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The Object of His Desires

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Chapter One- Luann

Luann watched the white, fluffy flakes as they filtered through her view in the blinds. It had been snowing since early morning and she was happy to be inside the warmth of Ryan’s flower shop. Her thick mock turtleneck and flannel shirt kept her warm on the outside, but inside she needed nothing extra to warm her; she was already burning with desire.

She watched as Ryan’s long, agile fingers placed the last red rose in the perfect arrangement he had been working on for the last hour.

She loved watching him work. The natural talent he had for his craft exuded confidence yet gentleness in every bouquet he created. Ryan, her Ryan, yet not hers now. It had been Lulu and Ryan since the sixth grade; they just fit together. She had always loved him with her entire being, but now it was with the acceptance that she could no longer have him to herself. Now there was Peter and Peter made Ryan happy, which is what Luann ultimately wanted. Yet inside she still burned for him.

“This is ready,” he said in his throaty, raspy voice that still sent chills up her spine. The delivery driver took the arrangement from him and headed for the back door where The Rose Cottage delivery van was parked in the steady onslaught of snow.

“Take extra care with this one Derek,” Ryan’s eyes smiled at him “ It has to be perfect for her!”

“I will Mr. Turner, don’t you worry!” Derek replied, walking out the door.

“Wait!” Ryan turned to Luann and saw her daydreaming about him again. “Do you have the card for that honey?” he asked her sweetly coming up behind her. His breath on her ear made her pussy moist with excitement. She shook herself out of her trance in which she had been kissing her way down Ryan’s neck, to his muscular chest and then to waistband of his khakis where she knew the treasure of his perfect eight-inch cock lay.

She finally choked out an answer “Yes, I have it right here.” She glanced at the smallish writing on the card.

She recognized the names; she had seen them many times while putting arrangements in the Cottage delivery van. This romantic man had always bought his wife Ryan’s special, unique arrangements to mark their important moments together.

Ryan kissed her cheek, taking the card from between her sweating hands. He crossed the littered floor of the back room of the flower shop and slipped the card into the metal clip in the gorgeous arrangement. He always used the best roses; hydroponics, grown in water not soil, because the stems were sturdier and lasted much longer than regular roses. Today he had added white tulips, delicate bleeding hearts and white lilies. Bendy willow added the final touch to the elegant crystal vase that only Ryan would go to the expense of using.

“Remember,” he said to Derek in his most fatherly voice “ drive carefully on these slippery roads, and don’t worry about coming back tonight, I’ll write you out for an extra hour.” Derek beamed at the idea of an extra hour of overtime, but then he was always happy to put in extra hours for Mr. Turner. “Right at six, don’t forget!” Ryan said and closed the door as snow was starting to drift into the door.

Chapter Two- Ryan

“Are you ready to go Missy?” Ryan winked at her signaling that he recognized her state. He knew what she wanted, what she craved from him… to love him, consume his flesh and to have him love her in return.

He grabbed his jacket as she slipped off of the tall, swivel stool she had been sitting on. She always looked like a smooth rippling ribbon when she moved, fluid, blushed and beautiful. He really did love her. Always had loved her, he thought back to last weekend…

…the sky had been threatening snow all day. They had spent the day cuddling on the couch watching old movies. The Victorian he had bought the year before in up-state New York was permeated with the sweet smell of cinnamon and apples. Luann was making an apple pie in the kitchen, while he went to take a shower. In the solitude of the warm water he let himself think about his other love, his Peter, his lover, his partner, his secret. Peter was his secret to everyone but Luann. She had known! She had always known everything there was to know about him even when he thought he was hiding everything from her, his likes, his dislikes, his passion and his desire.
He and Luann had spent every waking moment they could together since the time they were twelve years old. They had been “the couple” all the way through high school and college.

Those had been days of denial for him, always trying to be the perfect couple for his parents and their friends and for Luann herself. There had been a couple of hints in high school that Luann was not everything he was looking for. Then they met Peter. They were in their last year of college and some friends took them to a local brew pub. Peter worked there and one of the guys they were with that night introduced them. When Peter took Ryan’s hand in introduction, Ryan thought he would explode. Peter’s eyes were soft, yet piercing, and his hands smooth, yet firm. Ryan knew that Peter saw right through him. He blushed and excused himself to the restroom.

