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The Candlelight

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The room is dark, floors are bare but for a square carpet in the middle…. it is this, most likely oriental. Your steps echo across the room.

You travel the walls, lighting fat candles as you go, and soon the room is bathed in a flickering light. Simple, but you don’t need much to do your work.A knock at the door and a girl, short, tan skin, short dark hair and begging brown eyes is dragged in by her collar.

You gaze down as she is thrown to your feel… her words and pleas muffled by the cloth gag at her mouth. As she lays on the floor, looking up at you, expectantly, nervously, pleading… a slow smile crosses your face… you know it is time to begin.

Tipping her head up you place a finger under her chin and coax her to her feet, staring deep into her eyes…. there is trust, and fear reflecting the fire and steel in yours. Slowly you bend to her lips, taking them gently and softly, then roughly grabbing her by the hands bound in thick cuffs at her back you shove her face down onto the bed in front of you. Taking new cuffs from your box of toys you bind her ankles, then hogtie them to her wrists… she is bound before you, ready and ripe and waiting to be used and her cunt, damp, glistens in the candle light you ponder your options.

You could use a dildo, you have a black one that would be perfect.. it is big, and thick…. or perhaps you will start with a flogger, or crop….Such decisions to be made. In the end… the crop wins out, after all, she must be made to beg to be filled. You start lightly, slapping her shoulders, back and thighes, harder as you hit her ass, leaving red marks on white skin. The slapping continues, the noise echoing off the walls and mixing with your groans and her muffled screams.

You hit harder now, not raising welts, but you know she feels pain…. you alternate slapping with the other hand that knead the pain away… suddenly and without warning you slap her cunt.. not too hard… but she writhes and squirms on the bed. You can see it excites her, and you are growing harder at the way her naked body twists in her bonds. You slap rhythmically, evenly slowly on her cunt… 1…..2…..3…..4……5….. then harder and faster increasing the pace until her hips are bucking… her eyes begging silently for your cock.

You stare back and pull out the black dildo. On a hard thrust you shove it into her sopping cunt. Her head thrashes about and you kneel over her fisting a hand in her hair, forcing her to be still as you fuck her pussy with the black dong. You pause and rip off her gag… she chokes… struggling to breath as you pound the rubber cock inside her. Faster and harder. She begins to quiver and you know that she is nearing her release. Her eyes go wide and pupils dilate. Your breathing is harsh now, your words a growl as you ask what she wants you to do to her.

“Fuck me sir,” she says between sobs and gulping air. “Fuck me like you own me sir, make me yours”. Her breath shudders in and out. You release the hogtie and flip her to her stomach, yanking her to kneel with her collar, shoving your throbbing cock into her hungry mouth. You know this will not bring her to the peak she is desperately trying to reach.

Holding her by the back of the collar you fuck her mouth slowly and evenly as your orgasm comes closer. She sucks and laves.. licks and kisses… just the way you like…. she always knows what to do. As your breathing comes faster she whispers, “Je te veux son coq messieur.. je te veux tu en moi…”

Your blood boils. On an oath you pull out you cock, flip her to the bed and yank her hips back. Her arms are out, and head down. She knows the position well. Digging your fingers into her flesh you drive into her hot steaming wet cunt pulling her harder against you and thrust deeper each time. She screams. She longs to take your cock deeper, you know the way her hips move and grind against you. You thrust harder, faster… pounding her sensitive pussy claiming it with your cock…possessing her. She is panting and moaning,…. calling “sir” in a voice that echoes off the walls and sends fire straight to your cock buried within her.

You pump faster…. faster and harder, harder and faster…. she is quaking beneath you and you feel her inner muscles beginning to clench rhythmically around your rock hard cock….. you can feel the orgasm building in your tight sack…… you begin to shudder and call her name… loudly, gravelly… It is almost time. Then she defies the position… reaching under her, she grabs your balls firmly pulling them downward and you cum. She is screaming as her own orgasm hits… your cock spurting hot cum into her cunt… her cunt clenching around you…. you collapse on top of her… exhausted and spent… She is deliciously used.

You roll, taking her against you and molder her to your chest… gently undoing the cuffs…. you tell her what a good slut she was, and though she defied the position, you forgive her. It was a mind-blowing orgasm. You look into her eyes, kiss passionately fingers locking together and you feel her hot body against yours. She knows that she is owned, and is yours.

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