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Lusts of the Flesh

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‘Listen to this next bit.’ Danny Woodward’s finger hovered over the page dramatically, as he read. ‘ “From the roof he saw a woman bathing. The woman was very beautiful, and David sent someone to find out about her.” ‘ There was a knowing smile on Danny’s lips, as he scanned the congregation. ‘That’s all it took.

He’s out taking the air one morning, thinking over how well everything’s going, and BAM! In an instant he’s gone – plotting an act of adultery with a married woman, enlisting his servants to help him.’

Danny stepped out from behind the lectern that served as his pulpit and strolled down towards his audience, the Bible lying open in his left hand. ‘This is the man who was chosen to be King over God’s people.’ Even away from the microphone his insistent voice carried easily to the back of the hall. ‘Who led them to victory over their enemies. Whose wisdom and compassion as a leader had been proven time and again. And like that…’ – a snap of his fingers – ‘he’s lost the plot.’ Danny was warming to his subject now and his listeners were wrapt. ‘That’s how easy it is for us, any of us, to fall prey to what they used to call ‘the lusts of the flesh’: jealousy, greed, and above all – sexual sin.’ He faked a sheepish grin. ‘Trust me, I know. I’m a guy.’

The youth group members in the front rows all burst into laughter at Danny’s cheekily honest flourish. Pastor Simmons would raise an eyebrow, he knew, but what the hell? The teens looked up to Danny; why shouldn’t they know that he, the church’s Youth Pastor, was aware of his own temptations? Being wise to the pitfalls of sexual desire made you all the more able to navigate round them. It made you a better role model. Especially if, like Danny, you stood at six feet, with dark hair and a face that would pass in a shaving products commercial; enough people in his lifetime had said as much for him to know it was true and there was no virtue in false modesty, was there? Had it not been for his commitment to God, he could have done very well for himself where sex was concerned. Yes, these young people knew he was celibate from choice.

‘Who knows why King David let himself be lured?’ he continued, sweeping his rhetorical question over the assembled masses. ‘Maybe he’d stopped praying as regularly as he should. Maybe he’d become too confident in his own supposed godliness. Because all it took was one glance at an attractive woman when she was splashing in her outdoor Jacuzzi and he was history.’ Danny’s own eyes settled on a young woman seated mid-way down the hall, a woman he had noticed at the church several times before. She had a gypsyish look to her, with her wavy, dark hair and black eyes, her tassled, maroon dress and her arms laden with pottery bangles. He had no idea who she was, but she reminded him of a girl he had met at a student disco back in his agnostic early youth, before his initial encounter with Christianity. His mind flashed back to that encounter – the urgent flight to the gents’ toilets, how busily that girl had guzzled him in and sucked him off, as he stood pressed against the inside of a cubicle door. He could remember her hot little furnace of a mouth working on him to that day…

The memory emerged instantaneously as he locked eyes with the gypsy rose and she alone, perhaps, noticed the slight falter, as he grabbed for his drifting train of thought. ‘And that’s why,’ he said with emphasis, diverting his gaze elsewhere, ‘we’ve always got to be on our guard.’

Pastor Simmons, it turned out, was pleased with the sermon. He seemed willing to overlook Danny’s occasionally flippant sense of humour; the young people, as he said when the morning service broke up, needed as much encouragement as they could get in their battle against rising adolescent hormones, especially in today’s sexualised society. It was good to know that they had a young man like Danny to support them in their struggles. Danny in turn found himself able to overlook the senior preacher’s pomposity and accept his vote of confidence. Yes, he thought to himself as he stacked the final few folding chairs against the side of the hall, he was there for the youngsters, helping keep them focused on the demands of their faith. He was making a difference at Alton Bridge Community Church.

‘Pastor?’ He turned and was a touch startled to see the girl in the maroon dress just feet away from him, shifting her weight hesitantly from one foot to the other, a look of earnest enquiry on her face. Close up he could appreciate just how attractive she was, the milk-white of her bare arms and graceful neck contrasting with her dark eyes and tumbling, black hair. She had a petite, slender figure and the low neckline of her dress hinted at a neat, gently curving little bust, nicely in proportion to the rest of her. ‘Can I have a word?’

