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Out in Left Field

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Chapter One

“Fuckin hell!” I screamed as I looked in my locker for my deodorant.

I was sure that I had brought some in my bag but much to my chagrin, I had forgotten it.

The wrong time to do so too considering I had a date with a hot girl, Irene, from London. I met her after one of our matches last week. As I was going under the tunnel, she yelled out my name asking for an autograph and a kiss.

When I went up there to fulfill her request, she smelled and looked good. Once I finished scribbling and locking lips with her, I asked for a date; of course, she accepted.

“Roger! Ay mate! The team is going to a party at the old pub, ya joinin’ us?” Nathaniel Terry, my good friend and teammate, said coming out the shower clad in only a small towel.

We had just beaten our rival Old Trafford 3-2 in a match that literally turned out to be a dogfight.

Nathaniel and I play for Manchester United soccer team in England. We have known each other since attending Salsberry Middle over ten years ago, were drafted to play for Manchester in the same year 2005, as well as band mates in a eighties cover band back in the day.

You could say we were close friends, tight.

I continued searching for something to smell good as Nathaniel walked over smacking me with the towel he had just took off.

“Madden, you heard me? Ar you goin’ to the pub?” Nathaniel shook his wet hair out, pelting me with the drops.

“Nah, I got a date tonight. I told you I was takin’ that chick Irene out for dinner.” Once I found my cologne bottle, I sprayed it on hoping that it would suffice.

“Ah yeah! I don’t believe you told me if she had a friend er not though,” he said while opening his locker.

“I didn’t. Besides, you don’t have a problem getting dates Nathaniel. You are the team heartthrob.”

Amused, he laughed while slipping into his pants. “Yeah, well, so true. However, I always noticed you knew how to pick the lookers Roger. Your former girlfriends, quite lovely.”

Approvingly, I nodded; he was right, I’ve had my share of nice ones. “Yeah, so have you though Nathaniel.”

Once I finished my sentence, he shook his head while putting Ban on his armpit. “Hey Nathaniel, can I use some of that? Fuckin’ forgot mine at home.”

“Sure mate. Why don’t you keep it? I’ve got another stick at the flat.” He handed it to me before grabbing his Obsession.

“Thanks chum, appreciated.” I put some on quickly after noticing I was supposed to pick up my date at eight.

“Like I said, if she’s got friends, sisters, whatever, let me know.” Nathaniel was buttoning his shirt while slipping into his shoes.

Confused, I continued to look at my best friend. I could not understand why he wanted me to ask Irene about a partner for him when Nathaniel could get a girl without saying a word. For as long as I could remember, Nathaniel was always a ladies’ man.

His rock star long brown hair and chiseled features turned heads everywhere he went. Not to mention, he was the most popular member of the team, receiving fan mail that could rival David Beckham.

The body on Nathaniel was tight as well. Although not overly muscular, he was built in all the right places; slender and long just like a well-trained thoroughbred.

As I watched him finish getting dressed, I stared at the man I had known and loved like a brother seemingly forever. He was so gorgeous, sexy. The man carried himself well; he was kind and intelligent.

I took pleasure in just looking at him, even though I considered myself straight. Of course, if the opportunity to spend a night with him presented itself, I’m sure I would do more than just give it a thought. However, anything more than that would probably be out of the question.

“Roger, earth to Roger. Listen mate, if you and Irene want to stop by the party after your date, please do. We should be there till the wee hours of the mornin’.” He grabbed his comb to tame the strands whilst gazing into his mirror.

“Thanks mate, we just might do that.” I put on my jeans after sliding my tight fitting t-shirt over my head.

Once I pulled it down, I noticed Nathaniel giving me the eye.

“What, Nathaniel?”

“Ah nothin’ really mate, just looking at what your wearin’ to see the girl, that’s all.”

Immediately, I became self-conscious. Nathaniel was also a fashion plate as well. “Is somethin’ wrong with what I have on?”

“Erm, well, I just thought you’d dress up a little more considering it is your first date with her is all.”

Suddenly, I began second-guessing my choice of wardrobe. “Well do ya’ think…”

“Nah chum, if she really likes you, she’ll be okay with it.” He answered while closing the door.

“Have a good time mate, remember what I said about stopping by afterwards.” Slowly he trotted out the room backwards while waving.

At that moment, I wondered if I should go home and change. Nathaniel did have a point about the first date outfit, however, maybe she would understand that I did just come from playing a match.

After only a couple of more minutes, I shook my head and decided not to worry. However, I did think back to the way Nathaniel gawked at me.

The manner was intent, stern. Unless he was just so bothered by the way in which I was dressed.

I closed my locker before gazing at my watch. When I saw it was seven fifteen, I made up my mind that it was time to go. Would not want to keep my new gal waiting.

Chapter Two

Unfortunately, the date did not go so well. Although she was beautiful, we just did not click.

She nearly talked my ear off not to mention seemed to already have it in her head that we would be exclusive when I specifically told her in our conversation that I was not looking for anything long term.

The reason for staying single was simply that I wanted to keep myself open for potential experiences. Namely, with my good friend Nathaniel whom I fancied a little more than I first thought.