They had left the pub and walked back to Ryan’s off campus apartment when Luann brought it up. He had his hand up under her short crop top and was twisting her thick brown nipples after just coming through the door; when she whispered in his ear; her voice thick with passion “ You want him, don’t you?”

Ryan was dumbfounded. He stood straight up and looked at her with astonishment.
The only thing that tumbled from his lips was “What?”

“Baby, don’t try to hide it from me anymore” she said sweetly “ I have known for a long time that you are gay… well, probably BI, huh?” She smiled at him to try to keep him from getting angry. He withdrew his hand from under her shirt. “What are you talking about Lulu?” he asked her, still trying to be casual.

“Honey, it’s okay. I’m not mad or anything. I have known for a long time now. I could see it back in high school, I just was afraid to say anything for fear you would leave me.” Luann’s voice stayed soft and even in an effort to keep this from becoming a dramatic event.

“ I knew all about you and Joey Sullivan, our senior year” she continued, “did you ever go all the way with him? I know he absolutely adored you.” Luann stopped because Ryan’s mouth hung open with shock. He thought about Joey and how much he loved the sex with him when he finally pushed his throbbing cock into Joey’s soft tight tunnel. He knew then that it was a man that he wanted to spend his life with, but how could he. At the time Joey was in love with him and had wanted to tell everyone. Ryan couldn’t have that; he wasn’t ready. His parents would have just died and Lulu, what would he tell Lulu, plus his reputation would be shot! No, he told Joey that he didn’t want to be with him, that he loved Luann and that since Joey got accepted to Berkeley, 3000 miles away,that he should go. It wasn’t far enough for Ryan! He always lived in fear that Joey would somehow let it slip and someone in his hometown would find out.

But now he realized that she had known all along. And now there was Peter. The warm water from the pulsating shower-head beat on his muscular back. He let his hand slip to his growing member. He flicked his thumb over the sensitive head and started on the downward stroke toward his balls. He heard the shower door click open.

“Need some help with that, babe?” Luann, never subtle, stood naked in front of him. All five foot two of her, eyes of blue, just like the song said. She was his gal too. She had always been his, the only girl he had ever fucked, could even get excited with for that matter.

“Three months is a long time without him,” Ryan sighed.

“I know sweetie,” she cooed in his ear stopping his hand and wrapping hers around the dark knob of his thick cock where his had been. He kissed her full in the mouth, his tongue searching for hers and for the passion he knew she craved. She broke off the kiss and trailed down his chiseled chest to his erection. She pumped the head through her fist and then bent to plunge it into her hot, wet mouth. His shaft slid along her tongue and she held it stiff against the sensitive under side.

“Oh god, Lulu… you do that so good baby. That’s it, suck my cock hard until I squirt my cum down your beautiful throat!” She loved hearing him talk dirty. He was usually so composed that it made her pussy drip with lust when he talked like that. She continued her assault and had him spurting his ropy, white jets onto her tongue in no time. She stood up and fed him the cum in her mouth. That was the ultimate for him, he knew that she understood about his love of men and the high he got from having a load of sperm in his mouth after the first time she did that for him. And she knew he admitted uknowingly what a huge gesture it was between them. They stayed there under the water, hugging and kissing until the water finally grew cold. They dashed to the bedroom and climbed under the covers to get warm. Finally they dressed in warm flannel pajamas, robes and slippers and went downstairs to have the fresh-baked apple pie that Luann had made for him with love. As the darkness of Sunday rolled in the light of Monday, Ryan was groggy and horny. He and Lulu had spent the whole weekend making love and still he ached for more.

Those memories, like a thick fog hung over his subconscious. He watched as she crossed the littered floor of The Rose. He knew he was in store of another evening of sex between the two of them, but he couldn’t help but think about Peter’s strong, chiseled face as she met him at the door and walked with him to the car.

