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The Event Horizon of Insanity

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“The roads look like they’re getting bad fast. You might as well stay here for the night.”

It was a reasonable statement of reality. Factual, logical. Looking out their front room window at the raging winter storm the last thing I wanted was to go out into the middle of it. However, the second-to-the-last thing I wanted was to encroach on their privacy.

“I’ve driven in worse.” Bravado. I hated driving in the winter. If I’d known the storm was going to be this bad I never would have accepted their invitation to dinner. It’s what you get for trusting the weatherman, whose job I think it is to screw as many people up as possible with wrong information.

“Come on. We’ll make some popcorn, put in a movie. It’s not like any of us has to be anywhere in the morning.”

Inviting. Their apartment was warm, they were good people. I knew I could be very comfortable there, and I knew that they’d be just as comfortable having me there. And his declaration of freedom was accurate. Part of the joy of Friday nights is knowing that no matter what transpires, that alarm will not be getting you up before sunrise the next day.

But I had to make one last stab at leaving, if for no other reason than to bolster my reputation as a mule-headed asshole. I’d worked hard on that rep, it was very valuable to me.

“Piece of cake,” I said.

Before any of us could say another word we watched a car slide sideways down the hill, totally out of control. It disappeared from view and then we heard the resounding thunk of it colliding with something else. Most likely, the mailbox at the corner.

“You like butter on your popcorn?”

“And salt,” I said.

Teri went directly to the kitchen.

She and Mark had been living together for two years already. They were both terrified of making the relationship legal. I couldn’t blame them. My own experience taking the vows hadn’t turned out so good. I sometimes think people are not designed to be monogamous. It’s like picking one food item from nature’s vast menu and eating only that, day after day after year after year. Prime rib is delightful, but after a few years of having nothing but, the thought of fried chicken is going to make you drool.

They were also younger than I was, by about ten years. Maybe their fear of marriage was a generational thing. Whatever the cause, I’d be the last one to try and change their minds.

Mark and I worked together. That’s how we met. He started with the company about four years after I did, and his training had been left in my hands. The age difference notwithstanding, we found we shared a host of mutual tastes in things like music and movies. We also had the same somewhat quirky sense of humor. Friends are best found when not being looked for. We got close pretty fast.

Teri was a year younger than Mark. She was a paralegal with a prestigious local law firm. Only about five foot tall, she couldn’t have weighed more than ninety pounds, clothed, and soaking wet. I don’t think she owned a waist. She had very short reddish-brown hair, green eyes, tiny feet and hands, and not a waistline to speak of. She was built like a wasp. A very cute, funny, smart, and sexy wasp. I saw why Mark loved her.

As for what she saw in that animated beanpole, I had no idea. Mark was as tall as me and easily a head taller than Teri, but I doubt he weighed more than ten pounds above whatever anorexic level she tipped the scales at. He had a thin mustache and beard which made him look Latino to me, but he was really about as American as you could get and not have Old Glory stuck up your ass. While Teri rattled pans in the kitchen he went to their entertainment center and sifted through their collection of DVD’s.

“Any preference?” he asked me.

I sighed, resigned to being their guest for the night, and told him whatever he picked was fine. As I continued to watch the storm and wish it would go the hell away he picked something out and slipped the disc in the player.

The popcorn sounded like firecrackers on a Chinese New Year. Teri wasn’t taking the easy route and microwaving it. She had a pan with a perforated lid especially for popping corn, and a separate pan was melting butter slowly over the pilot light so it didn’t separate. When it was ready she poured the corn into a big plastic bowl, drowned it in butter, and shook enough salt over it all I thought maybe she was trying to outdo the snow falling outside. She tossed the bowl’s contents a while to mix it all up, and then came back to the front room with the bowl on a tray alongside a stack of paper towels and three beers.

We all sat on the couch, Teri in the middle, the bowl in her lap.

“What’d you put in?” she asked Mark.

With a devilish grin, he said, “A surprise,” and clicked the remote.

Apparently in amongst their formidable collection of comedies, action flicks, and classics they had a few triple-x features. Cheap graphics on the screen were the first give-away that this was not going to be a Cecile B. DeMille epic.

