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The Next Level

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It had been almost four days since I had seen Melissa. Well, I see her every day at work pretty much which makes the not seeing her outside of work harder. Nobody at work knew we were dating for sure but once two people are intimate with each other the vibe between them immediately changes. The more observant among us at work were bound to suspect eventually.

Not a big deal but we wanted to keep it a secret for as long as we could. Truth is Melissa was one of the most attractive women at work and the bragging side of me wouldn’t mind if a couple of my work buddies found out. Not to mention some of the female co-workers. I find that guys become more attractive if word around the female campfire is that you’re good in bed. But I was getting ahead of myself. One thing at a time.

Things were busy at work and that was to my advantage. Time flew by but also seemed to slow to a crawl when I thought about how much I desired her. It was always the same process. A memory of being with her would suddenly appear in the front of mind demanding my attention. I would stop working, reflect, feel the beginnings of frustration, and the she would walk by my door. Almost as if on cue. One second I’m working at my desk and the next I’m in bed on my back and she’s on top of me, grinding away. The memories are always so clear. Our faces are close and I can feel her hot breath on me while she pants, her hair draped around my face. I always take mental Polaroid’s of visions that I find particularly hot during sex. It would seem my mind liked to show them to me at inopportune moments. Great.

Needless to say this made it hard to concentrate at times. Luckily Melissa worked in another department. Her office was not that far from mine however and if she had an opportunity to stroll by my doorway she always took it. Before we started seeing each other we played the normal games of ignoring each other while trying to catch the other noticing. This in addition to the tone of voice we used with each other when we started working together made it obvious that we clicked and were interested in each other. The tone we used was a more natural, talking-to-a-good-friend kind of tone instead of the proper talking-to-a-co worker tone. We just felt comfortable around one another right away but both of us were initially shy about expressing interest.

The physical attraction was there right away as well. She was a beautiful woman. Full figured but in shape with beautiful brown hair. Her face was naturally beautiful and didn’t wear much make-up, which I preferred. I thought she was stunning really and that always gave her an upper-hand in my mind. I knew she was attracted to me as well but always felt that I was more into her. We had been fucking for 4 months now and I couldn’t be happier. Or so I thought.

Sex was routinely great for us. I made it a point to satisfy her often by finding out exactly what she liked and spoiling her. She in turn spoiled me but it didn’t take much effort because I loved being with her in any capacity sexually. We never got rough or anything outside of me pinning her down sometimes while we fucked and pounding away instead of slowly grinding. She seemed to like it and I only did it occasionally but other than that one might even think our sex was almost generic, which was fine by me. It was still sex with a beautiful woman. I never thought she wanted to try anything else.

Until today.

Today I get an email that brought my day to a screeching halt. I saw her this past Saturday night and it was Thursday already. We had both been busy at work and caught up on the phone Tuesday night. I was beginning to wonder when I would see her again. Well, now I knew.

Hey there.

Are you doing anything tonight? If not, I have a surprise for you. Remember our discussion about going to that sex shop? Well Liz asked me to go with her last night to buy a gift for her friend and I ended up buying something! Can you come over?

Let me know. Of course if you’re busy I understand = )


My eyes widened and my mouth opened. We did have a casual discussion about sex shops recently. Had we ever been to one, what would we get if we went together, that kind of thing. Had she actually gone to one and bought something? What was it? My curiosity was flooded with all kinds of questions and I immediately began feeling nervous. Not only because of the nature of the email but the fact that it was at work. I nervously looked around (as if anyone could see what was on my monitor, please) but nonetheless I was caught off guard. And she was being brave. Taking chances. She went with..Liz? Did that mean something? Liz was a long time friend and I even asked if she would ever mess around with her. She said she didn’t see her like that. The whole thing hit me fast and hard and at that moment she walked by my door. She had a short brown skirt on and matching jacket. The sound of her high heels almost reverberated as she walked by. I could have sworn time slowed down for it. Her long legs leading up to that thin waist and her full breasts. Long hair down to her shoulders. I was entranced by the moment. I couldn’t. Move.

