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The Party

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We’ve been at the cocktail party for a few hours, and admittedly I’m tipsy. Which in turn, makes me horny. Hornier than usual.. and I know this pleases you, as you will be the benefactor later. Provided I don’t drink too much more. But… one more drink… before we go home… and I indulge you.

As I head to the bar ( or slightly stumble?) I cannot help noticing a man… well I notice all men… but this one in particular is easier to pick out, as it seems he has been noticing me all night.

Or rather, us. Yes, that’s it, he’s been looking at us for a better part of the evening. In fact I think he’s the one who asked you if you had a lighter earlier. Attractive man, your height, dark hair… quite kissable I think. You and I do make a nice couple… wonder what he’s thinking… or which one of us he wants! God I must be horny to have thought that…

Well I’ve got a few cocktails under my belt… feeling pretty bold… I’m going over to him… under the guise of getting a drink of course. Standing next to him I feel a sense of electricity, and I don’t know why. He smells fantastic – such a turn on. I brush his hand as I reach for a napkin… I tell him ‘ I’m sorry,’ and he says ‘ don’t be… my name is Mark.’ Of course he’d say that… that name has always made me hot. An ominous sign. I look up at his handsome face… I tell him I couldn’t help noticing him noticing us… and he smiles… blushes… and says ‘yes, more like admiring you.’

‘Why so’? I ask, and he says ‘the two of you are erotic and sensual in your actions with one another, and I couldn’t help being attracted to you.’

‘To me? ,’ I ask… and he tells me, ‘both of you.’ A shiver runs down my spine… or was it a tingle? Did he really just say that?

Easily a thousand thoughts run through my head. Was this man saying what I was hearing? Was my single most erotic fantasy about to come true, if I am right? I was instantly incredibly turned on, wet at the thought, knees weak. After all, how often had we talked about a third… hours of orgasms from watching bisexual videos, enjoyed our toys imagining the real thing. Could I make a move without asking you? I wanted desperately to take this sensual stranger home with us… but reality comes to me and I make some feeble gesture asking if he would he like to meet you. Of course he says yes, he’d like that.

I bring him to you, and you sense something on my face… something tells you this is not going to be an ordinary conversation. Perhaps it’s the way he has his hand lightly on the small of my back as we walk… or the flush in my face. Or just maybe, had you noticed him watching us this evening too?

“Mark, this is Michael… We were just talking at the bar. I was telling him that our apartment is just around the corner, and would he like to join us for a drink? ” God, I didn’t know how that’d go over, seeing as it just slipped out of my mouth without the forethought of asking either of you. Hmm… well the worst is someone says no and that’s the end of it.. You don’t appear mad (thankfully!), in fact intrigued… and you look at me and say ‘yes, why not – Mark will you join us?” I almost faint… booze or desire I don’t know from which. Someone tell me – is this really happening? Mark tells us he’s grabbing his coat, he’ll meet us downstairs? He leaves… and you kiss me with a 1000 fingers of fire, I feel your hard-on against me, beads of sweat on your forehead… telling me that I wasn’t wrong… in fact verrry right… I moan into your mouth and tell you we need to leave… now.

We meet Mark downstairs, and make idle chitchat the 2 blocks to our apartment. Really all it does is distract us from the power of what we know is about to happen. The drink we make once inside takes a slight edge off… but I have already been to the bathroom to take off panties that no longer serve their purpose. I ache to touch myself while in there, but know I am better served by waiting. As I come out, I notice you and Mark looking at pictures we have hung on the wall that I have taken… he comments on how good they are but all I notice is how close to you he is standing. And that you don’t move away. How he puts his hand lightly on your shoulder as he points to one he really likes. Not wanting to interrupt, but not wanting to stay away, I approach. You both turn to me. You put your arm around me and Mark tells me how he enjoys my pictures. You tell me he should, that I am good at what I do. And then you lean down and kiss me. Softly, tenderly, only for a moment. Mark blushes at the intimate moment, but it is evident that he is turned on by it.

So much so, that he too kisses me. Lightly, on the lips… but enough to make me catch my breath… move my hand to touch his face, pull him closer. You are standing behind me now, your hands on my hips, and as he breaks away he shyly says ‘Michael, I hope that was not inappropriate.’ God! The only thing more appropriate would have been for him to take off his clothes! You tell him ‘no, it was in fact exciting.’ And suddenly he did the same to you… his lips on yours, just enough to taste… and there I was between the two bodies… feeling your hard cock against my ass, his hard cock against my stomach. And the butterflies surrounding my entire being. I reach up and put an arm around Mark, and another behind me around your neck… as you kiss this man. An action I wasn’t sure Id ever see for real… and if I only knew what was about to come. No pun intended…

You break the kiss, and ask Mark if he’d like to join us in the bedroom… I think at that point even if the room was on fire we’d be going in! I take your hand, and then his, and lead you both. I am at that moment thankful we have a king size bed. You begin to unbutton my blouse, as Mark takes down my skirt… and I am left in panties and bra… and I slip your shirt off your shoulders… kiss them… as I feel Mark’s tongue on mine. How incredible the feeling of two sets of hands… two mouths… two bodies against mine. I feel you reach behind you and I move away to let you remove Mark’s shirt… as he unbuttons his pants… and suddenly there we all are… down to underwear, yours and Marks’ desire so evident under your boxers. I have, at this moment, never been more turned on in my life. I am standing behind you, as Mark runs his hands down your chest, to your waist, with the intention of removing your boxers. I whisper in your ear, ‘Michael, take them off for him, please.’ I’m sure it comes across as more begging than asking.

