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The Good Kind Of Drowning

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By any standard, the date so far was a success. Rainie had anticipated Tom to be a gentleman, and he certainly had been, but once they got away from all their idiot friends, he really opened up and showed a great sense of humor. Rainie was as shy as Tom, and she loved how safe he made her feel. It had meant so much to be able to laugh hard at his witty throw-aways. They’d had a good time, simple and low-key, an elegant evening.

She loved how quiet he was. Rainie’s friends thought Tom lacked confidence, but Rainie learned during the dinner conversation that he was incredibly sure of his own abilities, and that was why he never tried to prove himself to others. It certainly answered the question of how the soft-spoken boy had found the courage to ask her out. As to how she had the courage to say yes, that was another matter.

The date started to wind down about 10:30. They’d gone to a movie after the classy dinner, but they both agreed it sucked, and Tom said he didn’t mind blowing the money, so they just left.

Tom drove the speed limit down the interstate that ran through the city, headed toward Rainie’s apartment but not in a hurry to get there. Rainie held his hand gingerly, something they’d started as they left the theater, and they rode without speaking, listening to a Billy Joel mixed CD Tom had made. Sports cars filled the Friday night highway scene, zipping around Tom dangerously. Rainie cringed at one particularly close shave, but Tom was unfazed. Street lamps flashed by like strobe lights. Rainie thought she’d never seen anything so romantic.

“I’d like to see you again,” Tom said with a smile. Yes, he was shy, despite his belief in himself. That was definitely a blush Rainie saw in his cheeks.

“I’d like that, too,” Rainie said. They squeezed hands. She continued, “This is the best first date I’ve ever had. It’s the best date in a really long time. I’d almost given up.”

Tom chuckled. “I know, me too. It’s so much work. But not tonight.”

“I know,” Rainie said softly.

“I’m thinking…” Tom started, but he cut himself off.

“Go on,” she persuaded.

“I’m… god, I don’t want to embarrass you.”

Instantly Rainie knew what Tom wanted to talk about. In the center of the date, glowing like a warm ember, was that section of the dinner conversation where they traded those wonderful secrets.

Tom had encouraged Rainie to order the special, which was an intense gourmet dish that took an hour to prepare. After thirty minutes of refreshingly honest talk, Tom revealed that the part he missed most about dating was the sex. He immediately apologized, but Rainie admitted she agreed, and that mature adults could discuss the subject without embarrassment. Rainie tried to be mature, but she was also terribly attracted to Tom physically. To hear him mention sex was to imagine him having sex, and Rainie started to get wet. Then, in an even bolder moment of honesty, Rainie confessed that Tom’s revelation had turned her on. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes, and Rainie grinned like a reverent little girl. But Tom was too much a gentleman to pursue the subject, perhaps because they were in public. Rainie appreciated his manners but regretted the end to the topic. She’d make a point to bring it up again, maybe on the next date.

Please let there be a next date, Rainie silently wished.

“Go on,” Rainie said softly. She put her other hand around Tom’s, now holding him in both.

“I’m thinking about that thing you said during dinner.” He grinned, not devilishly but with true embarrassment. “We’ve been so honest, I’d thought it wouldn’t hurt to keep telling the truth.”

Rainie said, “I’ve been thinking about it, too.”

Silence. The street lights vanished behind them. They were headed south, out of the city. Rainie didn’t ask where they were going.

“Is that all you were thinking?”

“No Rainie, it certainly wasn’t. It’s just… nice to think about. To talk about. I really appreciated it. I wouldn’t want to be out of line in such matters. But… I don’t want to go home yet. The night’s going really well, and I thought we could just drive around some more.”

Rainie realized she’s stopped breathing. How desperately she wanted the date to keep going. Tom was so handsome, and he made her feel so safe. It would be heaven to just keep talking for a few more hours. But if, on the other hand, Tom wanted to make a move, Rainie would certainly not stop her. She wondered how he’d do it… Would he go for it? Maybe ask permission? Damn, he was gorgeous.

“Take me someplace private,” Rainie requested. What the hell, they could talk, or they could push it. She’d be thrilled either way.

Tom nodded. “I’ve got an idea,” he said. “You might think… Oh man… It doesn’t matter. I’ll just surprise you. You can totally change your mind if you want.”

There it was again, that warm pressure in Rainie’s pelvic region. She got wet so easily, and Tom’s polite nature had struck a deep chord within her. How did he manage to be chivalrous and manipulative at the same time? Yes, he was using his coyness to entice her and get around her defenses, but he also respected her intelligence enough to let her know that’s what he was doing. Every fiber of her being responded to the boy.

He took the exit to a little suburb south of the city. “Are you tired?” Tom asked.

“Oh no, not at all,” Rainie answered. “I do a lot of work late at night. Sometimes I stay up until four or five in the morning.”

“I hear that,” Tom said. “Workaholics unite.”

After a few turns through the neighborhoods, Tom pulled into the parking lot of a fitness center. He turned off the car, and the two companions sat in dimly lit silence.

Rainie didn’t dare to hope. “So what’s the plan?” she asked.

“I’m one of the partners in this place, so I have a key. I come here to be alone quite a bit, just shoot hoops or read a book on the couch in the office. No one on the planet knows about me and this place. I thought we might have some fun.”

Rainie laughed, trying to hide her nervousness. “I don’t know if I can shoot hoops in these heels.”

“I know where all the clean outfits are. You can change into whatever you like. It’s… If this is too weird…”

“Tom, it’s great,” Rainie said happily. “Let’s go in.”

“Here, let’s hide the car,” Tom said as he turned the engine over. “I’ve had cops knock on the door before.” He moved his automobile into the alley behind the building.

They got out and went to the back door. The light from the street lamps did not penetrate the alley, and Tom and Rainie stood in the pitch black of the night. Rainie held on tightly to Tom’s hand as she heard him fumble with keys. After a minute, the door opened, and they stood in a dark corridor beneath a red “Exit” sign. Tom closed the door but did not turn on the lights.

“Tom, I –” Rainie began to say, but when she heard the echo around her, she realized she wasn’t in a corridor but a vast hall of some sort. After her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw the red light of the “Exit” sign reflecting off water. They stood only a few feet from a swimming pool.

“Wanna go for a swim?” Tom said softly. She could hear him easily in acoustics of the hollow space. “There are some swimsuits in the locker rooms.”

Emotion surged through the girl. She didn’t know how to separate the feelings — anticipation, gratitude, hunger, with a healthy dose of shyness tossed in — but she felt good, she knew that, very good. Still, she wanted to find some way to convey to Tom how she felt, even though the words would not come.

