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The Bait

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It was by pure accident that Alyssa Cannon stumbled across the extensive, bondage file that her boss stored on his business laptop, but once the discover was made, she found it impossible to return to a state where she could look at Nick Nolen and simply see a reserved, somewhat arrogant, and often highly annoying accounting executive in one of the most prominent firms New York City had to offer; in the first days following her surprise findings, she felt herself flush whenever she was forced to be near him…

his strong, demanding and utterly impatient voice sounding loudly through the intercom that rested on her desk made her pulse thunder wildly as wonderfully wanton images flooded her mind. Again and again. She couldn’t shake them. Day and night she was tormented in an unmercifully manner by the photographs she had viewed…photos that Nick had download from various web sites, featuring women bound and gagged and tied in the most provocative and most vulnerable positions that left them frighteningly open to any and all sensually erotic tortures the men who had placed them in those lecherous positions longed to inflict on their helpless bodies…every single night for two weeks after she found the pictures and then looked at the history on Nick’s computer to find that he subscribed to several sites that featured graphic, bondage stories, Alyssa had returned to those sites via her personal home computer; she had returned to the sites that both amazed and intrigued her and with a little digging and using what she knew about Nick and his very intense nature, Alyssa managed to figure out which narratives Nick had penned under an assumed name and after each one she read, she laid down on her bed with her legs spread wide while she stroked herself to orgasmic release.

For her, it was quite a shock to find herself aroused by bondage images…to find herself hot and longing to submit herself to Nick in the most intimate way…she had always thought him to be a handsome man, with hair that was too dark to be blond but too light to be brown, making it a very interesting merging of the two shades that contrasted well with his sharply intelligent, abstruse, azure blue eyes, fringed as they were with thick and long lashes.

He was, she had once heard a co-worker describe, masculine perfection with perfectly and almost beautifully crafted features; high cheek bones with full lips that curved into a smile that could be mocking as well as humors…he had a strong jaw line, stubborn was the word Alyssa would have chosen to call it, but what she most admired were the boyish like dimples that managed to take off some of his hard edge, when he allowed himself to really relax, which he rarely did when he was at the office, the only real place where Alyssa ever saw him.

She had been working for him for nearly two years, before she found the stash that forever altered how she viewed him and their relationship had proven friendly yet professional, with Nick only asking a few questions from time to time, in regards to his personal life; he knew that she was twenty four years old and that she had moved to New York from Georgia, searching for a change in her life after she made the decision not to marry her high school sweetheart, as her mother and her father and so many others had expected, and almost demanded she do.

When she had shared that story with Nick, during her initial interview with him, he had smiled and told her how much he admired her decsion, to strike out in her own; only twenty two at the time, it had been a big move for her and with only minimal office experience in her past, she had seriously questioned any chance she had at landing a job with such a major firm…with a man as respected and, to an extent, feared as Nick Nolen, so hearing from him the following day had been a wonderful surprise.

Demanding, never willing to settle for less than perfection, Nick had the ability to be brash and often pushy with her, and others, but Alyssa quickly learned how best to handle him, when she needed to keep anyone from disturbing him, herself included; his moods became an easy thing for her to read and understand and within months, they were like a perfect unit, working as one, with Alyssa often able to anticipate his needs before he had a chance to voice them and though he rarely said it, she knew he appreciated what she did for him.

All and all, he was more than a decent boss, overly fair in what he paid her and always more than willing to grant her the rare time off she needed…he never pried too much, but he did ask from time if she had yet to manage to convince her family if that she had made the right decision for herself and once or twice, he casually asked if she were involved with anyone, but Alyssa never gave his inquiry into her love life much thought; she felt certain he saw her as nothing more than an personal assistant and she knew, for a fact, that he didn’t do serious relationships with women, as she was the one who handled the mundane task when Nick did date.

The gentleman who owned the flower shop he used knew Alyssa by name, as did most of the host and hostess at the restaurants he preferred…she was the one who fielded his phone calls when women he had broken off association with continued to call, and almost every woman did, at least two or three times and more than once, one broke down and cried pitifully when Alyssa had to repeatedly tell them that Nick was unavailable.

It was daunting, at times, but she dealt with it, and she enjoyed her work…she actually liked Nick even when he did managed to annoy her…and then the day came when he called her from a meeting at a very important client’s office to ask her to download some information off his laptop to transfer to his main computer and as she set alone at his desk, shortly before their firm closed for the day, she searched for the file he needed, one he had saved under the name Bonds, the name of their client and thinking she had clicked on it, Alyssa was left breathless when the file actually came up as Bondage. Bondage. She blinked twice before believing it. She shook her head…and then, in a shocked stupor she stared, and the began to look at the endless sequence of pictures with their originating web sites listed beneath them.

She set at his desk for nearly an hour, looking and reading…she was lost in what she saw and she felt suddenly as if she were seeing Nick Nolen for the very first time; finding the files showed her a side of him she had never before suspected, much less seen and by the time she closed the file and located the correct one, she was breathless as well as confused and when she went home, she realized her cunt was sopping wet with need and she had to release herself as she reclined in her bathtub, recalling again and again all she had discovered.