Back when we started hanging out, it was purely platonic; I had no designs on him whatsoever. However, nowadays, Nathaniel stayed on my mind more than I cared to admit. That fact actually bothered me but my guess; it was just a phase.

Recently, he had cut ties with his latest woman, Gina, from the States. She was a major fashion designer that wanted Nathaniel to quit football to follow her around the world. Of course, Nathaniel refused and once he informed her that it was not happening anytime soon, their relationship started to deteriorate.

After taking Irene home, I drove to the McFahey’s pub in east Birmingham to the site of the party Nathaniel had mentioned.

When I walked in the whole place broke out in cheers and song. Obviously, my teammates were expecting me to come after my evening was done. Not only that, I noticed they were more than a little happy to see me meaning they were most likely plastered.

I took a seat at the bar, ordering a drink. After I placed the money down, Nathaniel came over stumbling with a glass he held tightly in his hand.

“Well allo Roger, how was the date?” Nathaniel said before drinking the contents down.

“Erm not good. She was too aloof for me and she talked way too much.” I patted the chair next to me urging him to sit.

Chuckling, he took my invitation while signaling for the bartender. “Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Good thing you noticed that straight away. It’s hard for us world class athletes to find decent company without fear of getting caught up.”

Agreeing I nodded, finishing my drink as well. “Yeah, so true.”

“Hey mate, another of whatever he’s havin’ for my friend please.” Nathaniel told the man tending.

“Thanks chum,” I took the glass while looking at my watch.

As I sat there, I wondered how much Nathaniel had drank tonight. He seemed okay for the most part, not slurring his words, though the manner in which he walked over was of concern.

Once he was done, I saw out the corner of my eye that he turned to face me. Instead of asking what he wanted, I decided to wait to see what he would do or say.

Slowly, I sipped from the glass as I felt Nathaniel’s hand caress my back. The feel of it caused a stir down below almost immediately. I lowered my eyelids, savoring the pleasure of his touch.

‘Why am I enjoying this so much?’

“Roger, I’m ready to head out, had enough of this place. Would you like to come over for a bit before goin’ home?” He was still rubbing my muscle, making the stir more of a disruption.

Right away, I had a response to his question. “Sure mate, why not. Besides, you should not be driving tonight considering how many you’ve had.”

“I haven’t had that much. Only about, six maybe seven,” he laughed while giving the man a few more bucks.

“See you don’t even remember how many, let me take you home. I’m sure if we tell the owner. He will allow you to leave your car parked here.” Reluctantly, I got up still craving his massage.

Before he could object, I walked away looking for Jim, the manager of the bar. We had known Jim almost our whole lives so I knew this would not be an issue.

While I searched, I thought about the feelings that Nathaniel invoked from his kind gesture. Was that a result from the alcohol?

Considering I had developed a longing for him over the past couple of years of being teammates, I had hoped that he might want to have that bisexual experience with me. Although I loved the women, I had fantasized what it would be like to be in bed with a man.

Chapter Three

After talking with Jim, we hopped in my car to drive to Nathaniel’s flat in south London. I had only been over his place a few times since he’d moved in three years ago. For whatever reason, when we hung out, he always liked to come back to my apartment.

Slowly, I guided him out of my car, up the stairs of his building. My arm was around his waist, supporting him so he could move without falling.

“Ay Roger, thanks mate. Those things are just startin’ to hit me,” he stammered on his words while belching.

“I knew you had too much. It’s alright though, at least you are at home now.” Once we reached his door, I picked him up over my shoulder, laying him across his sofa.

“Whoa Roger, Jesus, I’m glad I did not have to retch.” Nathaniel lay back on the cushions, while watching me.

The thought of him vomiting didn’t come to mind, I just tried to get him over to the couch faster. “I knew you wouldn’t so I brought you ova. Did you need somethin’, water er erm…”

“No thanks mate. However, this furniture is not fit for sleeping. I believe I’d rather go to my bed, can you help me.” He got up slowly, trying not to lose his balance.

That moment, my mind raced as I tried to think what I would say. Part of me wanted to stay and try putting out this burning desire to be with him.

The other wants to leave right away because although I really would like to be with John, I did not want to be here while he was drunk.

I walked him to his room and immediately he flopped on the bed.

Patting the spot next to him, “Roger, why don’t you spend the night huh? As long as you don’t mind sharing the bed with me since the couch is so uncomfortable.”

At that point, I replayed what he had just said in my head. ‘I can’t do this, not now.’

“Uh, no Nathaniel, I’m gonna head home. Besides, we have breakfast with the team tomorrow; we both need to get up early. Get some rest and sober up chap. I turn the lock for you, no need to get up, G’nite.”

Before he could object, I left out of his flat.

Once I got back to my car, I leaned my head forward into the steering wheel.

‘What the fuck? I had him right there, I could have satisfied this desire, longing and then maybe it would have went away.’

There I sat a few moments pondering what should have been. Nathaniel was leaving the door open for an encounter and I just literally shut it in his face.

As I started my engine, I thought about my stupidity. I hoped that the chance would present itself again since I had squandered this one away.


The following morning, the team met at a local diner for breakfast. Once we got in, I saw Nathaniel chatting with Charlie, our goalie and captain. When our eyes met, he glared at me before turning his attention back to Charlie.