Chapter Three- Peter

Don’t ask, don’t tell. That was the Navy’s policy for gays in their service, all branches of the military for that matter. And Peter respected it. The first day he met Ryan, he knew he was gay, he knew that he wanted him and he knew that eventually they would be together. It was all chemistry according to him. But when it came to telling anyone about their relationship, that was strictly taboo. Peter had a chance right after he and Ryan became a couple to end his service to the Navy, but not knowing where the relationship was headed and wanting to keep his independence, he re-enlisted. Ryan was furious. “You mean we have to go another four years before we can be seen together in public! That’s ridicules!” Peter tried to remain calm and not sound callous. “How do you even know we will still be together in four years?”

It didn’t matter how hard Peter had tried not to; he had cut Ryan right to the core. It was obviously his first gay relationship and he already had them bedded and wed.
“Because I don’t want to be with anyone else!” Ryan choked out on the verge of tears. Peter pulled him to his chest and kissed him, hard and furious, passion rising fervently in them both. “Neither do I Ryan, but I can’t give up a career right now. Can you try to understand?”

Ryan didn’t understand, but after they had stripped and Peter had buried his beautiful cock in Ryan’s tight asshole and plunged it in and out for over ten minutes, rubbing Ryan’s prostate and stretching his sphincter to a huge, pulsing orifice, Ryan relented.
“I hate it when you’re gone for so long too.” Ryan said again while they were lying in bed, cuddled together like a matched set of spoons. Peter smiled and stroked the back of Ryan’s head, twisting his finger in Ryan’s gorgeous sandy brown hair.

“I guess we’ll just have to fuck every chance we get between now and then.” Ryan smiled thinking about how happy he felt when Peter was between his legs licking and tonguing his pink rosebud hole and priming it for the huge head of his cock to slip inside. He snuggled back into Peter and felt his prick rising against his ass cheek. Ryan rubbed his ass against Peter’s belly and cock, waiting for the object of his desire to become rigid enough to fuck him again. Peter started to kiss down Ryan’s back in order to get to his man-pussy, but Ryan stopped him when he flipped over.

“Like this tonight, I want to see your eyes!” So Peter crawled up between Ryan’s outstretched knees and kissed the inside of his thighs and along the crease of his legs, to his balls and cockhead and then underneath to his puckered hole. Peter loved rimming Ryan’s asshole, Ryan was obsessive about keeping himself clean and fresh for Peter’s tongue and even though Peter liked his sex a little raunchier, he loved the fact the Ryan did all of his grooming just to make Peter happy. Peter continued his assault on Ryan’s anus, hardening his tongue and pushing as far into him as he could. Then he slipped up and grabbed the KY out of Ryan’s nightstand to coat his dick. Peter positioned himself above Ryan, with the mushroom shaped head of his cock just pushing at Ryan’s backdoor. Ryan was overcome with lust at the picture of Peter getting ready to fuck him. He grabbed onto Peter’s flanks and shoved the cock as far into him as it would go. Peter’s steeled prick shuddered as it sped past Ryan’s tight ring and pushed up into his fuck tunnel. He could feel Ryan’s balls hitch and his glands pulse as he hit bottom.

Peter’s big balls bounced against Ryan’s asscheeks and he slowly withdrew a little and began a slow, deep fucking motion into Ryan’s perfect sheath of flesh. Ryan was blissful. He loved the sex, the lover and his entire life since Peter had come into it and now with Peter fucking him like he belonged to him, he was overcome with passion, lust and love. Peter kept fucking him slow and hard, knowing that Ryan wanted to be taken, wanted to be claimed, wanted to be Peter’s property, his sex slave and his only love.

When he came, Peter shot his ropy streams all over Ryan’s stomach and just as he had regained his composure, Ryan started to shoot his cum. Peter swiftly got down on his elbows in front of Ryan’s exploding cock and collected most of his semen, then he slid up Ryan’s slippery stomach and fed Ryan his own load. They swirled the salty fuck sauce between their tongues and continued to deeply kiss until Peter rolled to Ryan’s side. They didn’t say anything else, but they both knew that this was the night that their bond had become as vows and their fucking had been the commitment that sealed their relationship together for the waning hours that Peter would have to be away. They snuggled and kissed in the morning like newlyweds and Ryan no longer felt as though he would lose Peter to another sailor while he was away.