Sleep didn’t favor her that night, and when she did doze, she was tormented with erotic dreams that left her feeling on edge the following morning…she had to masturbate during her long shower and when she arrived at work, she felt nervous and flushed each time Nick spoke to her, or said her name with his deep, rich voice.

Suddenly, Nick went from being merely her boss to serving as the man who stared in her most racy daydreams…she couldn’t force his image from her mind and at night, she set for hours at her computer, searching the web sites she had learned about via the file she had saw…she became somewhat obsessed with bondage and how much it managed to arouse and once she managed to discern the stories that Nick had written on one particular site, she drank in his words with vigor, as she read some of the tales two and three and four times each.

With each story, she received new insight into the man, she saw him in a different light and she reached a point where she knew she was starting to fall hard for him and she cursed herself for it, until the night that another shock came her way…the night that she read a story Nick had to have posted during working hours that very day and Alyssa pressed her aching pubs hard against her chair as she rocked back and forward while reading what Nick had called his ultimate fantasy in the brief story description.

To her delighted wonder, the story was about a man who had, for two years, lusted after, and silently loved the woman who worked for him; in the story, the woman was his secretary and Alyssa felt come gushing from her cunt to dampen her thighs as she read how the heroine was so vividly, physically described…it was clearly, without question, that it was her the author described; she had once heard Nick call her hair, a shade she saw as merely brown, chestnut gold and her eyes a rich, unique rosewood that complimented her ivory skin.

In the story, he called her figure perfectly lush; he saw her breast as heavy yet firm and her hips ample…he ass perfectly for trashing and fucking and Alyssa slid her fingers into her warm, wet pussy again and again as she read how very badly the hero wanted to have his obsession at his full mercy, bound before him, open and needy…it was almost more than Alyssa could wrap her mind around as all the games he wanted to play were laid out in detail, ranging from fast and hard sex, to slow and sensual touches that would build the tension to a boiling point; she quivered with the need to live out what was written regarding sound flagellations that straddled the haze line between pain and pleasure…pain that bleed into pleasure so intense it almost couldn’t be endured.

So turned on she could hardly force herself to stand or sit still, after reading the story, Alyssa had all the encouragement she needed to make a move…she decided to go to Nick and make it clear to him that they both wanted the same thing and since they did, there was no cause for them not to have it.

Calling into work the next morning, Alyssa spent the day preparing heoked perfectly submissive in a mock peasant dress that featured a long, flowing skirt and a tied bodice that alluringly pushed her breast together and up, so her ample cleavage nearly spilled free as she allowed her long hair to fall freely to her half bared shoulders; she stuided herself carefully before giving a final approval and then, determined not to allow her nerve to waver, she threw on a long, black coat and shortly after nightfall, she drove across town to Nick’s penthouse.

She knew, since she kept his schedule, that he hadn’t had any plans on that particular early winter, Friday evening and Alyssa prayed she wasn’t indeed making a fool of herself as she arrived at his place and gave her name to the doorman, who called to tell Nick that she was there, and she needed to see him.

It was the first time she had ever been to his home, she was sure he was more than a little surprised and the thought made her smile as she took the elevator up to his floor where she lifted her hand to knock, but before she could, the door opened and she found herself looking at Nick as she had never seen him; Nick standing just inside his foyer with his hair slightly disheveled and his chest gloriously bare…he had ridged stomach muscles and powerful arms…seeing him made her mouth go dry as she realized he was wearing nothing but a pair of very form fitting leather pants that molded themselves to his legs like a second skin as it occurred to her that no shock was in his eyes, just cool authority that made her shiver as he stood there, tapping a single lash, leather flog against his pants leg.

The rhythm he tapped was steady and slow as he stepped back, opening the door wide enough for her to enter, which she did, without a word passing between them…she was caught up in endless emotional sensations, more than she could hope to decipher in that moment as she stood in a beautifully decorated foyer while Nick closed and locked the door and Alyssa still remained very silent as his hands touched her shoulders brief, tugging at her coat, and she took the hint and held out her arms so he could slide the garment from her body and place it on a coat rack.

There was an undeniable, sexually charged tension in the room, it was electric and it was so wonderful, more than even Alyssa had imagined as she stood still, seeming to sense that was what she was expected to do as Nick slowly moved to stand before her and she lifted her eyes to his as a cool smile pulled at his lips while he looked her over…he scanned her with an intensity that made her belly flutter…her lungs felt empty, but she couldn’t quite pull in enough breath as Nick lifted his hand and even so gently, he brushed the leather lash along her cheek bone, trailing it over her skin like a teasing finger as he searched her expression.

“I know you found my bondage file, Alyssa, but what you do not know is I intended for you to find it and read it.” He spoke with his typically cool tone, only his eyes blazed with passion as he shared the truth with her. “I have wanted you for a long time, and I decided to lay the bait and see if you would bite and it pleases me very much that you have…that you have looked at the sites I like to look at and that you managed to read my work and understand how very much I have longed to have you as completely mine.” There was a strong emphasis on the world mine and it made a very powerful shiver rip through her as she nodded…she wanted to melt into him, but she sensed it was not the time as Nick allowed his arm to fall away and he stepped back to look at her; his so coolly delivered announcement that he had intended for her to find the file, that he had orchestrated the events that had brought her to him was not a shock…on some level, she suspected she had known all along, that Nick was calling the shots, leading her to him and she was thrilled that he had put so much thought and effort into making her his, as he had said.