‘Certainly. And it’s Danny, please.’ He proffered his hand and she shook it warmly. Her hand felt cool and smooth in his.

‘Rhianna,’ she responded, returning his smile. ‘I enjoyed your talk.’ She had a polished Home Counties accent, somewhat at odds with her free-spirited appearance.

‘Thanks – well I didn’t put anyone to sleep, so I always take that as a good sign.’ She laughed, so that the sunshine falling through the hall windows glinted in her eyes and he felt a sudden sense of privilege at being given the opportunity to counsel this girl. ‘I’ve seen you here a few times before. Have you attended any other church?’

‘No, no, I was never brought up to go to church, my parents weren’t really religious at all,’ she told him. ‘But – em…’ She seemed to be feeling about for the words. ‘I suppose you could say I’ve been searching for something these last few years – you know, I’ve read up on Eastern religion, I’ve tried meditation… But the few times I’ve been here – well – there just seems to be a real sense of community and – and togetherness. You know what I mean? Well obviously you do. And it just struck me that maybe here was a place I could get some answers. Maybe Christianity’s what I’ve been looking for all this time.’

Danny’s heart sped up a little. A searching soul, and a pretty one at that, just strolling into the church – and it was falling to him to lead her to salvation. Thanks God. ‘Yeah, well, I know totally what you’re saying,’ he responded eagerly. ‘I’m not from a church background either. I was at university before I really gave any thought to Jesus Christ. Look…’ He thought it best, nonetheless, to be circumspect. ‘We’ve got a young adults’ group that I lead every Tuesday evening – perhaps if you came along next week, you’d have a chance to ask some more questions…’

‘Well…’ she said reluctantly, ‘I’m not sure if I want to take on a whole crowd just yet. I sort of feel your experience is something I could relate to… Could I maybe just talk things over with you?’

Danny was flattered in spite of himself. ‘Yes, of course. I’m supposed to be meeting some people for lunch, but…’

‘No please, you keep your lunch appointment, I insist. Look, I live nearby. Maybe you could call in some time this week and we can chat a bit? I mean I’m sure you’ve a busy schedule, I don’t want to impose…’

‘Oh no no no no no! That’s not a problem. No, it’s really important you get to discuss what you’ve been thinking about. What days are good for you? I can do tomorrow…’

Before he had given it a further thought, she had scribbled down her address on the back of a business card (she made and sold her own jewellery, it turned out, in the style of the bangles she was wearing) and they were booked for the following evening. He stood in her perfumed wake, as she sailed gracefully from the hall, considering how completely he had just broken one of his own rules. Never enter a stranger’s house alone when doing evangelistic work: that was what he told the youth group members when they were going door-to-door, distributing invitations to church events. Always go with an opposite-sex partner; that way you stay safe and avoid any compromising situations.

He smiled. Sometimes you just had to wing these things; strike that iron while it was hot and trust you had enough Christian maturity to cope. He would risk being late for the monthly leaders’ Bible study with Pastor Simmons and the church elders, something that had slipped his mind during his conversation with Rhianna, but it was in the name of leading a searching soul to Christ, so they could hardly complain. Especially if she became a leading light in the church, and how could such a vivacious and intelligent young woman not do?

Late that evening in his flat he spent some additional time in prayer and Bible reading, preparing for his counselling session the following evening. He checked through his notes on ‘Listening for God’s Guidance’ in preparation for Tuesday evening’s discussion at the Young Adults’ Group. Then unaccountably he found himself jerking off to ‘Stormy Monday Meets the Jizz Brothers’, lifted from the stash of pornographic DVDs he kept stored at the back of his underwear drawer. The movie chronicled what befell the voluptuous Miss Monday and her girlfriends, when they encountered the eponymous Jizz Brothers, a duo of strapping, sexually enthusiastic black gentlemen. It was a small moral compromise on Danny’s part that he had stopped throwing away such titles, bought over the Internet in his occasional porn binges; eight years’ failure to beat this temptation had proved to him that he would only buy replacements, so why not work on resisting the dirty movies he owned, rather than the ones still for sale? At least this way he wasn’t spending any more money.

