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The Hard Reality

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“Two months in my home town in the middle of summer, what a bore.” I thought.

Watching too much television, re-reading old books, quarrelling with my parents, summer was very quickly getting on my nerves. Most of my friends already left this town and moved to the more exciting city by the sea, the few who remained were busy with work and their rather boring life. It’s been more than six years since I left this place;

first to Europe and onwards from there. It felt small and suffocating. I’ve done the tours of bars and pubs, looking for forgotten friends, and occasionally running into old acquaintances. Often they turned out to be even more boring than I remembered them, which was probably why I didn’t bother to keep in touch in the first place. It is sad to return home and find and only the losers stayed. Well, I can’t complain, I was the first to leave.

I was taking afternoon walks in my old neighbourhood, looking out for familiar places, seeing how new, ugly looking buildings are taking over and how new, posh looking people push make the place feel phoney. I hate summers like this, being stuck in a country which is no longer mine, and being faced with childhood memories dismal reality. I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and found myself in stuck in a nasty present. Behind every corner I turned, a nasty surprise awaited me, a closed down shop, an ugly façade, a chopped down tree; nothing remained. I was losing faith like a cracked bottle, waking up to my grim late twenties. I walked around the next corner and found myself face to face with my childhood love.

“Wow,” I said, “what a surprise, I didn’t expect to see you here at all, how are you?”

“Very well, I’m the one surprised, aren’t you meant to be in Paris?” answered Lily, who looked almost shocked to discover me there.

“Well, yeah, I do live in Paris now. I’m only here of a couple of months’ vacation. But aren’t you meant to be in Tel-Aviv? What are you doing in the old neighbourhood?”

“I live in Tel-Aviv now, but I was seeing my parents for the weekend, and I’m going back this afternoon. Do you have some time now? Should we have a coffee quickly before I have to go?”

And so we had coffee. We sat in a new place, actually rather nice, where a baker used to be. It’s been quite a few years since we haven’t met, and more than a decade since we used to be a couple, a lot changed since. We’ve both grown, graduated, moved out, became adults and all of that; but she still looked a lot like when she was younger, short and pretty, but far not so elfish now.

We exchanged civilities about our parents, who still lived a few streets one from the other, about sisters, brothers and kin; but by the time we started to talk about more serious stuff, she looked at her watch and said she had to go. “Oh, I said, I’ll walk you home”; just saying this made me laugh inside, it felt very adolescent. We walked through the alleys, to her parents’ house; it was a hot afternoon, and the air was heavy.

“This neighbourhood seems uglier every time I visit,” she said, as if she could read my mind.

“Yes,” I agreed, breathing in the heat and some jasmine smell. In the entrance to her house a big yellow motorbike was parked, a Yamaha or Mitsubishi or something. “Is this your boyfriend’s?” I asked, not really sure why.

“No,” she replied, “its mine.”

“Wow, you became a biker girl…who would have imagined.”

She smiled, and let the remark ride. “I’d like to see you again, are you here for long? Do you have any thoughts of coming down to the big city?”

“Well actually I have to be there in a couple of weeks, one of my cousins is getting married. I can give you a call and we can meet for a dinner or something the day after? It would be great to chat some more.” I couldn’t just let go, I wanted to know more, to catch up, to rediscover.

“Let’s do that then, call me when you’re free, I’ll write you down my number.” And so she did. I stood there looking at her, thinking of how strange it is to chat with someone you loved so intensely that you never wanted to see them again. Well, that was a long time ago, and hell, I was only fifteen. Lily gave me a paper with her phone and a hug, “see you in a couple of weeks then, it’ll be cool.”

“Sure, I’ll call you.” I answered. And then she turned and walked up the stairs to her parents’ house. I stayed blocked for a couple of seconds, watching her disappear. Then I turned as well and returned home, suddenly I felt old, old and bitter.


Cousins’ weddings are such a drag. How did it turn out that I’m the last family member, of this generation, unattached? I know no one; except uncles and aunts I haven’t seen for years and totally forgotten. I stare at the bride, looking fat in her cascade gown; how come the bride is often the least sexy women in her wedding? I eye up the brides’ maids in their slick cocktail dresses, but nothing will come out of that. They are all far too busy, making mental notes and exchanging impressions, planning their own bloody weddings no doubt; luckily I will not have to attend those. I am so bored, I must have answered the same repetitive questions millions of times by now, and even alcohol isn’t a valid possibility tonight, I’m driving.

Finally, after the toasts, gifts and dances, I manage to, finally slip to the garden and find a quite spot. I have a solitary cigarette and try to clear my mind.

“Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!” I whisper loudly to myself, ignoring the elderly kin nearby. “I hate this country, I am never coming back.”

I draw on my ciggy and try to cheer up by thinking that I’m meeting Lily tomorrow. I’m quite looking forward to that. How does she see me, after all those years? Does she sometimes think of me? Do I of her? I guess I must have, in the lonelier moments. Well, it will be interesting for sure. “Right,” I tell myself, “Finish the cigarette, take a deep breath and go back to the reception hall; it’s not going to last long now. And try not to stare at girls’ asses too much.” I remind myself; but fail.

