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Student Discipline

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I took a seat at the back of the classroom, hoping that she wouldn’t notice my presence amongst her regular classmates. While far from full, there were many students already there and I was glad that I was in time to choose the seat I wanted. I had worn a cap with the school logo on it, and I figured that with any amount of luck even if she did see me, she’d take me for one of the students that she didn’t don’t know very well.

I kept my head down, anyway.

She came into the classroom and as always seeing her enchanted me. Long and lean with a look of intelligence and smoldering allure that the younger students couldn’t hope to match. The whole room just seemed to light up when she walked into it. And I know that this wasn’t just a biased opinion. She was too busy talking to the guy she had entered with to notice, but I could clearly see the other boys around her perk up, trying a little harder to look cool while pretending not to look at her. She was nibbling on a strand of hair as she took her seat near the front of the class. After a couple minutes of gentle hubbub, the professor arrived and began speaking.

It was a calculus class and I was bored silly. Although she had always loved math, it never held any appeal for me. But I dutifully took notes as if I cared so that the others at my table couldn’t somehow divine my real purpose. My attention was really focused on the back of her head. Her hair was so dark and pretty, with little streaks of red that she had added just to enhance its appeal. I loved it and I wished I could be closer. I could even hear her voice once in a while as she whispered to the kid sitting next to her, and even that tiny bit of contact with her was enough to make me feel close.

A couple of times she put her hand in the air, anxious to show that she knew what was going on, that she know the answers to all of the questions. The other students were resigned to her intelligence; after all – isn’t there one know-it-all in every class? I think that I was the only one who could sense that she was holding back, that she could have answered many more but she don’t want to in case she might be labeled the ‘teacher’s pet.’

Finally the class was over, and none to soon for me. As the students gathered their books and left, I mixed in with them. I knew her well enough to know that she’d stay to talk to the teacher for a minute, unable to contain her enthusiasm for her class enough to just walk out like the others. I was able to leave unnoticed by her.

I had scoped out her route from class on several previous occasions, and I knew which way she’d go. I waited patiently for her to finish her tête-à-tête and pass me by in the hallway. I lowered my head as she came close and she didn’t even notice me. But I noticed her. She looked so damned sexy in those jeans that it was all I could do not to pounce on her right then. Instead I fell behind and watched her seductive ass as she walked towards her car so that she could drive to her next class.

Her path took her down a seldom-used hallway, and then down one that was even more seldom used. There was a door to the south parking lot there that most of the students didn’t know about, and we were alone. As we walked I closed the distance between us and tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped, startled, and turned to face me, a combination of surprise and anger on her face, with just a tincture of fear mixed in deep.

“Yes?” she said angrily. Then her eyes widened as they took in my visage, and her look became a question as her mind conjured the picture of me that I had sent her over the internet and compared it to the man in front of her. The man who had become her closest friend. “Kevin?” she whispered wonderingly. “Is that you?”

I wasted no time, for indeed, I did not know how much time we had. “I want to know something.” She was surprised, for this is not the answer you she been expecting. A smile and a quick hug maybe, or perhaps some light embarrassment while they became acquainted. But certainly not this cold inquisition.

“Have you been thinking about me?”

She was taken aback, surprised. This wasn’t at all what she had thought our first meeting would be like. Where was the guy she’d come to know online? Where was the friend and confidant? Surely this couldn’t be him. And why was he so damned enigmatic? What was I really asking her anyhow? And what kind of an answer did I really want – the truth or a lie? Was I looking for a balm for my ego, or was my mind already decided and no matter what she said she was going to hurt somebody’s feelings – either her husband’s or her mysterious new Internet friend’s. I saw in her eyes so many thoughts racing through her head. Before she could marshal them well enough to answer me I asked her again, injecting a note of steel into my voice.

“Tell me the truth. Have you been thinking about me when you should have been thinking about your husband?” Glacial didn’t begin to describe my tone. It was sleek and icy and almost inhuman. I could see her shiver and it reminded me of the old sayings about someone walking on your grave. I knew what she was thinking. What would her husband think if she told me the truth? What would I?

She was caught in between her loyalty to her husband and her desire to confess the truth to me. Wonderingly she looked into my eyes to see if there was a clue there that would help her decide her answer. Obviously what she could see there did not comfort her. She bit her lip as a tear came unbidden to her eye. It was like reading a book on her face as her thoughts raced down different roads. Dammit, if her husband knew better how to appease her inner desires then she wouldn’t even be here. It would be his own fault if this came back to hurt him. Had she been thinking of the man from the internet when she was with her husband? She decided to tell me the truth.

