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The Fashion Show

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One night Jasmine, my wife now, and I were at home she had just gotten out of the shower when the phone rang. It was a friend of ours Paul. He asked us to come over to his place for to see what he’d found. It seemed he had cleaned up a house for a local realtor and had come across as he put it tons of clothes he thought might be fit Jasmine. Since we weren’t really doing anything but sitting around anyway.

Jasmine put on some makeup and clothes we jumped in the car and drove on over to Paul’s place which was only about five miles from ours. We swung by the liquor store grabbing a cold 12 pack of beer, being one Paul’s favorite drinks.

We pulled up to his place, he meant us at the door with a hand shake for me and a hug for Jasmine. He led us into his place which was a small granny flat, basically one room with a bathroom. Most of the floor was covered with huge piles of women’s clothes. I cracked us all a beer then put the rest in the fridge. Jasmine started looking thru the piles of clothes. Paul and I talking about how he had found the stuff. He had picked up an odd job thru another friend of ours helping a realtor clean up some rental property; they just wanted the place cleaned up. He’d told Paul to haul off all the stuff to the dump or goodwill just get it out of the house. Paul seeing a lot of the clothes were brand new or almost brought them home first. He thought of Jasmine while he was going thru the clothes, most seemed they might be her size.

Jasmine had picked out a few things holding them up in front of a full-length mirror on the wall next to the closet to see how they looked. I joked with her she could at least try them on to see if they fit. She agreed taking some things and going into the bathroom to change. She came out in a pair of skin tight jeans that looked as if they had been painted on her with a low cut v-neck sweater, the store tags were still on them. She did a little spin then bent over as something in another pile caught her eye giving us a good eye full of her cute ass. Which gave me an idea of her putting on a little fashion show. When I told her she said it sounded fun to her. I began looking thru the clothes for things I wanted to see her in. Paul took this opportunity to break out another of his finds, a quart of Jose Cuervo gold tequila, Jasmine’s favorite. Mine too because I really like what can happen when she drinks it, I knew now things were almost sure to get wild. He went over to the kitchenette to cut up some lime and brought over some shot glasses. We all did a shot chasing it with beer. Then Jasmine went back to the bathroom changing into another outfit. This time it was a light flower print cotton dress that buttoned all the way down the front. When she came out I knew I liked this one because she had only buttoned it from just below her breasts to the top of her thigh and as she stood in front of a light it shown right thru outlining every curve of her hot body, her long blonde hair falling past her shoulders, it what a truly pretty site. This time she strolled in front of us like she was a model on a runway doing a little spin the skirt opened up almost showing all of her charms. As she came by me I handed her another shot she smiled as she licked her hand, sprinkled some salt then licked it from her hand and downed the shot biting a piece of lime and shaking her head; she finished it off with a big drink of beer.

This went on for another four or five outfits until she said she thought I was trying to get her drunk so I could take advantage of her. I asked her why she would think anything like that? After all it was Paul’s tequila wasn’t it. We all laughed. This time she had on a blouse and skirt she began looking thru the shoes for a pair to go with the outfit finding a pair of red, come fuck me, pumps which really set off the black leather mini and red blouse she had on. I had found a white blouse/ shirt with an Ivy League collar and a red plaid school girl skirt. I handed them to her to try on as she headed toward the bathroom to change the outfit I suggested she could just turn her back to us to save time. After her shot she too felt that would be ok. She turned around slipping out of the red blouse and into the white shirt with her back to us not changing her skirt. She looked so hot in the black mini and red pumps with no bra just her hair covering her back. She tied the shirt at the waist, not buttoning it, while turning around. I was getting hot just watching her change into and out of all these clothes. She tried on a few more tops with the skirt before it was time to try on another one. Next she went into the bathroom taking the plaid skirt. When she came out she had on white heels with lacy little white anklets her legs were bare skin. The white shirt she put back on had the top three buttons undone showing a fair amount of her cleavage and finally the plaid skirt. Her hair was in two pony tails and she had put on her glasses which really finished off the look as she walked by she flipped her skirt up showing a white cotton thong. She looked so good as the little naughty school girl!