Then all at once time restored and reality hit. It was then that I noticed.

I had a throbbing hard-on. I was on fire for her.

The wait until days end was torturous.

* * * * *

Day’s end did manage to come though and I went home and focused on keeping busy. I put on music and cleaned up a bit. However I never fully distracted myself, I was temporarily obsessed with our planned rendezvous. I couldn’t stop pondering and imagining the different ways I was going to fuck her. I was already horny since it had been four days and I try not to masturbate when I’m getting laid regularly so to say I was pent up was an understatement. I was driving myself crazy and the fact that it was self-induced made it worse. All she did was drop me an email for Christ’s sake. Planted a seed and I’m going nuts. I checked the clock every fifteen minutes or so and the evening crept by. I did call her when I got home to narrow down a time and maybe get some more info on her “purchase”. She said anytime after 9pm was OK. I even tried to guess what she bought and just kept getting the default answer of “You’ll see.” I was going to see all right. I started getting that kind of attitude. The evil villain-rubbing-his-hands-together-with-the-evil-laugh attitude. You bet your tight little ass I was going to see.

So. Anytime after nine. Despite my eagerness I managed to not show up right at nine, but around 9:15. On the way to her place I came to some conclusions about how I was going to handle the evening:

We had discussions in the past about what she liked in bed control wise. She told me she liked being taken. She liked being told what to do but I never really tried too much of that with her. I gave the occasional order of switching positions maybe but was always afraid of bossing her around for some reason. I was being inhibited and decided that tonight I was going to take a leap of faith.

That’s what it is really because in my experience you never know with some women. One second you’re getting a great blow-job and you say “Faster”. The next second she stops and gets an attitude because you gave an order, gets pissed, whatever. All at once it became crystal clear to me that I was not tapping into our full sexual potential. I sensed I had more leeway than I was using and decided to push myself, to push us in a new direction. But that meant taking control. That meant telling her what to do. That meant not being afraid of anything. Being firm. She had taken a chance and went to a place where maybe she wasn’t 100% comfortable and even bought something. I was going to match her effort with mine. I was going to take her, and fuck her properly.

So there I sat in the car in front of her building. My stomach was a hair nervous and I felt very determined overall. I got out of the car, a man on a mission. Nothing motivates a man like sex and the dinner bell had been rung. There was purpose in my steps. I walked up to her door and knocked.

I heard footsteps and felt my heart beat harder. Point of no return.

She answered the door with a friendly “Hi!” I immediately looked at what she was wearing. It was the same skirt from work, but her jacket was off. She had a white blouse on. She looked hot and my desire escalated from the visual bite I took.

“Hey there.” I said. She immediately turned around and walked towards the kitchen in the next room.

“I was going to pour a couple of drinks.” She said on the way. I followed her with no response.

She walked into the kitchen and began to open the refrigerator.

“God you should have seen today, I..” she began.

I quickly grabbed her arm from the door and yanked her towards me. I immediately wrapped the other arm around her waist, pulled her close and put my hand in hers, weaving our fingers together. Our eyes met and she had a confused, startled look on her face.

I moved my arm from her waist up to the back of her head, under her hair and squeezed both hands a bit. I held her there for a brief second, gauging her reaction. She was looking at me for answers. I decided to answer her by not saying anything. My expression would say it all. It was a semi-stern matter-of-fact expression. I watched her read me but then pulled her slightly closer to me to answer her further.

As our faces got closer her expression changed slightly. She knew what I was doing but didn’t seem entirely sure about it. I brought her face close to mine but did not kiss her, instead held her there. I moved my hand from behind her head and touched her face with the back of it. Touching her face really turned me on, she had great skin. I pulled her closer as if to kiss her and she continued in with momentum of her own but I squeezed her hand and stopped her. Her breath stopped for a second and opened her mouth slightly. I opened mine as much and moved in closer, still squeezing her hand.

