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The New Boss

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Joe rushed into my office and asked, “Simon, have you heard the bad news?”

“What bad news is that Joe?” I asked with a quite audible sigh.

“The new boss starting next week, Chris Smale?”

“Yes I know that Joe, Chris Smale, the mystery man, what about him?”

“It’s Christine Smale not Christopher, our new boss is a female.” Joe said with a look of disgust on his face.

I laughed at my worried colleague, “As long as she is better than Peter was, I honestly don’t care Joe.”

Joe grimaced and left to find someone more sympathetic to his news. The wholesale toy distributing company we were employed by had needed a new general manager for years. The board had recently sacked the old manager Peter Wirth, much to the delight of most of the employees, myself included. I decided to keep an open mind on Chris Smale and see what effect our new manager would have on the running and profitability of the company.

Christine Smale started in her new position the following Monday and immediately created a buzz of excitement through the office and warehouse. The managing director introduced her to the staff at a group meeting before the commencement of work. Our new general manager was short, about five feet six inches, with a very shapely figure covered by a smart, dark blue business suit. Her blonde hair was tied back tight while her green eyes looked directly at each person as the introductions took place. A genuine looking smile greeted each employee along with a firm handshake.

All the males were immediately attracted to our attractive new boss but one thing worried me right from the start. Chris looked far too young to manage a busy company like ours, surely she couldn’t be out of her late twenties? How could anyone that age have the business savvy and experience needed for her position? My thoughts were interrupted by her maiden speech to the staff.

“Thank you for the warm welcome everybody, I look forward to meeting you all individually over the next few weeks.” She smiled and looked around the group. “Please be assured that I do not intend to make changes in any department without consulting the people concerned. I want us all to work as a team and make this company an efficient and agreeable workplace. Ok, everybody let’s get rolling and thank you again for the welcome.” With those few words Christine left the group and retired to her office with the managing director.

Over the next couple of weeks some of my concerns about Chris’ age disappeared as she made small but effective changes to some of the departments. Today it was my turn for an in-depth interview about my position of warehouse and dispatch manager. I re-checked my papers to make sure I had everything I needed for our meeting and knocked on her door at exactly four p.m. as required. I entered at her call and for the next hour we went over my job description with a fine-toothed comb.

At five o’clock we could hear the staff leaving for the regular Friday drinks at the local pub. Chris’ secretary Rita knocked and put her head around the door and said goodnight.

“Do you want to get away Simon?” Chris asked. “We can finish this Monday if you like.”

“I’m fine to keep going if you are.” I replied as Rita disappeared.

“Good, thank you. I want to discuss the build up of orders at the end of each day in the store, some of our customers are waiting too long for their goods.” Chris looked serious, “Is it a labor problem?”

“I have tried to get some changes in the store and dispatch area for years but your predecessor wouldn’t listen to me.” I replied. “It’s definitely not the staff, Bill and Steve are excellent workers and very loyal.”

“That’s the impression I have too.” Chris said with a smile. “Why wouldn’t Peter Wirth try your ideas?”

“To be honest Chris, because if Peter didn’t have the idea himself, then changes never happened.”

Chris smiled and nodded as if I had confirmed her own opinion. “Ok tell me your ideas Simon, like a beer while we talk?” She reached under her desk and pulled off her shoes. “Ah that’s better.”

“A beer would be great.” I replied as my guarded respect for my new boss increased a little more. “I have some drawings of the warehouse that I hope will make my ideas clear to you.”

Chris took two cold cans of beer from her small office fridge and we sipped as she listened attentively to my ideas.

“The main problem is that our biggest selling items are stored way down the back away from the packing area.” I explained. “Bill and Steve spend too much time walking up and down the aisles, and it’s tiring too.”

For the next twenty minutes I showed Chris how a simple swapping of the popular lines with the slowing selling items would save a large amount of time and energy every day.

“Excellent work Simon, how long would it take to change the stock around?”

“Bill, Steve and I could do it in one day.” I answered confidently.

“But then we lose a complete day’s dispatch?” Chris queried.

“Not if we do it on a Saturday,” I replied, “The boys will have to be paid overtime of course, but they are willing to work.”

“Stuff the overtime costs, it has to be done.” Chris replied with a smile, “Can it be done next weekend?”

“Yes, no problem, I’ve already asked the boys if they are free.”

“Excellent Simon, go for it.” Chris said cheerfully, “And thank you for your presentation, simply done and well prepared. I am impressed with your work, unlike a few of your colleagues, who will remain nameless at this time. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that last bit, it must be the beer, keep it confidential please.”

“Of course Chris.” I grinned, secretly pleased that there could be some changes coming. “I’ll arrange for Bill and Steve for next Saturday and thanks for the beer.” I gathered up my papers and continued. “And if I may say so, it’s great to have a manager who actually listens to the staff, thank you.”

“Thank you Simon, I’m always open for good, sensible ideas.” Chris searched for her shoes under the desk. “Time we hit the road, it’s been a busy week, have a good weekend won’t you?”

“Thanks Chris you too.” I left her office and made my way home in a very happy frame of mind, things were looking good at work after too many years of inaction.

Steve, Bill and myself started at 7.00pm the following Saturday and worked hard with only a short break for lunch. Both storemen could see the advantages in changing their area around and worked enthusiastically until the job was completed around 4.00pm. The three of us were standing admiring our work as the door through to the office opened and Chris walked into the warehouse carrying a six pack of beer in each hand. She looked stunning in a black suit with white blouse. The skirt was very short, well above her knees and black stockings showed off her shapely legs.

“Hello Simon, Bill, Steve, have you finished already?” Chris asked.

“Yes, Bill and Steve worked very well, we finished a few minutes ago.” I replied, aware of the effect Chris was having on the boys. “We are ready to go Monday morning.”

“Excellent work, here have a pack each, I thought you could use a cold drink.” Chris smiled as she handed a pack to each of the workers. “Put your finish time down as five o’clock.” She added almost as an afterthought.

Bill and Steve were grinning like Cheshire cats as they thanked Chris and myself before leaving to go home.

“You’ve won them.” I grinned. “I’ll lock up.”

Chris just smiled at me then walked down the aisles inspecting our work as I locked the warehouse doors.

“Great job Simon, that should make things far more efficient, come into my office and have a beer?”

“Thanks, I could do with one, I’ll just wash and clean myself up a bit first.”

I followed Chris’ swaying arse in the tight skirt into the office area, happy that I was going to spend some more time with my sexy boss. After a wash and tidy up I walked into Chris’ office to find her sitting behind her desk with her jacket off. The white blouse was a see through material and a lace bra could be seen clearly through the fabric. I sank gratefully in the chair as she passed a beer over to me.

“You’re dressed very smartly for a Saturday.” I commented while trying to keep my eyes off her extremely well filled bra.

“I went to a morning wedding of an old school friend with lunch and all the speeches afterwards at a restaurant.” Chris replied with a smile. “I was on my way home and thought I’d call in and see how you were going. So Simon, what’s your story?”

“My story?” I asked, surprised by the question.

“Yes, I know so little about you, tell me about yourself.”

“Oh, well, I’m single, I got close to being married about eighteen months ago but we called it off, a mutual decision. I live alone, no current girlfriend at the moment.”

“Interests? Hobbies?” Chris seemed genuinely interested.

