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The Master Chef – Bad Santa

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I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I drove, trying to ease through the slushy streets as quickly as possible. I was late, I knew it, and no doubt he knew it too. Master had texted me my newest orders; at the rate I was going, I was going to be punished for sure.

The thought made it no easier to drive. I had been waiting for this for weeks, to put myself blindly back into his hands and be at his mercy. I tried to imagine what he’d do to me, or more importantly, how long he’d draw out my anticipation before finally granting me my release. Although he had been pleased when I surprised him a few weeks before, Master had made it clear that, after graduation, I was not allowed to come until we met again. Finally, that day was here.

I slowly steered into the hotel’s parking lot, slowly moving around to find a spot not filled with cars or piled with dirty slush. I glanced at my clock again and groaned at the glowing digits. 2:06. Only a few minutes late, but perhaps he wouldn’t know. I was to stay in my car for half an hour, after all. Sit in an attitude of reflection and penitence…You will continue teasing, subtly, while in timeout.

My cheeks reddened. Staying in the cold, warming myself up with thoughts of his punishment and oh so pleasant tortures…It was already maddening enough to have put myself through constant teasings, with his prompting texts and voicemails. Half an hour, I reminded myself silently. I finally pulled into a spot and turned off my engine, leaving myself with only my thoughts.

My phone buzzed on almost immediately, and I couldn’t help but gasp. The little privacy icon flashed at the top, notifying it was Master. You were late, and you did not stay on the north side. You are testing my patience, Slave!

I blushed again, looking around. Was he able to see me? Was he watching me from inside, or his car? I blanched, quickly swyping a reply. I don’t know which side that is, I’m sorry. I was horrible at directions. But that didn’t excuse me for being late, I knew.

Again, my phone buzzed. Did I NOT just tell you to not use your cellphone?! Are you fucking with me? TEASE yourself!!

I dropped my cell as if the plastic burned me. Oh, he sounded mad! I didn’t hesitate, but unzipped my fleece coat enough to give me access to my chest. If anyone saw me in my car, it would appear I was warming my hands. Only I was warming much more than that…

I could feel myself burning up in excitement as I played with my nipple through my shirt. Three weeks since my last Master-induced orgasm…the smallest touch made me instantly ready. As my right hand tweaked through my shirt, my left slide down to my skirt. The tight jean material rubbed against my crotch already, and I pushed it further, right over my clit. I sighed at the feeling. Slowly, I started to rub, small circles around my hot little button that I knew would be pushed many, many times today.

I teased myself slowly, letting myself build up at a gentle pace. I had pushed myself too fast in the last three weeks, reaching the edge and having to tighten every muscle in an effort to not fall over. This time, I was enjoying the build, my last half hour before Master took his turn. I had no idea what mood he was in this time; would he push me over and over as fast and hard as he could, never letting me get there until he wanted? Or would I be spoiled rotten, given every climax I rose to under his orchestration?

After a few minutes, I moved my left hand, letting my fingers trail over my soft legs and beneath the smooth jean material of my skirt. I felt the lace barrier at my entrance, already damp from Master’s texts and my own slow teasing. I pushed it aside carefully, letting two fingers feel my progress as I resigned myself to “timeout.”

I moaned. I could feel how hot I was, just how wet and ready I was to finally go inside and meet Master again. To be put to his use, and treated as his (and only his) slut. My body pulsed slightly at the thought, and I pushed my fingers further, letting me slide softly inside.

“Ah…” I moved slowly, closing my eyes. I did not know how much longer I had to sit, no longer having my clock to show me, but I did not want to wait. I imagined Master sitting beside me, my fingers replaced with his, yielding much more satisfaction. I moved a little faster, my other hand pinching and playing with my breasts behind the protection of my coat.

I let myself play, enjoying my daydream and turning over my pleasure to my imagination’s Master. He controlled me well, moving his fingers faster and curling the thick digits inside me, making me pant softly in the cold air. I knew my teasing was going to have to pause soon, or else risk going too far, but for now I let “his” fingers play.

A few times I checked my mirror to see if anyone was around, as well as allowing myself to cool down momentarily before I again pushed my body forward. I was so wrapped up in my teasing that when my phone chirped out a text message, I moaned in brief disappointment…I didn’t want to stop. But knowing who was likely on the other end of that message, I pulled my fingers away and reached for my abandoned cell.

Flipping it on, I scanned the text. In 5 minutes, you will knock on room 124. You will enter, and after situated will explain your new toy.

I gazed over at my passenger seat, looking at the sleek black box resting on it. My new toy…I had bought it to replace the ones he had purchased for me, sadly remembering how even the second one died so suddenly. I had put in batteries and read the instructions, but had not tested it out on myself yet…I wanted Master to have that honor first. Hopefully, he’ll like it, I thought.

I slid my coat back into place and grabbed my backpack. If I had to be knocking in five minutes, I had better find the right room. I slide out of the car, ignoring the dull pulsing between my legs from my unfinished play. Instantly, I shivered in the freezing air, my exposed skin getting goosebumps. I hurried to the hotel, looking at all the separate buildings. Room 124…

It took me nearly the whole five minutes to find the correct building. Shifting my backpack onto my shoulder, I quickly scaled the icy steps and stood outside the door, shivering. “Come on,” I urged my phone, willing the numbers to change quickly so I could get inside soon. I tugged my fleece coat closer around me and waited. One more minute…

The moment the numbers changed on my screen, I put my phone in my pocket and knocked on the door. I swiveled around quickly, careful to not slip on the icy landing. But the door didn’t open. I paused for a moment, trying to ignore my hot breath clearly visible in the cold air. Did I have the wrong hotel room?

I was about to turn and knock again when the door jerked open and hands grabbed my arms, dragging me inside. I squeezed my eyes shut instinctively, trying not to squeak in surprise. I heard the door click shut, and my bag was tugged off my shoulder.

“Where’s your blindfold?”

I shifted the box into one hand and patted my pocket, suddenly unable to speak from excitement. Master had ordered me to bring my own this time. Though I did not find one like his, I did find a suitable piece of fabric. The box was ripped out of my hand and I jumped when his warm breath tickled my ear. “Then put it on.” I heard him step back, and once I couldn’t hear his steps anymore I pulled the silky black strip out of my coat.

Slowly, I lifted it to my eyes, tying it off behind my head in a firm but comfortable knot. It was not as nice as his blindfold, but it would do. It was pitch black, and the knot ensured it would not slide off. My hands were shaking when I lowered them back to my sides, unsure what to do next. “M-Master…?”

As if on cue, his hand reached out and spun me around, making me gasp. I felt fingers tug at my zipper, pushing the fleece apart roughly to reveal the rest of my Christmas outfit to his eyes.

I knew he would like it…a silky, translucent button-up under a red t-shirt sporting “Just how good do I have to be?” on my chest…my gray skirt, just barely covering my ass, and of course, a red, lacy thong, just in time for the season. My tall boots hid my Christmas stockings, but he’d find them soon enough. The last detail was my black tie, knotted smartly just as he requested.

