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The Mysterious Mrs. Sang Initiation

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The naughty bits start with Chapter One – Nude, Clamped and Bound.

The Story Up to This Point…

When I thought back to the beginnings of my relationship with the widow Mrs. Evelyn Sang, I was really quite amazed. It had been a wild ride and we had several amazing adventures.

At first she had been the landlady for my business. Later we became lovers. While she insisted on being the dominant and rather sadistic one, I was not diminished by this. In fact, I had welcomed our erotically charged affair.

I had helped her out of a tough spot with her obnoxious and abusive brother-in-law outside the bedroom.

The rather convoluted situations with Madam Chung and later with both Madam Chow and Madam Chung had led to a deeper relationship with Mrs. Sang than I had ever imagined.

Always our sex life had been very satisfying and we worked hard to keep it that way.

She had a serious penchant for privacy and not being seen (with anyone) in public. We had almost broken up over this (see the story titled ‘Formalities’ for the details).

One of her constant phrases had always been, “Someone will see”.

Privately, it was another matter. While neither of us had openly declared our love, it was apparent that this was how we felt.

I knew that this was the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. There were also the twin facts that I had my nipples pierced for her and I wore her cock ring to indicate my feelings.

Mrs. Sang and I continued to be very close and while we kept to separate residences, we generally spent the night together.

It was obvious that while she might never say it, she felt the same way. The constant looks and touches that she gave me indicated her affection.

There were also the very private activities that we shared nightly.

Professionally, we knew what the other was basically up too as we conferred weekly with each other over coffee (as we had been doing for some months).

However, both of us were comfortable keeping our professional lives technically separate (from one another).


This changed a bit after some months. An opportunity presented itself for us to purchase a duplex.

Mrs. Sang’s niece, Grace Sang, had received a scholarship with a major university in another city. Once again, it was just Mrs. Sang and I.

There was a very special selling point that cinched the deal for us both. In the basement, between the two halves was a door for easy access between the two halves. No mention was made as to how this door had come to exist and we didn’t ask.

Both sides of the duplex were available and we decided to buy it as a cooperative venture. We would be partners yet each of us would live in separate halves. Thus we could still see one another through the door but we would have our own space.

In the meantime, Mrs. Sang would still be the landlady for my business.

The house was in an upscale neighbourhood not too far from where Mrs. Sang lived already.

The move wasn’t easy or particularly fun nor was it a gruelling affair. Including packing, preparation and all the technicalities; the whole thing took its toll but we were finally moved in and settled.

Chapter One – Nude, Clamped and Bound

About a week after we were moved in and settled, I emerged from my bathroom to find Mrs. Sang standing before me in a dark blue high collared Chinese Silk gown. Her hair was done up and she had put makeup on in a manner that she knew I was aroused by.

I sucked in my breath in mild surprise. We had agreed to keep the downstairs door open and to allow each other access to the whole duplex but the gown was something else.

The gown (in any colour) usually indicated that she wanted to play. I was only too eager to want to play whenever she was. I had made my desires apparent early on so I never worried about her asking if I wanted to play.

I’m sure that if something had come up, I could have interrupted with my safe word and she wouldn’t have minded.

Now, here she was and I knew that whatever she intended to do, it would be a lot of fun.

“Take off your clothes!” She commanded me in that low tone of voice she used when we played.

I felt my pulse quicken and my groin start to tingle.

Walking into the bedroom, I quickly stripped off and hung up my cloths. Mrs. Sang was a very neat person and preferred having me be neat as well.

Once I was completely nude, I turned to face her.

Her eyes were hot with lust and I could tell that she was becoming aroused.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back!” She commanded me.

I did as she told me and felt the fur lining as she attached fur lined leather cuffs to my wrists.

“Face me!” She said.

When I had done so, she reached down and with firm deliberation grabbed my penis with her right hand. There was a half smile on her face as she watched my response.

I gasped and found myself quickly growing hard as she rhythmically squeezed and released me until I was very hard. A bit of precum leaked from the top of my now iron hard dick.

She slowly and carefully raised her left hand to eye height. In her delicate hand the tiny saw toothed clamp hung from a thin leather leash. Its sliver teeth gleamed menacingly.

Her left eye brow rose in a knowing fashion and I opened my mouth as I gazed at the menacing implement in her left hand.

I watched with horrified fascination as she slowly reached down with her left hand toward my still hard member.

Her smile grew even wider as she carefully knelt before me and proceeded to attach the clamp to the underside of my penis.

I gasped and stifled the urge to wince in pain. I felt pleasure at the expert touch of my mistress’s hand on my hard penis.

