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The Creamy Pie Club

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I knocked on the door with my wife, Linda, by my side. The door opened but was held tight by a chain as light peeked out from inside. “Chocolate banana,” I said. The door closed and was soon re-opened without the lock. We entered hand in hand. The door was shut behind us and quickly locked. A short man stood there looking us over.

“Welcome,” he said in a low voice. “The club is meeting downstairs. Please leave your clothes in the living room before proceeding down,” he said, handing us a plastic container.

“It’s down the hallway and to your right through the kitchen.” He then sat down and said nothing more. The living room was to our left as we entered so we went in there. I gave Linda a kiss and began taking my shirt off. She was hesitant as I unzipped my jeans and dropped them to the floor. Her eyes were looking past me. I followed her line of sight to see that the man by the door was watching us. In the low light that the solitary lamp was giving off, he did look a little creepy just sitting there staring at us.

“Babe, if you can’t stand one guy watching you take your clothes off, then you’re going to be in trouble in a room full of naked people,” I told her. She nodded and turned away from the man. She reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. I smiled as I watched her. I took off my shoes and socks while she proceeded to strip down. I removed my underwear and stood before her totally naked. I had a semi-boner watching her get naked despite my attempts to keep my dick from growing hard. I watched as her large breasts fell out of her bra. She was a little on the large size but that did not bother me at all. I got on my knees and helped her step out of her panties. I gave her belly a kiss and felt her ass. She pushed me away from her with an annoyed look, so I stood up and moved away a step.

The man watching us had not moved one inch. He had been staring at us in a bored sort of way, as if he had seen this scene played out for him an endless amount of times. I took Linda’s hand and led her past the doorman down the hall. We went toward the door and stopped before we opened it. I know my heart was beating and Linda’s grip tightened on my hand. “Okay, let’s go,” I said. I saw her close her eyes as I reached for the handle.

There was the sound of quiet conversation coming up from the basement. I led Linda down the steps as we descended. I could feel her getting tense the further we went. Her hand began to squeeze mine even harder. It soon became apparent that it was not going to be the Roman-style orgy that we had envisioned. There were several groups of naked people sitting around talking. Some were touching themselves or lightly stroking others but there was no wide-open sex. There were people of all shapes and sizes. I tried desperately not to embarrass myself by walking in with a big hard-on.

I caught the eye of Ricardo, the co-worker who told me of the club. He leaned over to his wife, Maria, and said something in her ear. She smiled as she looked over at us. They got up to greet us as we approached.

“Welcome to our club,” Ricardo said. “Did you find the house alright?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t any problem,” I said, trying to act nonchalant. It was difficult in

a room full of naked strangers. I had not seen Ricardo naked before and but I could tell he was well hung. His wife was even more amazing. She was a pretty woman with a slender waist and large breasts. I tried not to stare at them as we shook hands. I could tell Ricardo was interested in Linda. His Latin charm was laid on thick as he took her hand and kissed it lightly. She returned a coy smile at this simple gesture. She looked down at the floor but I think she was just checking out his package.

We began to small talk. I felt funny about trying to hold a conversation about the weather and news while being naked. Linda and I were obviously nervous about the whole thing but nobody else even blinked an eye about being naked. I felt we were on display though as the new people in the room. Ricardo offered us a drink. Both of us are normally not drinkers but both of us accepted a glass of wine. We went over to the bar, which got us out of the center of the room. Ricardo made sure to walk behind Linda to watch her big ass wiggle as she walked. The wine calmed our nerves and we relaxed as we stood there talking. I finally had to ask the question that was burning in my head. “When do we…start?”

“Well, our group looks at this more as a night out with friends, to talk and laugh and have a good time. You’ll get to know everyone and they will just be your friends. You can start anytime but it’s impolite to just show up, take your clothes off and go at it. You’re here to relax and have fun but not to just have sex,” Ricardo said. I nodded with understanding. I knew I would have to be more patient but it was my first time and I was horny. I had even skipped masturbating a few days. I wanted to get to the fucking.

I turned my gaze around the room and saw that maybe my wish was being granted. One guy had buried his face between the legs of a woman. She tousled his hair as his head bobbed slightly with his licking motions. I turned to tell Linda to look. I guess she had seen it because she was already down on her knees and sucking on Ricardo’s big dick. I stopped to watch her suck off another man for the first time in my life. The scene had me mesmerized when I realized there was a hand around my own dick. Maria was stroking my rod as I watched our spouses. I unconsciously reached around to grab her ass and play with it. “Let’s not let them have all the fun,” she said. Tugging on my dick, she led me over to a couch.