I thought I heard him let out his breath, but I was too wrapped up in controlling my own excited breathing to be sure. My shoulders were grabbed and I was led forward a few feet, my heels clicking on the hard floor. Suddenly, he stopped me and pressed me back against a door. My hands were guided above me slowly and methodically bound. I squirmed anxiously…I was really getting fond of these bonds.

As I waited, Master moved close to me, barely brushing up against me. I bit my lower lip to stop from moaning, but it was difficult. My last orgasm was at graduation…I was ready to explode and he hadn’t even started! His hands brushed past my face and I felt headphones slide in place. Nervous, I waited to hear what he would play for me this time.

Almost immediately soft moans filled my ears, and I sighed in reply. Hearing myself getting teased and fucked was certainly a mood setter, and I felt myself get wetter as I listened. I tried not to moan as he brushed against me again, but soon he pulled away, leaving me alone with the audio.

I licked my lip, nervous energy building up. I adjusted my hands as best as I could…the soft rope had me stretched up higher than usual, and it was making me all the more excited. I wanted Master to come touch me…

I nearly moaned along with the audio, listening to the sound of a whip crack against my skin from one of our previous engagements. I willed myself to calm down. Patience. I tried to decipher which recording this was to help visualize…

A hand traced my jaw and down my neck, and I jumped from the sensation. I couldn’t stop the pleasurable sigh from escaping my mouth. I felt his fingers slide down my chest, to my skirt, and for a moment, underneath. “Ahh!” I whispered, pushing my hips forward.

The hand disappeared instantly, and I pouted silently. He loved to tease, and today was no exception. I was about ready to beg when I felt him again, sliding my lacy thong aside and probing me with something hard. It was buzzing pleasantly to a slow beat, and I moaned thankfully. My new toy sank inside me easily.

I squirmed as my panties were pulled down completely, my skirt pushed up around my hips to give Master a good view. “Pleaase…” I moaned. The toy pulsed steadily, keeping me on the verge just as I’d been for weeks. Master pulled away again, leaving me alone with my new device.

Suddenly, the toy’s intensity rose, buzzing wildly inside me. I jerked against the ropes, moaning in surprise. The pulse quickly dropped back down, then up again, and I cried out. “Master!” I couldn’t hear him, but I could imagine a grin on his face as he toyed with me, continuing to raise and lower the vibrations at his will. Apparently, he had figured out my new device without me. I was panting, no longer hearing my past moans as I overtook them. It was magical.

I felt the pressure build up inside me, and I bit my lip. “Siiiir,” I whined, trying desperately to hold back. “Please, I’m so close!”

My admission led to the toy being removed instantly, much to my disappointment. I tried to catch my breath during my break, but my adrenaline was rushing, making my whole body tingle. “M-Master…oh!” I nearly jumped again as my legs were pushed apart, and his tongue was inside me.

“Ooh…” I groaned, tilting my head back against the door. Master’s hands dug into my skin, keeping me still as he tasted me. My fingers curled into tight fists as I pulled against the ropes. He explored every inch, his teeth biting my clit and making me flinch.

Once again I was at the edge. I didn’t get the chance to ask for permission; Master seemed to already know, and had pulled away quickly. “No!” I cried, trying to squeeze my legs together to finish. Strong hands kept me still, and I tried to resist.

Through my headphones, I heard his voice close to my ear. “First time you come will be on my cock, Slave.” I groaned, and felt him rest against my pussy, hot and ready to go. My skirt was hiked further up and I was lifted into the air, my hands reflexively grabbing the ropes for support. Without another word, he pushed inside me, quickly filling me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, gasping. Master wasted no time, fucking me at a quick pace. I moaned loudly, unable to speak. I felt his fingers dig deeper into my thighs, bracing me against the door. “Come, Slave!”

I exploded. “Master!” I knew I was digging my boots into him but I was too wrapped up by the fierce tingling that had intensified all over my body. “Oooh fuck, Master!” My nerves were on fire as he kept pumping into me, his thrusts hard and deep.

The tingling continued as he finally set me back on unsteady feet, sliding out unceremoniously. I groaned as he left, but I forced myself to focus on standing. I felt Master’s hands on my jean skirt, tugging it down my hips and to the floor. My t-shirt was lifted over my head, still trapped on my arms.

My headphones were ripped off, and warm lips pressed against my ear. “Is this a good shirt or bad shirt?” Fingers danced on the hem of my button-up, and I shivered. His touch after that incredible orgasm nearly launched me into another.

“Good…um, no bad!” I stammered, my mind slowly catching up with my breath. I gasped as he ripped it open, again sending buttons scattering across my unseen fantasy world. The fabric was pushed apart, giving him access to my chest. I squeaked when he took a nipple in his fingers, pinching hard. “Ow!”

Master disappeared for a moment, announcing his return with the soft hum of my new bullet. I moaned as it slipped inside me, massaging me to the brink. I turned my head, unable to keep quiet as he pressed his remote against my clit. The additional buzzing was too much, and I came again, crying out much to Master’s pleasure.

I felt the ropes loosen on my wrists and I was pulled away from the door, my shirts stripped off my torso the rest of the way and discarded like the other clothes. A firm grip took my arm and I was led forward, unsteadily.

Something soft but firm pressed against my upper thighs, and before I could explore I was pushed over it. It felt like leather, I noted as I let my trembling hands search. Master stripped me of my boots, leaving me clad in my tie and knee high socks only. Ties secured my legs apart, and again I was left alone.

I waited for Master to return and bind my wrists, but he never did. Before I could revel in my little freedom, thin leather stung my ass with a loud smack. I jerked, trying to pull away. “Ow!” I repeated defiantly, turning my head blindly to look over my shoulder. I got no reply, but another stinging smack landed. My fingers dug into the leather furniture as I whimpered.

“Stay still, Slave.” I forced myself to relax as I took another hit, the pain mixing with intense pleasure as my toy buzzed wickedly. I repeated his words silently in my head with every stroke, turning my cries into moans. The torture did not last long, to my relief. A long minute passed with only my vibrating bullet breaking the silence. I kept my moans in check, trying desperately to listen for Master’s next move. What did he have planned?

“Aww!” I groaned as my toy was deftly removed after a quick pause against my throbbing clit. My ties were released just as quickly and I was pulled back to a stand, though I wondered how well I would have fared if Master made me stand alone. My legs felt like jelly from the little tortures I’d been through, and I knew he was far from finished with me.

I obediently followed Master’s lead, hoping a bed was to be our next destination. Being deprived from any release until today was sending me into overdrive now, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand with his expertise. The thought was quickly shoved from mind, however, as I suddenly felt Master moving higher. My foot hit something blocking my way, and I froze.

Master paused, pulling my hand. “Upstairs, Slave,” he ordered quietly, and my mouth fell open in surprise. Stairs? In a hotel room? I moved slowly, testing each unseen step carefully before following the man higher.

He guided me up about twelve steps when he paused, making me stop on the stairs. “On second thought, back downstairs.” I felt him move past me and start to pull me down, but I locked up. I was sure I would fall down the steps, and being unable to see was making my paranoia act up. Sensing my hesitancy, Master took a step closer to me. “Use the railing and come toward me.” I shook my head, trembling. It was irrational, but I couldn’t move.

