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The Dancer

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I was supposed to be on my way home when something drew me to that strip club. I had looked up the website earlier in the day to masturbate furiously over the pictures of the dancers. My masturbation session ended abruptly and I was sent packing to run some errands.

I’m just a normal guy and I do not frequent strip clubs. In fact it was only the second time in my life that I had ever gone to one.

I pulled up into a parking spot and sat in the car for several minutes trying to tell myself that I couldn’t go in. I could hear a faint rhythm coming from the small black building that was in front of me and it called to me.

Eventually I built up the courage to enter the doors. Thankfully I went in as soon as I did. The entry fee was going to go up in about 10 minutes. I paid the man at the door and was allowed to pass through a long hallway and then into a small room with a stage in the center and about thirty chairs around the stage. At the back of the room there were two doors. The one on the right had a sign above it that indicated it was the entrance to the restrooms and the other door was unmarked.

I sat in one of the seats facing the stage and waited for quite some time before any girls came out. I was somewhat confused by the lack of girls in this establishment because the last club I had been to was always covered with women wanting your attention. The first was Alyssa. She was very short even with her extremely tall heels. She had blonde hair that was very straight and it was just long enough to touch the bottom of her shoulder blades. She was not skinny, but very well proportioned and had beautiful c-cup breasts. She headed straight for me and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Alyssa. What’s your name?”

“Mike,” was all I could mutter. I am not unattractive but even considering the nature of that business I was still nervous about being approached by such a hot woman.

“Would you like a dance?” She asked me cheerfully. “Or would you like to go back to one of the VIP rooms for a nude chair or bed dance?”

“I, I, I…. I’d like to go to the back” was what I finally able to say to her. She walked me through the door in the back and down a narrow hallway surrounded by doors. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into a small dark room with a small light that was just bright enough to allow me to see where things were.

“You can put your things on the table there if you would like,” she instructed me. “Would you like to be on the bed or in the chair?”

We discussed the formalities and decided to use the bed. The price was higher, but I imagined that the service would be better. I laid down on the bed and put my hands behind my head. Alyssa removed her bikini and climbed on top of me and began to simulate sex with me. She rubbed her bare crotch on my leg and then leaned forward to press her breasts into my face. With here breasts on my face she grabbed my arms and pulled them down to her hips. As my fingers touched her thighs and hips a moan escaped her lips. An erection was growing in my shorts that I knew would not see a resolution. As I lamented the fact that I could not fuck this gorgeous woman I was interrupted by her tongue slowly creeping along my neck and up to my ear. She nibbled my earlobe for a bit and then slowly crept down my body until here face was directly in front of my cock. She rubbed her face against my card cock through my shorts and then backed away.

My time was up. She offered me another dance but I was out of cash. I walked with her out to the main room and she said “I’ll be back for more sweety!” I quickly found an ATM and withdrew a few hundred dollars. I wanted some more dances with Alyssa.

I sat down and was treated to seeing Alyssa up on stage performing for everyone. Her movements on the pole and on the ground got me so stirred up that I almost came in my pants. A black woman that was much taller than Alyssa and maybe even taller than me approached my seat and offered me a dance that I would not forget. I apologized and told her that I wasn’t interested at that time. I wanted Alyssa. Some time passed and Alyssa came out again with a large group of girls. It was time for them to find partners for a special in the VIP rooms. I was disappointed when I ended up being the last guy in the room and not a single girl around. Alyssa had left the room with another guy.

I waited for a good long time before I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find the black woman that I had refused earlier. She again let me know that if I accompanied her to the VIP room she would give me a dance I would never forget. I accepted because I was bored and very horny. She walked me back to the VIP rooms and pulled me into a different room than the one I had been in before. She wasted no time getting through the necessary arrangements while she was removing the tiny dress she was wearing.

She was very thin but had extremely large breasts. They were at least a DD-cup. But they were obviously fake as they were perfectly round.

Now I know that you can’t expect sex in a strip club and you can expect to be showered with praise by women expecting huge tips. What I wasn’t expecting was the dance I was given. I was pushed down onto the bed by this nude woman and she straddled me.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked me quietly.