Peter was not so sure about leaving Ryan with Luann, though. He liked Luann, she was happy and accepting of their relationship under what could only be called the weirdest of circumstances. Peter knew that Luann loved Ryan, had loved him almost all of her life, but she loved him so much that all that mattered to her was his happiness; Peter didn’t quite understand that part. When Luann had seen how happy Ryan was with Peter, she had insisted he move in with them right away. Then things started to get even weirder for Peter.

One night while Ryan and Peter were fucking on Ryan’s bed, Peter heard Luann outside of the door, obviously masturbating. The next day with puffy red eyes and a broken voice, he saw her telling Ryan how much she wanted to be included in their newfound relationship. Ryan came to him and explained how it was with them. How they had grown together while they were growing up. Peter explained to Ryan point blank. “I don’t do chicks babe,” he said, “it just doesn’t turn me on.”

Ryan had looked dejected and that night when Peter came home, he found Ryan pumping Luann’s pussy for all it was worth. Now it was Peter’s turn to be outraged. “How could you?” He screamed at Ryan. “You don’t understand Peter,” Ryan explained as he pulled on his jeans and followed Peter into their bedroom. “ I never said I would stop my relationship with Lulu. I just can’t, there is too much there between us, it’s like she is part of me.”

Peter still didn’t understand and had thought about taking all of his shit and leaving that night, but when he found Ryan curled up in a ball on the corner of the bed sobbing later, he decided to try and work the whole thing out.

That was two months before he left on this tour. For those two months, he and LuAnn gave each other a wide berth. She kept to herself when Peter was home and Ryan did not bring anything else up about threesomes or including Luann in their sex lives. Peter knew that Ryan was still fucking her, but somehow after the initial realization, he found it easier to accept. At the end of September, with fall fast approaching, Peter, Ryan and Luann had a picnic in a park near the house. They laughed and played as old friends would. Luann took pictures of Ryan and Peter cuddling together on the old quilt that Ryan had brought along to sit on. Peter whispered in his ear while they were waiting for her to snap the picture “Don’t forget how good it feels when my cock is opening up your juicy asshole nice and wide.” Ryan’s smile was huge and defined in the picture and Luann told him that he had never looked more at peace. Ryan snickered a little, his face getting rosy, when she gave them each framed copies of the picture the day that Peter left for sea.

That was almost three full months ago and Peter had just gotten word that they were pulling in early from their tour. He couldn’t wait to surprise Ryan and to get his throbbing cock into that sweet little pucker.

Chapter Four – Questions and Answers

During that last weekend they had spent together, Ryan had dreamt of having sex. Having wild, passionate sex with two people; their faces coming in clearer as he felt closer to orgasm. The first person was Luann, he was plunging his rock hard cock into her steaming, soaked pussy and rolling one of her soft, swollen nipples in his mouth. He could feel close to fulfillment and then happily he felt the throbbing in his ass that always accompanied Peter entering his tightly scrunched rectum. Peter was behind him in the dream, the blossoming, spongy head of his manhood pressing into him with great enthusiasm. Ryan had stopped pumping Lulu as the mist swirled around her in the dream. He waited for the figure of Peter to securely lodge his large, granite-like cock fully into his bowels. Then they all started to fuck together in syncopated rhythm. Ryan woke with a start and found Lulu next to him in her flannel PJ’s. He cuddled up to her back and thought about the dream.

When she had suggested that they all sleep together in the beginning, he had been apprehensive, thinking that he didn’t want to share Peter and the intense sexual high he felt when he and Peter fucked. Now after the dream, it was all he could think about. The idea of having Peter fuck him in the ass while Ryan had his cock buried all the way into Luann’s soft, sweet cunt and the double pleasure that could be achieved in such a position had him mesmerized.

He tried to go back to sleep and lay there consumed with the lust that the dream had brought over him. His prick was slowly growing against Luann’s bubbly butt. Even in her flannels, her ass looked extremely appetizing. He began to slowly rub his stiffening rod against her soft ass. Luann began to stir and felt the head of Ryan’s swelling wand slipping between the globes of her rounded backside. She rolled toward him on the bed.

“Feeling a little horny this morning?” She teased him with a sleepy smile on her pink, excited face while wrapping her soft hand around his ready tool.

“Ummmmm” was all he managed to mutter.