Master sighed and guided my hand to a smooth wooden railing. “Come, Slave.” I felt warmth spread across my face at the words…how those same words could make me feel so good if he let me. Slowly, he coaxed me down the stairs, with me pausing to firmly rest my foot before taking a new step. Sue me, I was scared enough as it was!

When I finally reached the main floor, I barely had time to take a shaky breath before Master led me around a corner. In an instant I was laying on my stomach at the edge of a bed, the soft mattress tickling my sensitive skin. My legs were pushed apart, leaving me exposed to the warm air.

I waited breathlessly, imagining all the things my handsome tormentor might have planned. The softest tip of tongue touched my inner thigh, and I flexed my legs in response, moaning. Emboldened, he moved higher, tongue trailing a path up to my pussy lips. I felt him right at my center, licking and probing with his practiced muscle as I shook above him. It was all I could do to hold onto the mattress…

“Oh, Master!” I cried out as he plunged into me, drinking me up. I squirmed on the bed, but he held me still with muscular arms. “Please, sir, oh!” I tensed above him, hovering at the edge of climax that I so desperately wanted. “Please, let me come!”

I buried my face in the mattress as he nipped my clit in response, making me flood. Stars seemed to dance in front of my eyes, I was so overwhelmed. I didn’t hear Master for a few minutes, but I took the alone time as a much needed break as I sank to my knees.

I do not know how long he left me to control myself. I felt my tie pulled tight, bringing me back to my bent position over the bed’s edge. Warm skin pressed against mine, and I moaned as I felt him push into me. “Maaster…” I whimpered, propping myself up on my elbows. I felt his arm slide around me as he pulled closer, driving himself much deeper.

“Santa filled your stocking,” he muttered in my ear, and I moaned happily. Something soft tickled my neck as he leaned over me, hands under my body to twist my nipples. I nearly pulled away, yelping, but he held me firm and kept fucking, his cock pummeling away.

“Please!” I arched my back as he thrust deeper, his right hand reaching back to yank on my long hair. “God yes!” I loved being filled up so roughly, so completely. The soft tickling came again, making my heightened senses again on alert.

His mouth connected with my shoulder, biting me gently. “Come, Slave!” I nodded blissfully, rocking against him as my orgasm hit. As my body pulsed against him, he pulled out and pushed me onto the bed.

I tried to catch my breath as he crawled onto the soft mattress after me. Once the movements stilled, I felt a hand on my wrist. “Get on. Now.” I found and straddled his body as quickly as I could, heart still racing excitedly. He sank into me easily and I rode him fast, feeling another rise approaching quickly.

Master seized my bouncing chest as I fucked faster, twisting my nipples harder than ever. “Oww!” I yelped, but I thrust my chest out further, giving him better access. He teased and punished my pinked breasts, reveling in my constant string of moans as a result.

I came one more time, loudly as he pulled on my tie. I doubled over onto his chest, panting hard. Master turned me to face him, closing the space between us for a kiss. Soft fabric tickled my forehead, and I pulled away, giggling. “Master?”

He laughed and yanked my blindfold down. I blinked, smiling down at his handsome face. His soft brown hair was hidden by a large Santa’s hat, with small LED lights flashing festively with red and green. “Ho ho ho!” he mustered, and I broke into giggles.

“Thank you Santa,” I cooed, running my fingers along the soft white brim of his hat. I pushed the fuzzy hat off his forehead and kissed his brow lightly. “I’m loving my presents.” I lifted my hips and slammed back down, making us both sigh out loud.

My festive Master grinned wider, squeezing my ass as I rode faster. “Then maybe you’ll give me one.” I nodded, waiting for his request. He spanked me lightly, licking his lips. “Let me have your ass…”

I laughed at the earnest look in his eyes. “Only if you’ll come in me there.” He seemed surprised but nodded. We had only tried my back entrance once, after using my toy first. Even then, it was difficult, and we only lasted about a minute before moving on. I was determined to give it another shot.

“Let me get something first.” I waited for permission to leave, offering a long kiss as I slowly pulled away. Ignoring my tingling legs, I hurried through the hotel. The grand place definitely needed to be explored later, but for now, I had one goal in mind…finding my bag. I finally found it by the door and searched through the front pocket quickly, grabbing a small bottle.

I practically ran back through the double doors into the bedroom. Master was waiting, arms crossed behind him. I jumped back on the enormous mattress, excitedly showing my find. “Now,” I teased, reaching down and giving his excited member a lick, “…we can get started on your present.”

I gently squeezed the bottle, letting the cool liquid coat my fingers. The scent of strawberries made me lick my lips as I slowly moved my slick hand to his cock, stroking slowly. I paused at his middle, thinking about its width. I glanced back up, suddenly nervous. “I’ll have to go slow…”

He reached up and slid his hand around my neck, pulling me down for a kiss. “Take your time,” he murmured finally, and I blushed. A little more of the sticky liquid for myself and I hovered above. Master kept his hands on my thighs, stroking softly as I lined myself above him. I rested my palms on his chest, taking a slow, deep breath.

His cock twitched as I pressed my ass down, and slowly he slid in. I froze, squeezing my eyes shut. I felt an uncomfortable pressure as he stretched my asshole around him, like a custom-made glove. I was not opposed to the feeling, as Master’s toy slowly grew on me, but our last attempt a few months ago had not been long. I wanted to please him, to make him feel as good as I did with him. And I wanted him deep in me, everywhere.

Slowly, I licked my lips and pushed down another inch. Master slid inside easily enough, though the tightness was causing friction. “Siiiir,” I moaned, pausing again. He didn’t seem to mind my slip up. Large fingers glided over my thighs and up to my hips.

“A little further, Slave.” I lifted my eyes to see him staring back, his brow furrowed in concentration. “Slowly.”

I nodded, then pushed again. The head of his shaft was completely inside me; it was the challenging part now. “It hurts,” I whimpered. His middle pressed against my asshole, teasing me with its width. Master reached for the lube and handed it back, telling me to use as much as I needed. When I was ready, I sat back on him, hesitating again at the wider part.

He nodded again, encouraging me quietly. Taking a deep breath, I pushed again, wincing against the pressure. Finally, my little hole stretched over him completely, sheathing him deep inside me. We both moaned loudly, unable to hold it back.

After a long moment, I managed to open my eyes, checking for Master’s reaction. He wore the same focused look, though it was clear he was enjoying this. “Are you okay?” I mustered, trying to calm my nerves. He managed a tense smile.

“You are so tight,” he murmured, and I felt him pulse within me. I relaxed a little, starting to enjoy him inside. “When you’re ready,” he coaxed.

I guided his hands to my hips, already trembling. Slowly, I rose back up, gasping as his middle massaged me inside. I reached the tip and, with a quick breath, sank back down. Again, we both made a sound, and his hands tightened on my hips. I repeated the move, up and down, and felt a new tingle. The uncomfortable pain subsided, and now it was bearable, even pleasurable.

Satisfied, I removed my hands from his and pressed against my lover’s chest, picking up the pace. Although the same pleasure points were not there, this position did have its perks. I could feel Master slide deep inside, much tighter than I could in my pussy. Every twitch he made, I could distinguish away from the thrusts he made.

