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First Swing Goes Bi

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My husband and I had never done any swinging before but had talked about it many times. It was just kind of a fantasy thing that we shared. Then through a friend of ours, we were invited to what was billed as a swing party although it turned out to be more like an orgy.

The party started out mildly enough. Val, our host had only invited couples. We kept to ourselves at the beginning and found ourselves in a darkened room.

We took off our clothes and tried to fit in with the groups of people in the room. That’s when I noticed one pair of couples on a mattress at the far side of the room. What surprised me was that the two girls were kissing each other and the one of the guys was sucking the other one off. I whispered to David to look and as he did, I reached down and squeezed his balls. I whispered to him that this was a lot kinkier than I thought it would be. He took hold of me and embraced me and we kissed. Then he asked me if watching them turned me on.

I just nodded yes as I again began to stare at the scene. I said, “God, look at that guy suck that cock. That’s so hot.”

David was rock hard by now and I was playing with his cock and balls as he moaned, “You get off on that man to man stuff, huh?”

I just sighed, “Oh, yes, I’ve never seen such a thing and it really turns me on.” Then as I watched the guy shoot cum all over this blond guys face, I moaned with excitement, “Oh god, David, he’s shooting his load in the guy’s mouth. God, that makes me horny.”

That’s when David entered me and began to pump me. I was so wet and so turned on by what I had seen and got a strange but exciting thought. I began to visualize David sucking a guy’s cock and watching him take his cum load into his mouth.

David moaned, “I kind of like the girl/girl thing. I think that’s pretty sexy.” I glanced at the two girls as they were embracing and kissing and I could see one girl’s hand buried in the other girl’s pussy. Then I noticed that the guy had finished unloading his cum in the guy’s mouth and one girl got up and began kissing the blond guys cum drenched face with the guys cock still in his mouth.

David began pumping me harder and I went just wild. I whispered, “Oh god honey, just look at her lick that cum off his face. God, I could really dig that. Watch you suck a juicy cock and have him cum all over your mouth and then lick it off and kiss your cum soaked mouth. Oh god, yes, that’s so hot and wild.”

This must have struck a cord with David because he bucked and came in me like crazy as he moaned, “Oh, honey, yes, tell me what you want. Tell me to suck it. You want him to fuck my mouth and shoot cum in my mouth.” Our climaxes lasted what seemed like an eternity. After we settled down, we noticed that the foursome had left and we were alone. We got up and left the room and went downstairs to the bar. We had a few drinks and talked with some of the others. I began to get horny again and I noticed David’s cock was growing in size so I knew his cock was coming back to life.

We went back upstairs and went into another darkened room. We found an empty mattress at the far end of the room and settled down. I began to stroke David and he lightly touched me back as we slowly drifted into some light foreplay. I then moved down and went down on David’s cock. I sucked his cock for a minute or so and began to think about what we saw in the other room. As I glanced up, I saw this guy, who was still half-dressed in that he had a pair of tight leather jeans on. The guy was leaning against the wall and was watching us intently. I licked up David’s shaft and then smiled at the guy. Then I move back up and kissed David full on the mouth and then stuck my tongue deep into his mouth. I knew he could taste his own cock juices and I heard him sigh. “Oh yes, honey, get me hot for it. That makes me want it. It makes me want to suck it for you.”

I knew that I had David hot for cock sucking now and I just had to make this happen. I pulled away from David and looked deep into his eyes. They were on fire with lust. I blurted out, “Will you do it for me, honey, really do it?”

David replied with a passionate, “Yes, honey, only if you watch me, help me do it, make me hot for it.” I then looked over at the guy with the leather jeans and smiled and then motioned for him to come over. A smile came across his face as he moved toward us. He began to speak, but I motioned with a finger to my lips to remain quiet. I didn’t want anything to break the passion of the moment. I lifted David off me and we both sat up. The guy began to tug at the leather clasp of his jeans but I reached up and pulled him down on his knees on the bed and said, “Let me, let us do it.”

I took hold of David’s hand and moved it up to the leather clasp. I wasn’t sure if the guy was into it so I looked up at him and smiled as I did so. He just grinned and arched his hips forward. I placed my hand behind David’s head and pushed his face down toward the man’s crotch. Again, I looked up at the man to see his reaction as I gave him a grin. He smiled back a strange kind of smile and I noticed a burning look in his eyes as he again arched his hips forward thrusting his leather clad crotch into David’s face. To my surprise, David stuck his nose up to the leather bulge in his pants and then licked the leather. My emotions stirred wildly as I saw David’s saliva glistening along the black leather bulge that seemed to grow larger as David continued to lick up and down.