Me and Lily are meeting in a trendy restaurant downtown. We are sitting and eating pasta, chatting like the old friends that we are. It’s amazing how quickly one can feel at ease with familiar faces. She’s wearing flared trousers and a tight black top, which push up her breasts. I try not to look too much, but can’t help notice that they look nice, unchanged since I used to peek at them when she was sixteen. Damm! I thought, she does look really good; more confident that I remembered her, wilder in a way and definitely sexier.

“I heard from your parents, via my parents, that you work in Paris, is it true?”

“Yeah, I work for a famine NGO, it’s really interesting.” And I write erotic stories also, I added to myself, but didn’t dare saying.

“And are you living with someone?”

“You mean like a girlfriend? No, I have a very cool flatmate called Daniel, we have a really nice flat – he’s an architect.”

“Sounds gay,” she looked at me and smiled, she’s teasing me, I’m certain; this is such an obvious trap.

“It does sound gay, but we’re not; just a couple of nice, educated young men, nothing wrong with that I hope?” and I counter-attack, “And how’s….” struggling for a minute to find her boyfriends’ name: Avi? Eli? Dori?

“We’ve split up a few months ago,” she answered, and the smile leaves her face for the briefest moment; suddenly looks dark and fragile.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “What happened? Oh, you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.”

“It’s ok; I don’t mind talking about it. We became interested in different things. He be came very yogi and got into meditation and retreats to the desert, and I became more and more interested in hard sex.”

I swallowed a lump, did she just say what I though she said?

Lily saw I was a bit shocked and smiled. “We can say that he couldn’t answer some of my needs.”

“Funny, that’s almost the same reasons why we broke up, all those years ago. You were sixteen and I fourteen; I could answer some of your needs. Fuck I didn’t even understand what sort of needs you had.” I said, and looked straight at her.

“Should we go and drink somewhere?” she suggested. “Let me show you around Tel-Aviv, it’s my city now, I know I nice bar not far.” I nodded, I felt like walking as well.

The streets of Tel-Aviv were full with people on this summer night. It is usually too hot to really be out during daytime, but now every bar and café was loaded with people. We walked south, towards the more run-down and arty parts of the city. We talked about ours lives at the moment, the achievements and disappointed we had had, our plans and wishes, just chat. Finally we found a dark, quiet bar, which was only starting to fill up. We got into a booth and ordered serious drinks, I had whiskey and soda, and Lily opted for a martini cocktail; it felt very grown up. We were talking about, well everything, until she bended forward and said:

“Alex, I want to fuck you.”

I didn’t say a thing. I didn’t know what to say. I felt the evening was building towards that, though I tried not to think about it too much. My mind searched for something to say, something cool and funky enough; I didn’t want to come out too eager. But I was, very cell in my body was shouting at me to tell her “YES!” and proceed to it immediately on the table between us. Yet I managed to remain cool.

“Sure, I’d like that too.” I finally said, not finding any cleverer response.

“No, no, no, you misunderstand” Lily looked at me and smiled coyly. “I want to fuck you, really, with a strap-on.”

I froze.

“You see,” she continued, “it’s an old fantasy of mine, and you seem open enough for it.”

I leaned back and stared her unbelievingly. My mind was blanked. To be fucked!? In the ass!? By my childhood love!? I just couldn’t think straight. I mean, I’m someone quite open, but I’m not used to having such suggestions thrown directly at me. I took a deep breath and tried to think clearly. Lily was gazing at me, biting her lips and smiling.

Well, I was somewhat intrigued by the idea; and after all, millions of people in the world love it, so why not? Yet I was afraid, not even sure why. But the fear gave way to curiosity; and I figured I might have a chance to live a fantasy of mine. So a leaned forwarded and whispered.

“Ok, but with one condition,” she didn’t say a thing, “I want to sodomise you too.” I said. Well, I thought, might as well profit from the situation.

“With pleasure, I suspected you might have some similar terms” she answered with a smile.

We both grinned and sat back, sipping our drinks like two wise guys. But I wasn’t calm at all; I could already feel a very quiet sexual energy rising in me, like steam in a kettle.

We finished our drinks and walked to Lily’s flat. She lived further south, in the real abandoned part of the city. In this neighbourhood only old forgotten people remained, and they were joined in misery by recently arrived illegal immigrants. It was cheap, dirty and sleazy, and it fitted Lily very well; living around boarded up stores, sex shops and shady bars. Her flat was small, and bed room and sitting room, bursting with objects, paintings and stuff, some of it still in unpacked boxes.

“I only moved here a couple of months ago, when we split up. I had to find a place quickly, but I like it here, much more than the suburban place I had with my ex boyfriend.”

I sat on the sofa while she went to get some drinks and I looked around at all the beautiful things see had. The flat, with all its mess, felt cosy and arty. Lily came back from the kitchen with two glasses of vodka and orange juice and sat next to me. We chinked our glasses and drank quietly, not speaking for a while.

“Are you nervous?” she asked after a few moments.

“Yes, but I don’t know why.” I answered.

I was thinking of ways to break this narrow wall that still separated us, but couldn’t bring myself to do anything. The feeling was almost painful.

Finally she finished her drink, smiled at me and said: “Do you want to see me undress?” I nodded and swallowed the rest of my drink.