‘I pissed him off by not staying this morning.’

To break the ice, I walked over to sit at their table.

“What’s up Madden? How was the date last night, didn’t get a chance to ask you before you left.” Charlie said after gulping down his juice.

Nathaniel took a bite of his biscuit seemingly trying to ignore my presence.

“Erm not so good I’m afraid. She was a bit of a dunce, too chatty of a bird for me.” The waitress came over as I finished my sentence. I ordered my usual cereal with fruit.

“Ah well, good you saw that right away. You should’ve just stuck somethin’ in ‘er mouth, if you know wot I mean,” he chuckled, before getting up. “I’ll be back, I wanted to ask the coach somethin.”

Once he walked away, Nathaniel did not even raise his head.

‘Obviously he wanted me there.’

Nervously, I tapped my fingers on the table. “Look Nathaniel, I’m sorry that I left so quickly, I…”

“Don’t worry about it Madden. I was just tryin’ to be hospitable. Didn’t want you drivin’ home inebriated is all.” He played with his fork while not meeting my gaze.

‘No I think it was more than that.’

“I appreciate that but is there some other reason?” I said while taking my cereal from the server.

Angrily, he tossed his utensil on the wood. “What would make you think that,” he snapped.

I put the first spoonful in my mouth. “Erm well you seem a little unhappy that I did not stay.”

“You’re damn right. Madden, you act like you are so innocent, oblivious to whatever is goin’ on around you. I like you Madden, always have, always will,” he hissed while picking up a piece of fruit.

‘Now I know why he put his hand on my back.’

“Nathaniel, let’s go outside and chat for a moment.” I rose while finishing the contents in my bowl.

“No Madden, there is nothing to talk about. It is obvious that you don’t want this to transpire. It’s fine, we can still be friends. Just forget about it.”

The moment I was about to say another word, Charlie walked back over.

“Alright, that’s settled. Madden looks as if your done with breakfast, you sure don’t eat much. As a matter of fact, you eat like a bird.” He laughed while taking another muffin from the basket.

Wryly, Nathaniel smiled at me as I put some money on the table and walked away.

‘I should have stayed last night but I just was not ready for that to occur.’ Thoughts of what he’d told me went through my head; he wanted me and accused me of being oblivious, maybe even naive.

‘Fuck Madden, it was there for you and you might have blown it. The chance to be with your close friend in bed; you longed for it and when the opportunity presented itself you dismissed it, you coward.’

Alone, I walked out the back door of the diner to the parking lot. I lay against the wall thinking of him. How I just hurt his feelings by being such an idiot.

‘Why do I care so much all of a sudden?’ I’m a straight man who wants to experience a gay encounter. If it never happens will it kill me?

Right then, I made up my mind that this was no longer a big deal and that my emotions involving Nathaniel needed to be put in check. I liked women, I wanted to be married someday.

Although I was still for keeping my options open, I decided to put this incident with Nathaniel behind me. As long as I had our friendship, I would be content with that. We were brothers, teammates, and friends first: tight.

Chapter Four

The next few days, Nathaniel and I did not revisit the conversation we had at the breakfast table. Seemingly, he had gotten over the feelings as he put them.

However, I had not. I kept thinking to myself what had I done. Although I had tried to reason that this was not going to become an issue, that our friendship was more important, the longing for him did not go away.

‘I need to confront him about this.’

After our match with Stoke City where we beat them 1-0, I waited for him once I finished showering. I had made sure that everyone was out of the locker room. The only person I did not see was Charlie, whom I assumed left right after since his things weren’t there.

I sat on the bench in front of his locker, twiddling my thumbs when I noticed that Charlie wasn’t gone. Not only that, he was stepping out of the shower with Nathaniel, completely naked, kissing his lips like he was his lover.

‘What the fuck?’ I had nowhere to run, all I could do is just watch in disbelief as Charlie held my friend, tight.

“What the hell is goin’ on here Nathaniel, Charlie?” I said to both of them who looked at me completely surprised by my presence.

“What’s up Roger, I know you don’t have a problem with this, especially after you told me no.”

“Yeah, well…I had no idea you would go after Charlie either. What did you need me for if he was what you desired?”

Charlie looked at Nathaniel, confused. “What is goin’ on Nathaniel?”

“It’s nothin’ Charlie. I wanted Roger to be with me and he declined. Nothin’ to concern yourself over. You’re the one I want Charlie.” That moment, he took his head pulling him in for another kiss.

I shifted my feet before walking closer.

‘No, I can’t lose him completely, I care for him.’

“Nathaniel, it was more than nothin’ and besides, I…I’ve reconsidered.”

Nathaniel and Charlie looked at me with surprise.

“It’s too late now Roger. You made your choice, you’ll have to live with it is all. You had no concern for my feelings, why have some now. Especially since you left my flat in the manner you did the other night.”

Still, I stood there motionless. I could not believe what I was seeing.

‘Charlie was gay?’

“Nathaniel, I know I was a fuckin’ coward alright I messed up.”

“Hmph well I guess you did, Charlie is with me now.”

