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The Neighbor Girl Likes to Watch

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The week following my night with Julie and her friend Tiffany was pretty typical except for the two booty calls Julie paid me during the week. It was more difficult for us to hook up because her parents were home during the week so she had to sneak over to my house when they thought she was hanging out with friends.

It was apparent that something was awakened in Julie two weeks ago and she seemed to have an insatiable sexual appetite that I was more than happy to attempt to satisfy. The sex was amazing, and the fact that she had to sneak over with her parents right next door made it just a little bit better. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more, but luckily for me I didn’t have to….Julie was offering more.

It was late Thursday night and we just finished an intense fuck session when she asked, “So, did you like fucking Tiffany last weekend?”

I was a little surprised by the question, but just replied with a sly smile, “Of course, but the real question is did you like fucking Tiffany?”

“Yeah, it was fun” she said sheepishly, “but I have to admit, what made me really hot was watching you fuck her.”


“Yeah, I don’t know why, but it is all I can think about.”

“So what are you trying to say?” I said, hoping I already knew what she was trying to say.

“Well, my parents are out of town again this weekend and I am having a little party with my friends that are back in town. I kind of want you to hook up with one of my friends so I can watch.”

“Well, if that’s what you want, I guess I’d have to be stupid to argue. Do you already have someone in mind?”

“Hmmmm, I’ve got a couple friends that would probably fall for you” she said with a wicked little grin.

And with that, we agreed that I would come to her party on Saturday to seduce and hopefully fuck one of her friends while she watched. I’m not sure who was more excited about the new plan, but it definitely made us both horny as we fucked one more time before she went back home.

Saturday finally arrived and I could barely focus on anything other than wondering who Julie would pick for our little plan. As it started getting dark I noticed several cars parking in front of Julie’s place with a bunch of guys and girls filtering in. I saw quite a few hot little numbers saunter in which got my mind racing even more. I decided to let the party get started before I headed over but the wait was killing me.

I finally gave in and decided to join the party. I let myself in the front door and was greeted by loud music and a lot of talking and laughing. The house was pretty full and everyone was drinking and having a great time. There was a mix of guys and girls, but there were definitely more girls there….many of them extremely attractive. It was clear that Julie had some pretty hot friends. This was going to be a great night.

I grabbed a beer and made my way to the back of the house and out on the deck where I found Julie talking with some of her friends. As I approached the circle of girls Julie’s face lit up when she saw me.

“Jason, you finally made it!” she yelled as she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the circle of girls she was talking with.

“This is my good friend Jason, the one I’ve been telling you about!”

When she said that, the three girls gave me a big smile and whispered to each other and giggled. All three girls were amazingly hot and I really hoped one of them was the subject of our little mission tonight.

“Jason, these are my best friends from high school, Annie, Laura and Chelsie.”

I was polite, said hello and shook their hands but all I could do was check each one out and wonder if I was going to be fucking one of them later that night. Like I said, they were all hot, but one really caught my eye. Laura was an absolute hottie. She had dark brown shoulder length hair and a naturally tan skin tone that seemed to make her amazing green eyes sparkle. She was a little taller than her friends, probably about 5’6”, and had a tight and toned body similar to Julie’s. She was wearing a tight pair of designer jeans that were very low on her hips and a tight white tank top that accentuated her flat stomach and perky b-cup tits. She was hot and I think I was staring.

As the group of girls and I kept the small talk going I couldn’t keep my eyes off Laura. She soon noticed and we made prolonged eye contact several times during the group’s conversation. She seemed to be flirting with me through her eyes and I was really hoping there was a reason for this extra attention.

The conversation continued, but Julie pulled me away from the group for a little chat on the other side of the deck.

“So what do you think of my friends?” she asked with a knowing smile.

“They seem nice,” I said glancing back to the girls now talking with a couple of guys. From the other side of the deck I had a view of Laura from behind and the sight of her ass in those tight jeans made my dick swell in my pants. She had a very athletic body and sweet little ass was just begging to be squeezed with two hands.

“You know what I mean,” she said punching me on the arm, “do you like any of them?”

