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The 3 of Us

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My lover and I have known each other for a while now, and have been talking of adding a third to our intimate party. We have both fantasized and discussed what we would want in a third and decided that it would be best to add a man over a woman. He was bi-curious and I always thought the idea of two guys together was very erotic. We discussed in detail what kind of things we would like to see take place and what kind of man we were looking for that could satisfy both of our needs.

Once we had our checklist we started to put ads in local “Alternative Lifestyle” magazines and online.

We interviewed several possible people, dismissed a lot of flakes, and finally found one we both seemed to connect with. We exchanged pictures, talked in length about our general likes and dislikes, our sexual preferences, and health clearances. He had never been with a man before, but was also curious and he had never been in a three-some. We’d decided to meet up at a little sports bar for a few drinks, just as a get to know you, and see how things went and if things felt right. My lover and I were the first to arrive, both of us were nervous, excited and a little scared. Even though we had exchanged pictures, we both found ourselves scanning the room questioning if he was already here and laughing at ourselves for feeling like we were in high school.

We recognized him as soon as he walked in. We both sucked in a breath. He was beautiful in a youthful, lean athletic way. Hair a little long and finger combed, but it looked good. He was wearing faded jeans low on the hips but not showing boxers or butt crack, a navy blue tee shirt that was a little snug, but showed off his lean muscular body. My lover and I both smiled at each other and suddenly had high hopes. We waved him over to our table and after an introduction, an exchange of pleasantries and a few drinks we were all feeling very comfortable. We started talking more openly and relaxed. It felt like things were going very well so we decided to take things to the next level.

Since we all three had been drinking we decided to take a taxi to the hotel. As we sat in the back, with me in the middle, I started kissing my lover. After a minute I pulled away and kissed our friend, knowing he could taste my lover on my tongue. I kept doing that, back and forth, exchanging and mixing the flavors of both men and giving them a little taste of each other until we reached the hotel. I noticed both men were soon sporting a nice bulge in their pants. The taxi driver had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road and kept watching us in his rear view mirror, I’m sure hoping to see more.

We had booked a nice room at the Marriott downtown in advance and had more than one eyebrow raise at us as we stumbled into the hotel lobby giggling like teenagers, arms linked with me in the middle. My lover and I had stocked the room with condoms, lube (wishful thinking here), and more alcohol earlier in the day. When we got to the room we decided on another drink or 2 to calm nerves and set the mood. The lights were low, we were buzzed; it was time to start the festivities.

I started by sitting on my lovers lap on one of the chairs and giving him a deep, passionate kiss that started him getting hard, and me getting wet. I made a show of it making sure our friend could see out tongues dancing together and thrusting in and out. We had made out for a few minutes when I looked at our new friend and could tell he was totally getting turned on watching us. I stood, held my hand out to him. Taking his hand in mine I walked him the few feet to the king size bed.

We sat down and I started kissing him while undressing him. He was a great kisser long tongue and explored every corner of my mouth. My lover, who had finished undressing, moved to the bed and started to undress me too. Pretty soon we were all stretched out on the bed with me in the middle (lucky me. Well hell, it is MY story so I get the good stuff). Both my lover and out friend started to kiss and lick me all over, starting at the sensitive part of my neck nibbling and sucking gently, moving down until each one was sucking and kissing on a nipple. It was an incredible sensation to have two different mouths on me at the same time. Soon I had two hands stroking me between my legs. One was running his finger between my wet slit and one making circles around my now hard clit. I spread my legs to give them better access as they continued to stroke me and play. I realized I couldn’t tell who was doing what, but it felt so good I didn’t care.

My hands started touching them everywhere, shoulders, smooth muscled chest, abs and lower. When I reached their cocks, I marveled in the differences. Both rock hard rods, both covered with silky smooth skin, One was thicker and not as long, the other longer and slightly curved, but I could easily fit my fist around it. Both men had a nicely trimmed nest of pubic hair with smooth testicles.

My lover moved between my legs and started feasting on my now very juicy pussy. He knew by now just how I loved his oral talents and had me moaning in no time. Our friend was soaking up my noises with deep kisses while rolling my nipples between his fingers. I noticed our friend was pressed close to my side and his cock was gently thrusting against my thigh. When I looked down I could see that my lover was shyly stroking our friends cock with his fingertips. So lightly I’m not even sure our friend noticed. The sight was so hot it made me cum with my hips rocking off the bed. My lover slurped my juices up savoring the sweet tangy flavor of my cum. When I came back down from my orgasm he flipped me over on my stomach. My lover pulled my hips up until I was on my knees and I could feel him position himself behind me. I felt him grab my hips with both hands and fill me with his cock in one stroke. He almost had me cumming again and I could feel my inner muscles clinch against the rock hard invasion. I could tell he was about to lose control too and he just held himself deep in me, basking in the hot, wet glove that my pussy provided.

Our friend moved to my head and rubbed his clock against my parted lips. I swiped the tip with my tongue and he slowly slipped his cock in my mouth. I moaned at the double penetration as we all started moving together. It didn’t take us long to find a rhythm and we were soon all grunting, moaning, and mumbling encouragements to each other. At some point my lover leaned over my back, covering me with his hot, sweat slicked chest. His face was close to mine and I eased my mouth off our friends cock and replaced it with my hand. I turned my head to give my lover a deep kiss, knowing he could taste our friend on my tongue. He swirled his tongue inside my mouth and over my lips taking our friends unique taste into his own mouth. We repeated this process over and over, me sucking for a few strokes, and sharing the taste in a kiss. I could tell our friend was loving it too by his little noises of satisfaction.