She came over and sat on my lap asking if I would teach her how to make out. I gave her a big kiss! Then we had another round of shots as I played with her telling her to put her tongue in my mouth as we kissed like this showing her. She said is that called French? I told her yes it was. I teased her that since she was so naughty she should get a spanking but instead she could just change her skirts with her back to us also. By now the drinks had worn down any inhibitions she might have had about exposing herself in front of Paul.

In fact at other times she had exposed much more than her back side to people. One night before we were living together I had called her from a local night spot having had a little more to drink than I felt safe to drive my bike on. I asked her to please come down and pick me up; truth be told I wanted to see her and it sounded good. She said she would be right down as soon as she thru something on. Maybe twenty minutes later she walked up behind me at the bar and said “Hi are you ready to go?” As I turned around along with the guy next to me I saw her standing there in her full length fur coat. She opened the front of the coat revealing her almost naked body all she had worn under it was a pair of black pumps with black seamed stockings attached to a black garter belt no panties with a black cup less bra. Her nipples were rock hard and her golden pubic hair glowed in the soft light of the barroom. The guy next to me nearly fell off his bar stool. I pulled her to me, slipping my arm around the small of her back, giving her a deep kiss then asked if she would like a drink since she came all this way to get me. She said sure as I moved over giving her my stool she pulled the coat closed and slipped up onto the barstool. We had a few more drinks then left, all the while I was smiling to myself as the guy on the other side of her just about drooled all over himself wishing it were he and not me that was going home with her. I admit I couldn’t resist pulling on the bottom of her coat letting it fall open so he had a good view of me playing with her leg. I even think the bartender got in on the show that night because he bought us at least two rounds on the house and keep coming over to see if we were ok.

Anyway she picked out something else to try on turning her back to us as she wiggled out of the skirt and top. Standing naked except for the heels and thong she bent over at the waist giving us a full view of her beautiful ass and pussy as she pulled the thong off while picking up a t-shirt dress, aqua in color, slipping it on over her head. It was very tight and as she pulled it down over her hips she turned giving Paul and I a quick glimpse of her golden triangle which the hem of the dress barely covered; my god did she look hot! Her small hard nipples almost poked right thru the fabric of the dress, again the light behind her shown right thru. The white pumps were exchanged for a pair of open toed straw colored heels that tied around her ankles. Soon she had put on a pair of short shorts and was trying on tops with them when she didn’t bother to turn her back any longer. The first time she just pulled the t-shirt up over her head showing us her gorgeous tits, which are 36 D’s the rest is 24 –37 5’2” about 95 lbs. At the time she still had long blonde hair that cane down to her lower back with the same golden color hair covering her neatly trimmed pussy. Blues eyes and a beautiful smile complete the whole picture. She tried on a few more tops showing us her breasts for a little longer each time I could see her nipples were getting harder with each outfit. It was only a matter of time until while she had her top off she came over for another drink. While she was standing there topless Paul told her he thought she was very beautiful, which she is, but every woman still loves to hear that sort of thing. Anyway I chimed in that he was still only seeing half of her beauty and that she should show us the rest. She looked at me smiling while we had never been with Paul, we had been with other men and women having a very free and active sex life. She enjoys having another lady from time to time, which is fine with me anytime. I enjoy sharing her with another man or men, if she wants, from time to time which she also likes. I may lead but I never push her into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. All she ever has to say is our secret word and what ever is going on stops right there. But tonight I could see in her eyes. It was on! She went back to trying on more clothes I mean she could have been there for days there were so many. By now I had found the lingerie pile. There were teddies, merry widows, garter belt & bra sets even corsets, nylons and feather boa’s. It was like a store I wondered what this lady was like that had left all this stuff behind. I wondered if she were some kind of hi-class hooker? Anyway by now Jasmine was really into playing dress up she started putting on a lingerie show for us. I noticed that Paul’s coffee table was quite strong looking so I suggested to Paul we have her stand on it to show off the sexy outfits. He started clearing a place as I spoke; Paul went out side coming back with a cement block that made the perfect step up to the coffee table.