“I…I am still a little confused…” Her voice broke as she tried to open herself to him.

“I don’t doubt that you are, but I will guide you.”

“I had no idea, all this time…you wanted me.”

“So much you don’t know and will soon learn, my love.”


But he shook his head, placing a finger to her lips, to keep her silent…she was happy to obey him in that regard as he moved his hand to gently cup her face. “From this moment forward, as we play this game, you will speak only when asked a direct question and you will follow my orders and do as I say without hesitation.” It was just the first of many rules, ones that she listened to intently as he listed them, telling her what he expected; he made it clear that he expected her complete and utter submission in all sexual matters…it was her duty to trust him to bring her pleasure, even if that pleasure was often mingled with pain and no matter what, she was not to question him…when it came to sex, they were not nor would they ever be equals…he was the master and she was to be an eager to please servant and if any of those rules did not appeal to her, he told her to take her leave, then and there. It was her out. The only one he would give. He held her eyes and waited, as if he were allowing her a moment to consider the decision, but she didn’t need a moment, her mind had been made up before she had come to him and Nick saw as much in the gaze that clung almost desperately to his as she slowly nodded and he gave his arrogant, half smile.

With her obvious permission given, Nick gave his own nod, a gesture that made her knees feel weak as he flicked his eyes over her once more. “I have to say, I like the dress, but I happen to think I will like it much better when you take it off, Alyssa.” It was a command, not a request and in an instant, Alyssa moved to obey it; she held his gaze as she reached for the tie at the top of the dress and with trembling fingers, she worked the tie free, revealing her breast an inch at a time…it made her feel vulnerable to strip herself before him, but there was nothing she wanted to do more as she finally, slowly slid the sleeves from her shoulders, down over her chest…cool air brushed over her already hard nipples as she allowed the dress to pool at her feet, leaving her to stand before him in nothing but black, thong underwear.

Seeing her breast, heavy and perfect, already flushed with need, made his cock kick hard against his pants; he had spent countless nights envisioning this moment…having her before him so perfect…he had to swallow hard and a muscle ticked in his jaw ticked as he fought to hold on to his precious control; she was flawless with ivory skin and long legs and seeing her in the thong only made him want her more as he blew out a breath while Alyssa watched, waiting for him to offer her the next order that she was ready to follow.

In his presence, she forgot the world, forgot they were in his foyer…she had become his, as he had said she would and it was thrilling; it was what she wanted and more and Alyssa again did not hesitate to concede to his demand when he told her to sink to her knees before him with her head bowed…her hair fell forward to curtain her face as she stared down at the floor and he slowly circled her several times as she trembled…she could fell her juice flowing, the thong was soaked and her thighs were damp, something Nick could see as he looked her over carefully, before ordering her to hold her position as he walked down the hall.

She could hear his footsteps echoing against the polished wood floors, just as she could hear her heart thundering against her chest, her blood pounding in her brain…her skin was alive and on fire and sensitive…it made her want to slid her hand between her legs to fondle herself, but she did not dare, knowing, from all she had read, that she needed his permission; she could do nothing to bring herself pleasure unless he told her it was within reason and Alyssa found her desperation to please him was far greater than any need to please herself as his footsteps sounded again and she saw his booted feet rest before her.

“Look at me.” He snapped the order and she quickly complied, looking up at find he held a leather collar and leash in his hands…her cunt contracted at the sights…she felt no fear with him, no awkwardness…it seemed as if they had played this game a thousand times before and Alyssa dearly hoped they would indeed play it many more times to come as she set absolutely still as Nick knelt down and with quick, efficient motions, he fastened the collar around her neck, then hooked the leash to it before he stood and looked down at her once more.

She made the perfectly submissive picture, naked, expect for the thong as she knelt on all fours, the collar and leash framed by her cascading hair as she looked up at him with her beautiful and trusting eyes; no woman had ever effected him the way Alyssa did, she was, he had come to realize, the perfect combination of sexually submissive needs and emotional and sharply intellectual strength…he knew she was his destined match and it thrilled him, though he didn’t feel that was the moment to tell her as much as he tugged at the leash, then smiled as he ordered her to stand to her feet while he held to the leather rope to make certain his control was established.

Easily, as easily as she anything she had ever known, she handed herself over to him, more than certain she was meant to do just that as he slowly began wrapping the leash around his hand, until he had her pulled close to him; she lifted her eyes to his…her arms stayed at her side and she waited…it was all she could do…wait…all orders were his to give and hers to obey and she accepted the game for what it was as Nick slowly lowered his mouth to hers, so he could claim her lips firmly, his tongue driving deep into her warm and wet and willing mouth.