We had discussions in the past about the power of kissing. Just how amazingly hot it can be. We shared the same taste for French kissing and slow teasing kind of kisses. We would have marathon power make out sessions like high school kids. We complemented each others kissing styles and tastes and agreed on just how powerful kissing can be. I was using that power now.

Our mouths open, I moved in and grazed her mouth with mine. Then again, this time I felt her relax a bit in my arms. Eyes still locked, I for the first time felt like I was controlling her, leading the dance. I moved in and kissed her firmly. A soft moan escaped her and before I got lost in the kiss a large feeling of validation and relief filled me. Hopefully the whole night would reward my risks as well as this ice-breaker had.

We stood in the kitchen making out the way only we can. We kissed deep, our tongues lightly grazing, or sometimes firmly wrestling in each others mouth. I moved my hand to the back of her head, at its base by her neck and held her firm. I could feel her breathing strongly on my face as she got more and more excited. We kissed a bit then I pulled her back and we would lock eyes, observing this powerful thing we were doing. I felt the resistance of her head pulling towards me but I pulled her hair slightly and held her. Then immediately I let go and we began again, unable to resist partaking further. We were quiet helpless at this point. We continued like this for a little while, catching up from the days past without it.

I let go of her hand and put mine on her hip. I moved it down to the bottom of her skirt and lifted it up, placing my hand on the back of her thigh. While we kissed I slowly moved it up to her ass. She had an amazing ass. It was extremely round and I always enjoyed watching her walk away from the bed to the bathroom after sex, it was a sight of beauty.

Once I reached it another small moan escaped her. Her skin felt smooth and the sensation pushed me over to a full fledged hard-on. I caressed and squeezed lightly, then put my finger under her g-string and trailed in down between her firm cheeks and between her legs.

Our faces parted and I began kissing her neck. We had full momentum at this point. I was being careful with my hand between her legs, I wasn’t actually touching her yet, it was just there. Feeling the difference in heat and……

Wetness. She was soaked down there.

She always told me that she got extremely wet with me. Almost overly-wet. I Loved the stuff. It had multiple purposes and I was never afraid to get creative with it. Sometimes she would touch herself and feed it to me. It turned me on immensely. After all, it was proof that she was getting turned on too.

I put my fingers on the outside of her lips, immediately feeling the hot glaze on them. I was licking her neck a little but mostly kissing it. She was breathing heavily, almost pouting. I inched my index finger to her opening, grazing it but not entering. I caressed it around a bit, letting her know I was there. Just then I stopped kissing her neck, pulled her away from me slightly and slipped the tip of my finger inside her. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was slightly open. She looked so sexy I wanted to kiss her more but I held. Our eyes locked again and I kept my finger right where it was. One hand holding her hair, the other inside of her. She looked helpless.

Holding her there, it seemed time froze for a moment. Our eyes locked. Then all at once I pulled my finger out, my hand away, and let go of her hair. She was free and standing in a daze, almost teetering. I put the finger in my mouth and raised my eye-brows slightly while looking at her. The sound of our mild panting and the fridge open still was all that could be heard. After a few seconds we gained composure and then she looked down, between my legs.

I had a throbbing hard-on that was obviously pushing outward from my pants. She reached out and wrapped her hand around it. She squeezed a bit and felt how hard I was, gazing at it with intent. She turned around and walked down the hall, to the bedroom. I followed, watching her ass all the way.

We got to the bedroom and stood next to the bed. We stood close, and I began unbuttoning her shirt. As I did she leaned in and kissed me. I held one of my shoes down with the other and pulled my foot out of it, then removed the other in the same way. She unbuttoned my pants, and undid my zipper. Her shirt was open now and I looked at her breasts, draped in her 36D white bra. I pulled my pants down past my hips and as soon as they fell free I removed her shirt and unhooked her bra. They fell to the floor. We were kissing deep now, undressing only somewhat because we were unable to stop. I stepped out of my pants and reached for the back of her skirt.