He stopped the DVD at a point where its heroine lay sticky, exhausted and looking terribly pleased with herself, between her two well-endowed suitors. Danny too was in a sticky condition, but his feelings, as he reached about for some tissues with which to mop up, were familiar ones of guilt. So he retired to his bedroom and made his usual chagrined apology to God. He asked for forgiveness that he had succumbed to thoughts of lust once again. He asked for forgiveness that he had looked on young Stormy as a masturbatory fantasy, not as a lost sheep needing returned to the fold. He would have asked forgiveness that he had let Rhianna, from the morning service, enter his mind when he was mid-wank, but that would have meant admitting to himself it had actually happened. At any rate, his sleep that night was not as easy as it might have been.


Danny sat down for a moment’s prayer the following evening, to put himself in the right frame of mind for his discussion with Rhianna. He flung on his leather jacket and checked in the mirror, teasing a few clumps of gelled hair into place before heading out. No reason why you shouldn’t look your best doing God’s work. The girl’s flat was in the town’s rather dingy student area; however able she was at crafting jewellery, it didn’t seem that her business had taken flight just yet. Danny pressed the second storey button and was almost immediately buzzed in.

‘Up here!’ Rhianna called down the gloomy stairwell. He moved upstairs towards her voice. ‘Double back and it’s the first door on the left! You’re very punctual – sort of caught me unawares!’ On arriving at her door he understood what she meant. She was wrapped in a red silk kimono and, judging from the way it was sticking to her body, had just dashed from the shower.

‘Sorry – you want me to call back?’ Danny asked distractedly.

‘No, don’t be silly,’ she said lightly, ushering him inside. ‘Come on into the kitchen. I just need to fetch a towel for my hair. Hailey’ll get you something to drink – she’s my flatmate. Here, let me take your jacket.’ The humble student dwelling had been prettified throughout with art prints and the occasional film poster. A copy of Henry Miller’s ‘Tropic of Capricorn’ lay on an armchair in the living-room. Here was a smart cookie, thought Danny, as he walked through to the kitchen. Literate, artistic – a soul worth saving. Not that all souls weren’t equally worth saving, he added to himself hastily.

‘Hiiii!!!’ Rhianna’s young roommate almost sang, as he entered the little kitchen. ‘You’re Rhianna’s preacher guy!’ So this was Hailey – American by the sound of it, a vision of sunshine in a revealing, white T-shirt and a tiny pair of pink, cotton shorts. She virtually swooped on him in welcome, her sizeable breasts swaying in braless freedom under her sleeveless top. ‘Sit down, let me get you some lemonade. Rhianna’ll be back in a moment. So what do I call you – Reverend?’

‘No, no – it’s Danny, please.’

She passed him a full glass and sat next to him, biting her bottom lip, her great Bambi eyes drinking him in with fascination. ‘So you run your own church and everything!’ Her dark brown hair was tied back, displaying her pretty, round face, with gently upturned nose and full mouth.

‘Well not yet,’ he laughed, disarmed and feeling unaccountably lucky. ‘I just finished training last year – I’ve been a sort of junior pastor there for the past nine months.’

‘And very good he is too.’ Rhianna had arrived from her bedroom and she joined them at the kitchen table, still towelling her damp hair. She had deemed it unnecessary, he noted, to change from her kimono. There were still a few beads of water on her upper chest. ‘Got me thinking about a lot of things,’ she said, slinging the towel over the back of her chair. ‘You should come there with me next week, Hailey.’ She put a hand on Danny’s knee and he tremored imperceptibly. ‘Do you mind if Hailey sits in on our chat?’

‘Not at all.’ Danny was a little knocked back; he had been gearing himself for an intense one-to-one counselling session with Rhianna, culminating in prayer and an emotional commitment on her part to her new-found faith. Now he had to reassess how the situation should be played. ‘You from a church background, Hailey?’