“I play a bit of golf, I like home decorating and gardening. I like all sorts of music but not opera or rap, I enjoy cooking, and movies and I love to drive out in the countryside. Oh and I do a bit of short story writing too.” I smiled and decided to find out more about my lovely boss. “And what about you Chris?”

“Oh, tit for tat is it?” Chris smiled as she stretched her arms above her head, tightening the blouse even more over her breasts. “Ok fair enough, I can’t be the secret boss forever can I?’

“Whatever you tell me remains between us.” I replied, trying in vain to stop staring at her chest.

“Yes I know that Simon, I know you are one I can trust here. Ok, I’m thirty-three, and yes I know I look younger. I’m divorced and live with my parents at the moment while I search for a place of my own. Shifting from interstate to back home has been full of little problems and living with my parents is just one of them.”

“They treat you like you are a teenager.” I laughed, relaxing as I finished the can of beer.

“Oh yes! You are so right.” Chris sighed and smiled, “I love them so much but…….., anyway, I love the theatre and movies, walks on the beach, eating out and picnics with a nice bottle of wine and good conversation.” She paused and looked at me for a few seconds before asking, “I also love giving and receiving oral sex and I love being spanked, what about you?”

I blushed bright red and my mouth must have dropped open in surprise.

“Shut your mouth Simon, the wind might change. I really took you by surprise didn’t I?” Chris seemed so cool and confident.

“Ummmm y’yes you sure did.” I managed to stammer while I tried to gather my thoughts. “What a question out of the blue.”

Chris loosened a button on her blouse and opened the collar to display some more curved smooth skin. “Judging by the way you’ve been ogling my breasts I guess you are a tit man, right?”

I decided to fight fire with fire. “Well that blouse shows your lace bra so clearly, you have been teasing me something awful. Yes, from what I can see you do have lovely breasts, but I also love a nice arse like the one I followed in from the factory.”

“Touché Simon, yes I have been teasing you and it’s been making me very horny.” Chris smiled sexily again, “My panties are the same lace as my bra, would you like to see?”

I nodded as my cock strained against my pants, I could not believe my luck, the new boss was propositioning me!

Chris swiveled her chair sideways and beckoned me with a finger to come around the desk. I struggled to my feet, unable to hide the erection in my pants and walked the few paces around the desk. As I stood and watched she grasped the bottom of her mini skirt and slowly pulled it up to her waist, sure enough the white panties matched the lace bra. Chris then raised her right leg and rested it on the shelves behind her desk, slipping a couple of fingers under her panties and rubbing her pussy

My boss looked directly at my erection, licked her lips and asked, “Obviously you are enjoying the view Simon, are you circumcised?”

Once again I nodded as I gazed at the sexiest sight of my lifetime.

“Mmmmmm, I love the feel of a smooth cock sliding in and out of my mouth, the round knob with its little hole, and the shaft with the veins standing out. You’d better sit down again Simon, before you fall down.”

I staggered back to my chair as Chris rose to stand in front of her desk. Quickly she loosened the remaining buttons of her blouse, pulled it out from the confines of her skirt and opened it to show the low cut bra. She smiled as I gazed at the revealed cleavage of her beautiful firm breasts then she pulled the lace material down to allow her breasts to fall free. Small hard nipples stood out from the dark aureole as Chris moved a few steps back to sit on the leather couch. I moved to stand and go over to her but she held up a hand like a policeman directing traffic so I remained sitting on the chair. To my surprise Chris opened her handbag and removed a lipstick and small mirror.

“Patience Simon, this won’t take long.” Chris said as she applied bright red colour to her lips. With an evil giggle she continued, “I love to leave red marks down your cock, I can’t deep throat but I love to see how much I can get into my mouth. And it’s a reminder for you when you get home.”

“Perhaps you need regular practice?” I said boldly.

“Maybe I do, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” Chris said as she finished applying the gloss. “Watch me Simon.”

“As if I would be looking anywhere else.” I retorted.

Chris just smiled at me again as she slipped out of the blouse and quickly removed her bra. Leaning back onto the couch she raised her hips and slipped the white panties and mini skirt down her slim legs. Again I licked my lips as I stared at her trimmed pubic hair and lovely large breasts. Chris moaned as she grasped her left breast in both hands and raised the nipple so she could flick it with the tip of her tongue. Dressed only in the black elastic topped stockings my sexy boss slipped off the couch onto the floor and crawled over to me on hands and knees with her large breasts swaying free.

Chris stopped just short of me and looked into my eyes with an expression of lust. “I may be in charge in the office Simon, but I’m quite submissive in the bedroom. Take charge and tell me what to do. Make me suck your cock and swallow your cum.”

I swallowed and breathed deeply as I comprehended Chris’ last statement. ‘Take charge’ I thought to myself, how many times had I dreamed of being in this situation and now it was being offered to me on a plate.

“Simon, please.” Chris interrupted my thoughts as she knelt before me.

“Remove my pants Chris.” I instructed as I stood up in front of my hard nippled boss.

“Ohhhh yes Sir!”

Chris’ hands quickly loosened my belt and unzipped my pants. She slipped them and my undies down my legs and pulled them off together with my shoes and socks. My hard cock stood straight out as I sat back down on the chair and spread my legs wide apart. I reached out, took a handful of her hair and pulled her head so her mouth was directly at the tip of my cock.

“Open wide you naughty girl.”

Chris closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide and moaned as I guided her lips to my waiting cock. With pressure from my hand on her head, I watched and felt my shaft slide slowly from my sight. I stopped pushing when I sensed the head of my cock bump against the back of Chris’ mouth. She moaned as she pressed her lips around the tight skin to leave a bright red lipstick mark. I pulled her head back and she looked up at me as I released my grip on her hair.

Her eyes were shining with excitement as her tongue lapped around my knob and poked the tip at the hole. “Fuck my mouth please Sir.” She pleaded.

Who was I to refuse the request of my cock-sucking boss? Again I grasped a handful of hair and pulled her mouth down my shaft as I thrust my hips forward. Back and forward I pulled her head as she gasped and spluttered as she tried to synchronize her sucking and breathing. Soon we fell into a sort of rhythm and my cock was sliding in and out of her mouth like a piston in an engine. Perspiration was dripping from my face as I endeavored to hold back my certain orgasm. Both of us were moaning and Chris kept looking up at me, the excitement in her eyes telling me how much she was loving the experience. My hips thrust forward and I moaned loudly as the inevitable occurred and my juices started to spurt into her mouth. I tried to hold her head still as my body shook violently with an amazingly powerful climax. My eyes were closed but I could hear and feel Chris sucking vigorously as she slurped my cum into her mouth. I let go of her hair and collapsed panting back into the chair.

“Mmmmm thank you, your naughty girl loved that.”

I opened my eyes to see Chris sitting back on her heels, grinning at me and licking her lips. I wiped some perspiration from my forehead, shaking my head as I gasped air into my lungs. When I had calmed down and regained my breath I reached out and Chris placed a hand in mine. I pulled her up off the floor and into my lap where she put an arm around my neck and cuddled in to my chest. Both of us were lost in our own thoughts and we did not speak for some minutes.

Finally I asked, “Did you plan this Chris?”

“Honestly, no I didn’t.” Chris paused then continued. “I was attracted to you when we met but I know how difficult in-house affairs can be. After all I am the new boss, but I guess my hormones just got the better of me today.”