He paused then turned towards me. “God’s Roger, you are such an idiot. The day before when you mentioned goin’ out with that chick Irene, I was so mad at you. I mentioned how your outfit didn’t work. Then of course, I said if she had friends let me know. God knows I had no interest in them but I would put up the appearance to be near you, anything to be close with you, tight.”

Charlie started getting dressed sensing the tension between us.

“Roger you had your chance and blew it. You are too busy worrying about who knows about your orientation to care for my feelings. And since you made that decision, I guess you’ll have to live with it.”

‘I’m not falling for Nathaniel already am I?’

What am I to do? I knew that I still wanted to be with women, deep down, but at that moment, I could not bear to see Charlie with him.

“Nathaniel, look like I said, I do have feelings for you, always have but I was not ready. Charlie ain’t no nancy.”

Charlie put his hand on Nathaniel’s naked shoulder. “Well Madden, I like a little of both actually. Looks as if you have lost your chance with Nathaniel, yeah?” Charlie buried his head into Nathaniel’s neck.

Still miffed at this situation, I cleared my throat. As much as I wanted to answer Charlie, all I could do was turn and walk out.

‘God’s what now?’

Nathaniel meant what he said and I was too timid to answer Charlie’s probing question. When I arrived at my vehicle, I got in and sat back on the seat.

“Damnit, I’m such a fool. I want him but I’m just not prepared to admit my curiosity.” I hit the steering wheel making the horn sound loudly.

My thoughts were on what I had saw. Unbelievable that Nathaniel and Charlie were involved.

‘That should have been me.’

I started the car up, proceeding to drive. I could go home and do some soul searching. Either I would let go of my feelings for Nathaniel completely or I’d let him know that it was not too late for me or us to have that experience and be tight.

Chapter Five

Over the next few days after that meeting in the locker room, Nathaniel was quite distant from me. He and Charlie were very careful about showing affections towards one another in front of the team.

‘I should out them.’

As much as I wanted to bring that embarrassment to them, it would show me as nothing but a jealous idiot. Nathaniel was already frosty towards me; I did not want to lose our relationship completely.

At this point, I had made up my mind that Nathaniel was too important to let go. Although I wanted to continue my straight life, I desired to have him at least once. Moreover, I longed for it.

On the team day off, we decided to meet at another brewery close to the stadium for a bachelor party given for our linesman, Andy.

The gathering started at seven and seemingly, by nine, everyone was quite drunk.

There were plenty of strippers around since the team was paying for it.

While sitting at the bar talking to a gorgeous redhead, I noticed Nathaniel speaking to a beautiful dark skinned beauty.

The lady’s body was amazing, curves in all the right places. From the view in which I was standing, she did not look to be bad by the face either.

Curious and interested, I decided to go over and have a closer look.

Once I stepped over, Nathaniel’s eyes met mine. Since everyone was inebriated, he didn’t give me the cool attitude he had been giving me since that evening.

“Well, well if it isn’t Madden. What are you drinkin’ friend?” Nathaniel turned towards the tender, giving him some cash.

“Rum and Coke, mate. Thanks.” I said while checking out the pretty girl.

She was quite the looker and seemingly, when she turned around my way, she wanted to know me as well.

“Allo, what’s your name gorgeous?” She took another drink out of her glass.

“Names Roger, Roger Madden and you are?”

“Selena, charmed.” When she put her hand out, I kissed it lightly.

Nathaniel raised an eyebrow when he handed me the drink. “Here ya’ go chum. What’s the big idea tryin’ to steal my girl?”

“Who said she was yours? As I recall, the team paid for these lovely entertainers so you cannot claim any of them.”

Selena laughed while taking her champagne flute from Nathaniel. “So true Mr. Madden.”

“Please call me Roger.”

As I was making nice with her, Nathaniel was trying to distract me. Making faces as I talked, though out of her view.

However, I ignored his gestures and continued to try chatting with her, hoping that she would like to take me on.

Although I longed for Nathaniel, I had not had sex with anyone in six weeks. Right then, I needed a good shag to stave off the erection that was hard as a nail in my pants. Moreover, what better way to be with Nathaniel than be with a girl too.

Since I was feeling good and confident about myself, I decided to give it a go and ask her about her plans. She looked like a gal that might want to have fun with both of us.

“So Selena, how’s about accompanying me and Nathaniel this evening?” I patted her leg before sliding my hand up her thigh.

Nathaniel shot me an angry look after drinking the rest of his beverage.

After taking a sip, she chuckled. “Ah Roger, sorry can’t do that. We were specifically told by your team not to do anything more than dance but if either of you are interested after tonight, here’s my number.”

That moment, she took her cards out her purse, handing one to me and John. Afterwards, she got up, giving us kisses on the cheek. “I must go gentlemen, the team says we had to be gone by ten. Hopefully I will hear from you both.” As she winked, she waltzed out of our sight.

‘Fucking team, always ruining the fun.’

“Damnit that would have been nice if they had not set any rules. I thought this was a bachelor bash?” I said while ordering a beer.

“Yeah…though I’m kinda glad she said we couldn’t. Who told you to come ova here anyway.” Nathaniel hissed.

Amused, I grinned. “No one, I just liked the way she looked was all, mate.”