While he was outside Jasmine came over and gave me a big kiss asking what she should do next how far should she go? I told her it was up to her she could do anything she wanted to or not do a thing; but that I sure was enjoying the show so far and I hoped it went further. She went back to the piles of clothes before Paul returned. This time putting on a purple see thru teddy with thong panties she found some matching purple heels to finish of the outfit. She walked back over stepping up on to the table for the first time which put her waist just above our eye level so we were looking up at her. She slowly turned around then faced us bending over to give us a good look at her breasts thru the gauzy material. Then standing back up she ran her hand up the inside of her leg while the other raised the teddy showing off the see thru thong. She ran her finger inside the panty rubbing her clit then pushed it deep into her pussy a few times pulling it out all wet with a sigh. Then raising it to her mouth she kicked it first like it was a small cock finally sucking it between her red lips. Smiling at us the whole time. Then she turned stepping back down off the table going over to put on another outfit. She acted as if she were stripping out of the outfit. This time she picked a red merry widow which left her breasts bare along with her pussy she put on a pair of black seamed stocking and the red heels again. She bent over at the waist again as she hooked the front garters then walked over to me asking if I would do the rear ones I did one leaning to kiss her ass cheek as I did. Then I suggested she have Paul do the other one patting her cheek she agreed walking around the table putting her cute butt right in his face looking over her shoulder at me and winking. As Paul was hooking the strap she coyly moved pushing her butt cheek to his lips acting as if she didn’t mean too. He kind of jerked back not knowing just what to do. Jasmine said “Oh my I’m sorry.” Paul answered that it was ok in fact quite nice turning to see what I thought. I said if he wanted to kiss her ass go for it. This time he did.

Jasmine then stepped around to the block and up onto the table doing a turn she stopped facing Paul and began fingering herself again with one hand while the other massaged her breast then pinched her nipple she said she felt it was about time that she wasn’t the only one there with so little on and if we wanted the show to go on she wanted to see us naked too. Paul looked at me but I was already undressing he soon followed as Jasmine watched us while playing with herself she was so hot she came right there standing on the table as she told us to stroke our own cocks. She told Paul to pick out something he would like to she her in while stepping down off the small table she came over to me sitting on my lap. Kissing me as I still stroked my very hard cock. We did another round. Paul had found a black garter belt with fishnet stockings a lacy black half cup pushup bra a black latex skirt and black see thru blouse. Jasmine laughed saying “Paul wants me to dress up like a hooker!” He smiled sheepishly and I grinned saying “You would make a fine one dear. You know I think this lady might have been one.” She took the things from him and changed into the hooker outfit which when she was dressed was just what she looked like. The skirt didn’t even come down to the top of the hose in fact you could see just a hint of her moist pussy her dark nipples shown thru the blouse. I wanted to come right there. This time as she stepped up onto the table she began to dance as she rubbed herself telling us she wanted us to jerk off for her while she danced for us. Paul was all for it, so was I my cock had been rock hard for most of the night. As she danced to the music slowly playing with herself she stripped. First the blouse one button at a time stopping to play with her breasts when she had the front open she turned pulling first one arm then the other from the sleeves throwing it on Paul’s head. Then she started working the skirt off her hips pulling it lower turning all the time dancing, she flick the skirt at Paul again. Turning to me she ran her hand up between her tight ass cheeks leaving a trail of glistening moisture from her wet snatch. I was getting very close to cumming as was Paul. I squeezed the base of my cock to keep from cumming holding back longer as Jasmine danced fingering her pussy right before us she moaned with the pleasure she was giving herself. Paul announced that he was about to cum Jasmine said “No wait!” As she almost jumped off the table running over to him, she dropped to her knees taking his manhood in her mouth at the same time bobbing her head up and down Paul began cumming almost as she took his cock between her lips a spurt hitting her cheek. I said I was going to be next as she suck up the last of Paul’s cum she scrambled over to catch my load while still stroking Paul’s cock with her hand. After she had sucked down my cum she continued to stroke both of us sitting between us. She licked her lips then asked for another shot of tequila which I poured in fact I poured us all a shot then proposed a toast to her for a great show and a magnificent finish. We drank then she said she was just getting started she still expected the both of us to cum in her at least once if not more. I pulled her to me kissing her then laying her back between us Paul bent kissing her too as I began to kiss my way to her sweet pussy she laid her head in Paul’s lap as he massaged her tits she tried to turn her head to get his soft cock in her mouth but it wasn’t that easy seeing what she wanted I though of the table again breaking away from my feast and with Paul’s help we lifted her to the table she hung her head back over the edge of the table to get a better angle at Paul’s rod sucking the soft flesh into her mouth as I pushed a pillow under her neck and butt then spreading her legs I went back to eating her sweet wet slit first running my tongue around her tight asshole then taking my time I licked my way over every fold and crevice to her hard clit she moaned around Paul’s cock he was beginning to fuck her mouth as she sucked him hard again she started to cum as I nibble on her clit then with one finger in her pussy I slipped one in her ass too and began sliding them in and out. Looking up I asked Jasmine if she wished my fingers were our cocks. With her mouth full of Paul’s hardening cock all she could do was shake her head yes and moan louder I said we needed a better place and suggested we move the party over to our place and our king size bed it was agreed as Jasmine began cumming again with my fingers in her.

