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The Crossing

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Dave had wanted to be crucified for as long as he could remember. He was brought up in the Catholic religion and even though the religious side of things had never made much sense to him he found the images of the crucifixion and the scourging erotic beyond words. He had long kept his fantasies to himself until he saw a personal in his local newspaper.

It read “Dominant couple seek males and females for ritual torture”. He had ignored the urge to respond immediately, thinking they would probably be inundated with replies but two days later he sent off a letter and a photo expressing his desire to be whipped and crucified.

A week later he checked the mail on returning home from work and there amongst the bills was a letter addressed to him. He thought nothing of it and threw the letters on the breakfast bar and headed off to the gym for his usual work out. Dave was fit, good looking and liked to stay that way and had no shortage of women that were interested in him but they were all straight, missionary style girls and his desire for kink had grown to the point where they just did not interest him except to ease his sexual frustration after a period of abstinence. He eventually got around to checking out the mail opening the bills first and checking credit card statements and finally he absent mindedly opened the letter that would change his life. There was one page with a gothic style letterhead and a hand written note that simply said “Your whipping and crucifixion are scheduled for this weekend. Be at the following address on Friday night at 7.30pm. Call this number if you are unable to comply.” The writing was neat and feminine and his heart skipped a beat or two at the thought of his fantasy becoming a reality. He was a little dubious given that he hadn’t met them whoever they were and the questions and the reasons why he shouldn’t go ahead flooded his brain. But the one compelling reason he should was the huge erection that threatened to burst through his track pants. He also reasoned if he didn’t like the way things went he would just leave. His skill at karate would take care of things if they got nasty.

The evening finally arrived and he drove to the address he was given. It was out of the city a little way in a well forested semi rural location and the best way to describe the place was that it reminded him of a country manor in England. He was punctual and arrived at precisely 7.30pm and knocked at the door. He was greeted by a tall raven haired woman dressed in a leather outfit that accented her full breasts pushing those two glorious firm orbs together to create a cleavage like he had only dreamt of, she also wore a masquerade mask, with feathers on either side. She indicated silence was required by placing her finger to her lips and signaled that he should follow her. She took him to a room and informed him he should get undressed and if he wished he could put on the loin cloth that was draped over a chair in the room. She left him there indicating someone would be back to fetch him. Dave’s mind was in overdrive. His cock didn’t know whether to be erect or flaccid and it seemed to alternate between the two and by the state of his underpants he had leaked a pint of pre cum. He decided to put on the loin cloth not that it afforded him much modesty. His cock was just too big and the cloth too narrow. He was contemplating what might happen next when the door opened and the imposing male figure at the door gestured for him to come.

Things were beginning to seem surreal and Dave was responding as if he had no will of his own but there was that part of him that still knew what was happening if only from a distance. He walked out of the room and there in chains was a beautiful girl around 24 years of age. She too was naked except for an identical loin cloth. A small wooden yoke was attached around her neck from which dangled a chain and her hands were tied behind her back. Her breasts were full, firm and her rose bud nipples were erect, a sheen of nervous sweat covered her torso and wet her curly shoulder length hair. She smiled weakly at Dave, a smile that the condemned share. The male who had come for him placed a similar yoke around Dave’s neck, connected the chain from the girls yoke to his and tied his hands behind his back.

They followed the man mountain that had put them in this bondage to an out door area. There were what seemed to be 20 people waiting outside, all wearing Roman style togas and dress, obviously in keeping with the theme of crucifixion. There were two whipping posts and further over on a grassed area lay two crosses. In his current dream like state it dawned on Dave that the girl was going to be crucified and whipped with him. At least he wouldn’t be alone he managed to think.

The crowd gathered around eager to inspect the condemned before their trial. They were made up of younger people to middle aged people and they eyed Dave and the girl hungrily, the lust they felt apparent by the lewd remarks and some of the men were sporting obvious erections and feeling the women up whilst they all made sport. The woman who had greeted Dave and her partner made there entrance and the crowd deferred to them. Moving back several paces to allow them to stand and address them.

The woman spoke “Ladies and Gentlemen these two have indicated by correspondence that they are willing to submit to our judgment and punishment. What should we do with them?” The crowd as one replied “Whip them and crucify them!” The woman smiled and said “Well then let the games begin.”

Dave and the girl didn’t have much time to think as the yokes were unceremoniously removed and they were chained to the whipping posts facing the crowd their hands fastened over their heads allowing full access to the front of their bodies. A woman appeared from behind them carrying a light bull whip and several floggers of varying lengths placing the floggers on the ground and uncurling the bull whip ready for use. Dave thought “well at least it’s a woman, it wont hurt that much.” He would find out soon just how wrong he was. The woman looked to the leaders who simply nodded their approval and the torturer began her work starting with the girl.