Lily stood up; she turned off the ceiling lights and put on some small reading lamps in the corners of the room. Then she stood in front of me, but on the other side of the coffee table. I looked up to her to signal that I’m ready for the show. She put her feet on the table and pulled up her dark trousers.

“Untie my shoes, Alex.”

She had fairly high black shoes, made of turned-over leather, really nice. I noticed before she seemed taller than I remembered, it was the shoes; without them she was still rather short. I unlaced her and held her shoe for her to pull her feet out, and then did the same with the other shoe. I placed them side by side on the floor and looked at her again, waiting for the next item. Lily smiled at me and with slow gestures opened the button that held her trousers. She then rolled them slowly to the floor, presenting well curved thighs. Her pants were black, and covered the entire triangle of her pussy, not a single hair was seen.

I gulped and said “turn around; I want to see your ass.”

She did so, and put two hands on her pants. She arched her back a bit and very slowly started to slip her pants over her ass cheeks. Down and down it went, exposing her white butt. My mouth felt dry, and I rolled some saliva in it. She didn’t have a huge ass, but it was big and round and joined well her hips.

“Do you approve? Do you think you got a good deal?” she asked, looking over her shoulder.

“Ah-ah” I said, and realised that a big erection trying to get out of my pants. This was such an old fantasy that I could hardly believe it was true. I was quite definitely about to fuck Lily, the object of my teenage lust; and, I remembered, be fucked by her.

Lily turned around and showed me her pussy. It was beautiful. The dark hairs above it were only slightly trimmed, and I could see some of her vulva lips. I managed to contain my immediate desire to leap over the table and kiss it. She moved her hips side to side and started to lift her top, a few centimetres at a time. I breathed slowly, fixing my gaze at the exposed flesh; the top was tight, and she had to struggle with it, but finally she managed to slip it over her head and dropped it to the floor. Now she stood completely naked in front of me, lightened by the soft light from the corner. She had a beautiful body, small and firm looking, not slim, but not fat either. Her breasts were very round, and stood up nicely. I remembered looking at them through her cleavage about ten years ago; they didn’t seem to have lost any of their firmness. She looked very much like I imagined; her hips slightly wider than they were, her hair shorter, reaching only to her shoulders, but very much the same.

I stood up, with some difficulties because of my erection, and moved towards her. I didn’t touch her, only walked around her, observing her ass, breasts, belly and pussy. All this time, she kept her eyes on my face trying to guess what I’ll do next. Finally I stopped behind her, and carefully placed one hand on her hip and another across her body, grabbing a breast with my palm. I pulled her towards me, feeling her ass brushing against my crouch and my nipples touching her back through my shirt. Slowly I moved my hand down, until I could feel her public hairs, and slightly brushed them with the tips of my fingers. Lily sighed, and arched her neck backwards until it was resting on my shoulder.

“Yeahhh,” she whispered in my ear, “You like that? You’ve been waiting for this for a long time, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, “A very long time.” I squeezed her nipple with one hand and continued brushing her pussy lips with the other.

“Good” said Lily, “It’s so, good.” Both of our bodies were hot, I could feel my shirt sticking to my skin and the increasing heat in my trousers. The she took my hand and led me to the sofa, “sit down,” she said.

I sat down and Lily sat on top of me. We kissed lengthily and she started to unbutton my shirt. Her hands were sliding all over my chest and shoulders, as mine were caressing her back and pinching her nipples.

“You’re quite muscular,” she said. “Not the skinny boy I remembered.”

“I’ve grown, and I work out” I whispered in her ear.

“Too bad, I miss him.”

“I don’t.” I said and massaged her tits in both hands.

Lily smiled and started sliding down, until her knees where on the floor and her hands busy unbuckling my belt and pulling out my cock. Once she unzipped me it sprung out, finally released from the restrictions of my trousers. It was fully erect and its colour was dark red, which contrasted strangely with the whiteness of both our bodies. I tilted my head against the back of the sofa and closed my eyes, waiting to feel her licking it.

When her tongue touched the tips of my head a buzz went through me softly. And then when she placed her lips around me and sucked, I couldn’t believe the pleasure. Her lips were so soft and gentle and her lips went up and down my penis, swallowing it further and further in. She sucked me for a long time; getting almost my entire dick in her mouth and taking it out again. I could feel her teeth carefully nibbling my tip and her tongue licking it all over, from the head to the balls. It felt great. Her month was warm, wet and velvety, like and unlike fucking a pussy; every time it was in it a spasm went through my body, like an electric shock.

“Enough, enough,” I said, fearing she will make me cum if this went on any longer. “Come and sit here, I want to go down on you too.”

Lily did as I asked; she sat on the sofa and spread her legs. I slowly went down, losing shoes and trousers in the process, until my eyes were facing her bush and vagina lips. It was quite a sight, like a delicate butterfly. I started licking them like a cat cleaning itself. From the bottom, all the way to the top with long licks. Lily moaned and grabbed my head; she pulled me towards her, until my face was buried in her pussy. So I licked, first with long, slow strokes and then with short, nervous ones. I licked her lips and all around them, her clit, her bush, always trying to go in further and further. Then I started sucking her clit, and Lily started to moan deeper and shake. I held her tight, placing my hands on her hips from the outside, and continued to explore her vagina with my tongue. I could smell and taste her juices and sweat; acidic and heavy. Soon I could feel her really shaking, as an orgasm took over her body. Her moans became louder and louder; her hands, grabbing my head, pulled me more and more in almost leaving me breathless. I continued to suck and lick. Until, finally, her body jerked a few times and a long moan came out; then, at once, she let go of my head and relaxed.