Honesty had been a friend so far, and Rainie honestly wanted to kiss Tom. So she stepped into his body, reached out and found his face, leaned in, kissed him gently. She hoped that safe feeling she’d been sensing would remain during a kiss, and it certainly did. But there was more than innocent affection between them. Tom was a man who spoke his mind, and maintained his body, and that meant he acknowledged the carnal within himself. Rainie wanted to find Tom’s carnal side, and show him hers.

The kiss was very long, incredibly romantic, but they did not open their mouths and play tonsil hockey like teens do. They simply touched each other with their lips, still holding hands.

“Are we still being honest?” Rainie asked.

“Yes,” Tom said.

“How honest?” Rainie asked.

Tom wrapped his hands around Rainie’s waist and pulled her forward. Rainie’s arms instinctively wrapped around Tom’s neck.

“Dangerously honest,” Tom answered, whispering in her ear.

She felt his heart beating against hers, felt his breath blowing warm on her shoulder.

“Would you like to go skinny dipping?” Rainie asked.

Tom’s voice lowered even further. “Very much,” he said.

Yet neither released from the embrace. They stood entwined, listening to the soft lapping of the still water.

“Uh… I… How do we start this?” Tom asked, finally breaking the silence.

“How do you think, silly?” Rainie said. “We both take off our clothes.”

Rainie recognized the new sultry quality in her words, even if her date for the evening did not. When she’d dated Vince for the past year, she’d found a way to really open up and let loose around him, to talk sexier, walk sexier, become more vocal behind closed doors about what she wanted and when she was pleased. If only Vince had been more patient — and hadn’t emptied her bank account — he might be the one standing here. And that would be a real shame, because Tom had been able to draw out in her something it took Vince half-a-year to find.

Committed to the course, Rainie stepped away. The two saw each other very distinctly in the light of the “Exit” sign. Trying not to think too much, Rainie reached behind and unzipped her soft cotton summer dress, then pushed the sleeves down. The dress fluttered to the floor. She was surprised by how comfortable she felt with her body, but not that surprised. Everything was perfect about the moment — Tom was perfect, the lighting was perfect, the humid air of the swimming hall was just right, and the result was that Rainie liked her body and wanted to show it to Tom. She stood in white cotton panties and bra, smooth fabric without any lacy junk.

Tom took off his sports jacket and dropped it, then began to undo his shirt buttons. Rainie stepped out of her heels, and suddenly she was two-and-a-half inches shorter than Tom rather than just one. Tom lifted his dress shirt and t-shirt off in one tug. He laughed a little as he hopped on one foot to take off his shoe and sock, then hopped to get the other foot.

Filled with courage and longing, Rainie unhooked her bra in the front and pulled it back. She let it drop, then put her fingers in the sides of her pretty white panties. As she pushed them down over her hips, she watched Tom unbuckle his pants and push them down as well. He removed the slacks and underpants together.

At last they were naked. Tom made no effort to hide himself, but in the dimness of the room, Rainie could not distinguish Tom’s tuft of pubic hair from the unit dangling within. There was something there, though, at least enough to dangle. She knew Tom couldn’t see her neatly trimmed pubic hair, but he could definitely tell how hard her nipples were.

“Is it cold?” Tom asked.

“Duh,” Rainie answered.

Tom laughed. “On the count of three.”

“Okay. One…”

“Two…” Tom continued.

“Three!” they shouted together. Rainie took a step and leapt blindly into the darkness. Gravity yanked her down into the relatively frigid water with a loud splash. She instantly sank below the surface into the intense embrace of the deep end. When her feet hit the bottom, she pushed and rocketed up. The feeling of her breasts flying freely about in a swimming pool was something she’d always wanted to experience, and the sensation was as liberating and sexy as she’d known it would be. Rainie pushed her brown hair — formerly bouncy and curly — back against her skull in a smooth, silky sheet.

“You okay?” Tom asked, speaking loudly to be heard above the new waves echoing around the room. He was not within arm’s reach, but he wasn’t exactly at the other end of the pool, either.

“I feel fantastic!” Rainie shouted. “Whoo-hoo!” she squealed. She backstroked in what she thought was the direction away from the wall. Each stroke caused the cool water to rush around her body in a minor crash, and it rocked her naked torso in the most delicious way. This was a dream come true.

“Tom,” Rainie said, “have you ever skinny-dipped in here?”

Tom laughed. “Nope, not here or anywhere.”

“Oh wow, how could you NOT?”

“I’ve thought about it several times. I just chickened out.”

Rainie floated on her back. The water crashed against her ears. “You don’t strike me as the chickening-out type.”

“Well, yeah, I’m not really, I suppose. There just was never a right time, you know? I was always reading or watching TV or practicing on the court.”

“Have you ever brought a woman here before?”

Again that sexy laugh of his. “Yeah, my girlfriend Sarah. We dated for two years, she loved it in here. We’d just have sex on the wrestling mats, then get dressed and leave so she could be in bed by ten. She had to be at work by six every morning, because she was a self-absorbed bitch who billed by the hour.”

“So you dumped her?”

“Well, it never would have gone that far if she hadn’t gone completely insane.”

Rainie laughed.

“Oh, you know,” Tom continued, “we just weren’t a good fit. She thought I was too fragile, because she didn’t like my quiet personality and didn’t bother to find out why I was like that. I thought she was an airhead, and that was that. She moved back to California in February.”

“Her loss,” Rainie said. She expected Tom to tell more of the story, but he didn’t, so her minor flirt was the last thing left hanging out there. She rolled her eyes for no one to see.

“This is nice,” Tom said. He was in the shallow end of the pool as Rainie was, which meant he was standing on his feet. Rainie floated languidly with her arms moving back and forth across the surface.

“It’s better than nice,” Rainie said in that sultry tone. She had never felt so sexy in her life. “I thought you were too shy a person for something like this.”

“I thought the same thing about you.”

“I am!” Rainie said. “But not tonight. It’s good to let your defenses down sometimes, you know?”

“Yeah…” Tom trailed off. Rainie thought she heard a hint of smile in his voice. Then he asked, “You’ve never swam naked before, either?”

“No. It’s always been a fantasy of mine.”

“To skinny-dip?”

“Well,” Rainie began apprehensively, “if we’re being completely honest…”

“I’m intrigued. Do tell me your fantasy, please.”

Before she spoke again, Rainie took a long moment to really soak in how brilliantly the moment had been constructed. To be so open with a boy she hardly knew, to be so physically and spiritually happy here in the slowly warming water, it was a true gift.

“The fantasy isn’t just the pool. I like to be wet. I like feeling my skin when it’s slick.”

“Hmmmmmmm,” Ron affirmed. “Don’t stop there. Tell me everything.”