‘Oh yeah,’ she said jauntily. ‘I was a real good girl. Went to Bible Class every week. My first ever crush was on the Bible Class teacher.’ She giggled and eyed Danny like a child gawping at a candy bar. ‘I bet you get that a lot.’

‘Ehhh yeh, I’m a real matinee idol,’ he said, laughing away the flirtation and managing, he felt, to mask his unease.

‘Hailey’s my little sweetheart, aren’t you darling?’ said Rhianna, giving her friend’s arm an affectionate squeeze. ‘I was touring the States last year and I met her when I was in Boston…’

‘And I’d finished school and didn’t know what I wanted to do next,’ Hailey followed on, rolling her eyes despairingly at her own lack of direction, ‘so Rhianna said I could hang out with her in England for a while, until I’d made up my mind. She lets me help out with her business and everything. Isn’t she a sweetie? And she takes me all sorts of places round London and oh, the stuff we do together…’

Rhianna broke in, clearly recognising that her flatmate’s childish eccentricity, while charming, was not to the point. ‘Now Hailey, I’ve hi-jacked Danny here to talk about God. Let’s not waste his time.’

‘Oops, sorry, I just get chatting sometimes… No, you guys talk away. Here, let me get you some more lemonade.’ She reached over to the shelf for the jug she had made up, causing her shorts to ride far up her healthily rounded ass cheeks; Danny had not meant to be looking, but caught an unmistakable flash of plump, pink pussy lips beneath Hailey’s shorts, before he quickly averted his gaze. He averted it to the front of Rhianna’s satin robe, which had fallen open just enough to expose the gentle, porcelain contours of her cleavage. His penis began to respond inappropriately to the various feminine attractions on display and he missed what Rhianna was saying.

‘Sorry, what was that?’ He fumbled with the glass Hailey had just refilled, almost knocking it over.

‘I was just saying how impressed I was about some of what you said yesterday morning. You make Christianity very relevant to – well – modern life.’ Suddenly, despite the fleshly distractions, he was running with what he knew best. They were talking about Christ’s teaching on social justice, on the role of the church in removing Third World Debt, on how Christian faith could make you a better environmentalist. Hailey was looking back and forth between them, chin resting delicately on her clasped hands, as if she were in the presence of two great intellects. The only time she broke her concentration was when she went to fix her hair and dropped her elastic scrunchy under the table. She went rummaging after it, insisting that they leave it to her. Then she returned to her former position, looking on with a strangely enigmatic smile, as the other two wrestled with the things of the spirit. The conversation was running beautifully, Danny thought, until Rhianna frowned.

‘There’s just one problem I run into with your type of Christianity,’ she said. ‘You’ve got great ideas, Danny, and a lot of what you say makes sense, it’s just – well don’t you find it all a bit prescriptive?’

Danny stared at her in mild confusion. This did not sound like someone all set to jump on board the Jesus train. ‘How do you mean?’

‘Well, it’s like – you’ve got to be this type of person to be saved. You’ve got to live your life just so. You tithe so much money, you takes Sundays off, there’s no room for people to find their own way. I mean, take sex for example.’

Oh God, must we? thought Danny, a whole selection of pre-programmed alarm bells sounding in his head.

‘Yes,’ said Rhianna forcefully, now the one warming to a theme. ‘You’ve got be straight, not gay. You’ve got to be married, not single. You’re expected to carry around all these impulses and longings and human drives and not act on them until you’re in some safe, sanitized marital relationship that drains half the fun out of it anyway.’

‘Now hold on, marriage doesn’t have to be like that!’ protested Danny, reaching desperately for his stock responses. ‘And there are good reasons for the Christian teaching on sex.’

‘Okay, okay, maybe I’m expressing it a little strongly, but I mean look at you for example. You’re what, early thirties, and when you became a Christian you were – what -?’

‘Twenty-one,’ said Danny, fearing where this was going. ‘But…’

‘You’re young, you’re healthy, you’re a good-looking guy… Danny, you’re standing at the front of that church talking about God and holiness, while all your best fucking-years are passing you by!’

