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Ted Tells His Wife

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Jenny was smart as well as curious. She explored the history files on our computer and found e-mail that I thought I had deleted. She read the letters that I sent to other men and those that were sent to me. Jenny read them all. I was out of the closet! She confronted me one night.

After supper, we were watching the news on television.

Abruptly she said, “I want you to read some things that I printed out of the computer.”

Having no idea what she was talking about, I said, “Sure.”

Jenny went into the office and came out with a stack of papers. I looked up at her and, looking me straight in the eye, she handed them to me. I began to read.

The first one said, “I can hardly wait to taste your hard cock in my mouth. I’m sitting here with a hard-on thinking of how I’m going to suck you.”

There was no need to read anymore. I sat there looking at the floor. It was all over. I loved Jenny and I knew I had lost her.

“I never had a clue that you were bisexual,” she said. “You certainly make love to me alright. How long have you felt this way?”

I couldn’t answer. My heart was full of shame.

“Ted,” Jenny continued, “we have to talk about this. I’m confused.”

I looked up at her. “It started when I was about 14 or 15 years old.” I said. All the guys experimented with jack-off sessions, but one buddy that I was close to wanted more. I was very curious too. We went all the way. We sucked each other off, came in each other’s mouths and swallowed each other’s sperm. We even screwed each other in the ass a few times. That lasted for about a year and he moved away. That was the end of it. I hadn’t even thought about guys or cocks until just recently. I was in the chat rooms and explored everywhere, including the gay and bi chats. It turned me on again to cocks. I just couldn’t put it out of my mind. Finally I met with a guy and we had sex. It really turns me on. I love to do it. I can’t help it. My sex with you is still terrific, but it’s different. Maybe it’s because it is a big no-no that makes it exciting. I don’t know, but I know I can’t resist it. Do you want me to leave?”

Jenny didn’t answer my question. She sat down next to me. “I know that, in the last few weeks you have been a lot more passionate in bed. It’s like our sex life has re-awakened. Is that because you’ve been having sex with men?”

“I could use a stiff drink,” I said. “Do you want one?”

“Yes, I really want to talk about this. It’s like you’re a different person.”

I went to the bar and made us drinks. “At least,” I thought,” she’s not screaming and packing my bags—yet.”

I handed Jenny her drink and sat down. It was difficult to look her in the eye.

“I know I’ve been very horny lately,” I said. “Ever since I’ve been doing this my cock seems to be hard all the time. It’s like I found sex all over again.”

“Tell me about when you did it with the guy in the e-mails,” she said.

“What do you want to know,” I asked?

“Everything, I want you to tell me what you did and what he did. I’m trying to understand this.”

“You really want the details?

“Yes, all the details. I want to know how you went about it, what you said, what he said, and I want to know how you felt while you were with him.”

“I chatted with him in the chat rooms first. I chatted with a lot of guys, but he sounded more interesting than the others. We went to a private chat and got to know each other better. His name is Jim. He’s married also. He has three kids. After e-mailing back and forth for about three weeks, he invited me to his home. His wife and kids were away. I met him at a local bar and, after a few drinks we went to his house. We went straight to his bedroom and undressed quickly. We were both very horny. Jim is a little smaller than me, but he’s wiry and well built. When I saw his 8 inch cock I went right down on it.”

“How did it taste,” she asked?

“You know how a cock tastes,” I said.

“I want to know how his tasted.”

“It was hot and throbbing. I loved the taste of cock again. I licked the bulbous head and then took him all the way into my throat.”

“All 8 inches?”

“Yes. I was so very horny, I almost came then.”

“Did he cum in your mouth?”

“Yes, later. While I was sucking him he said he wanted to suck me too, so I moved around and we were in a 69 position. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me down so my cock was in his mouth. It was incredible!”

“Who came first?”

“He did. I felt his cock pulse and he shot a load into my mouth. The first squirt hit the roof of my mouth and slid down my throat.”

“How did he taste?”

“It was almost sweet, but not quite, certainly not bitter. I really enjoyed it.”

“You swallowed it?”

“Yes, every drop.”

“Then you came in his mouth?”

“Yes, almost immediately after he came in my mouth I shot my load down his throat. I heard him moan and gulp as he swallowed.”

“Then what did you do?”

“We got dressed and I left. Then the guilt set in. I felt terrible.”