Master helped me speed up, encouraging me with his hands as I moaned along. I chanted his name as I felt that twinge of pleasure grow. “Oh yes!” I whimpered, rocking harder. I squeezed around him, making him groan too. “Master, please!”

I adjusted myself so I was leaning back, my hands on his legs as I continued to take him deeper into my ass. Master watched me get closer with every thrust. “Keep going,” he urged, moving his hand down to rub my clit. “What do you think?”

I gasped at the new stimulation. “It’s different…but so good. Don’t stop!” I rolled my hips, exploring our new position. I was so close now, and my body pulsed quickly in anticipation. The man groaned with every contraction, his fingers now digging into my flesh.

Finally I could take no more. “Master!” I yelped, trembling harder. I shuddered around him as I came, much to my surprise. It was so different from my normal orgasms, seemingly overwhelming my nerves almost from the outside in. I kept moving, crying out his name as he pounded up into me.

I could tell from his face that he was not far off either. Still shaking, I leaned forward until I was nearly laying on his chest, my hands on either side of his face. “I want to feel you inside,” I begged, feeling a smaller wave hit me. I closed the gap between us, kissing him fiercely as he guided my movements.

Master through his arms around my waist, keeping me pinned to him. I coaxed him on, lacing my fingers through his hair, Santa hat discarded. His hips were frantic against my rear, and soon he groaned into our kiss, pumping deep inside as he came. I jerked away from his lips…I could feel him tightening up inside and his semen filling me.

When he slowed down, I started laughing uncontrollably. “I felt you. Oh my God I felt it!” I kissed him again, my smile so wide my cheeks hurt. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The handsome man just squeezed me tightly, laughing at my enthusiasm. “Mmm you’re welcome. And thank you.” I rested on his chest, listening to his heart pound inside as our last few tremors passed. “Now…how are we going to clean you up?”

It took some maneuvering, but we finally made it to the edge of the bed, where he scooped me up and carried me to the bathroom just off to the side. I giggled the whole way, partly from embarrassment and partly from ecstasy still rolling through me. After a brief shower, Master threw me a towel. “Hurry and I’ll show you the rest,” he winked, and I grinned back.

Shortly after, I came back out into the bedroom. A giant bed sat prominently in the room, with a narrow armchair and raised desk to the right of the double doors. I scooped up my clothes and headed to the main room. The place was huge, with a small kitchen and island on one side and a living room on the other, complete with a fireplace. A leather love seat and tall upholstered chair filled the room, along with a small round table by the door. I walked slowly, taking my time to explore the place.

“Upstairs,” I heard Master call, and I giggled. I threw my clothes into my abandoned backpack and climbed the carpeted stairs, the rough fibers tickling my bare feet. Upstairs was even better, with a lofted bedroom and large bathroom to the left. I looked around the spacious room with wide eyes.

“This place is amazing,” I breathed, dropping my bag against a tall dresser. The bed sat under the loft wall, looking directly down into the sitting room below. A double sink sat in a large countertop, complete with an expansive mirror and vanity bench.

Arms circled around me, making me giggle. “Glad you like it.” A warm kiss tickled my neck as he guided me back to the bedroom. “We’ll sleep up here tonight.” I nodded in agreement…it was beautiful upstairs. “For now, though…” I suddenly felt his arms under mine, and I was practically thrown onto the white quilt. “We have some time before dinner.”

I managed to keep my towel around me as I rolled over, laughing. “Oh really? Didn’t I just satisfy you enough, Master?” I scooted back to the headboard, clutching the terry cloth to my chest. The man’s brown eyes twinkled as he crawled after me.

“There’s always time for more.” He grabbed my ankles and yanked, forcing me onto my back. I squealed as he parted my legs, hiking my towel higher up my thighs. Master grinned at my reddened face as he ran a hand along my crotch. “Are you sure we should stop?”

I bit my lip as he explored, feeling the smooth skin of my freshly shaved pussy. “No…” He flicked my clit, and I groaned. The bed shifted beneath us both as he moved lower, and soon his hot mouth was on me again. I lifted my hips to help, encouraging his tongue to explore me completely.

Master examined me dutifully, licking and sucking on my skin until I squirmed on the mattress. His hands wrapped around my thighs, keeping me still through his ministrations. I could only gasp and mewl through each light touch, and nearly grind myself on his face to try to get more.

I dropped my head to the bed when his tongue curled up inside me, licking me in a long stroke. It was all I could do not to scream his name as the pressure built, so I tangled my fingers in his feathery hair instead.

My moans grew louder as he pulled me closer, returning his attention to my clit. Finally I could take no more, and I tried to twist out of his grip. “Please, get in me,” I begged, tugging on his shoulders. I was so wet I could feel my excitement soak into my towel. “Please!”

Master gave one last kiss below then slid up to meet me. I shoved him over, laughing as he easily rolled to the side. Dropping my covering, I mounted his strong thighs and grabbed his cock in my hand. In a quick motion I pressed him to my pussy and impaled myself. I wasted no time as I lifted myself again, and again onto him, sending myself sprinting toward release.

I cried out as the first waves of pleasure shot through me. “There!” I gasped, riding wildly. Master guided my hips faster, and I fell on his chest as he pushed me over the edge. “Oh God!” My lips fastened to his and muted my receding cries.

A hand moved up to my hair, brushing it away from our faces as I slowed to a stop. I giggled against his lips, then gasped as the soft fingers quickly grabbed a fistful of my locks. “We aren’t done,” my lover murmured playfully, and he pushed upward into me again. His other hand moved to my ass, a spank landing across my soft cheeks.

I jerked but rolled my hips nonetheless, staying across his broad chest. “Do that again?” I asked, kissing his neck. Master relented, and another spanking made me tighten around him.

Suddenly, he sat up to meet me, throwing his arms around my waist. “Over here.” He neatly carried me across the bed, making me squeal and hold on tight. Finally he dropped me onto my back at the foot of the grand mattress, my head hanging over the edge. In a second he was back inside my pussy, making me cry out in surprise.

As his strokes continued, I felt myself slide further off the bed. I braced my hands against the floor, gasping as each thrust drove me closer to the brink. Master was leaning off the bed too, following me to brace one hand against the carpet as the other supported my back.

The strangeness of our new position made me giggle between moans, and I threw my legs around his hips to stay connected. “You…are so…weird!” I panted, ending with a sharp gasp as he shoved deeper inside me. I was close to falling completely off the bed, with my lower body barely still pinned by his own form. Finally he reached down and yanked me back up, tossing me back into the middle of the bed.

“Worth the attempt,” Master shrugged, and I jumped back on him.

I lost track of the long minutes we spent together, with him nipping and pinching my arms and chest or rewarding me with more light spankings. I also lost track of how many times he pushed me over…I always forgot to count, but he always thoroughly kept me distracted.

Finally, he allowed me to give my muscles a rest. I pulled off him reluctantly and curled up to his side, enjoying his arm around my shoulders. “You spoil me,” I muttered. My fingers laced with his lazily. Beside me, I felt him shrug, a bemused smile gracing his lips.

“I suppose.”

