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She’s Early

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“I’m early,” she discreetly whispered to me as we stood up to welcome our friends who had just come through the restaurant doors and saw me waving to catch their attention.

I didn’t really have time to process her statement before our friends, Rob and Amy, approached our table to greet us. My first thought was confusion, and perhaps I misheard her. Our friends were right on time, and even if they had been early, it really wouldn’t have mattered.

For once, we had arrived at the restaurant ahead of our reservation time.

Then, of course as I was giving Amy a hug, the realization of my wife’s passing comment hit me like a ton of bricks. She had told me that her period had arrived, nearly 4 days early. I went from flaccid to hard in an instant and had to quickly break off the hug with Amy before she noticed.

As we took our seats, I glanced at Megan who had a grin on her face like a Cheshire cat. My loving wife knew that her short and sweet message had hit its mark by my look of disbelief and that was exactly the reaction she had been planning.

Megan and I had been together for more than a decade (married for just under eight years) and had a fairly regular sex life. Regular, except for when she had her period. She didn’t like menstrual sex, even though she knew that was something I was interested in and had a kink for. She felt gross during that time, telling me that I wouldn’t be so interested in periods if I had to deal with my own crotch bleeding for a week.

Yes, she knew we could put down that maroon-colored towel (our special “period” towel). Yes, she knew how much I liked sex during that week. Yes, we could hop in the shower when we were done. Yes, we didn’t have to worry about using a condom during that time. But, no, she still wasn’t interested. She hated me sticking my penis in her, because all she could think about was what was coming out of her and the squishy feeling my dick caused when I penetrated her.

Her dislike of her monthly flow started at her first period. Menarche for most of her friends had been when they turned 12 or 13 and some at 14. For her though, her first period came on Christmas Eve, just 2 months past her 15th birthday. Her family was out at her grandparents’ house all day for the holiday and her stomach just felt funny. Dinner hadn’t agreed with her all that much and she felt like her intestines were in knots. After returning home and getting ready for bed, she sat on the toilet and saw the brown spot on her underwear and it took a second for it to click. Her mom told her to find some pads under the sink and for the next twenty or so years, the red and white theme of Christmas always had a second meaning for her.

Each period since her first was an inconvenience and she simply just hated dealing with it. She hated being unprepared and staining another pair of panties. She hated the cramps and the mood swings and the bloated feeling it gave her. She hated how horny I got when I would discover she was wearing a pad. And she definitely hated using pads. Megan felt like she was wearing a mini-diaper that was always sticky and wet, no matter the brand or how often she changed. Tampons were out, unless she was going to go to the pool or the beach, because she wasn’t too keen on sticking anything up inside of her, except a penis and her lone box of Tampax Pearls was at least 3 years old.

But most of all, she hated the smell of her crotch during that week. It was a smell that was so unmistakable and she felt like the whole world knew she was on her period. It was something that I had gotten used to over the years and while not particularly unpleasant, it certainly wasn’t as bad as she made it out to be.

We rarely (if ever) made love on the first day of her period’s arrival and I usually had to wait until the 3rd or 4th day as things were slowing down before making my move. So there I was leisurely reviewing my menu choices and thinking of different options to get my wife in the mood, when I was totally caught daydreaming.

“Earth to Jay,” Megan said, “I asked you if you were getting the filet?” The filet mignon certainly looked good on the menu, but what my wife said next made my head jerk up quickly.

“You can get your meat nice and rare, all red and bloody if you want!” What the hell did she just say? Did she really just say I can get my meat “red and bloody” in public and in front of our friends? I simply stared agape and tried to compose myself.

“Uh, while that sounds appetizing, I think I’m going to go with the salmon they have featured,” I was able to finally spit out. Our friends didn’t bat an eye at her comment, oblivious to the double entendre.

Smiling, Megan reached down and squeezed my thigh. “OK, suit yourself, mister,” she said, “but I don’t want to hear any bitching and moaning about how you missed out on something you don’t get to have very often…” Wow. OK. I was hooked and not really sure how far she expected to take this, especially in public. This was so out of character for her, especially when talking about her period, and I wondered what exactly had gotten into her.

We made it through the ordering process and the waiter returned with our first bottle of wine. After Rob took the first sip and nodded his approval, the waiter was filling our glasses when Megan exclaimed, “Let’s keep it flowing!”