Maria was a short woman so I decided to sit on the couch to play with her body. Her grip on my cock slowly released, so I pulled her down in front of me. I spread my legs so she could sit between them. She slid her tight ass down against my pole and let it rest there. I spread her cheeks a little and tried to slide between their tautness. I loved seeing the contrast of her brown skin against my big white cock which had already grown to its full 8 1/2″ length. I reached around to play with her tits. She lay back against my chest to give me better access to her body so I moved a hand down to her pussy. The curly hair there felt wonderful as I was lost in lust. She let her hair flow down over my chest and pressed her warm body into me. I let my fingers roam into her slippery hole. She purred as I caressed her hot pussy and clit.

I looked around to see the room. It had evolved into what I had expected to see when I walked in. There were men and women in every combination and position that you could imagine. Some were even just still talking or masturbating while watching others. I was ready to shoot my wad with all the sights. Maria must have sensed it because she stood up and grabbed my dick, reaching between her legs. Lining it up with her pussy, she slowly sank her weight down onto my throbbing cock. She was not there long when I grabbed her hips and held her down as I came, filling her cunt with my love juice. She quickly stood up, sat down next to me, and lifted her legs in the air. Now for the part that gave the club its name: eating her creamy pie. I had practiced eating my own cum out of Linda’s pussy to get used to the taste so I was ready to dive into this new muff and begin my oral assault. I noticed that the taste was slightly different with Maria’s juices mixing with my own.

While I was eating Maria’s pussy, someone approached us out of the corner of my eye. A woman I didn’t know sat down next to Maria. She brought her knees up and just sat there watching me eat her out. I was really into eating the pussy in front of me so I kind of ignored the newcomer. I then looked up as much as I could when I realized she was not moving away and caught the new woman’s eye. She was a blonde with a short, spiky haircut. About all I could see of her body was her small, perky boobs and the hard nubs that were poking up. She looked at me and in a low, soft voice said, “I’m next.”

My dick began to throb again. I had not lost my hard-on with all my excitement. I sped up my licking on Maria in order to get to the next woman. She felt me begin to hurry and told me, “Why don’t you help her out before she loses her deposit.” I did not question her request and gave her one more big dive into her pussy. The blonde got ready by spreading her legs and I scooted over to begin on her. I plunged right in and licked the thick white goo that had started to spill from her pussy.

The load that was in her seemed to be larger than humanly possible. It tasted good though and I enjoyed eating pussy. She then bucked her hips up toward my mouth and the taste changed. That’s when I realized the extra fluid was her own cum. I reached down and began stroking myself with one hand. I had not even started when another hand replaced mine. Linda had sat down on the floor next to me with a big grin on her face. I reached over and began playing with one of her big breasts.

I took a moment to raise my hand and look around. The scene I saw was incredibly hot. Maria was sucking on the blonde’s tits and she was feeling her tits in return. Linda was stroking me off, and Ricardo had just settled in between my wife’s legs eating his own homemade creamy pie. The blonde grabbed my head with her free hand and shoved me back down into her wetness. I repositioned myself so Linda had better access for her wonderful handjob. Seeing me move, Linda got up on her hands and knees and took my cock in her mouth. Ricardo just moved under her to continue licking out her hot pussy. Maria got up off the couch and completed our daisy chain by sinking herself down on her husband’s huge cock.

My energy was beginning to wane and I stopped eating the blonde out. She just sat there basking in her orgasms. Linda kept sucking me and I rewarded her efforts by shooting my second cum in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed my spew. Ricardo stopped licking Linda and concentrated on thrusting up into Maria’s quim. He then stiffened and shot his load into her. She lifted up off his cock and squatted over his face in a sixty-nine position. His own cum slowly dripped into his mouth as he tongued her pussy. Maria started cleaning her own juices off his dick. Linda got up and sat next to me. We watched as Maria squirmed on his face, rubbing up and down across his nose and mouth.

Finally tiring out, Maria climbed off and lay down next to Ricardo. I stroked Linda’s breasts as we relaxed. “That was great,” Linda said. She sent a big smile toward Ricardo. I did likewise to Maria. The blonde got up in front of me, bent forward, and gave me a deep kiss. I was afraid Linda would freak out until I noticed she was feeling the girl’s boobs as she bent down.

We went over to finish our drinks. There was some more small talk as we met some of the others. We decided to leave and went upstairs after saying our good-byes. We got dressed in the low light of the lamp, in silence and alone as the guard had left. As we left through the door I thought that the Creamy Pie Club would be something we could really eat up.

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