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The Intruder

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An intruder enters Julia’s bedroom through the open window, he wears an old-style hockey mask to hide the lower part of his face, black leather gloves and black combat trousers with a black t-shirt. He steps slowly into her wardrobe and pulls the door closed without letting catch click into place. Patient and silent, he waits.

Julia returns to her room after showering and dries herself off; she crosses the room to switch off the light then drops her towel onto the floor. She climbs onto her bed and her wet hair soaks the pillow darkening the wine red satin to a much deeper shade. She lays on her back with her eyes closed. The intruder watches her closely through the gap of the wardrobe door, his eyes wide as he absorbs the image before him. Her pale skin contrasting against the dark sheets, the moonlight flooding in through the window and making her skin glow. Her hands slowly move to her stomach and being gently moving up toward her breasts, stroking around her nipples before pinching them gently. She slowly slides her right hand down between her legs finding her clitoris and rubbing gently. She moans quietly to herself as she imagines the hands of a stranger caressing her body, she imagines that she is blindfolded and tied down as her secret captor takes advantage of her predicament.

The intruder slowly opened the wardrobe door and stepped out before moving into a shadowy corner of the room to observe his victim. He had wanted Julia ever since she began working as a waitress at the restaurant, he worked in the kitchen there, washing up. But somehow she was different to his other victims, he hadn’t cared about any of them, but Julia was special, he wanted to keep her, her wanted to be able to repeat this night whenever he felt like it. He knew she had noticed him as everyone does, his face was covered with burns after being in a horrific car accident. He knew she had seen him and stared as everyone does with revulsion at his disfigurement. Now he has the chance to stare at her, he gazes upon her with awe, taking in every curve of her smooth flesh and watching the deft movements of her hands as she pleasures herself. Jealousy burns within him as he watches her slip two of her fingers into herself, wanting to touch her, wanting to feel her body writhing at his touch not her own. He pulls his knife from the sheath on his belt and steps forwards towards the bed. Julia is so lost in her fantasy that she fails to notice his presence as he slowly pulls a ball gag and some lengths of rope from his rucksack.

‘If you scream you die, you filthy slut,’ he says as he walks towards her, the blade held out and shining in the moonlight, ‘masturbating like some depraved bitch on heat.’

She sits up and looks straight into the intruder’s piercing deep blue eyes, then defiantly says ‘Well, there was no-one else here to do it for me.’

The intruder steps over to her and with the knife placed firmly at her throat he takes her wrists in one hand, he then places the knife on her bedside table and secures her wrists to her bed head before moving down and securing her ankles to the legs of her bed. ‘Open your mouth,’ he growls and as soon as she does he pushes the ball between her lips, he lift s her head gently and fastens the buckle behind her head. He lets her head fall back on the pillow and kneels up in front of her. He removes his gloves and begins gently stroking her hair. ‘Relax, my sweet, I won’t hurt you,’ he pauses from a moment before smiling and adding, ‘much.’

His hands slide down over her breasts, he stops there and bend down to kiss her nipples, taking first one then the other into his mouth and sucking at them with a caress so gentle that Julia shuddered. He looks into her eyes and thinks there’s definitely something different about her, the others were so frightened but she remains calm. The others struggled and pulled away yet she does not, she does not try to fight or look away. He moves down her body trailing kisses over her stomach and pausing briefly to swirl his tongue round her navel before continuing down to her damp pussy. As his head stopped an inch away from her flesh Julia could feel his breath warm upon her skin, her sigh inaudible through the gag. His hand slowly follows his mouth down and begins exploring between her thighs stroking her soft flesh then gently slipping two fingers into her pussy already dripping from her own touch. He smiles at the feel of her flesh, hot and wet, surrounding his fingers as he moves them in and out of her, a moan escapes her mouth through the gag. He wants to feel more, he slowly slides another finger into her then another, she wriggles beneath him as he fills her and stretches her, forcing her flesh to take his hand as he pushes his thumb into her. As he pushes into her, stretching her further, until his hand is inside her fully making her writhe, her cries muffled by the gag as her body begins to shake as wave after wave of pleasure takes hold of her.

He removes his hand and the satin sheets darken as her juices soak them, he stares at her, in his eyes she sees confusion. He gently touches her clitoris and watches her face, her eyes close again and a smile creeps across her lips as her body begins to twitch. As his caress continues he notices Julia straining against her bonds but she is making no attempt to break free, instead she is trying to part her legs wider, inviting him further. Moves he has never before seen yet instinctively he understands that she wants more, that she needs to be touched by him as much as he needs to touch her. He returns his finger to her stretched hole and again inserts them one by one, filling her up, pulling her flesh open and fucking her with his fist until she is no longer able to take it. The gag is expelled from her mouth by the explosive force of her cries as she comes uncontrollably, convulsing around his hand. Her mind is in turmoil as she cries out to him, screaming for him to stop and alternately begging him not to, the extreme pain and intense pleasure combining to give Julia the most explosive orgasm she had ever felt.

Again, he removes his hand from her, her juices covering it and trickling down is arm, pouring from her as she lays gasping for breath. He stands up in front of her and removes his boots and clothes, his silhouette against the moonlight revealing a strong body. He steps forward to her and climbs onto the bed between her legs, gradually moving up until Julia can feel his hard cock brushing against her thigh. She feels his cock nudging at her entrance as he pushes into her, the pain causes her to inhale sharply as he fucks her inflamed cunt, burning from the vicious fisting he had inflicted on her. As he forces himself deeper into her with all the strength he can muster, she cries out unable to block out the pain, begging him to stop yet at the same time her body pushes up towards him. She knows as well as he does that if her arms were free they would be wrapped around him, but he knows that if she were to see or feel the scarring over his body she would be repulsed. In the darkness, bound, she’ll never know, for this one night his dream is coming true. He continues fucking her, pounding hard into her and making her muscles tighten around him, squeezing his cock and milking it as he withdraws from her. With one final thrust he spurts into her, pumping her full of hot semen, mixing his fluid with hers.

He pulls away from Julia and watches as their combined fluids trickle out of her adding to damp area on the sheets darkening rapidly between her things. He dresses quickly before releasing her from her bonds and returning the ropes and gag to his rucksack. He turns to leave knowing all the evidence he had left behind him, he had not used a condom or kept his gloves on, he had not bathed her or combed out any stray hairs, he had not cleaned up after himself at all, he had left traces of his presence all over her and the room.

‘Wait,’ she whispers to him as she kneels on the bed, ‘please, I… I want to see your face’

He steps towards her and turns round so his face is lit by the moon, he sits beside her on the bed and slowly removes his mask revealing a face scarred by burning, with distorted features, his mouth pulled down one side. She touches the damaged tissue, gently running her fingers over every ridge and hollow, the unconventional beauty, she kisses his cheek softly and he gently pushes her away.

‘How how can you do that? How can you bear to look at me, touch me, even to kiss me?’ he asks.

‘Leon, you have just given me the most incredible night of my life,’ she says as she begins to slide his t-shirt, ‘please, don’t leave just yet.’ He remains still as she pulls his t-shirt over his head and runs her hand over his skin. She pulls him down onto the bed beside her and wraps her arms around him, holding him tightly. He relaxes into her embrace and suddenly realises his life is about to change, spectacularly. He thinks to himself she knows my name and smiles.

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