I came up for air, and sat on the edge of the coffee table; Lily was breathing heavily, her eyes shut and her hands motionless by her side; she seeming almost sleeping, so peaceful and calm. After a few moments she opened up her eyes and looked at me.

“Wow, you really know who to go down on a woman.” She said with a grave expression.

I grinned shyly, “Thanks, the pleasure was mine.”

I wiped my mouth with my hand. “Do you want me to fuck you?” I said.

“Yes” she nodded, bending forward and taking hold of my cock, “Fuck here, now, on the sofa; I want you.”

I hesitated for a few moments, thinking about asking her for a condom. But Lily guessed my thoughts and said “Don’t worry about it; I’m on the pill anyway.” Then she leaned back on the sofa, grabbed behind the knees and lifted the in the air. “Go on, fuck me,” she said, gesturing with her chin towards her exposed pussy.

I moved forward and crouched in front of her. I found support on the edge of the sofa’s cushions, and shook my penis two centimetres near her hole. Slowly I started to brush her pussy lips with the tip of my cock, not really in, just flickering on the surface. This got both of us really hot and soon she said again “I want you in Alex, I want you to fuck me.”

So I took a deep breath and carefully started to penetrate her pussy. With the smallest movements, I went in and out from between her lips; she was extremely wet, and my cock sled into her with no resistance. Lily now bit her lower lips and whimpered as more and more of my cock disappeared into her hole. Her legs were now around me in a tight grip, and I increased the speed and strength of my thrusts. Deeper and deeper my cock went, driving into her. Her moans became more and more audible, and I started to groan myself. I leaned forward, rubbing her breasts on my chest and slide my hands beneath her, until I could grab and squeeze her ass cheeks. Lily’s hands went across my back, squeezing and scratching me. My index finger found her butthole from below, and entered it. This caused her to moan loudly and whimper. Faster and faster my thrusts went, and it felt as if my pelvis had a life of its own.

I fucked her for a long time and I knew I couldn’t hold my orgasm much longer; I could feel it building up in my balls and moving up my prick. In and out, in and out, I became a well oiled machine with a single purpose, to hammer this pussy all the way in. “I…I…I’m coming” I managed to whisper in her ear just as the orgasm went through me, leaving my cock to thrust in and out of her involuntarily, pumping cum like a drill. I felt explosions going off in the back of my mind, my vision became blurry and all my body tightened; and still my cock continued to penetrate Lily for a few moments before I fell exhausted on her.

I lied motionless on top of her, feeling only my shrivelling dick exiting her and her hands stroking my back softly. After a while I was able to pick myself up, and sat next to her. She looked at me and drew a finger across my cheek.

“Hello, Skinny boy.”

“Hello,” I panted.

“So how does it feel, fucking me after all this time,”

“Great,” I said, trying to re-establish my breathing. “But I didn’t want to cum so quickly. I wanted to fuck you in other positions.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said. “We haven’t even started the main events yet. We have a deal, remember?” She stood up and walked to the kitchen. “Do you want some water?”

I nodded and shut my eyes. I could hear Lily moving around the flat, going to the bathroom and cleaning herself, and then doing something in the kitchen. After a minute I got up and went to relieve myself. I washed my prick from the sweat, juices and cum and sprinkled some cold water on my face. I looked at my self in the mirror and leered at my reflection.

“Get ready,” I told the man in the mirror, “I think the real fun will soon begin.”

Going out of the bathroom I saw that Lily was now lying in the bedroom, slowly caressing herself. I went in and sat next to her; she gave me a glass of water and I drunk most of it. My hands, almost by their own will, started caressing her hips, strolling across her belly and investigating her body. Her hands, meanwhile, started strolling on my body, like some small, soft animal searching for food.

“You have such a pretty little body,” I told her. “Your breasts are just like I always imagined them. You even look better than you did ten years ago.”

“Thanks,” she smiled. “But I have a dirty mind. I used to be far more innocent back then.”

“No, you were always extremely sexy and sensual. It’s just that now you found ways to express it; you’re a woman now, not a girl.” I started pinching her nipples as I said this; they were quickly becoming hard again.

“But I still feel like a girl, I don’t feel more mature or responsible. I hate seeing everyone around me grow up and give away their dreams. You know, get married, settle down and have kids. I don’t think I want that at all.”

“Is that why it didn’t work out with your boyfriend?”

“That and other things,” she answered.

The conversation ended at this point, because Lily took my fingers in her mouth and started licking them. It felt nice and romantic, and I moved closer and started brushing her public hair lightly. We drew even closer, and our hands moved on our bodies, not in a nervous way, but quietly, like familiar dancers. I started kissing her mouth and face; going down her neck with kisses and then coming up and licking her ear. Our legs intertwined, and I felt her hand exploring my ass, grabbing the cheek first and carefully following the contour of my hole, until her finger flicked in and out of it. This excited me enormously and I could feel my cock starting to harden again.

