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The Model

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Maggie couldn’t believe her luck. She knew she had been a long shot for the assignment to cover the first Mardis Gras in New Orleans after the flood. At twenty-two years of age she was only one of a large group of junior writers at the paper, but she had been working hard and producing some good writing and had been rewarded with the job.

Leaning back in her first class seat, she crossed her long legs as she stared out the window of the plane, sipping her champagne, watching with mild interest the patch-work of the farmlands of the American mid-west as she flew east. It was a long flight from Los Angeles and she was getting restless. Running her fingers through her short black hair, she reached her arms up and stretched, catching the eye of the man across the aisle. Giving him only a brief smile she again turned her attention to the fields below.

Upon arrival at her hotel, she was so entranced by the grandeur of the lobby that at first she didn’t notice the other guests checking in. It was a large group and she excitedly recognized a famous photographer amongst them. Then her eyes landed on a man in the gathering. He was in his mid-twenties with shoulder length sandy blond hair and dazzling green eyes. It took her a moment before recognizing him as the hot new face in male modeling. What was his name again, she wondered, trying to recall. Something Russian…Dragos, that was it.

So, it’s not all make-up, lighting and digital enhancing, she thought as she scanned his tall, leanly muscular frame. He caught her staring and flashed her a dazzling smile, and much to her embarrassment, she actually blushed.

As she was checking in, she could hear one of the group complaining loudly with the desk clerk. “What do you mean, we’re not all on the same floor? We expressly asked when booking these rooms that we have an entire floor to ourselves!”

Maggie couldn’t hear the desk clerk’s patient response, but clearly heard the answer from the angry guest. “I know it’s Mardis Gras. That’s why we’re here. It’s the backdrop of the shoot!” He sighed in exasperation and grumpily agreed to the arrangements the desk clerk had made for the group.

They finished checking in at the same time as she did and headed for the elevators. They squished into a car and much to her delight Dragos was pressed against her. Looking down into her deep blue eyes, he softly said a simple, “Hi.”

That short greeting sent tingles through her as she responded with the same, “Hi.”

He was the only one that got off with her on the second floor and headed in the same direction down the hall. They stopped at the same spot, having rooms across the hall from each other. He gave her another smile before entering his room.

Dropping her bags on the floor she walked out onto her balcony. She had a great view of the street below and tomorrow night would be able to watch the parade from a front row seat. The mix-up of the rooms must have prevented the model from getting such a room. He must be facing the back of the hotel she mused.

Later that night at nine o’clock, she was watching the partying on the street below when she heard a knock on her door. She was surprised to see Dragos standing outside the door when she opened it.

“Is it noisy yet?” he asked in a heavily accented voice, a small smile tugging at his lips.

“A little,” she replied, wondering at his question.

“It’s going to be like that all night, if not noisier. If it gets to be too much, let me know. I have a couch that folds out. You can crash there,” he offered, his voice soft and low.

“So, you got a room facing the back of the hotel on purpose,” she said as he turned away.

“Yes, I’ve been here before,” he replied, offering her another dazzling smile. “I’ll be up until about midnight, so any time before then, feel free.”

“You’re sure I wouldn’t be in your way?” she asked, wanting to keep him there a moment longer.

He slowly scanned her lushly curved body and staring into her eyes, he answered, “Yeah, I’m sure.” He gave her a devastatingly seductive smile as he turned back into his own room.

She closed the door and leaned against it, taking in a deep breath of air. The look in his eyes and the tone of his voice had been unmistakable. He was coming on to her. If he was right and the noise continued or even got worse, she wasn’t going to get any sleep. But if she accepted his offer would he expect something from her? Would she mind, she couldn’t help thinking with a wicked smile.

At eleven o’clock she called down to the front desk to ask about the noise. The clerk confirmed for her that it would most likely continue all night and that all the rooms facing the back of the hotel were taken.

She changed into her pajamas which consisted of a white tank top and a pair of small, snug, white shorts. Shrugging on a hotel supplied robe, she took a deep breath after locking her door and turning to face his door across the hall.

