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The Dance

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My wife had been bugging me to take her out dancing for quite a while. I finally gave in and we headed to one of the local nightclubs. Usually I would rather sit, drink and be merry instead of dancing. We chose a good night. The rock band that was there, was really rocking. The dance floor was quite crowded. After I got a few drinks in me, I obliged her with a dance. As the song ended, I headed for the bar to get another jack and coke.

We sat at our table, drinking and listening to the band. Suddenly this fine lady with long dark hair, came strolling up to our table.

She began talking to us and asked my wife if she wanted to dance. My wife naively accepted, and I watched as the 2 women danced. As I watched I noticed something quite interesting. The woman that was dancing with my wife didn’t have any panties on beneath her fairly short black skirt. At first I thought maybe I was imagining or just fantasizing this. But she bent over to whisper something to my wife, and there it was. I could see her slick pussy lips, and her bare ass.

After the dance, they both sat down with me. We all drank and talked a bit. She told us her name was Liz, and that she had just broken up with her boyfriend of 2 yrs. She came to get her mind off of it. I kept looking under the table hoping that Liz would uncross her legs and I could get a good view of her hot pussy. Liz excused herself to go to the ladies room. I told my wife about what Liz wasn’t wearing. “No, you must be imagining it” my wife told me. “You check it out when she comes back” I told her.

Moments later Liz returned. As she sat down, I could see my wife as she stared for a glimpse. Liz noticed this also, and purposely raised her skirt a bit. The look of shock on my wife’s face was incredible. I know that she now believed me. We were getting pretty buzzed by now. “Would you like to come to my house for some drinks?” Liz asked us. The bar was closing in a half an hour anyway. I looked at my wife, Stef and she nodded ok. “Sure, we’ll follow you” I told her.

We followed Liz to her place. It wasn’t very far from the club at all. We all sat on the couch and Liz made us some drinks. As we all drank and talked, Liz put on some music. We watched as she stood before us in the living room and began to do a very seductive dance. She began twirling her skirt, and we both looked in awe at her hairless cunt as she flashed it to us. She grabbed Stef’s hand and pulled her from the couch.

A slow song came on, and Liz was holding my wife, and slow dancing with her. My wife was fairly uncomfortable by this, I could see it in her eyes. But part of her was turned on, I’m sure. Liz’s hands were around my wife’s waist and she kept grabbing Stef’s ass as they danced. I kept hoping that Stef would grab hers in return. Stef’s hands slowly worked their way toward’s Liz’s ass. She began holding Liz by her firm cheeks as they danced. Liz raised her skirt and Stef’s hands were now touching her bare tanned ass.

My cock began to stir as I watched my wife cup her ass cheeks in her hands. Liz began to nuzzle my wife’s neck. Something that I know really gets her hot. As Liz’s hot breath touched my wife’s neck, I knew what kind of fun lay ahead. Liz began to softly kiss Stef’s neck and I could see her wet tongue as it lightly licked her perfumed skin. Stef had “that look” in her eyes. Liz pressed her lips against Stef’s and they began to kiss. First, just with their lips pressing against each others but soon a full fledged tongue to tongue type.

I was now hard as hell. I wanted to remove my cock from my pants and stroke off right there, but I maintained my composure. Liz began to run her hand up my wife’s skirt. I watched as her hands disappeared beneath the material of Stef’s skirt. Stef’s mouth fell open as Liz began to rub her pussy through her wet panties. I got up and joined them. As Liz feverishly rubbed my wife’s pussy through her panties, I slid Liz’s skirt upward. I knelt in the floor and began to kiss Liz’s well tanned thighs. I licked her thighs and moved upward. Liz wiggled her hips as my tongue ran across her wet pink pussy lips.

Liz began sliding Stef’s panties off as I buried my tongue deep inside of her sweet pussy. Liz led us to her bedroom. She began pushing my wife onto the bed. Liz spread Stef’s legs widely apart and she started kissing her wet pussy. Liz’s ass was raised high in the air, as she buried her face into Stef’s hot wet pussy. I pressed my face against Liz’s bare backside and began to lick her wet pussy lips. Liz moaned as I slipped my tongue inside of her wet pussy. She was hungrily sucking on my wife’s throbbing clit.

