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The Animal Within

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I’ve been married to my current husband, Anthony, for just over five years. In a former life I had a boring if not unpleasant sex life; little or no foreplay, no concern for my needs or desires. My former husband pretty much named the time, place and manner and I was expected to give him what he wanted.

Although I’m naturally a bit submissive, my ex pushed me beyond my limits so often that sex for me had become an unpleasant chore. Even my self-image suffered as he made me feel like a sex-object that was not worth any effort beyond what he needed to get himself off. I could count on one hand the number of times he actually satisfied me.

My life now is entirely different. While I remain a natural sub, after 5 years of marriage to Anthony, I’ve learned how easy it is to get what I want by taking charge when the mood strikes me and, ironically, how easy it east to keep him craving me by finding and exploiting those little quirks in each of us normally keep hidden, even from those we love. I now feel desired and cherished like never before and I have discovered and learned how to have my own cravings satisfied.

Anthony, like me, is a bit submissive sexually. I discovered it by accident but by that time I’d already fallen in love with his tender touch and obvious desire to pleasure every part of my body with his incredible fingers, lips, tongue and, of course, his beautiful cock. It began to dawn on me that he considered his pleasure and desires secondary to making sure that I was completely satisfied. I discovered that I could have 4 or more orgasms for every one of his and he seemed fine with that. I felt guilty; I still do, but I know that Anthony likes it that way and, in the process, my own feelings have changed a bit. With the discovery that I could cum over and over came the cravings from deep inside me and I needed to cum over and over and I needed to cum at least once daily.

Anthony is 12 years older than I am so from time to time, he’ll fail to rise to the occasion. The reality is, though, that no man could now satisfy my cravings with his cock alone. I need more sex than any man could ever provide me with a mere cock. If there were 4 Anthony’s I’d probably be having affairs with the other three, fucking all four of them daily and making each of them eat me to another 3 or for orgasms before I’d be completely satisfied. On the other hand, as I’ve learned more about Anthony’s own cravings, I have come to love the idea that he is willing to please me in any way I want, whenever I want, and is willing to go do it without expecting anything in return unless I desire to give it to him or should I say take it from him. On top of that, some of the cravings that I have developed, and that he shares, are much safer in a monogamous relationship. For example, I love that feeling as his tongue laps off of my ass the cum that has escaped from inside me as he pumps my g-spot with his fingers and/or eats me. And there is nothing like the feeling of his tongue cleaning both my cum and his that runs out of me after he fucks me senseless; but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Ladies, let me tell you, there is nothing better for your self-image than a man who craves your body so much that he’ll spend an hour massaging, kissing and licking your entire body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head without touching your nipples or pussy. Imagine him spending another half hour deeply soul kissing you and gently sucking your nipples while his fingers massage your G-spot until you feel your cum literally running down the crack of your ass and puddling underneath you.

When you finally feel his tongue dip into your pussy lips, it is the easiest thing in the world to become the domme that he craves. Believe me, you’ll forget whatever inhibitions and submissive feelings you share as you mash his face into your pussy with both hands, demanding like a bitch in heat the orgasm that’s now been building for an hour and a half. I was shocked at myself the first time. It almost sounded like someone else’s voice as I held on to his head, fucking his face with all my might as he struggled to breath while simultaneously swallowing the veritable river that was squirting from within my pussy which by then had become an aching cunt demanding to be satisfied at any cost to him. As my orgasm exploded I felt an unfamiliar feeling and was at once aware that I was literally cumming like a man, only producing much more than a man.

I’d always been self-conscious of the way I smelled and tasted, about any discharge from my body. All that repression disappeared as my orgasm swallowed me like a tidal wave sweeping me away. There is no appropriate analogy for the way I must have sounded as some guttural voice over which I had no control emerged from inside.

“Fuck!!!!!!!!!!, eat my cunt, don’t you dare stop fucker!!!!!!! Fuuuuuccckkkkk meeeeee!!!!!!!