“You were sitting next to a pretty redhead. You left her to come disrupt me, why me Madden.”

“Because I wanted us…to…damnit Nathaniel Let’s go to your flat and talk. There are things that I need to get off my chest.” I said while paying our tab.

“Fuck off Madden, there is nothing to say. You didn’t want me then, wot has changed now,” he whispered just loud enough for me to hear it.

“Nathaniel, let’s just go okay?” Immediately, I took his arm pulling him out by his sleeve.

On the way, I told the guys I needed to take him home because he was getting too drunk.

When we got outside, Nathaniel yanked me back. “Roger, I came with Charlie, I’m going home with him.”

“He drove you?”

“Yes he did, now let me go.” Nathaniel tried to get away but I took his arm again dragging him across the street to my Mercedes.

“Get in,” I commanded.

In a huff, he opened the door and sat. “Fuck Roger, I swear if I didn’t like you…”

Ignoring him, I started the engine, driving away.

While we rode, Nathaniel was complaining about how wrong I was for hurting his feelings, leaving the other night.

‘I know I was, but…’

“Nathaniel listen, I’m sorry about what happened. I…I’m gonna make it up to you, okay?”

That minute he stopped talking as he stared at me.

The rest of the way to his flat, we were silent. This night, I would have Nathaniel Terry, right where I wanted him. Close to me, tight.


When we arrived at his place, the alcohol had gotten to him. As I helped him up the stairs, I wrapped my arms around Nathaniel’s waist, incidentally, letting my hands drop to his tight ass.

“Ooh Roger, stop being frisky will ya,” he said as he handed me his key.

Once we got in, I sat his keys on the coffee table. I took my shoes off and jacket putting them near the couch.

“So Roger, are you gonna run awayyyy or wot.” He was completely gone, nothing would be happening tonight.

“No Nathaniel, I’m stayin’ here.” I said firmly. Although I had been drinking too, I still had my faculties in check.

“Allllrighhht, so, would you like to join me in bed or is it gonna be an issss…shue with you again.”

Of course it wasn’t an issue to lay in bed next to John, over the last year or so I had desired to be that close to him, tight.

As we trotted to his room, I held his hand so he would make it without stumbling. When we got there, we both began undressing almost as if we were stripping for each other. Though we were not really making too much contact, every time either of us tried to catch the others gaze, the heads would lower.

“What’s wrong Roger, yolu don’t like… the way I looookkk?” he chuckled while taking off his shirt.

Nervously, I chuckled, “No, it’s not that Nathaniel, just making sure yoo don’t fall ova.”

“Ahhh Roger, always a mate,” he winked while tossing his trousers to the floor.

Yes, I was and I would always be. The question was how could I still be that while wanting to snog him?

While I took off my pants, Nathaniel had already settled in bed completely naked. I had seen him in this state before but I had no idea he would strip when I would be accompanying him under the covers.

Miffed, I left my boxers on and slid underneath about ten feet to his right. I lay there, watching him fall deep in slumber, desiring to trace that lovely face with my fingertips.

‘Damn what has come over me?’

I felt like a schoolgirl on a first date; wanting to touch him anywhere I could.

“Mmmm…” escaped his lips as I continued to observe.

‘What now?’

Still, I lay there in a trance, thinking if I should take the chance to get in closer, tight. After all, since I knew he was interested too; getting in bed, completely nude.

‘He knew exactly what he was doing, curse him.’

After a couple of minutes of staring, I turned myself around to lay flat on my back. While gazing at the ceiling, I thought about our relationship and where it would go from here.

Was there any evidence before now that he wanted me? If so, then it went completely over my head.

Of course, I have never been one to pick-up on those types of things right away. Damnit, I swear, maybe this longing would be satisfied now that the perfect scenario has befallen us.

Once I had gotten tired of pondering over Nathaniel and his signals or lack thereof, I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Six

The light from Nathaniel’s window shone through brightly as I wiped my mouth with my right hand. While turning my head, I noticed I was not able to rotate because Nathaniel was lying on my chest, still knocked out.

‘Oh my God, what happened?’

Suddenly, my mind started racing as I thought about what transpired before we fell asleep. He was drunk, closing his eyes before I did so why was he on my chest? Could he have rolled over onto of me at some point during the wee hours of the morning?

His hand was on my right pectoral, resting there. Slowly, I took his into mine grasping it tightly. I tilted my head down, planting a kiss on the top of his head.

The way I felt right then, I could have frozen that moment so we could stay that way forever.

“Mmm…oohh Roger, God’s I want you,” he cooed while kissing my chest.

“I want you too…” I answered while holding his body close, tight.

Waking, he rolled over on top of me. The moment our eyes and crotches met, some friction was building below.

“Is that really how you feel Madden, fuck I can’t read you.” A smirk crossed his face as he stared into my soul.

‘I know, I can figure me out either.’

“Don’t worry about that. Just know that I want this, now Nathaniel…” I intercepted his lips immediately, pushing my tongue deep inside his mouth.

While we enjoyed the embrace, he ran his hand through my hair..

“Mmmhh…Roger, sh…ii…” he whispered as I tangled my fingers inside the strands of his beautiful brownish blond locks.