I lowered my head and kissed her tentatively full on the mouth. As our lips parted Chris smiled and pulled my head back down again and we kissed with great passion. My left arm was supporting her back as my right hand gently caressed her shapely breasts. Chris closed her eyes and moaned as I fondled and squeezed the firm flesh, pulling and pinching her hard nipples. As my hand slid lower down her stomach to her pussy Chris mouthed “please” and she opened her legs a little wider. I ran my middle finger through the fine pubic hair, up and down her slit, teasing before I pushed into her wetness. I pushed the finger deep before withdrawing it and adding my index finger. Slowly I finger fucked my beauty, rubbing my thumb on her clit as I felt her climax with waves of pleasure shuddering through her sexy body.

“Whew, thank you Simon, I really needed that,” Chris gasped as she sucked air into her lungs.

“My pleasure, are you free tonight?” I asked. “Can you come home to my place?”

Chris glanced at the wall clock as she replied, “Shit no I can’t, my parents have arranged a ‘show Christine off to the relatives evening’ and I’d better get going.” She kissed me and then clambered off my lap. “I’d rather spend the night with you, but duty calls.”

As we dressed I said, “How about next Sunday? A picnic at the beach perhaps, I know a lovely place that is usually pretty deserted. And after we could go back to my place?”

“Any chance of Saturday?” Chris asked with a mischievous smile as she threw her panties to me. “Here’s a souvenir for you.”

“It’s the work golf day, I’d better not pull out of that.” I grinned as I sniffed her panties.

Chris grinned ruefully as she fastened her skirt. “You can’t say no to golf cause you’re fucking the new boss can you?”

I laughed as I finished dressing, “Not really and I just want to say again, what happened here is just between you and me.”

“Thanks Simon, I was sure I could trust you and I know you will prove that too me.” Chris paused as she searched for her shoes under the desk, “Next week I may find a reason to reprimand you, just to show the rest of the staff that you are not the boss’ favorite.”

“Good idea, some think the rearranging of the warehouse was unnecessary,” I moved around, stood in front of Chris and buttoned up her jacket. “Don’t do me any favors here naughty girl but do what I say in the bedroom.”

“Mmmmm yes Simon, you can be sure of that.” Chris stood on tiptoe and kissed me again. “I look forward to having that lovely cock inside me next Sunday, whatever hole you like lover.”

She rubbed my groin through my pants then pushed me aside. “I have to go, give me five minutes, just in case anyone’s driving by.”

“See you Monday, and thanks again.” I called as Chris rushed from her office.

I checked around to make sure there was no evidence of our fun, then I locked up and left five minutes later. For the rest of the weekend I could not wipe the grin off my face, the new boss may have upset some of my work-mates but she was great as far as I was concerned.

Monday was test day for Bill and Steve and the new layout of the warehouse. I deliberately stayed out of their way, I knew they would work hard as they always had and I wandered down to see them at 4.20pm, ten minutes before knock off time. I was delighted to see that all orders that had come in before 4.00pm that day had been packed and were ready for the transport truck that had just arrived. Bill gave me the thumbs up sign as he helped load the cartons onto the truck. That was all I needed to know so I returned to the office and asked Rita to inform Chris that all orders had been dispatched on time.

Fifteen minutes later Chris knocked on the doorframe of my office, smiled and winked at me. “Great work last Saturday Simon,” she said loudly enough for others to hear. “All orders out on time today, excellent work by Bill and Steve, I’ll thank them tomorrow.”

“Thanks for listening to my ideas Chris,” I replied, “It’s good to have a receptive manager.”

Chris grinned and returned to her office as I prepared myself for some caustic comments from Joe. The next day I shrugged off his occasional remarks about brown nosing the boss as I prepared some comparison figures for transport costs. Chris wanted to know if we should buy our own truck and employ a driver rather than use the transport company and I duly passed the final figures to her late that day.

Mid-morning on Wednesday Rita came into my office and said, “Chris wants to see you right away, she isn’t happy about something.”

I thanked her and went immediately to Chris’ office, the door was open and she beckoned me in at my knock.

“These figures are incorrect Simon.” Chris said loudly so Rita would hear. “They don’t add up correctly, take them away and check them please. I’m disappointed, your work has been so accurate.”

As I picked up the papers she grinned and winked at me while holding up a small hand written note that said, “Can’t wait for Sunday, I’m as horny as hell.”

“I’m sorry Chris,” I spluttered as I tried not to laugh. “I’ll check these immediately.”

Chris put the note through her paper shredder and dismissed me with a wave of her hand. I returned red faced to my office and made a show of checking the figures while my mind was planning for Sunday. My thoughts were interrupted as Joe came into my office and closed the door.

“Not such a goody two shoes now are you?” He sneered.

“Joe, I made a stupid error, she was right to chew me out.” I smiled inwardly at my choice of words.

“Yeh sure, next thing you know you’ll be on your second warning like me, one more mistake and I’m out.” Joe whined unhappily.

“It was my mistake Joe and I’ll take responsibility for it,” I said irritably. “If you took responsibility for your actions and worked properly you wouldn’t be in the situation you are now.”

“Don’t give me that crap, I’m sick of that responsibility bullshit. I’ll make sure I don’t play in your foursome on Saturday.” Joe snarled as he turned and left the room.

I was still shaking my head as Rita walked past and smiled at me. I knew that my conversation with Joe would soon be reported to Chris and he would soon have his marching orders.

The rest of the week passed slowly and my golf game showed that my mind was on the beach and not on the golf course. After the game the group, less Joe who left early after a lousy round, were enjoying a drink in the bar when my cell phone rang.

“Hello, Simon speaking.”

“Hi lover.” Chris said sensually, “Are you alone?’

“No, we are just having a drink after the golf.” I replied carefully.

“Really?” Chris giggled, “Did you get a hole in one? You will tomorrow, hopefully more than one.”

“Unfortunately no hole in one, maybe one day.”

“He he. Well I just want to tell you that I brought a new bikini for tomorrow and I shaved between my legs this morning, just for you.”

“Oh really, well what can I say?” I replied as my work mates looked at me.

“Ha ha, nothing at all,” Chris laughed. “My nipples are hard and I’m soooooo wet for you baby, I’ll be at your place at ten o’clock, I’ll bring the food, drink, towels and beach umbrella, you bring your hard cock ok?”

“Ok, fine, I’ll see you later, bye.” I said as I disconnected the call.

“You look all flushed Simon, you ok?” Darren the sales manager asked.

“Yes I’m fine, it was an old girl friend I’m trying to avoid.” I lied.

“Oh yeh, sure!” Darren said sarcastically as the rest of the group laughed.

I laughed and brought a round of drinks for my friends and soon my phone call was forgotten.

I slept restlessly that night, as a worrying thought ran around in my head and so I was ready early waiting impatiently for Chris to arrive. Punctually at ten the white BMW pulled up into the driveway of my home and Chris jumped out. She looked stunning in a small bikini top trying to cover her large breasts and a loose skirt that fell just below her knees. It was her hair that surprised me as for the first time it was loose and not tied tightly behind her head.

“Good morning, you do look different with you hair down. Very nice, I like it.”

“Thank you Simon.” Chris said as she kissed me and handed over her car keys. “Here you drive, I want to relax all day, well most of it.”