Whatever inhibitions I had about bodily discharges fled as I felt him literally sucking the cum from somewhere inside me aching, throbbing, gushing pussy as if he were dying of thirst in the desert. As I gradually came down from the most amazing orgasm of my life, he seemed instinctively to know to let up at precisely the right time and he began to gently suck my outer lips and probe the creases between my lips with his soft, hot tongue.

Suddenly I felt his tongue touch my ass. Not just touch, but linger there. For a split second I was repelled and it crossed my mind to shy away or stop him. But I was hoarse from screaming out as I came, my legs were shaking and just then some part of him, I think the bridge of his nose or his forehead, made contact with my clit and any feelings of dread about him touching, smelling or tasting that private place disappeared as I realized that another orgasm was building.

As shy as I was about what I would have previously considered strange if not revolting disappeared as the hunger inside me replaced any self-consciousness about whether or not he was disgusted by my scent or the river of cum that he was still attempting to capture into his mouth. For the first time I began literally to crave another orgasm and the only fear that I experienced in that moment was the fear that he’d stop. That fear released the animal inside me and again I forgot everything but my own needs.

I was aware that I was literally fucking his face with all my strength but I couldn’t stop myself. Again I was grunting out commands, threatening that I’d find someone else to fuck me if he let me down (though I’d never do that and he knows it). As I screamed commands at him I spread and lifted my legs to give him easier access and crushing his poor face into my cunt and ass as if his entire body was a giant cock that I needed to fuck; to somehow thrust completely into my comparatively tiny body. I heard and felt him trying to get a breath, I was aware that I was again gushing like a fountain and I heard strange noises that I was sure was him choking on the cum that was gushing from me, literally running down his face. I could hear him sniffling as my cum flooded his nose, the only orifice through which he had any hope of getting any oxygen at all as I used his face without any regard whatsoever for what was happening to him as I savagely fucked his face, his nose, his chin and, of course, that amazing tongue. I felt him start to weaken physically from lack of oxygen as I exploded into my second orgasm in 10 minutes, something I’d never experienced before. I remember at first feeling bad again but as the second tidal wave consumed my entire body I remember the first sexually dominant thought I’d ever had. I truly liked this man but at that moment, that tiny sliver in time, I didn’t give a shit if he could breathe, I didn’t give a shit if he was chocking on my cum, I didn’t give a shit if he drowned in my cum, I was going to fuck his face until I came again and if he passed out I had no intention of letting go of his face until I had finished.

I’d never before had a second orgasm, I’d never before had a man’s face almost entirely buried inside me, never felt a man’s tongue on my ass and never before experienced a man who craved the cum exploding from my pussy as if he’d die without it. All I knew was that my second orgasm was more powerful than the first. My legs were shaking and I was breathing like I’d just run a marathon. I was certain that his mattress was soaked and probably ruined forever. I could not move my legs and I was sure I was done for the night and he hadn’t made any move for to attain any relief himself.

I asked him if he was okay as I came down and all he could say was “God, yes, that was amazing, so amazing.”

I sometime smoke when I drink or party with friends but I never “need” a cigarette. Yet as I lay there quivering, I felt just such a need. I had been at a party the night before and remembered that there were cigarettes in my purse. That small but truly present dominant part of me was emerging. I had just fucked this poor guy’s face like some imaginary slut one only reads about or sees in porno movies. He had been gasping for breath between my legs, nearly passing out as my orgasm nearly drowned him. He’d licked my ass, swallowed God knows how much of my cum and I thought I’d ruined his mattress. He doesn’t smoke, we were at his house and we’d only been together for a month. He hadn’t had any relief himself and yet all I could think of was how great it would be to lie there and smoke a cigarette while I recovered from two of the most amazing orgasms in my life.

I asked him to get my purse and he immediately obeyed. When he brought my purse into the bedroom I took out the cigarettes and before I could put one to my lips he appeared with a lighter and an ashtray from nowhere. A bit taken aback, he’d never seen me smoke, I didn’t let it phase me. I just laid there, completely relaxed, almost as if he weren’t there. As I smoked, he began again with the gentle tongue as if he literally worshipped my body with no regard for whether he was going to get relief. I finished my cigarette and drifted off to sleep with his lips and tongue gently massaging and sucking at my clit.