“Holy shit,” I thought. Surely I flinched or made some other involuntary twitch as the four of us started to laugh at Megan’s witty comment, albeit not all for the same reasons. This was shaping up to be a memorable night.

I looked over and took a fresh look at Megan. She looked great for being in her late 30’s and after two kids. We had gotten dressed up to celebrate Rob and Amy’s 20th anniversary and she was positively glowing. After starting an exercise program less than a year ago, my wife had lost 35 pounds and was getting lean. All the baby fat from our toddler was gone and she was happier than she’d been in a while.

Megan was wearing a cute black dress with a button-up lace front that came down to just above her knees, black pantyhose, and black strappy heels. Unfortunately I had come home from work just in time to kiss the kids goodbye and hadn’t had a chance to watch her dress. I really loved watching Megan as she got dressed or undressed and enjoyed seeing her in her underwear. Even if it wasn’t sexy lingerie or even a matched pair, I would often ogle her body, hopeful to find her in the mood. However, today I didn’t have the benefit of knowing what she had under her dress, but the way the evening was going, sounded like I would get to see it soon enough.

As we were looking over the menu, Megan leaned over to point out something on her menu. It was a pasta dish with a “chunky marinara” sauce. As she pointed with her manicured fingernail to the words, she just said, “Huh, look at that.” I didn’t know if she had wanted me to join in on the fun and start making comments of my own or to keep my yap shut and just enjoy the ride. Rob and Amy weren’t stupid and I was beginning to get worried that they’d catch on soon.

Before our entrees arrived, Megan excused herself to go to the bathroom as she picked up her purse. My wife never carries a purse, but I knew why today. I watched her go, lingering on her backside a bit longer than was probably polite, before turning my attention back to our guests. Another bottle of wine arrived and I was starting to feel the benefits of the alcohol.

She returned just as our entrees were delivered and the four of us began eating a delightful meal. At one point, I placed my hand on Megan’s upper thigh. I was incredibly surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing pantyhose after all. I felt the strap for a garter and moved my hand down slightly to feel for the clip for her stockings. I moaned slightly and Megan shot me another winning smile as the image of my wife in a garter belt and stockings started to form in my imagination. She obviously had pulled out all the stops for this dinner and I had to wait patiently to unwrap my gifts.

When the waiter brought over a tray of desserts, all I wanted to do was to rush home and make love to my wife. (Actually, we’d make love eventually, but first, I wanted to take her and unleash my lust for her in almost an animalistic way.) I was ready and I knew she was ready too. But, to my disappointment, Megan ordered a dessert, probably just to prolong the agony of waiting to take her.

“I’ll have the chocolate raspberry ganache,” she said politely to the waiter, “with two spoons.” As she looked at me she said, “You can share some of mine, if you’re good.”

I gave her a look that killed, and she just smiled, batting her big doe-eyes at me. Dessert and coffee arrived quickly and Megan dug right into her dessert. It had a raspberry sauce dripped down the sides of the confection and Megan scooped up some of the red, sticky sauce on her finger and fed it to me. I licked her finger clean of course, but was ready to drag her out of the restaurant, leaving Rob and Amy behind. It was playful banter between a married couple and wasn’t too much beyond PG-13 to the casual observer, but we both knew it was much more than that.

Thankfully, it was time to go. Although the conversation with our friends hadn’t waned, the food was all gone and it was getting late. Besides, we had told our babysitter we’d be back before 11:00 PM and that time was approaching quickly. Hugs were exchanged all around and I hurried my wife off to the car.

As soon as I shut the door, I hissed: “You are one hell of a tease tonight.” She replied, “Get me home honey so I can fuck your brains out.”

With that, she grabbed my hard-on through my slacks and squeezed firmly. “Looks like you’re ready for me?”

“So very ready for you,” I replied.

“And what would happen if I showed you some leg?” Megan drew her dress up her thighs, showing off her stocking tops. My hard-on was painful and was begging for release from my pants. Somehow, I kept my eyes on the road, but kept stealing glances at her legs and her stockings. Then she pulled her dress even higher, letting me see that she was wearing black lace panties. Although her legs were closed, I was able to see that she was wearing a pad, as the white moon-shaped outline of the top of her pad peeked up toward her waistband.

“I’m not sure if you’re aware,” she said nonchalantly, “but I got my period a few days early this month.”

“Not aware?” I said laughing. “I’d have to be dead to not be aware of it. But, I’m going to get you back for all that teasing you did during dinner.”

