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The Inside Story

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One of the great things about being in this relationship has always been our compatibility in kink, and willingness to explore. Sometimes it is not so much new territory as it is going deeper into already familiar areas.

This is the story of a deeper knowledge.

Scening with this man has always been delicious. I know him; know his body, all his secret thoughts and fantasies.

Listening to his ideas always gives me ideas of my own; we feed off of each other in a sense, like deviant vampires….constantly thirsty for the next thrill.

I love his body, the feel of him and the scent of him. I love to feel his muscles jump under my touch. I could spend hours running my hands over him, rubbing against him. I like to watch his eyes when he is burning hot and on the edge. It fires me up like nothing else, makes me wet and hot to the point of near insanity. I can’t get enough of having my hands on him…or in him. I want to get inside him.

When we play, I almost always manage to get my fingers inside his ass. I love to feel him tighten around them as he gets more and more turned on. I have added other stimulation, just to see his reactions. With lube and patience I had worked him up to taking quite a bit, three fingers, then four. I would watch his face while doing this. Sometimes I would suck his cock, just to feel his reactions on the inside. It is the hottest thing in the world to me, being able to feel his ass squeezing my fingers and hear his breathing change and catch.

I love laying him on his back and spreading his legs, watching his cock jump as I enter his ass with my strap-on. I love fucking him, seeing my dick slide in and out of his hole. The visual is such a huge turn on for me that I always end up cumming just from this. Still, I can’t feel it, and that’s what I want most. I want to feel him tight around me.

Finally one night we were talking about this shared interest, and he said “I want you to fist my ass; I want to see what it feels like to have your hand all the way inside me”. To say I wanted that too is putting it mildly, I may have actually growled a bit, I know I was instantly wet.

That night when we played, I was ready. We started out with various forms of mild impact play, just to get warmed up and set the tone. Then I began to touch him in all the ways I know he likes. I slid my hands over him while he lay on his back, caressed his cock, and took him in my mouth. I slid on the gloves and lubed my fingers and slid in just one to tease. I felt him jump; he was so ready, so open to me. I slipped in another finger, all the while massaging him on the inside. I rose up so that I could watch his face, see his eyes glaze over. I would stroke his belly with my other hand and whisper “relax”, and tell him how hot this made me. Then I began working more lube in and slid four fingers in all the way past the last knuckle. All that was left now was to get past my thumb and I would have my whole hand inside him.

I began to rock my hand back and forth to work myself into him. Instead of struggling against the intrusion, he began to push against my hand; his ass was open to me and wanting me inside him. It was like his hole was trying to push itself around my hand. I pulled my thumb up against my palm and pushed. I was inside him now, and he was panting and fucking my hand. I could feel him tight around me, squeezing then relaxing. I began to move inside him, exploring him. It was intense and I was almost dazed from the overpowering desire to fuck him. I found myself wishing I had a dick, a real one, so that I could cum inside him.

When it became obvious that he was at the limit of what he could endure, I began to work my hand back out of him. He was in a high state of arousal, and when he flipped me over onto my knees and fucked me rough and wild, we both came pretty quickly.

It is an amazing feeling to turn another person into your own private hand puppet….we will be doing this again, and again, and again…

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