And she wanted to. “I… ha… I like to stand in the shower for an hour and rub the soap over my body, up and down my legs, over my tummy, across my lower back, all over my arms. I like the way my hands slide and slip over my flesh when I’m all soapy. Sometimes when my roommate isn’t home, I get into the tub without turning the water on and I…” How on earth was she telling all this to Tom? “…I cover myself in baby oil and just slip around in the tub.”

“And that’s all you do in the tub?” Tom asked. Okay, so he did have a devilish side.

“No,” she answered, scolding. “Of course not. I’m a grown-up, after all.”

“Aren’t we all,” Tom said. He had moved silently to within four or five feet of Rainie. This excited her even more. There was no denying the deep warmth in her pussy at this point. Even below water, or maybe especially below water, she felt the thick cream starting to build. When she pressed her legs together, her labia squished and squirted in that satisfyingly lubricated way. She wanted to touch herself so badly. She wanted Tom to touch her even worse.

“If your fantasy,” Tom offered, “is to be wet and slick, you’ve come to right place.”

“I know it. This is amazing, thank you so much.”

“Not just the pool,” Tom said. “I have surprises for you while we’re at the gym. Wet surprises.”

Mother fucker, Rainie thought, how she did love the way he said “wet surprises.” She liked to curse, especially when she talked dirty during sex, but she did it so infrequently that she didn’t think she was any good at it. Vince had encouraged her; he had the mouth of a sailor to begin with.

“Tell me about the surprises,” Rainie pleaded.

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.” Tom had moved close, and Rainie sensed he meant to come closer. In a moment of sheer ecstasy, Rainie felt Tom’s hands against her collar bones. After he had found her in the dark, he moved his hands across her shoulders, down to her biceps. Tom’s leg brushed against hers under the water, and the it felt so wonderful that Rainie wanted to scream. She reached out and touched him in return. She’d been wanting to feel those chest muscles since he arrived to pick her up for the evening. She felt his legs pressing gently against the outside of her thighs. They slid up and down one another, rocking pleasantly in the water.

“Is this what you were missing from dating?” Rainie said. She tried to sound seductive, but there was nothing but exposed longing in her voice. She reached up and put her palms on Tom’s shoulders.

Tom grabbed her, kissed her, wrapped all his limbs around her. This time their tongues met, and Rainie tasted the chlorine on Tom’s lips. She felt his hands caressing her wet hair, and she ran her fingers through his also. The novelty of the sensations, and the sheer volume of them, was overwhelming to Rainie. Water everywhere, the smell of the pool, the pressure of the fluid, the feeling of slippery skin, both hers and his. She wanted to cry from the pleasure. Tom possessed her body with his arms, moving his hands all over her, underneath to her ass and thighs, up to her ribs and tits, like a raving lunatic trying to touch ever inch of her body at once with only two hands. Rainie lashed her tongue against Tom’s neck, and Tom moaned.

“Rainie,” Tom whispered hotly in her ear, “do you want me to get protection?”

“I’m on the pill,” Rainie said. “My ex demanded it. I’ve kept it up.”

“Let’s not talk about him again,” Tom said. Rainie was content to take him at his word and not mention the bastard again.

Now that her body had acclimated to the temperature of the pool, she was quite comfortable, able to enjoy the sensations without the feeling of cold. She felt a complete absence of tension. Tom kissed her on the lips. His penis pressed firmly between her legs like a log that she was straddling. For the first time, her lubricated pussy rubbed against Tom’s cock. Her pelvis shivered so strongly that she tossed her head back. Tom’s hardness against her slippery hole had almost sent her out-of-body. The sex would be easy underwater, she’d always known it would.

Tom held Rainie with his strong arms as he pulled her up, positioning her to take his penis into her vagina. Its head found her hot hole, and the rest was very simple. He entered her smoothly and with so little friction, Rainie imagined they were both creatures made of water, poured together into a glass to mingle and combine. But when the head of the penis thumped against her uterus, she knew the creature inside certainly wasn’t made of water.

“Oh my god,” she said clearly. She hadn’t orgasmed, but something strong definitely surged within her. Passion compelled her, but toward what she couldn’t tell. The thought formed that she wanted to go deeper into the water, as though it would help her to feel more of Tom. The idea made no sense, but she believed it was true.

Rainie moved her arms up and down Tom’s back, sliding her wet arms against his wet muscles, sliding the bottoms of her feet against the back of his wet legs. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she kept repeating, filling the pool hanger with her declarations, and the boy hadn’t even started fucking her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I’m loud. Is it okay? Oh my god, oh god, oh god.”

Tom put his hand on her neck and pull her close. “It’s okay, baby, it’s just fine. Don’t censor yourself at all. Be just as loud as you want, I really like it.”

“Oh god, oh jesus, oh my god.” Her wet breasts bounced against Tom’s wet chest, the water splashing between them. “It’s perfect, it’s fucking perfect. You’re so deep inside me. Fuck me, please, so hard. Oh please fuck me now. Make love to me.”

The engorged cock inside Rainie’s creamy hole began to piston up and down. At the height of her ecstasy, Rainie was as turned on by the smooth fucking as by the slapping together of the rest of their slippery skin. She felt like they were fucking with their entire bodies, tongues whipping around, tummies rubbing in a circle, Tom’s hands trying to grab her ass but sliding lusciously again and again.

“Oh my god, oh oh oh oh, god, ah, ah ah ah ah, oh, o– oh yeah, god, oh Tom…” Rainie kept muttering, unable to shut up even as she licked Tom’s damp cheeks and mouth and chin and ears. She wanted to drink him like a glass of sperm and spit. She wanted to explode against him and he against her, until they were one big puddle diffusing in the pool waters.

With that thought, her first orgasm arrived. Usually when she came, her muscles tensed up, her pussy froze and she rode out the blast. This time though, she felt no tension whatsoever, just a wash through her body like a flame from a furnace, forcing her to sweat even underwater. Her pussy did not grip Tom’s cock because it couldn’t; her walls had simply produced too much cream, and her muscles could not stop the continued assault. Rainie couldn’t even use her hands to hold onto Tom’s body. He had to grab her to keep her from dipping under the surface.

When the orgasm ended, Rainie still felt Tom inside her, but he’d stopped moving.

“Are you alright?” he asked. “Do you need me to stop?”

Rainie knew that Tom was asking if she had become too sensitive from her orgasm to keep having sex. She had friends with that condition, and obviously Tom had been with girls who reacted the same way. But Rainie was a masturbation pro, and one of her first assignments to herself when she first realized she enjoyed orgasming was to produce multiples, which she did constantly. Tom had nothing to fear.

“Don’t stop,” Rainie begged. “Don’t stop fucking me.”

Tom pounded against her crotch with his own, embedding the cock deep inside her.