We loaded up the car and Paul’s truck with the clothes for the short drive over to our place Jasmine went and got in the car still dressed only in the heels, fishnets, garter & bra. She had thrown a black cape around her shoulders fastening it at the neck. Paul was to follow us over to our place. On the way Jasmine said I should stop to pick up some more beer and a couple of limes she had the bottle of tequila between her legs. I stopped at the liquor store Jasmine jumped out and went in to the store holding the front of the cape closed. From where I had parked I could see the check out counter as she walked up placing the beer and limes on it she talked to the attendant; he was maybe twenty-one or two. Then looked back over her shoulder smiling at me she opened the cape wide. The guy just stared and smiled at her then she turned back facing him leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek he handed her the beer and limes which he had placed in a bag she turned and walked out to the car letting the cape hang open. I smiled as she got in the car telling her how good she looked walking out of the store then asking her what the guy had done to receive such a nice reward. Jasmine told me as she had walked up to the counter she had remembered that she hadn’t any money on her just her personal charms. She figured she would ask the clerk if he would consider a trade. She would show him what she had on under the cape and if he thought it was worth it he would give her the beer and limes. She said “I guess he felt it was worth it.” Laughing as we drove off.

When we arrived at our place Jasmine went up to open the front door as Paul pulled up beside us the headlights shown on her like spot lights she turned running her hand over her mound motioning with her other finger for us to follow as she went through the door. I grabbed an arm load of clothes still not wearing any myself. Paul had taken the time to throw on some clothes. We piled the clothes on the living room floor. While Jasmine was busy cutting up the limes and setting up a tray with a salt shaker the lime wedges in a bowl the bottle of Jose and three shot glasses. Along with three more cold Corona’s. She’d poured the shot glasses full. Jasmine walked back into the living room as Paul and I carried in the last load of clothes form the his truck. She had lost the cape and was carrying the tray like a waitress would high on one hand she stopped before Paul telling him he was not properly attired and would not be served until he was! She walk over to me looked down at me sitting there naked with a semi hard on and said “Now that’s more like it.” handing me a beer and shot then bent over at the waist holding out the tray so I could get the salt and a lime. Paul was busy stripping out of his clothes. She turned to see Paul pulling off his pants and throwing them aside. As I did my shot she sashayed over to him severing him his drinks. Then setting the tray down she took her shot raised it to her lips and said “To all to things Jose makes me do!” Paul and I laughed and clapped our hands. It was so very true we had had some very wild times when we were drinking that cactus juice. It seemed we were in for more.