There was also the tremendous emotional feel of having the woman I loved, so close to me.

Mrs. Sang stood then, a coy smile upon her lips as she led me by the thin leather leash attached to the clamp which now bit possessively into my nude and rampant cock.

We went down the stairs from the second floor where both my bedroom and the bathroom were. Down past the main floor and into the basement through the door and into her half of the duplex.

There in the main room of her half of the basement, she hung me.

The basement floor had wall to wall broadloom carpet but the ceiling was only partial finished. In the part that was unfinished, Mrs. Sang had hung two ropes over one of the two by six beams that supported the upstairs.

One of the ropes had a head harness complete with ball gag attached to it. She put the head harness on me and inserted the ball gag. Then she pulled firmly upon the other end of the rope until I was standing straight up.

Walking over to the wall, she picked up a spreader bar. This is an adjustable bar about three feet in width with ankle cuffs on each end.

Mrs. Sang proceeded to attach this to my ankles. As one last thing, I felt her attach the second rope to my wrists and pull on it.

I was, nude, gagged, tied with my hands behind my back and arched up behind me. My feet were wide enough that I was forced to stand on tip toe.

There was a cruel tiny clamp that bit mercilessly into the underside of my now semi hard penis.

Mrs. Sang stepped close beside be and breathed in my ear before she carefully stroked my penis back to hardness.

I stifled an urge to groan but it was a mixed feeling at best. Her knowing hand aroused me to near painful hardness yet the tiny clamp took away much of that pleasure.

I heard her laugh softly at my predicament.

“It has been too long.” She said with finality.

Chapter Two – The Belt

Before the move, Mrs. Sang and I had carefully packed up all our sex toys, including the whips, into cardboard boxes. This included the winches that had been attached to the poles that had held me immobile in her old house.

If the movers thought the larger items in Mrs. Sang’s basement unusual, they made no mention of it.

There had not been enough time to install or even unpack our toys.

So while we played tonight, we did so out of the unpacked cardboard boxes.

I watched from my uncomfortable and very vulnerable position as Mrs. Sang walked stately over to a box and kneeling, her back to me, she pulled out a familiar object.

The thick black leather belt hung coiled and poised in her hands as she slowly stood and turned to face me with only the subtlest trace of menace exuding from her small frame.

I felt my breath quicken as she proffered the belt toward my nude vulnerability.

I could not tear my eyes away from the thick black coils of leather until she finally stepped behind me and took the belt out of my sight.

I found I was both aroused and afraid at the sight of that belt in my lover’s hands. I knew or I thought I knew what it meant.

She spoke then and I was startled at how powerful her soft voice sounded in the silent basement.

“I had hoped you would present yourself to me the first night we were here. Obviously you are in need of a chastisement!” Her voice sounded angry and clearly, she was acting the part of a displeased dominatrix.

The reality was that we had agreed not to play until we were finished moving in. I had asked her to let me know when she wanted to begin. In the meantime, we shared the same bed every night.

That she wanted to turn this reality into a fantasy of my wilful disobedience was alright by me. I could play along with being ‘in need of a chastisement’ with great relish!

I felt my semi hard member begin to stir. I felt her presence close behind me. Her hand reached around and lightly stroked my penis. Even with the devilishly painful clamp attached to the underside of my now growing erection, I could not help but become aroused.

“I’m going to give you a much needed punishment now!” Her voice rose with passion as she uttered this proclamation.

I heard her step back. The sound of Mrs. Sang swinging the belt through the air was loud as she prepared to lash me with it.

Then I felt an involuntary shudder as the belt whispered menacingly through the air before landing across my back with cruel force.

I gasped at the force of the blow. This was a much harder whipping than she usually gave me.

I stood nude and totally vulnerable with legs bound wide apart and straight arms secured high behind me. The head harness and gag restricted my responses to the pain of her lash.

I did my best not to move or to make a sound. I was in control of my movements and the sounds I could make (or so I hoped). My feelings were another matter entirely.

I heard the belt whisper through the air before it landed with a fiery kiss on my back yet again. I flinched at its power and had to choke back a cry of passion.

Mrs. Sang whipped back the belt once more and I heard it make its journey to my vulnerable back. Its terrible kiss was painful and I flinched inadvertently in response.

She struck me again, still with that same hard powerful stroke. I gurgled this time, in pain and mild surprise. As I said, this was a much harder whipping than she usually gave me.

Still and all, I did not use my safe word or indicate to her that I wanted her to stop. My feeling was that if she could dish it out, I could take it.