Lily then pushed me on my back. I didn’t say a thing and waited to see what she was aiming for. Her intentions became very quickly clear, as she placed her knees around my head, lowered her pelvis towards my face and leaned forward to grab my cock. I held her ass cheeks and pulled down until my mouth was touching her pussy, which I then started licking. I loved this position, her legs around me, holding her ass and burying my face inside her; on the other end Lily was licking and sucking my cock, which became harder and harder under her experienced tongue. The small room was taken over by the sounds of slurping, sucking and licking as we went down on each other for the longest time.

I felt her pushing her finger inside me, and did the same to her; pumping in and out of her ass with the first joint of my index finger. Lily stopped sucking me and started moaning slowly. Her ass felt so tight that my finger barely entered it, and I began to wonder how I’ll be able to put my dick in there.

“You ready to fuck my ass now?” Lily asked from the other side of the bed. Her hand was jerking my cock, and she sounded enthusiastic.

“Yeah, but it feel so tight, I’m not sure I’ll fit in here.”

“Don’t worry, it will go in alright,” she said laughing. “Your cock is quite big, but I’m sure I can fit it in there.”

She moved sideways and got up on her knees, opened the drawer of her bedside table and took out a tube of KY jelly. “Don’t move,” she said as she applied a generous amount of jelly into her palm.

I lied still and felt her coating my prick with a thick layer of the lubricant. It was cold and my cock twitched to the touch. Then she lubricated her ass with what remained in her hand and said:

“Pull yourself up on those pillows, so you can help me.”

I did as she asked, and was almost sitting in a straight angle, my legs spreading before me and my cock standing out. Lily went on top of me, but didn’t quite sit. She crouched down and reached with one hand to hold my dick; with her other hand she grabbed my shoulder to maintain her balance. Very slowly she lowered her ass until I could feel the tip of my dick touching her ass creek.

“Hold my cheeks,” she told me. And I did as told, pulling her round ass cheeks apart to help her gain more access. She continued to lower her ass towards me, navigating the hole to touch my cock. Soon I felt it; the very tip of it was resting just outside her anus.

I didn’t move, Lily held my dick tightly and pushed it inside her ass. The resistance was strong, and she had to try again, this time lowering herself a bit more and leaning forward. Slowly I could feel my cock entering her butt. It was extremely tight, but her weight sitting on top of it pushed it through. The tip was completely squeezed by all sides by her sphincter; it felt incredibly tight and warm. I looked at Lily; her face was only a few centimetres from mine. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. A barely audible moan came out of her mouth.

“Ahhh, yes…”

She lowered her ass again, and more of my cock penetrated her. I could feel it pushing inside, making its way through her back tunnel. I held her ass firmly, as it was slippery because of the sweat and lubricant. Lily took a deep breath and took a few more centimetres of my cock. It was probably about half way in by now; my cock never felt so hard before; it almost cast in iron. Slowly she started to rock herself back and forward, taking more of me in every time she swayed. Deeper and deeper it went, squeezing hard and burning hot. I closed my eyes and felt only one thing, my cock slowly penetrating Lily’s ass.

Then I felt her cheeks contacting my hips; my entire cock was now in her, from tip to base. I sensed the interior of her ass with every nerve on it. Lily stopped rocking and I opened my eyes. She was breathing hard, with short, deep inhales. I could see that she was on the verge of an orgasm, but I dared not moved.

“So fucking good,” she whispered. “You fill me up so much; your dick feels huge in my ass.”

I could hardly speak, but managed to softly say, “Yes, it’s so fucking tight.”

“Rub my clit Alex,” Lily told me. “I’m almost coming.”

I took my hand and carefully slide it between our bodies. Both of us were hardly moving, and I didn’t want to rock her too much. Finally I found her pussy, which was dripping, and started to rub and pinch her vagina. This wasn’t a comfortable position as my hand was stuck between us. Lily felt this, and moved her body a bit backwards, making my prick in her ass send electric currents all through me. She leaned forward and placed her mouth near my ear, her breaths were heavy and I felt her exhaling warm air.

“Yesss…like that, don’t stop.”

I swallowed a lump and tried to concentrate, already my cock was feeling ready to explode and Lily started again to rock her ass slowly. I sensed the orgasm building in me, and struggled to keep it control. Luckily, she couldn’t hold it much longer either. Soon Lily began to shake as my cock in her ass and fingers in her pussy worked on her. Her body started jerking and the muscles in her butt squeezed me strongly. I gasped for air and held her strong with one hand, whilst I continued to rub her with the other. But a minute later her shakings were too strong, and my cock was pushed out of her as she jerked her body. Her vagina was now gushing fluids, as a loud and long moan escaped her lips.

“Oh, yesss…ohhh…” she cried in my ear. I continued to rub her as successive orgasms took over her, leaving my cock to cool in her butt creek.

Soon Lily was motionless; her hands, strongly gripping me, began to loosen and her body became more and more relaxed. She stopped crying but continued to moan very softly. And quickly she was almost quiet, her body only shuddering from her recuperation breaths. My cock was starting to go soft as well, having been hard for such a long time. I could feel the blood returning to my legs and face.