“I gotta say they’re all really cute, but there is something about Laura….she’s sexy”

“Good…I was hoping you were going to say that!”

“Really, why?” I said taking another look at Laura’s ass.

“She’s the friend I picked for tonight!” she said enthusiastically as she filled me in on her plans.

It turns out that Laura is one of Julie’s best friends and the star of their volleyball team in high school. Julie said that she picked her because she knew that I’d think she was hot, and I was definitely Laura’s type. She also said that Laura tends to get pretty horny at parties and will occasionally hook up with a guy if she meets someone she likes. To top it all off, Julie already talked me up to Laura. She didn’t tell Laura about her and I, but told her I was a good friend and dropped some hints about how her friend from college seemed pretty hot on me last weekend. Needless to say, Julie was pretty confident that I’d have no trouble closing the deal with Laura if I played my cards right.

As the party continued more drinks were served and everyone was having a great time. I spent most of the night talking and flirting with Julie and her friends. Julie and the three girls I first met seemed to be a pretty tight group so I spent most of my time with them. Laura and I were flirting quite a bit, but nothing too serious until Julie decided to open up the hot tub.

The girls seemed prepared for this because they all thought it was a great idea and all four of them were wearing their bikinis underneath their cloths. I literally stopped everything I was doing to watch as Laura stripped down to her skimpy little bikini. I didn’t hide my interest one bit which she seemed to like as she started giving me a little PG-13 strip show.

My jaw almost dropped to the floor when she pulled her tank top over her head and I saw her cute little tits barely covered by a white bikini. She then turned around and wiggled her hips as she slipped her jeans off and treated me to a nearly full view of her amazingly tight ass. Once she was down to just her bikini the sight of her athletic little body was breathtaking. She had long muscular legs and a soft little six pack stomach which told me she was probably still an athlete. The contrast between her tanned skin and white bikini was ridiculously hot, and I was captivated as I took the sight of her body in.

My staring must have been pretty obvious because it was broken by Julie throwing her shirt in my face and saying “are you going to join us or what?”

I looked over and saw Julie slipping into the hot tub with a big grin on her face. Then Laura surprised me by tugging on my waistband saying, “Yeah, you’re coming in right?”

I watched her climb in and was quick to strip down to my boxer shorts and jump in, sitting between Julie and Laura. The bubbles were turned on and the fun times resumed. There were two other girls and two guys in the tub as well so things were a little tight, and I was in the perfect spot; sandwiched right between two hot college girls.

Things started fast when I felt a hand grasp my cock through my boxers. For a second I thought it was Laura and couldn’t believe this girl was so bold, but I realized it was just Julie messing with me. She started slowly stroking my cock under the water and leaned in to whisper, “I bet you can’t wait to fuck my friend.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Laura said as she leaned across my body to try and listen to what Julie was saying.

“Nothing, just giving him a hard time”

“About what?” she said, placing her hand on my thigh and leaning in closer like she wanted to be part of the secret.

“He thinks you’re hot but doesn’t want to do anything about it because you’re my friend. ”

Apparently Julie didn’t want to wait long for the action to get started so she was forcing the issue. Luckily she seemed to be playing it right because Laura liked what she heard.

“Oh really? Well Julie doesn’t mind….you two are just friends anyway, right?”

With that, Laura gave Julie a wink and started moving her had further up my thigh. Julie let go of my cock and leaned back saying, “no, I don’t mind at all. I figured you two would like each other”

I didn’t know what to say so I just gave Laura a little smile as I looked into her sparkling green eyes. We locked eyes for a few moments and her grip on my thigh tightened. The look on her face was definitely that of curiosity and lust. She looked like she was considering her next move so I placed my hand on her thigh and slowly moved it higher and higher to gauge her response. I got the response I was looking for as she leaned back into her seat and spread her legs a little by lifting one leg up slightly to rest on mine.

Julie started the small talk again so things didn’t get awkward between the three of us and the others in the hot tub, and Laura started playfully chatting with Julie and me so it wouldn’t be obvious that something was now happening under the water.