It was a kiss that demanded and took what it wanted and Alyssa gladly yielded to him, sinking deeply into his heat as his tongue snaked around hers, sucking and stroking and pulling until she was eagerly exploring deep inside his mouth; he coaxed and tutored her in the manners he found most pleasing…she wanted to lift her arms to wrap them around his neck so she could cling to him for dear life, but before she could, he broke the contact as easily as he had initiated, leaving her to gasp in disappointment when he stepped back from her, releasing some slack into the leash.

“Back to your knees.” He was amazed that his voice didn’t shake, his desire for her was so strong he felt it threatening to overwhelm him as he approvingly watched how quickly she did as he had demanded, sinking to her knees as if doing so pleased her greatly. “I’m ready to begin your full training, and I ask, once more, if you are prepared to accept what is to come not only tonight, but in the many nights that rest ahead of us.” His eyes drilled into hers with intensity that made her feel breathless and hot all over.

“Yes. Yes, I am ready.”

“Incorrect answer.” With mild force, he reached down and slapped her hard on her bottom and she yelped in surprise rather than pain. “When I ask you a question, and you address me in any answer, you will address me as master. At all times. Master. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Very good. You will learn quickly.”

“Yes, Master.” The pleasure she received from saying those words astounded her.

“In that case, I want you to repeat these words after me.” Fresh blood rushed to his cock as he looked down at her, so submissive and beautiful. “I want you to say, ‘I am yours, Master, do use, and do with as you so chose, and I understand that my duty is to please you with my body and with my devotion to serving you.’”

“I am yours, Master, to use, and do with, as you so chose, and I understand that my duty is to please you with my body and with my devotion to serving you.” Her voice was strong and sure as she repeated the words to him and he smiled, nodding in satisfaction…she was beyond perfect and he adored her.

“Very well. We begin.” As he said it, he reached behind his back, and as she watched him, eager to drink in any and all moves that he made, he withdrew a pair of leather cuffs from his back pocket and obediently, having read this scene in several of his stories, she lifted her wrist up to him, earning herself a smile that flooded her with warmth…with need that burned inside her as he easily latched the cuffs around each wrist, firmly binding her at his mercy…it was even more arousing than he had so often imagined it would be as he stood again and nodded once more.

Stepping close to her, with his feet spread about eighteen inches apart, Nick calmly brushed a finger down her cheek…she felt blessed to enjoy his touch and he saw the delight in her eyes as he savored how wonderfully soft her skin felt.

“All right, Alyssa. Your first task involves your mouth. Using only just your mouth, I wish for you to liberate my cock from my pants and then I want you to use your lips and tongue to service the need building inside my cock.”

Knowing it would be a challenge for her, Nick had chosen the first assignment with care, certain it would make her anticipation as well as his build; he had thought about many things he so wanted to do to and with Alyssa, but his body needed release…the pressure had to be eased or he would explode all over himself like a nervous virgin, and that was the last thing he wanted, though he was surprised to realize he was even more excited now than he had been his first time as Alyssa rose further up on her knees and without hesitation, she set about her task.

Using her teeth, she tugged at the tip of he pants, holding the fabric captive with her lips as she pulled at it…she could smell his arousal combined with a spicy, soapy scent and in her efforts, her tongue brushed over the skin stretched tautly over his firm belly and Nick had to hold himself ridged, she had no clue how quickly she was pushing him to the edge as she finally managed to work the button free from its loop.

She was breathing heavily by then, and she could feel sweat at her hairline as she took just enough time to draw air into her lungs before her teeth captured the zipper bending slightly, as best she could, she tugged the little metal clasp down…the grinding sound shattered her senses and left her feeling weak from the excursion, but desperate for him, as the leather folds parted without her as his massive, swollen cock pushed itself free and Alyssa whimpered to see it for the first time, full and hard and longing for attention only she could give.

At least ten, if not eleven wonderful inches in length, the tool was the widest she had ever seen…so wide and beautiful, the flesh stretched almost painfully tight as blue veins pulsed and the massive, purple head shimmered with liquid…Alyssa stared in fascination and bewilderment as Nick pushed the leather pants down his hips and legs, kicking them aside so he was completely bare and Alyssa was thrilled for it as she leaned forward and drank in a deep breath.

His was the most wonderful scent she had ever known, so strong and male and warm and she savored it, aware of his desire filled eyes watching her intently as she allowed what she had read on the computer, and in his stories, to combine with natural instinct that told her to freely explore; his was the first cock she had ever pleased using her mouth and she wanted to do it right as she leaned close, her eyes closed as she placed an open kiss against his right ball, that jerked in delight in reaction to the simple touch.

Feeling flooded with feminine pleasure, Alyssa subjected the left jewel to the same kiss, this time allowing her tongue to brush over the flesh…she licked and when he gasped, she opened her lips wide and took his ball completely into her mouth so she could freely suckle and lick, savoring his salty texture. His male power. Exposed to her. She was focused on pleasing him completely, as she turned her attention to his right side once more, sucking even harder this time as her tongue very gently snaked around the quivering sack; she could feel his need building just as her did…the was the most amazing pressure, so powerful it was almost painful, yet still wonderful, to Alyssa, as she dipped her head low so she could place teasing, worshipping kiss on the underside of his enormous penis, recalling having read that the area was extremely sensitive…she kissed and licked down and up and back again before moving to sample the liquid beads that boiled from his slit that she began to tongue with glee.