David then paused and I was amazed at the wild look in his eyes as he struggled with the leather clasp. His mouth was opened and his tongue protruded slightly from his mouth as he licked his lips in anticipation of sucking his first cock. I was on fire as I began to use my own hand on myself as I watched in anticipation. David finally released the clasp and pulled on the man’s leather waist-band and I stared intently as the mushroom tip of the man’s penis peeked over the top of the waistband. David bent over and licked up from the still leather covered shaft to the tip of the man’s penis. As he did so, the man let out a moan. I could see traces of David’s saliva on the now exposed tip. David pulled down harder on the tight leather jeans and soon all of hardness was exposed. David continued to lick the thick silky shaft and as he pulled the leather jeans down further, I could now see David running his tongue all the way down the man’s seven hard inches to the sack of balls hanging at the base.

I watched closely, my own pussy on fire, as David ran his tongue along the man’s balls and then took one of them into his mouth. It was really hot seeing my husband with a man’s balls stuffed in his mouth. “Oh yes, honey, do him, suck his cock for me”, I cried out.

David let the man’s balls fall from his mouth and slid his tongue all the way up the shaft. Then, I sighed again as I watched and I saw the mushroom tip disappear into David’s mouth. God what a great turn on, watching my husband suck a hard cock. “Oh yes David, suck it, harder, feel how hard it is in your mouth. It’s so hot watching you suck it, I can see it in your mouth, I love to see it slide between your lips, it’s so hot baby, it’s so hard in your mouth, oh god baby, suck it for me, suck his big cock.” I was going crazy watching inch after inch slide between David’s lips only to see it slide back out to the point where the now purplish tip came into view, poised at David’s open mouth, and then plunge back in. David continued to suck faster and more wildly.

Just then, a girl came over and said, “So there you are” to the man that was now fucking my husband’s mouth. As she noticed who was sucking him, she giggled, “Oh baby, I know you like blow jobs, but this is pretty kinky, oh yes, really kinky.” Then she looked at me and gave me kind of a strange twisted smile as she knelt down on the mattress so she could watch David closely. “I always wanted to watch Mick get a blow job from a guy. That’s a really hot mouth he’s got there. Oh yes, Mick, let him have it. Stick that big hard cock of yours into his mouth. Fuck his mouth like you fuck my pussy.”

Hearing this girl describe this scene the way she did really was getting me off and I had my first climax as I heard her say “fuck his mouth.”

“Oh yes, honey, he’s so hard, he’s fucking your mouth so hard, it’s so hot watching him fuck your mouth, I want to see him fuck your mouth so hard, I love it, god it makes me so hot, I want to see him shoot, yes, baby, make him shoot his cum in your mouth, oh yes, baby, I want to see cum on your lips, I want to lick his cum from your mouth.”

David went wild as he heard me and Mick began to buck as well. He was pushing his cock deep into David’s mouth and David sucked him harder. Then the guy let out a deep groan and I knew he was about to blast off down my husband’s throat. The idea that another man was going to shoot his cum load down David’s throat was such a turn on, but I wanted to see him shoot his load on his face like the guy we watched before. I cried out, “Back off, let me see it shoot in your mouth.” As David heard me cry out, he backed off and took his hand and pumped the man’s shaft while his tongue swirled around the purplish tip. Then I heard another groan from the guy followed by a loud splash as I watched a huge load of creamy white cum gush out all over my husband’s tongue. David swirled his tongue around and then closed his mouth and rubbed the spurting tip all over his lips. Gooey cum spurted all over his cheeks and his lips and was oozing down his chin. I came again as I rubbed myself violently as I watched the hot cum spill out all over David’s face.

The girl had begun to rub herself as well and just as her boyfriend came, she moaned and bucked as well. “Oh yes, Mick, fuck his face, cum all over his face, shoot that spunk all over his face, that’s it Mick, cum hard baby, shoot it in his mouth.”

Once I calmed down from my latest orgasm, I realized that Mick must have finished as David, cum all over his lips and dripping down his chin, now had Mick’s limp cock between his lips. I moved up and licked a big glob of the cum off David’s chin and then rubbed more on my face as I placed my mouth on David’s still cock filled mouth. As he felt me, he let the now flaccid cock fall out of his lips and his cum splattered lips met mine in a deep tongue dueling kiss. We shared the cum as we swirled our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths and soon, David laid me down and entered me. Our lips remained locked in a cum soaked kiss as David humped me wildly and shot his own load inside me in seconds. I had another climax as I felt David stiffen and shoot his cum into me as I still savored the taste of Mick’s cum on his mouth.

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