“OH my god, oh GOD, oh yeah,” Rainie began again. “Tom… Tom…” she cried, trying to catch her breath, “are you close, baby? Are you close?”

“Yeah, I’m about to.” He eased up to let her speak.

Rainie panted, “I want to be underwater when you do. Fuck me until I come underwater. Fuck me hard and fast.”

“Are you sure?” Tom asked, concerned. “Can you hold your breath that long?”

“We’ll find out,” Rainie said. “Oh god, that feels so good. Oh my god. Are you ready?”


“Fuck me hard.”

“I’ll fuck you hard, Rainie.”

They held each other motionless for a moment. Rainie felt her chest move against Tom as it rose and fell with each breath. Then, she took one last deep one and went under the waves. With one hand she held Tom’s arm, and with the other she pinched her nose together. She kept her eyes closed, since there was nothing to see in the dark.

Her ears discovered a new world, full of bass tones and the deep, continuous sound of sharp crashes. Before she even had a chance to listen, the beast between her legs started fucking her again. Tom didn’t just pound her, he moved so fast he almost vibrated. Rainie allowed her leg muscles to go limp, and she let go of Tom’s arm. All that held her up was Tom’s hands on her sides and the pole inside her. She virtually willed the orgasm to arrive, and it did so with magnificent speed. As her muscles twitched and shivered, they sent tiny eddies all across her body, whipping up and down her flesh under the water. Her breasts flowed through the water like jelly, and her hair spun all around her face like a swarm of serpents.

Rainie tried to hold onto Tom’s cock with her pussy muscles, but she knew she was dripping far too much juice. Yet Tom did not pull out. Instead, he pushed very hard into her one last time, and then Rainie felt his body shivering as hers had. He was emptying his seed into her, and his hands grabbed her tightly.

At the first moment that Rainie’s orgasm subsided, she released the air in her chest. Only about forty seconds had passed since she first went under, but that was enough to strain her lungs. Once Tom saw the bubbles, he pulled Rainie up to the surface. Rainie emerged with a sharp inhaling gasp. Rather than feeling frightened by the sensation of drowning, she actually wanted to go back down.

“God, god, god, god,” Rainie muttered, “Oh Tom, oh god, that was so great, it was so great. Oh my, oh, oh.” Tremors of climax continued to pulse through her.

“That was amazing,” Tom said.

He held Rainie with arms that seemed more limp than before. Tom’s hard cock pressed against her leg. Soon Rainie was breathing normally again. They had moved further from the shallow end, and now they touched each other beneath the surface with only their heads sticking out of the water. They kissed softly, without intent, simply communicating through the touching of their tongues.

“Best first date ever,” Rainie said.

“Best first date ever,” Tom agreed.

“That was a dream come true.”

“Are you worn out?” Tom asked.

Rainie chuckled once. “No, I’m not. Are you?”

“Not a chance,” Tom said.

“Let’s get out of the pool before we prune up,” Rainie said, although she knew the pruning had already begun. “We’ll find a harder surface where we can continue our games.”

“So you’re done with being wet?”

Rainie let the question hang in the air for a long, long time. There was nothing better than the wetness of love-making, but she didn’t think she could stay in the cold pool much longer.

“I love it,” she said honestly. “I love it.”

“I have some ideas,” Tom said softly, “on how we can keep playing around wet.”

Rainie turned her back to Tom, then pulled his hands up to her chest. “I want to,” she said.

Tom pushed away from Rainie, made it to the edge and left the pool. He called out to Rainie so she’d know where he was, and when she got to the concrete, Tom helped her up. The cool air assaulted her body and made her tremble painfully. She held herself and wished for a towel. Tom took her by the hand to a different door from the one they’d used to get in. He flipped on a light, and Rainie saw that they were inside a locker room.

Tom tossed her a big fluffy white towel, and she gratefully wrapped it around her body. Tom wiped the water off himself — he looked as beautiful as Rainie had known he would, toned and strong with a light olive tan — then he wrapped his towel around his waist. They sat on opposite ends of the same bench.

“Do you want a tour of the place?” Tom asked.

“Not really,” Rainie said, then added, “I’m horny as hell.”

Tom smiled his gorgeous smile. “Yeah?”

“That was hot,” she said, not knowing what to add. “I want to keep it going.”

Tom stood. Rainie felt the confidence flow from him like steam from dry ice, enveloping her. He took Rainie by the towel, tucked in at her chest, and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her and then, not letting go of the towel, dragged her into a tiled space. He flipped on a light, and Rainie saw the showers. There was a whirlpool built into the tile floor, and Rainie thought this might be where they were headed. But Tom walked past the showers to a wooden door with a glass pane in it. They were about to enter a sauna. Tom twisted a timer beside the door, and the light in the room turned on. They went in and closed the door.

Rainie removed her towel and laid it out on the cedar bench. The muscular boy took off his towel and sat against the opposite wall. His penis hung at least seven or eight inches down between his legs, lying on the towel. Rainie spread her own legs at the site, showing Tom what she had to offer. The towel had sopped up most of the pool water, but her pussy was soaked inside and out, and there was no way to stop that now.

Five minutes passed in silence. Tom laid his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. Rainie, no longer the object of Tom’s desires, closed her own eyes. She relished the chance to recover from the pounding in the pool. As the steam built in the sauna, Rainie felt the first trickle of sweat stream down the temple of her forehead. Oh god, she thought, he’s going to make me sweat. Oh yeah, oh yeah.

After a few minutes more, Rainie lifted her hand to touch her own breastbone. It was starting to become slick with sweat. She moved her hand to her tit, caressing it, sliding her palm over it, pinching the nipple between the knuckles of her fingers. Her inner thighs were getting wet, as well as her forearms. Rainie knew better than to touch between her legs; she could gush at any moment.

There was a creak of wood, and Rainie opened her eyes to see Tom standing. He took two steps to cross the room, then knelt down on his towel and placed his hands on Rainie’s knees. As he pushed Rainie’s legs wide, wider, then wider still, she felt a drop of thick juice escape her pussy and roll down her ass crack. She was so turned on she had forgotten to breath, and when she remembered she inhaled sharply.

Tom leaned in and placed his tongue on Rainie’s pussy lips. Rainie breathed hard through her nostrils. She tossed her head back, and she sensed more sweat on her neck.

This time Rainie did not cry out or speak. She simply bit gently down on her tongue as Tom’s mouth worked her wet twat into a frenzy. Never before had Rainie felt so adored, so sexy. At first she moved her crotch against Tom’s mouth, but Tom put a hand on her sweaty tummy and hastened her to be still. Then he began to lick her in earnest, shoving his tongue deep between her vagina walls, then up to her clitoris, and hard against the warm red flesh in between. Rainie knew she was leaking into Tom’s mouth, and this turned her on even more.