“No,” I replied softly. This is absolutely true. I did not have a girlfriend. I did however have a wife. Lies by omission are great.

“Why not?” She asked as she pulled my hands to her round ass.

“I’m shy I guess.”

“Grab my ass hard,” she whispered in my ear. I did as I was told. “If I was your girlfriend I’d fuck you every day.” She pulled away from me and put her hands on my shins. She slowly slid her hands up the legs of my shorts and found my cock through my boxer shorts. I moaned as she started to move her hand along the length of my cock.

“Oh, my god.” Was all she said when she reached the end. My wife has always loved that I have a fairly large cock. And this stripper found something she wasn’t expecting on a quiet white boy. She slid her hand into my boxers and groped my cock. I assume by the way that she was touching me she was checking to see if it was real.

“Your huge cock has made me so wet. Can I pull it out of your shorts? I want to see it.” I nodded and she quickly unbuttoned my shorts and lowered my zipper. “Wait, stay right there.” She got up and peeked here head out the door and told the bouncer that everything was all right and that she would be spending more time in the room as I was a VIP. She came back to find that I had freed my cock from my shorts and it peered out through the hole in front of my boxers.

I was rock hard and she was staring at my tool. She then reached out and touched the tip which caused me to jump a little. She leaned over and looked more closely. It was like she had never seen a cock before. I started to sit up a little when she went into action. She pushed me back down and then quickly put her lips around the head of my cock. I wasn’t expecting that at all and I nearly cried out. I bit my lip and let her suck my dick.

“I’m married.” Was all I was able to mutter. She pulled away from my cock and looked at me.

“Me too,” she said calmly. “I won’t tell if you don’t. I want to give you this and then I want you in my ass. But under no circumstances can I let you fuck my pussy. That belongs to my husband.” I had no problem with that. She went back to sucking on my cock. While she continued sliding her mouth up and down the shaft here tongue maneuvered around the head. She turned her body so that I was looking straight into her pussy. I went to touch her and she bit my dick and pulled away and said “No Pussy.” I moved my hand to her asshole and massaged around the small puckered hole. I sucked on my finger for a minute coating it with saliva and then pushed the tip into her ass. I slid the tip in and then out again just pushing and then letting her hole push me out again.

Soon she was pushing her ass onto my finger obviously wanting a lot more. I put my finger back in my mouth to get more spit and then put the finger right up to her ass. I let the tip touch her hole and she pushed back taking my whole finger. She groaned on my cock and I could hear the slurping sound she made on every stroke. I fucked her slowly at first with my finger and then at her prompting I started ramming her hard with my finger.

Without a word, she spun around pulling her ass off of my finger and positioned her self so that she was facing me and straddling my crotch. She slowly lowered herself until the head of my prick was at the entrance to her asshole. She grabbed my hand and put my finger, that had just come out of her butt, into her mouth. She sucked hard as she lowered herself down the entire length of my dick in one quick stroke. I could tell that it hurt like hell. She stopped moving for a minute or two. Her eyes were very moist like she was ready to cry.

Then without warning she started moving herself up and then down the length of my cock. Her ass was very tight and the lubrication provided by the blowjob she had been giving me was just barely enough to keep things comfortable. She rode me for a few more minutes and then stopped. She pushed her ass down as far as she could and ground my cock into her butthole. She moaned quietly and started to shake. I could feel her cumming. Her ass muscles grabbed hold of my cock and I took this chance to start pushing back. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her like mad.

It wasn’t long before I shot a hot load of cum up her ass. The muscles in her ass felt as though it were milking my cock to get every last drop. She got up and my cock was pulled from her hole. I stood up and straightened out my clothes. I started to put my cock back in my pants when she grabbed it and pulled me toward her again. She silently licked all of the fluids from my dick and then whispered that my experience was “on the house.” I zipped up and left quickly.

When I got out to the car I sat there for a few minutes stunned at what had just happened. I saw her come out of the club and look around. She was about to go back inside when she spotted me. She walked over to my car and tapped on the glass. I rolled down the window and she handed me a card then walked away. The card had her name, phone number and a little note that said “Please come back and let me dance for you again some time.”

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