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The Curmudgeon & The Nurse’s Aid

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My name is Adam. I’ve been living alone for the past ten years. Had a few live-in ladies during that time but on my own the last year. I mostly visited Senior Centers scouting for those lonely ladies that hang out at such places. Had a coupe of hot ones… guess they figured it might be the last fucking they were going to get so they give it their all.

Their pussies aren’t as tight as they once were, but most do know what to do with what they got. One told me, “If you want tight… fuck me in the ass.” … and I did. Must admit I love sucking on big nippled hangers. Now nothing makes you feel better than eating a seventy-year-old pussy and bring her to a screaming orgasm. Only to have her turn around, remove her teeth and give you the best gummed blow-job of your life.

Admitting to be a cad, wouldn’t you know it …? I got my just deserts. On my seventieth birthday I slipped on a god-damn throw rug broke my right leg and hurt my right wrist. Struggling to get to the phone I called 911 and got an ambulance to take me to the hospital. After a bunch of test they figured it was just a broken leg and a badly sprained wrist.

They said I had to make arrangements for care before they would release me. Well it’s one thing to fuck old ladies but another to ask them to take care of you and wipe your ass. Feeling frustrated, I got cranky with the poor nurses and aids who were trying to help me. Most just ignored my cantankerous behavior but for one sweet aid who seemed to take a special interest in my wellbeing even though I wasn’t one of her regular patients.

Tanya was a tall, beautiful, twenty-eight year old, African-American woman. She had very short black hair; I think they call it a buzz cut. She had a great smile, big brown eyes and full red lips. Always having an eye for a pretty woman, she caught me more than once staring at her rather large tits. She would laugh it off and call me, “a dirty old man.”

My insurance was running out and they were going to send me to a god-awful nursing home unless I couldn’t find someone to care of me at home. Feeling more and more depressed I blurted out my situation to Tanya. She sat on the edge of my bed and told me she had done private duty care from time to time and thought she could work me into her schedule, if I wanted. I looked into her big brown eyes as tears of gratitude swelled up in my eyes. I confirmed with the social worker that I had made arrangements and she and the doctor released me.

Tanya changed out of her hospital scrubs and followed the ambulance that took me home. The ambulance driver took me in the front door and left me there. Tanya helped me negotiate the rest of the way in the house, with my crutches and sore wrist. I was struck how sexy she looked with her big hoop earrings, dressed in her tight fitting all white top and pants contrasting with her lovely dark skin.

“What would you like to do… take a nap?”

“Hell no… I’ve been napping and confined to that damn hospital bed too long.”

We moved to the kitchen. “How about some lunch? … Do you have any thing to eat?” She said as she rifled through my pantry. “Oh here’s some soup and crackers… will that do?”

I sat at the table and made small talk while watching Tanya’s ass cheeks jiggle as she bustled around the kitchen. Serving the soup she noticed I had trouble holding the spoon steady with my left hand so she sat next to me and feed me. Of course every chance I got I brushed up against her full bosom.

With a sweet smile she said, “Finish your soup like a good boy and I’ll give you some of these cookies I found in the cabinet.”

Wiping the crumbs off my chin Tanya said, “What would you like to do now?”

“I’d like to have a decent bath … rather than those sponge baths that other gal gave me in the hospital.”

Nodding, Tanya helped me to my feet and putting my arm around her neck she helped me hobble into my bedroom.

“Can you undress yourself while I run the water?”

“I’ll try.” I pulled my pants and boxers down over my cast, grabbing my robe from the chair next to the bed.

I threw it over my lap to conceal my semi-hard cock. Actually that was bit silly since she was going to see me in the tub. Tanya came back into the bedroom and carefully unbuttoned my shirt, sliding it down my arms. Smiling and looking down at the robe on my lap she said, “A little shy are we?”