She nodded.

“I thought so,” I said. It surprised me a little to hear that my voice wasn’t any warmer. In fact the coldness there was even frostier. And was that a little anger creeping in underneath?

I grabbed her by the shoulders, and her books tumbled to the floor. She knew as well as I did why I chose this place to confront her and it wasn’t because of the swarms of students here. The sounds of the books falling on the linoleum went unheard. My hands closed tightly around her arms.

“You think I don’t know what you’re doing? You think I don’t know what you’re thinking?” I was practically spitting the words in a hard frozen whisper. “You sleep with him whenever he wants, but you think of me. You aren’t satisfied with his love, and you won’t tell him the truth because you’re afraid. Afraid of what it might mean to your marriage, afraid of what it might mean to your vows.”

I turned her roughly around so that she was facing the tile wall and pushed her hard against it. A tiny squeal escaped her lips as I pushed her hard enough to flatten her breasts against the cold wall. Her hands pushed in vain against the wall, trying to push her back, to push her away, but it was no use. I tangled my fingers in her hair and pressed her face against the wall. My grip was fierce and unrelenting, and she could not move.

“It’s time that you were punished for how you treat him. And since Ben can’t do it because he doesn’t know of your betrayal, I will have to.” Her breathing became faster, and a hunted look of fear came into her eye while it stole her breath away. This can’t be! This isn’t how our meeting was supposed to go! Was I some kind of maniac? What kind of man had she gotten herself involved with?

I reached around her waist from behind, putting all of my weight against her back. My hand closed on the snap of her jeans, and in a moment they were undone. She wiggled her ass, trying to escape, trying to make it so that I couldn’t proceed, but it was to no avail. Her zipper was undone and I pushed her jeans and her cotton panties down just over her hips.

I put enough weight on her head to keep it flattened against the wall. Holding her there firmly with one hand I stepped away. I needed some more room to administer her punishment. God, but she was so sexy there, the white globes of her ass so perfect, so ready. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my paddle. It was a small enough thing. Not much more than a handle, really. But at the end of the handle was a flat rectangle of very stiff leather, about two by six inches. Its purpose couldn’t be plainer – this was a device for inflicting pain.

“So this is how Ben likes you, isn’t it?” I said roughly. “Bent over with your ass sticking out for his pleasure?” When she didn’t answer I raised my voice, letting an evil undercurrent seep into the ice as I enunciated every word. “So this is how Ben likes you, isn’t it?” Just for good measure, I yanked on her hair, commanding a response.

The tears were flowing freely from her eyes now. She closed them and tried to answer my demanding question, but the lump in her throat seemed to have swallowed her voice. Instead she nodded, trying to make this all would go away. That I would go away. Why oh why couldn’t she have just resisted the urge to flirt with somebody over the internet? Then this wouldn’t be happening. Perhaps she did deserve to be punished. If only she had paid more attention to her husband’s needs then perhaps her own desires would haven’t mattered quite so much, and then she wouldn’t be stuck in a hallway with her bare ass hanging out. Maybe she really had earned what I was about to give her.

I drew my arm back and lashed her perfect ass. The leather strip smacked her bare bottom with a surprisingly quiet crack. But I knew that the lack of sound didn’t equate to a lack of pain, and she jerked hard into the wall as it ripped through her. Again. And again. Her tears dropped from her cheeks onto the linoleum floor as the assault on her rear end continued over and over. She bit her lips against the pain and did not cry out, knowing somehow that in some way that would invalidate her punishment or perhaps draw someone’s attention. We could have been interrupted, and that would make things worse. Somehow under the pain and humiliation she knew that if she didn’t take her discipline now, then she’d just have to take it again later. And a punishment that was delayed by her crying out would certainly be even harder than this one. Over and over the leather paddle fell until her ass was a bright pink and I was sure that she’d think she would never be able to sit down again. I could easily smell the musky wetness from her pussy as her rising excitement mixed with her forced penance.

After umpteen slow but fierce strokes the pain had turned her into a quivering blob of horny wet girl. I knew what this was doing to her. A few minutes before all she was thinking about was her next class and the boy she had been talking to. But her world had swiftly changed to one that was so full of humiliation and pain that it drove every other thought from her head. She was lost in a tormented world in her own mind, and she couldn’t even remember a time when it hadn’t been there. I put the paddle in my pocket and reached down and unzipped my pants, and she was so drawn inside herself that she didn’t notice. She couldn’t notice. Her cheek was still pressed against the cold tile wall where I had left her. Her posture showed me that she was waiting for the next blow to fall, that she hadn’t even realized yet that the blows had ended.