Ryan had picked up the pace of his stroke as his dick was sticking through the fly of his pajamas. She followed his lead and leaned down to engulf his now rigid, grade A cock meat into her hot, wet mouth. She let his dick slip to the back of her throat and covered her teeth with her lips. Soon she was bobbing her head completely up his shaft and off the head before plummeting down to his balls on every pass. He shot his white sticky load down her throat before she was ready and she choked a little. Ryan scooted down to her face and consumed her mouth and his jism with gusto.

“What were you dreaming about, sexy!” Luann giggled when they came up for air.
He hesitated; not knowing if he should encourage what he knew was already a fantasy for her. She felt his resistance and spoke softly in his ear. “ It’s okay, honey you don’t have to tell me.”

They had never dispensed with the pet names and sweet talk. He knew deep inside that he should let her go so that she could find someone to have all to herself, but in his heart of hearts he didn’t ever want to be without her in his life. He loved her deeply, although not the same way he did Peter.

“Lulu,” he whispered back to her, stopping her from rising from their love nest in the wrinkled sheets. “I do want to tell you what I was dreaming about.”

He looked suddenly serious and she plopped back down on the bed sitting cross-legged.
She waited for his to begin, as he searched for the right words to use.

“Luann Lynn-Marie Schaffer,” he began. “ I love you deeply and sincerely down to my very soul,” Lulu was suddenly afraid he was proposing, what was this all about?

“I know things have been strange with us for a while now, but I want you to know something. Even though you and I both know now that we will never be a normal couple, it doesn’t mean that I love you any less.” The seriousness settled on his face.

“When Peter first moved in and you wanted to join us in bed, do you remember what I told you?”

Now she knew why he was so serious. He had made her promise on their love for each other that she would never again bring up the three of them sleeping together. She was sure that he himself was embarrassed to tell her about the sex he shared with Peter. She looked at him in disbelief and wonder as she anticipated his next words.

He reached out for her and gathered her into his arms. She relaxed and was now cradled in his lap while he looked down into her eyes. “Luann I told you the three of us could never be together, that I did not want to do anything to jeopardize my new relationship with Peter or my precious relationship with you. In order to keep that from happening I said I was the one who didn’t want a threesome. Honey I lied, I have done nothing but dream about being between you and Peter in the hottest sex that I have ever had in my life. Peter was the one who didn’t want to have you in bed with us, but I think as time goes on he will eventually change his mind.” Luann smiled, knowing that deep down Ryan would continue to want to have sex with her, but things would definitely be different for all of them from now on.

As Ryan finished, he let out an audible sigh. He told the truth and now he felt better. What would happen when Peter got home was up to him…

It was Friday and his “truth” had been looming in his subconscious since the previous Sunday morning. He saw the lust in her eyes as he was finishing the arrangement for Mrs. Prentice. He knew what she wanted and he wanted to give it to her. Wanted to have the time alone, just the two of them before Peter came back. All the way home in the car there was sexual electricity in the air. Little did he know the surprise that was in store for him? Luann had been trying to think of a way to show him just how much his satisfaction and happiness meant to her.

She saw the outline of his cock under the light fabric of his khakis. She was practically drooling as she thought of the box under her bed containing the big ten-inch strap-on she had purchased on Monday. He had finally told her what she had been waiting to hear. She knew in her heart that he still loved her and even if it meant an unconventional relationship, she was going to stay with the man she loved. And tonight he was getting the ass fucking he was in such desperate need of.

Chapter 5- All Together Now

After what seemed like hours, they arrived at the flushed violet and green, three story Victorian at the end of the long twisted driveway. Ryan found it difficult to walk the hundred or so yards to the sweeping front porch, illuminated with a soft glow from the Tiffany lamps inside with the ever-growing erection in his pants. He couldn’t wait to have Luann’s lips wrapped around his big meat-stick.

“I’ll light a fire and get us a couple of drinks.” He finally said after standing in the foyer staring at each other for over five minutes.

“Okay, I am going to change out of all these layers,” she squeaked out. They hadn’t told each other what the other one wanted that evening, but like an old married couple, the other knew exactly where they would end up.