Driving a sexy blonde down the coast in a BMW, what more could a man want? I grabbed the keys and we hopped into the car.

I turned to Chris and inquired, “Before we go can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what’s up? You look serious.”

“This will probably sound silly but since my engagement broke off I’m a bit, ah, wary I guess is the word. I just want to be clear, ok?”

“Let me guess, after last Saturday and the phone call yesterday at golf, you’re wondering if I just want you for your cock?”

I blushed and nodded, “Right on Ms. Smale.”

“I can see how you could have that thought, absolutely.” Chris smiled and took my hands in hers. “Simon I wouldn’t be here right now if I wasn’t looking forward to the whole day, getting to know each other a lot better on the drive and the picnic at the beach. I feel very comfortable when I’m with you and I hope we will be great friends, socially as well as at work. And no more mention of the work word.”

I leant over and we kissed, “Thanks for understanding, I feel better already.”

“Then let’s go,” Chris smiled as she reached for her seatbelt. “How long before we hit the beach?”

“About an hour, perhaps a bit more.” I replied as I reversed the car out of the driveway. “Once we hit the freeway it’s a clear run.”

“Your house looks lovely, so tidy and neat. I bet you put clean sheets on the bed this morning.”

I laughed as I drove down my street, “Yes I did, you have xray vision?”

“No, but it doesn’t surprise me, now tell me about your family, any brothers or sisters?”

Chris and I chatted easily and honestly as I drove the BMW through the Sunday traffic and onto the freeway. The weatherman could not have picked a better day for us as the sun shone brightly with a cool breeze to stop the temperature from getting too high. We discovered that we had many things in common particularly food, music and the love of the countryside. Time passed quickly and soon I was turning off the freeway onto a side road that was sign posted ‘To Rosebud Beach, Safe Swimming Area’.

“Mmmm Rosebud, will you fuck my rosebud at your place?” Chris said with a wicked laugh.

“We’ll see later.” I replied, “It depends on what I decide.”

“Oh my god,” Chris said excitedly, “You don’t know what those few words do to me Simon. My bikini bottom is damp before we go in the water.”

“Just wait a bit longer.” I said as I turned the car off the main road onto a gravel track. “This is a bit bumpy but worth it as few people know about this beach. Usually there are not many others here.”

Sure enough when we arrived at the small parking area there were only two other cars. I parked in the shade of a tree and we retrieved the picnic basket, drink container, umbrella, and towels from the rear of the car. We walked along a track through some sand dunes and soon arrived on the almost deserted beach.

“Oh it’s just beautiful,” Chris said with delight as we stopped and gazed at the smooth waters of the bay. “What a great spot away from the crowds, another plus mark on your resume Simon.”

I grinned as I looked around and saw the other people in a group off to our right. “If we move a bit to the left with a bit of luck we won’t get disturbed.”

“Great, suits me fine, I want to be alone if possible.” Chris chuckled as she moved further up the beach. “Wait until you see my bikini bottom.”

We soon found a nice spot and I placed the beach umbrella in position to keep shade on the food and drink. I stripped off my tee shirt and shorts in preparation for a swim while I watched my sexy companion. Chris turned her back to me, wiggled her arse and suddenly let the skirt fall to the sand. Her bikini bottom was almost a thong with her cheeks separated by the thinnest piece of material I had ever seen on a beach.

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” I growled like a dog ready to mate.

“You like?” Chris grinned as she turned around and suddenly ran towards the water calling out, “Last one in gets a blow job!”

I walked slowly towards the calm water as Chris waited in the shallows to splash me but I tricked her by running 10 metres along the beach before wading into the warm water. When the water was over my waist I dived and swum underwater out into the bay. When I surfaced I looked around but Chris was nowhere to be seen. I was treading water and squinting in the bright sunlight when suddenly my swim trunks were quickly pulled down and off my legs.

Chris surfaced in front of me, laughing and holding up my trunks. “I forgot to tell you that I was a champion swimmer at school and I love swimming underwater.”

I reached out and grabbed her breasts. “You have an unfair advantage with these, I bet you fill them up with air.”

She laughed and grabbed my cock, “How about fucking my tits with this sometime baby?”

My reply was to place both my hands in her head, push her under the surface and hold her for about fifteen seconds before letting her surface.

“Ok, ok I get the point,” Chris spluttered. “You’re in charge in the bedroom, one day I’ll learn.” She paused, poked her tongue out at me and added, “Sir.”

“That’s better naughty girl.” I grinned before pulling her to me and kissing her salty lips. “Now give me my pants.”

“Race you.” She yelled before throwing my trunks out to sea and swimming quickly after them.

For the next twenty minutes we had great fun swimming and playing in the clear water of the bay. There was lots of touching under the water as we carried on like two teenagers suddenly released from the clutches of their parents. I finally convinced Chris to put my swimmers back on which proved to be quite difficult but a lot of fun, as tight wet trunks don’t slide easily underwater.

We returned to the beach and dried each other before we sat on the towels and Chris opened the picnic hamper. I uncorked the cold bottle of wine and poured it into a couple of plastic glasses while my lovely companion sorted the chicken and salad onto paper plates. Chris’ large firm breasts threatened to fall out of her bikini top and a couple of times she exposed her hard nipples to show me her feelings of excitement. We fed each other the chicken and wine, laughing and relaxed as we enjoyed each other’s company.

After we finished our lunch and packed the dirty plates away I decided to play Chris’ submission game.

“Spread your towel out and lay down on your back with your arms by your side.” I directed after making sure there were no other people close to us.

Chris’ eyes and mouth opened wide with surprise but then she grinned and followed my instruction.

I sat down on the sand beside her almost nude body; leant forward and we exchanged a long sexy kiss.

“When we get back to my place, these lips are my lips.” I said as I placed two fingers on her mouth.

Chris just nodded in reply, the excitement of my words showing in her sparkling eyes.

I trailed my fingers slowly down her neck and into the valley between her breasts.

“And these breasts are my breasts.” I said as I pulled the material down and under the curve of the firm flesh to expose both nipples.

Chris’ breathing became deeper making the large mounds rise and fall further with each breath.

“These tits are my tits.” I said as I squeezed and pulled each nipple.

“Oh my god Simon, yesssssss.” Chris hissed through clenched teeth.

I glanced around once more and we were still alone so I moved my fingers lower, trailing slowly down over her tummy to stop at the elastic of her bikini bottom.

“And what will I find under here?” I asked.

“My cunt, I mean your cunt, Sir.”

“Very good naughty girl, you are learning who’s boss around here.” I smiled as my fingers slipped into her small panties and over her freshly shaven pussy lips.

“Mmmm very wet naughty girl.” I said as I pushed a finger between her labia.

“Yes, and not just from swimming.” Chris moaned as she squirmed on the towel.

I withdrew the finger from her pussy and pushed my hand a little further into the straining material, to rub a fingertip on her perineum.

“Ohhhhhhh Simon.” Chris moaned loudly as my finger moved to play with her arse hole.

“And this arse is mine too.” I said with a mock-evil laugh. “The hole to fill and the cheeks to spank, and not necessarily in that order.”

Just then I heard voices and looked around to see some teenagers walking through the shallows towards us. I quickly pulled my hand out of Chris’ bikini bottom and stretched the bikini top back over breasts.

“Sit up and look normal.” I grinned.