Should she keep the robe open or closed, she wondered as she stood in the hall. Hastily she belted it, not wanting to make a fool of herself if she had misread his invitation.

Dragos opened the door to her knock wearing only a pair of very low slung pajama bottoms. “You were right about the noise, so I thought I’d take you up on your offer,” she said, trying to keep her voice steady.

Her eyes hungrily scanned his bare chest and stomach as he pulled out the sofa bed. “I hope it’s comfortable,” he said turning to her.

She had never before seen a man with such a chiseled body, with real six pack abs and she stared at him in awe.

“What are you looking at?” he asked, glancing down at his own body.

“I’m sorry, I’ve just never actually seen a man like you before.” Nervously she licked her lips before asking, “Do you mind if I touch you? Just a little?”

Stepping closer to her, he stared down at her before answering, “Not at all. Go right ahead.”

She glanced up into those dazzling green eyes before turning her attention to his chest. Gently, she trailed her fingers over him, feeling the intoxicating combination of soft skin over hard muscle. She sucked in and let out a shaky breath as she trailed her fingers lower, over the muscled planes of his stomach before glancing up at him. His eyes were closed and his own chest was heaving with slow, deep breaths.

Raising her hands, she trailed them over his broad shoulders and down his strong arms. When she looked up at him next, his eyes were open and he was staring down at her, the heat of desire plain in his gaze.

Without breaking eye contact, she again slid her hands down over his stomach, going low enough to slide her fingertips beneath the waistband of his pajamas. He sucked in a breath as her fingers encountered crisp curls of hair. His arm slid around her waist, pulling her against him as he lowered his head to hers. With his lips only a breath away from hers, he paused.

“Yes?” he asked, his voice a rough whisper.

“Oh yes,” she sighed in response.

His lips landed hungrily on hers, the immediate passion and intensity causing her head to spin. She eagerly welcomed his tongue into her mouth as his hands roamed over her body, sliding down from her waist, over her hips to her ass, pulling her up, grinding against her.

Effortlessly, he scooped her up in his arms and without breaking the kiss, carried her into the bedroom where they both fell upon the bed. Pushing up her top, he trailed kisses down her throat before moving his head to her breast. Squeezing her large tits in his hands his tongue circled a hard pink nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

Maggie let out a small cry as his lips suckled at her, her fingers clutching at his strong back and tangling in his thick blond hair. She felt him tugging on her shorts as he again trailed kisses even lower, across her stomach and over her hip.

With a louder cry, she flung her head back as his tongue delved between the wet lips of her pussy. Oh dear God, she thought, as his tongue worked a wicked magic between her thighs, causing an almost instantaneous climax to roar through her, eliciting moans and cries of the likes she had never uttered before.

Pulling her thighs over his shoulders, he rose on his knees, pulling her hips high off the bed. She could only stare up at him, his eyes closed as he feasted on her. Suddenly he dropped her and before she knew it, he drove his hard cock deep inside her still quivering pussy.

“Oh God,” she cried as he leaned over her, closing his lips over hers, the taste of her pussy still strong on his lips and tongue. Tearing his lips from hers, he flung his head back with a deep growl.

“You feel so good, so fucking good,” he grunted as he plunged into her. Staring into her eyes, he thrust deeply between her thighs. “So good, oh yes, so good,” he whispered.

Suddenly, he quickly rolled them over so that she was on top. Breathlessly she stared down into his gorgeous face as she began to pump up and down on his cock. She loved the way he felt inside her, so big, spreading her wide, causing her senses to careen out of control.

“Oh yes, yes, yes,” she cried as she climaxed again, grinding her hips against him, moments before he thrust upwards, crying out as well. His cry of release was in another language but she didn’t need it translated to know what it meant as she collapsed against him.

Rolling off him to his side, she lay quietly, waiting for her breathing to return to normal. However, Dragos had different plans. “Roll over,” he whispered to her.

Complying, he quickly grabbed her hips and pulled them in the air, spreading her thighs with his knee. With a loud grunt, he drove into her. “Oh God,” she gasped. “You’re hard again already?” she cried as he gripped her hips tightly, slamming deeply into her.

