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The Neighbors

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My wife Sharon and I met our new neighbors at the Labor Day BBQ. Ken and Barb were another typical early 40’s couple working hard trying to make ends meet. Their 19 year old son Jimmy was there. He was a quiet kid. I guess like all kids his age he really didn’t want to be there, at least not around his parents.

The five of us got to talking about different things and Ken mentioned that Jimmy was having a hard time finding a job. Of course I mentioned the old standards like mowing a lawn or two, or painting a house. Jummy did say that he liked to paint. Sharon had the idea that if he was willing that he could come on over and paint our dining room. This could be a blessing as I hate to paint. He agreed and we set it up for the up coming weekend.

Jimmy rang the door bell right at 9:00 AM as agreed. Sharon greeted him saying to both of us that she was on her way to a baby shower that I had totally forgot about. Now I was stuck in the house literally watching paint dry.

Jimmy got started as I watched some tv in the next room. Wearing an old painted pair of gym shorts I would say he had painted before, or at least attempted it.

As Jimmy was painting I couldn’t help but notice that his shorts were very baggy and short. As he was sitting up on the top of the ladder I could see up his shorts so much that I could tell he “forgot” his underwear this morning. Guessing he did that for my wife’s benefit. I laughed to myself and didn’t give it another thought. Poor kid got excited for nothing.

I left Jimmy to finish painting the high wall above the archway going into our dining room and went out to tinker in the garage some. After a few minutes I came back in and saw he was progressing nicely. The only section left was directly above the door and with 10 foot ceilings he had quite a time reaching for it.

It was somewhat humorous to see Jimmy only from the waist down. The top half of his body was covered by the top of the arch. But what really got my attention was the rather big bulge in his shorts which he seemed to have to move from side to side as he painted from one side to the next. Again laughing to myself I knew why his shorts were full of paint smears. Oh to be young again.

Then it happened. As Jimmy was stretching to reach the ceiling and pushing down on his bulge his cock slid out of the left leg of his shorts. Wow, this kid had some piece of meat. He must’ve thought I was still in the garage, because he was openly tugging at it as to bring it out in the open more.

“Do you like what you see Mr. Smith?” he said from behind the archway.

I was busted and didn’t have a clue what to say to him.

Again he spoke up. “It’s ok if you want to watch, I don’t mind.” With that he climbed down a couple of steps so he could see me eye to eye.

Leaning against the ladder he slowly unzipped the shorts and let them fall past his knees. Here was this 19 year old kid in my house totally naked leaning against my ladder with his 1/2 hard cock in his hand.

“Some of the guys at school say I have a big cock.” still stroking his cock about 10 feet in front of my face. “What do you think Mr. Smith?”

What was happening to me. I still couldn’t say a word. I just kept on watching his hand slide up and down that huge shaft of his.

Reaching out his free hand he gestured “come on Mr. Smith, don’t be shy.” As in a daze I reached for his extended hand and let him pull me to him.

Jimmy was now stroking faster. I next felt a hand on my shoulder pull me even closer. He stopped suddenly. It was then that I saw the true size of Jimmy’s monster. He was every bit of 10″. God, it looked so good hanging straight out from his body all be itself.

“Go ahead Mr. Smith. Give him a kiss.” I was somewhat hesitant until I felt Jimmy gently massaging my neck. I wanted to run, but it was like I stuck there in time. Mesmorized and in awe of this young man’s hard cock. Watching the pre cum leaking I leaned forward looking up at Jimmy as I felt his rubbery cockhead bouncing on my lips as he kept stroking it. I did kiss it a few times. I was afraid to look down. Feeling his cockhead pushing I slowly parted my lips looking down at it as he entered my mouth for the first time.

That was all it took. I knew what Jimmy wanted and was going to give it to him. I grabbed both sides of the ladder to steady myself and Jimmy and tried to take as much of him as I could. I was getting off on the slurping sounds I was making riding up and down on that fat cock of his. The faster I went the more noise I made and the hotter I got. I could now feel my own cock throb in my pants. I never knew sucking cock would be like this.

About half of Jimmy’s cock was buried in my mouth when I felt both his hands on the back of my head. I just looked up at Jimmy and opened my mouth as wide as I could letting him know I was ready. Inch by inch I could feel him go deeper and deeper until I felt him at the back of my throat. Knowing what Jimmy was after I pulled off alittle bit, took a deep breath and forced myself on him letting him spear the back of my throat. I breathed through my nose as I could feel his cock penetrate into my waiting esophagus. I had done it. I was sucking cock. Feeling the outside of my throat with my hand I could feel Jimmy’s hard shaft sliding in and out.

He asked me if I was ready. Immediately I knew what Jimmy wanted and moaned yes as best I could. Jimmy was pistoning his cock even faster now. I felt his cock swell even larger as he began dumping volley after volley of his seed down my throat. Man, did he ever taste good. It was hard for me not to choke as he continued pounding my face. I surely didn’t want him to stop either.

After what seemed like eternity Jimmy began slowing down, his cock softened in my mouth. I kept sucking his cock slowly as he was still feeding me his cum.

Wow. What an experience. Jimmy asked if I was done or wanted some more. I asked what he had in mind…………to be continued.

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