Chris struggled up and sat on the sand with a towel over her legs. “Look normal!” She poked her tongue out and muttered, “Fuck Simon you turn me on so I’m red hot and you say look normal?”

My reply was to stand, grab Chris’ nearest wrist and pull her to her feet. I quickly scooped her in my arms and staggered through the soft sand towards the water. She was screaming and kicking her legs in mock anger as I waded through the shallows.

“Red hot eh? Well this will cool you off.” I said as I dropped her in the waist deep water.

The teenagers walked past laughing as Chris came spluttering to the surface.

“Good on you mate, show her who’s the boss.” One of the boys called out.

I gave him the thumbs up as Chris ducked down and grabbed my ankles to pull me off my feet. We surfaced spluttering and laughing and Chris raised her arms proclaiming herself the winner. We laughed and hugged each other as we waded back to the beach.

“Is there somewhere private we can go?” Chris pleaded as we stood by the umbrella. “I need your cock now.”

“Yes, I know a place, pack this stuff back in the car and I’ll show you.”

Soon Chris was almost running back to the car ahead of me with the basket in one hand and towels in the other. I walked slower with the umbrella and drink cooler and arrived at the car to find Chris standing impatiently with a travel rug in her arms. I grinned, threw the cooler and umbrella in the car, grasped Chris’ left hand and led her down a narrow path into the trees behind the sand dunes. A short distance later I left the path and we wound through the trees until we came to a small clearing. I lay the blanket down on the sandy soil as Chris looked around to make sure we had privacy.

“Da dah!” I said as I slipped my trunks off and stood nude in the centre of the blanket with my arms wide stretched.

Chris just grinned as she quickly removed the bikini top and bottom exposing her shaven pussy to me for the first time.

“You like?” Chris asked as she lay down on the blanket and spread her legs wide apart.

“It just winked at me,” I laughed as I knelt down between her legs.

“It does more than wink baby, just shove in that beautiful cock and I’ll show you.”

I teased the knob up and down her slit a few times and then pushed forward and my cock slid easily into her well-lubricated pussy.

“Oh my god!” I moaned loudly, “Your cunt does magic tricks, it swallowed my cock!”

“Cut the humor and fuck me.” Chris demanded.

I decided to shut up and give my sexsational friend the fucking she needed so badly. I pulled back until my cock was nearly out of her tight moist pussy then thrust back hard so my balls slapped her arse. Soon we were fucking with wonderful rhythm as Chris’ large breasts bounced around as if they had a mind of their own. I felt incredibly erotic sensations as Chris’ pussy squeezed around my cock as I pumped it in and out. I was glad that we were far away from company as Chris urged me on loudly with language that she would never tolerate at work. I held on as long as possible but just after Chris climaxed and screamed loudly I orgasmed as my cock spurted its load deep in her pussy.

I collapsed sideways onto the blanket in the hot little clearing and gasped, “Clean me.”

Chris groaned loudly at my words then quickly knelt up beside me and popped my sticky drooping cock into her mouth. She slurped and licked our combined juices from my shaft before sucking hard on the knob to make sure she didn’t miss a drop of my cum. Finally satisfied with her ‘clean up’ efforts she straddled my hips and lay down on top of me grinning and licking her lips.

“Phew lover, I needed that badly.” She panted as we kissed.

I pushed her damp matted hair back over her head, “What happened to my cool and controlling boss?”

Chris grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it tight before saying, “Your cool and controlling boss will be back on Monday morning.” Chris grinned and kissed me again. “Until then you have to put up with this sex maniac who looks like her twin, ok?”

“Sounds like fun.’ I replied as I hugged her tight before placing my hands on her bum and giving two quick spanks to each cheek.

“Mmmmmm don’t do that unless you’re ready to fuck again.” My sexy friend said eagerly, “I warned you about the effect spanking has on me,”

“I think we’ll head back to my place and see what pops up there.”

“Whatever you say, you’re in charge.” Chris laughed as she jumped to her feet, grabbed her bikini and quickly put it on.

I stood up as Chris knelt and held my swimmers just above the blanket, ready to slip them up my legs. I stepped into the now dry pants and as Chris slowly moved them up my calves my insatiable lover once again sucked my limp dick into her mouth, looking up at me with adoration. To my utter amazement she got a reaction as my cock jerked and started to harden once again. I placed a hand on the back of my lover’s head and held it firmly as her cheeks sucked in and out. Slowly but surely the blood returned to my penis and Chris was spluttering as the head touched the back of her mouth.

“You should have lipstick on, I think you just set a new record.” I groaned as I let go her hair.

Chris grinned at me and gasped in some air before returning to her favorite pastime. I was shaking my head, almost unable to believe my performance as the familiar erotic sensations flowed from through my nervous system from my cock. It wasn’t long before I once again spurted in to her mouth as I struggled to stand and keep my balance. As Chris sucked vigorously and swallowed the juices she loves so much I thought I heard some muffled giggling from behind some bushes.

I looked in the direction of the noise and yelled, “Enjoying the show?”

Chris gasped in shock as we heard cursing from the bushes and then the sound of people laughing as they quickly ran away.

“Shit, who was that?” Chris asked uneasily as she jumped quickly to her feet and threw her arms around me.

“It’s ok I think it was the kids from the beach.” I laughed. “They won’t give us any trouble. Your bikini or lack of it sure had the eyes of the boys. Shhhhh listen.”

Sure enough from the direction of the car park we could hear the sound of car doors slamming and then the revving of a noisy engine.

“Yep, they’re going, you sure put on a good show, something to tell their friends.”

Chris blushed and then giggled as she realized we were safe. “Come on, let’s go home, I think I prefer four walls around me next time we fuck.”

I tried to step off the blanket and promptly fell flat on my face as my swimmers were still around my ankles. Chris and I both burst out laughing at the silly situation in which we found ourselves. I quickly made myself decent, grabbed the blanket and guided Chris back to her car. She heaved a sigh of relief when we saw that the other cars had left the parking area. ‘Thanks for the show’ was scrawled in the dust on the rear of the BMW and we both laughed as I placed the blanket away.

As I started to drive home Chris said, “That was great fun Simon, I loved the beach and being here with you, we must do it again soon.”

I smiled as I negotiated the bumpy track. “I had a great time Chris, I’d really like to take you away for a weekend and find a nice little private B&B somewhere.”

“Ooooooh yes, that sounds wonderful, let’s do it soon. Now tell me lover boy, did your second erection surprise you?”

“It sure did,” I admitted. “But then again I’ve never met anyone who loves to suck like you do.”

“I really do love your smooth cock fucking my mouth, just tell me, anytime, anywhere baby. Apart from working hours of course.” Chris paused and giggled. “Those damn kids meant that I missed some of your cum, I promise that won’t happen again.”

We were both laughing loudly as I drove onto the main road and gunned the BMW for home. Chris rested a hand on my leg, gently rubbing and stroking my thigh as we cruised along the freeway. The traffic was fairly light and it did not seem to take long before I turned into my driveway. I had a quick shower to clean off the sand and salt and then made us a snack and coffee while I waited patiently for Chris. The sound of the hair dryer told me that she would be longer than I expected but it was worth the wait when my sexy boss finally walked nude into the kitchen. She had taken the time to put her hair up and bright red lipstick adorned her lips.

“Nice place you have here Sir.” Chris smiled, “Nice to meet a man with a clean bathroom, even the shower was spotless.”