My hand was now resting on her inner thigh and I was slowly massaging up and down the leg that was resting in my lap. When I slid my hand all the way up her smooth, firm leg and didn’t get any resistance, I continued further up to caress the lower part of her stomach, right above her bikini line. I saw a smile crack her lips as she glanced up at me quickly, trying to disguise her excitement from the rest of the group.

I teased her a little before slipping my hand into her bikini and lightly grazed her fully shaved pussy with my fingers. I could feel her body tense up with anticipation, but she did a pretty good job of hiding that above the surface. I slipped one finger into her pussy and probed a few times before pulling out and lightly circling her clit. I continued this pattern for a few minutes and then started applying a little more pressure on her clit, trying to see if I could make her cum in a hot tub full of her friends.

She was breathing pretty heavy by now and was having a hard time masking her enjoyment. Other than Julie, I don’t think anyone else noticed what was happening between Laura and I because they were all engaged in their own conversations. Julie, on the other hand, watched intently as I fingered her friend closer and closer to an orgasm.

While still working on her pussy with one hand, I slid my other hand up her stomach and beneath her bikini to message one of her tits. She was slouched down in the tub with her legs spread wide so this was still easily hidden by the water and bubbles.

Just as they looked, her tits were a nice firm b-cup and her nipples were already very erect despite the warm water. I was now rubbing her clit with one hand and tugging on one of her nipples with the other. She liked this and seemed to be getting very close to cuming. It was at that point that she slowly closed her legs, sat up a little and tried to compose herself.

“I’m getting a little hot,” she said in a shaky voice, “I think I’m going to hop in the shower and change”

With that, she stood up, grabbed her cloths from the side of the deck and walked into the house towards the guest bedroom.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Did she finally come to her senses and realize she just met me a few hours ago? Was she enjoying herself too much and didn’t want to make a scene? Did she want me to follow her into the house?

My mind was spinning and the blood was draining from cock while I was sitting there contemplating my next move when Julie whispered, “well, what are you waiting for? Go help her with that shower.”

“You think she’s into it?”

“I don’t know, but you better go find out” she said with a big smile. “It looked like you warmed her up pretty good. I don’t think you’ll have any problem taking it farther. ”

“All right, give it a few minutes before you sneak in to watch.”

With that I got out of the hot tub, grabbed my cloths and headed back toward the guest bedroom to see what Laura was up to. The door to the bedroom was closed, but not locked. I quietly opened the door, walked in, and closed the door behind me. Once I was in the room, I could hear the shower running from the attached bathroom.

The guest room was almost like a 2nd master suite with one of those large attached bathrooms that didn’t have a door. I rounded the corner into the bathroom and saw Laura standing just outside the shower checking the temperature of the water before stepping in. She had her back to me so she didn’t see me approaching.

I took a moment to admire her incredibly tight, athletic body barely hidden under her skimpy white bikini. Her golden tan skin was still yet from the hot tub and seemed to be glowing as my eyes traveled over every toned curve of her sexy little figure. My eyes made their way down to her ass and stopped there; captivated by the perfect shape and tone of each cheek. At that point all I could imagine was burying my face between those amazing cheecks, or pressing my thick cock into what I imagined was an extremely tight, virgin asshole.

Not able to wait much longer, I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and said, “I thought I should finish what I started.”

I startled her a little and she flinched when I first touched her, but she quickly realized who I was and pressed her ass back into my already stiff cock and said, “mmmmm….I was hoping you were going to follow me.”

She tilted her head back when she said that, and we locked in a passionate kiss for the first time. I grabbed her body tighter and pressed my cock harder against her firm ass. She responded with a moan and reached back to grab my hips and grind her ass against my body as we continued our kiss. Her tight little body felt so good pressed against mine that I was tempted to bend her over and take her from behind right there. But wanting this to last and make it more enjoyable for all of us, including Julie, I controlled myself and took it a little slower.

I slid my hands up her wet stomach and lifted her bikini top to roughly massage her tits and pinch her fully erect nipples. Our wet bodies were practically melting together as I explored her amazingly firm body with my hands and she continued to stroke my aching cock between her muscular ass cheeks.