“Are you alright?” I asked after her breathing settled.

“Yes, I’m great, I love coming like this,” she said; brushing her hair from her face and looking at me.

I slide a finger down her spin, all the way to her ass and circled the rim.

“Can you take me again there?” I looked at her. “Aren’t you too sore?”

“No, no, I’m fine; I want you to come in my ass. Just give me a few moments to recuperate.”

“No rush baby, we’ll take it easy.” I said and kissed her forehead.

Lily moved to the side of the bed, sipped some water, passed me the glass and went to the toilets. I waited for her on the bed, looking at my cock that wasn’t fully erect but not fully withdrawn either. Then I leaned backwards on the pillows and closed my eyes. It felt as if we were fucking for a very long time, spending in one time sexual energy and frustration that was stored for years. But I still felt motivated, and the thought to coming in her ass had an immediate effect on my dick.

When Lily came back she sat next to me and shook me with by passing her hand in my hair.

“Tired?” she asked.

“A bit, but looking forward to continue.” I answered.

“Good; how do you want to fuck me now?”

I licked my lips. “I want to fuck you from behind. I want you to kneel down and I want to fuck your ass from behind.” I felt bizarre and liberating to saying that, coming out with words to describe my fantasy. Just saying it made me hornier.

“So you want to fuck me like a dog?” she grinned.

“No,” I said and smiled, “I want to fuck you like a bitch.”

Lily climbed on the bed and handed me the lubricate tube. Then she grabbed the pillow I was using and pulled it underneath me. She placed the pillow in front of her and laid her head on it, next she gathered her knees and lifted her butt in the air. It looked like the summit of her body, sticking out like that. Then she looked at me and asked:

“Like this?”

I nodded, this was exactly the position I wanted her in.

I sat up and advanced on my knees until I was behind her. It was a lovely view, seeing her ass like this, waiting for me to fuck it again. I posed my hands of her butt and pushed the cheeks apart to expose her anus. It was like a little star, reddish from the previous fucking, but very peaceful. I couldn’t resist the temptation and leaned forwarded and kissed it. Then I licked it a few times; I could hear her murmuring softly as my tongue flicked in her ass. My dick became hard again, as it anticipated what will come next. But I wasn’t in any rush, this was my moment and I wanted to enjoy it to the full.

I moved between Lily’s legs, and put my cock in her ass crack. Then I grabbed a handful of ass cheek in each hand and squeezed them together on my prick. It felt nice. I moved my pelvis in and out a bit, sliding my cock between her cheeks, until I was hot enough to fuck her. Only then I took the tube and squeezed out some of the transparent liquid into my palm. With my other hand, I applied a good portion of it on my cock, making it shine with strange brightness, like polished wood or something. All this was done in a slow and certain way, taking every gesture to its full. Lily looked at me over her shoulder and seemed amused. My hands were wet from the lotion, and I spread some of it on her ass and in her crack. Then, with my index finger, I traced a circle on her anus rim and finally, started to slowly penetrate her with my wet finger.

It went in remarkably easily, and soon it was in all the way. I turned it inside her like a screwdriver, and flicked her pussy with my thumb at the same time.

“Ahhh…” she moaned; hanging her head low and slowly moving back and forward as I pushed and pulled her with my finger. Her pussy was quickly getting wet again. I was tempted to put another finger inside her ass, but then realized how hard my cock was, the tension in it almost started to hurt me. So I pulled my finger out, Lily sounded almost disappointed. Instead I pulled her ass apart and brought my cock in line with her anus.

“Ok,” I said, “here we go.”

Before she had any time to answer back, I started to push my hard cock against her asshole, forcing through her ring muscles and back passage. Very slowly it went in, centimetre after centimetre, first the head, then the cock itself, slowly pushing inside her. Lily gasped, and I could hear her breathing hard on the other end. I carried on, pushing past her sphincter and into her belly. Soon most of my cock was inside her. I looked down and saw it sticking out of her ass like a metal handle, shining and hard; this sight was too beautiful to believe. I moved my hands around and grabbed her hips. Then I started to pull her towards me while pushing inside at the same time. It felt great; my cock was being squeezed inside her butt and I penetrated her more and more, until it was all in, all the way to the balls.

“How does this feel?” I asked, “Do you like having my cock up your ass?”

“Yes, I love it, I love your cock fucking me like that.” She said, her words punctuated with small sighs. “Fuck me more Alex, fuck me harder.”

I smiled as I carefully stroked in and out of her. It was clear that neither of us were innocent teenagers anymore.

Back and forward, in and out, my hips quickly found and strong rhythm and pumped her ass no stop. It was still very tight inside, but I managed penetrate her every time to the hilt. The movement and the rhythm took over me; with every penetration I felt my cock hotter, bigger and harder in her hot tunnel. I started groaning and moaning softly, and heard her cry loudly as the strokes tore through her. Soon my head started spinning and I had to slow down and regain my breathing face. I lifted myself a bit, and pushed Lily down to the mattress; this gave me a better position to fuck her deeper, and I soon started thrusting into her butt again.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried, “Fuck me more, don’t stop!” Lily was squeezing the pillow at the other side of the bed. Her cries were loud and obscene, but I could hardly hear her now.