The taste was unlike any she had ever known, she couldn’t have described it, even if she had been asked to…she just knew it was Nick’s flavor and that made it wonderful…made her want to drink as much as possible as her lips finally wrapped around the throbbing head and as soon as they did, Nick tangled his hands deeply in her hair, his fingers controlling her motions as she opened wide and he trust himself into her hot little mouth.

His shaft more for than filled up her mouth as his head brushed the back of her throat and she swallowed him, taking him in as she sucked and used her tongue to lave his flesh that swelled and grew…she lifted her eyes to look at him, to find he was watching her as she increased her pace with vigor; it was an easy thing for her to sense he was close to a climax and Alyssa felt his fingers press tighter into her flesh as he exploded with a strangled cry and she angled her head, allowing his hot, wonderfully thick jism to flood her throat.

Loving what she had the means to do to him, what he had allowed her to do for him, Alyssa held his cock in her mouth as the life slowly began to fade from it…she continued allowing her wet tongue to lick him before she eased him from her lips so she could again kiss his balls and his cock, worshipping each and every inch…she felt more alive in that moment than ever as she savored his taste and smell while Nick struggled to regain control.

He had played domination games for years, having learned at an early sexual age that he had a true love for control, for having a woman before him, bared and beautiful and his…he had felt more than his share of truly massive orgasms , but no one had ever managed to do to him what his Alyssa did; she nearly made it impossible for him to hold back…she took his breath and made his passion rage wildly and Nick found he adored her for it as he stepped back as she continued to look up at him with her eyes that begged him for more.

Her face was flushed, her eyes gazed and her lips shimmering…she was perfect and he had to allow her a smile as he tugged at the leash, a silent command for her to rise and stand before him and he was delighted that she understood; she came easily to her feet, despite the fact that her knees were trembling from the experience they had shared and without a word, Nick turned his back to her and holding firmly to the leather rope that was still connected to her collar, he walked her down a long, polished wood hall.

Again, she relied on instinct and knowledge she had gathered during her reading, to have an understanding of what her role required, and as he walked her down the hall, Alyssa was careful to keep her head down, so her hair shielded her face…she felt wonderfully vulnerable yet so perfectly safe with him it nearly made her cry…she stared at her feet when he paused to open a door so he could walk her inside and when he turned around to face her, he took in her submissive stance, the bowed head and bent shoulders.

“Look at me.” His voice was firm but soft and she did as he asked, blinking as her eyes took a moment to adjust to the low light in the room; he was all she could clearly see, the corners were bathed in shadows, though she was aware of a large bed to her right…she wanted to look at it, but knew it was her duty to only do as he demanded and not more. “I am going to arrange you so I can leisurely explore your body; I am going to take my time looking at and touching and acquainting myself with you…no inch of your flesh will be unexplored by the time I am finished.” In time, when she was more familiar with their roles, and how their games were played, he would cease to explain his intentions to her…she would learn just to trust him…but for now, he felt oddly compelled to walk her through the introduction with somewhat baby steps and Alyssa nodded, to let him know she did not mind; she wanted him to feel free to do to her as he pleased, as often as he pleased, and when the time was right, Alyssa promised herself she would tell him that and a great deal more…but even that thought fled when Nick tenderly tucked a lock of hair behind her ear before cupping her cheek as he had, in the foyer.

She loved how it felt to have him touch her, to look at him as he looked at her; he made her feel more womanly than the man she had nearly married ever had…Nick touched more than just her body, he had the means to touch her soul and because he did, because he had that rare and so precious power, Alyssa knew only wonderfully, thundering, arousal as he took her by her cuffed hands and walked her into the center of the room where a chain dangled from a thick beam that ran high across the ceiling.

Remaining silent as Nick lifted her hands, she watched as he hooked the clip in the chain to a metal ring on her cuffs, creating a connection that held her firmly in place; her arms were high, stretched just enough to make her shoulders feel a slight strain that was far from painful as Nick bent down to pull her ankles apart so he could fasten her right and left foot into individual shackles that were bolted to the floor.

Once he had her secured, he eased back and nodded approvingly before turning to blend into the shadows for a moment and when he quickly returned, he had a ball gag in his hands and without his having to tell her, Alyssa opened her mouth to allow him to insert the device between her lips so he could lock it behind her head; he took the time to adjust her hair so it still fell freely to her shoulders in the style he had come to like…she looked perfect suspended there, soft and sweet and his…he felt his cock stirring as he looked her over, bathed as she was in the pale light that he had carefully arranged.

Again moving from her, into the shadows, he allowed Alyssa to linger for a moment, so the anticipation could build; all he had to do was look in her eyes to see how ready she was, how alive and how eager she was to learn all he had in mind to teach her…she was all he had suspected she would be and a great deal more, a reality he silently gave thanks for as he retrieved his favorite bottle of scented oil, knowing the sweet, vanilla aroma was more than suitable for his Alyssa as he returned to stand before her, loving how her gaze followed his every move as he poured a fairly generous amount of oil into his hands.