I clutched the robe to my crotch as she helped me to the waiting tub. I sat on the edge of the tub while Tanya pulled my robe off my lap. I saw her glance at my seven or so inch hard cock…. (I don’t know if it really happens, but I swear my cock shrunk an inch or so as I got older.) I thought I detected a slight smile on her lips as she looked away.

Since I couldn’t get my leg cast or the wrap on my right wrist wet she took me in her arms and helped me settle in the warm water, leaving my right leg and arm resting on the edge of the tub. Kneeling at the side of the tub, Tanya’s tits pressed against me as she reached in the water and rubbed soap on the washrag. She gently washed my face, soaped my back and chest, under my arms and down to my belly.

Stopping at the waterline, which covered my now pulsating cock, she proceeded to wash my right leg down to the cast and then reached in the water to wash my left leg. The washrag no longer in her hand, her soapy fingers moved up my left thigh. Leaning further in to the tub, the water splashed up on her top, allowing her erect dark nipples to show through her white cotton top.

Tanya’s soapy left hand grasped the base on my cock and began an up and downward movement as her right hand gently massaged my hanging balls. Oh shit this was incredible… I was going to cum any second now. Smiling, Tanya looked up at me.

“Just relax….. now…. Doesn’t that feel good?” Shit how could I relax? I was about to blow. … and I did.

“Now didn’t that release the tension you were feeling…? Daddy… You don’t mind if I call you Daddy do you?”

Shaking my head no I said, “Hell you can call me Grandpa or anything you want if you keep doing that.

“Time to dry you off…” She lifted me to a sitting position on the side of the tub. Rubbing a big fluffy towel over my body. With care she wrapped the edge of the towel around my shrinking dick, squeezing and rubbing it up and down. As the last residue of my cum was leaking out of my knob, she leaned forward and licked it with her long pink tongue.

Smacking her lips she said, “Oh that’s yummy!”

Assisting me to my bed Tanya looked down and saw how wet her top and slacks were. I lay back on the bed as she said, “This will never do… I’ve got to get out of these wet clothes.”

Propping my head on a pillow I watched as this ebony goddess pulled her top over her head. Reaching back she unsnapped her bra freeing two mammoth brown breast to bounce against her ribcage. While her skin was a milk chocolate brown, her large aureoles were a dark chocolate in contrast. Tonya’s nipples were large and erect. I felt my cock stiffen as I watched her fingers hooked the inside of her tight fitting slacks and pull them to the floor in one motion. Her white thong was the only thing left covering her body. Pulling her thong down, she reveal a smooth, shaved pubis area.

Tanya bent over picking up her damp cloths. “Where is your dryer?” My mouth gaping open, I pointed down the hall. As she turned I saw the most beautiful bubble butt I had ever seen in my seventy years. Hearing the dryer kick on, I stroked my cock until she returned.

Tanya sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over me. “Hmmm… I just got a teaser taste of this.” She said as her long red fingernails grazed up and down my cock.

Soon her full red lips engulfed my palpitating prick. Up and down… her tongue doing magical things as she licked and sucked grasping and releasing my balls with each upward motion. I ran my fingers up and down her butt crack and patted her ass. She seemed to know what I wanted and swung her leg over me lowering her labial lips to my mouth. I felt her smooth bald pussy on my face. Reaching up, (Hell even a sprained wrist couldn’t keep me from this), I parted her puffy pussy lips to see an inviting bright pink inner I just had to taste.

My tongue licked and explored as I nestled my nose deeper and deeper into her honey hole. Sixty-nine is my second favorite thing to do. It is one of those few opportunities to give pleasure while at the same time experiencing such bliss. Her cunt was dripping wet, hot to the touch and so tight I had difficulty getting more than two fingers in with my tongue.

“I want you to cum in my mouth… you dirty old man.” Tanya said between gulps.

Those words are magic to me and I exploded. The excitement of my cumming increased the frenzy of my sucking her clit and the action of my tongue. Crying out, she tightened her vulva muscles and practically suffocated me as she climaxed.

