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The Dressing Room

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It was a warm day, which was to be expected since summer always seems to start early here. Elizabeth got out of the vehicle and gave herself a once over. She wasn’t very tall, barely passed for five foot. Her build was on the heavier side, but she carried it well with her hourglass figure. She had black hair that was long and straight and seemed to be more of a red than anything else when in the sunlight and draped beautifully over her golden skin.

She wore a red and black corset and a black velvet skirt that was accompanied by a pair of fingerless mesh gloves. As if to wrap everything up nicely, she wore a black ribbon around her neck tied into a bow. After giving herself her own approval she walked into the mall.

Once inside she took a seat at one of the little tables inside and began to wait, flipping through some pages of a magazine she found on the table. It wasn’t long till the wait was over and Jacob appeared. He was taller than her by at least half a foot with fairly long brown hair that just slightly covered his forehead. He had pale skin and hazel eyes that seemed to compliment every feature he had perfectly. He was wearing what he normally wore, a long sleeve black over-shirt with a gray undershirt and black slacks. She didn’t notice him as he walked over to her and sat down. She looked up and he was already sitting across from her. She jumped a little, not prepared to already be facing him. After chuckling a bit they stood up and embraced.

“It’s good to see you!” she said, “It’s been a while.”

He nodded and agreed, “It has. I’m happy we were actually able to make it this time to see each other!”

She smiled and nodded slightly.

“So” he said, “let’s be off!”

They walked around and went inside a few places and looked around, talking about how life had been treating them and chatted about anything that was new. After a while she pulled him into a women’s clothing store so she could look around.

She began to browse contently as they continued to chat. Soon she laid eyes a necklace she liked and wanted to try it on.

“Let me help you” he offered, as he started undoing the black ribbon around her neck.

“Thank you” she replied.

As soon as the ribbon was undone he grabbed both ends tightly and pulled it forcefully against her neck, causing her to gasp and then moan slightly.

“You look so beautiful when you struggle.” he whispered in her ear as he gazed upon her slightly embarrassed and pleasure-filled face.

After a moment he removed the ribbon from her neck and wrapped it around his hand and took the necklace she wanted to try on and placed it around her neck as if to pretend nothing had happened.

“Looks good on you,” he said. “Now, we just need to find some clothes to match it!”

She blinked, pulling herself out of the shock of his act and looked in the mirror in front of her.

“It does look nice,” she replied. “I guess I’ll go find an outfit now.”

She removed the necklace from her neck and asked him to hold it while she looked around. He nodded and took the necklace from her hand. She then reached out to grab the ribbon back from his hand. He looked at her with a smirk and proceeded to put the ribbon in his pocket. She gave him a small glare and then returned to search for a new outfit to match the necklace.

After looking around the store, chatting with him the whole while, she found a few things and decided to try them on. The cashier opened the locked dressing room door and quickly ran back to attend to the many customers that seemed to almost appear out of no where. He sat on a bench outside of the room, waiting for her to come model the clothing and get his opinion.

After trying many things on and becoming unsatisfied by the way they looked before she even showed him, she had narrowed down her options to a pink skirt and black corset. She went out and modeled it, jokingly striking poses to make light of her disappointment in only finding these clothes to be acceptable. He got up and did a once over. After looking at the outfit he gave his approval and said it would match well with the necklace. She smiled and agreed and proceeded to turn around and go into the dressing room.

Swinging the door behind her, she already started to remove her clothes but stopped when she didn’t hear the door shut. She turned to see him standing in front of the door. She gave him a surprised, wide-eyed look and put the corset she was wearing on the bench next to her as she told him he should get out. As if he didn’t hear her he closed the door completely and threw the necklace on the bench before forcing her up against the wall.

With one hand he covered her mouth and with the other he pinned her shoulder down hard as the same look she had when he wrapped the ribbon around her neck reappeared. He leaned over, pressed hard against her body and whispered into her ear.

“You truly do look beautiful when you struggle. The face you get, so full of pleasure. Makes me want you so badly.”

After that he removed his hand from her mouth and kissed her deeply. She struggled to free her self for a bit, but that only succeeded in making him push her against the wall harder and kiss her deeper.

After seeing that struggling was pointless she finally let herself go and proceeded to kiss him back. Once he realized she’d no longer struggle, he removed his hands from her shoulders and started to squeeze her breast firmly. She moaned in his mouth as they kissed until he removed his lips from hers and covered her mouth.

“You must be quiet my dear or someone will hear us.”

She nodded, eagerly agreeing. He then removed his hand from her face and started to move both his hands behind her, squeezing her ass. She whimpered a little and rested her head on his shoulder only to find herself biting down on his neck. He made a small whimper before lifting her skirt up revealing a tight pair of mesh red panties. He grinned, satisfied by what she wore and proceeded to put one of his hands down them while using his other hand to hold both of her arms against the wall by her wrists. She bit her lip, trying to keep from moaning as he slid a finger inside her.

“So wet already!” he said, almost surprised. “It would be a shame to let all that go to a waste now wouldn’t it?” he said as he pushed another finger deep inside her.

She bit her lip harder and nodded.