She grabbed my cock on top of my underpants and reached up around my neck with her other hand as I unzipped slowly. Her skirt fell, draped around her feet. I grabbed her panties by the sides and forcefully yanked them down her legs. Her breath quickened as I did and she paused, and then pulled my underpants down as well. I stepped out of them and placed my hand between her legs, on her clit. It was covered in her glaze. She wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock.

We stood there, naked. Looking into each others eyes. Standing in a state of desire and arousal, she stroked gently and I rubbed softly. We were on fire for each other and we basked in the anticipation. This is what great sex was all about.

After a moment she stopped and reached over to the bed-side table drawer. From it she took out a mask and a pair of handcuffs which she had purchased at the sex shop. The mask was the kind people wore to sleep, with no eye holes. This was a reminder to me what my goal here was this evening: Taking control. She wanted to play with handcuffs? Fine. She wanted to be blindfolded? Fine. This in conjunction with the success in the kitchen gave me more confidence in what I was doing. I took control.

“Give me the mask” I ordered.

She handed it to me and I slowly wrapped the elastic string around her hair and placed the mask over her eyes.

Now I had never used a mask before but as soon as she had it on, I was taken by it. She had no idea what I was doing, and her sense of touch would be slightly elevated. Not to mention how hot she looked in the thing. It really turned me on. All of the sudden I felt empowered by this woman standing in front of me blind folded, waiting for me to tell her what to do next. I felt like I had free reign over her.

I decided to use it.

I leaned in close; put my face next to hers. Her cheek on mine, I rubbed her clit a little more. She breathed deep.

“Get on your knees.” I told her.

I honestly had no idea how she was going to react but my leap of faith had worked. She immediately lowered herself on to one knee, then the other, clasping my hand for leverage.

She looked amazing. On her knees, blind folded she awaited. I was going nuts inside but kept my cool. I stepped closer to her, and spread my stance slightly. I moved my cock towards her face. Now, she couldn’t see it coming so she didn’t react. I grazed her cheek with it ever so gently and her mouth opened a bit, almost teasingly. Her face looked gorgeous and my cock was throbbing next to it. I brushed her cheek again and she opened her mouth and reached up with her hand.

“No hands.” I said.

She paused, then lowered her hand and I continued lightly brushing her cheek with my hardness. I then touched her mouth with my index finger and she opened it a bit. I put my finger in her mouth and she eagerly took it in. She was sucking and I touched the outside of her mouth with the head of my cock while she sucked my finger. She moved her head towards my cock, trying for it but I pushed my finger in, keeping her focusing on it. I continued brushing against her mouth with my cock but never allowing her to take it in, only my finger.

I took one of my mental Polaroids at this point obviously.

I could take no more. I needed to feel her mouth on me. I pulled my finger out and put my hand on top of her head. I placed the tip of my cock on her mouth and guided it in slowly. I was taken by the sudden rush of warmth and wetness surrounding my sensitive member. I left it there for a second and she began gliding up and down on it slowly. She reached up with her hand but then lowered it again, almost forgetting. The no hands rule had forced her to hold my cock with her mouth or find it again blindly with her tongue. Her movements were ones I had not seen before. They were incredibly sexy. She would reach with her tongue and lick, and then move her head over it and go down.

I pushed on the top of her head a bit, not forcing but just communicating to hold still. I began gyrating slowly, fucking her mouth essentially. I realized again that she couldn’t see me. It was an unusual kind of freedom that I started to really enjoy. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back a little, opened my legs a bit more and continued to move in and out of her warm mouth.

I looked down at her. Her hands were relaxed and she seemed OK. It was important to me to not make her uncomfortable. That wouldn’t turn me on I don’t think (or so I thought at the moment, more on that later). I touched her cheek with the back of my hand while slowly pushing in deeper. Her mouth opened wider to take it all in. I did this a few more times and pulled out entirely. I stood and watched her for a second. Whenever activity stopped there was a unique feeling in the room because she had no idea what I was doing. It was a game of trust really.