“Me? Tease you? Whatever could you mean?” she retorted, and not too convincingly.

I tried to feel her crotch and touch her pad, but my arm was quickly batted away.

“Pay attention to your driving and get us home in one piece.”

“Yes, dear.”

We made it home in record time and without being stopped for any traffic infractions. Luckily for us, our babysitter lives 3 houses down the street and she can just walk home. I was happy that one of us didn’t have to drive her home, because I was driving Megan toward our bedroom quickly.

After paying the babysitter and shooing her out the door (and are you freaking kidding me?) waiting for the babysitter to get back home safely (walk faster!), I nearly dragged Megan upstairs. But, because Megan has a touch of “June Cleaver” in her, she checked on the kids before coming into the bedroom. I had to admit, she was a great mom to both of the kids and they were thriving because of her.

Finally, Megan waltzed into the bedroom and I looked her over. I had dimmed the lights a bit, and she stood there for a moment and let my eyes roam. She then got a bit self-conscious and demure and then softly said, “What?”

I went to her and taking her in my arms, I whispered, “you are so beautiful and tonight especially.”

She blushed and appreciated the comments and one of my hands went to her head and into her hair as she leaned back. We kissed passionately and urgently as the trials of the day ebbed away. My other hand slipped down to her bottom and I felt the garter strap as I gave her bottom a gentle squeeze.

“I need you,” I whispered. She said, “I need you more.” We kissed some more.

I started to unbutton her dress and after a few buttons, reached my hand in to touch her breast. She was wearing some kind of lingerie that had lace cups. I squeezed her and she let out a moan. Megan loved the attention I gave her breasts and I couldn’t wait to take one into my mouth.

More buttons were undone allowing me to see more of her lingerie. She broke the kiss and said, “It’s new. I got it today at JC Penny’s. I thought you’d like it.” I did like it. It was a lacy strapless bra that extended down to her belly button and showed off her bosom. After breastfeeding the kids, her boobs shrank a little bit, but stayed at a healthy handful, usually a 36C. I took them into my hands and gave another good squeeze, admiring how the bra was showing them off. Because the cups were made out of lace, I noticed that her nipples were hard and were growing to the size of a fingertip.

“I can’t wait for you to suck on them,” Megan said in a low voice.

I had unbuttoned enough of the dress to slide it over her shoulders and down over her hips. She stepped out of it and as I draped the dress over a nearby chair, I took the view of all her in. She stood there in her black bra, black garter belt and stockings and black lace panties, with the top of her white pad showing through the lace as bright as if it was day-glo orange. I cupped her mound and felt her through her pad. She gently pushed my hand away and started to undress me.

Starting to protest, I was quickly shushed. Megan removed my jacket, tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I knew I had to just stand there, yielding to her control, albeit slightly. I would have her soon enough, but had to let the tension build a bit more. Unbuckling my pants and pulling down my zipper, Megan pulled my pants off to see my hard-on, barely contained by my underwear. She grabbed me and we both moaned in unison.

Carefully, she pulled on the waistband, letting my organ pop free from its constricting cage. Dropping to her knees, she took a tentative lick to my hole, tasting my pre-cum, causing my dick to twitch. Then slowly, her head descended a few inches, taking me into her mouth.

“Yummmmmm,” she moaned. She started to stroke my organ, slowly and softly at first, but then with more pressure. I staggered back a few feet and leaned back on our bed. Megan urged me to get up on the bed and she crawled between my legs, going back down on me. Putting my hands into her hair, I felt her as she bobbed up and down, running her tongue along the length of my shaft. She has a way of flicking her tongue along the bottom of my tip, something she knows that drives me crazy.

“Honey…” I warned as I was getting close. She wasn’t particularly fond of a mouthful of cum and I wanted to give her fair warning. I loved coming in her mouth, but it wasn’t something she had let me do very often, and I didn’t think that’s where things were going to end today.

Megan slowed down her assault on my penis and let it playfully pop out of her mouth, with a thin string of saliva still attached to my tip. She snuggled up close and I pulled back the covers from underneath us. Our “period towel” was in place already. Megan had obviously planned a number of things in advance. As she settled in over the towel, we were kissing furiously, tonguing each other and trying to delve deeper into each other’s mouth. I heard Megan moan again as my hand cupped her breast.

With one arm around my wife, I ran my hands through her long hair, lightly massaging her scalp. My other hand squeezed her left breast, through the sexy lace cup of her bra. Megan was stroking my erection, keeping me very hard and I was rubbing our legs together, getting us both worked up.