Danny would have choked on his lemonade if he had not already finished it. ‘Rhianna…Look…Look, this isn’t what I came here to talk about…’ In all his years of streetwise evangelistic work he had never been flustered like this.

‘And it’s not as if there’s no sex in the Bible.’ Rhianna had worked up quite a head of steam by now. ‘It’s full of sex… Sodomy and incest, who lay with whom, Solomon and his fifty wives or whatever… I mean even Jesus took Mary Magdalene on his travels with him…’

‘Wait, that wasn’t a sexual relationship!’ said Danny hotly.

‘Oh read between the lines, Danny!’ exclaimed Rhianna in exasperation. ‘Anyway, he spent all his time going around preaching peace and healing people and then he got crucified for his trouble. I’m surprised you begrudge the guy a bit of action…’

‘Rhianna, there’s no call for that!’ Danny tried to mask his outrage with a polite smile, but there was no masking how rattled he was by the turn of the conversation.

‘Look… Look I’m sorry if I’ve shocked you, Danny.’ Rhianna did not sound remotely sorry. ‘I just thought it needed to be said.’

‘I love sex,’ Hailey chimed in happily.

Danny tried to ignore the American girl’s somewhat random contribution and addressed himself solely to Rhianna. ‘It’s okay, I’m not shocked,’ he lied. He was casting about mentally for a reason to leave. ‘I mean it’s a fascinating discussion, maybe for another time, but look… I’ve got a meeting with the Senior Pastor and I’m going to be late as it is…’ That was true, at least. He was already getting up from his seat, trying to make something approaching a casual exit, and consciously aware for the first time of involuntary activity in his trousers. He hoped that no tumescent bulge would be apparent to his hosts. ‘It’s been nice talking, but…’ He twisted away from the table to make for the door, but without warning something pulled tight around his ankles and he pitched face first on to the kitchen floor, hands flying out in front of him for protection. He hit the cold surface with a slap.

‘Got him!’ he heard Hailey cry out with delight, as if she had just landed a fish. His feet were tied and he could feel her tugging hard on whatever was binding him, like she had him on the end of a line. Her earlier activity under the table flashed briefly through his mind. He had not had time to react to his dramatically altered circumstances, before both girls flung themselves gleefully on top of him and wrestled his arms above his head. He could feel Hailey astride his back, pinning him down, while Rhianna knotted his hands with what appeared to be a length of nylon rope.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ he finally found the presence of mind to cry out.

‘Now, now, Danny,’ Rhianna teased, testing the knot, ‘you’re not allowed to use that sort of language. God won’t like it! Okay Hailey, ready for the heavy lifting?’ He started to struggle against his bonds, but was helpless as the two girls rolled him over on to his back and put all their strength into dragging his hefty masculine form out of the kitchen.

‘Girls, this is nuts! What do you think you’re doing?’ He winced as they bumped him through the hallway and into one of the flat’s bedrooms. ‘Okay, this isn’t funny… Let me go!’

‘Right, on to the bed, after three,’ Rhianna instructed her friend. ‘One, two, three…’ Straining together they succeeded in lifting Danny from the carpet and heaving him on to the great iron-framed double bed. They both sat their full weight on his struggling form and Rhianna grabbed a set of pink fur-lined handcuffs from her bedside table. As she efficiently snagged him to the curling, wrought-iron bed-head, he began to realise just how carefully his capture had been planned. The thought threw him into panic. The girls set about undoing the improvised nylon lasso that had snared his feet, then they spread his legs and began reattaching them individually to the corners of the bed. He struggled in retaliation, attempting to thrash out his with his lower limbs, but his captors seemed too practiced in their task to be much inconvenienced. Having secured his legs, they undid his arms one at a time from the top of the frame and used further sections of rope to re-fasten him in a full star position on the surface of the bed.

‘There,’ said Rhianna, surveying their work with satisfaction. ‘Pastor Danny’s going nowhere!’

