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The Day Spa

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The last few months had been a nightmare. I was working more and more overtime at work, and getting very little rest. I finally reached the breaking point, and decided to take a week off. My boss wasn’t too happy, but let me go anyway. The way I see it, he didn’t have much of a choice. I either took some time off, or I would find a new place to work.

I didn’t want to spend any money to take a vacation, and there were plenty of things to do around town. I left work early on a Friday and kicked off the weekend by ordering pizza and relaxing in my recliner while watching movies. Everything was fine, but by I was still tense by the time Sunday came around. A friend of mine named Kara suggested going to see a massage therapist. She recommended a Spa that she had visited. She said that the treatments could sometimes by a bit beyond the norm, but that the results were great. The price she quoted seemed a bit high but I decided to try it anyway.

I took the telephone number to the Spa, and called for an appointment. A woman with a thick German accent answered the phone. She asked the usual questions about name and telephone number, and gave me an appointment for the upcoming Tuesday. She instructed me to arrive at 7am and that the treatment would last a few hours. Food and refreshment would be provided during the visit.

I arrived a few minutes before 7am on Tuesday. The spa was located in a suburb not far from my apartment. I was impressed from the moment I stepped through the front door. I was greeted as I walked into the lobby by a very attractive, blond woman. She seemed to be in her late twenties or early thirties. The woman was dressed in a simple white blouse and black skirt. Her legs were gorgeous, covered in black pantyhose and a pair of black leather boots that ended just below her knee. When she spoke, I knew that she was the woman whom I had spoken to on the phone.

“Mr. Larkin?” she asked.

“Yes. I hope I’m not late.” I replied.

“No, you are right on time. I’m Vara, we spoke on the phone.” She said with a smile. “I just need you to fill out a few forms and then we’ll be all set to go.”

Vara handed me a clipboard of forms. The first two forms covered the basic personal information as well as any health problems. The second form was different. It asked questions about sexual preference and habits, as well as work and sleep habits. I thought that some of the stuff was a bit too personal for just a day at the spa, but quickly filled it out anyway.

When I was done with the forms, Vara showed me into a dressing room. I was instructed to strip down and changed into the shorts and robe that were sitting on the counter in the room. I finished changing and stepped out of the room to be greeted by another woman. I couldn’t help but stare when I saw her. Her black hair was pulled into a tight bun, and her glasses gave her a severe but pretty look. She was dressed in a white lab coat, but I could tell she had a nice figure.

“Hello Mr. Larkin, my name is Hilde. I’ll be your lead therapist for today.” She said in the same German accent as Vara.

“I’ve looked over your forms, and I think we will be able to provide you with a relaxing experience. I noticed that Kara referred you to us. She’s one our best customers. Has she explained any of our services?” Hilde asked.

“No, she just told me that you guys are really good.” I replied with a smile.

“Well, I’ll explain our services while I get you settled into the first part of your treatment.” She said as she motioned for me to follow her.

I followed her down the hallway. “We run a very unique spa. If you want to stop treatment at anytime, all you need say is the phrase ‘end treatment now’. That will end the session. I must say, that we rarely have to end a session.” She explained.

Hilde ushered me into a room full of steam. I was seated in a large hot tub, and the water was almost too hot to bear. It took a few minutes before I came accustomed to the heat. Hilde left the room and returned with a glass.

“This is a special herbal tonic that we make here at the spa.” She explained while she handed me the glass.

I relaxed in the tub and sipped the drink. It was very mild, being slightly sweet and salty like a sports drink. I detected a faint taste of honey, as well as other tastes that I couldn’t identify. It was cold and refreshing as the hot water massaged my muscles. Hilde came back after an hour and instructed me out of the tub. She directed me to a small bench, and had me lay down on my back.

“We are going to relax all of your muscles, and pull out all of the tension.” She explained.

Hilde stepped up to the bench and took a hold of my shorts. I thought she was going to pull them up, but she pulled them down instead. The shock must have been obvious on my face. Hilde smiled at me and began to unbutton her smock. She removed the smock and hung it on a peg on the wall. This was certainly turning out to be one great trip. Hilde removed a bottle from one of the shelves in the room and returned to the bench. She tilted the bottle and splashed my chest with a healthy dose of oil. It was thick oil, and she began to spread it around with her hands.

Hilde’s fingers were soft but strong, and they felt wonderful against my heated skin. She worked the oil into my chest and neck, and then did the same to my arms. I was lost in the feel of it all. Her naked breasts brushed against me as she worked, and I struggled in vain to keep from getting an erection. I was embarrassed when Hilde stood up and moved down to my feet. My cock was jutting straight up.

“I see that you are enjoying yourself.” Hilde said with a chuckle.

Hilde poured more oil on me, and worked each one my legs. She finally came to my groin, and I fully expected her to stop. Instead, she took the bottle and positioned it above my erection. She gave a healthy squeeze and warm oil splashed down my shaft. She gave a few more squirts, completely coating my cock and balls. Hilde slowly wrapped one hand around my shaft, and began to slowly glide it up and down. She massaged my balls with her other hand, and worked the oil in. Her hand was soft and made so slippery by the oil that it felt like liquid velvet.