I was completely taken over by the humping action now. My entire body rocked back and forward as I felt my balls getting hotter and hotter, as if they were on fire. I wanted to go in, to enter her backside with all of me, not just my cock. The feeling was so intense that I knew I couldn’t maintain it for long. Any second now I would start ejaculating inside her poor bottom. So I used these final moments to the full, and almost lied on top of her, my hips and pelvis working by themselves.

“I’m coming in your ass,” I said, “I’m coming in your fucking fucking ass.”

A spasm then went through my balls, going both into my cock and into my ass, sending electric currents up my spin as I started coming inside her. My cock was still struggling to penetrate further, my hands were still holding her tight and pinning her on me, but I could hardly feel any of that any more. My mind was flooded with a sweet and bright light, pushing away every thought, feeling or sensation, leaving me floating in a silent empty space.

This continued a few seconds, and suddenly I regained my body. The surprise of all my senses reconnecting at once made me lose control and collapse helpless on Lily’s back.

I lied on top of her for the longest time, slowly becoming aware to the world around me. My cock was still in her ass, oozing the remains of my cum, my face was buried in her hair and I couldn’t breath without tasting some of it, even my hips still jerked a bit, not certain that the action is over. I lifted myself a bit and cleared her hair from my mouth, then I shook my cock out of her and felt how wet her entire backside was.

“Wow,” I said, still breathing hard, “I came so much; I don’t think I ever came like that. Did I not hurt you too much?”

She turned her head to the side and looked at me. “No, just a bit, but I loved it. It’s been too long since I was fucked like this.”

“Yeah, me too; I think I need to lie down a bit.” I uttered, feeling my hands wouldn’t hold me much longer.

She moved aside and left me a place to crash. All my muscles were relaxing as I made contact with the mattress; I closed my eyes and without even noticing drifted into a snooze.

I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke up when someone was gently caressing my back. Lily was sitting on my thighs and gave me a massage. Her hands felt nice and smoothing.

“Hmm,” I murmured, “that feels so nice. I’ve always been a sucker for massages.”

“Yeah, I remembered. How do you feel?”

“Good, how long did I sleep?” I asked her.

“Only about ten minutes.” She pressed down on my ribs with her palms and squeezed my shoulders. I meowed like a lazy cat.

Then she lied on top of me and started munching my ear lobe. Her nipples were squashed on my back, it felt really pleasant.

“We still have something to do, you remember?” she whispered in my ear, as if I needed reminding.

“Ah-ah, I remember.” I told her. “I just want to go to the toilets before.”

“So go; I’ll get ready in the meantime.”

She rolled from on top of me, and I sat down slowly, flexing my neck and shoulders. Then I went and peed for a long time, feeling all the remains of cum washing away. I washed my cock carefully and sprinkled water on my face.

“Hello again,” I said to the man in the mirror. He looked more tired than last time I saw him, but also profoundly happier. He also looked a bit nervous.

“Don’t worry,” I told him, “I’m sure it will be fun.” But he didn’t seem very reassured.

When I got back to the room Lily was standing in the corner, adjusting two black straps on her hips. Then she turned around and said: “Well, what do you think?”

I looked her over; she was standing straight, her breasts beautiful in the dim light, and her hands resting on her hips, in a provocative posture. In front, just below her bush, a bright pink dildo was hanging from straps. It looked quite real, with a head and veins, but wasn’t very big, about fifteen centimetres long, not more. It was a beautiful sight, which profoundly excited me though I didn’t quite know why. Her pretty little body, so feminine and curved, and that erect cock coming out of her was both an aesthetic and dirty image at the time. I felt horny, thrilled to be fucked by this beautiful creature.

“You look amazing; I’m getting really hot.” I said, and noticed my cock started to harden as well. “What do you want me to do?”

“Get on all four; I want to fuck you from behind.” She gestured to the bed.

I obediently climbed on the bed, took a pillow and rested my elbows on it; then I lifted up my ass wriggled it. Lily climbed behind me, holding the now almost empty tube of jelly in her hand. I closed my eyes and relaxed, trying to imagine what she will do next.

She hesitated for a minute, not sure how to handle this unfamiliar situation. But finally she followed her instincts, bended forward and started kissing my anus. Her kisses felt nice and wet, and sent shivers all over me. I murmured in approval. Down and down her kisses went, until she started licking my balls from behind. She grabbed my half-hard prick and yanked it. With this she played for a while, but finally went back to kissing my asshole.

After a few moments she stopped, and I could hear her squirting lubricant. I waited in anticipation. Then I felt her finger, wet with the jelly, marking the circle on my anus.

“Put some of it on your finger and fuck me with it.” I told her.

“Ok,” she answered, she sounded almost timid, but I could sense the excitement in her tone.

Then I felt the top of her finger pushing against my rectum. She rotated it, and started to enter me like a drill. Her finger was thin, and with all the coating it entered easily. First joint, and then second, her index finger was exploring the inside of my ass.

“Yes,” I moaned into the pillow, “that feels great, fuck me with your fingers.”

“It’s very tight,” she said. “It’s really squeezing my finger.”