I pulled the cup of her bra down and was rewarded with a handful of breast. Normally, I’d go right for her sensitive nipple, squeezing it and pulling on it. But tonight, I decided to make her wait just a little bit. It was a weak attempt to tease her and she knew it.

“Suck on it,” she commanded, “I know you want to.”

She was right of course. I wanted to suck on it in the worst possible way. I wanted to draw her nipple into my mouth and suckle like a little baby would. Her breasts were awesome and I loved sucking them as much as she loved being sucked. Reaching around, I found the clasp of her bra and fumbled with it briefly, until I was able to disengage the many hooks. Pulling the bra from her, I immediately took her left breast into my mouth, sucking hard on her boob.

“Oooooohhhhhhh. Damn that feels so good.” She shuddered as she said that.

I sucked in earnest, running my tongue along the bottom of her breast, while drawing her nipple deep into my mouth. Sucking rhythmically, I squeezed underneath her breast. I pulled most of her breast out of my mouth and focused on sucking just her nipple and the spongy flesh around it. In similar way to how she plays with my tip, I flicked her nipple in my mouth, while I gave her another good squeeze.

My mouth returned to hers and we started kissing again, but my hand roamed southward. I massaged the inside of her thigh and knew eventually where my hand was going to end up. Megan knew it too, but it was a game we both enjoyed playing. I certainly wanted to touch her and her pad, and that would come, but prolonging my advance heightened the anticipation of what we were going to do in due time.

Massaging her thigh, my fingers crept closer to her core as reached the top of her stocking. Feeling her bare skin I continued upwards and felt the heat emanating from between her legs. She was hot and wet and completely worked up and we were both ready to go. Her legs had been closed together, but as I approached my prize, her legs slowly parted.

As my hands reached her black lace panties, she felt like a furnace pumping out her heat. I cupped her mound again, tracing my fingers over her pad. We both moaned at my first touch of her, but probably for different reasons. The pad felt big and I guessed that she was wearing an overnight pad, something she often does on her first day. I felt the outline of the top of the pad and then slide my hand over the wings.

“I want you,” she said to me. “I’ve been thinking about you all day and can’t wait much longer.”

“I want you too,” I replied.

We continued kissing and I broke her kiss to nuzzle her ear. I pressed harder, massaging her through her pad and she whispered in my ear, “I’m so fucking horny for you. I’m going to ride you so hard.”

Although I wanted to play with her pad some more, I was really getting worked up. It was time.

I extracted myself from her and she pushed off me trying to get out of bed.

“And where do you think you’re going?” I asked and pushed her down. She tried to resist a bit, but I pushed her back and made a grab for her panties. Her garter belt and straps were over her underwear and they would have to be undone first.

“Wait,” she warned. I was having none of that and started to pull on the garter tabs. I briefly saw the pad snuggled up against her with the winged flaps of her pad neatly folded over the sides of her lace panties. A quick flick of my thumb and forefinger released the first garter. The second one released quickly thereafter. She paused briefly, thinking, and rolled to one side to give me access to one of the back garters. I fumbled with it for a moment, and the tab released from her stocking top. She rolled to her other side and I was able to release the last garter, getting an eyeful of the back of her underwear with the pad bulging out.

With the garter straps released, I reached for her panties. She stared at me intently, without moving. I gave a slight tug and stared back, silently pleading to let me proceed. She hesitated, contemplating what was down there for me to see and how uncomfortable she was to let me see it. Ultimately, she acquiesced and lifted her hips up to let me pull off her underwear.

It would have been more polite to not look at her pad, but of course I took a quick peek inside as I slid them down her legs and she pulled her feet out. Imagine my surprise to see no large red stain, or any blood on her pad. It was clean. Confused, I looked at Megan.

“I thought you’re on your period? You’re wearing a pad?”

“I am,” she said


I paused, but then looked down again at her crotch and bare lips of her vulva. Then I noticed the small hint of a white thread. She was wearing a tampon. This was so unlike her. As she spread her legs slightly, more of the string became visible. She looked away.

“Ohhhhhh,” I said, more of a moan then a word.

“Let me go take it out,” she said, tentatively and tried to get up again.

I reached down and pulled the end of the string away from her.

“Please, don’t…” she side, almost pleading.

I gave a slight tug and her vaginal muscles clamped down. My hand was pushed aside.