I kept one hand working on her tits and slid the other down to her bikini line. I slid my fingers under her bikini, teasing her before moving further. I could feel her body tense in anticipation and she moaned into my mouth, desperately needing me to continue what I started in the hot tub. As my fingers passed over her swollen clit and entered her dripping wet pussy she gave out another breathy moan, broke our kiss and leaned her head back on my shoulder. One of her hands lifted up to grab the back of my head and pull it down to her neck.

“Mmmmmm, more, deeper” she pleaded as I pressed three fingers into her tight pussy.

I started kissing her neck and shoulders, increasing the intensity of my fingering as our bodies started moving in a rhythm like she was fucking up and down on my fingers with my cock pressing harder and harder against her ass like I was fucking her through her bikini.

Soon Laura’s body started to tense and her moans got louder. As her orgasm started she gripped my head harder and pulled me close so she could whisper in my ear between her moans.

“Oh god, make me cum!” she moaned, “ohhh yeah, that’s good.”

I kept fingering her and mauling her tits until I felt her body collapse in my arms as her orgasm finally subsided. I released her and turned her around so I could engulf her with another kiss. She kissed me back hard, but her legs seemed wobbly from the orgasm she just completed so I grabbed her ass and lifter her off the ground. She responded with a playful giggle and wrapped her legs around my waist, pressing her pussy against my cock.

As I carried her towards the bedroom she had her head buried in my shoulder as she kissed my neck and continued grinding her pussy on my cock. When I entered the bedroom I saw Julie peaking around the corner. Her face was flush and her hand was down her bikini slowly fingering her pussy. I motioned her towards the closet with my eyes so Laura wouldn’t know she was there.

I sat down on the bed with Laura’s back to the closet so she wouldn’t notice Julie getting situated with the door cracked open.

I was sitting at the foot of the bed with Laura straddling my lap. I had a firm grip on her ass and was pulling her into me as hard as I could. Her bikini top was already pulled up above her tits, so I took the opportunity to suck each of her beautiful nipples into my mouth. She loved this feeling and gripped the back of my head and pushed it into her chest like she was trying to get me to swallow her tits.

Laura then pulled away and pushed me down so I was lying on the bed. She gave me a wicked little smile before slipping off my lap and pulling my boxers off and tossing them aside. I scooted up to get my whole body on the bed and she crawled up beside me. She cupped my balls with her right hand and started kissing my chest and stomach, slowly massaging my balls and inner thighs.

She took her time kissing my chest and actually began sucking on my nipples. I never had a girl pay much attention to my nipples before and I was surprised how good it felt. She began sucking them harder and even bit them a few times, sending shockwaves of pleasure and pain through my whole body causing me to moan and lift my hips, forcing her hand to massage my balls harder.

“Mmmmm, I think I need to see what this big cock tastes like!” she said as she lifted her mouth from my chest and moved down between my legs.

She took her other hand and started slowly stroking my manhood before gently sucking the tip of my dick into her mouth. I let out a moan and instinctively raised my hips to force my cock deeper in her mouth. She started squeezing my balls lightly and swirled her tongue around my swollen head. She clearly knew what she was doing and I was really enjoying the expert blow job I was receiving.

She was on her hands and knees beside me while she was working on my cock so I was able to reach up and remove her bikini. Once she was fully exposed I began massaging her ass and inner thighs as she built me towards an orgasm. I ran my fingers down the crack of her ass which caused her cheeks to tense and then inserted two fingers into her pussy.

She let out a deep moan around my cock which felt fabulous, and pushed her pussy back into my hand, begging me to push deeper. I had another idea so I grabbed her hips and pulled her around to straddle my face in a 69 position. She was more than happy to oblige and she pushed her pussy into my mouth and took my cock deeper into her throat.

Laura pressed her pussy against my face so hard I found it hard to breathe or explore her lips and clit with my tongue so I grabbed her hips with both hands pushed her forward slightly so I had more room to operate. She was still sucking on my cock like a champ, but I turned my attention to her tight little pussy and dove right in. I lapped up her juices as I started by probing her with my tongue as deeply as possible. She was still trying to grind herself against my face so I had to keep a firm grip on her hips to retain control of the situation.