“Reach with your tongue.” I said.

She did. Tongue extended I brushed up against it. She moved her head in, licking the shaft from the bottom to the head, and then went all the way down again. I let out my first moan of the night as she took me in deep. The head pushed against the back of her throat and she kept it there. My cock pulsated with my heartbeat. I could feel it. This while being surrounded by warm wetness, and wrapped in an amazingly sexy vision of her. It felt amazing.

Everything had a whole new feeling because of the mask. I enjoyed the vision again before stopping her. I pulled out. I noticed saliva strings stretching from my cock to her mouth. I was swimming in pleasure.

“You OK baby?” I asked.

“Uh-huh.” She said enthusiastically. Almost surprised, I continued on. She had been so good thus far; it was time to reward her.

I reached down and pulled her up. As she stood I guided her onto the bed. She sat on the side of it, and then lay back, feet dangling a bit. While she settled I knelt down beside the bed. I tried to time my sounds with hers so by the time she was comfortable, she wouldn’t know where I was because I would already be settled as well. I didn’t move and let her lie there, wondering what I was going to do next. Then I kissed the inside of her thigh.

I heard her react with a breath and I continued kissing slowly. Then I licked from the top of her thigh to the inside, and then moved up to her inner-thigh. I put my hand on the other leg and started kissing and licking my way up, going around her pussy and up to her neatly trimmed bush. I kissed it gently and pushed on it with my tongue. I then pulled back and looked at her opening. It was drenched and my appetite peaked. I gently kissed her clit, and licked it ever so lightly from the bottom to the top.

She squirmed a bit and breathed in deep as I did so. I tried to keep in mind that she had been without sight for a while now and was going solely on her sense of touch. I was in charge of what she felt I told myself. I began licking her clit some more, very lightly. Slow strokes from the bottom to the top where I left my tongue, then returning to the bottom again. Her breathing was hard, as if she was trying to contain herself somehow. I moved my hand up and spread her pussy apart, then started licking her opening before getting to her clit. She let out her first moan, music to my ears. The outside of her lips were covered with glaze and it trailed from the inside of her down into her groin. I started at the bottom and ran my tongue up, collecting as much as I could. As I did so I placed my finger on the outside of her opening. I stopped for a second to gauge her reaction.

She was squirming a bit, and then settled. I extended my tongue on her clit and slowly inserted my finger into her. She started moaning right away and didn’t stop until I stopped pushing my finger.

I started licking some more. From the bottom to the top and worked my finger, pushing up a bit on her inner ceiling, and then pulling out a bit to re-insert. Her breathing was heavy, like she was having trouble getting air at all.

I found a steady pace and just finger-fucked her while licking up and down on her clit, being careful to gauge its sensitivity. I regulated, let it breathe for a second then started licking again, harder this time. She was very vocal at this point and we were clearly on the road to getting her there. Time for finger number two.

I pulled my finger out and re-introduced two now, slowly filling her with them. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth. It was very sexy. Another moan escaped her, the biggest yet.

“Aaahhhhhhhhh..” She announced. I went back to work.

My fingers drenched, my mouth and its surroundings covered with lots of her and a bit of me, I started to eat with a purpose. I quickly found a pace with two fingers and lapped at the top of her opening, then found her clit again. Her knees were bent and feet on the edge of the bed, head titled back a bit. I was on my knees in front of her, hand moving in and out, my face buried between her legs.

She communicated to me with pitches and tones. When I found the right rhythm and depth her moans went up in pitch. I was fucking with my fingers vigorously and licking up and down. She reached down and opened her pussy a bit for me with both hands. Her breathing was very fast now and I knew we were close. She needed to get there; I could tell she couldn’t take much more.