“You’re so beautiful, so fucking beautiful,” he growled, pummeling her clenching pussy with his cock. He could feel her multiple orgasms as her walls repeatedly tightened around his dick, her incoherent cries of ecstasy filling the air. Finally, he could bear it no longer and with another burst of Russian, he came forcefully, filling her again with his cum. He remained behind her for a few moments before collapsing beside her. Pulling her into his arms, each hand cupping a full breast, he held her to him and within moments they were both asleep.

The next morning, Dragos awoke to a ringing phone, his wake up call. His hands stretched across the sheets of the king size bed, but Maggie was gone. Groggily he answered the phone, before pulling on his bathrobe and staggering into the shower. As he emerged from his room, he stared at her door, but checking his watch he knew he didn’t have time and instead turned towards the elevators.

It was dark by the time he returned, the shoot having gone over time and then getting caught in parade traffic. He was already hard by the time he knocked on her door. Her lips curled into a sexy smile as she opened it to see him standing there.

“Well hello, come on in,” she invited. “I’m watching the parade,” she said, walking through the room towards the balcony.

She was wearing a tank top and mini skirt and he watched her ass move beneath the clinging fabric as she walked. He recalled how firm yet soft it was in his hands and his cock twitched in his jeans. Catching her before she went outside to the balcony, he slid his arms sliding around her waist, pulling her against him. “What happened to you this morning? I woke up and you were gone,” he whispered in her ear.

“I didn’t want to be in your way,” she replied. She could feel his hardness pressing against her and pressed back, grinding against him.

“You wouldn’t have been in my way. My shower is huge, we could have shared it,” he said in her ear.

A vision of him, naked, with rivulets of water running down his perfect body, his long wavy hair wet and tousled filled her mind and her breath caught in her throat. “Mmmm, I should have stayed,” she murmured.

His hands crept upwards sliding beneath her tank top, gently squeezing her breasts in his large hands as he ground his hardness against her ass. With a soft moan, she tipped her head back against his shoulder and his lips found her throat, pressing searing kisses against the tender flesh.

“I have to watch the parade, I have to write about it,” she protested weakly, barely able to form a coherent thought as his fingers pinched her nipples and his tongue traced intoxicating patterns on her neck.

“Well then, why don’t we move this outside?” he whispered, pushing her towards the balcony.

“With your hands under my top?” she teased, thinking he would remove them.

“Of course, why not?” he teased back, not removing them.

Momentarily stunned that she was about to be groped on a second floor balcony, in full view of everyone, she was calmed by the fact that much worse was going on right down on the street. Topless women were everywhere, strings of brightly colored beads adorning their necks. Dragos’s hands beneath her top was tame compared to some of the costumes and floats gliding by.

“You just watch the parade, don’t mind me,” he murmured in her ear as one hand slid down to her thigh and then up under her skirt.

“Oh Dragos,” she whispered as his fingers slid inside her panties, slipping between her soft folds.

“You’re already wet for me,” he murmured, pushing two fingers inside her, delighting in her loud gasp and soft moan.

With one of his hands squeezing her breast and pinching the nipple and the other slowly finger-fucking her, Maggie completely forgot about her assignment and pushed her ass back against Dragos. “Take me, Dragos, take me, fuck me,” she pleaded.

“Right now? Right here?” he whispered in her ear as he began sliding her tiny thong down her thighs.

“Yes, yes, take me,” she urged, feeling very brazen that they were still on her balcony.

She heard the sound of his zipper lowering and her pulse quickened even more. Never having had sex in a public place, she was surprised at how much she was enjoying this, how exciting it was.

“Bend over a bit,” he whispered in her ear and she leaned forward, gripping the edge of the wrought iron balcony.

A soft cry slipped past her lips as she felt his cock sliding through the folds of her pussy, rubbing against her clit before he pushed inside her. She was so wet, he fully penetrated her with one thrust.

“Oh God, yes,” she whimpered as he began to slowly pump in and out of her, tightly gripping her hips. Her eyes closed and she flung her head back as she pressed backwards, meeting his thrusts. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, having sex on a hotel balcony mere feet above the heads of hundreds of people.