Her breathing was picking up again and I could feel her moan softly with my cock in her mouth as her sucking started to slow. It was probably a good thing since I would have cum pretty quickly if she kept the same pace that she stared with. As I began to focus my attention on her clit, her sucking slowed significantly as her moans became more frequent and more intense.

I increased the pressure on her clit and grabbed her ass with both hands to give me more leverage. Her cheeks were so smooth and so firm in my hands that I couldn’t resist paying a little extra attention to her sweet little ass. I started by just massaging and squeezing each cheek while I continued tonguing her clit.

I then tested the waters a little by sliding my fingers down her ass crack, exploring deeper and deeper with each pass. As my fingers inched closer to making contact with her puckered asshole her cheeks would instinctively flex and I could see her tight little rosebud contract due to the new stimulation.

Laura was getting really worked up from the attention I was giving her clit and could no longer handle having my cock in her mouth. She had one hand planted on the bed to steady herself and used the other hand to slowly stroke my cock while she focused on cuming again. I sensed her getting close so I spread her ass with both hands and pressed two fingers against her tight asshole.

“Oh fuck!” she groaned as she pushed her pussy against my face and pushed her ass against my hands.

I licked her slit furiously and continued squeezing her ass with one hand and circling her virgin anal opening with the other. He hips were bucking on my face and she was moaning and grunting with an animal lust while I tried to press a finger into her ass to finish her off. Her ass was so tight that my finger was getting in without any lubrication so I pulled her hips back and lifted my head so I could press my tongue against her puckered asshole.

“Ohhhh, shit!” she moaned in surprise as she felt my tongue dancing at the entrance to her ass and instinctively sat up, shifting her ass closer to my mouth and burying my face between her cheeks.

“Oh my god that feels good,” she groaned, pressing her ass against my face, “yessss, lick my ass baby!”

I felt her body start to tense and then shudder as another orgasm overtook her. She was grinding her pussy and ass into my face while riding out her orgasm when she said in a desperate lustful voice, “I need your cock…I need to be fucked”.

Before she even finished her sentence she was sliding down my body to straddle my hips, still facing away from me. Without hesitation she lifted her hips and guided my throbbing cock to the entrance of her dripping wet pussy and slowly lowered herself until she took me all the way into her hot sex canal.

“Fuck yeah” I moaned as I felt her tight pussy welcome my swollen dick for the first time.

Laura placed her hands on the bed in between my knees to steady herself as she started fucking up and down on my cock, enjoying the feeling of being completely filled in the wake of her second orgasm.

My view from underneath this young little beauty was fantastic. Her ass was so tight and firm that it looked simply amazing as she rocked back and forth in my lap. I could see her pussy lips being stretched by my cock every time she pitched forward before lowering herself back down on my shaft, squeezing her ass cheeks against my hips.

I grabbed her ass again so I could spread her cheeks and get a better view of my cock sliding in and out of my new lover and watch her asshole contract every time I filled her to the hilt. I kneaded her firm flesh with both hands and inched one of my thumbs closer to her asshole as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

“Mmmm, dirty boy,” she teased looking back over her shoulder lustfully, “you like my ass don’t you?”

I just groaned in excitement and pressed my thumb against her asshole in response. She spread her knees wider and leaned forward a little on my cock to open her ass more for my hands. With her ass now coated in my siliva I tried one more time to penetrate her tight anal entrance. I pressed my index finger into the center of her asshole and finally felt it give way and accept the intrusion.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck,” she moaned loudly as her body tensed from the anal penetration.

She picked up her pace and pitched forward eve more on her hands to allow herself to bounce up and down in my lap. Watching her pink pussy lips stretch around my cock and seeing my finger pressed into her tight little ass was almost too much for me and I began to feel the cum welling up in my balls. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and I wanted to make sure she came one more time before I finished, so I took matters into my own hands.

I slipped my finger out of her ass and reached up to pull her down to me so she was laying on me with her back against my chest and my cock still buried in her soaking wet pussy. She turned her head to the side so we could kiss passionately.