“Well then, lets see what we can do about that now, okay?” Eagerly she agreed.

She removed his over-shirt and threw it on the bench. He then lifted up her right leg and propped it up on the bench and got down on his knees and nudged her panties aside.

“Don’t make a single sound or I will stop. Understand?” She shook her head eagerly and began to brace herself.

“Let’s see how much you will struggle. Let’s see how much I can make you cum.” He said as he began to run his tongue across her clit.

She jumped a little and bit down on her lower lip hard as she grabbed at his hair with both of her hands. He grabbed at each of her thighs with his hands as he started to lick her pussy deeper while looking up to see her face as she struggled to keep quiet.

Her body jerked around a bit as each lick seemed to make her body shake. After a short while he put a finger deep inside of her and started to suck on her clit. Her body went wild. She started to shake even more making her back arch as she grabbed at his hair harder. She moved one of her hands from his head and covered her mouth. She was about to cum. Once he saw her hand covering her mouth he pushed his finger up until he hit her g-spot and sucked harder on her clit. She couldn’t hold it any longer and she started to cum, squeezing tightly as her cum coated his finger.

After she came he stood up and put his finger up to her lips.

“Clean it off for me!” he demanded, as he grabbed her neck with his other free hand, pulling her face even closer to his finger.

Without hesitation she took his finger into her mouth and sucked it clean as he watched fascinated by how readily she obeyed.

Once she was done he removed his hand from her neck and proceeded to hold her close to him, kissing her deeply. They gripped onto each other’s body hard, pushing themselves against each other as they lost themselves in the kiss.

As he kissed her she slid her hands down to his pants and started to undo his belt.

Once his belt was undone she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and started to free herself from his grasp.

“It’s my turn now,” she said as she began to get on her knees.

She removed his hard cock from his pants and put it in her mouth. Slowly she moved her lips up and down his big hard cock licking it all over as she looked up at his face. She could tell he was struggling a bit to stay completely quiet.

“You look so good when you struggle,” she said while she gazed upon his very pleased face.

Eagerly she returned his cock to her mouth, moving up and down on it slowly , but quickening her pace as she went along. It wasn’t long till he stopped her and pulled her up only to push her against the wall again.

“That felt great, but we’ve been in here too long as it is. However, I’m not leaving till I cum inside of you.”

Just from those words she felt her wetness grow as she began to cum once again. He could feel her tremble a little and he grinned.

“You seem to like that idea. So, let’s begin.”

Within seconds of saying that he forcefully turned her around and took each of her hands in his own and placed them spread apart on the wall, pinning them in place. Quickly after putting her hands in place he grabbed her hips and pulled them towards him, having her slightly bent over.

“Since we don’t have long I don’t plan on going easy on you. Hopefully you will be able to be quiet,” he said.

She shook her head and promised to be quiet. Just moments after he lifted her black skirt out of the way and made sure her red panties were nudged to the side, he forcefully pushed his hard cock deep inside of her soaking wet pussy.

All it took was that and she already began to moan and squeeze tightly around his cock. He pushed into her harder and grabbed her neck.

“Now, we can’t have any of that now can we?” and with that said he removed the black ribbon from his pocket and tied it around her mouth tightly.

As soon as it was secure he started to thrust deeper and deeper into her, becoming harder with every thrust. It wasn’t long till she began to cum again. Trying her hardest to keep from jerking around too badly she gripped her fingers tightly onto the wall.

“You feel so good when you struggle,” he whispered into her ear as he started to fuck her even harder.

He reached up and grabbed her neck and squeezed it tightly.

“Just trying to get some better support, of course,” he said as he gripped her neck tightly.

Once she felt his hand around her neck it drove her crazy. She started squeezing harder and harder and he showed no signs of stopping. He had made her have a multiple and he knew as long as she kept cumming like this that he wasn’t going to last much longer.

He leaned forward and asked quietly in her ear, “Do you want me to cum inside you?” Instantly she squeezed harder than any time before as she eagerly shook her head, begging for him to fill her up with his hot cum.

After seeing how badly she wanted it, he held nothing back and started fucking her as hard and as fast as possible. She kept squeezing, over and over, harder and harder, moaning thru the ribbon tied around her mouth till she heard him.

“I’m gonna cum!” he said quietly to her and with that she felt his hot cum pulse inside her, filling her wet pussy as they both came together.

As soon as they were done she turned around and they embraced, warm and out of breathe. Holding each other and kissing each other, still pressed up against the dressing room wall as they both shook in each other’s arms from the intensity of it all.

Soon after they were finished, there was a knock on the dressing room door.

“Ma’am is everything all right? You’ve been back here for a while. Sorry I haven’t had time to assist you more, the store got a bit crazy.” The cashier said.

In a slight panic and trying not to laugh she responded,

“Everything is fine. Sorry it’s taking me so long. I just couldn’t figure out what looked best on me. But I’m done now; I’ll be out shortly. Thank you.”

The cashier politely told her to take her time and walked back up to the front of the store. Huddled together, laughing quietly he leaned closer to her and asked,

“So, what looks best on you?”

With a devilish grin on her face she replied, “You.”

And she pulled him in for one last kiss.

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