The production company was Cumshot Enterprises. The title was “Bi-Bi Birdie”, a bad take-off on an equally bad old musical. The stars had names like ‘Cherry’ and ‘Long Bill’. The director was simply called ‘Stiffy’.

Before the movie actually started I found myself wishing I’d made a suggestion when asked. Shows you what being polite gets you. I wondered if there was a purpose behind his choice. These cheesy porn movies are great for a couple to sit and watch together, get horny and never see the end of whilst re-enacting some of the choicer moments, but having a third party on hand (which would be me), I wondered if for some reason Mark felt it necessary to emphasize the fact that he’d be going to bed with a sexy young lady and I’d be all alone. Again. But, why would he purposefully try and make me uncomfortable? It wasn’t like him at all.

I looked at Teri to see what effect (if any) watching this type of movie with me in the room was having on her, and she didn’t seem fazed in the least. Mark sat with a self-satisfied smile, munching fistfuls of buttery popcorn. I figured I was the only one being bothered by the situation (maybe this was a regular ritual when other friends came to call) and so I drank my beer and ate some popcorn and kept my big mouth shut. I saw no sense in making them feel uncomfortable just because I was.

Back in the day, adult movies at least took a stab at using a story line to justify the infinite array of couplings. It was often painful to watch people with no acting talent whatsoever trying to deliver lines of dialogue that were badly written to begin with, but how nice of them to try. My experience with modern porn was nil, and apparently in the interim they had abandoned all pretenses of having a purpose other than to show people fucking.

Altogether there were six ‘actors’ in the film, three of each gender, and during the next often agonizing two hours we got to see them together in every possible combination. Emphasis was placed on same-sex pairings, hence the title.

I have to admit I got aroused by certain scenes, and having this young couple on the couch alongside me added to the fantasies that crept into my head. At some point Mark got up and retrieved more beers. I wasn’t much of a drinker and hadn’t finished my first. I hadn’t even been taking my share of popcorn (all right, maybe I was a little more interested in the flick than I like to pretend I was!) and having realized this reached blindly over to the bowl in Teri’s lap to grab a healthy handful.

Only instead of sinking into a bowl of slimy popcorn my hand settled directly over Teri’s crotch.

The bowl was long since empty and on the coffee table.

Teri squirmed and giggled, and I pulled my hand back as quickly as I could. Mark leaned forward and stared at me and pretended to scowl. “Let’s not get any ideas, there,” he said.

“Sorry,” was all I could say.

The movie ended in a major gang-bang sequence. By the time it was over all six of the ‘actors’ were drenched in cum and God-knows-what. Mark turned it off with the remote as the end credits came up, heralded by a promise from the producers that all ‘models’ were over 18 at the time of production.


Mark got up and stretched and yawned. A quick look at my watch told me it was far later than I thought. Teri carried the bowl and the empty beer bottles (Mark had helped himself to my untouched second) into the kitchen and Mark followed her. I heard laughter and some whispered conversation, and the sounds of two horny young lovers preparing to spend the next few hours fucking each other’s brains out. This was no place for me.

Standing at the window again I declared, “The snow has stopped falling. Maybe I can try that drive home after all.”

Mark was behind me in a flash, his right hand on my right shoulder, his chin on my left. Into my ear he whispered, “Don’t be stupid. Stay. I guarantee it will be worthwhile.” And then he was gone again, putting the DVD away and shutting down the TV.

Teri brought me blankets and a pillow.

“Now, if you will excuse us,” Mark said, and he and Teri fairly flew up the short hall to their bedroom. I listened to them laughing and wrestling and then spread a blanket across the couch, placed the pillows at one end, and kicked off my shoes. My chances of actually getting any sleep were pretty slim, especially with them screwing thirty feet away from me, so I lay back and folded my arms and stared at the ceiling.

What bothered me the most (besides listening to those two fooling around) was his last statement to me, about my staying being made worthwhile. Some interesting possibilities of what he might have meant came to mind, but I excused them as ridiculous. He probably just meant staying safe in their apartment rather than venturing out into the ice and snow would in the long run prove a judicious choice. And, he was probably right.