We started fucking again, this time with me initiating most of the action. I wanted to fuck her harder so I grabbed her ass and lifted her hips up slightly so I would have more room to pound her pussy. She got the idea and arched her back so all her weight was on her knees, which were on the bed, and shoulder blades pressed against my chest. The result was a sexual position I have never experienced. She was almost doing some type of yoga move where she was basically bending her body backwards so only her shoulders were pressed against my body and her pussy was positioned right above my cock.

I wasted no time and started slamming my cock up into her dripping pussy so that her body was basically bouncing on top of mine. With my hands now free to roam her young athletic body I went to work caressing her tits and stomach, and down to her pussy. Her body was so tight and smooth that I was getting extremely close to losing it no matter how hard I tried to hold it in.

With my cum welling up inside, I used one of my hands to rub her clit vigorously and the other to pull and pinch on her erect nipples. She was panting and grunting in my ear when I lost all control and pumped her young little pussy full of cum. She was soon to follow and her body was racked with an intense orgasm that caused her to collapse onto me as we both tried to catch our breath.

“Fuck, that was hot!” she managed to say between heavy breaths. “I better get out there before Julie and the other girls wonder where I went.”

“I’m sure they haven’t noticed anything” I reassured her as I remembered that Julie was still in the closet doing who knows what to herself.

Laura rolled off the bed, leaned down and kissed me before saying “why don’t you wait here for a few minutes before coming out. I don’t want anyone to be suspicious.”

I agreed, partly because I wasn’t going anywhere until I saw what Julie was up to after watching me fuck one of her friends for the second time.

With that, Laura gave me a wink, put on her cloths, and walked back out the party.

I sat on the edge of the bed as I watched Laura leave the room and thought about the good fortune I stumbled into just a few weeks ago. Not only did I start hooking up with the sexy college girl that lived next door, but she is now actually encouraging me to fuck her hot friends as well. A big smile crept onto my face as I thought about how much I have enjoyed it all, and how much more fun I’m sure is yet to come.

“Well, it looks like you enjoyed that as much as I did” said Julie as she appeared from out of the closet.

I was snapped back to reality and looked over to see the sexy little blond walking toward me still wearing her bikini and a big smile on her face. Her face and chest were a little flush and her skin was glowing from the light perspiration that developed while she watched me fuck her best friend from high school.

“You two put on a nice little show” she said as she reached the foot of the bed, “but now I really need you to finish me off.”

With that, she kneeled down between my legs and took my semi-erect cock in her hand. She looked up and me with her sparkling green eyes, licked her lips and sucked my cock into her warm, wet mouth. She took me all the way in and then sucked back out the entire length of my cock as she tried to milk it back to life. It only took a few strokes before I was fully erect again and she was bobbing her head in my lap and pumping my steel shaft to the back of her throat.

While she continued her blow job, I took the opportunity to remove her bikini top and play with her deliciously firm tits. I reached between my legs to grab her tits with both hands. Her nipples were already erect from her lust and I pinched and pulled them causing her to emit a muffled moan with my cock deep in her mouth. As soon as I started pinching her nipples, I noticed her slip one hand into her bikini to fingering herself.

Once she was satisfied that my cock was ready for action again, she released if from her mouth and looked up at me with a lustful gaze. She removed her hand from her pussy, placed it back on my cock and said “I need some cock now.”

She slowly stood up and turned around in one smooth motion. Placing her thumbs underneath the strings of her bikini, she slid it off her perfect ass and down her legs. As she stepped out of her bikini she was bent over in front me with her legs spread slightly and her ass right in front of my face. I knew she said that she needed some cock, but I couldn’t help myself so I grabbed her hips with both hands and buried my face in her dripping wet pussy.

Julie clearly didn’t mind that I just delayed her pussy getting filled with cock because she moaned, “ohhhh, fuck yeah!” and pushed her ass back against my face. I grabbed her hips tighter and ran my tongue up and down her slit, penetrating it deeper each time. Julie grabbed her ankles and bent her knees a little so she could fuck herself against my face and force me to probe deeper with my tongue.