She jerked as I touched her again, grasping her wrists and pinning her hands to the wall. I leaned my weight against her, pressing her against the cool tile as I whispered in her ear.

“Well it’s how I like you too. And if Ben gets to have you this way, then so do I.” She suddenly realized what was about to happen, and she struggled against my weight. The pain had receded enough for her to realize how wet she was, how needy her pussy was and how easy my entry would be. I’m sure that she didn’t want me to know how excited she had become during her spanking, but with her slippery girl cum oozing down her thighs there was simply no way to deny it.

I had to search with the tip of my cock for her slippery opening as she wiggled it in protest. But suddenly I found her hole and I slid deep inside her, filling her as she cried out in mixed frustration, pain and pleasure. This was meant to be a punishment, not a romance, and so I whispered no soft endearments in her ear. I pinned her to the wall as hard as I could, trying to pierce her with my swollen cock. We froze for a moment as she realized my raw animal domination over her. If she weren’t so damned excited it would have almost been a rape. I began pounding my cock inside her, sliding faster and faster. I could feel her burning red ass against my crotch as I hurled myself inside a girl who needed to be used. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t even begin to gasp for air because the relentless assault on her pussy simply took all her breath away. Harder and faster I drove, until my own excitement caught up to hers. With a sudden impassioned moan I pushed myself into her so hard that her heels were lifted from the ground and I spilled my life into her.

My eyes close in ecstasy at being this close to her, at being inside her with her hot ass pushed against my crotch and her dark sweet hair tickling my nose. She shuddered out a massive cum, trembling under me with the intensity of it as her wet velvet pussy responded to the hot sperm shooting inside her. For just a moment I literally forgot where I was and what I was doing. She was suspended; trapped between the cool tile wall and my weight as I emptied into her. It was over all too quickly – but after all, we were in very public place. Afraid of being caught fucking in the hallway I bent my knees until her feet touched the ground again, and I reluctantly removed my still dripping cock from its wet home.

She was still plastered against the wall, spent and gasping as I pulled up my jeans and fastened them. I could see her body still shuddering from the speed and intensity of my assault. She was exhausted and sated and trembling all at the same time. She couldn’t seem to move, and it looked like she was grateful for the cool tile against her cheek. I gently took her by the shoulders and turned her around so that she was facing me. Her legs were still weak and she leaned back against the wall. The tears flowed down her cheeks and I saw my cum oozing from between her legs. I gently rubbed the tear from her cheek with my thumb and I whispered, “Pull up your pants.” As if recovering from a daze, she did as she was told. And as she did I brought my thumb to my lips so that I could taste her tears.

Unable to act the part of maddened internet lover any longer I suddenly leaned forward to kiss her lips. It was a wild and wet kiss, and I tangled my fingers in her hair as I mashed my lips against hers. She tasted so sweet. I reached down and put my hand between her still unfastened jeans and her panties. She moaned into my mouth as I massaged her pussy, rubbing my dripping seed into the cotton. I was just making sure that she would have to finish her day with the constant reminder of us together not only in her memory, but also between her legs.

Reluctantly I broke the kiss, leaning back so that I could look into those dark eyes that I loved so much. “Ok?” I whisper.

She nodded slowly, her tears ended and a smile touching the edges of her lips as emotions more powerful than pain and humiliation rose to the surface. I could see that in a minute or two she would be back to her usual self. I cuddled her tenderly in my arms, wishing that we both had more time to be like this. I kissed her tear stained cheeks, her hair, her slender neck and her sweet lips.

Then I realized that it was almost time for her next class, and I had to let her go. I bent over and picked up her books as she fastened her jeans. The wet secret between her legs vanished as she straightened her clothes, and suddenly nobody could tell that she’d just been taken hard and fast in the hallway of the school.

“Was that better than last time?” I asked.

“Oh, god, yes,” she said, wiping the last of the tears from her face with the heel of her hands. She smiled, half shy and half embarrassed at her excitement. Leaning close I handed her books to her and gave her a quick goodbye kiss before I turned to walk down the hall.

“Ben?” she said to my back. “Will you be home on time tonight?”

I chuckled as I stopped and turned to look at her. I know her so well. She’d just been fucked so thoroughly that she could hardly stand, and already she was wondering about next time. “Yes, baby. As soon as I pick up the kids from day care.”

She opened the door to the bright sunlight and smiled as she stepped outside. “Good.”

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