I listened as she made ready to lash me again. My cruel restraints held me open and vulnerable to her lightest whim.

“I am going to lash your butt now!” She proclaimed with quiet menace.

I listened as the belt whispered in its travels before the end connected with my muscular posterior. I jerked at the power of her cruel stroke and it took a concerted effort not to cry out.

Mrs. Sang wound up and delivered another powerful stroke to my naked behind. I gasped and this time, I did gurgle behind my gag.

Her next stroke caused me to pull against my unfeeling restraints as I staggered and clenched my muscular buttocks against the pain of her belt.

“Now your thighs will feel my displeasure!” She said vindictively.

The thick black leather belt whipped through the silent basement to wrap itself around my right thigh. The end of the belt bit deep into the tender inner thigh.

Again and again the cruel belt made its unrelenting journey to end with a painful kiss on my powerful thighs. It burned and as much as I tried to endure it, I was just not as strong as I wanted to be.

Finally, I cried out at the pain and felt myself flinch.

Cold sweat was now oozing from my pores and I knew that I was not going to be able to take any more of these lashings unless she significantly decreased their force.

The last stroke had showed absolutely no sign of abating as the belt wrapped itself around my left thigh.

It was when I had flinched and gurgled in pain and she lashed across the butt yet again that she finally relented. I heard Mrs. Sang murmur in approval. Her hand touched my shoulder then and I felt it travel down my welt covered torso.

I had been at the point of calling out my safe word when I felt her presence close behind me.

“I have something special in mind; now that you are warmed up.” She said with silken menace.

I did not gasp but it took an effort not to.

Chapter Three – Anticipation

I saw her move into my limited line of sight as she walked stately over to the cardboard box that she had retrieved the belt from to begin with. Carefully, she placed the coiled belt back where she had gotten it.

Arising, she ignored me and walked over to the wall directly in front of me. There was a folding chair leaning in the closed position.

Picking it up she walked over to stand directly in front of me. There she opened the chair and set it up so that when she sat, she’d be directly in front of me.

Her eyes ignored me but a half smile adorned her lips and I knew she was enjoying herself immensely.

The dark blue Chinese Silk gown continued to swish as she made her way back to the cardboard box that held the belt. There was a flash of thigh from the split with every step she took.

Kneeling sedately, she reached into it and pulled out a bottle of lubricant with her left hand. She deliberately draped a washcloth over her left forearm. This left her right hand free for other activities.

At that point, she stood and let her eyes travel hungrily up my nude and bound form until they made contact with mine.

Mrs. Sang walked serenely over to me without breaking eye contact, a half smile still upon her lips.

“You know what is coming next!” She purred as her eyes travelled down my taut form.

I did my best to remain still and silent but I was completely aroused emotionally and it was hard to keep a tight rein on that.

She sat then letting her right hand trail carefully down my taut torso.

I knew what she was about to do. The sexual tension between us was so thick I could have cut it with a knife.

She placed the washcloth and the bottle of lubricant at her feet.

With the softest and most careful of touches, she turned her attention to my most sensitive and still only semi hard penis. The steel saw toothed clamp that bit hungrily into the underside of my cock took away most of the arousal that was building in me.

Turning my semi hard unit slightly over, Mrs. Sang inspected my most sensitive place.

She held my dick still with one hand while she took hold and removed the clamp with her other hand.

I gasped in relief and she murmured conciliatory noises as her knowing hands lightly and carefully stroked and caressed my now growing unit.

Although I tried very hard not to show how vulnerable I felt, I knew that Mrs. Sang was only too aware of my nude availability.

I could only see her out of the corner of my eye. My restraints made any movement all but impossible.

Her left hand travelled up and down over my stomach while her right was busy.

It took only the work of a couple of squeezes of her expert right hand for me to become aroused to painful hardness.

Her knowledge, combined with my vulnerable position made me ready to endure whatever sweet torment she had in mind.

None the less, I gasped as I felt her mouth close around my rampant penis.

The delicious sensations of her expert oral assault were overwhelming. Her lips travelled up and down the length of my unit. Her tongue worked its own magic.

Inside of a minute I was shaking with effort not to shoot my load right then and there.

It must have shown because she suddenly took my hard dick out of her mouth.

In contrast to her warmness, the basement air seemed cool.

Without warning Mrs. Sang took the washcloth and wiped the wetness from my penis. Then she carefully grabbed that place on the underside of my hard dick and twisted it!

I cried out and she murmured a conciliatory noise.

Then she reared back her hand and slapped my totally available penis.