“Ooh Nat…uhh…” That minute, I wanted to feel something more than just kisses.

While he was still on top, I moved my hands down to his buttocks, gripping them tight. I pressed myself into him, rubbing against the hard vessel between his thighs.

“Ohh Roger, shit,” he said after ceasing our kiss.

Lightly, he placed small pecks on my chin continuing to drop lower until he got to the tent between my legs. Gently, he nuzzled his nose along my length, making me dizzy.

“Ohh baby…God’s Nath…!” I yelled as his mouth engulfed my shaft.

While he went on swallowing me, I grabbed a handful of his hair. As the eruption in my groin started to stir, my eyes rolled in the back of my head.

“FUCK!” I screamed while I writhed uncontrollably. The juices flowed from me quenching his thirst.

“Mmmhh…Roger, now yeah,” he said while wiping the remnants of my natural wine off the sides of his face.

“Yeah, whatever you want,” I breathed, enveloping his lips with mine.

As we continued devouring each other, Nathaniel reached over into his drawers.

“Roger, damn I have wanted this for so long baby. To be like this with yoo…,” he said while preparing himself with the condom.

Although I wanted to fuck him first, I knew that would be impossible since he had taken everything out of me.

When he finished arming himself, he took some of the lube rubbing a little between his fingers then some on my tight hole. Slowly, he penetrated me with one, twisting from left to right.

“Shit…oh, Nat…more yeah?” Even though it was not the most pleasant feeling, I knew the only way to enjoy it was by relaxing my anus, allowing him to apply the pressure so it would loosen.

“Yes, I will, I’ll be gentle.”

While he pushed another in, I gritted my teeth. I knew I wanted him inside me but I was glad he was not in so much of a hurry to thrust in; Nathaniel was not small by any means.

At the same time, he was tracing my jaw line with his lips. My arms were wrapped around his neck while my ankles lay at his sides. “Uhh Nathaniel yes…mmm…” I moaned as he took out two then put in three.

“Roger, I can feel you loosening a little there. When your ready for me, let me know.” He grinned at me whilst pushing his fingers inside me.

Again, my hands were playing with his strands. I looked into those beautiful browns as he toyed with my ass like a kid.

The more he forced the fingers into my hole, the more I desired from him. “Fuck, yes…now baby.” I breathed wanting my friend and teammate to push into my tight space.

“You sure Roger…” his look was one of concern, I nodded to let him know not to worry.

Once he picked up on my signal, he stroked his cock before touching that sweet spot with it. It only took a few small moves for him to get all the way inside me, causing both of us to gasp for air.

“Shit, Nat…” I yelled as the pleasure overtook the pain. While he penetrated me, he leaned down letting his bangs fall on to my forehead.

‘He is so beautiful.’ Our bodies moved in unison as he thrust into me while I moved upwards to make sure that I was completely filled.

“Ohh Roger…damn!” He said while pounding me into the mattress making it squeal in delight.

Still, my arms and legs bound him at that moment as I delighted in his trail of kisses along my neck. We were there encased within each other, tight.

“Nat…yesss…ohh…” I whispered while his body began to tremble.

“Damn, Roger…FUCK!” He said as I felt the latex expanding in my bum.

As the aftershocks took over him, I reached for his chin, pulling him down to my face.

“Gods Nathaniel, that felt so good.” I breathed before enveloping his lips with my own.

“Mmmhh Roger…” he cooed while sliding out of me.

Slowly, he pulled the condom off, tossing it aside. Again, he lay on top of me devouring my mouth as if it were his last meal.

At that point, I could not think about anything other than being in his arms, holding him close, tight.

Chapter Seven

After falling asleep once more, I awoke to the sounds of a television. When I rose up, I searched for Nathaniel who was not lying next to me.

‘Now what?’

I got up, looking for my clothes when Nathaniel came in with a tray of food.

“Allo gorgeous,” he said with a grin. He sat down next to me, pulling me in for another embrace.

Although I enjoyed it, I was thinking about how our relationship would be now that we had slept together.

“Uh allo, Nathaniel…um.” I stammered as he put a croissant with sausage to my lips.

I took a bite while looking into those beautiful eyes once more. “We need to chat mate.”

Nathaniel put the sandwich down on the plate and inhaled. “I know love, I’m not gonna try to run away from what happened, I wanted that Roger, and I wanted you…”

“Yes, as did I but can we function as friends now that this has happened? I mean, can we get past this and allow things to return to normal?” I said while taking another bite.

Nathaniel looked miffed at my statement. “What do you mean Madden, you want to pretend like it never occurred?”

“Um, well not that drastic but…” I looked for something less negative to say.

“Oh? It sounds like you do. You said you want things to go back the way they were before we shagged this mornin’.” His eyes narrowed as he finished his sentence.

Really, that was exactly what I wanted but I did not want to upset him more than he already was. “Nat, I…I’m a straight man that wanted to experience gay sex. Now that I have…”

“Oh so that is all it was to you huh? We have been friends for years Roger, I thought you wanted me, you took me away from Charlie.” I had angered him now; I saw the redness in his cheeks.

