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The Pendulum Swings

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My wife Angie and I have been married for seven years and despite having had two children Angie had kept her figure, she was a slim 34 year old woman with long blond hair and small to average, but beautifully formed breasts. We have had a good but not very adventurous love life. Angie would give me oral sex, usually while I was returning the favour but never allowed me to cum in her mouth. We had discussed anal sex but she had considered it too painful and dirty.

In fact it had taken quite some time for me to persuade her to shave her pussy at the edges and a complete shave was out of the question. We had experimented with vibrators, which she enjoyed but she would never use it on herself, as she did not masturbate. So as you can see our love life was somewhat bland and lacking in zest.

We had both been faithful to each other during our marriage and I could never foresee Angie ever leaving. I have however always had a fantasy of seeing my wife get fucked by other men. It was a constant thought in my head when I would masturbate. The thought had become more of an obsession having spoken to a woman in a sex chat room who had regularly with her husbands consent been to swinging parties fucking on average 3?4 men in a night. Except on one occasion when she had fucked 11 different men. She had sent me a picture of herself laid with her legs open, holding her large breasts and pouting at the camera and best of all cum running from her gapping recently abused shaved cunt. The images this put in my head of seeing my wife get gang fucked was almost too much to bear. There was no way my somewhat prudish and naive wife would ever willing consent to going to a swingers party so I had to think of a way of getting us into the situation so as just to have that one opportunity to see if my dreams would ever come true.

For sometime I investigated the swingers scene on the web checking out party dates and locations. Until one day I found a local party night close by to our own hometown. The thought of being there became an obsession and I began to weave a web of lies to create an excuse for us to be at this party.

I had said to my wife that we would be going to a party to meet a group of business people on a social basis in the hope it could further my work career. I told my wife that I wanted to create a good impression so she should dress up for the occasion. As the evening drew closer my anxiety and excitement was reaching fever pitch. I had persuaded my wife just the day before to give her pussy hair a trim. Seeing her bulging hairless pussy lips that night I could only imagine them being parted by a thickly veined strangers cock. But then what chance could I have of seeing that. I knew in my heart that once my wife realised what the party was she would leave and I would be left trying to explain that I did not know it was that sort of party. Not to mention an aching cock.

The night arrived my wife was perfect in her silk underwear thong briefs and hold up stockings. She wore a silky summer dress slit up on side. We drove to the party talking and I rested my hand on my wife’s leg as we drove. I could not resist sliding my fingers into the slit in her dress and playing around the gusset of her panties. She told me to stop because she did not want to get wet down there. Little did she know I wanted to see her dripping wet.

As we arrived I looked into my wife’s eyes and felt a pang of guilt for all the lies and deception that had brought us here, but my heart was pounding looking at how beautiful she was. At the back of my mind I knew nothing would come of all this but I had to see, I had to try.

We entered the party and all were very friendly, as you would imagine. My wife commented to me that they were such a nice group of people, but that the woman seemed to be very provocatively dressed. The woman there did have very tight short dresses and low cut tops with breasts cascading over their inadequate bras. The men where to my surprise where mostly good looking and fit. I guess I had expected more perverts and older men. The group was mostly middle aged except for two younger couples. Who we spent most of the evening talking to. I thought the penny would drop any second as the conversations tended to be quite sexually driven, but this seemed to go over my wife’s head

The party itself was very alcohol fuelled and before long my wife was quite tipsy and giggly. And then it happened. A couple sat on a sofa were kissing heavily; my wife pointed them out and commented that they seemed to have had too much to drink. I said that they seemed to be enjoying themselves so good luck to them. Then two couples we had been stood talking to became closer and were touching each other. It seemed to be the trigger that opened the floodgates as more and more people became intimate. We just sat there on a sofa watching in disbelief. My wife turned to me with a questioning look. I shrugged my shoulders as if to say I don’t know what’s going on. We watched silently until my wife asked that question I was dreading. “What’s going on?” The words stuck in my throat until I blurted out. “ I think we may be at a swingers party”. She looked back at the room and laughed out load. This shocked me. I thought we would be in the car driving home at this point. “Really” she exclaimed. “Oh my god!” I realised the drink was working well at lowering her normal more staid behaviour. “Let’s just watch shall we I said,” She said nothing and just looked back to the room.

By now couples were getting undressed, some leaving to go to other rooms. Some happy to be watched. Eyes were on us. The hostess came and sat next to Angie and said, “This is your first party isn’t it. I can always spot the first timers. Just remember you do not have to do anything you don’t want to.” My wife turned to her and simply said, “OK”.

