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The Office

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She had spent all of the last week waiting for him, making sure she didn’t miss her train – the 722 to Waterloo. She stood in exactly the same place on the train. She was totally besotted by a man that had never spoken to her and whose name she didn’t know. She had barely eaten since he had taken her on the stairs.

She had recurring dreams where he was making love to her and always woke up breathless and sweating her pussy aching and her clit demanding attention.

Each night she had taken her vibrator and fucked herself to orgasm wishing that it was his cock. She was totally and utterly hooked. She wanted this man more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. She went to work every day and continued as normal waiting till late to leave and taking the stairs just in case he was there.

It was Wednesday and she had been given a new project that had totally absorbed her the whole day. She and not given him a thought for the first time in a week and she felt in control. She was in the office on her own. She had all her plans and papers laid out on the board room table and was finalising her drawing and storyboard ready for the presentation the next day.

She stretched across the table gathering the paper to her. Her skirt moulded tight around her ass showing every contour and revealing that she was not wearing panties. She had taken to leaving them at home just in case he was on the train and wanted some fun. Now she liked the feeling of her pussy being uncovered beneath her skirt. She loved the feeling of freedom and wickedness especially when she was in meetings knowing that most of the men in the room would cum in their pants there and then if they knew her naked shaved pussy was so close to them. Sometimes she bent over showing her tits or her luscious ass just to see what their reactions might be.

She bent over the desk again humming to herself, enjoying her work. She squealed in surprise as she felt herself being pushed against the table. Then she smelt him and immediately recognised him. He had surprised her again and the scream died in her throat, he was back and she was already breathless and excited.

He pushed her down gently until she was bent over the table. He spread her legs and pushed her arms out across the table so that she was spread eagled across the smooth wooden surface. He bent over her and whispered in her ear to stay exactly as she was. His voice was rich and deep his words thrilled her beyond measure. She did as he had told her – she felt his hands on her as he was stroking her ankles and feet his touch was so soft and erotic.

She felt his lips kiss her ankles and she felt his tongue through her sheer stockings. He gradually worked his way up her legs kissing and stroking her exploring her every erogenous zone and turning her on more and more as he worked. She was getting wetter and wetter and could feel her juice trickling down her inner thighs.

Next she felt him undo the zipper on her skirt, he eased it down gradually revealing the soft white orbs of her ass and he stroked and kissed them slowly as he slipped her skirt to her ankles. She felt him stand behind her pressing her to the table again; she felt his erection and was thrilled to know that she would soon have him in her.

He slipped his hands under her blouse running them up her spine making her squirm with excitement. He released the catch on her bra gradually moving his hands to cup her tits. He told her to stand up, he reached round and undid the buttons of her blouse one by one, kissing and licking her neck and ears as he went.

She was already weak at the knees and her pussy was dripping her juice on the carpet. He noticed, chuckled and commented how nice it was to have his own little fuck toy. Her blouse dropped to the floor and her bra followed she was now naked except for her stockings suspenders and shoes.

Suddenly he spun her round to face him he crushed her to him kissing her lips and taking her breath away with the fierceness of his passion. He lifted her off her feet and sat her on the table he told her to lie down he then asked if she trusted him, she nodded unable to speak her brain was totally focused on her need; for him she would do anything so long as he took her.

He placed her feet so that her ass was right on the edge of the table and her knees apart exposing her pussy. He bought a chair up close to the table and sat down. His face was now inches from her pussy, he sat looking at her and she could feel his breath, she was so turned on by the thought of him studying her pussy so closely she could feel the juice seeping and dripping from her.

She was desperate to feel his mouth on her; she lifted her hips silently offering her pussy and ass to him. He murmured his approval; she felt his fingertips trail up and down her legs. By now she had started to shake and she could feel the orgasm starting to build inside her. The warmth spreading she reached down to touch her clit and her tits. He pushed her hands away telling her that he was the only person who was going to give her an orgasm and only when he chose to.

He kissed her inner thigh and licked the pussy juice off her. He ran his tongue up her thigh till he reached her pussy lips. He paused, breathing in the musky scent of her then he kissed her clit; she pushed her pussy into his face. He licked her pussy lips savouring her taste, she was moaning with lust and desire.

Her body was shaking and her breathing erratic. He pushed his tongue deep into her dripping hole licking her out and drinking down her juice. Now she was moaning loudly fucking his mouth building to orgasm. Suddenly he stopped and she cried out in frustration wanting him to make her cum. He just smiled and ordered her to kneel in front of him.

She scooted of the table and knelt as he instructed. He stood up. She could see his cock straining against the fabric of his trousers. He asked if she wanted his cock. She nodded and her eyes told him she was hungry for him. He undid his belt and then unzipped his fly.

He ordered her to take his cock out and make love to it with her mouth and hands. She eased his trousers down and he was so hard she could not wait to get him inside her mouth. She stripped his boxers off him releasing his delicious cock.

She kissed the tip and flicked her tongue out to lick the pre cum off him, his taste turning her on even more. She slowly ran her tongue from the tip of his cock to his balls. He groaned with pleasure he dropped into the seat behind him so that she could take his trousers off. He spread his feet wide so that she could kneel between his thighs.

She took his cock and slowly swallowed it taking him deep into her throat and gently massaging his balls as she slid her mouth so slowly up and down his length. She paused and started to lick and slurp on his balls sucking them gently into her hot mouth and swirling her tongue around them. God she loved the taste and smell of him she wanted to lick and suck him for hours. As she slurped on his balls she stroked his cock loving the soft hard texture.

He groaned his cock getting harder and harder as she sucked, licked and slurped his balls and cock. God she was a fantastic cock sucker!! He told her to stop turn around and bend over. He pushed his face into her pussy and ass licking and exploring her.

As he licked her ass he pushed two fingers into her cunt finding her G spot and massaging her as he tasted her ass. She could not hold out any longer she started to cum wailing and shouting as it thundered through her. He kept licking and massaging her extending her orgasm till she was weak at the knees and shaking.

He stood and pushed his cock deep and hard into her gaping pussy making her shudder again. He fucked her hard and fast holding her ass to him and pounding her pussy she came again her pussy muscles squeezing his cock willing him to cum.

He pulled out and told her to kneel so that he could fuck her mouth. She wanted to taste her cum on him. He fucked her mouth loving the hot wetness of it. He felt his orgasm peak, he exploded into her, his spunk filling her mouth overflowing and dripping down her chin as she swallowed his cum draining him of every last drop. He tasted so good!! She collapsed into a chair totally spent.

She closed her eyes savouring the feeling of contentment spreading through her. When she opened her eyes he was gone, somehow he had gathered his clothes and left the office as silently as he had arrived. She smiled contentedly knowing that he would be back for more soon.

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