Your hands move to his waist… fingers slide under the elastic… and slowly you remove the boxers… from this beautiful man in front of you. This reveals his hardness… his endowment nothing to be shy about. You are both so perfect in every way. As you move closer to each other your cocks touch… and you moan into Mark’s mouth… his hands run down your back… and reach out to me and pull me close… he now kisses me… his hands are on my breasts… caressing, touching… he takes one in his mouth and the mere touch almost makes me come. There will be plenty of opportunity for that though.

He moves me gently to the bed, and lays me down. We all lay together, caressing, touching, feeling, exploring. I cannot keep my hands off the 2 hard cocks in my bed, and more than the world want them inside of me. As your hand moves between my legs, I moan and tell Mark that I want him to taste you… and he tells me ‘with pleasure.’ He moves between your legs… I am laying next to you and kissing you, and he takes you in his mouth. The initial act takes your breath away… after all, the first touch by a man. ‘You have always wanted this, haven’t you Michael…’ and all you can do is moan ‘yes.’ I take your hand away… It will make me come as excited as I am right now. Mark is making love to your cock with his mouth… his tongue runs the length of the long shaft, down to your balls… the inside of your thighs… I am sure I have never seen this look on your face. His hands are moving all over your body, and I touch his back, run my hands through his hair, as he pleasures you.

I cant help looking at his hard cock… I want to taste it, touch it, make him come. You first though darling… ‘Michael baby, you want to taste Mark don’t you’? ‘Oh god, yesssss please’ you groan loudly. Instinctively, Mark moves his body and positions his cock over your mouth, as I guide m to it. He kisses me, and I tell him this is soo beautiful and erotic, and he kisses me back and moans into my mouth as you take him in your mouth. I take your cock in my hand and stroke it as he kisses me. Your hips buck towards my hand, and I just cannot resist… I must have you inside of me. I mount you, facing Mark, kissing him hard, as your cock slides soo easily into me, his cock in your mouth. You moan loudly around Mark’s cock, and I am moaning loudly as I fuck you… my arms around Mark… god the pleasure happening in that room at that very moment!

I am realistic though that we cannot do this much longer; I can tell by your sounds and your hips that you are so close to coming… and I’m not sure if its from me fucking you or you sucking another man’s cock, but either way I’m not letting you come yet. I lift myself off, grudgingly, from your gloriously hard cock… feeling incredibly empty. Mark looks incredible as his cock slides in and out of your mouth, and I cant help noticing that you really look like a pro doing it! Realizing that he too will come if he does not stop, he takes his cock from your mouth with a moan. His body straddles yours, and he leans his weight against you, hard cock against hard cock. He grinds his cock on yours, and lifts your legs around his waist. He leans down and kisses you, and tells you he’d love the pleasure of making love to you, but doesn’t want to do anything that you’re not ready for or comfortable with. I already knew there was no way you were going to say no, and I think by the way you were grinding your hips into his, meeting his kisses, pulling his ass closer to you, that he knew too.

You almost whimpered… ‘yes, oh god please.’ I was sure I was going to pass out from being so turned on… I was constantly touching my self but holding back from the orgasm. But when I heard this, I couldn’t stop. Laying there next to you, as he was on top of you, the both of you caressing each others body… I finally let myself go… ‘Oh god Michael I cant stop… Im going to come…’ you broke apart at that moment, Mark to kiss me, and you to hold me, as my body felt every bit electric… on fire… an intensity I am not sure Id felt before… my moans loud enough to wake the entire block… every muscle, every fiber coming with me… and you moaned in my ear with me as you rubbed your hard cock against my leg. My body convulsed over and over, my ass entirely off the bed, my hand furiously working my clit harder and harder… it had to have lasted easily five minutes or so. I’m fairly certain I broke a nail on Mark’s back as I held onto him… his kisses on my lips, neck, tits… your hands roaming my whole body…

‘God baby I’ve never seen you like that’ you told me… and I tell you that I’ve never seen what I just saw… and you whisper to me, ‘Do you want more’? I put my arms around you and moan into your neck ‘oh god Michael yes please, … you know I want to see that… you know I want to see him fuck you don’t you… you want it Michael sweetheart don’t you… ‘? Mark leans over me, his hard cock against my ass… and kisses my shoulder… ‘Id like that… ‘ he says…

It occurs to me… that here I am, in the middle of my wildest fantasy. This beautiful man, giving the most intense pleasure to my partner, and I get to be right in the middle of it. Or underneath it, as it works out. I move the bedside drawer for the lube, and condoms… and Mark positions you on your knees. He knows we have had many a night with my strap-on, and that you’re more than ready for him, the real thing. As he lubes you, a finger slides inside your ass, and you groan. His hand roams to your balls, then your cock… already rock hard with anticipation. I notice that his is too… incredibly so in fact. I take the condom and put it on him… my touch excites him and he moans and kisses me. ‘I want to make this good for you, as well as Michael.. ‘ he tells me… and I kiss him back, caress his face… and tell him ‘ I know you do baby, and I cant thank you enough.’