I propped myself up on one arm and gazed down at him. “And you’re insatiable.” He shrugged again, making me giggle. I flopped back beside him, throwing an arm around his chest. “I don’t think I can keep up with you sometimes.”

Master snorted. “Tragic.” His fingers began moving again, trailing over my hypersensitive skin. Each light path he traced sent shivers up my spine. “Get back up here.” I laughed as he pulled me astride him again, helping me sheath himself in me. In minutes I was chanting his name, begging for more.

“You…are…cheating,” I stammered, using my hands against his body for support. He responded with a quick tweak of my nipple, sending ripples of delight along my nerves. His hand soon delved lower, and I arched back, allowing access. “I can’t…oh God please…”

His attention to my clit finished me, and I erupted for the umpteenth time. “Master!” I felt myself pooling on top of him, soaking him in my arousal. As I caught my breath, his hips started rotating again, and I moaned. “Please, wait.” The man paused. “I need to rest…you are wearing me out.”

Master lifted a brow at me, thinking it over. “Go get your toy,” he finally gave in, helping me slide free. I thanked him and crawled to the edge of the bed, stretching for my bag. Try as I might, I could not find the little pink vibrator. “It’s downstairs,” he reminded me with a light pat on my rear. I struggled to walk down the stairs, but I returned in a moment with the toy and box in hand.

The man watched patiently as I crawled back to his side. “So, how does it work?” He took the little remote from my hand and examined it carefully. I grabbed the small booklet and scanned the text.

“Lots of ways. We push these buttons,” I demonstrated on the toy, then for him on the remote, “…to turn it on. Then there are different ways to play.” Both objects buzzed quietly as I explained. “This one, you tilt the remote. When it’s flat, like you’re holding it now, it’s very gentle. Turn it this way,” I guided his wrist until the round remote was vertical, “…and it’s stronger.”

Master played with the remote, letting the pulsations rise and fall repeatedly. “Nice.”

I giggled, then kept reading. “Okay, now we press the remote again for ‘mode two.’ This one is all up to you.” He raised an eyebrow dubiously, and I grinned. “This one makes the toy do everything you do.”

I traded with him, taking the remote. “I can shake it fast, or spin it in circles, and it will do that to me.” His eyes and smile widened with each movement I made, feeling it mirrored in my toy. “There are other settings, but those are the two you control. The others are just patterns…” Immediately he was sitting up, enthusiasm clear on his face.

“Switch.” As soon as the remote was in his hand, I was flipped onto my back again, my legs parted to accept my pink toy. It slid inside easily, not difficult after my last few orgasms, and I pulsed slightly around the small object. It was nowhere near the size of my Master, but it was nice regardless.

Suddenly, it came to life, gently vibrating. I shifted on the bed to watch Master work, trying to hold in my gasp. The round remote sat in his palm as he drew an imaginary circle in the air. My toy replicated the action just as easily, and I fell back with a sigh.

Master looked pleased. Eyes shining wickedly, he shook the toy, slowly building up to a rapid pulse. My toy responded, vibrating faster as he did. I squirmed again, pouting as he stilled the remote just as suddenly. The pulsing died, and I was left without any stimulation. “Fucking tease,” I muttered, sticking out my tongue.

Grinning, Master lay down beside me. “And if I do this…” Raising his hands above him, he tossed the remote in the air. I whimpered as the toy danced alive, the vibrations wavering in a torturous manner. The pulsing halted once the remote landed safely in his hand. He repeated the toss, snickering as I twitched.

Finally I sat up, brushing my hair back forcefully. “You’re done.” I expelled the tiny vibrator, leaving it pulsing on the bed until I managed to wrestle the remote away from him as well. As I turned each off, I felt his hands back on me.

“Does that mean you’re ready for more?” I nodded, blushing, and my lover pinned me to the sheets, kissing me quickly. He raised my slender legs onto his shoulders and lined himself up, teasing me. “Say it.”

I mewled piteously, trying to pull his hips toward me but he would not budge. “Please Master, fuck me!” Instantly he slammed inside, making me cry out. His body pushed against me, bringing my legs closer to my chest and tightening me around him. I could feel him slide deeper, massaging me roughly.

I struggled to keep my eyes open. My hands braced against his thighs, warning him if he struck too deep inside. Every stroke made me moan, and as they got faster I nearly dug into his skin with my nails. “Right there, God yes!” His unusual roughness was rushing me to the top, and I knew it would be a strong fall. “Oh please may I…”

Master squeezed my legs as he pumped harder, his own breathing becoming erratic. “Come, Slave, on your Master’s cock.” His hips hit mine with a resounding smack as he pounded into my body. I arched my back off the bed as I obeyed, letting my senses overwhelm me and make my whole body tingle.

As I panted, riding through my orgasm, Master groaned. “You want to see me come, Slave?” Surprised, I nodded, and my legs were lowered back around his waist without missing a beat. His lips crushed against mine, tasting me and mixing moans together as he rose to his own climax. I lifted my arms to twist with his, but he pinned them down effortlessly at my shoulders. “You want me to come on you, you little slut?”

My eyes widened, but I nodded again, basking in the waves of pleasure rushing over me. “Please!” The man’s thrusts hit me like a hammer, until he could no longer hold back. Releasing my hands, he pulled his cock out and hovered over my stomach, a strained look on his handsome features. With a few quick strokes of his hand, he pulsed, his creamy release coating my belly.

I watched in awe as his cock twitched, the last remaining spurts landing on my in a hot mess. When he finally stopped, Master braced his arms on either side of me like a frame. He rested his forehead against mine, his breathing ragged. “That was…incredible,” I sighed blissfully, lacing my fingers behind his neck. I gazed between us, fascinated with the glistening liquid on my stomach.

He chuckled wearily, meeting me for a soft kiss. “I’m glad.” He stroked my arm gently, a small smile forming. “Was that the first time you saw that?” I understood what he meant, and I nodded again.

“First man I’ve seen come, yes. First man to come on me, yes.” I smiled coyly, batting my eyes. “Did my Master enjoy it?” I ran my finger down my belly, then licked his semen off my finger. I missed that salty taste…

Groaning, the man kissed my cheek, then rolled away. “Tragic. And yes, I did.” He helped me sit up carefully, keeping the rest of the evidence on my stomach. “Let’s get you cleaned up, and we’ll go to dinner.” Beaming, I accepted his offer, and I followed him quickly to the showers for a quick rinse.


We took a break from our physical activities for food and some quick shopping, and when we returned to the hotel I was feeling replenished. Master left me with the bag of food as he went to the main building, leaving me alone. I took care of the items quickly and shed off my coat and boots.

A knock broke through my thoughts, and I quickly answered the door. Master pushed through, a smile on his chilled face. “Fire time.” He kissed me briefly and moved to the living room to start, leaving me giggling as I latched the door.

Soon, the sound of a crackling fire grew, the rich wood scent making the whole room smell like Christmas. The man turned back to me, waving me over. “It’ll be warm in no time.” I nodded, brushing my hair back.

“Cozy,” I noted happily. Master pulled me to the ground, murmuring in agreement as he stole another kiss.

“Why don’t you get out your game?” He suggested, finally breaking away. I licked my lips, trying to think. Oh yeah…my friends had given me a couples game, Fifty Days of Play, for graduation, and I had told Master about it. It would be fun to see his reactions.