Hailey nestled up beside him on the mattress and began to ruffle his hair, beaming at him affectionately. ‘He’s a cutie,’ she said, smiling up at Rhianna. ‘I like him the best so far.’

‘Girls, look – why are you doing this? Please, please – let me go.’ Danny’s voice was noticeably constricted and he could feel the rapid thump of his own heart. He was clearly in the presence of two deranged psychotics; the only remaining question was what they were capable of inflicting. God, help me here – Help me, get me out of this…

‘Now Danny, it’s okay,’ Rhianna reassured him, seating herself at the end of the bed and resting a hand on his leg. ‘I promise, we’re not going to hurt you, are we Hailey?’

‘Of course not,’ the American girl cooed blissfully, as she ran a finger over Danny’s cheek. ‘We like you. We’d never do anything like that.’

‘We’re going to make you feel good. And we’re going to use you to make ourselves feel good.’ Rhianna fixed him with a gaze so indecent it make his scalp prickle. ‘And you don’t get any say in the matter.’ His head was propped up on a deep pillow and he had a clear view as she undid the girdle of her kimono and parted it. The silky garment slipped from her shoulders and pooled around her on the bed, leaving her naked. Her petite form was smooth and white like alabaster and her breasts were perfectly curved handfuls, with hard-pointed little rose nipples. In that moment he even forgot to keep praying. ‘Come on,’ Rhianna said to Hailey, wetting her lips. ‘Let’s see what Pastor Danny’s got for us.’

She swung herself fully on the bed, so that she could stalk him on all fours like a hungry young lioness. And to think he had strolled wide-eyed into her den…

Next to Danny’s face Hailey stripped off her top, tossing it cheerfully aside. The move revealed a tanned upper body and full, heavy breasts, with large, brown nipples. Her skin tone was a marked contrast with that of the pale, smooth limbs currently clambering their way on to his spread-eagled form. Hailey smiled at him happily and snuggled close again, so that her soft tits pressed against his chest.

Rhianna paused halfway up Danny’s body and began to massage the great, hard swelling in his jeans. It baffled him that he could sustain an erection under such emotionally strenuous circumstances. ‘Mmmm – nice and firm,’ Rhianna said ravenously, as she set about unfastening his belt. ‘The Methodist guy was scared like you and it wilted him… We had a tough job keeping him stiff, didn’t we, Hails?’ She eyed Danny over his bulging crotch, as her fingers nimbly unbuttoned his fly. ‘So after that we took to providing a little chemical help. There was a Viagra tablet dissolved into your lemonade. Hailey got busy with her little pestle and mortar and… Oooh yes, that’ll do nicely.’ She had slid Danny’s Calvin Klein shorts down round his lower thighs, bringing into the open his helpless, thick erection. Now she lightly stroked its length from balls to quivering tip, as Danny watched in an unholy mixture of fear and excitement. ‘The great thing about the Viagra is, your experience isn’t compromised and we get to use you as a human fucking dildo all night, right Hailey?’

‘Yeah, a big fucking human dildo,’ Hailey beamed naughtily, like she was thinking of her favourite type of pie.

‘Hailey, could you pass over the needful?’ Rhianna’s partner in the ongoing bizarre crime moved round to the bedside cabinet and began to rummage inside. ‘Now it was at this point that the Methodist preacher got really upset,’ said Rhianna conversationally, as she was handed a large pair of sewing scissors by Hailey, ‘and there was no need to.’ She laughed at the memory. He started shouting – what was it? – “Please, please don’t cut me…” and stuff like that, it was ridiculous.’ Danny’s eyes widened in a further surge of alarm; he would have expected his cock to shrivel under such conditions, but it remained resolutely erect. He stared, his pulse further quickening, as Rhianna pulled his T-shirt taut and began to slice upwards through the fabric. Halfway she chucked the scissors off to the floor and, gripping the shirt, tore it fully apart with her bare hands, laying bare his broad, pectorally impressive chest. ‘Nice – preacher-boy takes care of himself,’ she smiled, and with Hailey ran her hands all over his hard stomach and muscled torso. ‘Now if you’d only been wearing a buttoned shirt, there’d have been no need for that!’