There I was working her with my hand and mouth for quite a while, listening to her unconscious coaching of breathing and moaning. Slowly we climbed the road of getting her to that place. My jaw started to hurt a little but I knew stopping was not an option. Then she clued me in even more.

“Yes! Yesssss baby don’t stop! Don’t, don’t….DON’T…”

She started to get tense. I knew it was going to happen any second so I watched intently while working hard. I was pulling almost all the way out with my fingers then pushing in hard fairly quickly. She opened herself with her hands again and I took the hint and licked harder, matching my fingers steady pace. Then it happened.

‘Hmm..hmmmmmm..HMMM……MMMMMMM AAAhhhh!!!!”

She started convulsing almost, and sat up a bit. I kept my tongue out but didn’t push too hard, my fingers still in her working fast, pushing her over the edge. Her whole body was tense, like she was being electrocuted.


She was pushing her head up, like a sit-up almost, face tense. The moan was still escaping her, slowly descending in volume as her orgasm charged her pussy then distributed itself throughout the rest of her body. The room felt thick with heavy air and nothing else mattered in the world at that moment.

She slowly laid back, tummy moving up and down with her pants. I slowly removed my fingers and gave gentle kisses to the outside of her opening. She instinctively pulled away when I kissed her clit, like a knee-jerk reaction. She was coming down slowly and I let it happen. I waited.

I stood up next to the bed, my cock still hard. I was still incredibly turned on and hoped she didn’t need too much of a cooling down period. I really wanted to sink my self into that drenched pussy. I leaned against the side of the bed with my knees and pushed the tip of my cock against her opening.

“Hmmmm….” She moaned. Sounded good but I didn’t want to enter just yet.

I continued rubbing up against her opening with my head, then pushed only the head inside her. I watched closely.

Then I realized that I wasn’t sticking to the plan. Take her I told myself. Look at her laying there!

I got on to the bed and repositioned her on the bed normally. Then laid on top of her and lined my cock up with her pussy with my hand. Then I moved up and it slid effortlessly into her wetness. She took in a deep heavy breath and as her mouthed open I kissed her deep, pushing myself in deep. Her moan was muffled by our kiss, and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I pulled away and she finished her breath. I immediately started fucking her steadily.

A moan escaped us both. It had happened so fast; ones second she was catching her breath, now I was in her full-on. I intended to fuck her how I wanted to but was always watching her. She opened her legs further and my pelvis was pumping in and out of her. I lowered my face to hers and was not used to the mask. I liked it though. It really turned me on. She raised her head to kiss me, and I reached behind her head and pulled her back by the hair.

I slowed my pace a bit, and then pushed in deep. A moan escaped her again but I cut it off with a deep kiss. Our mouths collided and as they did I started pumping quickly again. More muffled moans from both of us and I felt her hands on my back, then down to my ass. I was sweaty. She started pushing with my pace, almost guiding it. I stopped kissing her and noticed more strings between our mouths. I thought about how she couldn’t see them and it excited me.

I slowed a bit, not wanting to cum yet. I pulled almost all the way out and stopped all together. We were breathing heavy.

Then I saw the hand-cuffs.

I had the triumphant feeling of finding a missing puzzle piece after searching for it for a long time. My confidence grew and I wanted to have my way with her.

I grabbed the cuffs with one hand and her wrist with the other. I forcefully pulled her wrist towards me and pushed one cuff on to her wrist, fastening it into the cuff. Then I pushed her hand over head and grabbed the other wrist. I reached through one of the little bars of the head of the bed and pulled the other cuff through. She resisted a bit put I pulled the other hand over her head and pushed it into the second cuff, then fastened it around it. I repositioned a pillow under her head.

All these motions were done quick and swift, and over before I knew it. I was still and looked at her. She lay there, masked with arms over her head, wrists bound by hand-cuffs to her own bed.

Hand-cuffs she had bought.