“I am sure you will like this, my love.” He drank in a deep breath as he set the bottle aside, glancing up at her. “The scent is wonderful and how it fells on your body…” Nick decided to leave the thought unfinished, wanting to show her instead as he knelt before her, smiling to himself at her sharp intake of breath as he touched his oil covered hands to the area just above her chain ankles and with slow, deliberately sensual motions, he began to massage her flesh with firm movements that pressed deeply into her taunt muscles.

His hands digging into her, pressing into her, felt glorious…Alyssa dropped her head back and closed her eyes…her hot juices flooded her cunt and she whimpered behind the gag as Nick worked his way slowly up her legs an inch at a time, just as he had told her he would…she wanted to arch into him, but found it difficult to do so, bound as she was, chained in place and open…too many sensations wanted, demanded her attention, making it impossible to separate one from the other as the invigorating shiatsu continued until Nick was at her thighs that quivered to finally have him deliciously kneading them.

Her cunt was desperate for him to shower it with attention, but to her dismay, he did not spare her most intimate sector a single touch as he made his way to her hips…he reached around her to lava her bottom with oil before caressing her belly until she shivered once more and he gave a deep, amused laugh that compelled her to open her eyes and look down at him as he cast a glance up at her.

“Relax.” He rose slowly to his feet. “Savor the feeling. The touch. The smell. Let me have the time to adore your body…” His lubricated slid up to cup her breast, her full and sensitive breast, as her eyes closed again and she moaned…his big hands cradled her tenderly as his fingers worked the most amazing magic, kneading and rolfing as nerves blazed to life and Alyssa died a little when he used his thumbs and index fingers to capture and then pinch her hard nipples.

Tiny but powerful electric like jolts raced through her; it felt to her as if some hidden wire connected her nipples to her cunt because, with each pinch at her nubs, her sex contracted and flowed freely…she was whimpering as loudly as the gag would allow, withering under the erotic and enchanting tortures Nick masterfully subject her willing body to…tortures that only intensified when Nick caught her right, rosy red and throbbing orb into his wet, warm mouth, sucking hard and fast and impossibly deep. Harder. Faster. Deeper. Her bound hands clenched into fist and she was in a frenzied state that became all the more furious when Nick pressed his teeth hard into her…just hard enough to cause a sting he sucked away before he moved to devour her left breast while his hand continued vexing the right with pinching tugs until Alyssa was not certain she could withstand much more; she had never before been so filled with need, she wanted to scream for him to fuck her and fill her with himself until the desire eating at her was finally, finally given the satisfaction it so wildly craved as she tried called out his name around the gag.

Just as quickly as his assault on her breast began, Nick ended it, and Alyssa could only stare and whimper in amazement when he easily, almost casually worked his hands up her shoulders and to her arms; he went on with the massage as if he had not just shattered her senses, his ability to control himself was astounded to her…looking at him, she had no clue that his domination of his own arousal was barely in check as he stepped behind her while she tried to pull enough air into her lungs to survive the moment.

With the same wonderful touch, he massaged her back, down to her bottom, where he took a moment to rip the thong from her body with one quick jerk, leaving her suspended and bare and she loved it; she was wilting from the pleasure, wanting to beg him for more and more as suddenly, once again, his hands left her…he left her and she was alone as her body languished and she again whimpered helpless but thrilled to be that way as she shifted and ached to rub her thighs together, to ease some tension and find some release.

The oil that shimmered on her ivory flesh filled her senses with its rich, vanilla aroma, oddly increasing her arousal, as Nick’s lips brushed a kiss suddenly over her spine and she shivered from the tenderness of it…she shivered to have him place kisses in more intimate areas as something soft yet strangely firm was place against her back and Alyssa blinked, slightly confused by just what was happening as two leather straps were tossed over her shoulders to dangle just bellow her breast and as she looked down at them, Nick stepped in front of her, his expression remote and controlled as he went quickly about fastening her into an odd harness.

As she watched him in utter fascination and with ever increasing need, he pulled the leather stapes together under her breast it such a manner that her already full, flushed tits were pressed close, to form interesting mound that was highly elevated…she drew a withering breath at the sight, yet felt more curious than ever as Nick brought two addition straps from between her legs, allowing the thin leather strips to mold along the lines were her thighs connected to her pelvis and then, he pulled them up and hooked then, via metal clasp, he secured them to the straps that were bound tight around her breast.

It was an odd contraption, she had never seen anything like it, but she realized she liked how it felt; the leather was smooth and warm against her oiled flesh and she moved as best she could, to adjust to the very constricted feeling…her breast especially looked massive and ready for serious debauchery, for any debauchery Nick wanted to introduce her to…she was certain her eyes eagerly told him as much as he smiled up at her briefly, before again disappearing behind her and she began to wonder how much longer he would force her to wait before he gave her what she wanted and needed.