Rainie couldn’t keep her hands off of Tom’s body, or her own. She moved her hands over Tom’s back and shoulders, through his wet hair, across his face, down onto her own legs, up her sides, over her slick boobs again and again. The feeling of wetness on her boobs was almost as passionate as Tom’s tongue deep in her cunt. At last she felt a drip of sweat drop from her hair, and she knew she was covered in a thin layer of moisture.

“I’m gonna cum,” she moaned, and then she did. Rainie held on tightly to Tom’s ears, desperate to hold him in place as she orgasmed against his face. She felt the tip of his nose hit her clit, and she found it again and again throughout the first orgasm. A second followed quickly, and it surprised her with its intensity. “GODDAMN,” she stated authoritatively. And still Tom did not stop assaulting her with his mouth. He licked, he nibbled, he probed, he chewed, and then when all seemed well, he buried his fingers into her crotch as well, gently pulling aside the lips so his tongue could mangle her with impunity.

“AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHH,” Rainie cried as she came a third time. At the end of the orgasm, she still felt it prowling around her loins like a jungle cat hungry for another meal.

An intense pleasure filled Rainie’s lower body, and her hands moved of its own will, faster and faster over her slick skin. Sheets of sweat cascaded down her torso and back. There was no way Rainie could have stopped the fourth orgasm even if she’d tried. After only two minutes more of cunnilingus, Rainie began bucking her pelvis against Tom’s face a fifth time, the muscles in her hips and legs twitching viciously. She lost the ability to form coherent words, and so she simply screamed and grunted and breathed.

Sometimes when Rainie played with herself, alone in the apartment for a long weekend, she could tell when she was primed for orgasm, on those rare nights when her libido was high, her body tight, her mind horny and hungry. Tonight was one of those nights. Before the fifth orgasm even finished, before the convulsions in her tummy were over, she began to suffer the sixth. She stared into the cedar ceiling, silently begging her date for the pleasure that was inevitable. She came, a much more devastating explosion than the first orgasm because her nerves were raw, exposed. Rainie breathed hard to keep from passing out.

To her astonishment, she did not pull away from Tom’s mouth. All her flesh had turned hot and moist. She moved a finger down to her clit and felt cream burning like a broth on an open flame. She slid two fingers inside herself, fast and deep, buried in the hot liquid and soft flesh, as Tom moved back up to her clitoris. Rainie’s hard body began to writhe and twist on the bench, her knees pushing up in the air, her elbows digging into the wood. She could taste the sweat from above her lip. When she felt the pussy cream run down her inner thigh, not as a trickle but something spurting, she started to shake again. Rainie’s body locked as she twitched, fire spreading up her torso and into her chest. She yelled as softly as she could.

And still she wanted more.

Rainie pushed Tom away, then spread the lips of her pussy open with two fingers. Her entire crotch glistened with moisture, with little drops in her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Without hesitation Rainie took Tom’s cock and pressed the head against the opening of her vagina.

“Oh Tom,” she whispered as the thick penis slid inside her. She gasped, realizing how big he was, how full he felt inside her. It hadn’t felt so thick in the pool. The dick slid all the way inside, and she came a ninth time right there. Disbelieving, Rainie shivered helplessly as the orgasm possessed her, squeezing the walls of her vagina around the boy, pressing her G-spot against the hard flesh.

She reached up to feel the wet muscles of Tom’s chest, but she had no strength in her arms, so she leaned back against the wall again and, biting her lip, braced herself for further punishment. The continuous friction of Tom’s cock started a chain reaction that could not be stopped. Rainie fell onto her back and started coming violently, repeatedly. Her hands refused to push the man from her pussy, so she squeezed harder and harder around him to try and control the rate of assault. It was no use. After five orgasms in thirty seconds she stopped counting. Soon she was simply hanging on for her life, partly in fear but mostly in ecstasy. With her eyes rolled back and her jaw clinched, Rainie imagined she was lying nude on a beach, and that her orgasms were the warm waves washing over her, one after another without ceasing.

Tom moved his big dick in and out of Rainie’s sloppy hole, while he used his thumb to hit the swollen clitoris again and again and again. Rainie’s silent screams filled her lungs, but she was too exhausted, too possessed to make a sound.

After half-an-hour in the sauna, twenty minutes of it spent coming without stop, she struggled to push Tom away. His cock shot out of her pussy like a missile, pushed out involuntarily by her convulsing cunt muscles. Released from her own sex drive, Rainie flopped down on her back. Tom made a fist around the base of his cock and stroked it hard and fast. He aimed his penis at Rainie’s tummy.

“Come on my face,” she pleaded tiredly.

Tom stepped up and pointed the bulging head at Rainie’s face. It hypnotized Rainie, big and red with a little hole at the top. Suddenly, a thick stream of semen spewed out at Rainie, and she blinked as it hit her eyelid. Another spurt followed, and then another. Soon Tom was lovingly coaxing the last drops out, dripping them onto Rainie’s grinning face. She hummed contentedly as Tom rubbed the head over her lips, slipping the member inside her mouth a few times so she could lick off the salty fluid. The more fluid, the merrier. She was in heaven.

Rainie looked down at herself. She was covered in a thick layer or sweat, and the hair on her head was matted and stuck to her forehead. Her nipples were swollen and puffy around the areolas. She lifted her tired leg and looked between at her pussy. It was bright pink and wet as though doused by a pitcher. The towel under her was soaked and very warm, not uncomfortable.

Her sweaty date leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. Rainie lay limp as her mouth opened instinctively to receive Tom’s tongue. Still trying to be affectionate, Tom placed a hand on her breast. As soon as his palm touched her swollen nipple, Rainie came hard.

“Holy shit!” she shouted as electricity arced through her. She sat up too fast, holding on tight to the bench, clinching her muscles to try and stop the tremors that would not stop. Finally she finished coming. It was hard to see past the cum in her eye, so she rubbed the salty jizz down into her skin. She gently pushed Tom aside and stood, but her knees buckled and she fell to the burning cedar floor. Tom put his hands on her slick body and helped her to crawl out of the sauna. Billows of steam wafted out onto the cool tile where she lay taking deep breaths. Steam also rose off her own skin, swirling like cigarette smoke all around her.

“Easy, baby,” Tom said sweetly. “Take it easy.”

After a long minute on the floor, Rainie allowed Tom to help her to her feet. He handed her a new towel which she used to wipe her body. She drenched the towel, then dropped it with a plop to the floor. It echoed like a gunshot in the showers. Part of her wanted to go out exposed into the night air and let the cool wind calm her naked body, but it was a different part of her that walked over to the showers and turned on the water. Something raw had been exposed in her, something Tom had discovered that could not be hidden again. She wanted to be wet, to feel the slickness on her skin. She wanted more.