Lulu went to her room and started to undress. As she stripped off both of her shirts and reached the sheer fabric of her 38DD bra, her nipples were jutting through the fabric straining to get out. She reached inside the cup of the left breast and squeezed the nipple hard. Her pussy juice oozed down her cuntlips and onto her panties. She closed her eyes and thought of the first time she watched Ryan and Peter making out, the whole time twisting her nipple rather severely. She wasn’t jealous because all she wanted was Ryan to be satisfied. The pure lust in Ryan’s face as Peter’s tongue pushed into Ryan’s mouth and Peter’s large hands roamed Ryan’s back and butt was almost more than she could stand. As a matter of fact the images of watching them fuck was something she had been dreaming of seeing first hand for months now.

She reached under the bed for the strap-on. She took it out of the package and ran her hands up and down the large shaft, feeling the veins. She read the box “NEW CYBERSKIN” and the other sticker “REALISTIC.” It was double ended and the part that went up into her pussy was a little smaller than the end she intended to fuck Ryan’s pink star with. She finished getting undressed and started to step into the harness that went around her hips. She inserted the cock into the harness and slid it up her legs. There was no trouble slipping the seven-inch side up into her pussy, it was swamped with her nectar and she fucked herself with it a few times before securing the straps on her hips. She admired herself in the mirror. The funny thing about sex was, nothing you could do was really that strange or kinky if you and your partner got off on it. She fisted the head of “her “ cock and headed for the door. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Ryan’s face when he realized he was going to get what he was so longing for these last three months, without even having to wait for Peter to get home.

Downstairs, Ryan had lit the fire in the big stone fireplace he had special ordered when they had the house redecorated. He loved the immensness of it and the fact that it heated the whole first floor. He resisted turning on the heatalator fan knowing that he and Lulu would be making their own heat shortly. He walked to the kitchen and stood in front of the refrigerator with two highball glasses. His mind was swirling around the inevitable image he was seeing all the time now. Lulu on her back, her big tits heaving up and down on her chest as he fucked away at her gaping, wet pussyhole, her fingers flying back and forth across her distended, engorged clit. And Peter behind him rimming his ever-expanding anal hole, slowly sliding his slick, smooth cock into his spit-lubed tunnel.

“Ryan did you hear me?” he suddenly heard from the other room

“Yeah! What?” He was sweating profusely and the ice cubes he had grabbed to put in their drinks had melted in his hand. As he reached for another set of ice cubes, he felt something strange. It felt like a cock on his ass. He felt the stroke of a firm cock between the cleft of his cheeks and a breath of a whisper in his ear.

“You’re a million miles away my love, are you thinking about Peter’s cock in your ass? Would you be willing to let me pinch-hit?”

Still stunned, Ryan and turned to see Lulu standing there wearing a meatly-looking strap-on. He slowly set the glasses on the counter next to the refrigerator as she reached up for his face. She pulled him to her and snaked her tongue into his mouth. She kissed him hotly and passionately and he let out an audible groan. He tried to manage a sentence in between her very lustful french kisses. “Luann! What are you doing?”

“Just giving my baby what he needs!” She gasped a little air and pulled back far enough from his face that he could see “her” cock. She was slowly stroking it and even though he knew his mind was playing tricks on him, he could have sworn it was growing under her touch.

“Doesn’t my lover need a nice, big, firm cock up inside of him? Isn’t that why you have been in here for ten minutes with ice melting in your hand, spacing out?” She smiled her all-knowing, Lulu smile and lunged herself forward until their crotches met. His rod was like stone and the feel of the firm “ten incher” next to his twitching member was almost more than he could stand.

“Do you really want to honey?” He quizzed her.

“God Ryan yes!” She groaned with lust in her voice. “I’ve wanted to fuck your ass forever!”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the round family room. “Stay here!” He blurted out as he sprinted up the stairs.

“I’ll be right here sweetheart, just like I have always been.” She shouted up the stairs.
He knew then for sure that he would never ask her to leave, never end their relationship like he knew Peter wanted him to, would never stop loving her. He reached the side table and reached into the drawer for the KY, Peter’s eyes starring up at him from the picture Lulu had framed of them. “Shut up!” He whispered as if Peter was really there “I am doing it whether you like it or not. She is here and is committed to me, you’re not!” He grabbed the quilt from the top of the chest at the end of his bed and raced toward the stairs.

“I’m coming!” He said from the top of the stairs.