Opening her eyes, her lust-filled gaze fell upon a young man across the street, who was watching her. He thrust his fists on either side of his hips, imitating Dragos’ hold on her and hollered, “Yeah, baby, right on!”

The fact that they were being watched turned her on even more and she thrust her hips back harder, urging him to move faster. “Harder, faster,” she breathed.

He easily lifted her in the air and carried her back inside, falling with her onto the bed. “It wouldn’t do for either of us to get arrested,” he grinned, pulling off his shirt. His lips locked with hers as he tugged off her skirt and again thrust into her, driving in hard.

“Oh yes,” she cried, wrapping her long legs around him. “Give it to me baby, give it to me!”

Suddenly, he pulled away and flipped her over, pulling her hips up and slammed back into her, almost flattening her again. Holding her tightly, he pulled back and plowed into her.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s it, that’s it,” she moaned, loving the rough treatment.

Dragos knelt behind her, pummeling her pussy with his cock, grunting with the effort. He gazed down at her firm, round ass, barely jiggling as his stomach slapped against it. Sliding his large hands across her cheeks, he spread them apart, staring at her tight hole. He wet a finger in her pussy before circling her asshole, pressing gently against it.

“Oh yes,” Maggie sighed. Once she had dated a guy who loved anal but she hadn’t had it in awhile and missed it. “You want my ass, baby? Give it to me up the ass, Dragos, give it to me hard up the ass,” she growled.

Slowly pulling his cock from her dripping pussy, he began speaking softly to her in Russian, the harsh sounding words seemed extremely erotic as he aimed his dick at her tight hole. Spreading her cheeks with one hand, he used the other to help push inside her.

Maggie concentrated on relaxing, knowing it was going to hurt when he first entered her, but that it would soon ease and then all she would feel is the most intense pleasure. Gasping loudly, she gripped the pillows of the bed tightly in her fists as the head of his cock penetrated her.

Dragos let out a low moan and still crooning to her in Russian, pushed in further, spreading her tight ass, slowly inching in until his balls pressed against her soaked pussy. With a deep groan, he gripped her hips tightly and pulled back, slowly drawing the length of himself out of her and then sliding back in.

“Oh God, yes!” she cried out as he slowly pumped in and out of her ass.

“Faster? Harder?” he grunted.

“Yes, yes, oh please, yes,” she urged.

With a fierce growl, he pulled back and drove back in hard, causing Maggie to cry out loudly, an exquisite mixture of pleasure and plain. Not letting up for a moment, he slammed back into her, ramming his cock deeply into her ass.

She lay beneath him, gasping for breath as orgasms shook her body, the incredible pleasure of his cock driving her to the brink of control. A sudden desire for more caused her to buck against him, wanting him even deeper inside anal hole.

He spread her cheeks, gazing at his thick cock as it invaded her ass, stretching her hole so wide. Raising his hand, he slapped her ass once then twice before spreading her cheeks again, slipping his thumbs right down to her asshole, stretching it even wider.

Maggie could only cry out incoherently as he continued to punish her ass. He spanked her again and once more she could only cry out her pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you? You bad girl, you naughty slut,” he taunted, raining slaps on her reddening ass.

“Oh fuck, oh yes, fuck!” she suddenly cried out as her body shuddered with an explosive orgasm.

Her clenching ass was more than Dragos could take and with a deep groan, he came hard, shooting streams of cum deep into her ass. “Oh yes, baby, oh yes!” he grunted, pumping into her a few more times before pulling his softening dick from her ass. Spreading her cheeks he gazed at her gaping hole as a thick white glob of his cum leaked out, sliding down between her pussy lips.

With a deep sigh, he collapsed beside Maggie, trying desperately to catch his breath. She slowly lowered her hips to the bed and waited until her own racing pulse and breathing slowed. After a few moments he pulled her up to him, his lips claiming hers in a mind blowing kiss.

“That was amazing,” he whispered to her.