She put her hand under the shower stream and felt the ice cold spray. She almost walked into it, just to feel that frigidity right after the intense heat of the sauna, but she remembered an article she read in college about how rocks could be split open by subjecting them to alternating fire and ice. Rainie already felt like she might burst apart, so she didn’t want to risk it.

When the water got warmer — not truly warm, still cool to take the edge off the sauna heat she still felt — she stepped into it. The cascade beat against her cheeks and neck, flooded her senses, covered her body in magnificent coolness. As much as she loved the slimy feeling of sweat, she also appreciated the wonderful task of cleaning herself, rubbing her hands over the flesh of her body, allowing water to follows its physical laws and displace the sweat, taking it away, leaving her soft and puffy all over.

Hands touched Rainie’s shoulders. She felt Tom’s strong fingers moving up and down her biceps. “May I join you?” he asked.

Rainie answered by leaning her tired body back against his. The shower flowed over both of them, splashing and spurting between the her back and his torso. Rainie left her eyes closed, relishing the moment. Then Tom pulled away, and when he returned, he pressed a bar of soap to Rainie’s tummy.

“Oh yes,” Rainie moaned instinctively. “Yes, Tom, soap me up.”

They stepped slightly out of the water. Rainie lifted her arms over her head and just stood there as Tom glided his lathered hand across her breasts, over her armpits, all over her neck and arms, down her relaxed back. He lingered around her ass, playing with her cheeks, fondling her simply because he enjoyed her body. Rainie played with her breasts and nipples. The swelling in her nips had subsided, and the soapy lather felt great as she rubbed it all over her chest and ribs.

Tom soaped up her legs and feet, then guided Rainie back into the waterfall. He kissed her deeply under the water as Rainie moved the soap bar over Tom’s body. She spent a long time working the lather over his cock and into his pubic hair. The penis twitched and hardened, but it didn’t come to full attention. Rainie thought he must have excellent self-control, or maybe he was just worn out.

Then they caressed the soap off one another, and Rainie thought she’d come again simply from the slippery ecstasy of flesh on flesh. Tom laughed, and Rainie did too. They were both so happy and content that no words were necessary. Tom grabbed a bottle of shampoo, squirted a dap in his palm and handed the bottle to Rainie. They shampooed and rinsed, and the suds washing down Rainie’s body could not be ignored.

“I love the shower,” she said absent-mindedly, turning her body back and forth against the water.

Tom kissed her on the neck, lashing his tongue against the tight muscles and up under her ear lobe. She began to feel warm again between her legs. Sometimes after a long night of orgasms Rainie would feel tender and sore in her cunt, but tonight there was no pain, only blood rushing through her clitoris and pussy walls, covered in thick layers of cream. When Tom pressed two fingers between her legs, she opened herself up to allow him access. He knelt on the tile, then took Rainie’s hand and pulled her down next to him. They knelt and kissed under the warm shower.

Rainie was surprised when Tom stood and left her there. He walked over to the showerhead to the left, turned on the water and let it get warm. There were no partitions between the shower heads, just a large tile community shower with about nine heads on four walls. Tom turned the blast down so it hit Rainie’s body, and the combined pressure of two showers felt like the strongest rainfall Rainie had ever been in. But Tom wasn’t finished. He stepped around to the shower on the other side, turned it on and aimed it at Rainie.

“Yes,” was all Rainie could say. She rolled on the tile as though she had no control where the water pushed her, slipping back and forth over the tile. When she was little, she had snuck out of her bedroom window one night during a light rainstorm, because she couldn’t get rid of the idea of that rain on her naked body. Everyone in the house had been asleep, late in the early morning hours. She took off her pajamas, opened the window and crawled outside. The water was freezing, but she ran into the yard and spun in circles, giggling and splashing in the mud, grinning up at the sky. Her pre-adolescent body shivered in the icy torrent, but she was on fire inside, a fire her child’s mind did not yet understand. When she came back inside, her feet and legs were covered in dirty water and grass. She tiptoed naked through the house to the bathroom, where she showered — a pastime she already enjoyed keenly — then went back to her room, put on her pajamas, brushed the grass into her trashcan, and got back in bed.

Rainie’s hand moved unconsciously between her legs as the memory dominated her senses. She thought about it many times when she masturbated, and she wondered sometimes why she didn’t go out naked into the rain more often. The fact that she lived in an apartment complex had something to do with it, but there were ways.

“Make the water cold,” Rainie called out to Tom as she masturbated on the tile. She had both hands on her pussy, one rubbing the clit and the other slipping fingers inside her moist hole.

“Are you sure?” Tom asked.

Rainie nodded. She still had her eyes closed, imagining.

Suddenly the center stream went icy. “Ahhhh!” Rainie screamed. Then a second stream turned to ice, followed by the third. Instantly Rainie felt a million needles pricking into her skin. She shivered painfully, flopping like a fish on the tile.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed. “OHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH!” Her new goal was to come as fast as she could, and her fingers began to rub the freezing flesh of her pussy with the speed of a kitchen appliance. Only a few breaths passed before the orgasm hit, and it was a doozy. Rainie flipped like a dropped spring onto her hands and knees, riding her own hand to the most intense orgasm of her adult life. None since her first childhood climaxes could compare. Then the passion disappeared, and all that remained was the crippling cold from the shower water. Rainie slid across the tile to the other side of the room, relieved to escape the evil showers. Tom turned the water off, and Rainie lay gasping, her hand still between her legs as though to protect her savaged pussy from further attack.

Tom turned on the whirlpool jets, then tenderly helped Rainie over to the tub. She was still shivering as she stepped down from the floor into the burning water, and a long minute passed before the jets worked the cold out of her flesh. Soon she was resting, almost sleeping, with a jet thumping against the small of her back. She liked the way the bubbles felt as the skimmed they surface against her breasts. Rainie’s nipples refused to go soft.

“Wow,” Tom said.

Rainie opened her eyes. She smiled. “Whooooo,” she cooed.

“Let’s take a break then. Are you having fun?”

Rainie smiled again. She wondered casually if she still had any makeup on her face, then decided there couldn’t possibly be.

She answered, “This is the best night of my life. I’ve never been so satisfied in my life.”

“You like water that much?”

Rainie nodded. “Not just water. I like being wet. And I really like you.”

“Is your pussy still wet?” Tom asked.

Rainie’s face lit up. Tom hadn’t really cursed yet this evening, and it had been unexpected to hear him refer to her “pussy.” But what possible limits did they have left?