Jasmine knelt down before me taking my cock in her hand she looked back at Paul and patted her ass beckoning him with her finger, turning back to take me in her mouth. She looked up at me smiling with her mouthful of cock as she began giving me one of her great blowjobs. I truly love to see her with her mouth full of my hard cock. Paul entered her pussy from the rear. I was loving it! Watching her being fucked by him while she was sucking my cock. Sometimes I think that’s one of the best things about sharing her with someone else getting to watch her. Of course I also love being with just her even more so after we have been with another/ others. Paul was rocking her back and forth on his cock with his hands on her hips guiding her motion which also made my cock slide in and out of her mouth as she held on for what was building to be a huge climax. She clamped down on my cock with her hand as it hit her she gasped and cried out as it swept over her in waves of intense pleasure. “More, more, faster” she cried “fuck me yes, yes, yes, yesssss!” She had pulled my cock from her mouth to tell him now she dove back on to me with new lust wanting me to cum for her as Paul pounded away at her pussy. Paul was reaching the point of no return as he shot his load deep into Jasmine’s cunt I too erupted in her mouth, we both cried out our pleasure. She began cumming with us how sweet it was. We all fell together Jasmine still holding my cock in her mouth as Paul held his cock deep inside of her we stayed like that for a few minutes until there was a knock at he front door. Who in the world could it be at this hour it was at least after eleven o’clock. We untangled and Jasmine wiggled free getting up going to the door she opened, it was the clerk from the liquor store.

It turned out she had also offered for him to drop buy after he closed up if he wanted to get off. I remembered see had mentioned that she thought he was cute before. It seems he had been flirting with her before when she would go in to the store. Telling her how nice she looked or asking when they were going to go out. That sort of thing. He looked over at Paul and I then her mumbled something to her about being to busy. Jasmine grabbed his arm pulling him thru the doorway closing the door behind her then turned to us introducing him. Saying “This is Mike from the liquor store I asked him to drop by if he wanted to get off or when he got off ,no did I say I would get him off. Oh I don’t remember but here he is.” I laughed and said “She needed to get his clothes off before getting anything else off.”

She quickly began helping him undress undoing his pants then kneeling to remove his shoes, socks and pants. He unbuttoned and pulled off his shirt. I went and got him a beer and grabbed another shot glass. Walking back into the living room I handed him a beer Paul poured him a shot of Jose then handed it to him As Paul and I watched from where we were she pulled his shorts down to his knees. His cock sprung out like a flag pole waiving in front of her face. She began by first licking his balls; he drank his shot; then the base of his cock as she licked up one side and down the other; he chased it with a drink of beer. She ran her tongue around the head of his cock as she stroked him with her hand. I gave her, her shot and took the beer from his hand. His eyes rolled back in his head as he said how great it felt. We sure had a great welcoming for newcomers to our house. She licked a pearl of pre cum from the tip of his cock then took him to the hilt cupping his balls with her hand massaging them as she had done to me many, many times before. Watching her I couldn’t resist saying “Honey, you should welcome everyone like this!” She just smiled saying umm huh as she keep fucking Mike’s cock with her mouth until he lost it cumming she pulled his cock out letting some of his cum splash on her tongue and face while pumping him with her hand until he was done. “ I win!” she said as she licked his cum from her cheek “you came first.” It seems she had bet him that he would cum before she did. He told her she cheated she hadn’t given him a chance, she laughed, then we all did. I told her she had already cum four or five times tonight. She said no he had to make her cum first! That was their bet. She laid back on the floor opening her legs and said “Ok pay up, you said I’d cum four times to your one. You haven’t made me cum once” I watched as Mike dove into her cum filled pussy licking every inch while she squirmed moaning and leading his mouth to where she wanted it. Saying “Oh yes ,yes right there, ohhh, oh yes mmmm good, good boy!” “Stick your tongue up in me umm yes now my clit flick it across my clit I am going to cum yes, yes yesss!” The climax shook her body as Mike worked to get her going again. She looked over at me then Paul we were both stroking our hardening cocks. I wanted to fuck her badly I told her to hurry up and cum for him so I could fuck her. Almost as if on cue another climax rocked her body. Mike came up for air and I took the opportunity to give him a break. Saying he could finish his payments later. As I helped Jasmine up off the floor, extending her my hand.