As she pondered the question, her senses received yet another shock when something very chilled and very damp was pressed against her anus…she yelped her surprise as the cold moved its way up her rectum and her hips instinctively twisted, an act that earned her a sharp slap against her bared, outer thigh. The message was clear. Be still. He didn’t have to speak the words for Alyssa to know what he wanted and with effort, she forced herself to comply, only to tense again when she felt something long as well as cool, and about an inch in girth pry open her rosy, virgin anal slit and slowly slide inside…her body tried to reject the unexpected invasion, but Nick simply soothed her with gentle words, telling her to relax…just relax…his voice was a comfort to her and because she so desired to please him, she willed herself to do as he said and as she focused on keeping her breath steady, Nick guided the tool into her, smiling to himself as he tightened a draw string at the back of the harness that would ensure his chosen vibrator stayed locked in place.

It had been a last minute decision to add the sex tool, but he was certain Alyssa would love the final effect as he moved to stand before her again, his eyes hot with passion as he looked her over slowly; she made his mouth water, displayed in such a flawless manner…she hadn’t a clue just how perfect she looked to him in that moment as he dropped his head to again begin creasing and kissing her bound breast.

His lips and tongue and teeth were once more used to bring her nipples to deliriously erect attention as she bemoaned helplessly, arching into him, wanting more…wanting him…her muffled cries became more and more frantic as she fought to make her needs known to Nick, who took a great delight in his sensual game playing…he loved seeing his Alyssa so wild with passion and the need to hear her agitated pleas compelled him to reach up and quickly removed the ball gag from her mouth, freeing her to speak and beg at will and she quickly began to do both as his lips stayed sealed to her breast while he moved a skilled hand to her cunt.

She was soaked, dripping wet and hot and his fingers glided over her smooth, hairless flesh with ease; he felt his cock growing harder by the moment, a feat he had previously not thought at all possible, but suddenly was, and became all the more so as he pushed to digests into her sopping grove while she screamed in delighted reaction.

“Do you like that?” He asked the question while abandoning one breast for the other as she nodded and gasped.

“Yes, Master…yes…please…” Her hips jerked in response to his touch. “Please…God…I am begging you…” She cried out so loudly she knew her throat would later be raw, but she didn’t care, in the least, as she screamed again and again, thrusting her hips faster and faster against his hand as he pressed his fingers hard against a sensitive and swollen patch of burning flesh.

“Please what? Tell me what you want?”

“I want you…I want you…”

“Not a good enough answer.” With decided motions, he pulled his touch from her weeping cunt and his lips left her breast complete as he stepped back and she sobbed. “I want you to tell me very plainly just what it is you want me to do to you.” Sweat had mingled with the oil on her skin so she shimmered beautifully, her hair a mess, her eyes glazed and her breast wet from his mouth as she gasped for air.

“I want you to…please…take me…” Now. In that instant. But he shook his head.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you, Alyssa.”


“Who am I?” His voice was more firm than before.

“Master. You are my master.”

“Yes. Yes, I am indeed your master, my sweet. What do you want your master to do to you, right now, in this moment, Alyssa?”

“Fuck me.” She raged the words at him. “Fuck me. Fuck me. I want you to please fuck me here and now…please…I want you to fuck me, Master.” She dissolved into tears, her emotions, and her need, more than her desire clouded brain could process as Nick grinned and nodded to himself, before he reached down to quickly unhook her ankles from their chains.

Once the restraints fell away, his hands moved to bracket her quivering hips and with one quick and beautifully fluid motion, he lifted her so her legs were wrapped around his waist, her ankles locked together and pressed hard and demanding into the small of his back…she looked down at him like a wild woman, a woman so possessed with wanton need that nothing else in the world mattered and for her, it didn’t, and for Nick, it was the same as he guided her to him at the very same moment he surged forward fast…Alyssa cried out in pleasure and he threw back his head and hissed as she was impelled on his hard, hot, throbbing cock.

Her slick cunt lips parted for him and to her amazement, her body made room to fully and completely accommodate every glorious inch Nick had to offer….he filled her full…so wonderfully full she could feel his hot, heavy balls pressed against her tender pussy as he reached one hand just behind her, and to her shock, he flipped a tiny switch on the object he had inserted into her rectum and in an abrupt flash, the most marvelous vibrations began to shatter through her like steadily and perfectly cresting ocean waves.

It was a remarkable sensation, the feel of Nick inside her, the vibrator filling her bottom with sweet, fiery jolts that served to increase her pleasure, her giddy delight as Nick held his hands on her hips and with steady, strong, deeply penetrating thrust, he slammed into her again and again as she pressed her heals into her back and used her hands to grip the chain that held her suspended to successfully gain the self controlled momentum she needed to pull up and push down and meet his thrust with her own powerful acceptance. Give and take. Take and give. It went on and on. His thick cock had a means to reach inside her, deep into her, to touch and batter the most sensitive little place…he kept a wild but balanced rhythm as he increased the pace…slowed it…increased it again as the vibrator thundered through her and him; it stimulated his member as it stimulated her…they were covered with sweat, screaming one moment and grunting incoherently the next as flesh slapped hard against receptive flesh and in a flash, in a gratifying gyration, they exploded together in the most massive, splintering orgasmic exhilaration either had ever know.