But still she managed to place another finger inside. Both fingers were going in and out of me in a slow rhythm. I was getting hot and my breathing became deeper, I wanted her more and more in my ass, I wanted her to fuck me with her pink dildo. Soon a third finger joined the first two, forming an intertwined nob. It started to feel tight, in my ass, but also very nice; I realized I was shaking slightly, though the air in the bedroom has hot and heavy.

Then Lily stopped. She pulled out her fingers from my ass and placed her hands on my cheeks. I knew what would come next, and gripped the pillow tighter.

“Go easy on me,” I told her. “I’m still a virgin.”

Lily didn’t answer, but after a minute I felt the plastic tip of her cock brushing against my back entrance; I clenched my teeth and tried to relax the muscles in my ass. She started pushing slowly, trying to penetrate through, but couldn’t make the tip enter more than a centimetre, and soon it was out again. She tried a few more times, but didn’t manage to squeeze it in. I felt like I wasn’t very helpful, so said:

“Wait, we’ll do it together. Count to three slowly, and when you reach three try again.” I was thinking of the first time I sodomised a girl, and how this technique helped me go inside her.

“Ok,” said Lily, “Here goes…One…” she held my ass strongly.

“Two…” I breathed in, waiting for the moment.

“Three.” I breathed out as she pushed in; this time the cock managed to penetrate me a bit, the muscles gave way to her cock.

“Again,” I said, concentrating my thoughts on the tip of it in me.

“One…” I exhaled.

“Two…” I inhaled deeply.

“Three.” I blew the air out of my lungs in a long, continual breath. Lily pushed the dildo further in to me, and some more centimetres were buried in my behind.

“Ahh…” I moaned softly, “Again.”

She started counting once more, and I controlled my breathing appropriately. More cock was penetrating me as she pushed. It felt huge in my ass, I felt as if I was impaled by a stake and it was tearing me up. We did the exercise once more, and I could feel it going through my rectum, filling me more than I ever imagined possible. I wasn’t able to move and could hardly breathe, her cock pinned me down completely.

“Is it all in?” I mumbled; the pain almost preventing me from speaking.

“Almost all,” she said, “There are a few centimetres left. It is so beautiful, seeing my cock in you.”

I managed a brief smile. “Ok, fuck me now, but be very very careful.”

I closed my eyes and felt how her hips moved slowly back and forward, taking the cock out and carefully thrusting it back in. Once, twice, three times, and then I could feel her public hairs tickling my anus; I knew it was all the way in.

“Oh yes,” she said, “now I’m fucking you all the way.”

I didn’t answer, I was trying to ride the pain, not to sink into it; and anyway I knew she couldn’t hear me now, she’s entered a different sphere, where nothing but the penetration mattered.

The cock went in and out, slowly gathering speed. With every gesture I felt it dominating me completely; I became a puppet operated by this device in my butt. It felt humiliating and extremely rewarding at the same time. I wanted it to control me, to master every sensation in me, and hated it for this.

“Yesss…” I heard myself saying. “Fuck me, fuck me more you bitch.”

The pain was sending used my nerves to send shocks all over my body; down to my cock and balls, up my spin and to the back of my head. But somewhere on the way these became messages of pleasure, not pain. I felt a calming feeling going over me, smoothing out the pain and leaving the verge of ecstasy. My own cock was hard and started to produce pre-cum involuntary; I was certainly ridding the pain now.

Lily moved up, she was almost standing now and bending her knees, but she kept pushing her pink strap strongly into me. My ass became a distant organ, and I could only feel Lily fucking me there harder and harder like a far away echo. Waves of blinding pleasure arrived at my brain with every stroke, joined now by spasms from my cock as I started coming and splattering cum on my stomach and the bed sheets. A series of half-human cries and moans escaped my lips, but I couldn’t even hear them.

I could feel the cock shaking inside me, as she was taken over by an orgasm as well, but still she pumped me in and out. I heard her groan time after time, thrusting into my ass for the last time. Then the cock remained inside, buried deep all the way to my belly. It shook seriously; rattling my entire behind; and then Lily’s legs gave and she crushed on her knees. The plastic cock left my body with one pull, and I could feel fresh air coming into my ass, chilling and smoothing my painful passage. My own knees failed, and I fell completely on the mattress, lying on a wet patch of my own cum.

Nobody spoke for a long time. I was barely aware to anything around me. I could feel my asshole closing down and imagined I would start feeling the pain soon. But for the moment everything was calm.

After a while I moved, rediscovering my body, all of it felt tired and numb. I rolled sideways and looked at Lily. She was lying on her back and breathing heavily. Her dildo was shining in the soft light.

“Oh fuck,” she said, still panting, “That was so great, thank you so much.”

“Yeah, it was great; I never thought that would be so much fun.”

She turned her head and looked at me. Her hand started releasing the straps.

“What happens now?” she asked.

“Life goes on,” I said. “I don’t think we can do this on a regular basis.” I wasn’t even sure I could, even if I wanted.

“I know,” she told me. “When are you going back to Paris?”

“At the end of next week.” I looked at her.

“And when will you be back?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, “Probably next summer.”

“Probably?” she asked, arching her eye brow in a provocative manner.

I laughed, “Definitely, definitely next summer.”

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