It was the first time I had done this with a woman. She looked helpless. She was squirming a bit, repositioning herself with what little leeway she had, adjusting best she could. It was a first for her as well. I felt empowered and caught in the moment but before I lost myself I had to ask.

“Are you OK baby?”

Silence while she wiggled a bit, then she was still.

“She smiled deviously and said “Yesssss…”

I smiled. I was surprised for some reason. She liked it. She liked what was happening and I was not expecting it. Maybe I was too nice a guy. Whatever. She was getting fucked by this Villain now.

I climbed on top of her again and pushed her knees up a little with mine.

I pushed my cock against her opening and left it there. I reached up and put her breasts in my hands. Her nipples were hard and I pinched them lightly. I lowered my head and licked one, feeding myself by hand. She squirmed a little but I did not enter her. I pinched her nipples harder, slowly reaching my point of discomfort with the amount of pressure I used. Unconsciously I was toying with the fact that I could do whatever I wanted and there was nothing she could do about it. I didn’t realize it at the moment, but later I did.

I squeezed harder and she gritted her teeth in pain. Just then I stopped and pushed myself into her again. She was not quite as wet but wet enough to guide me into her now well-worked pussy. I immediately found a steady pace again and in an effort to comfort her I put the back of my hand against her face. She looked amazingly sexy, hair a bit messy around her face which was moist with sweat and saliva. After noticing this I kissed her deep, licked her mouth and teased her with light grazes like in the kitchen earlier. She couldn’t move her head up to much and so I would start kissing then pull away. Instinctively her head would rise with mine, not wanting to stop kissing but she was bound and had no choice. I grazed her mouth with mine, sometimes licking around it gently not giving her a chance to fully kiss me. Our breath was hot on one another. I was inside her slowly grinding away, in and out of her pussy which was sopping wet again. I looked down and pulled out a bit.

The base of my cock was sopping wet. There were actual streaks of white-toned natural lube on it, and the outside of her opening. It was the wettest I had ever seen her. It turned me on immensely and I grabbed the back of her knees and raised her legs up and apart. I pushed them back and her ass lifted towards me slightly. Her pussy looked beautiful, wet and tilted up with my cock half in. As I looked upon her it throbbed. I couldn’t remember a time when I was more turned on then at that moment. The mask and cuffs combined had a new effect on me. I held her knees close to her sides and pushed myself in deep.

I didn’t notice but she clenched her teeth again.

I plunged in and out of her and kissed her some more. Her mouth was open but her face seemed a bit tense. I fucked slowly and steadily and noticed that her expression seemed to change. I wasn’t sure what it was entirely but I had an idea.

I pulled out again and slowly pushed in deep. She clenched her teeth again like…

Well, like it hurt her.

I could feel the back of her wall with the tip of my cock and it had dawned on me that the situation had turned me on so much that I was harder than I had ever been. I was achieving a new depth literally as a result and was suddenly unsure about things. I looked at her again and paused.

She knew I wasn’t doing anything and my silence spoke for me. If she wanted me to stop, she should say so. However I didn’t ask her if I should and later I would wrestle with that predicament. The answers to which would always depend on how horny I was at the time.

I pushed in again deep, but slowly. Her top lip rose a bit and I covered her mouth with mine. I kissed her soft as I slowly grinded against the back of her inside wall with my throbbing cock. My kisses were my way of comforting her while I did what I needed to do: fuck her deep. Her mouth met mine and she didn’t protest in any way. I loved the whole experience. There was nothing she could do and she had no way to tell what I was doing until it was already happening to her. She reached to my mouth with her tongue and it excited me. My cock throbbed in her and I pulled my face away, touching her tongue with mine. I decided to take another chance with things.

“Tell me to fuck you deep.” I said, breathing heavily. We were both very sweaty at this point.

“What?” she half-asked, half-panted.

“Fuck me deep……Say it.” I wanted to hear her voice say the words.

She paused, only breathing. Sweat dripping.

“Fuck me deep.” she said.