Danny let his head drop back and stared weakly at the ceiling, as the girls attached themselves to a nipple each and began to tease and suck. It’s not my fault, he started to repeat inside his head like a mantra, as if it would block out the forbidden deliciousness to which his whole body was succumbing. It’s not my fault it’s not my fault it’s not my… The two hot, insistent mouths worked at his nipples, tonguing them fully erect, then Rhianna’s mouth clamped to him hard like a sucking limpet, causing his head to jerk upwards, as he yelled aloud in ecstatic pain. ‘Oh God!!!’

She released him and his head fell back panting on to the pillow. Then she leaned across his chest, guided Hailey’s gently working mouth away from his other nipple with a single finger under the girl’s chin and laid a soft, searching tongue-kiss on her mouth. ‘I had a boyfriend when I was at Art College,’ she told him, a significant edge to her voice. ‘Lovely guy – funny, bright, thoughtful – but a bloody Evangelical Christian, just like you. Wouldn’t have sex with me, point blank. He’d be letting the church down. He’d be letting Jesus down. Eventually he dumped me, because we weren’t – spiritually compatible, that was his phrase. You’re so like him, Danny. You need to think less about God and more about your dick.’ She broke away from her roommate and slid down Danny’s body, dragging her own pointy, little nipples over his hard stomach. Then she took firm hold of his helplessly lust-thickened shaft and started to wank it slowly, staring at him unflinchingly over its bulbous head. ‘Come on down, Hailey. If I’m right, Dan here hasn’t had his cock sucked in ten years.’

‘Poor baby!’ the young American gasped, with what sounded like genuine, appalled concern. ‘We’ve really got to help him!’ She slithered the soft pillows of her breasts down Danny’s torso, so she could help out her friend as the base of his handsome erection. Rhianna was already lapping at his balls, while tugging upwards on his fat shaft and Hailey accompanied her, making him groan at the sensation of a pair of warm female tongues curling wetly around his bollocks.

What Rhianna had said was true. A full decade had passed since he had last had his hardened dick in the juicy recesses of some girl’s mouth. He had turned down so many chances – come-ons in bars, at the gym, from within the congregation itself, for crying out loud! Would he ever forget Helen, the over-developed teen who had offered herself to him after the young people’s prayer group one evening, saying that God had told her she was what Danny needed? All that self-denial, all those nights searching the pages of the Bible for inner resistance. All that tortured effort to do the right thing.

But here and now, knotted to the bed, Bible far out of reach, he was finally going to be reminded what it was like. And he wanted the reminder, God help him he did. He could feel pre-cum oozing from the eye of his cock and making its way in a slow trickle down the shaft. The girls’ slippery tongues began to lick their way upwards, sliming his hard column with spittle as they progressed. He could hear Hailey making happy little noises, as if she were wrapping her taste buds round a favourite flavour of ice-cream. His body began to arch spontaneously at the rush of sensation, as the girls traced their liquid path over the surface of his fiercely rigid organ, but despite himself and his God he wanted more. He wanted…he wanted…

Ohhh – sweet fuck there it was… Rhianna arrived first and gobbled his swollen head into her greedy little mouth. She sucked on him hard, wrapping his pulsing cock-head in the warm, wet blanket of her tongue as she did. But then Hailey was there as well, just as eager to have him in her mouth, orally wrestling Rhianna out of her way and deliciously capturing him for herself. For several achingly gorgeous minutes they slavered their overlapping tongues about the head of his cock, repeatedly re-engulfing him in their mouths’ sucking, drooling warmth.