I placed my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to me to help her feel secure. She was watching the proceedings intensely. In particular the couples previously touching who had swapped partners and the women were masturbating their new partners as they kissed. The men had removed their tops and fondled their breast through their bras. One woman released the clasp of her bra and allowed her ample breasts to tumble forth her nipples very long and erect. Her new partner pinched and pulled at her nipples roughly as she squealed out loud. She lowered her head to his lap and roughly pulled down his shorts to expose his hard cock, immediately she took his rigid tool into her mouth and slid her lips down his shaft engulfing his cock in her throat. I heard my wife draw breath in shock. The other couple had now stripped and the man was positioned between his partner’s legs as he went to work on her clit with his tongue. She gripped at her breasts and threw her head back in pleasure and groaned, lifting her legs and opening them to expose herself to him as his tongue darted in and out of her glistening pussy. I followed the gaze of my wife’s eyes and saw that she was looking not at the woman but at the arse of the man fellating her. It was firm and tight his handsomely proportioned cock jutting forward in an arc from his firm stomach.

Then it happened the moment I had dreamed of as my wife came to accept the situation. Her hand ran over my lap and touched my aching cock straining in my pants. She turned and kissed me deeply her tongue darting into my mouth and drawing me in. She was hot and hungry for me. I immediately found the slit of her skirt and run my hand inside to feel the heat and moisture of her soaking pussy. She lifted her bottom to signal the removal of her panties. I slid them forward and down to the floor as she tore at my zipper to get to my cock. Pulling my cock into the cool air she imitated the woman whose talents in blow jobs was obvious, and sunk her lips and mouth down onto my cock. I gasped in pleasure the tension in my cock had been so great. My fingers found her entrance and slid easily into her soaking wet pussy. The situation had obviously aroused my wife more than I anticipated. She wriggled onto my fingers as I finger fucked her. The woman sucking on her partners cock was looking at me now, and smiling just as her partner jerked and cum into her mouth. She lifted her head and allowed a thick stream of cum to hit her face opening her mouth to catch the constant stream of thick white cum. The sight pushed me over the top my balls tensed sensing my orgasm my wife gripped my balls and squeezed but did not move. My cock jerked in her mouth and I exploded. I gripped at her hair and held her there, she swallowed again and again as I emptied my aching balls into her throat, the feeling was glorious. The two couples had stopped to watch us and gave my wife a clap as she lifted her head, my cum running from the corners of her mouth. She turned to me and smiled. Taking her head I kissed her deeply tasting the cum and saliva. “Thank you I mouthed to her” I looked into her eyes and saw a burning passion that I had never seen before. “What about me she said?” Then a husky voice came from behind her “Can I help you there?” We both turned to look and saw the man that my wife had been watching so intently earlier as he had been pussy licking his partner. My wife’s face blushed and she turned and looked at me. I simply nodded. Without a word she sat back on the sofa and opened her legs. The stranger knelt before her holding her legs gently open and lowered his lips to her pussy. He gently kissed around her lips as my wife gasped a short intake of breath. Then he licked around her lips and up over her clit. I now realised he must be quite practised at this. He continued to run the tip of his tongue around the inside of her bulging pussy lips. My wife had her eyes shut as she reached down and held his head caressing his hair. He was sucking on her clit and alternatively dipping his tongue into her pussy, he continued this for a while as I watched when she suddenly arched her back and screamed out as her first orgasm hit her. The first time any stranger had brought her to climax since we married.

“Did you like that the man exclaimed?” “Yessss” my wife hissed “thank you”. By now an audience had gathered men with ragging hard ons were being wanked by naked woman as they watched. Angie turned to me and said; “I need to be fucked baby” I nodded. With this the expert with the tongue took her face and kissed her. I reached over and lifted her to remove the dress that had been pulled up around her waist her breasts fell forward to meet the stranger’s hands that roughly kneaded them. He pulled her down onto the floor and opened her legs. My wife took hold of his cock rubbing it then placing it at her hot swollen pussy lips. “Fuck me she exclaimed and do it hard” With this he thrust his rigid cock into her “Oh God!” my wife shouted. He started to fuck her hard and fast pumping into her body so she shook with each thrust, her breast rocking back and forth with the motion. She lifted her legs and grabbed her ankles. The stranger on out stretched arms fucked her harder to the sound of his thighs slapping into her arse and the squelching sound of my wife’s well soaked pussy. I sat mesmerised by the sight of his cock pulling out to the very tip and then plunging back in to the hilt. The lips of my wife’s cunt stretching around his thick shaft.

Upload: If you choose to upload your story, it should be uploaIt was only then that I felt a woman’s hand on my cock. “Feeling left out?” I turned to see the very full?breasted woman sat with me. She smiled as she wanked me. My wife was now in a frenzy of passion she reached out to a nearby cock that waived close to her face and took it into her mouth sucking hard on it. Yet another cock on the other side of her was grasped by her hand and rubbed vigorously. This was my dream come true my wife being fucked and loving it. Men, like hungry dogs to meat surrounded her. The lover inside her tensed and gritted his teeth; his buttocks clenched as he cried out and let loose his cum inside my wife. Pumping still as the cum oozed from around his cock and down her arse. Feeling his hot cum splashing inside her she let loose the cock from her mouth and arched her back and cum in another guttural scream. As her lover slipped limp from her pussy cum run from her onto the floor. Immediately the cock in her mouth moved around and turned my wife over onto all fours. He slid into the well?lubricated slit and start to fuck my wife doggy style. Another of the horny room full of twitching cocks was presented to my wife’s open mouth and she sucked hungrily on it.