He could feel her soft but demanding feminine muscles milking his cock with loud slurping sounds as the vibrator continued to hum against her inner anal flesh; his hot, thick, come spurted from him in a jetting streaming that filled her…she could feel it pumping into her…it was a beautiful sensation that confirmed her suddenly, soul deep belief that she had been born to be with this man, and this man alone…she was indeed his in every way and it pleased her beyond any words her vocabulary might have possessed as the tiny aftershocks continued to rock through her even as Nick slowly lowered her legs and eased his semi erect penis from her throbbing cunt.

Her legs went limply beneath her and she moaned, feeling too weak to speak as he left her there with their combined juices leaking from her, running down her thighs…she allowed her head to lull a bit, her eyes closed as she drank in breath after breath…she felt sensitive all over, fireworks were still exploding in her mind and deep within her body; she had never been so sexual satisfied, her sensual senses had never been so alive and Nick thought her too beautiful to be real as he came to her again and Alyssa snapped her eyes open to look down to find him using a warm rag to very tenderly clean her sex and thighs.

He used gentle motions, just as he had when he massaged her and she sighed happy little sounds as he cleaned her completely before tossing the rag aside and standing, so he could remove the harness and the vibrator slowly from her still slick anus and with that done, he moved to undo the leather cuffs from each wrist, freeing her.

Without the restraints to hold her steady, her sex weakened body fell forward, to press hard against his and Nick’s arms went around her easily, steady and strong and tender as he hooked one arm beneath the bend of her trembling knees and with seemingly little effort, he lifted her, so she was cradled against his chest with her head resting heavily on his shoulder…Nick brushed a kiss against her temple as he carried her across the room, to the bed she had noticed earlier, and with loving intent, he laid her in the middle of the satin sea before easing down to stretch his body out beside hers.

In her debauched state, she half whispered his name, making him smile, as he brushed damp hair back from her face and Alyssa lifted heavy eyes to look up…she felt her lips pull up to return the smile he offered as he moved his hand to cup her face and she turned her head to place a loving, worshipping kiss to his palm.

“Thank you…” She was still breathless. “Thank you for fucking me, Master…” There was a true gratitude in the words and despite himself, Nick laughed, he laughed as he never had before, from a place deep in his soul that only Alyssa had the power to touch, a reality he adored, as he leaned down and sealed his lips to hers, scorching and demanding as his tongue probed her mouth with an authority that thrilled her.

Finally, needing air almost desperately, he forced himself to pull back, to look down at her bemused expression as she lifted a hand to touch his face…she could feel stubble there, warm and scratchy and it made her feel oddly emotional as he drove his eyes into hers while their sweaty bodies began to slowly cool, though it was obvious to Alyssa, and to Nick, that nothing would ever cool their passion or desperation for one another.

“As your master, I have another demand I need you to obey.” He laid a hand, open palmed against her belly that quivered at his touch.

“Any demand that you make, I will eagerly obey, Master.”

“In that case, it is my desire that you marry me and allow me to love you for the rest of your life, Alyssa.” There was undeniable emotions building in his eyes, in his chest, as he said the words, watching her close as he did and she smiled even as tears came to her in a rush.

“There is nothing that would please me more than to marry you, Master.”

“Can I assume that means you love me?”

Battling back the need to cry, to weep like a fool, she nodded, knowing in her heart and in her soul that she had always loved him; it was because she had loved him so dearly and so very completely that she had never been able to date or look at another man…her heart had been his from the first and now, her body was as well, and Alyssa knew without question that was the way fate had meant it to be.

“Yes, Master. Yes. I love you very much, Nick.” She felt it was okay to call him that, even if it meant breaking the rules just this once…the smile he rewarded her with told her she had not upset him…not in the least.

“And I love you too, Alyssa. I love you.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“Good. Cause you will hear it often.”

“Will I be allowed to say it in return?” Her eyes teased his.

“You will be required to say it in return and mean it.”

“Meaning it won’t be a problem and I…”

“And you…” Nick prompted gently when she hesitated.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you, I am really glad you made certain I would find that file on your computer…”

“You mean how I laid the bait for you.”

“Yeah. I am glad you laid the bait.”

“And I am glad you took it.” His hand slid up to cup her breast and she wiggled, her flesh as sensitive and as eager for touch as she had never known it to be. “I am especially glad you love me, as much as I love you and I am really glad you respond so well to the games I play…” He moved up, so he could pinch her nipple.

“I am open to all your games…” Her back arched in pleasure.

“For life?” He tugged at the pink, aching nub.

“Yes…God yes…” She tangled her hands in the sheets as he lowered his mouth to torment her other breast with teeth and mouth and tongue…he played her body as if she were a fine and so very precious instrument he dearly adored, using touch after gentle touch to again bring her to a beautiful, orgasmic abyss and once she was fully aroused, Nick moved into her, hard and fast and as one, untied body and soul, they jumped over the edge to become submerged in the chasm from which each prayed there would never be any emergence.

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