“I hope not yet, you’re not!” She was giggling when he came back into the warm room.

He spread the quilt on top of the thick Berber carpeting in front of the fireplace. She was sitting comfortably on the couch, gently undulating on her half of the strap-on. He looked at her quizzically?

“Oh, did you think you were the only one who was going to get off tonight?” She pulled on the phallus and showed him the part the snaked it’s way into her hot cunt. Her smile melted his heart. He went to her and kneeled down in front of the huge prick hanging from her groin. “Suck me baby, I want to watch you take the whole thing down your throat! Has Peter been teaching you all the tricks, relax your throat and you won’t gag.” Ryan was shocked to find that the thing was warm. It seems to be transmitting the heat from Luann’s body. He swirled his tongue around the head, wishing she could feel the great rush that the act always brought to Peter and himself. His head bobbed on the false cock and made several deep passes down his throat. Every time he would force the firm piece of dildo back into the recesses of his mouth the end in Luann’s cunt would be forced far into her, causing her to shudder in ecstasy.

“Oooh baby,” she cooed “you look so beautiful with that cock in your mouth, I can’t wait to see is sliding in and out of your asshole.”

His dick twitched at her words, and he came up for air. He quickly moved over to the makeshift bed on the floor, grabbing two pillows off of the couch for comfort.
He lay on his back and spread his knees far apart to give her adequate room to get to his waiting ass. As she kneeled down between his legs, anticipation ebbed in his cock, making it twitch with delight. He had not even touched it this evening and he was already ready to shoot. He handed her the tube of lubricant, but she put it on the blanket and bent to his scrotum. She licked her way all around his aching balls and to his surprise started to trail down to his hole.

Her hot tongue moved in circles around the outer ring to his sphincter, tracing until she felt she had sufficiently annointed it with her fluids. Then carefully and purposely she moved her tongue to her target. Ryan almost came as she rolled her tongue and inserted into his greased anal entrance. She fucked him with her mouth, sucking at the outer ring when she wasn’t spearing him almost to orgasm. She reached for the KY without missing a beat and smeared it onto his hole. Suddenly Ryan felt two of her small fingers in his ass. His whole body was alive with sexual energy. She sawed her fingers in and out as he panted and moaned.

“That’s it Lulu, fuck my ass honey, fuck it good.”

She inserted a third finger and then a fourth, she was one step from having her entire hand in his asshole and he was in absolute bliss.

She adjusted her knees beneath her and readied to start her assault with the strap-on. He lifted his legs and rested them on her shoulders. They were heavy, but she was running on pure adrenaline at the thought of giving him what he needed. She moved the head of the smooth-feeling dick to the widened mouth of Ryan’s ass. She pushed and the head popped in easily. Ryan moaned and pushed into her starting the dildo on it’s downward ascent into his bowels. He couldn’t wait until he could feel the head of the thing against his prostate.

“God,” he moaned again “that thing feels almost as good as Peter’s cock in my ass!”

“Oh really!” Peter stood behind the couch, having come through the front door and across the room without them hearing a thing. “Wouldn’t you rather have the real thing?”

Luann froze. She couldn’t believe how bad her luck was. Finally she had Ryan exactly where she wanted him and was just about to enjoy the best sex of their lives and in walks Peter.

Ryan thought for a split second about what to do. If he dislodged from Lulu now, she would be angry and embarrassed. If he apologized to Peter for being unfaithful, they were right back in the same situation they were in before he left. No, he thought this is the time to try and get us all on the same page.

“What I would really like, is the real thing in my mouth, while this sweet little thing pumps my slick, swollen asshole.” He couldn’t believe that he actually said it. The lust must have been talking, but Peter didn’t look mad, he just stood there contemplating the situation.

“Okay baby, you want my big, thick cock down your throat, than that’s what you are going to get.” Peter moved toward them, stripping his uniform off.

Luann was astonished. She slowly started her fucking motion into Ryan while Peter took off his shoes, socks and pants. As his trousers past his groin she could see his cock under the white fabric of his underwear. It was almost as big as the imitation one now sliding in and out of Ryan. No wonder, she thought with a huge smile on her face, Ryan loves this strap-on so much.