“There’s no way I’m letting you take it out,” she said. “That’s so fucking nasty.” And with that, she hopped out of bed, grabbed her panties and went to the bathroom. I watched her go, getting a few glimpses of the string hanging down between her legs.

I was worried that I pushed too hard, but a few moments later, Megan reappeared, garters reattached to her stockings and holding the pad between her legs. She had turned her panties inside out, leaving the pad in, and held it between her legs as she returned to bed.

She pulled her panties away and in the brief waddle from the bathroom, a red spot had already formed on the pad, now that nothing was impeding her flow. She noticed and then saw that I saw it and said, “It’s my first day … fair warning, I’m a bit heavy.” Crawling under the covers, she positioned herself squarely on top of the towel.

“I had to change my tampon at the restaurant,” she continued, “it was soaked through and really pretty gross.”

“I thought about showing you all my supplies in my purse, but figured you were hard enough already.”

I smiled and proceeded to get situated between her legs. She’s right, I was hard through dinner and seeing her pads and tampons wouldn’t have helped that situation. However, right then, I was focused on the pleasure that was coming next.

Looking down, I was guiding my rock hard penis toward her hole. All her pubic hair was gone and she must have shaved earlier in the day, once her period arrived. She had become accustomed to keeping her hair trimmed short, except during her period when she shaved herself bare. Long ago, she felt cleaner without bloody and matted-down pubes during her monthly visitor.

As I was lining up to penetrate her, I noticed a slight trickle of blood oozing out between her lips and down into her crack. She probably felt it down there and I filed away a mental image of it, without making a comment.

My tip touched her lips and she jumped slightly, apparently particularly sensitive. I paused and she looked up at me. “I’m ready,” she said, “but take it slow please.”

I gently laid my tool at her opening, nuzzled slightly inward, making the lightest touch. As much as I wanted to bury myself to her hilt with a single thrust, I drew up all my available patience and even took out a loan on future patience. I slid forward, almost imperceptibly, but enough to get the first feeling of her wetness around the head of my penis. Normally, it would be her natural lubrication, but I knew that today, even though she was likely a little wet with her girl lube, but it was more of something else.

Sinking slightly lower now, my head popped past her vaginal ring. I continued to fight the urge to go all the way too soon. Pulling back out, my penis made a wet popping sound. Megan was soaked and ready for some action. I looked down and my tip was bright red.

“Don’t look at it,” she said, “I’m already grossed out at how much you enjoy this.” She pulled the covers over both of us, shielding her lower half from view.

Looking into her eyes, I smiled and drew myself close. “Relax and enjoy it. Thank you for this gift.” Hopefully, whispering in her ear how much I loved her would take her mind off her period and focus back on the lovemaking, which was about to start rocking.

Pushing myself back in, I was able to push half of my length into her, pulled out and thrust again. I penetrated her nearly all the length of my shaft before pulling out quickly and then going all the way. On this last thrust, as I hit bottom, we moaned in pleasure as our bodies met in such a familiar way. We truly did fit together perfectly and as was meant to be how husband and wife are joined.

I started pumping rhythmically and the wet, sloshy noise rose up from our sexual organs. Quickening my pace, the positive feelings started to override her reluctance and Megan started to relax and get into it. Her hips rose to meet mine and she started to grunt and moan with pleasure. Then she started talking dirty. Megan didn’t normally have a potty mouth, but sometimes, when she was really turned on, her inner dirty-girl would make an appearance.

“Oh, I’m so fucking wet for you. Do you feel how wet I am? Do you hear my wet pussy slapping up against your dick? Oh, fuck my bloody pussy you fucking perv! You know I’m getting blood all over your fucking cock don’t you?”

I clamped down quickly and hard and pulled out my dick. Her words had quickly (much too quickly) brought me to the brink and it was all I could do to hang on. I wasn’t ready to finish and she wasn’t ready either, but she didn’t know the power of her words had over me.

“Don’t you dare come yet!” she barked at me, with a deep lust in her eyes. She didn’t say it in a mean way, but her demand wasn’t particularly helpful at that point and I was already doing my best to hold it back. Somehow, I was successful and took a breath, before sliding myself back inside her wet tunnel.

We made love with me pumping in and out of her for several more minutes. Kissing and nibbling on her lip and sticking our tongues deep inside each other’s mouths. I made long strokes, intermixed with short strokes that ground on her pussy and clit. She wrapped her nylon-covered legs around me, digging her heels into my lower back. I pounded away at her, letting our orgasms build.