I stumbled to my feet and searched upstairs for the box. When I returned, Master was sitting back up on the couch. We looked at the instructions together, and opened the box to reveal five levels of cards, from virginal white to seductive black. I blushed lightly, biting my lip. I didn’t know how dark these would get, but hopefully I could handle them.

We took turns rolling the die, but he got the darker color. Reluctantly, I gave him the die and watched him toss it to the carpet. Virginal white. Relieved, I handed him the box and watched as he carefully fished out a matching envelope. His brown eyes scanned the directions quickly, a smile growing.

Finally, he put the note back, grinning at me. “Pick a number between one and a hundred.” He sat up nonchalantly, watching me blink in surprise.


He nodded and looked down at my body. “Strip, and put on your blindfold.”

My curiosity got the better of me. “What did the card say?” Master chuckled, shaking his head as he repeated his direction. Slowly, I slid my pants off my legs and cast them aside. My sweater followed, leaving me in just my underwear and socks. I hesitated again. “Will you tell me now?”

Master smirked, eyes twinkling mischievously. “I get to kiss you seven times.” I blinked again. Oh…that didn’t sound bad. I started to say so when he held up his finger, stopping me. “Wherever I choose.” He pointed again at my underwear. “I want you naked, on your stomach, legs spread.”

I felt color rush across my cheeks. “Wherever…” My eyes widened as I saw him smile wider. “Not my ass…” Master looked like the Cheshire cat, and I whimpered nervously. “I don’t want you to kiss me there.”

He shrugged, holding up the sheathed card. “You wanted to play. Lay down.” He watched me finish undressing, stopping me when I reached for my tall socks. “Keep those on. Don’t forget the blindfold.” I took the strip of cloth and, with another pleading look, tied it on.

Once darkness took over, I heard Master move to the floor behind me. “Lay down,” he repeated softly, and I complied, my body pressing against the rough carpet. I pulled my arms up by my face, waiting for his next move. I tried not to gasp as he positioned me correctly, carefully spreading my legs so that my rear was exposed to him.

“Your asshole’s mine,” I heard him murmur gleefully, and his hands rested on my cheeks, squeezing lightly. A long moment passed, with my nerves rising in anticipation. It was strange when he first went down on me there, and I didn’t want him to repeat that experience. But it was his card, so I tensely waited for his move.

When it came, I squealed in surprise. His lips brushed against the back of my knee, no where near my suspected target. His lips were soft, but the simple contact felt like sparks bursting across my sensitive skin. “Mmm,” I breathed, melting into the carpet. I could feel Master’s lips twist into a smile at my reaction, and he repeated the second kiss behind my other knee.

I shook excitedly as he trailed higher, planting his hot lips on the small dip in my back. He hovered over me, the rough material of his jeans brushing against my legs and his tee tickling my back as he moved for his fourth kiss. I arched against the unseen man as he kissed my neck, hot breath making me squirm beneath him. He nibbled on my left ear, then my right, eliciting another quiet gasp from me.

Finally, I felt his fingers on my chin, turning me toward him. Master captured my lips with his in a long kiss, and I groaned again, shivering. I was nearly panting when he finally pulled away, leaving me in a puddle of nerves on the carpet. “Wow…” I gasped, licking my lips.

I pushed myself up carefully and peeled off the blindfold. Master was back on the couch, his face lit with a triumphant grin. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I shook my head, blushing as he stretched out on the cushions. “You get so worked up,” he teased.

“That wasn’t fair…” I muttered, but I had to smile back. I had to admit, it was much better than I expected. Sticking out my tongue, I reached back for my shirt and slid it on, ignoring my bra. Master pouted as I slid my panties back on as well, but nodded over at the game box. My turn.

We played for another ten minutes, reading the cards aloud and teasing each other. Most of the cards we placed back, having no way to complete them at a hotel or, to my amusement, had already been done during one of Master’s scenes before (and pushing the limits much farther, I noticed). For a game of Fifty Shades, we had already played with some darker shades ourselves.

Finally, we settled for watching television, me curled between Master’s legs as he lay splayed on the couch. As he flipped through the channels, I couldn’t stop my thoughts from lingering…as silly as some of the cards were, they did put me in a playful mood.

I shifted in his lap until I was laying on his chest, facing him. Master pretended to ignore me for a minute, but soon he met my gaze. “What, Slave?” He did a good job playing indifferent, but I could see the corners of his mouth turn slightly. Wordlessly, I stretched up higher and kissed him, teasing him with my tongue.

When we finally broke apart, he was openly grinning. “Hmm, interesting.” He folded his arms behind his head, watching as I sat up above his hips. “What are you going to do about that?”

Smirking, I grabbed his belt and quickly undid it, pushing the buckle aside. His jeans were undone just as quickly, and I jumped up to help him pull them off. His black briefs followed his pants to the floor, as well as my panties, and all that remained was his gorgeous length against his stomach.

I licked my lips and crawled back on top of my Master, straddling him as best as I could with the couch in the way. I guided his cock inside and, after a moment of work, slid onto him completely. “No more waiting,” I moaned softly. Resting my hands on his shirt, I rolled against him, gaining momentum.

Master’s hands reflexively rose to my waist and I rode faster. I was nearly bouncing on top of him, crying out as he sheathed himself in me deeper on every downward slide. “Fuck…” I squeezed my eyes shut. His fingers skated up my sides and to my tits, palming them tightly.

His attention to my nipples through my shirt made me arch above him, groaning louder. I was ready to fall over the edge, and I pushed my chest further into his hold. “Please,” I sighed, sinking onto him as fast as I could. Master complied, stripping me and teasing my tips between his fingers.

The tremors of pleasure started low, spreading through me like wildfire. I rode through it, my fingers curling into his shirt. “Yes! Oh God!” I leaned over him and stole his lips, whimpering as the last bit hit me. My lover’s arms wrapped around me, letting me rest.

After a minute, I finally pulled away. “Not…done…” My fingers reached for his hemline and dragged the fabric over his head, tearing his shirt away. Master chuckled at my enthusiasm as I took another kiss, and my hips rocked again. “Help me,” I muttered through my kiss, and his hands instantly locked onto my waist. He guided me to a second orgasm, and nearly a third before he pushed me up, forcing me to sit still.

“Upstairs,” he ordered, and I grinned. I slid off him and quickly took a taste, drawing his stiff member in my mouth and releasing with a quiet pop. Master groaned and I danced away, giggling as I ran for the stairs.

I made it up three steps before his arm was around my waist, pulling me back. “On your knees,” he murmured, lips hot against my neck as he guided me down. I obeyed, resting on my hands and knees on the carpeted stairs. Master shoved my legs apart and I laughed, shaking my ass lightly. My heart was pounding in excitement.

Master slammed back inside me, making me yelp happily. “Please…” I gasped, and he shoved deeper inside. Every thrust pushed me further on the stairs, the carpet rubbing my knees uncomfortably. I didn’t care, I pushed back to meet the man’s hips, moaning his name as he drove me closer to the edge.