“Thanks, I try to keep the place clean and tidy, you never know when someone sexy might drop in. Coffee sweetie?”

“Yes please lover.” Chris sampled some cheese with a cracker. “Delicious cheese too, I don’t suppose you have a sausage a girl could nibble on too?”

My cock had started to stir the second she had walked into the room so I replied, “Yes of course, it will be served to you in the bedroom if that suits?”

“He he, it sure does.” Chris grinned wickedly. “God if my parents could see and hear me now, not to mention those at work.”

“Hey I thought the work word was banned for today?” I questioned with a stern expression.

“Oh I’m sorry, I am a naughty girl aren’t I Sir?” Chris bit her bottom lip and batted her eyelashes at me. “I guess I’m in trouble now.”

“Yes you are young lady.” I said as I rose and grabbed her left arm. “Come with me Christine, you know what happens next don’t you?”

“Oh I do hope so Sir!” Chris could not suppress her giggles as I pushed her into my bedroom. “Oh, I see you have prepared in advance.”

I somehow managed to keep my stern expression as I guided the naughty girl onto the bed and face down over the pile of pillows,

“Fuck this is so exciting!” Chris said joyfully as she settled herself into position. “Do I get spanked for swearing too Sir? I do hope so.”

I knelt up on the bed and gazed down in awe at Chris’ anus and vagina ready and waiting between the lovely round globes of her arse. I reached under the pillows and grabbed a tube of lubricant and a latex glove that I had hidden there before we went to the beach. I slipped the glove onto my right hand and Chris moaned as I ran a fingertip down her crack and squirted some cool lube onto her arse hole,

“Mmmmm yes Simon, lube me up but hurry, I’m on fire again.”

“Patience naughty girl.” I said as I pushed a finger into Chris’ anus.

I was surprised how easily my finger pushed it’s way past the sphincter and into her rectum, so different to the other two times I had attempted anal sex with a girlfriend. Chris moaned with frustration as I twisted my finger in and out, adding more lube for her anal fucking. When I was satisfied with the preparations I removed the glove and without warning started to spank Chris’ lovely arse cheeks.

‘Spank, spank, spank.’

“Yikes that stings!” Chris cried out.

“And there’s a lot more to come so get used to it.” I warned as my hand rose and fell with lovely stings.

‘Spank, spank, spank.’

“Oh my god, nobody’s ever spanked me this hard before!”

“Just call out red if it gets to much.” I said, mentally kicking myself for not talking about a safe word before we commenced.

“Ouch! Shit I don’t know about red but it’s fucking close to amber! Owww!”

‘Spank, spank, spank.’

“I know you need and deserve this young lady.”

‘Spank, spank, spank.’

“Wiggling your arse and teasing me at work last weekend, such terrible behavior from our new manager.” I was spanking slower and firmer now and Chris’ cheeks were a lovely pink colour.

“Whack, whack, whack.’

“I’m sorry Simon, owwww not so hard.” Chris yelled as she squirmed around over the pillows.

“The only way for you to learn will be to have regular spankings.”

‘Whack, whack, whack!’

“Yikes, ouch, yowwww! Oh my god Simon, pleeeaasse fuck me, use me, owwwww!” Chris pleaded loudly.

‘Whack, whack, whack’.

I gave Chris three extra hard stinging hits on her red butt then quickly moved around and knelt in position. I smeared some lubricant over my cock and teasingly rubbed the tip up and down her crack. I placed my cock against her arse hole and thrust my hips forward and we both moaned as my cock slowly disappeared from my sight. I paused as my balls touched her pussy, allowing my cock to become accustomed to the tightness of her rectum. With my hands on Chris’ hips I started to fuck my boss as she desired, methodically pumping my cock in and out as she pushed back at each thrust. Perspiration was soon dripping from my face and we were both moaning loudly as our climaxes drew close. I managed to give Chris a few extra spanks on each cheek just before my body jerked and shook with a powerful orgasm. Chris reached a hand back under her and rubbed her clit as she shrieked with the onset of her own climax. Both of us were shaking and moaning as I pulled my cock from her arse and toppled sideways onto the sheets. As we both gasped for air I pulled Chris against me, cupping and squeezing a breast as I hugged her tightly.

“Shit Simon, that was awesome.” Chris panted as she turned around and kissed me. “Mmmmm let me lick your sweat.”

I grinned as Chris’ tongue licked the perspiration from my around face. “Nice and salty?” I asked as she slurped her way down my neck to the upper chest.

“Oh yeh, it tastes so good when it’s nice and fresh.” Chris giggled as she kissed me again. She screwed up her nose and said, “But sweat from a day’s hard gardening or something like that is yucky, don’t like that.”

I relaxed back onto the bed as Chris lay with her head on my chest. We were both lost in our own thoughts for a while as our wonderful day together neared the end.

“I’ll have to go soon lover.” Chris said gloomily. “I have some things I have to do tonight before work tomorrow and I told Mum and Dad I’d be home for dinner.” She pushed herself up and looked at me with twinkling eyes. “Hey I have two things to ask you, firstly, did you find my arse easy to fuck?”

“Yes, I was surprised.” I admitted.

“Wanna know why?” She asked mischievously.

I nodded and wondered what was coming next?

“Butt plugs, I love to have a plug up my arse when I use a vibrator on my clit. So I’m quite used to pushing things up there, though I do prefer a good hard cock.” Chris giggled and blushed a little as she admitted. “Sometimes I have a butt plug in at work.”

“What?” I exclaimed as I shook my head. “You’ve had a plug in during meetings at work? You’re unbelievable, so what’s the second question?”

“I have been meaning to ask to, you said you write short stories, what sort? Are they published?”

“This sort of story.” I replied as I raised my hand and brought it down with a sting on her bum.

“Ouch!” Chris was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

I laughed and whacked her once more before saying, “Spanking stories sweetie, you can read them all in a site on the Internet. But I must say it’s great to be able to put the theories into practice.”

“Shit, no wonder you spank so wonderfully, I want more and soon. But I’d better get moving, a quick shower is in order I think.”

Chris and I kissed once more then jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. We chatted about our wonderful day as we quickly showered and washed, dried and dressed each other.

“Thanks again Simon,” Chris smiled up at me as she started her car. “I had a great day. Let’s make sure we have that weekend away soon.”

“I’ll check accommodation tonight and you can let me know what weekend suits.” I leant in the open window and gave her one long last kiss. “Thanks to you too, I really enjoyed today. See you tomorrow boss.”

Chris poked her tongue at me as she selected reverse and drove down the drive as I waved goodbye to my lovely new friend. As I walked back inside I sure was happy that Christopher had turned out to be Christine and that we had become such good friends out of work.

At work a few days later I was checking budget figures when there was a knock at the door and Chris walked into my office.

“Simon, would you have a look at these papers please?” She said as she came around behind my desk to stand beside me facing the door and laying out some typed sheets.

“Of course Chris.” I said.

The top page simply stated ‘Simon darling, put your hand up my skirt and feel my arse’.

I swallowed and pretended to read the second sheet of accounting figures and statistics while I surreptitiously moved my right hand off the desk and onto the back of her legs. Anyone who glanced in while passing my office would not have guessed that my hand was sliding up under the skirt of our new boss.

“Don’t you think this looks promising?” Chris asked as she moved her legs a little further apart.