Jenny looked at me. “Your cock is hard now, isn’t it?”

Feeling embarrassed, I said, “Yes. While I described what we did, I remembered how it felt and I got hard.”

“Then you are going to do it again with him aren’t you?”

It was about time I became totally truthful. “Yes, I have to.”

Jenny got up and faced me. “The story made me hot too. Take your cock out.”

I removed my pants along with my underwear. My cock sprang up and slapped against my stomach. Jenny knelt down and took it in both hands. She lowered her head and took me in her mouth. She sucked on the head for a while and then took me in all the way, keeping me in her throat for as long as she could. Jenny sucked hard as she withdrew her mouth from my cock.

“How am I doing,” she asked? Am I as good as Jim?”

“Of course you are,” I said. “You’ve always been the best.”

She lowered her head again and resumed her sucking. Soon, I felt my sperm rumbling in my balls. I knew I would cum soon. Jenny knew this too. She let my cock slide out of her mouth and quickly removed her dress. She stood in front of me and unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her lovely tits sagged only slightly. The nipples were hard and puckered. Jenny then put her thumbs inside her lacy panties and slid the down and off. Her neatly trimmed, reddish haired pussy looked so inviting. The lips were puffy and wet. She walked toward me. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her cunt to my face. As soon as my mouth met with her pussy lips, I could taste her juices. She was very wet. Jenny put her fingers on her pussy lips and spread them apart. Her love juices flowed freely. I opened my mouth and let my tongue explore her inner lips. She tasted wonderful. I heard her moan loudly as my eager tongue delved into her hole. Her little clit hardened and I could feel it on my tongue. It began to spasm.

“Ted, I’m cumming,” she screamed. “Oh, it’s a big one. Oh, yeah! Wow!”

Jenny’s body trembled and shook. She grabbed the back of my head and forced her hot pussy into my mouth. She kept cumming.

“Oh, Oh, Ted,” She cried, “suck me. Suck my cunt. Eat me, I love it. It feels sooo good.”

As she began to calm down her trembling began to ease up. She sat back on the floor and sighed. Jenny looked up at me. My cock was hard as stone and throbbing.

“Come and fuck me you queer bastard,” she ordered. “Stick that big cock where it belongs, in my cunt. Fuck me good. Fuck me hard. Cum in me. Fill my cunt with your hot cum.”

Jenny lie on her back and spread her legs wide. I went to her. She grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and pulled me into her. My hard cock slid into her right up to my balls. She was so hot!

“There you cock hound,” she said. “My cunt owns you now. I can make this pussy suck your cock as well as any guy can.”

She lifted her ass and forced my cock in her as deep as it would go. After only a few minutes she was cumming again.

“Yeah, Fuck me baby. I’m cumming. Fill me with your seed. Oh, Oh, yeah, baby it’s so good.”

That was all I could take. My cock pulsed with my orgasm. Spurt after spurt of my cum shot into Jenny’s pussy. It seemed it would never end. It was wonderful.

Jenny screamed, “Oh, I can feel your cum filling me up. Oh, I’m cumming again. Oh, baby, this is the best.”

As the last of my cum drained from my fading cock, I eased myself off Jenny. I could see the cum oozing out of her pussy lips and running toward her asshole. Jenny sat up and grabbed my head in her hands. She pulled me toward her open legs.

“You like to eat cum,” she said. “Here eat your own cum. Suck it out of my pussy.”

She lifted her ass and my mouth found her wet cunt. I tasted my cum. I let my mouth hang open and Jenny squeezed her cunt muscles and made my cum spurt out of her pussy into my mouth. I had cum a lot. I kept drinking and swallowing. When I had all of my cum drained from my wife’s pussy, I lowered my head and licked the sperm from her asshole. She moaned again as another orgasm overcame her.

We lay there spent and drained, but a wonderful feeling of contentment and satisfaction permeated our beings.

Jenny turned to me and said, “That was the most wonderful fuck I ever had,” she said.

“Me too Jenny,” I said. “I never came that much.”

“Ted,” she said.


“I want you to call Jim.”

“You want me to call Jim? Why?”

“I want to see you two together. I want to see you suck his cock,” she said, earnestly.

I moved over her and kissed her. It was so warm and wonderful. Our eyes met.

“Hand me the phone,” I said.

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