Master pulled my hips toward him, his thrusts slow but hard. “Get upstairs,” he nearly growled, finally pulling out completely. I nodded and grabbed the railing to help me walk on my jellied legs. I barely made it to the top before he grabbed me and tossed me onto the mattress.

I squeaked between laughter. “Hey!” He climbed after me and met my lips, turning my laughs into moans. Without breaking away, Master pushed me down to the bed and filled the space between my legs. I grabbed his shoulders as he slid inside. “Mmm!” I pulled him closer and held on tight.

The man filled me faster, making me squirm beneath him as he moved his lips over my neck and ear. “You like teasing, Slave?” I cried out as he nibbled on my earlobe. “Come, Slave. Come for your Master.”

My grip around him tightened as he rolled his hips against mine, his pelvis rubbing softly against my clit. “Oooh shit!” A small wave hit me, leaving me trembling against his warm body. When I was done, I giggled, unable to stop as he kept thrusting. My body seemed to go into a super sensational mode, and every move on his part made me tingle as if electrified.

I murmured this to Master, who grinned wolfishly. “Mmm, like this?” He trailed his fingers over my stomach and between my breasts, making me squeal and twist underneath him. “Or this?” As he took one nipple between his fingers, he leaned back down and barely brushed against my neck, his hot breath tickling me torturously.

Panting, I tried to push him away, but he quickly restrained my hands with his own and continued teasing. His fingers and mouth danced over my form, soon accompanied by his hips pressing against me again. I moaned louder, raising my hips for more.

Suddenly, he pulled away, climbing off the bed as I pushed myself up, confused. “Break time.” I watched him wrap a towel around his waist and shuffle down the stairs almost giddily. Sighing, I fell back to the bed, trying to control my breathing.

When my nerves calmed down, I crawled back to the edge and willed myself to look over. Master was in the kitchen, starting a pot of coffee and pulling two mugs from a cabinet. Smiling, I fell back to the bed and curled under the thin white sheet, enjoying the aftershocks of our workout.

A few minutes later he returned with two steaming mugs. “Choffee,” he offered, handing me one hot mug. I sat up carefully and accepted it, smelling the rich chocolate and hint of coffee. I blew on the surface and took a small sip, instantly perking up. Pleased, the man took a seat beside me and we chatted quietly.

Almost instantly after I drained my cup, he took it and rested it on the night stand. “Break’s over,” he announced, taking a fistful of hair and forcing my head back. He ran his lips over my neck and down my chest, pausing to draw a nipple into his mouth. I whimpered and offered more, pulling him back into bed with me.

It was another long, captivating hour of play before we finally stopped, curling under the sheets together. I rested against his shoulder, sighing as he traced my skin for a few moments longer. “Insatiable,” I murmured, sidling closer. He shook his head.

“Using my time wisely.” He played with one of my nipples again, swirling around it as it hardened once more. He paused, then reached over for something on the table. “Nearly forgot…close your eyes.”

I did, sighing patiently. Something fixed itself over my nipple, scratching my tender skin. Surprised, I peeked, then laughed. Master had fitted me with a toothpaste cap, carefully covering me. “Magyver nipple clamp,” he grinned, and I pulled it off, giggling.

“Good night, Master.” I rolled my eyes and gave him a quick kiss, handing him his cap. He shrugged and pulled me against his chest, and soon we fell asleep.


I woke up fairly early to sun drifting in through the high loft window. Stretching languidly, I gazed over to find Master still asleep. His pillow rested over his eyes, and I smiled. He looked calm, sleeping there.

Snuggling back under the sheet, I snagged my phone from the table and started playing a game. I had passed several levels before I heard a soft groan beside me, and a hand curled around my belly.

I looked over to see his pillow pushed away, eyes still closed. “Morning sleepy.” I abandoned my phone and turned against him, watching a tired smile tug at his lips. Softly, I brushed them with my finger. “Well rested?”

Without warning he nipped the air, nearly biting my finger. I drew back in surprise, and he chuckled warmly. “Mm-hmm.” He peeked through lidded eyes at me, the light brown barely visible.

Rolling my eyes, I moved my hand down his chest instead. “That’s good…” I trailed lower, grazing my fingertips over the soft sheet that hid his body. “And is he well rested?” I barely hovered over his groin, making out the solid form beneath the white. Master groaned as he stretched out, making contact.

“Why don’t you look for yourself?” I grinned, snaking a hand under the sheet.

“Hmmm…” My fingers danced over his warm skin, moving tantalizingly slow toward my target. I found him easily, his length like steel as I wrapped my hand around him. “He seems awake,” I teased, squeezing gently. His cock pulsed in reply, making me giggle.

Growling, Master started to push the linen away. “Then you should take advantage of that.” I pulled the rest of the sheet down to his thighs, finally exposing what I wanted. Slowly, I leaned down and planted a kiss on the base, feeling him pulse again.

The reflex emboldened me, and I shifted until I was on my hands and knees. His cock jumped when I leaned closer, gently sucking him into my mouth. I took the rigid member until the tip reached the back of my throat, then sealed my lips around him. Steadily, I pulled back until just the head remained.

When I took him in again, I swallowed, my tongue and cheeks vacuuming around his turgid flesh. Master kept a hand on my back, urging me silently to continue. Soon my hand joined me, wrapping around his cock in a warm vise and stroking in time with my mouth.

Abruptly, a hand tugged at my shoulder, breaking my rhythm. I popped up, still working my hand around him. Master looked very awake now, any hint of sleepiness gone. “Get up here.” He kicked the sheets off his legs and pulled my wrist to bring me close.

Giggling, I obeyed, sitting astride him in a quick movement. His hips jerked up without waiting, making me cry out as he filled me completely. I pushed him back to the mattress and began my ride, my excitement already escalating.

Master reached up and twisted my nipples in his hands, forcing a small yelp from me as I kept moving. “Your janitor is waiting, Slave. He wants to fuck you.” My eyes widened, remembering his story. “He wants to hold your tits and bite your nipples, feeling you squirm under him as you come.”

I groaned and pushed my chest further against his palms. Master squeezed my soft mounds, watching them bounce in his hands as I lifted myself up and down his steeled cock. “You stayed late hoping he would show up, didn’t you? The little teacher slut who wants her brains fucked out!” He released my breasts and grabbed my hips instead, forcing me to rock faster.

“Y-yes Master!”

I tried to lean back but he caught my hair, pulling me down with a fistful. “The janitor’s been pleased with you, Slut. He won’t keep you waiting. He’ll take you right there against the board, lifting you up and slamming you on his thick cock. And you’ll love it, won’t you?”

I braced myself on his chest, gasping as his grip on my hair tightened. “Mmm-hmm!” His hold made my neck exposed, and he nipped at my throat, causing me to moan.

“When it’s time for conferences, parents will show up and find you getting fucked like the slut you are…and the janitor will tell them to join in. You’ll be bent over the student’s desks as their fathers unzip their pants, jerking off around you.” I gasped as he spanked me once, urging me on. “And as you get pushed to your limit, they will come on your face and your hair, just as the janitor comes deep inside his teacher whore.”

I could not take any more. “Master, right there, please!” His story had me burning up, the forbidden scene rolling in my head as I took him inside me, over and over. “PleasemayIcome?!” The words rushed out of me, and I clamped my hands on his shoulders, bracing myself for the fall.