“Oh yes Chris, everything seems to be going well doesn’t it?” I said as my fingers moved up her thighs and came to rest on the end of the butt plug.

“Ohhhhhhh cheeky!” Chris whispered with a low moan as I gave her pussy a couple of quick tickles before removing my hand from under her skirt.

“See Simon, I told you that things were on the up, I’m very pleased with the figures and your work.” My sexy boss smiled at me as she gathered the sheets of paper. “Come and see me when you have your budget please.”

“Of course Chris, I should finish them later today.”

As Chris moved towards the doorway of my office she reached back and smacked herself twice on her tight arse. I put my head down and pretended to check my budget figures as I laughed inwardly about the butt plug and my sex-mad boss. I had many interruptions that afternoon and I was completing my budget well after knock off time when Chris knocked on my office door.

“Looks like we are here alone once again Simon,” She said as raised the front of her skirt to show me her shaven pussy.

“It looks like six o’clock.” I said with a laugh as I looked directly at her vagina.

“Very funny darling. Too much work and no play makes life dull.” Chris laughed wickedly. “Why don’t you come into my office and we’ll see what pops up?’

“I’ll be right there Ms. Smale.” I said as I bundled all my papers into the filing cabinet.

“Good, I’ll just go and freshen my lipstick, I’m predicting a new record this evening.”

I laughed and quickly followed my sexy boss to her office where I found her still dressed but kneeling in readiness in front of the couch. Bright red lipstick showed off her brilliant smile as I stood in front of her and held a handful of her hair while she removed my shoes and pants. I flopped back on the couch, spread my legs apart and pulled her mouth to my semi-hard cock.

“Oh yes, use me Simon.” Chris moaned as she opened her mouth and started to suck.

With her expertise my cock was soon at its maximum length and hardness and indeed my sex crazy cock sucking boss did set a new record that evening. With some firm pressure on the back of her head together with some verbal urging Chris managed to take some cock into her throat. She nearly gagged a few times but soon adjusted and for the first time I was able to hold her in position with her nose in my pubic hair. We both took great delight when I blew my load into her mouth as spasms of pleasure shook through my body. I lay collapsed on the couch and let go of Chris’ hair as she remained kneeling in front of me, grinning and licking her lips.

“Good thing I can hold my breath for a long time.” She panted. “My God, that was so exciting when you held me with your cock into my throat.”

I just nodded and grinned weakly as I gasped air into my lungs.

“I’m so turned on Sir after having this plug up my rear all day, permission to make myself cum?” Chris begged.

“No, take off your skirt, bend over your desk and wait.” I ordered as I calmed a little.

Chris gave me a dirty look but stood, removed her skirt and took up her position over the desk with her arse and butt plug pointing straight in my direction. I kept her waiting for over five minutes before I slowly dressed myself and moved to pat her luscious bum. I slipped the leather belt out of my trousers and flicked the end against Chris’ cheeks.

“Oh my God.” Chris shivered at the touch of the belt.

“Call me Simon please.” I replied as I raised the belt and whacked it across her white cheeks.

“Shit, that fucking stings.” Chris grimaced, “I’ve never been strapped before.”

“Call red if it gets too much.” I instructed as I raised the belt again.

Chris just had time to nod before the leather again cracked across bottom, this time also hitting the end of the butt plug.

“Yaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Chris yelled.

‘Crack’ – “Owwwwwww!”

I admired her courage as I rubbed my hand across the red marks.

“Six more and I want you to climax on number six.”

“Oh hell,” Chris moaned, “I’ll try, get on with it for fucks sake.”

“I’m giving the orders around here young lady and don’t forget it, that last comment gets you two more strokes, cum on number eight.”

“Ohhh shhhhhhiiii, yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir, thank you Sir.” Chris said quickly then quietly giggled.

‘Crack’ – “Owwwww.”

‘Crack’ – “Ouuchhhh”

“That’s number two, count the rest out loud.” I ordered as I swished the belt through the air.

‘Crack’ – “Yahhhhhhh, yes Sir, that’s three Sir.”

“That’s better young lady.”

‘Crack’ – “Yahhhhhh, four Sir.”

‘Crack’ – “Ohhhhhhh no, five Sir.”

“I can see you need regular punishment for your misdemeanors.” I said loudly, “I will have to get a little black book and make notes.”

‘Crack!’ – “Ohhhhhhh my God it stings! Six Sir!”

“Two more and then you cum, not before.”

‘Crack!!’ – “Yahhhhhhhhh, oh Sir, I can’t, ohhhhhhh seven Sir.”

I paused for effect and then accurately cracked the belt across the butt plug and her red striped buttocks.

‘CRACK!!’ – “Aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeee!”

Chris’s body arched and then crashed down on the desk as the long awaited orgasm hit with powerful force. I dropped the belt and grabbed her waist to prevent her from falling from the desk as waves of pleasure flowed through her shaking body. After Chris had calmed a little I lifted her in my arms and laid her gently on the office couch. She groaned as her hot arse cheeks touched the cool leather and lay there looking up at me with amazement as I passed her a glass of water.

“Wow Simon, where did you learn that?” Chris finally gasped. “Spanking turns me on but to cum like that from being thrashed with a belt, oh God.”

The sound of a slamming door in the office gave us both a fright and I quickly left Chris’ office and closed the door behind me as I went to investigate.

“Oh it’s you.” I said thankfully as I saw the office cleaners emptying the waste paper baskets. “We were working back and had forgotten it was cleaning night. We will be out of your way in a few minutes.”

“That’s ok Sir, no problem, sorry if we gave you a fright.” The head cleaner replied.

I returned to Chris’ office to find her sitting behind her desk fully dressed and looking every inch the efficient new manager.

“I think that’s enough for tonight Simon,” Chris said loudly, “I think we have the problems beaten now.”

“I think so too,” I replied, “But it worthwhile staying back to fix everything.”

“Not quite everything,” Chris whispered to me, “How about dinner?”

I nodded and whispered, “Meet you at Marco’s, the Italian place in Canterbury Road?”

“Fifteen minutes,” Chris whispered then added loudly, “Thanks very much Simon, see you tomorrow.”

“You’re welcome and goodnight Chris.” I replied as a cleaner looked in from Rita’s office to see if we were leaving. “I’ll see you later.”

Chris left and after a few more words to the cleaners I followed her to Marco’s Restaurant for dinner. My boss was waiting for me at a quiet corner table away from the noise of the main group of diners.

“I ordered a bottle of champagne.” Chris said with a smile as I sat down.

“Champagne?” I said with surprise as I checked out the other diners for familiar faces. “Are we celebrating?’

“Yes we are, I was going to tell you earlier but the cleaners interrupted, see anyone you know?”

“No familiar faces except yours sexy lady.” I said as I returned my attention to Chris. “Looks like we won’t get sprung tonight, so why the bubbly?”

The waiter interrupted so we perused the menu and ordered our meals.

“Ok lover boy, there are big changes coming at work.” Chris smiled with satisfaction. “Since the departure of Joe and a few others there has been a marked improvement in the work ethic.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed that.”

“Darren in particular has really pulled his sales finger out and we are almost certain to sign up a new client that will almost double our turnover. Darren and I are having a final negotiation meeting tomorrow.”

“Wow, that’s excellent Chris, the board will be happy.”