“My pussy gets wet so easily,” Rainie replied. “Maybe that’s why I like wetness so much. I like to feel the cream all over my hands, on my thighs. I want that feeling all over my body.”

Tom sought clarification. “So it’s the slickness you like. The slippery feeling.”

“Mmmm-hmm,” Rainie moaned.

“What other things have you tried?” Tom asked.

This question had a profound effect on Rainie. What else was there to try? She liked to sweat, to shower, to play in the rain, and now she knew she enjoyed being immersed in a pool.

“Why? Do you have any ideas?”

Tom smiled. “Will you stay here and relax? I’m going to get some supplies.”

“Supplies? What are you talking about?”

“I told you I had surprises. I’ll be back.”

Tom stood in the tub. Without knowing why, Rainie reached out and grabbed his hanging penis. Tom inhaled.

“Time for that in a minute.” Tom got out of the water and left.

Rainie almost did fall asleep, with the exquisite swirl of the tub jets gushing all around her, especially the one spitting into her back. The stream washed below to her buttocks, swirling around her hips. Suddenly Rainie had an idea. She fought it, because she worried her pussy was too sore for anymore action, but the idea stuck and would not leave. Slowly Rainie lifted her body to position her tender vagina over the jet. When it hit, she tensed her leg muscles, expecting it to hurt. But it did not hurt. In fact, it felt fucking-A awesome. Within seconds she was descending back into that orgasmic state from the sauna; apparently, she hadn’t recovered from her savage physical state as completely as she thought.

One orgasm hit, then a second. “Ahh, ahh, ahh.” With nothing but continuous vibration against her clit, Rainie could keep going for hours. At first she floated on her tummy with her legs below the water, but eventually she twisted around so she floated on her back with her calves laying on the tile floor outside the tub. She felt the water shooting up into her vagina, filling her like a huge cock.

When Tom returned, Rainie was in a delirious orgasmic state, rocking up and down on the water like a machine. Each orgasm blew up inside her pussy like a firecracker, and before it had fully gone, the next one would start. The muscles in Rainie’s stomach were very sore from staying tense so long. At the end of a particularly strong assault, she floated away from the edge like a leaf. Her body sank below the water, and she was submerged. She held her breath, listening to the angry pounding of the jets all around her. Finally she bobbed upward. Upon emerging, she took in air and looked up at Tom. He crossed his arms over his chest and grinned at her. His cock was getting hard again.

“I like to watch you come, Rainie,” he said. This was a compliment that he paid her.

Rainie tried to say a witty retort she had thought of, but her voice vanished. Her throat was dry from dehydration and screaming.

“Let me help you,” Tom said as he took her hand. After a brief struggle, Rainie sat on her knees. She hung her weary head, and the warm water dripped from her hair onto her body and the floor. Tom put a bottle of water in her hand, and she drank it greedily, allowing her throat to open so the cold liquid could pour straight down her gullet. The drink refreshed her, invigorated her, but also hurt her stomach.

“I don’t know what came over me,” Rainie said, shaking her head. She felt she needed to apologize to Tom for being so selfish.

Tom said, “My ex-girlfriend loved those jets, too. I always thought she looked so beautiful when she came.” He smiled affectionately. “But she wasn’t as pretty as you. And you come a lot more.”

In Rainie’s current state of mind, Tom’s words were the sweetest thing any boy had ever said to her. She blushed. “Thank you,” she said shyly.

“Are you tired?” Tom asked.

Rainie honestly didn’t know how to answer the question. Yes, she was damn tired, but there was a last surprise in store, and she intended to find out what it was. Cream dribbled out her pussy and down her thigh, so she knew she was still horny and able to come some more. Mainly she worried about her stomach muscles, and the effect that all this moisture would have on her skin.

“How much more do you think I can take?” Rainie asked.

“Well, you’ve already gone about as far as I thought a person could go, so maybe you don’t have any limits. If we do this thing I have in mind, you can stop at any time.”

Rainie sat up, excited. “Don’t keep me in suspense! What do you have in mind?”

Tom left the shower room. When he returned, his arms carried several bottles and tubes. Some bottles Rainie didn’t recognize, but others she knew instantly. There was a jar of petroleum jelly, a bottle of baby oil, and a tube of KY-Jelly. One tube? No, he had four or five. Holy shit.

“I liked what you said about being slippery,” Tom said. “I hope this is what you had in mind.”

Rainie’s heart pounded. She felt the blood rushing through her, flowing fast after the way she had opened up her blood vessels throughout the night. Her nipples went hard as did her pelvic flesh. Even her cheeks and lips felt flushed and full. Just the sight of the lubricants had an aphrodisiac effect on her. Would she be able to come another fifty or so times, after the workout she’d already put her body through? There was only one way to find out.

Tom knelt down beside her. “There’s baby oil in the massage room, and Vaseline in the nursery.” Tom smiled. “I won’t be taking these back when I’m done.”

Rainie couldn’t take her wide eyes off the assortment. “What about the KY?”

“Well,” Tom began, “my ex and I made a secret stash of jelly and condoms, in case we were ever got here without picking up supplies.”

“Five tubes?” Rainie asked.

“What can I say. She liked to buy in bulk at the wholesale club. She was an efficient woman, I’ll give her that.”

“How long ago did you two break up?”

“Four months ago. Quit changing the subject.” Tom let the containers clatter to the floor.

Rainie vibrated like a tuning fork from head to toe with anticipation. “What… how do you want to start?”

“Shhhhhhhh,” Tom chided her. “Just lay down and relax.”

She did as she was instructed. The tile was warm and wet. She closed her eyes and waited.

Tom squirted something, and then Rainie felt his hand between her legs. He fingered the jelly into her vagina, massaging her G-spot. “Ohhhhhh,” Rainie moaned quietly, as her hips rocked against the hand. Tom worked her pussy over, lubricating her clitoris and labia with care.

But Tom didn’t just lube her cunt. He squirted the tube onto her thighs, then used his hands to cover her. He slid his hands up and down her thighs, inside and out, over her knees, along her calf muscles, over her ankles, between her toes. The feeling of lube between her toes made Rainie jump. Vince had sucked on her toes once, and she came hard from it, but it had only been once. Now she remembered how sensitive her toes were.

Like an artist meticulously crafting a masterpiece, Tom spread the jelly over Rainie’s entire body. At first she felt lusciously lubed up, but then the jelly began to turn sticky as it dried on her skin, and Rainie had a hard time sliding on the floor. That’s when Tom opened up the baby oil and started squirting her from a standing position. Rainie laughed as the fluid drenched her. Tom poured oil on her face and into her hair. She slipped her hands over her body, seeking purchase and finding none. Her kinky date flipped her onto her stomach and massaged the oil into her back, shoulders and ass, and he worked it into her hair as well. There would be no escape. After the baby oil, Tom opened the other bottles, also filled with massage oils, at least one of them fragrant.