Swinging her leg back over me she leaned over and we kissed. Tasting the mixture of our juices, our tongues literally fucked each other’s mouth. We lay in each other’s arms for a half hour or so. I began fingering her juicy pussy and she rubbed my shaft.

“Can I get you anything baby?” Tanya asked. “An ice cold glass of water would be great.”

I watched this beautiful women, tits bouncing, ass swaying as she left the room and reentered shortly with two glass of water.

“Here baby drink up you need to replenish your fluids cause Mama wants to feel that big white cock in her tight black cunt.”

I gulped my water down while Tanya stroked and sucked my rod bringing its purple head to his full glory. She leaned over giving my dick a quick lick and suck and then she mounted me. Now I’m a very visual guy so I have mirrors on my closet doors as well as several free standing mirrors so I can watch all angles of the women I’m fucking.

Straddling me, Tanya lowered her tight twat on to my shaft, taking it in inch by inch. She began riding my rod positioning herself on her right knee on the bed. Her left leg was bent with her foot supporting her on the bed. Each downward thrust was a twist and grind on my cock. I watched with glee as I saw my white cock slide in and out of her black pussy lips opening to her bright pink passion pit. This girl knew how to fuck…god she was good….

I sucked on her big hard nipples until she increased the tempo and her tits just bounced off my face. The next thing I know she is riding me cowgirl style… giving me an even better view. Our pace quickened and I was beginning to swell in her cunt. She must have recognized the feeling as she slowed the rhythm and pivoted on my prick so she was now giving me a reverse cowgirl and a fantastic view of her awesome ass.

“Oh Daddy… Oh Daddy… fuck me… fuck your naughty little girl…” She cried out as her butt slammed down on my body. “I’m cumming…I’m cumming baby… cum with me …cum with me.”

Well being a gentleman you don’t have to ask me twice. With a thrust I erupted into her hot, wet box. Tanya flexed her vaginal muscles as she climaxed and squeezed my dick dry. After rotating and wiggling her ass around, she raised herself causing my cock to make a popping sound as she released it. My white cream streamed down her long, beautiful brown leg as she left the bed and grabbed a towel from the bathroom.

Wiping between her legs, she reentered the room. “I see you don’t need that magic blue pill.”

“Not with you I don’t.” I retorted.

Smiling she flopped on the bed but rather than wiping the cum off my cock she leaned forward and began licking my semi-hard shaft. Holding the head up between her thumb and first finger, she ran her tongue down to the base and began taking my balls in her mouth one at a time. Now I have pretty big balls so she had a mouthful.

After cleaning me up the buzzer on the dryer went off. She jumped up and ran into the hall. Carrying her clothes she came back into the bedroom and said, “I’m sorry baby but I’ve got to go. I’ll order a dinner from the Italian restaurant down the street and have it delivered to you… Okay? Do you think you can get to the door?”

I nodded. She got dressed and helped me put my robe on. “Don’t worry honey, tomorrow is my day off. I’ll be back with breakfast in the morning… and we can spend the day picking up where we left off today.”

My first thought was I’d never see her again but Tanya was as good as her word. We fucked and sucked all the next day. Her schedule allowed her to check on me every other day and she called the days she could not come.

Our relationship continued even after my cast was removed. We didn’t see each other as often but the sex was intense and got better and better. In addition to being Fuck-Buddies, we became good friends and talked a lot. I told her about my wife dying ten years ago, how lonely I had been. She shared stores of trying to find the right guy only to be disappointed.

One day we talked about our first fuck. She told how her first sexual experience was with her older brother. She said that was pretty common among the girls she grew up with. Tanya added she didn’t have any hang-ups because of it. The way she fucked, I believed her. Our relationship became closer the more we confided in each other. I guess she was looking for a daddy or grandpa and I was looking for the daughter I never had.

From time to time I still checkout the old gals at the Senior Center but Tanya has given me a new lease on my sex life. I told a friend about her and how much we fucked. He was jealous as hell but I am not about to share.

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