The couch back faced the hallway, so I had no idea anyone was approaching until suddenly Teri appeared staring down at me. Her short hair was mussed terribly and her face seemed flush, even in the dim light. Before I could ask her what the matter was she smiled down at me and wiggled a finger, coaxing me to follow her.

I haven’t been even close to what one might consider naïve for a long time. I think it might have been second grade. Whatever, I knew perfectly well what she was up to (or at least I thought I did) and wanted no part of it, and yet I tossed off the blanket and followed her anyway, pretending to be curious and concerned, like maybe Mark was having a stroke or something and she needed help dialing 911.

Maybe I was more tired than I thought, but it wasn’t until we were at the door to their bedroom that I realized she was only wearing a tiny bra and thong panties.

Her breasts were very petite. I think her nipples were the bigger part of them. The bra must have been strictly for decoration. The thong, on the other hand, accentuated the marvelous round globes of her elfin ass. It was while staring at these specific attributes that I stumbled into their bedroom, which was lit up like the second coming, where Mark sat on the edge of the bed, naked.

“Howdy,” he said, looking a little sheepish. His hands were on his knees and he was leaned forward a bit. His dick hung semi-flaccid between his legs. It was an impressive muscle nonetheless. “Were you already sleeping?”

I said I wasn’t. Teri drifted close to me, to one side and behind. I wished I could see her instead of him.

“We thought maybe you’d find the bed more comfortable,” Mark said. “If you’d care to join us?”

Incredible. Weird, but incredible.

I stood silently, incapable of saying anything, trying to get the reality of what was happening to soak through my cinder-block skull.

“Actually,” Mark then said, sitting up straighter, “I think I had one too many beers.” He flicked his limp dick. “Seems alcohol really does impair one’s ability.”

Teri was doing something behind me, but I couldn’t tell what.

Mark went on. “Meanwhile, that movie got Teri all worked up and she needs a bit more than I can offer her right now.”

I felt one of Teri’s hands on my right shoulder, and the other on my opposite arm as she caressed my back.

“Don’t let him kid you,” she whispered in my ear, and then slowly slid her way around me. “He just likes to watch me fuck other men.”

She came around in front of me, her head barely at my chest, her face turned up towards me. She was naked. I could feel her nipples dragging across my shirt. She lifted up on her toes and whispered, “Which is nice, because I like to fuck other men while he watches.”

I saw a poster somewhere once that defined morality as how you live your life when no one else is looking. I never thought much about it but obviously it meant something to me because the phrase had stuck inside my brain and chose that moment to come to the front. The truly moral thing to do at that point would have been to respectfully decline the offer, and either go back to the couch and spend the night staring at the ceiling kicking my own ass for being such a wimp, or put on my coat and surrender myself to the tender mercies of the icy roads. I did neither.

Not that I am an immoral man, but there were certain factors conspired against me just then. One of which was having this totally gorgeous naked young lady literally hanging all over me.

Come to think of it, that was pretty much the only factor conspiring against me. But, it was more than enough.

Teri clung to my front, her one arm around my neck, the other around my waist. She lifted one leg and brushed her soft thigh over the front of my pants. I was already stiffer than Mark was, and that just finished the job. Teri placed a hand at the back of my head and leaned my face down towards hers, and she kissed me, hard, right on the lips.

I closed my eyes and slowly encircled her in my arms. She melted into me. I returned her kiss, and she opened her mouth to let our tongues play together.

I could not, however, get the fact that a man I considered my best friend was sitting naked on a bed not two yards away from me while I held his live-in girlfriend (who was also naked) in my arms. I wondered if I’d be able to ‘perform’ with him right there observing, perhaps judging me.

And yet I could not resist the temptation of the moment. Being divorced and now a devout reformed bachelor my encounters with women came few and far between. It had currently been a while. Winters are tough hunting grounds, as the saying goes. Teri exacerbated the situation by moving one of her hands in front and sliding it between us, settling it over my throbbing cock and giving it a squeeze.