My fondling lover whispered to me “shall we take a closer look.” She took my hand and lying on the floor next to my wife top to tail watched from below at the cock sliding in and out of my wife’s well fucked cum dripping hole. Fuck me she said as I placed my cock at her shaved pussy lips only inches from my wife’s face. Angie stopped sucking on her cock and watched my cock as it slid into my lovers’ pussy her thighs lifting from the ground to meet my stroke and take me into her. I looked into my wife’s eyes and we smiled at each other before she returned to servicing her waiting cock. I watched as my lover reached out and stroked my wife’s pussy and the balls of the pounding member as it slid easily back and forth into my wife. Her fingers traced around her clit and started to stroke and play with it. We lay there fucking for some time but, then as if in a great crescendo of orgasms the cock in my wife’s mouth pulled out and shot cum all over my wife’s face, as he pumped his organ over her she opened her mouth to catch the spray. At the same time the lover inside her tensed as the fingers on his balls squeezed and he let loose into my wife’s pussy the second load of hot cum, my lover still squeezing his balls to empty him totally whilst rubbing my wife’s clit vigorously. This was all too much for myself and my wife we both start to orgasm my wife pushing down onto the invading fingers on her clit and I into my lovers hot pussy that expertly squeezed my cock with her muscles sucking my cum into her.

We all collapsed into a heap on the floor. I looked over to my wife. Cum saturated her face, running from her mouth and pussy, her arse hole coated in thick white spunk that poured still from the cock now lying on her buttocks. I kissed my lover then turned to my wife and kissed her deeply tasting the cum that filled her mouth.

The others in the room dissipated to fuck each other. As my wife and I lay there cum soaked and content. I ran my hands over her wet sticky body and found her pussy, sliding two fingers inside and scooping the cum from her I probed her arse hole and lightly fingered inside her arse, She pushed back and allowed my finger to enter her. “That is for you only my love,” she said as she lowered her lips once more to my already stiffening cock. She licked clean the sticky juices of my orgasm and that of my lovers pussy juices, wanking me gently until I felt a rigidness return. My fingers slid now easily in and out of her arse I added a second, which was soon accommodated. My wife then stood shakily and walked to a nearby table laying over it she spread her legs and turned to look at me. She had never looked so beautiful stood there in only her stockings legs spread, bent over, her abused and used pussy gapping open cum still running from it down her legs. She parted her buttocks and said again “for you only” I walked to her kissed her on the buttock then placed the tip of my now rigid cock against her arse hole. “I love you” I whispered and pushed the tip of my cock inside her. Her body tensed then relaxed again. I edged a further inch inside her. She relaxed further and accommodated me opening up and pushing back onto my cock another inch sliding inside her. Like this we continued until my cock was fully inside her. “Now fuck my arse,” She said. I start a slow deep rhythm inside her. The tightness of her arse hole round my cock felt total ecstasy. I held her arse and fucked her with vigour. I voice from the side said; “Can I help you?” It was our hostess holding a 10” vibrator. She placed the vibrating tool against my wife’s clit. She groaned and pushed back onto me egging me on. I gripped her buttocks firmly and fucked her with renewed earnest. She started to squeal begging me to fuck her arse harder. I did so pounding her virgin arse hole until my balls clenched tight and I felt them explode pumping cum into my wife’s arse hole. Gripping her tight I emptied my cock deep inside her. As she screamed and bucked on my cock her arse clenched and she pushed down onto me as the vibrator took her over the top. Trembling and shaking she cum until she slipped from the table with exhaustion onto the floor with me still buried deep in her arse.

I pulled my flaccid cock from her and watched as the cum oozed from her arse hole. Our hostess licked the cum from her arse hole and cleaned her pussy still so very sensitive. We fell asleep in each other’s arms from exhaustion.

We woke the next morning having slept there on the floor all night. The guests had all gone and our hostess brought us coffee. “We have another party next month you are most welcome all my guests said what a wonderful show you put on last night and many are keen to play with you next time. My wife now shy again and looking a little ashamed as the previous nights events flooded back into memory, looked to me “We’ll be here” I said.

In the car on the way home was silence “I love you” I said to break the silence. “I love you too” Said my wife “and I shall never leave you no matter home many men use me for sex. I will always be yours” It was then I knew for sure we would be going back next month.


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