I cried out in pain and shook with effort but I knew what she up too. I had been so close to coming that something had to be done to cool me down.

Chapter Four – A Handful of Lubrication

Picking up the lubricant with her left hand she squirted a handful of it into her right hand. Mrs. Sang then placed the bottle on the floor at her feet.

Her left hand grabbed the base of my hardening penis and testicles. I felt her right hand form an ‘oh’ around the base of my hard cock and I knew what was going to happen next.

My stomach tingled in anticipation of her cruel manipulations.

That I always remained shaved for her helped to heighten my sensations as she made ready to provide me with an exquisite ride.

Even though she had not done other than grab me by the privates, I began to groan and writhe at her touch.

It had only been a couple of weeks since she had taken me down this road yet it had been too long.

My breath came in shallow gasps and my heart raced. I could feel the tension in my tightly bound arms make them begin to burn.

My taut calves, placed so wide apart, began to shake as she began to stroke my helpless yet iron hard dick.

Overall, the sexual tension we were feeling continued to rise without abatement (as we both knew that it would).

She used her left hand to hold me still by grabbing the base of my iron hard cock and squeezing it firmly but not too hard.

Her right hand began to travel up the length of my unit. As it reached the head of my oh-so-sensitive unit, she continued without abatement.

I shuddered in response to the powerful sensations she brought forth with her tender ministrations.

Her hand never left my cock and once it had reached the end, she proceeded to let it travel back down to the base of my dick.

Her touch was so soft for the first stroke that I barely felt it.

I was glad that she had taken the time to gradually ease me into this torment. The strict position she had put me in made any intimate gesture very powerful.

The second stroke was somewhat harder and I groaned in passion as her hand made its journey over my most vulnerable place.

The third stroke was still harder and the erotic intensity of her knowing hands made me very aware of just how well she knew me.

The fourth stroke was as hard as the third had been. Up and down, her actions were as possessive as they were arousing.

I groaned and shuddered again in response to her cruel manipulations.

Gradually, Mrs. Sang began to work my hard cock like a pump. She slowly increased the speed of her strokes.

I quickly lost count of her strokes and could not help but continue to groan and writhe against them.

I must have been putting on quite a show for my lover. Even as my passion built, I became aware that she was becoming very aroused as well.

I wondered if she would bring me off, just as I was.

Mrs. Sang continued to hold me at bay with her left hand but her right stopped touching me.

Before I realized what she was doing, she slapped my cock again. A quick stinging and punishing slap.

I cried out in surprise and groaned when she quickly began to masturbate me, yet again.

“Well, so much for an orgasm anytime soon.” I thought ruefully to myself.

Then I was swallowed by the intensity of her expert masturbatory techniques, once again.

I found myself groaning and jerking about as she drove me inexorably toward to the edge of passion’s release.

Again, just when I thought I’d let go, she slapped my cock and cooled my ardour.

This time, however, I was ready and while I did cry out, it was in passion, not surprise.

I found myself wishing that she would bring me off right then. I groaned inadvertently.

Mrs. Sang paused momentarily to squeeze another large dollop of lubricant onto her hands. It took but a couple of seconds to work this into my raging dick and the powerful need she was compelling me to endure.

She must have been working toward forcing me to feel that very thing because she murmured a sympathetic noise and stroked my hard cock repeatedly.

Once more, I was within a stroke or two away of shooting an enormous jet of semen within a couple of minutes of her forceful manipulations.

I could feel my resolve to remain stoic evaporating as she cruelly and deliberately worked me into an obvious frenzy.

I was not at all shocked when she slapped my iron hard and very sensitive unit before redoubling her efforts to masturbate me to orgasm.

Even so, I flinched and cried out. I was at the point of not caring what I showed to her. All my efforts to remain emotionless were gone.

And Mrs. Sang knew!

She commanded me then, “You may not come without permission!”

I groaned but did my best to adhere to her words. I tried the trick of regulating my breath. There was the concept of using mental images that were not arousing.

Nothing worked and I knew I was going to come.

Mrs. Sang knew too and threatened me, “I am telling you clearly! You may not come without permission!”

The swish, swish of her hand on my iron hard dick was nearly masked by the groans and cries I made.

Bound nude with legs apart and arms high behind me, I shook with the effort it took to not orgasm right there.

Without warning, Mrs. Sang suddenly sped up her efforts and I felt her hand racing back and forth along the length of my hard cock.

I tried calling out to her from behind my gag but she deliberately ignored me.

I tried to pull my iron hardness away from her expert manipulations but it was a futile effort.