“Yes Nat, it’s true I wanted you and now that this happened…I…want to go back to being the way I was. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t special to me. I just…I’m not homosexual okay?” I got up from the bed leaving him there.

While I started dressing, I felt his eyes on me. “Oh really? Here’s a news flash for you Roger, you slept with me, it means that you are not straight chum.”

“Yes I am, I was curious is all. I’m rather happy you were the one to fulfill my longing. Besides, we are athletes Nat. The climate we work in will not permit us to be together, you know that.” I slipped into my shoes whilst putting on my shirt.

“Yeah, I know but Roger we connected this mornin’ love. I know you want to be with me, no one has to know.” He pulled my waist trying to get me back in bed.

“Nat, please…what…what are you sayin’? I just told Irene that I did not want a relationship, wot makes you think that I would get into one with you?” I fell down on the mattress where he wanted me.

“Roger, it doesn’t have to be that. As long as you acknowledge we have this then that will be good enough for me. Hey, you might not consider yourself gay but you are definitely bisexual. I am, I admit that proudly.”

“Only to me and Charlie you would, not to anyone else.”

“True but isn’t that all that matters? I’ll play the straight game only to keep up that appearance. It is a necessity that we do that Roger, believe me I hate doing it but I know it is the only way to avoid scrutiny.”

I knew what he was saying but I still did not want any part of this. I had my fun, now it was time to look for someone that was even more attractive than him; a female. “Look Nat, I enjoyed it but I’m not sure I’m ready to acknowledge that I’m bisexual. Let’s just move on and keep it between us alright?” I patted his leg before attempting to get up.

Quickly, he caught my hand, putting it on his bare chest. It was only then I realized that he was still nude. “No Roger, you will recognize now who you are and what you are. You want this, I know you do.”

“Nat…please,” I said as he engulfed my lips with his own causing me to lose focus.

“Mmmhh Roger, I want you inside me now. Understand wot I’m tellin’ you mate.” Nathaniel began taking my clothes right back off, I didn’t stop him because deep down I did want to fuck him. “We can still be with the ladies Roger,” he whispered while pulling my pants down. “I just want us to have this chum. We’ll be fuck buddies is all then we shall see where it leads us. No one will know.”

Once he had gotten my trousers and underwear down around my ankles, I used my feet to finish the job. Right then, he kneeled down taking my cock into his mouth.

“Shit Nat…AHHH!” I yelled while he swallowed me completely.

After a couple of minutes, he moved the tray from the bed before pushing me down to straddle me. I rose up a little, lifting my shirt over my head.

“I want you Roger…,” he breathed while stroking my dick.

At this point, I was ready to take him as he wanted. Slowly, I reached for our “necessities” from the side table.

“Oh Nat, fuck…,” I breathed while he kissed my neck. My body was on fire, my nipples hard as pebbles.

Nathaniel sheathed me before using the lube to prepare his tight puckered spot.

“Ah Roger, I want to ride you baby. Please, yeah,” he begged while jerking my man meat with his lubed hand.

“Uh…yesss Nat, ah.” Before I could respond, he lowered himself on top of my erection, gasping as I filled him completely.

“Roger, fuck…ugh…,” he moaned while moving vertically on my shaft.

I reached upward, pinching his nips, gazing into those gorgeous brown eyes.

“God’s Nat, your ass…FUCK,” I yelled loudly as went faster, pounding me into his mattress.

I moved my fingers from his pecs to the sheets on the bed, gripping them to hold on for dear life.

“Mmm…Roger, damnit baby. Are you ready to come,” he said as he leaned forward kissing my neck once more.

“Yes…,uh fuck!” I screamed before I could finish my sentence.

My body shook as he slowed down, bucking against my pelvis as if he were on horseback.

“Oh Roger…yesssss…” he screeched throwing his head back.

After the shocks were done, I gazed into those eyes once more noticing the lust in his eyes.

‘Nathaniel really does want me.’

When I tried to move once more, he pushed me back down. “Roger, I want you, damnit don’t you get it?”

“Yeah I do Nathaniel but I…I’m just not ready for this now. I cannot deny the heat between us but…”

Suddenly, he kissed my lips again. “Then don’t you idiot, acknowledge it, embrace it. Again, I won’t tell anyone.”

Once more, he invaded my mouth with his tongue.

Could I be in this fuck buddy relationship and still shag a woman? I was not sure but I had the feeling Nathaniel would not allow me to get too far away.

Chapter Eight

The rest of that day, we stayed in bed watching tv, talking, and shagging. Although I still was not all the way comfortable with the idea of being with him, I gave in because again I realized how much I liked our experience.

The morning after, the team met for breakfast. Nathaniel and I sat on either side of Charlie, who was telling jokes at that moment.

While we ate, I kept looking over at Nathaniel who was biting down into a muffin when he caught my gaze.

‘Shit, what the hell has come over me?’

Wryly, he smiled then winked. Even though I said I did not want to revisit our lovemaking, that second I desired that tight ass around my dick.

As I gulped down the last bit of coffee in my mug, my thoughts drifted to our session the day before. How good the sex felt each, and every time we did it, I had lost count by nightfall.

He made me scream out his name repeatedly, especially when he took my cock into his mouth. ‘Damn he was so good at that.’ His mouth tightly wrapped around my shaft.