From the bed, Mark said, “She’s got this thing about older men,” which was a reminder of my age I could well have done without. Oddly enough, however, Teri broke the kiss and dragged her lips across my cheek to my neck, and there whispered to me, “So does he.”

Now, that placed an entirely different slant on the whole situation. I liked Mark, a lot, but I’d never batted for the other team, as it were, and wasn’t so sure that I wanted to.

Teri began to shrink in front of me, squatting slowly down, collapsing as if someone had let out all her air. Her hands stayed on my chest and shoulders, and then came down to my belly, and stopped at my waist where they tugged my belt opened and unbuttoned and unzipped the front of my pants.

I looked beyond her to the bed, where Mark sat smiling and watching. He winked at me, and considering what Teri had just confessed that act took on multiple meanings.

My ‘flight’ response to uncomfortable situations (of which this was by far the worst I’d ever experienced) was stalled by Teri’s small hand reaching inside my pants and extracting my cock. Her fingers were warm and strong. She held it like she might the handle of a dagger. I felt her lips touch the head and my whole body flinched involuntarily. Her tongue came out and played in the soft folds of the retracted foreskin.

“She’s very good at that,” Mark said from his perch.

I wondered if he was, too, and if I was intended to find out before the night was over.

Teri took my cock inside her mouth then and I swooned at the sensation. My fears about what might transpire later were shoved aside by the enjoyment of what was happening right at the moment. I suppose that’s considered a Zen experience, but it gave my brain the excuse it had been hoping for to legitimize the situation.

In my youth I had done a lot of crazy things, but my single regret was having always held back from going over the edge. Something inside of me continually stopped me just before reaching the event horizon of insanity, and at the time I guess I thought I was doing myself a favor, but in hindsight I understood that those opportunities would never come around again and all I had managed to succeed in doing was denying myself the pleasures of truly outrageous experiences. One is only a teenager once in life, and when those years are gone they never come back.

So, here I was confronted with yet another insane opportunity, and I resolved to see it through to its completion and damn the consequences. In the morning I’d deal with whatever guilt came to me, but I was not about to pass up what might be my one and only chance to experience an extreme sexual encounter.

Having a fine young woman sucking on my dick at the moment helped make the decision. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, and suddenly realized I was staring at Mark with, by his reaction, what was almost a challenge to him to try anything funny. He raised his hands palm out in surrender and then leaned back on stiff arms to watch.

Teri was an adept cocksucker. She coordinated the actions of her lips, tongue, and hands so that all I really felt was an incredible blanket of pleasure from my belly to my thighs. One hand never left my balls and the other occasionally stroked my shaft while she played with the head and then massaged my lower abdomen when she had my cock fully engulfed.

By that time my pants were crumpled somewhere around my ankles and my shirt and undershirt were gone. I must have looked somewhat comical like that, but at the moment didn’t really give a damn. But then, sensing perhaps that I was enjoying what she was doing a bit too much, Teri took her mouth away from my cock and knelt down to assist me in removing the rest of my clothes.

I had forgotten it was winter for a while (hell, I had practically forgotten my name!) and shuddered as the chill air suddenly penetrated my skin. But I wasn’t to be cold for long. Teri stood and took my hand and walked me to the bed. Mark got up and grabbed a robe off the footboard and put it on, and while Teri and I climbed aboard the mattress Mark sat in the small wooden chair at Teri’s dressing table. He leaned back, folded his arms across his chest, and looked like he was all settled in for the show. I wondered if maybe we should have made more popcorn for him or at least gotten him a box of Milk Duds.

Teri had me kneel and she laid down on her front and lifted her upper torso enough to continue sucking on me. Whatever effect the cold air had had on my erection was quickly overcome. She pulled away again, pleased with her ability to make me so hard so quickly, and knelt with me, slowly crushing our bodies together as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately again.

My cock pulsed between my belly and hers. Her nipples were like fingers poking my chest. My hands went to the back of her head, then down to her back, and stretched down to cup her firm ass. She lifted up then and my cock slid between her slightly parted legs, hungrily searching for the opening.