Master dug into my ass, then spanked me again. “The teacher slut wants to come? Then come, Slave! Come on the janitor’s cock!” He released my hair and threw an arm around my back, keeping me pinned to his chest as he spanked me again.

I convulsed against him, my fingers digging into his shoulders. “Oh yes!” I kissed him fiercely as I rode out the tidal waves, groaning thankfully. Master chuckled into my kiss, rubbing my back. With a nudge, he rotated us both, successfully keeping his cock firmly inside my slippery pussy.

“You really get off on those stories, don’t you?” I blushed crimson, and he laughed again. “You’re my little cock whore, Slave. I don’t share.” Master captured my mouth again, his tongue dancing with mine as he started thrusting again. I wrapped my arms around him, agreeing with a tight squeeze.

After another blissful climb to the peak, I came again, shutting my eyes tight as I cried out. I barely registered my lover slowing his movements, but when he pulled out completely, I blinked in surprise. “M-Master?” He had crawled to the loft wall behind our bed, gazing down thoughtfully.

I propped myself up on my elbows as he leaned against the sturdy frame. After a moment of examination, he turned back to me, his eyes flashing with mischief yet again. “Come here.” I rolled onto my stomach and crawled closer to the headboard. The wall rose almost to his waist when on his knees.

Master patted the wall’s smooth edge. “Lean over it.” I balked, shaking my head.

“I don’t like heights.”

He sighed, and gently took my arm. “It’s not that high, and you won’t fall. Lean over, I’ll hold you.” Master’s warm caramel eyes met mine reassuringly as he pulled me closer. As we approached the wall I felt my body tense up, panic rushing through me.

“I can’t-” I protested, but he guided me to the edge, helping my hands rest on the top of the wall. The bed shifted as my lover moved behind me a second time, carefully bending me. My hands curled around the wood as I leaned backward, trying to avoid looking over. “I don’t want to!”

Master rubbed my arms. “Look over with me.” He wrapped his arms around my chest, holding mine to my sides. I shook my head, trying to push down the panic bubbling inside. He said my name, squeezing me just enough to help me calm down. “It’s safe. Trust me.”

Slowly, he leaned forward, pushing me with him. My fingers tightened on the wood but I let him lead me, slowly revealing the room below. I shook as I leaned over the beam, my shoulders parallel with the barrier between me and open air.

Soft lips planted against my neck and I tilted my head back, resting against his shoulder. “Is it that bad?” With that, he slid in from behind, his cock slowly seating inside me. I wiggled in his hold, gasping, but his arm held me still. “Getting fucked right on the edge,” he murmured, tickling me with his breath.

I tensed against him, groaning. Every thrust made me lift off my knees slightly, making me push against the wall anxiously. “Uh-uh.” With a gentle squeeze Master released my arms and pulled back. Before I could sit up, he grabbed a handful of my long hair and kept a hand on my back, keeping me in place.

“Oh!” I tried to twist away but he held me in place, his grip firm. The man rammed faster, harder, until I was begging for release. “Master, pleeease!” I braced my arm on the wall and reached back with the other to grab his forearm.

Master thrust again, forcing me harder against the wall. “I know what you want, Slave. Come!” He pistoned into me as I started to tremble in his hold. “Now, Slave!” I burst over him, feeling my body quiver as he continued to move inside me. I let go of him with shaky fingers, holding myself up on the edge instead.

Satisfied, my lover pulled me back to the mattress, holding me to his chest. “Happy now?” he teased, squeezing me lightly. I only nodded, trying to get my breathing back to normal. Laughing, he gave another squeeze and pushed me away. “Now go back to sleep.”

I made a face and pinned him down, shaking my head. “I can’t sleep after getting worked up that much. And it’s not fair.” I grabbed his cock, amazed at how hard he felt beneath my fingers. “Don’t you want a turn?”

Master gazed over at the alarm clock on the nightstand, then back at me. “We have to be going soon,” he warned, massaging my thigh carelessly.

“All the more reason. I can’t send you home without feeling as good as I do.” I batted my eyes coquettishly, grinning. “What kind of Slave would I be to deny her Master that pleasure?”

Matching my grin, Master rolled onto his back. “True. Then I want your ass again.” The thought made me groan inaudibly, and I nodded. His eyes shone merrily. “Then let go of my dick and go get your lube, Slave.” I nearly jumped out of the bed, searching through my bag for the small bottle.

Soon I was back on the sheets, prepping Master’s excited cock for our last venture. He seemed harder, probably just as eager as I was. “Ready?” I licked my lips, straddling him as I shook my rear teasingly. He grabbed my hips, holding me still above him.

“Put me in.”

I shivered at his order, my body throbbing with a mix of nerves and elation. Slowly, I lowered myself onto him, groaning as he penetrated my novice hole. “Ooooh,” I mewled, freezing as his wider middle hit my tight ring again. I looked up at Master, and he flashed me a reassuring smile. Finally, I took a long, shaky breath and forced him the rest of the way through.

I bit my lip to keep from whimpering. He felt amazing inside me, stretching me full. Master rubbed my ass, and I started raising myself up his thick pole. “Oh God,” I whispered, working through the discomfort with the thought of how incredible I would soon be feeling.

Master groaned beneath me, his hands on my waist as he guided me. His warm touch made me relax, and I soon was getting into the rhythm. My cries grew louder as I rode him, burying him deeper into my tight little ass.

After several long strokes, I felt myself begin to tingle. I tapped on Master’s sturdy arms quickly, my breathing becoming less controlled by the second. “I want you on top!” I gasped, and he nodded, registering my request. In a fluid motion he rolled me onto my back, the sheets tickling my skin as he sheathed himself deeper than I could above him.

I turned my head to each side, moaning at the man’s thrusts as he pounded into my ass. “There, Master please! Right…there!” I wrapped my legs around his back, trying desperately to hang on. He groaned with me, his handsome face screwed up in tight concentration.

His hands quickly found mine, pulling them above my head and pinning them to the bed. “Come!” He hit me with one powerful thrust, sending me crashing as he quickly returned to his rhythm. My head rolled, visions of bursting stars all I could see. His low growl snapped me out of the fuzzy aftershocks. “I’m going to fill you, Slave!”

My heart jumped, and I arched against him, pulling him closer with my legs. “Yes, please!” I begged, twisting in his tight grip. Master panted, his thrusts turbulent as he pushed for his own release. “Fill me up, come in me!” Finally, he shoved against me in one hard stroke, gasping as he spilled inside my cavern.

As Master’s cock pumped inside a few more times, I loosened my grip around his waist. “Thank you,” I murmured, tickling his lower lip with a soft kiss. He shifted and caught me completely, his mouth firm against mine.

“And to you as well.” He finally released my wrists, allowing me to prop myself up on my elbows. He braced himself above me, a tired but satisfied smile sliding across his handsome features. “And all under twenty-four hours.”

I giggled. “Mmm, not bad.” This was definitely the best present I could have gotten for Christmas, and I couldn’t wait to see what we could manage in our next visit. I stretched up for another kiss, brushing against him. “Not bad at all.”

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