We next moved in to the bedroom and the king size bed I took Jasmine and laid her on her side between Paul and I, facing Paul. I took some lube smearing it on my cock then placing the head at her tight asshole it glided right in. Paul worked himself into her pussy as Mike watched from a chair mouth a gape. We started slowly letting her get use to the feeling of two cock in her at the same time. Her breathing quickened as we began alternating our strokes. Paul pushing in as I pulled out then as she came the first time we picked up the pace now moving together in and out of her at the same time. She started shaking from her climaxes as they started coming one after the other we began moving her together as in unison while she cried out in pleasure “Oh yes, oh god yes, fuck me fuck me faster, harder stuff me full it feels so good I love you I’m cumming yes cumming, oh yes please don’t stop I’m so full of cock! I love it fuck me!” Her voice trailed off to a simpering gasp and cries as we rammed her holes with our rods. I can’t remember her ever cumming more often or more intensely than she did that night with Paul in her pussy and me in her ass. She hit a big one and I couldn’t holed back any longer I shot my spunk deep in her tight ass which also caused Paul to spill his seed in her sweet cunt. We collapsed holding her as she shook from her orgasms we kept our cocks deep inside her as she kept cumming for what seemed to be minutes as we both kissed her she was almost crying saying she had never cum like that before. I was so happy I was there and a part of it. The pleasure melted away as our dicks softened and slipped out of her while we still held her. I looked over; Mike was stroking himself with a passion.

I broke away from Jasmine telling him I wouldn’t let Jasmine catch him cumming again didn’t he still owe her two more climax’s before he was supposed cum again. Jasmine looked up saying “That was the bet is he going to cum again before he pays up?” Paul rolled away as Mike came over to the bed burying his face between her cum filled legs he licked her softly she trembled from his touch she was so sensitive. I watched as he brought her to more orgasms. She came at the lightest touch now. Mike wanted to fuck her, his cock pulsed with a need to be released.

I jumped up getting the Pleasure Swing from the chest and hanging it on the ceiling hook. I went over to the bed. Jasmine was telling Mike he had paid his debt. If he waits a minute she wanted to feel his hard cock in her. He rolled off her as I reached out taking her hand pulling her up. I picked her up carrying her over to the swing helping her into it. Then pulling the rope raising her up. Mike came over, when she was at just the right height for him I tied the rope off to a turn buckle on the wall. The Pleasure Swing is pretty neat it suspense her in midair with support for her back and legs while leaving her vital spots very accessible to probing and /or penetration. Mike stepped up to her his cock coming in contact with her pussy he pulled her to him just putting the head in her then back; each time putting more and more of his hard meat into her he wanted her to beg for all his cock. He was asking her how much she wanted it. She responded saying “ I want it all I want your whole damn cock in now fuck me! Oh please fuck me. Now!” he pulled her hard to him driving deep into her well fucked cunt then pushing her back and slamming back into her again and again. She was meeting his thrusts with her own she could not get enough of his cock in her to satisfy her hunger now. She came and kept cumming as his cock impaled her hole. He aimed lower hitting her ass; she gasped as his cock sunk into her cum filled ass in one stroke. He fucked her backdoor then went back to her pussy as he hit his own climax rocking him. Holding her close to him as his spunk filled her.

Paul was hard again he took Mikes place in Jasmine’s overflowing cunt I adjusted her to fit Paul’s height as he started swinging her onto his cock She laid her head back letting the orgasms flow thru her body. Paul took his time having her to himself for the first time he sucked her breasts kissing and biting her nipples. She swung to meet his cock wanting more. He stood there letting her swing back and forth on his cock. She wanted it faster harder and she told him so. He answered her by arching his back and pulling her on and off his hard cock. Spearing her with his manhood the pace increased until she cried her pleasure as another orgasm fill her body, she shook from it. Paul was getting close himself as his body tensed trying to hold back his own climax her body’s convulsions on his cock must have been to much as he grunted out his own climax, pumping his seed deep into her pussy. He held her to him as his own orgasm subsided then stepped back allowing me to take my turn at Jasmine’s very well fucked cunt she was still in the last throws of her own orgasm as my cock now entered her, her pussy lips were swollen from all the friction of the cocks that had been in her tonight making her cunt even tighter. I felt her muscles squeeze my shaft as I began to slowly swing her body back and forth. As I picked up the pace I felt her pussy spasm in yet another climax as she let out more moans of pleasure then saying “ Oh yes baby you fuck my pussy so good. I love your cock deep inside me ooh, oh, oh yes! Harder fuck me ,fuck me harder. Oh god yes don’t stop please don’t stop!” I was now slamming her onto my stiff cock. Thrusting my self deep in side her, another then another climax washed over her as I felt my own building deep in my loins. Not wanting to cum so quickly I held back gritting my teeth I was able to hold off a little while longer until she came again her vagina muscles contracting on my cock like a vise milking the cum from me I screamed with her our joint pleasure flowing from us as we came together! I held her as she shook from the intensity of her own climax as my now spent cock softened I stepped back.