Ryan could see Peter’s dick flop out of the waistband of his shorts. He looked at Lulu and saw the gigantic smile on her face. “Isn’t his cock beautiful sweetie? You should feel it, it’s just perfect.” His sentence was cut short by the head of Peter’s penis slipping between his lips and sliding down his throat. Peter pushed forcefully and Ryan was soon gagging on the big hunk of meat in his throat. Ryan slid his hand around the girth of Peter’s cock, stroking it to keep him from cutting off his air supply. Luann watched the passion rise in Ryan’s face as he began to concentrate on servicing his “other” lover.

She loved not only the idea of satisfying Ryan completely, but the physical act itself. Her clit throbbed under the leather of the strap-on harness. Her pussy drooled around the dildo end of the strap-on buried in side of her. She could see Peter begin to quicken his stroke. She knew from blowing Ryan that he was about to cum. He grabbed Ryan’s head and stroked deep into Ryan’s throat, he hadn’t lasted more that a couple of minutes, but Luann chalked it up to three months at sea with no release. Ryan began to hum or moan to intensify Peter’s orgasm.

Peter threw his head back and bellowed his extascy. “AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh, suck the cum out of my cock Ryan.”

Ryan sucked, the side of his cheeks hollowing and his throat swallowing Peter’s load. Luann felt herself stop pumping Ryan’s butt and just watched the scene in front of her. Peter continued to kneel over Ryan’s head and his softening cock was now being cleaned and suckled by his lover and her lover. She instinctively leaned forward and licked around Ryan’s mouth to catch the strings of cum that had dribbled from Ryan’s hot mouth. She licked Peter’s cock along with Ryan, purely out of lust.

That was all Ryan could take. Opening his eyes and see her licking Peter’s cock and the fact that the force of her leaning forward had buried the remaining inches of the huge phallus into his anus, caused his cock to hitch and squirt his own love potion all over his stomach and hers, his chest and hers, until they were now openly french kissing, sharing the remains of Peter’s ejaculate.

Chapter 6- Reckoning

“Wow,” Peter said, a little out of breath. “That was really hot!”

Ryan searched his face for signs of contempt. When he found nothing he finally said “Are you really okay with this?”

Luann knew now was the time to keep quiet. She rolled off of Ryan’s body, the strap-on slipping from his glowing asshole. She pulled her body back from the two of them and up against the couch to give them the space to bond again. Ryan got to his knees and went to Peter. They embraced and kissed a raw, passionate kiss. Peter ran his huge hands through Ryan’s hair and Ryan grasped the back of Peter’s neck like a kid who doesn’t want to be left at school on the first day. The sight was so full of emotion and energy that Luann felt a tear rolling down her cheek, not realizing that she was crying.

Ryan’s head slipped to Peter’s chest and he breathed a huge sigh “ I missed you so much Peter!”

“I missed you too Ryan, the thought of getting back to you and back to an everyday relationship was all I could think about the last few weeks at sea!” Peter’s eyes had drifted over to Luann.

“I think I owe you a big apology little lady,” Peter announced. She listened wanting to hear the words that would mend the rift that had existed in the house before he left. “ When Ryan first told me that you wanted to have sex with us, I was jealous and I thought all you cared about was not being left out. I can see now that what you truly do care about is Ryan and his happiness. And if all either one of us cares about is his happiness there shouldn’t be any reason why we all can’t be together.”

Ryan’s heart, which was already practically beating out of his chest from the passion and physical act of lovemaking, leapt from his chest at Peter’s words. How could it be possibly that he had changed his mind so easily? How could he be so lucky as to not have to choose now?

“Peter, my God, do you really mean that?” Ryan gasped. “ Will you really stay and be a family with both of us?” Peter nodded his head as he gazed down at Ryan’s awe-struck face.

“You can’t even imagine how happy that makes me baby!” The tears were coming and Luann immediately went into sympathy mode. Her instincts guided her over to the two of them kneeling in front of the huge open hearth. She bent slowly and kissed the tears from Ryan’s cheeks. “I knew love would be the answer to all of our problems, sweetheart!” She knelt and they opened their arms and brought her into their embrace.

Ryan’s ragged breathing, intermixed with sniffles let the words out slowly “I love you both more than you can ever know!”

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