I woke up after an hour or so with him lying beside me, spooning. I watched him sleep for quite a while and realized that here was a man who made me feel totally desired and who put my pleasure ahead of his own. I didn’t yet know all of his kinks but I was beginning to put them together. I was surprised by the dominance I’d shown earlier in the evening and wondered where it would lead.

I slowly got up and let him sleep. I put on his robe that I found hanging in his closet and went into the kitchen to make us something to eat. In the process of putting together a little snack, I knocked over a large bottle of water and frantically began looking for some towels to clean up the mess. Going through his linen closet I came across a box of DVDs. I’m not nosey by nature but couldn’t help myself. Some of the titles will give you the picture: “Violation of My Boyfriend’s Ass,” “Strap On Chicks,” “Strap Attack,” you get the idea. In addition, there was some erotica involving dominant women smoking.

All of a sudden the picture fell into place. I pulled out one of the DVDs, put the box back, cleaned up the mess and put away the food that I was preparing. I had some better ideas.

I sat down on the sofa, put one of the DVDs into his DVD player and turned it on. Then I waited for the sounds to wake him. When he emerged from the bedroom I was sitting on the sofa still wearing his robe, watching the DVD. The look on his face could only be described as horrified and humiliated. He started to stutter something and I looked up at him. It dawned on him that I was playing with my own clit and I could tell that he couldn’t decide whether to explain, run and hide or what. I looked at him, expressionless, stood up and approached him. I put the finger with which I’d been playing with my clit to his lips and gently parted his lips with it. He started to pull away as if to say something and I put the finger back to his lips as if to quiet him. I looked directly into his eyes.

“I think we should talk.” Took him by the hand and led him to the sofa and we sat down. I maneuvered myself so that I could put one leg on each side of him and he could stare down at my very damp pussy lips.

“How long have you had this little secret” I asked as the DVD played in the background. He looked sheepishly at the screen then back at me then back at the screen just as the actress wearing a large black strap was forcefully forcing him to suck the dildo deep into his mouth. She was smoking a cigarette and occasionally would blow smoke into his face as she forced the dildo deeper and deeper into his mouth.

He looked back at me and the whole story came gushing out as if he’d been waiting his whole life to tell someone this story that he’d been carrying around as if no one would ever fully understand him.

He broke down. He began begging me to understand that he wasn’t gay, that he had no interest in men, that he just felt the need to have a woman “take him” sexually, to force him to please her, to take all responsibility for her own pleasure so that for once he’d know that he could please a woman, that he could give her exactly what she wanted and be sure of it because she was taking exactly what she wanted with no regard for his pleasure. That knowing he’d pleased a woman completely and thoroughly would let him enjoy his own pleasure like nothing else ever had. The smoking fetish even he couldn’t explain but she didn’t require much more explanation. Nothing had relaxed her more than that cigarette as he pleasured her with his tongue after having driven her insane with that same tongue for an hour or more before.

I felt simultaneously sad for him, that he had spent his life tortured by this secret, and exhilarated as a felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt protective over this man while at the same time feeling more and more dominant.

“Did it bother you that I didn’t do anything so that you could cum before?”I asked.

“No, not at all. I can’t explain it but it is so satisfying to watch your face as I please you with my tongue. You have no idea how much it drove me wild to taste you, to smell you, to be completely surrounded and subsumed in your cum as I gave you that much pleasure. I love the taste, I love it all.”

As he spoke, I removed my legs from around him, picked up another cigarette and put it to my lips as he watched, motionless.

“I need the lighter and ashtray” I said as I looked at him as if to say “so get it for me” which he promptly did. “Aren’t you going to light it for me?” and he did, his hand shaking as he lit my cigarette. I inhaled deeply and blew the heavy stream of smoke directly into his face trying to pierce him with my eyes as I thought a truly dominant woman might. With the cigarette in my hand, I began stroking his bare chest, gently pinching his right nipple. Noticing the intensity of his reaction, I casually began to pinch both nipples with my fingers, occasionally taking a drag from my cigarette and blowing it toward his face.

“You need to show me how much you love the taste and scent of me” I said as I handed him the ashtray and walked toward the bedroom as if I knew he would follow.

