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The Princess and her Captor

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Nearing the stroke of midnight, I slipped out the back door of the party seemingly unnoticed. I knew that if I was not home by 12:30 my husband was going to kill me. I did not see the man standing there nor did I hear his footsteps behind me.

I was walking rather rapidly though. It must have been my own heartbeat drumming in my chest that prevented me from hearing or seeing anything else that was going on around me.

Just as I was about to run down the narrow street towards home, a pair of strong thick arms encased my rib cage. We escaped into the darkness together. I awoke to the sounds of heavy breathing and the smell of cigar smoke. As I opened my eyes I realized there was something binding them from sight. I tried moving my arms and my legs to no avail. I was restrained with cuffs spread eagle to the posts of the bed. All I could do was mumble slightly over the gag that was in my mouth.

“I see you have awoken my beauty. I have prepared a most delicious treat for you my dear.” The voice sounded strangely familiar yet too deep and raspy to be anyone that came to mind at the moment. I tried once again to struggle free from the bind that I was in, but unfortunately I could not move. The steel handcuffs were tight and it only hurt worse when I struggled. My captor reached up and carefully removed the bind from my eyes. Still, I could not see a thing. He came to me and straddled my hips.

I could not see his face for the mask that was covering it. But I could then see the cigar in his mouth. Taking a huge puff from it, he casually blew it across my face. Asking me if I liked it. I tried to tell him that no I did not, but of course I could not speak, so I mumbled no as best as I could and then shook my head from side to side. “The pretty little princess doesn’t like my smoke? Ah, poor baby.” He said while exhaling yet another puff into my face. “If you would just learn not to be naughty, my little princess, you would not have to endure this. But you have chosen to be naughty little girl and deserve to be punished.” The heavy smoke from the cigar never left my nostrils. Over and over again he blew his torrid smoke towards my face. Grabbing an ashtray and placing upon my breasts he put the remainder of the cigar out and placed it aside for later use.

Thoughts were running rapid through my head as I tried concentrating on where I knew this man from and what I had done to him to cause him to want to do things like this to me. Every thing about him seemed very familiar but in my dazed state of mind, I just could not put a finger on it. Suddenly I felt a cold steel metal blade against my throat. His voice whispering in my ear, “If you try to escape me, I know how to use this and I am not afraid to do so.” I could feel my heart drumming in my chest and my breath quickening at the threat. And yet oddly enough I was very aroused.

He then took me from the bed, silently undoing the handcuffs that had bound me. Though he did not remove the gag from my mouth. He then stood me behind a chair and began to tie each of my ankles around the back legs of it. Bending me over, he tied my arms to the front of the chair. I felt the hard wood pressing into my chest and realized that I was fully nude. My D cup breasts hung over the chair. He began to fondle them. Touching them and playing with the nipples, twisting them with his powerful fingers. Gradually the grip got harder and harder until I wanted to scream in agony, but I dared not to mutter a single complaint.

My nipples were so hard when he was done, that I the slightest touch to them would most likely drive me to a mind-blowing orgasm. Then I heard him moving about he room, when his footsteps stopped, it sounded as though blinds were raised and curtains were being thrown back. I could see light reflected throughout the room. It was not a bright light, but a very dim one in fact.

“You like being the object of all men’s desires, don’t you? Well, my darling you can have your wish.” With that said, he then raised the window. “Now, if you were to utter the slightest scream it would most probably be heard.” He said this as he came back to me and lay the knife upon the chair for me to see. “This is a reminder of what could happen if you so much as try.”

He walked behind me and gently began rubbing my ass. His hands felt so loving and kind. I almost could not believe that this man had now twice threatened to kill me. I glanced down at the knife and closed my eyes. After tonight I made a vow to myself that I would never do the things that I had been doing behind my husbands back. You see, for months now, I had been running an online business and catering to bachelor parties and such. I had given them all that they requested and even slept with several of them on numerous occasions. But never would I let a single one of them have my ass. I always told my husband one thing or another to get me out of the house and always came back when I was supposed to be home. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine anything of this nature to ever happen to me.

While my thoughts drifted away from me, I forgot about the man that I was now totally powerless to. Until I felt the sting of a whip on my ass. Over and over again he spanked me harder and harder. I could feel the wind caressing the whelps it left. Oddly I never thought that I would enjoy something of this nature, but I could feel the juices from my cunt slowly dripping down my legs. “The princess likes this does she? I can smell the mustiness of your cunt honey.” He began spanking me harder and harder. My clit began to spasm with each stinging whack to my ass. I was on the verge of coming. Of course, he realized this and stopped.

I whimpered under my breath. He heard me and said, “Oh, you just expected me to let you have pleasure? No, my dear the pain must come before the gratification.” Tears were now beginning to streak down my checks, my nipples harder than rocks and my cunt felt like it was on fire and ready to burst. I had never been so turned on in my entire life and I hated it. I hated him for not letting me have the release that I so desperately craved.