Hilde’s handwork was fantastic, and I quickly felt myself ready to cum. My hips began to move, and Hilde stopped. I was breathing hard from the excitement, and gave a low groan from disappointment.

“Turn over please.” Hilde asked.

I somewhat grumpily complied. My cock throbbed as it was pressed flat between my stomach and the bench. I must admit that I was now far from relaxed. Hilde returned to the massage by squirting oil down my back and legs. She worked on my legs first, the climbed onto the table. She straddled my hips and began to work on my back and shoulders. I began to lose my erection, but quickly regained it when Hilde lay down on me to massage my arms. Her breasts were mashed against my back, and I could feel her nipples pressing into my skin. Hilde’s hands stopped moving, and she held onto my shoulders. She began to rub her hips against my ass in circles. There was plenty of oil between us, and our bodies slid together.

It was a huge turn on to have this sexy woman pressed so close to me. She soon changed her movement and began sliding up and down my ass. Each movement she made caused my body to move slightly, and slide my cock along the table. The movement was not much, but just enough to stimulate. Both of us were sweating profusely from the heat and movement and I didn’t think I could last much longer. Hilde pressed down on my shoulders and lifted herself up. She arched her back, but kept her pelvis in contact with my ass. Her thrusts intensified, and were she not on top of me, we would have slid off of the bench.

I groaned as my cock glided against the oil-slick bench. I gripped the sides of the bench as my muscles strained. My orgasm had been building at such a maddening pace, but it was coming much quicker than I thought. I gripped the sides of the bench in a death grip as I felt my stomach tighten. I tried to move my hips to match hers, but it was unnecessary. Hilde’s movement was all I needed. My cock swelled and finally burst. I shook under her as jets of cum shot against the bench, making my cock even more slippery.

Hilde lay back down on me and began to massage my arms again. She slowly slid down my body, rubbing and squeezing as she did. When she finally slid off of me, I was weak and ready to fall asleep. Hilde let me be for a few minutes as she put her smock back on. She then took my hand and helped me stand, then rubbed the oil from my skin with soft, warm towels. Hilde dressed me in my robe and led me from the room. The combination of the heat and orgasm had left me drowsy and weak. We left the room through a door opposite of the one we had come in. The next room was a shock to my system.

This room was cold as ice, and steam rose from our bodies as we came into the room. Hilde directed my to a large cloth covered bench. Hilde opened a cabinet and removed a stack of large towels. She sat them down and removed my robe. I stood as she opened one of the towels up. She started midway down my legs, and began to wrap the towel around me. The cabinet must have been refrigerated because the towels were as cold as ice. She fastened the towel with a metal clip, and then opened another. She completely wrapped me in the cold towels, and then sat me in the chair.

My overheated body was cooling off quickly, and the invigorating cold was soon becoming too much to bear. Hilde left the room through another door, leaving me to chill. She returned in about twenty minutes, and my teeth had just begun to chatter. She led me from the chair and into the next room. The room was of normal temperature, but still felt cold in my cooled state. Hilde unwrapped the towels and guided me to sit in a chair that reminded me of a barber chair.

“We are now going to warm you back up.” Hilde said to me.

Hilde opened a cabinet and pulled out a small tray. I Shivered and watched as Hilde opened her smock. I was hoping that she was going to climb into the chair with me, but she didn’t. Instead, she took a cup from the tray and held it in front of her. My eyes widened in surprise as her hips jutted forward. A golden jet of pee erupted from her and splashed into the cup. I watched in amazement as she filled the cup, cutting her flow off before the cup overflowed. Hilde turned around and craned my neck to see what she was doing. I was able to see her pour what appeared to be honey on a spoon, and mix it into the cup. The remembered taste of honey came to my mouth. Was this the drink she had given me in the steam room?

Hilde turned around and brought me the cup. She offered it with a smile, but noticed that I was hesitant to accept it.

Hilde smiled. “Don’t worry, you will enjoy the taste. It is the same as the last tonic, except warm.” She explained.

I was still freezing, and just the touch of the warm cup in my hands was comforting. I closed my eyes and brought the cup to my lips. It was obvious that I had drunk her pee before, and it had tasted good. I took a small sip from the cup and it tasted just as before. It was a bit stronger, and warm of course, but not bad. Hilde smiled and turned as I continued to drink from the cup. I was so cold that I could actually feel her warm pee flowing down my throat.

I finished the cup, but was still not warm, and hoped Hilde would come back and make another cup. When she returned to the room, Vara was with her.

“Are you enjoying your day so far?” Vara asked with a smile.

“It’s been different, but I have to admit fun.” I answered. “I am still very cold. Will I be warmed up soon?”

“You will be warming up soon. The cold was designed to cause your body to shrink. The next step will help rid your body of any toxins, and it is better done when the body is cold.” Hilde explained.

