“Was it fun telling everyone outside what you were going to do to me after you received your punishment?”

She bit her lip and her hesitation earned her another whack. “Yes Sir. It turned me on Sir. Though it was embarrassing.”

He made a sound of agreement and nodded his head. “Wouldn’t it be fun though, pet, to have you against the glass facing the street? Your tits pushed against the window moving up and down as I pounded into you from behind?”

Her walls clenched hard at his moving fingers and she gave a slight mewl.

“Thought so.” He moved his fingers in and out of her sex a couple of more times before removing them completely. She let out a whimper at the lost.

He rubbed her ass cheeks, grabbing each in a hand and massaging the flesh. She gave a moan, loving it when he massaged her. However it turned to a gasp as he smacked her ass with his hand.

“Now, pet, what are the rules?”

“My safe word is red. Yellow is if I feel like I am going into a panic attack or something is wrong. I am not to hesitate when answering you. You will do as you please as it is your body to play with.”

He nodded his head. “Then why did you ignore the not playing with yourself slut?”

“I forgot Sir.”

He made a sound and whacked her other cheek. “And the rude comment?”

“I’m sorry Sir.”

“You will be sorry. No moving or it’s another ten.” She waited for the blow but instead felt his hands on her ass. He pushed and pulled on the plug and she moaned. Relaxing slowly, she closed her eyes and just felt him.

Then the sting of the paddle on her ass. She gritted her teeth.

“One Sir. Thank you Sir.”

He didn’t say anything, just caress the skin. Then the paddle came down again.

“Two Sir. Thank you Sir.”

By four her ass was stinging and she balled her hands into the blanket, thanking him after the swat.

By seven tears were forming in her eyes and she panted a bit as well. She was by no means a pain slut, but knowing he was behind her, watching her ass turn pink made her aroused. Plus pain did become pleasure after a while and the anal plug didn’t help much when the paddle pushed it into her further.

Three more, thanking him after each, and she was crying. He rubbed the flesh like he did after each strike and she pushed her ass into his hands. She was aroused like nothing else in the world and she was surprised that she didn’t orgasm until she realized the butterfly was off.

“Now, pet, you will do as you told me. Then I might take you.”

She hurried up and scrambled to the floor. Looking up at him, she saw his hungry eyes and licked her lips. “Thank you Sir.”

Tracing his pants legs upwards, she caressed his cock through the material. She undid the button and down went the zipper. His cock sprung out and she groaned as she looked at the massive member. Tracing the veins on the flesh, she worked her way down to his sack where she leaned up with her mouth and took one into her wetness. Her hands stroked up and down his length and she moaned as he started to play with her hair.

Her mouth replaced her hand and she took him as far as she could, the rest being played with by one hand, while the other played with his balls. She circled her tongue over his cock as she pulled away slightly and then went back down on him just as slowly. She licked the underneath when she popped him out of her mouth, from the base to the tip before she started to suck on him.

She loved giving him head as it let her have control over something. As she got more into it, the butterfly came on, roaring to life. She moaned loudly around his member as her want to orgasm came back to the surface. His voice told her not to cum and she groaned but focused more on him then on the toys.

After speeding up, she felt his hands starting to tighten in her hair and moaned as he took over. He held her still as he thrust in and out of her moist mouth, groaning as he came closer and closer to the edge. With faster thrusts, his cock spasm and his cum filled her mouth as she swallowed.

He looked down at her and she licked her lips as she finished cleaning him.

He stroked her head a couple of times, looking as though he was thinking. She waited, wondering what he would do next.

“Up on the bed, pet.”

She scrambled, even though every movement made the butterfly press tighter against her clit. Sitting on her butt, the plug moved more in her ass and she gasped out. The only sound she was rewarded with was a smile.

His hands pushed her onto her back and spread her legs open so her wet pussy glinted in the dull light. He traced a thigh to her sex and plunged two fingers into her. Her breathing quickened and she groaned as she moved her hips. He took his fingers out and removed the butterfly only to smack her clit, hard. His fingers went back into her sex, this time three, and her walls pulsed against the thickness.

He kept pumping in and out and she moaned as her body came closer and closer to the edge. Each time her hips moved, he slapped her clit. As she was close to the edge, he removed his fingers and had her lick her juices off them.

He removed the anal plug and grinned at her as she looked up through hooded eyes. “Go clean up dinner and come to bed. Maybe this time you will remember not to play.”

She whimpered but hurried to do as he said even though her whole body throbbed. She put up dinner and came back to the bedroom with a pout. He just laughed at her as he lay in the bed. “Maybe if you behave tomorrow, you might get to cum.”

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