It turned me on to no end. I immediately plunged deep into her and she let out a cry. Pleasure and pain (I told myself). I spread her legs farther apart still, allowing maximum depth of my cock. I kissed her while deep in her, my tongue in her mouth, she concluded her moan. My cock felt hot, surrounded by her warmth. I was close to cumming.

“Say it again” I told her. She panted.

“……….Fuck me dee-”

I interrupted with a quick thrust and started licking and kissing her neck. I started pumping regularly again, knees in hands. I was really working her pussy now. Hands above her head, legs spread, eyes covered. She was getting fucked properly and I literally could not stop myself at this point. I was getting quite the workout. I worked with this pace of a while.

I let go of one leg and put my thumb in her mouth. She licked and sucked while I watched all the while sliding in and out of her. While she sucked it I licked the outside of her mouth and our tongues met again. I was getting tired and wanted to cum soon. I was having way too much fun to end it yet however.

I pulled my face away and watched hers.

I thrust into her and watched as she squirmed. There was pre-cum coming from me, I could feel the tingle. I thrust again, hard. I watched as her breasts moved with her body, behind the momentum, and then settling again. I put one in my mouth and fucked her some more.

She cried a short moan and I caressed her face to comfort her. It was moist and her mild despair turned me on. I was very close at this point.

I kissed her some more, and then pulled my face away.

“Reach with your tongue.” I said. She did right away.

I met it with mine and quickly grinded in her with the intent of bringing myself to orgasm. We lapped at each other and our bodies moved together while my pelvis did its best piston impression. I wasn’t going as deep as before, but much faster instead. I worked at this pace for a while.

“Cum for me baby.” she panted. I wasn’t expecting her to say it, it turned me on.

I moaned in response. I was almost there. I was fucking fast now, and hard. My hand on her face touching her cheek, her mouth. She said it again, pleading with me to complete it, to free myself. To free her.

“Cum for me baby!” she exclaimed.

I tilted my head back and felt the beginnings. The tingling. I was fucking fast now, and met the point of no return. I cried out.


I pulled out of her and shot milky white cum across her waist, between her breasts, down to her neck. It shot out strongly once, twice, then a third time.

I cried out again and grabbed my cock, instinctively milking out all of it. It dribbled down on to her stomach. I looked down and watched it. It was a beautiful sight that I managed to notice it in detail despite my finishing the mental marathon. It lined her chest and tummy, even got a little by her mouth. It was open and she was breathing heavy. My sweat dripped on to her and I held myself up with my arms. Heavy breathing was all that could be heard.

I wanted to collapse but could not let myself. I reached over to the bedside table and took the little key chain off of it. I struggled to get the clarity for coordination and after a moment of fumbling, managed to unlock one of the cuffs. She let out a sigh of relief and brought her arms down, in front of me. I unlocked the other cuff and tossed the key chain floor-side. The cuffs fell to the side.

She reached up and took her mask off slowly and the next moment was very peculiar. We looked at each other, almost curiously, trying to recognize the other. What just happened? It was the first time she saw me literally since we started. I was afraid maybe she was upset while thinking also that her eyes looked pretty.

The nature of taking chances, of taking control is giving little thought to what the other wants. That’s what I had done.

We looked into each other for a moment, and then she kissed me.

I heard applause in my mind while being swept with relief. It was a great triumphant kiss. She wrapped her tired arms around me.

After which I collapsed on top of her, cementing us together in my cum. We were both exhausted and gave it little thought. We lay there for a while, each one mentally digesting the experience. We had reached a new level sexually and that had solidified our relationship in some way. After a few peaceful moments, she spoke.

“Next time, YOU get to wear the cuffs.” She said.

“Can you boss me around too?” I asked.

“Is that what you want?”

I thought about it. The idea of having to do what she said sounded hot actually. I would be glad to do the things she would command most likely anyway.

“Yeah, sure.” I responded.

So next weekend it was. But that’s a whole other story.

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