He returned to the bed to retrieve his cigar. Lighting it up he began to walk around me blowing smoke all over my body and into my face and nostrils. When I would try and fight him, try to turn away, he would grab me by the hair forcing me to inhale his smoke. But then something strange happened. Before he put out the cigar, I found myself willingly turning my head to inhale the smoke from his mouth. Several times our lips touched and my body would light up. Tingling sensations flowing all over me.

If he realized I liked it, he didn’t stop until it was done and my whole body was on fire. I was certain that he did realize how much he was turning me on, or else he would have stopped that as well. After replacing the ashtray, he walked behind me once more and I felt the hard, sting of leather on my ass. This time it was not a whip. I could tell that it was a very thick leather paddle. And I wanted him to do it harder. Eventually he did. And my cunt began overflowing with juices, my nipples got tighter and harder, and I could feel the whelps burning on my ass.

He laid the paddle aside, still behind me. His hands began caressing the tender flesh. Flames coursed through my entire body. Licking at my nipples and my harden clit. I heard the zipper of his pants and felt the hardness of his cock. He carefully began rubbing it across the wetness he had created on my cunt. Back and forth and then teasing the entrance until I could no longer stand it. I was moaning and moving my ass in rhythm with his hardness. His fingers began to explore where no one had ever gone before. I felt them teasing and taunting me. He shoved his finger up into my hot cunt to get it wet and then slowly entered it into my ass. It hurt and burned so very much but I silently begged for more. His cock was slipping in and out of hot pussy now, only a few strokes though. I was so close to coming. Tears welled up in my eyes when he removed his finger from my ass and his cock from my tight cunt.

But then he grabbed me by the hips and I could feel his cock at the entrance of my virgin ass. “Just remember darling, the pain must come before the pleasure.” With that, he slammed his cock into my ass. Immediately tears fell from my eyes and my hot, wet cunt began to pulsate. The pain was almost unbearable. I could hardly breath. He fucked my ass harder and harder until I nearly passed out. Over and over his cock invaded me taking the one gift that I had never given to any other man. My whole body was convulsing around his fat cock. My mind went blank and I felt very faint from the tremendous pain and pleasure that I was experiencing. I felt him beginning to throb. He rammed his cock so far into my ass that everything inside burned and tingled. I forgot where I was or whom I was with but not how good it felt. Slowly, he withdrew from me and put his cock away. He began to untie the bonds on my wrists and ankles. And made me promise not to scream for help when he took the gag from my mouth.

“You must go home now princess, I am sure your daddy will be waiting for you.” But how will I get home when I don’t even know where I am? He then took me by the hand and again blindfolded me assuring me that this was a must. We walked for what seemed like a very long while in complete silence. Once we reached our destination, he gently touched my lips. Bending over he kissed them very softly and asked if I had enjoyed the night. I was hardly able to speak but muttered a barely audible, “Yes.” He walked behind me and removed the blindfold from my eyes. “Do not turn around and try to see me princess. Just walk home.” And I did. Although, the temptation to see my captor, was almost too much to bear.

When I arrived home, my dear husband was laying in his chair with a book to his face. I walked over to him and my tears began to fall. I kissed him gently on the cheek. He stood up, taking me into his arms and asked, “Where have you been angel? What is wrong with you my love?”

“I have had a rough night. I would rather talk about it some other time. “

He pulled slightly away from me and brought his hand under my chin. He kissed my forehead, cheeks, and lips. And asked that I please tell him what happened. I disagreed for a moment but then realized this was as good a time as ever to tell him. So, I told him everything. Detail by detail I told him of all the things that had happened and what I had done. And how ashamed I felt because of it. I begged him not to leave me several times. Not one time did he agree or disagree with me, just gently caressed my face and asked me to go on. So, I told him of my captor and what had happened to me. I told him how much I had not wanted to enjoy the things that he was doing to me, but that I did enjoy everything.

I was now uncontrollably sobbing against his shoulder as he gently folded me into his arms and let me cry for a few moments. Then, he took my hand and led me to the computer where he pulled up the sight that I had created along with several of the e-mails from various men requesting different things. These e-mails were ones that I had responded to and carried forth with. He knew, he knew about everything.

“I followed you to every single one of these parties. I saw what you did and whom you did it with. I watched as you fucked, sucked, and took all their abuse just to earn a few dollars. And I love you for it but it’s over my darling. I won’t have my wife doing this anymore.”

In a deep, raspy voice he said, “You have been a naughty princess. I bet you didn’t know that I like to smoke cigars, did you?” A shocked and puzzled look sprang to my face. With that he grabbed me by the hair and bent me over onto his lap and spanked me with his bare hands as I cried out in painful delight.

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