She was beautiful hanging there a big smile on her face. I could see the mixture of all three of our climax’s seeping from her pussy, her nipple’s were soft now as her breathing began to return to normal. I stepped back taking the camera from the dresser drawer, then I took a couple of quick shots of her to remember the moment.

Paul and Mike helped me take her down placing her on the bed she was spent she closed her eyes still smiling her hand tucked between her legs as she drifted off. We each gave her a kiss. Then Mike and Paul found there clothes got dressed and said their good-byes. Hoping that Jasmine might favor them again sometime; I told them both if she wanted to she would let them know as she had tonight. But if I were them I would not push it she didn’t like that at all. They said goodnight.

I went in to the bedroom, looking at her sleeping there I just had to take one more picture. Then I began taking her hose, garter & bra off she stirred opening her eyes. She asked if they were gone? I told her yes she smiled opening her arms inviting me to her. “Thank you “ she said as she pulled me to her” that was very nice. I had a very good time.”

“No thank you I said! I’ve never seen you cum like that before it was great!” I responded. She hugged me. Then to my surprise she began kissing me pushing me over onto my back. She began working her way down my chest stopping to bite and suck my nipples. Before moving lower to my stomach swirling her tongue all over me she had taken my soft cock in her hand gently stroking it. She started running her tongue around the head as her other hand moved to massage my balls. My cock began to grow from her masterful ministrations. She had placed her self between my legs with her hand still stroking my hardening cock. She knelt back saying “Now I am going to fuck you! Like you’ve never been fucked before.”

With that she reached over to her toy box by the foot of the bed coming out with a small vibrator she asked me to hand her the lube, which I did. She then took some smearing it around my asshole before pushing her finger inside when she had me will lubed the vibrator replaced her finger She smiled at me saying see it doesn’t feel to bad. As she went back to sucking my cock and stroking it in time to her pushing the vibrator into me. My cock began to swell very rapidly as the vibrator buzzed on my prostrate. I had heard about this sort of thing but had never had a lover that was open enough to do it. I have to admit it really did feel good. She worked me with her mouth and hand until I was sure I would explode in her mouth. She must have sensed it because she stopped squeezing the base of my cock with her hand to stop me from cumming. Which almost didn’t work as she removed the vibrator too. Now she reached over to the toy box again she had been shopping. Because this time she pulled out a string of beads and began poking them up in me. When she was done with that she again started licking my aching cock. She had me scoot down to the edge of edge of the bed. Then taking the lube again she smeared some around her own tight asshole probing herself with her finger. Then taking some more she stroked my cock until it was coated. Turning around she moved back toward me sitting down on my lap forcing my cock into her ass. She looked back smiling at me I hope you are enjoying this. I ensured her I was as she began fucking me rocking back and forth on my hard shaft. Her asshole is always so tight I love to finish off a night of making love to her by cumming in her tight butt at the end. Which the way she was pounding herself on me couldn’t be much longer she began to climax herself she’d been fingering her clit while riding me. I felt my own orgasm growing to the point of no return. As my climax started to explode into her she grabbed the beads and pulled them out one by one causing my climax to go on erupting in her until the beads were all gone. My god I had never experienced anything quite so intense as I held her down on my still pulsing shaft she turned to me I kissed her. She said “You liked that didn’t you! You did I can tell.”

I had to admit it, I did like it she could fuck my ass anytime she wanted too. We moved backed up into the bed as I held her until my cock softened slipping out of her finally. We drifted off to sleep.

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