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The Gift

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I had been in your service for only a few months when you decided you wanted a permanent marking of some kind to denote me as yours when I was in the company of others. You considered your decision completely knowing full well the decision you made would effect me forever. That is the beauty of a master/slave relationship. It is more than a possession.

It is an obsession of love, trust, and intimacy. A slave must be willing to be obsessed by another. The master must be willing to obsess another, taking full responsibility for both parties actions.

You decided that you would present me with a few choices as you respected my judgment despite my position as your slave. You told me to get ready to go out, making sure to wear only the things you laid out for me. I willing obliged your request and dressed myself in the black stockings and garter. The sleek black dress fit me well. The long black, silk gloves fit easily over my hands and forearm. The pearls and earrings set off by a large sapphire finished the look.

As I walked down the stairs you were talking with your business partners. You all stopped at once as I approached. You reached out and took my hand kissing it. I smiled in return. I obediently waited as you finished discussing business. As you ushered them out the door you pointed towards the garage door. I followed you to the car. It was a black Mercedes 500. You opened the door for me. Anticipation was getting the best of me, as I had no idea what you had in store for me tonight.

As we pulled out of the garage, you gently eased the car down the driveway. This was my first trip out since my arrival. The beauty of the landscape awed me, adding to my growing love for you. As your slave I eagerly sought to please your every whim. When I failed you punished me appropriately but never severely. Fortunately I had never done anything to truly anger you. I had seen your anger and did not wish it upon myself. I watched in shock the night the maid dropped your crystal vase. You immediately ordered her to strip. When she refused you ordered the attendants in to strip her, then proceed to whip every square inch of her flesh. I found myself fascinated by the way you struck her. The flow of the whip, the sound it made as it contacted her flesh. The red welts rising with each new stroke. I felt her pain and humiliation. But as masters go, you are not cruel, you did not cast her out of your home. Instead you offered her the chance to repay her mistake. She agreed to your terms of daily whippings for a week in exchange of keeping her job and living quarters. What a price to pay for a simple mistake.

We pulled into what appeared to be a small industrial park. You parked the car and told me that we were making a brief stop before dinner. You opened my door and we proceeded inside the building. The lights were dim but inside I could hear various forms of whimpering and discussion. Immediately my instincts took over. This was not just a night on the town. You obviously had something in mind for me. I looked at you with pleading eyes. You smiled gently and told me not to worry.

A door opened before us. Inside there were many different types of tables and apparatuses. At each station there were attendants waiting. We approached an office and were invited to sit down.

‘Now then Marcus, you are sure that you have what we need?” you asked. “Of course, it is merely up to you to decide which one it will be.”

You turned to look at me. “Remove your clothes”. I looked at you, shocked at the thought of disrobing in front of this stranger. The lesson of the maid came to mind and I quickly did as you said. “You may leave on the garter and stockings, nothing else.” You ordered me to turn and walk around. I felt so self-conscious as I did so. The markings of my weekly accounting still fresh from last night.

“Very nice” Marcus replied. “I think we can narrow it down to branding or piercing” you turned to me.

“Which would you prefer my dear?”

The thoughts ran thru my head. I wanted desperately to run from this place. But I knew what would happen if I did. In an effort to please you I decided on both, as this was the only way I could truly prove my love and devotion to you.

“May I have permission to speak?” “Yes, of course my dear “ “I wish to have both.” The words flooded my ears. I almost wished I hadn’t said it. You had this look of pleasant surprise. “You don’t have to have both.” “But I want to please you” I said as I dropped to my knees and placed my head on your lap. You stroked my cheek and smiled intently at me.

“If that is what your wish, Marcus will you proceed?”

I was escorted to what appeared to be an examining table with stirrups. With assistance my legs were spread wide and tied to the stirrups. My arms were then pulled above my head and cuffed to the head of the table. You watched as my skin was prepped. The alcohol was cool on my nipples making them stand up. The panic started to grip me as I realized what was about to happen. Marcus approached me with a hook shaped needle and firmly grabbed my left nipple. He twisted it hard, watching the color disappear. Before the blood could flow back in, he inserted the needle thru and fastened the nipple ring as the circular needle came around. I gasped at the sharp stinging pain. Marcus blotted a small drop of blood away. He pulled on the ring gently to insure that it was secure. I winced again at the resurging sting. He repeated the same procedure with my right nipple, and then you walked over and inspected his work.

“Very nice,” you commented. I tried to smile as the tears formed in my eyes. While this was painful, I wasn’t sure if the tears came from only the pain or from my love for you and my eager devotion to your happiness.

Marcus went around between my legs. I felt him spread my lips apart, pulling at my clit. As he rubbed it gently, I could feel my blood engorging my hood. Wetness forming below it. He applied the alcohol and proceeded as he did with my nipples, pinching my clit hard, he inserted the needle and fastened the ring. He pulled it, this time more firmly than he had with my nipples. I let a cry out. Marcus smiled a deviant smile. You ran your finger over my breasts touching the rings. A tingling sensation flooded thru me.

Then one of the attendants came over from the wall where a small furnace was. He approached carrying a long metal stick with something red on the end. As my brain processed this, the attendants firmly grabbed my legs and held them. Marcus applied the brand to both sides of my inner thighs just beside my cunt. This time I screamed out in pain. You looked down at me, with no expression on your face. The fire burning between my legs was only surpassed by the arousal I felt.

They released me from the table and the attendants handed me my clothes to put back on. Painstakingly I dressed. Each touch of fabric, setting fire to my thighs, my sex, my breasts. We went to dinner and out dancing. I did my best not to let you see how uncomfortable I was. When we returned home you ordered me to your room. I instinctively undressed and awaited you. As you walked in I lay back on the bed and spread my legs for you. You inspected the brands and rings. I noted your pleasure and your arousal. You lowered yourself to my breast and licked gently at the nipple. I writhed below you and the wetness returned. Slowly you slid your hand done to my cunt. You stroked the sides and spread my moisture across the lips. You flicked the ring on my clit as you mounted me. As you pushed in I could feel the new sensation of your pressure combined with your strokes in and out of me. This heightened awareness forced me over the edge too soon. Normally this would be forbidden but given my performance this evening you felt I was entitled to a little pleasure for all that I had given to you.

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