I tried to use my willpower to simply not come; to defy the expert manipulations of my hard dick by my cruel lover.

All were in vain!

I could feel the beginning of a powerful orgasm and I shouted from behind my gag.

With quiet menace, Mrs. Sang threatened, “If you come I shall punish you in two distinct ways!”

It didn’t matter. I was well on my way to orgasm, as her hands held me immobile and worked my proud and iron hard manhood.

I shook and cried out as my climax took hold. Mrs. Sang worked my cock as I came, her touch becoming feather light in order not to cause me unnecessary pain.

That would come in a minute.

Chapter Five – The First Step of Punishment

My climax seemed to go on and on.

Mrs. Sang masturbated me with negligent ease as I convulsed and spasmed about.

I cried and roared as her expert hand worked my cock.

The sexual ecstasy and intense personal pleasure I received from my lover’s hands was indescribable.

Mrs. Sang’s face told me she had greatly enjoyed what she had put me through. Her face also told me we were far from done.

I felt both relieved and ashamed. I knew that there was nothing I could have done to stop her but I still felt I should have tried harder.

She stood at that moment and looked me right in the eye. Her eyes were filled with a mixture of lust and triumph. Her hands still held my genitalia possessively.

“I want you to know that I am proud of your efforts here. There is nothing more that you could have done.” She said softly.

“You were at a disadvantage from the start.” Mrs. Sang murmured, her eyes letting me know that she had engineered this from the beginning.

I felt better knowing that she felt I had done my best. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I could feel my erection begin to flag.

It was quite a shock when she suddenly squeezed my cock and said determinedly, “Well, just as you did your best, so must I!”

Sitting down, Mrs. Sang pushed my torso back with her left hand and made ready to stroke my overly sensitive unit with her right.

I yelled a muffled protest through my gag but she ignored it.

Her hand travelled lightly up the length of my erection and over the head.

I screamed at the intensity of it (even though she had barely touched me).

“This is the first stroke of the ten I shall be administering!” She pronounced solemnly, her eyes transfixed on my genitalia.

I gurgled in protest but the same cruel restraints that had intensified my orgasm also held me ready to receive my lover’s punishments.

I felt her hand grab the base of my tender cock yet again before it travelled lightly up its length and traced a path over the sensitized head.

I shrieked and Mrs. Sang made another conciliatory noise.

Then she stroked me a third time.

I cried out and pulled against the restraints that now held me as an unwilling prisoner.

My nude vulnerable body and so very available cock were simply hers to punish and torment. I tried to gather myself in preparation for the next stroke.

It wasn’t long in coming and even though her touch continued to be feather light, it was still excruciatingly intense.

I shrieked once more and shook against the cuffs and ropes that held me so open.

A fifth time my lover’s hand rode lightly over my overly sensitive erection and I was unable to do more than shriek and shake.

A sixth stroke quickly followed and I was aware that Mrs. Sang’s breathing was still laboured and deep. Her arousal was apparent. She was actually getting off on my pain.

Suddenly I remembered what else she had said, “If you come I shall punish you in two distinct ways!”

Her hand tormented my erection yet a seventh time and I cried out again.

I had time to wonder what her second torment would be.

She stroked me an eight time, as though she had all night.

I struggled against the intensity of it but her cruel and knowing hands would not be denied.

A ninth stroke left me shaking with fatigue and I could now feel my muscles burning with the effort necessary to hold their uncomfortable position.

After the last stroke, she carefully wiped of the mixture of semen, lubricant and sweat from my genitals and her hands.

Without a backward glance, she stood and turned away. Walking over to the cardboard box, Mrs. Sang knelt and put the bottle of lubricant away before placing the used washcloth on the carpet beside the box.

She reached into the box once more and retrieved a picture.

Turning to face me, she walked sedately toward me. The picture held carefully by her side and out of my sight.

When she got close she raised the picture up until I could see it clearly.

It was a side view of a video capture of a muscular man manacled on his elbows and knees. His well whipped body was obviously held immobile and a large ball gag inhibited his speech.

Behind him, a tiny Asian woman was kneeling. She was nude but for a huge plastic strap on phallus that looked shiny and wet.

There was a half smile on her face and it was apparent that she was going to penetrate him anally.

Once she was sure I clearly understood what I had seen, Mrs. Sang walked over to the wall and dragged a palate I had failed to notice over in front of me.

She dropped it. It ended face up and four steel manacles on a padded surface were apparent.

Now I knew what my second punishment was going to be.

A small kernel of desire began to form in the pit of my stomach.

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