“Not so fast,” she cooed, and released me.

She lay back, head propped up on the pillows, and spread her legs as wide as she could. She had a marvelous pussy, shaved except for a small downy patch just above her clit. Her legs were slender and yet strong, her feet tiny. I watched her labia ripple with expectation.

“Eat me,” she said softly, and lifted her bottom up off the mattress.

I pushed aside the image of Mark sitting there watching us and concentrated on the menu placed before me. In position, as I lowered myself I kissed her left knee and then dragged my lips down the inside of that thigh, inhaling the strong scent of lust that poured out of her cunt. Her skin was smooth, slightly salty. I lay down on my front and placed my face directly over her crotch, and she tilted her pelvis up to afford me the best access.

I kissed her pussy, and she moaned with delight. She tasted strong, like bear meat, and she was already sopping wet. My tongue went inside her and I drank her tangy nectar. Her hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and she held my head right where it was. She needn’t have bothered. I wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

I began to lap at her cunt like a dog drinking water, long wide strokes that started in that soft plateau between her cunt and asshole, parting her pussy lips as it went, and ending with a playful flick over her clit. Each time she flinched, and then I settled down to sucking on her clit alone and she relaxed and moaned and wriggled her bottom in front of me.

I fully expected to feel Mark come up behind me and start doing whatever it was he had in mind. My asshole was no virgin, but had only experienced fingers and toys before, nothing else. I wasn’t sure I was ready for anything else, but I could not allow my fear of penetration to ruin what I was doing. If it happened, it happened, and I’d deal with it then. For now, I was fully enjoying the flavors and textures of a marvelous, soft, delicious pussy.

Teri, still holding onto my hair, lifted my head up, and managed to spin herself over so her ass was now in my face. Words were unnecessary. I pulled my knees up to support myself, used my hands to part her delectable ass cheeks, and began to lick at her hole.

She giggled, and then moaned, and then giggled again. I played around her asshole a while with my tongue and then once slipped it just inside her. Her hips bucked, and I took it into my head to have my cock inside there before the night was over. Hell, if I was going to get buggered then why be the only one?

I grabbed her ass and lifted it up, placing her on her knees with her arms folded and her head resting on them. My hand guided my cock to her pussy, and when she made no indication of objecting, I slid the head inside.

She was tight, and warm, and oh so very wet. She pushed her hips up and took more of me inside, and so I leaned in and placed the full length of me in her. She made low, throaty sounds and I started to move back and forth, very casually, watching my cock vanish and then reappear with each stroke.

I could feel Mark’s eyes behind me, watching, absorbing every second. Was he stroking himself, sitting in that chair? Was he even in the chair any longer? But I couldn’t think about him for too long. What I was doing with Teri felt far too good to miss in consideration of him. I forgot about Mark altogether and focused my entire being on fucking his girlfriend.

Teri tilted her pelvis in time to my strokes, and once thus engaged she began to increase the speed and guided me to the level she wanted at the moment. Her satisfied cry when we reached that point told me all I needed to know, and I kept up the pace she had set.

That asshole of hers was tantalizingly there before me. I used the juices escaping her pussy to wet a finger and then placed that finger on her puckered opening. She laughed, and so I slid the finger inside her.

“Oh, yes,” she said.

I moved that finger in opposition to my cock, so that when my cock was coming out of her my finger was going in. She seemed to like that, and soon moved a hand back to play with her clit. She was getting close.

As was I. Fire began to build up in my balls, and the muscles that would release my cum begged for permission. I moved faster, taking her deeper each time, and she started to chant, “Yes! Yes!” with each stroke. When I saw her back muscles tense I knew how close she was, and knowing I was giving this fine young woman an orgasm I could no longer hold back my own.

Our timing was a bit off, as is to be expected with the first encounter. I stiffened and plunged myself inside her, feeling my cock gush what felt like gallons of cum into her. She pushed back against me and her cunt clenched my cock like she had a fist inside there, and she milked every drop from it. She cried out as her orgasm swept over her. Her hand on her clit moved furiously, and the knuckles jiggled my balls.