Again, I gawked over at him drinking some juice. He found me looking at him once more and intentionally let a drop run from the side of his mouth.

‘God’s he is torturing me; he will make me eat my words about not wanting anything more.’

Charlie stopped eating and looked at me. “What on earth are you staring at Madden?”

Embarrassed, I put my head down. “Aw nothin’ just erm…just the watermelon on the table, it looks a little rotten.”

That was the first thing I could think of since it was directly in front of Nathaniel.

Charlie snickered whilst picking up a piece. “Madden, it looks fine to me. Looks to me that you were givin’ an eye to Terry ova ‘ere.”

‘Yeah I am, I can’t help myself.’

The table jeered as Charlie turned towards Nathaniel. “What’s goin’ on between you two?”

“Nothin’ Charlie.” Nathaniel said as he glared at Charlie while taking a piece of toast biting into it quickly.

I cleared my throat before gulping down a glass of orange juice.

Everyone was eerily quiet since Charlie asked the question.

‘This is what I was afraid of.’ Exactly the reason why I did not want to continue this “thing” we had. I was starting to become drawn to Nat, I wanted him close to me, tight.

“Right you two, I’m thinkin’ that you had something; goin’ on, you know in the campy sense, but if you say it’s not the case…then so be it.” Charlie sipped some of his coffee.

‘Campy indeed, more like bender.’

I could not believe that I was feeling this way. I am straight; I like girls. I just wanted that moment with Nathaniel that’s all.

Seemingly now, I wanted more and it was showing all over my face.

Chapter Nine

After practice, I sat by my locker thinking what I should do.

I knew that I didn’t want to admit being bisexual and that I needed to keep my longing for Nathaniel under control, but how?

After only one night, I was starting to feel different. My want for Nathaniel was turning into need really fast.

As much as I wanted to deny my desires, all I could think about was that time we spent in bed. How good his body felt next to mine, the snogging, kissing.

“Mmmhhh…” I breathed while closing my eyes thinking of it.

“Madden, earth to Roger. Did you have plans this evening?” My eyes were still closed as Nathaniel waltzed in.

“No I didn’t, anything you had in mind?” I opened my eyes before standing up in front of him.

“Well, yeah. I thought you might want to come back over and have a few bitters or…” Nathaniel smiled wryly as I walked closer.

“Yeah I would like that a lot actually.” I took his hand pulling him close to me, tight.

‘Fuck, I need this, now!’

“Ah Roger, I knew you would see it my way.” As soon as he finished speaking, I took his lips into my own forcing my tongue into his mouth.

“Mmmhhh…,” I moaned while he dropped my towel then his to the floor.

I put my hands on his shoulders making my way down to his tight ass.

“Roger…,” he whispered.

Nathaniel caressed my buttocks while flicking his tongue on my teeth.

“Nat, tell me you want this, now yeah,” I said while releasing his hips to reach inside my bag for the necessities.

“Yes Roger, now baby,” he growled while he sat on the bench.

‘I can’t live without him or this.’

Once I gazed into those beautiful browns, he reached for my cock. I stood straight up so he could easily take it all.

“Mmm, Roger. I knew this will be a lot more fun, huh?” He chuckled before grinding his face into my crotch.

“Oh Nat, sh…i…ttt…FUCK,” I screamed as his nose nuzzled my jewels.

“Mmm…” he hummed while sucking my dick, invoking the pre cum out of the mushroom head.

“Ooh…Naaattt…” I breathed as he slurped me dry.

As he continued to engulf me, he placed my hand atop his hair. Instinctively, I pressed his head in further suffocating him with the hard flesh between my legs. Wrapped tightly was his mouth around it causing the fluids in my groin to build.

“Shit…oohhh…baby,” I said while still forcing his head to move on my length.

Slowly he rose, looking into my eyes. While licking his lips, “Mmm Roger, come for me love, now baby.” Again, he kissed me before swallowing me whole.

“Uh…oh God, I’m ohhh…” I moaned, as I could no longer hold on.

Once more, I rested my palm on his head pulling him into me. “Oh Nat…FUCK yess!”

Within seconds, I flooded his mouth with my natural wine.

“Mmm, that was good. Roger as much as I want this now, let’s go yeah?”

He was right, why get caught doing this in the locker room; we will never be able to live that down.

After locking lips with him once again, I put the necessities back in my bag. I trotted over to my locker grabbing my clothes.

While I dressed, Nathaniel gave me looks that made me want to jump him.

“Stop that Nathaniel or I will tackle you right here and now.” I said while zipping my fly.

Amused, he chuckled as he slipped into his shoes. “That’s what I want you to do Madden. I cannot wait till we get back to the flat!”

Once we finished, we ran out to the lot to our respected cars. ‘God’s I want him.’

In a hurry, I drove out behind him to his place. Never had I been in such a rush to have sex with someone; the fact that it was another man sort of scared me. However, it did not make me change my mind. Although I still had my reservations about this, I wanted nothing more at that moment than to have Nathaniel Terry’s ass tightly wrapped around my shaft.

Moreover, I desired to be closer than we had ever been. Really, tight.

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