Megan reached up and grabbed both her breasts and squeezed. She moaned and started to buck, getting very close to the end. “Faster, faster!” she cried. Instead of speeding up though, I pulled out nearly all the way, leaving just my tip inside of her. She knew what was coming next (besides her), and I started to fuck her just with my tip going in and out of her quickly. The friction of my bulb penetrating her was just too much. After maybe 6 or 7 strokes like this, she went rigid and grabbed me, pulling me deep inside of her.

Her orgasm washed over her and she started jerking all around. Calling out my name, swearing, and making some guttural sounds reserved specifically for the act we were currently engaged in. I tried to continue to pump her, but when she’s coming, her muscles clamped down so hard that it was very difficult to do much except for let her enjoy herself and wait for her to calm down a bit.

I continued my assault and slowly came to a stop to let her catch her breath. She was panting while her aftershocks continued to massage my penis. Resting on top of her I whispered in her ear that she felt so good and I couldn’t wait to come inside of her. She rested momentarily and basked in the glow of a good orgasm. Luckily for her, she could come more than once.

Pushing me out (and off) her, she told me to get on my back. I positioned myself on the towel and Megan straddled me. Normally, one of us would have to guide me into her, but I remained rock hard and she was able to catch my tip between her lips and then quickly impaled herself on my rod.

The feeling was exquisite. She was warm and wet and still quite horny. Her first orgasm was simply a warm up for the next one that was building inside as she started to ride me. Her breasts dangled enticingly in front of my face and I took her right one in my mouth. Megan cried out as I drew her nipple in, sucking eagerly. As she pumped me up and down, I could feel my balls tighten and I tried to slow her down. She was in her own world as she started to go faster and faster. Up and down, forward and back, rubbing her clit on my public bone. Then, as suddenly as she sped up, she slowed back down, making some very deliberate strokes.

Megan started mewing, a clear indication that she was ready to orgasm again. I felt the walls of her vagina contract around my penis, making it a bit difficult to thrust. As she started to shake uncontrollably, I decided to switch to her other breast, taking it completely in my mouth, sucking hard. That was the switch that flipped her lid and she called out my name, again and again, pumping my cock harder and harder. As she was moaning, her orgasm squeezed my cock, causing my release of everything pent up, injecting my seed into her depths.

We stayed there, me still buried deep inside her for several minutes. She rested her head on my shoulder as our panting became deep cleansing breaths, before returning to something normal. As I began to soften, Megan suddenly sneezed, forcing me out of her and evacuating much of what was inside her womb all over me. We both felt the spray and Megan let out a groan.

“Just so you know,” she started, “I’m blaming you for the mess.”

I was actually fine with that. Both our needs had been well satisfied and it felt like we were going to need a shower, so who was I to complain.

Megan sat up and pushed the comforter off herself so she could get out of bed. Looking down, she nearly gagged and said, “oh fuck.”

It was bad, much worse than I could have expected. We had joked before that when we occasionally had sex during her period that it’d look like a crime scene when we were done. Well, past crime scenes were more of a minor shaving incident compared to what we had just done.

I was covered in sweat, mixed with her bright red menses from my abdomen to mid-thigh. There was obviously some uterine tissue or perhaps just a clot or two on my penis and in my pubic hair. Bloody semen smeared my tip and was literally dripping off me. There was a spray of blood on the top sheet of the bed. While our “period towel” had done its best, it was no match for Megan’s heavy flow and like a pad without wings, there were several accidents along the sides.

Megan’s mid-section was covered too, although not as bad as me. She had blood smeared all over her crotch and blood was dripping down her thighs, mostly being absorbed by her stockings. She looked at me horrified and quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

Our bedroom has beautiful hardwood floors, which was probably a good thing because as Megan went, blood was dripping off her, landing and splattering on the floor. This blood spatter evidence was the stuff of CSI, but I could tell this wasn’t the time to be joking around with her.

I pulled the towel up around my like an oversized diaper and made my way into the bathroom, careful to not step on the drips on the floor. Megan had turned on the shower and was waiting for it to warm up as she continued to bleed down her legs and collect on the floor.

“I still don’t like sex during my period,” she said quietly. “I don’t know how you can find this even remotely sexy. But, I do have to admit, it was pretty great up until the cleanup part.”