Hilde pulled a lever on the chair and it reclined. She pulled another lever and I was soon sloping downward toward my head. Hilde positioned me into a comfortable position. She pulled up two, foot stirrups from the side of the chair. She strapped my feet in and lifted my legs. I was totally exposed for both women to see. Vara was looking inside a cabinet, and returned to my view carrying an odd contraption. I knew what one end was, but couldn’t fathom the other. One end was an enema nozzle. It was connected to a tube that was about two feet long. The other end held a cup shaped funnel.

“Now, I want you to relax.” Hilde said. She had donned a latex globe, and was squirting a clear jell onto her index finger. I tried to relax as she pressed her finger to my ass. I’ve had women play at the back door before, and this woman knew what she was doing. She teased a bit, pushing in a bit then retreating. She kept up this process, and slowly worked more and more of her finger into my ass. I was surprised that She was soon buried knuckle deep. She kept finger fucking my ass until I started to get an erection. That seemed to be her queue to stop.

Hilde stopped and Vara handed her the nozzle. Hilde squirted a bit of jell onto the nozzle. She spread it around; making sure it was well coated. I held my breath as she pressed the tip of the nozzle to my ass. It slipped in without any resistance, and I realized that it was barely the thickness of Hilde’s finger. I could see some fluid in the hose, and I realized that Vara must have filled it while my attention had been on Hilde. I understood the process, but still didn’t see where the rest of the water would come from.

“Relax, and you will enjoy this part.” Vara said. Placed one foot on the base of the chair and pulled her skirt up. She was wearing stockings instead of pantyhose, and her pussy was clean-shaven and uncovered. I quickly got the picture when she pressed the cup end of the hose to her cunt. It formed a perfect seal, and I could see her pussy lips through the cups clear plastic. Vara took a few deep breaths and I saw her pussy bulge. Her lips parted, and a heavy golden stream splashed into the cup. What room was left in the hose quickly filled, and the cup followed.

Hilde watched the cup fill, and I felt her releasing the clamp on the hose. I immediately felt a flood of warmth spread up through my ass as Vara’s hot piss filled me up. The feeling was intense, and my cock became instantly hard. The flow continued and the cup stayed empty. I took every drop she had. I was feeling warmer, and not too full. Hilda took the cup end from Vara and placed it to her own pussy. She quickly erupted into the cup, and her warm piss flowed, mixing inside with Vara’s.

I was beginning to feel full just when Hilde stopped. “Now resist the urge to push.” She told me.

I tried not to push as she pulled the nozzle free. Vara came up quickly next to her and handed Hilde something that I could not see. I felt Hilde push the object against my ass, and groaned as a plug thicker than her finger filled my ass. It seemed to widen and then collapse, and I could feel it firmly held in my ass.

I took a deep breath and let it out. I calmed myself down, and the pressure eased.

“Now we need to stimulate your body to action.” Hilde explained. She began to gently rub and knead my stomach. This caused their combined loads to move through me. It was intense, but became even more so when her lips made contact with my aching cock. Hilde’s mouth was heavenly on my cold skin, and she warmed me to the root. Vara took the opportunity to move and straddle my face. Her skirt fell over my head, and her pussy hovered invitingly above my mouth. I craned my neck upward and Vara took that as her o.k. Sign. She bent her knees slightly and pressed her warm slit to my mouth. I soon found myself in a warm bliss. Hilde’s mouth and warm hands were heating my lower body, while Vara’s hot pussy warmed my face.

Hilde was an expert. I couldn’t believe when I started to cum. My muscles contracted like a snake, and I’m sure the plug would have shot out of my ass like a rocket if Hilde had not held it in with her hand. I sucked hungrily on Vara’s cunt as I came, and her juices flowed down my throat. Both women got off of me after I finished coming and even though I didn’t get to make Vara climax, it didn’t seem important to her. I was actually feeling all warmed up now.

Vara smoothed her skirt down and exited the room, while Hilde let my legs down and returned the chair to a sitting position. Hilde showed me to another door in the room, which turned out to be a bathroom. She closed the door and let me remove the plug. I quickly sat on the toilet and relieved myself. I felt ten pounds lighter by the time I was done. I returned to the room fifteen minutes later where Hilde redressed me in my robe. She led me into another room, where I was served a a light but wonderful brunch. I sat back in my chair once I was finished and felt more relaxed than I had in a long time.

Hilde came back into the room. She gave me a smile as she sat down in a chair across from me. “I take it that you are satisfied with the treatment?” she asked.

“That was a mind blowing experience. I feel great.” I replied. “Is that the standard treatment?”

“Each session is different. It depends on what a patient needs. Different forms of stress require differnt treatments.” she explained.

Hilde thanked me for coming and invited me back. I made an appointment for the following week and said goodbye. It seemed like I wouldn’t have any problems getting rid of stress any more. I also decided to drop in on Kara and find out about her therapy sessions.

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