“Yes they are Simon.” Chris paused and raised her glass of champagne to me. “And they have agreed with my recommendation that you be promoted to Assistant Manager, congratulations. Do you think you can handle working alongside me?”

“Me? Assistant Manager?” I was totally surprised. “But William and Ben are more senior and ahead of me surely?”

“Bill and Ben the flowerpot men?” Chris giggled at her little joke then continued. “No, they are good workers but they don’t have the ability to assist me. Seniority doesn’t necessarily equate to talent Simon, it was you or I had to advertise and train a newcomer. You have the knowledge of the business and the talent, of course there will be a new wages and perks package that I will negotiate with you, if you take the position.”

“I would love to work alongside you, thank you for recommending me.”

“My pleasure sexy man, of course we will have to be extra careful about our after hours meetings.” Chris grinned, “And just because I suck your lovely cock and you whip my arse, doesn’t mean I will accept anything less than one hundred percent from you at work, ok?”

“Of course Chris, that goes without saying and I will do my best not to let you down. Ah good, here’s the food, I’m hungry.”

We discussed the forthcoming changes at work while we ate our delicious pasta dishes and enjoyed the champagne.

“Cappuccino and then back to my place for a quickie?” I asked as I saw the waiter coming to take our plates.

“Yes, but could I have a hot chocolate please?” Chris grinned.

I organised the drinks and asked for the account from the waiter who couldn’t keep his eyes off my sexy boss.

“You certainly had his attention.” I said after the waiter left.

Chris shrugged her shoulders and asked, “How’s the planning for our weekend away going? Have you found a nice private place where I can make a lot of noise?”

“A lot of noise?” I asked innocently.

“Oh Simon, when you used the belt on me tonight it was amazing.” Chris lowered her voice to almost a whisper. “I want more, I want to experiment and I know I can trust you. I have fantasies I have never told anyone before.”

I smiled encouragingly and nodded as Chris paused.

“I know you won’t think me weird, I hope not anyway.”

“Spit it out honey.”

“Ok I want to be tied up and used as your, for want of a better description, your sex slave.” Chris blushed but maintained eye contact. “I have clamps I use on my nipples, and ah, other areas, and I have toys. What I’d love is a weekend of submission, to explore and experiment. I get excited just thinking about pain, and after the strapping at work, ohhhhh my. Are you ok, you understand baby?”

“I’m fine, absolutely fine,” I said as our legs rubbed under the table. “How about I buy a collar and lead, would you like that?”

“Oh my God! My cunt just flooded, how did you know?” Chris was astonished. “Can you get a butt plug with a tail too?”

I grinned as the waiter arrived with the drinks and replied, “Did I ever tell you about my Labrador Becky? She was such a stubborn bitch, but my training finally brought her into line.”

I paid cash to the waiter for the account and added a decent tip.

“Thank you very much Sir”, He said. “My father had a stubborn Labrador too, but he was untrainable.”

“Your father or the dog?” I asked with a grin.

“Both actually, have a lovely evening.” The waiter laughed and left.

“Very funny Simon.” Chris poked her tongue out at me and smiled sweetly. “Train me please Simon, don’t tell me what your plans are, just take me away and make it a weekend I’ll always remember.”

“I’ve found a place down near Wilson’s Promontory that has only a few individual cabins and they are spread around the property. The owners don’t supply any meals, we will have to take our food and drink, but from the website the cabins look great and have great views of the sea, as well as a hot tub. It’s about a three hour drive, we could go Friday night and come back late Sunday if that suits you?”

“The weekend after next ok with you?” Chris asked eagerly.

“Yes I’ll email and book tonight, do you have time to come to my place now?” I asked.

“Try stopping me.” Chris grinned as she stood and grabbed her handbag. “What did you have in mind lover?”

“Twenty-three multiplied by three interest you?”

“A sixty-nine, mmmmm.” Chris laughed. “Come on hurry up, any maths that gets your cock in my mouth gets top marks with me. Perhaps you would prefer the metric equivalent of a sixty-nine?”

“What’s that?” I asked as I waited for the punch line.

“One eight one, the same thing really!”

Laughing at our private joke Chris and I hurried to our cars and after the short drive we were soon stripping off in the bedroom of my home. After a quick visit to the bathroom we flopped on the bed and kissed deeply.

“Have you got a vibrator in your bag?” I asked as I checked out the plug still in my boss’ butt.

“Of course lover, why?”

“I just a devilish idea of filling all your holes at the one time.”

Chris’ eyes opened wide with excitement then she reached down and grabbed her bag off the floor.

“This do?” She asked as she held out a thick seven inch silver vibrator.

“Just the thing,” I said as I lay back on the bed. “Suck me, make me hard you naughty girl.”

Chris knelt with her mouth just over my cock. “I love it when you call me that, mmffffhhhhggg!”

The rest of Chris’ sentence was unintelligible as I pushed her mouth down onto my cock. Naturally it did not take much of her wonderful sucking and licking before my penis was rock hard and ready to go. Chris winced with pain as I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her down onto her back on the bed. I moved quickly to straddle her body with my stiff cock directly above her mouth and her glistening shaven pussy seemingly begging for my attention. As Chris started to suck my balls I licked along her slit and teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. I heard a long moan from my lover before the familiar sensations of her tongue and lips working on my cock brought a moan of pleasure from my lips. Her body jerked as I pushed the thick silver shaft into the depths of her pussy and switched it on to half power. Somehow I managed to have one hand twisting the plug up her butt while the other hand fucked her cunt with the buzzing vibrator.

But my attention was being diverted by wonderful sensations as Chris sucked hard, as always she was desperate for the tang of my semen on her taste buds. In a moment of pure selfishness I stopped my attention to Chris’ pleasure and concentrated on the feelings coming from my cock. The feelings of my lover’s lips sucking up and down the length of my penis together with the licking her tongue soon gave her the present she desired as she savored and swallowed my cum in a mind-blowing climax.

After I had regained some breath and I was certain that Chris had sucked me dry I returned my concentration to her sexy body. I rolled off and knelt beside her hips, spreading her legs wider apart as my hands returned to the vibrator and butt plug. From this position I could also watch the expressions on her beautiful face and the effect my play was having on her body. I grasped the end of the butt plug, pulled the whole length from her arse and then pushed it in and out in harmony with the vibrator in her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Chris’ fists grasped the sheet as her body arched off the bed.

“Don’t cum yet!” I ordered as I turned the vibrator to full power and attacked her clit with the tip of my tongue.

“I can’t, ohhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

‘So much for giving orders’ I laughed to myself as my lover’s body jerked and shook with the force of a powerful orgasm. Chris’ perspiring figure continued to quiver as I eased out the plug and vibrator and lay down on the bed hugging her close. I raised myself up on an elbow so my hand could brush back her hair that had come loose during our exertions.

Chris lay back looking up at me as she sucked in air, shaking her head from side to side as she gradually relaxed and calmed.

“Oh baby, I mean Simon Sir,” Chris sighed, “If that cum was an example of our weekend away then I’ll need the Monday off to recover.”

“Wait and see naughty girl.” I replied as I snuggled down, “Just you wait and see.”

“I think I’ll go home and change in the morning.” Chris said with a warm smile. “This naughty girl adores being here with you like this, it could become a habit lover boy, Sir.”

We kissed deeply and snuggled happily down in the bed, both of us wondering silently about the coming weekend away.

The End?

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