I paused, choosing my words carefully at what seemed like a pivotal moment. “I need you to know how much I love and care for you, all month long,” I said. “I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful evening and how great it is to make love to you.”

Megan looked at me lovingly and leaned over to give me a passionate kiss. The shower temperature had risen considerably and the bathroom started to steam a bit. I unhooked her bloody garter and pulled the blood soaked stockings down her leg. She wasn’t kidding about her heavy flow as the blood continued to drip down her thighs.

Using the towel, I got most of the wetness off my core and filled the sink with cold water. I put her stockings and garter belt in the water in an attempt to save them, although since they were black, it wasn’t going to noticeably stain. As soon as I put the lingerie into the water it started to turn pink. I added some Woolite in case that would help.

Megan adjusted the water and began to wash off. It looked like the scene from Carrie, but that was another observation I was going to keep to myself. She looked beautiful as she started to soap up and it was all that I could do not to hop into the shower with her and take her again. My carnal urges had to wait, because I needed to clean up the bloodbath if there was any chance of repeating this experience again.

Naked and covered in drying blood, I stripped the bed sheets and put them immediately into the washer. Checking in on Megan, she was still enjoying her shower. I retrieved her panties, took the soiled pad out and asked her if she wanted me to put a new one in for her. This wasn’t something I had done for her in the past and I wasn’t sure how she would react to my offer.

“Um, sure, I guess,” she said.

I pulled an overnight pad out of the cupboard and with slightly trembling hands opened the pad wrapper. Acting just like Pavlov’s dog, I started to get hard by just hearing the ripping sound the wrapper made as I opened it up. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Megan’s intrigued look as I pulled the pad from its wrapper.

Picking up her undies, I started to line up the pad and heard, “a little further back please…” I complied with her direction, pushed the pad to make it stick and after pulling the smaller wrapper off the wings, folded them neatly over each side.

“Looks like you’re a natural at that,” she said. “Perhaps I’ll let you do that for me again some time.” Oh how I wished for that. I left the pad and undies near her towel and went and got her some bedtime clothes. Although I wished it could have been a small lace nighty, I knew that she’d prefer a tank top and some boxer shorts. She smiled gratefully as I returned with proper clothes.

Wetting a washcloth, I wiped up all Megan’s drips on the floor and the small bloody puddle on the bathroom floor. Rinsing the washcloth out, I changed the bloody water that her lingerie was soaking in. I hurried to make the bed with clean sheets and got another dark color towel from the linen closet to put down on her side. While I wished for a repeat performance, I thought that it would be unlikely, and figured that she’d want to sleep on a clean towel in case she bled through her pad.

Returning to the bath, I joined Megan in the shower and started to rinse off. The water turned pink again as I started to scrub the blood away. “Thanks for getting everything cleaned up for us,” Megan said. “How bad are the sheets?” she asked. “Not bad at all,” I lied. It’ll be a miracle if it doesn’t stain the sheets permanently. I put nearly a whole bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the wash and we’ll see if that gets the blood out.

We embraced under the hot water and Megan started to help get me clean. She paid particular attention to my penis and balls, making sure they were extra clean. I scrubbed between my legs and got my ass and in just a few minutes, I was squeaky clean, and getting stiff. Megan stroked me with her hand and hugged me close.

“I guess we’re not done yet?” she asked with an upturn of her eyebrow. “I’m not if you’re not,” I replied.

Megan knelt down in the shower and took me in her mouth. Stroking and sucking me intently, she reached up and cupped my sack in her hands, gently playing with each testicle. I was blocking the spray of water and she looked up into my eyes with a vision of lust. She moaned on my cock as she sucked and I grew harder in her mouth. Although I had come not that long ago, I was surprised to find my orgasm building quickly. Maybe it was how she was looking at me, maybe it was how her mouth felt on my organ, and maybe it was thinking about more sex, this time in the shower.

She kept looking up at me, almost expectantly and lovingly as she continued to pull on my sack. My head was spinning with her oral pursuits and with the hot water cascading down my back, my wife sucking my cock, and hearing her really get into it, I realized that I was closer than I thought.

I needed to her to slow down, especially if I was going to last long enough to make love to her again. “Meg…” I began, letting my words trail off. My balls were starting to tingle.

Suddenly, Megan’s assault on my cock quickened and her stroking became insistent and vigorous.

“Whoa, Megan!” and her response was to groan all over my rod, slurping and then sucking hard. I was coming and I tried to pull her off me, so as to not come in her mouth. Megan held firm, both hands on my ass, pulling her mouth closer to my root and rapidly bobbing her head up and down on my staff.