After a while we both relaxed, and I sat back on my heels, my limp dick falling free of her. I watched a river of my cum thinned with her juices pour out of her before she fell flat on the bed and rolled over to face me.

She had a wide grin, and I believe I did, too. I moved my legs out from under me and sat beside her, gently rubbing her belly with my hand. She touched my arm, and then slid that hand down to my lap where it encircled my cock and held it.

Mark got up and approached the bed. His robe was opened and apparently the effects of the beers had worn off because he had a massive erection jutting out before him, waving like a snake with each step.

“Not bad,” he said as he stopped beside the bed.

Teri sat up and immediately took his cock in her mouth. Mark smiled at me, and as much as I tried to read his face I couldn’t tell exactly what he was thinking. I supposed I’d already passed the point where my foreknowledge of his intentions made any difference, and so I sat there with Teri slowly stroking my cock back into attention while she tried her very best to take all of him into her mouth.

He had me beat by at least two inches, and yet his was skinnier than mine. He was cut as well. His belly sported a humble six-pack, and his chest was narrow but firm. Not altogether unattractive, but then again I had never before taken the time to consider the attributes of another man.

My cock was nearly at full staff, and the way Teri tugged on it she let me know she wanted me to stand beside Mark, which I did. She then took turns sucking our cocks, her hands stroking whichever one was currently not being thus attended to.

I felt very odd standing next to Mark that way. Our shoulders were touching and I was overly aware of his closeness. Would he try to kiss me? I wasn’t so sure I was ready for that. If he’d joined Teri on the bed to suck my dick, or even had me folded over the footboard to shove his cock up my ass I would have been less disturbed than I was thinking of his lips on mine. Kissing is so very intimate. Fucking is, well, just fucking.

He did not try. Instead, he too off his robe and moved Teri so she was on all fours, facing away from us, and he knelt up on the mattress and placed his cock inside her pussy in a manner I considered somewhat unceremonious. Perhaps by then he was beyond foreplay. Indeed, by then I suppose we all were.

“Fuck her mouth,” he directed me, and I walked to the opposite side of the bed where Teri was already waiting with her jaws parted. I leaned my knees against the side of the mattress, and she engulfed me abruptly, adjusting her mouth to the rhythm of Mark’s strokes behind her.

I looked across her back to Mark, who alternated watching what he was doing to her with watching me. His eyes looked glassy, like he was drunk, but I knew he wasn’t. Perhaps mine looked the same. He had a hand on her ass and another on the small of her back. I wasn’t sure what to do with mine, finding I had assumed a classic Superman posture with my hands on my hips. I must have looked ludicrous. I dropped one hand and placed the other on top of her head.

“Don’t come yet,” he advised me.

I wasn’t even close, having just emptied my balls into her cunt, but his admonishment filled me with renewed concern as to why he wanted me to last. At that point I still had not resigned myself to having my first same-sex encounter, trying desperately to convince myself I was reading the signals all wrong and all Mark wanted was for the two of us to fuck Teri silly.

Things changed quickly.

Mark pulled out of her, and she released my cock from her mouth. Mark climbed on the bed and lay on his back, and Teri sat across his hips. His head was exactly where hers had been a few moments ago, although upside down, and he looked up at me while Teri slowly impaled herself on his cock and began riding him, like she was posting trot on a horse. I waited for him to say something, to give me some direction, some indication of what he wanted, but the look in his eyes said everything without him uttering a word. This, then was it.

I leaned over him, and while Teri leaned toward me to kiss my face I felt his lips encircle the head of my cock.

I could not see him, and so it was easy to imagine Teri and not Mark sucking my dick, or if not she then some other anonymous woman doing it, but I was temporarily able to ignore the fact that it was a man. The kiss ended, however, and Teri straightened up again to ride him a little faster, and I had no place else to hide. I watched Mark take almost my whole cock into his throat.

It felt pretty much the same as having a woman suck on me. A mouth, I suppose, is a mouth. But his approach was different, he was more masterful in the way he used his tongue, more direct in extracting from me what he wanted. In all, it was building up to be the best bj I’d ever had. Maybe what it took was someone who knew what the receiving end felt like.