As Tom plastered her body with oil, Rainie moved her breasts against the tiles, flicking her hard nipples along the cracks. She wanted to fuck Tom, but she also wanted him to keep lubricating her. The KY seemed to create a layer between her skin and the oil, and she slid frictionless over the tile, dripping large drops of oil. The entire building was silent, and the only sound in the shower chamber was Tom’s hands slipping and slapping against Rainie’s skin.

Oh my goodness, she thought, I want to fuck him so bad. Rainie turned back over onto her back. Tom grinned with evil intent as he poured more oil onto his hand and began to oil his own body.

“Oh my,” Rainie said.

Tom covered his chest in oil, then his tight tummy and pelvis. The oil trickled slowly down his muscles as he poured more onto his arms, his legs, up over his face and into his hair. The boy glowed with a shiny sheen, and Rainie knew she must have him. When he started to rub the oil into his cock, it was too much for Rainie. She sat up on her knees, then immediately slipped and crashed against Tom. They laughed hard for a moment, and then Rainie planted her slippery mouth on Tom’s. She rubbed her body against his, her pussy against his cock. She pushed Tom onto his back, then mounted him.

Nothing could have been more effortless than the gliding of that big, shiny hairless cock into Rainie’s drenched hole. Even though it was very thick, Rainie was so stretched and creamy that she wondered how far in he had gone. Then that big head thumped her uterus again, and she knew she was full of penis. She rocked back and forth, hitting her G-spot.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh,” Rainie said. She moaned and panted and cooed in a melody of pleasure. Without stopping the fuck, she reached over and picked up the Vaseline. She opened it, took out a big glob and dropped it on Tom’s chest. Tom was really getting into the wet act, and Rainie wondered if he hadn’t shared her fantasy. Rainie moved her slick hands up and down her date, making him even more slick. Tom also took a handful of jelly and slapped it against Rainie’s breastbone. They massaged each other as Rainie bounced playfully up and down on Tom’s big cock. It buried itself inside her again and again, and Rainie felt cream spurting out of her each time the tool impaled her. She came hard, then again, and then a third time within about fifteen seconds. This time she screamed like a cheerleader in a horror film, filling the chamber with her loud cries, hurting her own ears.

She felt Tom’s fingers reach around to her ass. She took his hand and encourage him to bury a lubed digit into her asshole. She came before he was even in up to his knuckle.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” Tom asked matter-of-factly.

“No,” Rainie panted, “but I’ve… always… wanted to… I think… I could tonight… Let’s do it…”

She slipped off of Tom, then fell onto her hands and knees. Tom took more KY and spread it over Rainie’s back and ass. Then he applied a generous portion to her anus. Rainie sometimes slipped her vibrator into her ass during masturbation, but she’d never really been in the right frame of mind to enjoy the experience. Now she was hornier than she’d ever been in her life, spasming still even though the cock was gone from her cunt. She knew the moment those fingers started stuffing her asshole that it would make her cum.

Sure enough, as Tom wedged his lubed fingers inside her ass, Rainie came. He shoved huge dollops of jelly into her ass, and one time when she flexed her sphincter muscles, the jelly squirted out.

When Tom finally placed the head of his penis against Rainie’s butthole, Rainie was twitching and rocking like an animal. She relaxed her bottom as much as possible. Tom pushed, and instead of the slight resistance Rainie had been expecting, the monstrous member slipped easily inside her, right up to the goddamn hilt.

“GOD!” Rainie cried. “Yeah yeah YEAH!!” She bucked back against the cock. There was a slight twinge of pain as the head poked her rectum, but it was not painful enough to make her stop fucking. Rainie had to balance herself very carefully on her hands and knees to keep from slipping on the tile. Tom, sensing Rainie about to fall, wrapped an arm around her waist and positioned her onto her side, so that Tom spooned her as he rammed his cock up her ass. Rainie lifted her leg so she could finger her pussy. The digits slipped in and out effortlessly, and she came again. The ability to reason left Rainie, and soon she was rutting mechanically against the tool inside her body. They fucked like this for many long minutes, with Rainie suffering through at least two more orgasms.

“Where do you want it?” Tom asked.

“On my pussy,” Rainie whispered.

Tom pulled out of Rainie’s now tender ass, then laid her on her back. He aimed himself at Rainie’s red, shiny pussy, then stroked his slick cock until the cum spurted. Rainie languidly rubbed her hand in the still-spurting semen that landed on her. She lay limp like pasta. Tom looked tired, too.

“Best date ever,” Tom said as he fell onto his back.

“Best date ever,” Rainie muttered.

They lay that way, separated and spent, for about five minutes. Then Tom got up, and he helped Rainie stand. He turned on the shower, and the two lovers spent a very long time trying to get the lubricants off their body and out of their hair. Rainie was still charged from her hundred orgasms, but she knew she’d never be able to withstand another one, so she stayed calm as she and Tom washed one another. Tom’s cock was red as a brick, still filled with blood even as it hung.

The two dried off, turned off all the lights, and finally stood one last time under the “Exit” sign in the pool hanger. They dressed in the dark, giggling and touching. As they left, Tom pulled the door closed behind him with a click. He opened the car door for Rainie, and as she sat, she realized she hadn’t sat on anything other than the floor and benches for about five hours. Her clothes felt strange and heavy against her skin.

Tom tossed the bottles of lube into the dumpster, then got in the car himself. Soon Tom was back on the interstate. They started out holding hands, but Tom looked shaky and needed both hands to steer. The radio played.

Rainie said, “Best date ever.”

“Best date ever,” Tom agreed.

“I’m… grateful.” The word sounded wrong, inadequate, or maybe too formal. But she meant it.

“Even before we got to the gym, this was my best date ever.”

“Oh Tom,” Rainie said with a deep sigh. “I agree.”

“So you’ll go out with me again?” Tom said.

Rainie stared incredulously at Tom, then rolled her eyes. “Baby, you’ll have to convince me we shouldn’t move in together.”

Tom laughed. “I feel the same way,” he said.

He pulled up to Rainie’s apartment building. When she stepped out of the car, she nearly fainted. Tom got out and helped her stand. With one arm around her waist, he guided her up the stairs to her door. Rainie thanked him, then fumbled with her keys. She stood in the open door.

“Do you want to come in?” she asked.

Tom came inside, and Rainie locked the door. She fixed big cups of ice water for them both, then led him to the bedroom. Rainie took off her dress and underwear, kicked off her shoes, and promptly collapsed on top of the bedspread. She vaguely sensed Tom lying beside her before she passed out like a light.

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