I was getting pretty anxious to fuck her tight little pussy but I wanted her to be a little more worked up before I did, so I spread her ass cheeks and licked her from her clit up to her puckered asshole. Julie moaned even louder and pushed her ass back, begging me to lick her ass more. With my face between her amazing ass cheeks I circled her tight little rose bud with my tongue, almost pressing it right into her ass.

“Ohhh yes, lick my ass like you licked Laura’s,” she moaned, no doubt thinking back to was she watched earlier.

Julie was going crazy and couldn’t take it anymore so she stood back up, pushed me down on the bed, straddled me and impaled herself on my cock without hesitation.

“Is my pussy as tight as Laura’s?” she asked with a lustful look in her eyes.

She didn’t wait for an answer before starting to bounce up and down in my lap, causing her ass to slap my upper thighs. She planted her hands on either side of my head and went to work pumping my cock into her pussy like a piston. She was so worked up that she had beads of sweat dripping off her face and down her chest. I had never seen her this hot before, and she was taking it out on my cock with everything she had.

I grabbed her ass to slow her down a little and she changed her pace from a hard pounding to a slow steady grind with her hips moving back and forth causing my cock to push and pull deep within her pussy. I spread her ass with my hands and ran a finger up and down the length of her crack. It was still slick from my saliva and I was soon working the tip of my index finger into her ass.

“Oh yea, stick it in my ass” She moaned as she lowered her head to my chest allowing her ass to open wider.

With the better angle I was able to press my finger all the way into her ass, and Julie gasped and tensed a little when it first popped in. She was soon back into her rhythm, grunting and talking like a whore as she was nearing an orgasm. I worked a second finger inter her ass and started fucking her harder with both my cock and my hand. It wasn’t long before she started to cum hard and had to bury her face in my chest to prevent herself from screaming and alerting the rest of the party to our activities.

I was getting close to cuming again but as she starting coming down from her orgasm she slowed her pace a little and I needed to change it up so I could cum for a second time in such a short timeframe. I sat up on the bed with my cock still buried in her pussy, grabbed her ass, and stood up with her legs wrapped around my waist. Julie let out a playful giggle and scream as I turned and dropped her back down on the bed. She knew what was on my mind because as soon as she hit the bed she grabbed the back of her calves and spread her legs wide, lifting her ass off the bed a few inches.

“Take my ass baby!” she groaned as she spread her legs wider.

I lowered myself to lick her ass again, pressing tongue as deep as I could. I did this a few times, lubing her ass as best as I could. I then stood up and pressed my throbbing cock against her tight anal opening and she moaned deeply and tried to relax as the tip of my cock entered her ass. We’ve been having anal sex for the past two weeks, but her ass was still very tight and I took my time to let her asshole to adjust to my swollen cock.

“I bet you wish you were fucking Laura’s ass right now,” she moaned as she adjusted to having her ass filled with my cock. “I bet she would love having this big cock stuffed in her ass!”

I started with long slow thrusts until Julie said, “ohhh yeah, fuck me” and spread her legs wider, pulling her knees up towards her chest. I fucked her ass harder and harder until my hips were slapping her ass and her tits were shifting back and forth on her chest. Julie was moaning again and starting fingering herself closer to another orgasm. She started fucking herself with three fingers and pulled hard on one of her nipples and we both lost control at the same time.

We were both dripping with sweat and our bodies were slapping together as we serenaded each other with vulgar sex sounds and dirty sex talk. My head was spinning as I looked down at my cute little neighbor that has become an absolute sex fiend. Her tan body was glowing with sex and the sight was just too much for me. When my cock erupted deep within her ass, she came one last time as I collapsed on top of her. We were both panting but were able to lock into a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever.

Once we caught our breath and came back to reality, we realized that we had both been gone from the party for far too long. We both threw on our cloths and hurried back outside hoping nobody would notice….especially Laura and her other friends. We really didn’t want to find out just in case we wanted to try it again.

As we were heading back outside I couldn’t stop thinking about something Julie said while I was fucking her ass. “Do you think Laura would let me fuck her ass?” I asked quietly so no one else could hear.

“I don’t know, but I think we should definitely find out.”

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