Then again, it could have been the entire experience making an otherwise mundane encounter feel like a masterpiece. I gave up trying to analyze it and closed my eyes and enjoyed.

His mouth freed my cock, and I felt abandoned. I looked down at him and he smiled at me, licking his lips. “I saw you looking at her ass before,” he said. “It’s nice, isn’t it?”

I said nothing. I didn’t have to.

“You want to fuck that ass?” he asked me.

Again, no words from me were necessary.

Teri stopped moving on him and lifted off, and while he gathered himself up she went back on all fours, sticking that cute little ass up for me. Mark got off the bed entirely, and I climbed on behind Teri as she parted her legs for me.

“You may want some of this,” Mark said, and held a tube of lubricant in front of me. I took a glob of it in my hand and applied it to Teri’s asshole. She squirmed as I worked it in, and yelped appreciatively when I tested the path with a finger. She leaned her front down again, and lowered her entire body so I had to bend over her to put my cock at her hole. My loins against her hips, I slid my cock inside her ass.

Now, that was tight! And hot, and yet it felt so good I could not stop. I held myself inside her for a while and then slowly started pumping myself in and out. She moaned, and again reached a hand back to play with her pussy and clit.

And then I felt Mark’s hand on my ass, the cold lubricant splattered along the cleft of my cheeks. The term ‘time to pay the piper’ came to mind. He had allowed me to fuck his girlfriend every way imaginable. I supposed it was due him to have me as well, any way he wanted.

I concentrated on fucking Teri’s ass and tried to ignore what was happening to my own, but his first exploratory penetration with a finger sent shockwaves up my spine. I’d had girls finger my ass before, and one had donned a strap-on and punished me for what felt like an eternity that way, but this would be my first male let inside. All the prejudices and fears built up from childhood on collided with the part of my brain that wanted it to happen, struggling for control. The battle was short and decisive.

I relaxed, and when he felt that he took his finger out and I felt something much larger press against my asshole.

“Just do it,” I said.

He slid inside me, and I was amazed at how easily I accommodated him. It felt hot, almost searing, and the pressure was immense. As if to distract me, Teri began to move her bottom in slow circles, giving my cock all new sensations being inside her. It worked. Before I knew it Mark was fucking my ass with vigor, and damn it all, I liked how it felt.

My orgasm wouldn’t be denied for long. I pumped myself into her more quickly, and Mark adjusted to meet my speed. It was almost as if I were fucking my own ass. I heard his breathing behind me coming in short hot gasps and I knew he was close as well. Below me, Teri was bringing herself to another climax. Hearing her delighted squeals ripped away whatever pretense of control I had left, and as I felt my cum traverse the length of my cock I pulled out of her ass and watched as long stringy gobs of cum splattered up her back.

Mark pulled out of me as well, and I felt his cum hit my spine like buckshot. I could hear him pumping his cock by hand, squeezing every last drop out. Before me, Teri collapsed, exhausted and spent. I felt pretty much the same.

“Shower,” Mark said, and the three of us walked (in Teri’s case staggered) naked to the bathroom. Mark adjusted the water into a hot stream and Teri grabbed a stack of white towels from the pantry, placing them on the counter neat the sink.

Their shower was not built for three, so getting us all in there and moving about started to feel like a vertical game of Twister. Mark broke the soap into three pieces and passed them out, and instead of every man for themselves we took to washing each other. He did Teri, she did me, and I did Mark, which I suspect was preplanned.

I scrubbed his chest and back, and washing another man didn’t feel as odd as I might have imagined it would, perhaps because this particular man had just had his dick up my ass. I washed his ass, and wondered what it would feel like to be up there, and then Teri asked me to squat down so she could shampoo my hair. I did, and while down there decided to go ahead and get it all over with.

I soaped up my hands and scrubbed Mark’s cock, knowing full well where it had just been and wanting no traces of that behind, considering what I was about to do. His cock had a slight twist in it to one side, so at full erection it formed a slight corkscrew. His balls were tight against his body, a typical winter phenomena. He trimmed his pubes.