Rising from the bed, he handed her a robe and wrapping a towel around his waist, they slipped across the hall to his suite. Guiding her into the bathroom, he turned on the water in the extra large shower stall and slowly undid her robe. As he dropped his towel, she was surprised to see that he was hard again.

Beneath the spray of the shower, she stood back and watched him as he soaped and washed his cock. God he’s beautiful she thought as she stared at him. Her imagination had been inadequate before when she had pictured him in the shower, rivulets of water cascading over his leanly muscled body, soap from his cock sliding down his strong thighs.

When he was clean Maggie got down on her knees before him, taking him deeply into her mouth, letting him slide down her throat. She hungrily devoured every inch of him, making him groan loudly. His hand clenched in her wet hair and he began thrusting into her mouth, fucking her face, his hips moving faster and faster, forcing his cock deep down her throat.

Suddenly he pushed in and held it, with a loud cry he came forcefully, his cum flowing straight down her throat. Sliding his cock from between her lips, he gazed down at her, amazed she had been able to take all of him and so roughly.

Pulling her up, he crushed her to him as his lips captured hers in a deep kiss. “You are so incredibly hot,” he murmured as their lips parted.

Her hand slid between their bodies, lightly grasping his already hard dick. “So are you,” she replied, a smile curving her lips.

“Turn around,” he said softly, his hands on her shoulders, moving her. “Bend over,” he told her, pushing on the small of her back.

His hands gripped her hips as his cock teased her sweet entrance. She wanted him so bad, her pussy was aching, and she shamelessly begged him.

“Give it to me Dragos, please give me your cock, I want it so bad, please baby please,” she pleaded. A loud cry passed her lips as he plunged in deeply, her pussy so wet he slid in to the hilt with one thrust.

He cried out loudly in Russian, a purely lusty cry as he pulled back only to drive in deeply once more. Spreading her cheeks, he suddenly wanted her ass again and slid out of her wetness and pressed his cock at her asshole.

She made a small sound as he asked, “Can you take it again?”

Without waiting for her to answer, he pushed in, the head of his dick sliding into her hole. She was still a bit loose and with another thrust of his hips he was in halfway and then to the hilt.

Maggie struggled to keep her balance in the shower as Dragos invaded her ass one again. God he feels good, she thought hazily, her mind spinning with delirious pleasure as he plunged into her. She came forcefully, her thighs clenching and trembling under his onslaught. He had already just cum twice and his stamina was driving her to the brink of delirium as he continued to drive into her.

“Oh God, Dragos, please cum, I can’t take much more, please,” she begged, struggling to keep her knees from buckling beneath her.

With a groan, he gripped her hips tightly and quickening his pace, plunged forcefully into her a few more times before, with a deep growl, he buried his cock in her ass, cumming hard, filling her with cream.

Pulling out, he staggered back against the far wall of the shower, leaning against it. Maggie straightened and turned, sliding down the wall behind her, sitting on the floor. Leaning her head back, she waited for her racing heart to slow and her spinning head to clear.

“My God, that was amazing,” she murmured, her eyes closed.

She felt a touch on her face and opening her eyes saw Dragos crouched before her. Helping her up he led her beneath the spray of water and gently washed her exhausted body before she did the same for him.

She tapped away at her keyboard, her fingers flying over the keys from her first class seat on her way back to Los Angeles. During her last few days in New Orleans she had worked on her assignment but the nights had been spent in Dragos’ arms. Pausing for a moment, a smile curved her lips as she thought of him, erotic images filling her mind, decadent sensations filling her body as she recalled the way he made her feel.

He had asked for her LA address, saying he might have an assignment there soon and she had given it to him, even though she was realistic enough to know that she most likely would never see him again.

Maggie pasted a newspaper article inside her scrapbook, several pages after the New Orleans story. The article had turned out so well she had been given more high profile stories to do. The doorbell surprised her as she wasn’t expecting anyone.

Her pulse quickened and her breath caught in her throat as she opened it to find Dragos on her doorstep. Over an hour later the two could be found in her tiny shower, re-enacting the shower scene from New Orleans.

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