Feeling quite bold I pulled my mouth off our friend and offered his cock to my lover. I rubbed the glistening head of our friends cock over my lover’s lips, coating them with pre cum and my own saliva. My lover looked into my eyes as if asking permission. I smiled letting him know I wanted this as much as him. We had talked about exploring his bi-curious nature together and we spoke of it briefly with our friend before we met up, but now that it was happening, my lover seemed almost unsure. I whispered to him to suck him deep and locked eyes with our friend. He licked the pre cum off his lips and you could see the want flowing between them. Our friend gently bumped his cock against my lover’s mouth giving a silent plea. With a groan my lover engulfed his cock almost to the hilt and with a suction that could almost draw blood, then he started pumping our friends cock in and out of his mouth. Our friend swore under his breath and started moving his hips faster. I had never seen anything so hot in my life. My lover matched his thrusting in my pussy with his sucking of our friend and we were soon all feeling our orgasm grip us. Our friend came first, grabbing my lovers head and shoving his cock as deep as he could take and shouting to the ceiling. I could hear my lover swallowing and that sent me over as my muscles milked my lover’s cock. He came last with a muted roar with our friends cock still in his mouth. We all collapsed in a sweaty, satisfied, heap and fell asleep instantly.

I woke a few hours later feeling sticky and sweaty. Having been sandwiched between my hot blooded lovers I decided I needed a shower, no use in me smelling like a goat. As the hot spray relaxed my worked muscles I thought about what taken place tonight and how turned on it had made me. Just reliving it had me getting all warm and wet again. I came out of the bathroom, naked and with towel dried hair, my eyes roamed over the sight in front of me. My lover and our friend had moved closer to each other in their sleep with me gone, and were almost touching. I watched them and my heart clinched at the beautiful sight. Warmth was soon turning hot and tingly in between my thighs. As they started to stir, their cocks awoke too. They didn’t notice me standing there at first as they slowly opened their eyes and looked at each other. Their cocks were quite hard now and almost touching. My lover made the first move and leaned in to kiss our friend. Soon they were engaged in a battle of thrusting tongues and rubbing cocks. The sight of hips grinding against each other and cocks thrusting took my breath away.

Our friend started to move down my lovers body, stopping to kiss and suck his nipples. I knew how much nipple play turned my lover on and I watched his breath turn to pants as he held our friends head in place. When both nipples were sufficiently wet and tight, our friend moved down further to suck my lovers cock. Just watching I could feel the juices start to drip down my legs. Watching them was the biggest turn on I’ve ever had.

As our friend was sucking my lovers cock, he slipped one finger down past his balls to the sweet little pucker of his ass. I matched it by slipping a finger in-between my legs, rubbing the thick juice all around. Our friend started with a teasing swirl with his finger and as my lover gasped he slipped his finger in up to the first knuckle. My lover spread his legs at the invasion, silently inviting him for more. With a smile, our friend started to pump his finger in and out and soon added another. My lover started mumbling, arched his back and came with a shout. Our friend swallowed his cum and slowly and gently milked his cock until he was almost limp and rung out.

Our friend climbed up my lover’s body and kissed him deep, sharing my lovers flavor with him as I had done so many times before. Our friend asked if he would like him to fuck him in the ass and with a glassy eyed nod he reached for the lube and a condom. He motioned for me to join in.

As our friend prepared himself and my lover I moved closer to the bed. There was no way I was not going to get a close up of this. My lover was still on his back, but moved to the edge of the bed so his legs were hanging over. Our friend was standing between his legs lubing up his covered cock and my lovers ass, slipping one finger and then two inside him, twisting and scissoring them to prepare him for his size. We had been playing with butt plugs and strap ons, so my lover was ready quickly. Soon our friend had three fingers sliding in and out easily and he nodded that he was ready. He pushed my lover’s thighs up and out so his ass was easily exposed and told him to hold them. He nudged the head of his cock against the now well lubed hole and slid in with a pop. He slowly pushed until he was seated all the way in, I looked at my lovers face and it was pure bliss. I should have been jealous that someone else was bringing him so much pleasure, but instead I was near my own orgasm just watching and stroking my own clit. Our friend motioned to me to straddle my lovers face while facing him. I jumped at the chance to be included and climbed on quickly. As I faced away from my lover, I bent down to engulf his hardening cock in my mouth.

Our friend set the pace and I sucked in unison taking him deep as our friend pulled out and pulling back as our friend thrust to the hilt. Soon the room was filled with grunts moans and sucking noises. My lover came first filling my mouth with jet after jet of his salty/sweet seed. Right on his heels our friend came hard, pumping his release deep into my lover’s ass. The sight of that sent me over the edge.

We made love several more times throughout the night in many other positions and we had only a couple of hours sleep before it was time to go back to our boring lives. As we showered, dressed and said our goodbyes, we knew for a fact that this was something we were going to be doing many more times.

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