And with this, he leans down and kisses your back, and moves to your neck, and you turn your head to kiss him back. His hardness against your ass, he moves his cock between your ass cheeks… reaches under you and strokes your cock a little… and asks you ‘Michael, are you ready for me? ‘

‘More than you know Mark… please… fuck me… .’ He takes the head of his cock and places it right at your ass… slowly entering you little by little… he can tell by your moans that this is ok, that this is what you want, that he should keep going. I cannot believe how hard your cock is between your legs, and I want to touch it. I position myself underneath you… my face just beneath yours… and I lean up and kiss you… ‘God Michael I have never seen anything so hot in my life… god baby what you do to me… ‘ I am moaning in your mouth as I kiss you, my hand on your neck, the other around your cock…

Mark has entered you fully… and his hips begin the back and forth motion of making love to you. Your combined moans are such a turn on, telling me how good you both feel. ‘Here you are… getting what you have always wanted’ I tell you… and you can do nothing more than utter ‘yessss’ to me. Mark runs his hands from your hips, up your back, as his cock fills you over and over again… this is 100 times better than the movies we have watched! While it seems that would be obvious, you don’t realize it until it happens. And boy, is it happening!!!

Marks hips thrust at you… and you are matching his pace, fucking back at him. I have moved so I can take your cock in my mouth… I watch it sway between your legs with the motion of the fucking… and you sense how close it is to my mouth… ‘baby please suck it… please’ you cry out… this makes Mark hot… moaning as he increases his tempo and I reach over to touch his cock as it slides in and out of you. Incredible… and he likes this too… his balls tight as I caress them… I now am pleasuring both of you, by touching him and sucking you. Our three bodies moving in erotic sensuality. It is almost surreal…

I am enjoying the taste of your cock. For some reason, it tastes different tonite. And harder… harder than I’ve ever felt, or imagined. And I know you are enjoying my touch… my tongue… and more importantly, the cock in your ass. Your bucking hips, your groans, your heavy breathing, all tell me Mark is really giving it to you good. And he is obviously enjoying this just as much… his sweat drips on your back, his head thrown back and mouth open with a groan. I am almost jealous, but the pleasure is truly mine as well. More than I think we ever imagined…

The pleasure heightens… and I can feel your muscles straining and getting tighter as Mark fucks you. I feel his balls tighten more and more, and I realize that you two cannot hold out much longer. I increase my tongue action on your cock… sucking harder and faster… and slip a finger in Marks ass. He moans… ‘oh god yes,’ and pumps you harder. I cant imagine how either you has held off this long.

Suddenly your body begins to buck harder back at him, faster, and I see your hands grip the sheets so hard I wonder if you will rip them (and not caring!). Your breathing intensifies, and you are yelling now ‘ohhhh god baby oh god I’m gonna come.’ I have never heard this tone in your voice, a tone of pure erotic abandon. And this is not a regular orgasm… its like your entire body is coming. Your back arching at Mark and slamming your cock down into my mouth furiously back and forth and back and forth… not moaning but yelling, from your very core. I can barely hang on to your cock… and Mark grabs your hips roughly to keep pace with you. As if he could fuck you any harder or faster, somehow he does… ‘Michael, I want you to come for me’ he tells you…

And that does it… ‘ohhhh god ohhhhhhhh god ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!!! ‘ Your entire body comes… every muscle is being used to give you this orgasm… and you come violently, the bed pounding against the wall as you jerk and spasm. The intensity is incredible, and your arms buckle and you collapse on top of me as you are still coming. Mark continues to hold your hips, his hard cock still fucking you, until every last drop of come is gone, until your body stops heaving… and only then does he finally give in to the release that I’ve marvled at how he held off. He grunts with his effort as he pulls out of you, and rips off the condom as he wildly strokes his cock. He uses his other arm to steady himself for what he knows will be an orgasm from the deep…. I reach up and takes his balls in my hand… it is all I can do to help him as your body has collapsed on me. I am wet with all of your come and sweat, and I take some in my hand as I fondle Mark’s balls, encouraging him to come. This turns him on immensely, as he has just made love to a man, and is the man’s first, and this come is the result.

He is moaning loudly now, his strokes like lightening… and I tell him ‘Mark I want you to come for me, all over Michael’s ass… please’ and that sends him to the promised land. He yells out and covers your back and ass with immense amounts of come… he comes for a long time, longer than even you did… and I see that his arm is shaking with the effort of stroking out this come. Finally, he falls next to you. The bed is covered in come and sweat, our bodies slick with it. The only sounds in the room are those of bodies breathing… coming down from the intense activity. Arms are strewn about, legs over bodies.

And we fall asleep just like that… with smiles on our faces, knowing this was not a dream.

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