Stef was moaning very loudy and gyrating her hips. I realized that she was on the verge of climax. I nibbled on Liz’s large clit, and began sliding a couple of fingers in her tight pussy. Both ladies climaxed at the same time. You could smell the pussy juice in the room. I quickly removed my pants and began rubbing the large pulsating head of my very hard cock against Liz’s pussy. Liz thrust against me, and I slid deep inside of her. She continued to lick and suck Stef’s hot pussy as I began pumping in and out of her hot tight cunt.

I could hear Liz moan as I pushed my thick cock all the way inside of her. She was bucking against me wildly, keeping me buried deeply inside of her sweet pussy. Stef began moaning again, quite loudly. “Fuck her baby, give her your big cock” my wife yelled. I began to increase my speed and was now fucking her hard and fast. “Make her cum, baby” Stef screamed. I slammed my cock into her with great force. She grunted. I could feel her pussy as it gripped my cock tightly.

“Oh, GOD” Liz screamed. She climaxed intensely. As her tight pussy increased it’s grip on my cock, I knew I would be cumming soon also. “I want to taste you” Stef yelled at me. “Cum on my face” I removed my cock from Liz’s orgasming pussy and and pressed the head against Stef’s mouth. Stef opened her mouth and began to suck my cock. She hungrily licked Liz’s juices from my throbbing cock. Liz joined my wife and they both began licking my long thick cock together. I moaned and as my cum erupted, it shot across both of their faces.

Both ladies moaned as my hot jism sprayed their faces and splattered across their lips. Each had a hand around my cock and were jacking me off with quick rapid strokes. My cum still squirting wildly. As I finished cumming, they began to kiss. They shared my cum, and cleaned it from each other hungrily with their tongues. My cock remained rock hard as I watched Liz and my wife kiss and touch each other. Stef then pushed Liz to her back.

I watched as my wife’s face disappeared between Liz’s tanned thighs. “Oh GOD” Liz moaned. My wife was fucking her hot pussy with her tongue. I watched as Stef licked Liz’s hot wet pussy greedily lapping up all of her sweet juices. Liz came quickly. I heard my wife make loud slurping noises as she swallowed Liz’s hot pussy juices. My cock needed more attention. I looked at my wife’s ass as it lay in front of me, and I began to rub my cock head up and down her moist slit. She grunted. “Fuck me honey” she moaned to me. I slid my throbbing cock all the way inside of her aching pussy. She climaxed as I rammed her hard.

She sucked Liz’s pussy even harder and faster while I fucked her tight pussy. My wife is a muliple orgasmic person, and I love this. She can easily cum 10-15 times a night if she’s really hot. My wife’s pussy squeezed my cock like a vise as I kept it buried deep inside of her. Liz was thrusting her pussy against Stef’s face. I could see how wet she was, and my wife’s face was glistening with Liz’s hot pussy fluid.. I grunted, and my cock exploded. I shot my hot cum deep into Stef’s hot pussy.

Stef moaned and climaxed as I did. Liz was furiously bucking her hips up and down. She was moaning loudly. Liz climaxed hard, and my wife licked the sweet juices as they gushed from her hot pussy. I emptied the rest of my cum into my wife, and withdrew my cock from her. Stef continued sucking Liz’s hot pussy as I lay beside them and watched. My cock was still hard. The hot smell of sex in the room, and the show they were putting on for me kept me horny.

I stuck the head of my cock against Liz’s lips and she hungrily licked my wife’s juices from it. Liz eagerly deepthroated my throbbing cock. It was incredible. Liz sucked me wonderfully. She fucked my cock with her hot mouth. I mean, she took my 9+ inches all the way to my balls. I fucked her mouth roughly and she didn’t gag once. My wife had her so sensitive that she pushed her face from her pussy. Liz quickly made me cum, and she hungrily swallowed the few drops of cum that squirted from my worn out cock.

I was too sore to continue any further. I had cum three times in a short period of time, and my cock needed to rest. I watched as Liz ate my wife to climax a couple of more times. We said our good byes and we went home. Needless to say, I think I will take my wife dancing more often now.

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