Once I got into the bedroom I waited for him, took the ashtray from his hand and placed it on the nightstand. I took two pillows and adjusted them under me as a sat and leaned back against his headboard with my legs spread so that he would have unrestricted access to my pussy and ass.

He laid down between my legs and began that maddeningly wonderful alternate sucking and licking of my pussy lips and clit. I used both hands to pull his head into me tightly and discovered how I could use face to reach exquisite places within my. I felt his tongue on my ass along with his warm breath as his nose was useless for breathing at that moment, and for many more. I continued to guide his head and casually smoked my cigarette as I spoke to him.

“Have you ever actually had a dildo inside you?”

“Yes, I’ve used one on myself.” he pulled his head up to answer and I used the opportunity to blew smoke down into his face and used my hands to force him back into my pussy.

“You’ve never been fucked in the ass by a woman?”


“Is it a fantasy you’d ever like to experience or is it something you’d like to remain only a fantasy?”

He didn’t answer right away so I grabbed the top of his head by his thick hair and pulled his head up until his eyes looked into mine and I blew smoke into his face again.

He was speechless and his face reddened. Sensing his reluctance to admit his true desire and feeling my own growing power to obtain pleasure for myself as well as a true desire to give him what he needed, I told him “It doesn’t matter. I think I’d like to fuck you in the ass.” I continued to hold his head and his gaze as I took one more drag from my cigarette and extinguished in the ashtray, blowing the last bit of smoke into his face. Then I moved upward and above him so that I was facing his feet and I told him to roll over. As he rolled onto his back, I lowered my pussy to his face, enveloping him within me as far as a I could. I was literally dripping from my pussy by this point as the possibilities began to materialize in my mind and I began to savor what it might be like to feel the power of fucking instead of being fucked.

As I continued to sit on his face, I began to feel the familiar feelings of impending orgasm of the magnitude I’d felt earlier that day and I began to feel that savage animal within me again and again I wanted to fuck his entire body as if it were a giant cock. However preposterous it sounds now, I fantasized about being able to use him as a giant dildo, head first, fucking him savagely as he struggled within me and all the while knowing that he, too, wanted nothing more than to be utterly and completely drowning within me, pleasing me to his last breath if that’s what I what I would demand of him, to be completely and utterly used by me for my pleasure.

I began to tell him how I intended to fuck him in the ass with his dildo. How I would bend him over and fuck the shit out of him, how I was going to fuck him with the dildo until I came, whether he like it or not until I was finished. I told him how I’d enjoy a cigarette while I fucked his face to multiple orgasms morning and night and whenever I wanted. How I might drop in on him at work if I needed to cum during the day, sit in his chair and fuck his face until he was soaked in my cum and I was satisfied.

I was getting really close to an orgasm and I began twisting his nipples roughly.

I began to realize how much I’d like him to fuck me now. How I’d like him to take over and I said:

“I need your cock inside me now, you can cum now if you fuck me like I need to be fucked. I need to be fucked right now.” I rolled off him not knowing for sure what would happen but suddenly the animal in him came alive and he heaved his strong, heavy body onto me and slid that beautiful cock into me slowly at first be so wonderfully deep. So deep that it almost hurt. So deep that it hit that spot that nothing else can hit. In an instant, he had become the dominant one. His cock pumped in and out of my aching pussy, my burning cunt that needed it so badly. He began to build toward his orgasm and as he did, he began to thrust more powerfully, more deeply, until he was using his entire body for leverage, of his weight to get deeper, to fuck me harder. I wrapped my legs around him his waist and grabbed his with my hands trying to draw him even deeper, to be fucked harder than I’d ever been fucked before.

Then, without warning, my orgasm hit me. An orgasm beyond anything I’d ever felt before. Beyond even those of earlier that day with his face. He kept up pumping into me and I had another orgasm he seemed to lose control of his body, then he joined me in orgasm, exploding deeper inside me than anyone or anything had ever been. We were joined into a single being, exploding like we wouldn’t live through it, or didn’t care. I was again floating in my own cum, and his, as we slumped together, neither able to move, trying only to catch our breath.

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