I called out her name as I came in her mouth. She continued to suck, and swallow, much to my amazement. I squirted several times and she swallowed it all, while starting to slow down. I was holding on to the sides of the shower, trying to get my bearings, without falling down. My release was intense and Megan stood up, with another one of her grins plastered on her face.

“How about that?” she said. Um, yeah! I can’t believe she just let me come in her mouth and then even swallowed my load!

“Wow, Megan, that was incredible,” I said as I hugged her, “I don’t know what I did to deserve this treatment today.”

“Seems like I’m incredibly horny this period,” she said, “and I knew you wouldn’t mind.”

I hugged her closely for a few moments. The water was starting to cool and it was time to get out. We were both wrinkled from the water and moreover, spent.

As we dried off, I noticed that Megan had opened the drawer with all her feminine hygiene supplies. She pulled a tampon out of mostly-full box of Tampax Pearl and I watched with moderate interest as she took it out of its wrapper.

“A new trend?” I inquired.

“Maybe,” she replied. “The ones earlier this evening didn’t bother me very much.”

Rather than go into the toilet room, as I would have expected, Megan propped one leg up on the tub and spread her lips with her right hand. As she was positioning the tip of the tampon applicator with her left hand, she looked at me staring at this scene unfolding in front of me.

“You’re going to stand there and watch?” she asked incredulously.

Several responses flooded my consciousness simultaneously. An offer to help was probably out of the question and my best bet was saying something funny that would let me stay and watch.

“I could get the camera…” I offered.

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen,” she snapped back.

“Well, then, yes, I’m going to stand here and watch,” I said.

“Suit yourself you perv,” Megan said.

As she held herself open, she pushed the plastic applicator in until her thumb and forefinger touched her lips. Letting the tampon go briefly, it hung there half hanging out of her. She used one hand to steady the applicator and the other to depress the other tube, ejecting the tampon from its applicator. Megan removed the bloody applicator, letting the telltale string swing slightly.

It was the first time I had watched a live tampon insertion in a long, long time (and never by Megan). I started to grow hard, even though I had come twice already this evening.

Megan noticed and said, “you really have a screw loose up there if putting in a tampon gets you stiff.”

I shrugged, but I continued to watch Megan as she pulled on her pad-filled panties and pulled on her nightshirt. She cupped the pad to her mound and told me that I had positioned it perfectly. I smiled and offered to make it a regular gig for her. Megan dried her hair quickly and we finally climbed into bed.

I spooned with Megan and reached around to grab her breast. Her nipples were already hard.

“Haven’t you had enough?” she asked with a sigh. She rolled onto her back to look at me, which gave me better access. I massaged her breasts for a few minutes and Megan’s body responded involuntarily.

“We just got all cleaned up,” Megan complained.

I shushed her. “Just relax and enjoy it,” I said.

Moving my hands down, I rubbed the inside of her thigh and she spread her legs to give me better access. I put my hand on her pad, pushing in.


There was no sense in wasting time. I pulled the waistband of her panties up and slid my hand inside. The back of my hand felt the pad and I went in search for her clit.

Even though she had put a tampon in moments ago, her lips were wet with her juices and I used her wetness to lube up her clit. I felt around for the tampon string and twirled it with my finger.

“Please don’t pull it out,” she pleaded.

I hadn’t planned on pulling it out and I started my assault on her clit. My experiences masturbating Megan told me how to bring her to the brink quickly. I started rubbing her clit with abandon as Megan drew her legs upwards. Her breathing quickened as she climbed steadily toward her release.

“Oh! That feels so good. Don’t stop!”

Her legs started to tremble and twitch and her orgasm was close. Her right breast was hanging out of her shirt and I started rubbing her clit like mad as I took her breast into my mouth.

Megan climaxed and convulsed in pleasure. The world felt like it stopped briefly. She let out a long sigh, kissed me passionately and then drifted off to sleep.

Pulling my hand out of her panties, I quietly got up to wash my hands. Climbing back into bed, I cuddled up next to her and listened to Megan’s soft breaths. Completely satisfied, I fell into a deep slumber, replaying the incredible night that I just had with my wife and best friend. I was definitely looking forward to the morning though.

While her period wasn’t her favorite time of the month, I hoped that tonight’s experiences would help smooth the way for periods to follow, especially the next time she was early.

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