The woman drew back the whip and sent it cracking across the girls breasts, causing her to take a sharp intake of breath as it impacted across her rose bud nipples leaving an angry red line that showed the path the whip had taken. The next tore the loin cloth from her and left her completely naked. The woman with the whip worked methodically and striped the girl from her thighs to her breasts. The girl would periodically push those glorious tits out demanding with her body language that they get special attention and the woman would comply smiling wickedly as she snaked the whip at those tits hearing the satisfying sound as whip met breasts. Her face was drawn with pain as the whipping continued but the lust in her eyes was evidence of how much she was enjoying the experience. She took 40 lashes of varying intensity and her body was striped and covered in sweat, her hips moved as she tried to stimulate her sex, her breath coming in short gasps and the excess lubrication from her sex dripping down her inner thighs. The site was so sexual that Dave had lost any pretense of trying to hide his erection, it stood up for all to see. Women in the crowd pointed at it and made crude remarks about what they would like to do with it adding to the humiliation he already felt by being this exposed and that only added to his excitement.

It was his turn to be whipped and the woman readied herself to begin his punishment. The last thing he saw before the whip impacted his chest was a middle aged man ejaculating over the upturned face of a girl half his age as she greedily lapped at his cock and milked it for all she was worth, the sight of the young girl being whipped had obviously pushed him over the edge. The searing path of the whip bought him back to reality. It wound its way over his chest catching his left nipple and snaked further around the left side of his ribs. As with the girl the next took care of his loin cloth leaving him naked and erect for all to see. The next wrapped around his hips and caught the underside of his cock, causing a splash of pre cum to hit the girl next to him on the right breast. When she realized what it was she bent her head down and tried in vain to lick it off. Like the girl the woman worked from his thighs to his chest. Occasionally the whip would wrap around the tip biting into his back. When he dared he would glance down at his chest and see the welts and red stripes criss crossing his chest and nipples, burning, stinging and transmuting into a ball of desire that centered at the core of his being and threatened to explode from his chest. By the time the whipping had finished Dave was well and truly in subspace, his hips slowing thrusting back and forward, like the girl he was covered in stripes and ready for the cross.

It seemed to Dave that one minute they were at the whipping posts and the next they were laid on their individual crosses being tied very firmly to them. There was no foot rest as he had imagined there would be, their feet were tied flat to the upright and their wrists firmly to the cross piece. He noted in his sexual haze that the crosses both had a hole in the upright at about hip level a part of him wondered what it was for another though absent mindedly that he would find out. The crosses and victims were then raised and secured in the holes in the ground. There they hung with their hips at about head height and began the dance that only those that have been crucified know the steps to.

Dave pushed himself up with his legs and stayed there to take in what was going on around him. The crucified girl was doing the same although she was unable to hold herself up for any length of time due to her lack of upper body strength. Her constant movement and struggle was a sight to behold though and the crowd had gathered to watch the show. She grunted as she moved her breasts wobbling in the most erotic way. As she reached the top of her upward movement she pushed her ass into the upright and would thrust her chest out drawing in a breath then lowering herself and starting the whole process again. The women in the crowd made remarks about how she would grunt when the cornu was introduced to the cross. It didn’t take long for the cornus to come out so Dave’s curiosity about what a cornu was, was answered.

A piece of wood was knocked into place and a cock shaped object in turn placed in that piece of wood so that when the crucified lowered themselves as they became too tired to stay up they would have to lower themselves onto the cornu impaling themselves analy or in the girls case it was her choice which orifice she preferred. Dave tried to stay up as long as he could but it was a matter of time before he had to lower himself onto the cornu. He was in such a sexual haze that he was past caring what anyone thought and he gently lowered himself and allowed the rubber cornu to penetrate is anus. His cock bulged as he did and the sensation on his prostate so intense that he couldn’t help grinding down and savoring the sensation. The girl crucified beside him watched him and asked how it felt and all Dave could do as he raised and lowered himself again was moan a guttural “good”. The girl had chosen her vagina and was doing what Dave was doing. Two floggers appeared and two women from the crowd began flogging the crucified couple as they raised and lowered themselves on the cornus. The girl started to orgasm as the flogger set her tits on fire, her fluids gushing out around the cornu, a man licking and lapping at them.

Dave had never had a spontaneous ejaculation whilst he was conscious but the whole scenario had him so turned on that this combined with the stimulation of his prostate and the flogger threatened to send him over the the edge. He looked into the crowd where all types of debauchery was taking place. A young man was standing over a girl around the same age, she was kneeling before him holding her tits up and begging him to whip them. Others were openly fucking, doing it doggy style whilst they watched the two on the cross allowing it to fuel their lust. The couple closest to Dave simply stood there nude and masturbating. Dave felt his balls tighten and as he thrust down on the cornu his cock spat out a jet of sperm onto the woman masturbating in front of him much to their delight, and that in turn caused the beginning of her orgasm as she rubbed Dave’s sperm into her belly another jet hit the woman flogging his chest and he emptied himself onto the ground and hung there limply, spent and watched the girl contort and fuck the cornu as she too finally ended her orgasmic frenzy.

The leaders moved forward, beaming smiles on their faces knowing that they had chosen two members for their group that would entertain them for years to come. They ordered them to be taken down and bathed and fed, it was after all only Friday night and there was the rest of the weekend to come.

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