I could delay no longer by studying the esoterica of his anatomy and hygiene. I held his cock under the running water to rinse, and as Teri worked a mountain of suds into my scalp I parted my jaws and took Mark’s cock into my mouth.

It felt huge, and I struggled not to gag. I could only get a few inches beyond the head inside without feeling it poke at the back of my throat. It was my first time, I hoped he understood.

The taste was nothing, having been freshly washed. I became aware of keeping my teeth away from him, knowing how painful a misplaced bicuspid can be. I used my tongue on him, and found that doing so allowed me to take more of him in. I started to pump my face over his cock, a little faster every time.

“Don’t rush,” he said from above me.

I wasn’t, for his sake, but had to for my own. The shower water was pouring off our bodies and it felt like it was all concentrating on my face. As my mouth was occupied, I had to breathe through my nose and every third breath or so I took water up with the air. If I stayed like that I feared drowning more than anything else.

I placed a hand on his ass, to steady myself, and one on his balls, which had started to descend again. His hand had replaced Teri’s atop my head, and he eventually stiffened his grip so that my head was no longer moving on him as much as he was moving on me. I stopped moving altogether and let him fuck my mouth.

“You don’t have to take it all the way,” he said.

I had no idea what to expect anyway, so I had already decided to keep him as long as I could. I heard his breath quicken, and peeked up to see his belly contracting as he struggled to hold back his climax. The water forced my eyes closed again and I waited.

But not for long.

My mouth was suddenly full. My reflex was to spit it all out again, but I forced myself to swallow. It was hot and thick and I felt strings dragging down my throat, but before I could even consider what was happening I was full again and swallowed this second mouthful, finding it a bit easier to take.

The taste was the hardest part to accept. It was strong, and salty, not like blood but most definitely the product of a powerful animal. Not altogether unpleasant, but it would take a while, I supposed, to get to the point where I might actually look forward to doing it again without some trepidation.

His limp dick fell out of my mouth and I used the shower water to rinse and spit a few times. I stood, and we all hugged and kissed, and by then the water was getting cold so we got out. Each dried off alone, and Mark said he needed another beer. Teri went to get it for him.

“Did you like?” he asked when we were alone.

I told him I wasn’t sure. It was too soon to tell. I might wake up in the morning, horrified at what I’d done, and change my name and move to another state. I just didn’t know.

“Well, if it helps any,” he said, “you were terrific.”

It was a compliment. I took it as such. Perspective may alter that view in the future (it hasn’t yet, and that night was over a year ago) but for then I felt very good about myself, as I did whenever a new lover told me how nice being with me had been.

We slept together in their big bed, with fresh sheets and a thick down comforter. In the morning Teri made a hearty breakfast while Mark and I dug out our respective cars. The storm had dumped almost a foot of snow. The plows had cleared the streets and left sand and salt behind to help the sunlight finish the job. I could leave whenever I was ready.

We ate, and made small talk. It was as if the past night had never happened. But, really, what sense was there in rehashing everything we’d done? We’d all been there, we knew all the details.

As I tugged on my coat to leave, both Teri and Mark kissed me goodbye and told me to come back any time.

“I don’t want this to be just a one-time thing,” Mark told me. “But, that’s all up to you.”

And so it was. I put on my gloves.

“Pot roast tonight,” Teri said, playing the temptress, and assuming that the way to a man’s heart (or at least his dick) truly is through his stomach.

I looked at them both. More thoughts ran through my brain in the next few seconds than usually made the journey in a month. I was overloaded, totally incapable of making a decision at that point, and yet I heard myself say, “I’ll pick up a bottle of wine.”

Then I had decided. But there was more.

“And,” I added authoritatively, “I get to pick the movie this time.”

Mark smiled. Teri vanished back into the kitchen. I went home.

A quick change of clothes and a check for any messages left on the phone (there were none) and I was ready to leave again. I not only bought a bottle of red wine for the meal but an apple pie for desert. How much more American could we get, with pot roast and apple pie? And yet, what a different America it was turning out to be.

I drove back to their place.

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