Rhianna then left Hailey to guzzle solo on his extended rod and insinuated her way up to where she could whisper in his ear. ‘It’s fucking fabulous, isn’t it, Danny?’ The saliva dribbling down her chin matched the wicked relish in her voice. Hailey continued to apply loving, wet suction on his dick. ‘I know you don’t want to enjoy it, I know you’re trying to fight it, but even if you do, you’ll be jerking off thinking about it for weeks, won’t you? You’ll remember it next time you’re preaching and your cock’ll get hard in the pulpit!’ She reached down and stroked the hair on the back of Hailey’s busy head. ‘The next time you’re up there, you just remember this…’

She shoved purposefully on Hailey’s head, driving the girl down on to the cock she was sucking, so that its engorged thickness filled her to the throat. Danny grunted his astonishment at the sight of the girl’s lips stretched wide around the very base of his standing prick, at the sensation of being swallowed up by her wet, convulsing oesophagus. Hailey was glugging bug-eyed on his meat, as her friend held her down, then Rhianna released her and the pretty youngster came up for air with a sucking squelch as the great, phallic length slid from her throat. Saliva streamed from her surprised mouth down Danny’s shaft, before she could even take a gulp of air.

‘Like that, Danny? Want some more?’ Rhianna’s face spread into a pantomime-evil grin. She plunged Hailey’s face down on his spit-greased pole a second time, then she held the girl firmly in position, nose pressed into his stomach. He gasped in an extreme of arousal, his body writhing against his bonds in exquisite, guilty pleasure. ‘Welcome to sex in the twenty-first century,’ Rhianna said in fierce delight. She gripped Hailey’s hair and began to pump the girl’s head up and down, producing a juicy ‘gluk gluk gluk’ sound in the back of her friend’s throat, as Danny’s cock involuntarily fucked it.

The young pastor flung his head back on the pillow, strangled utterances of desire escaping him each time Hailey’s vocal tract enveloped his swollen dick. ‘Oh God, oh please…’

Rhianna wrenched her flatmate’s head off Danny once more, allowing a throatful of drool to river its way down the underside of his shaft on to his bollocks once more. Hailey was temporarily breathless, but seemed not remotely put out by her deep-throat ordeal. She smiled cheekily at Danny even as she panted and flicked an eager tongue back and forth under his glans, sending tremors through his cock. Rhianna crawled around so she could take the spit-lubricated shaft in her fist and start to pump it. ‘Come on, Danny, you’re not far off. Give yourself up to it.’ She was practised at this, he knew; she could read in the clench of his jaw and the insistent movement of his pelvis how much he wanted to come. The rapidity of her pumping increased and with her other hand she began to knead his tightened balls expertly. ‘That’s it – let’s see you get that load off. I’m going to watch you shoot it all over Hailey’s pretty face.’

The thought was too fucking beautiful for Danny to bear; his balls contracted urgently and his whole body went into wild spasms, as if some switch had been thrown to channel a huge power-surge through the bed. Hailey pulled back slightly from his cock, an expectant look on her girlish features, and he had a clear view as his juddering member fired successive jets of cum into the air from her chin to her forehead, splattering dramatically the length of her face as they fell. She shut her eyes and beamed as if receiving a blessing of warm summer rain, allowing the semen to roll down her nose and upper lip, to pool on her waiting tongue. Then she swallowed it down and guzzled the final oozing drops from the head of his prick, as his body subsided into a guilt-ridden satisfaction. The final thing he saw before his head slumped into the pillow was Rhianna lapping Hailey’s face clean of his spunk with her hungry jungle cat’s tongue.

Danny lay there, head in a post-orgasmic spin, cock lying slack but still inflated on his stomach. He was joined some moments later by the girls, who nestled their naked warmth into either side of his prone body, Hailey having divested herself, it appeared, of her shorts. The younger girl’s soft tits were plumped against his ribcage, her gently smiling face still wet from Rhianna’s licking. The devious brains of the kidnap operation, meanwhile, was playing idly with his chest hair, one smooth thigh resting on top of his. He stared at the ceiling, wondering, as his breath returned, whether or not he had heard his mobile phone ring from his jacket pocket; yes, the sound had definitely registered somewhere beneath his sexual delirium. So how exactly would he explain his lateness to Pastor Simmons and the rest of the Bible study group? That was assuming he was released at all that evening, that his captors didn’t keep indefinite hold of their chemically pumped sex slave.

‘Why are you doing this?’ he asked weakly. ‘All because some guy dumped you while you were at college?’

‘He dumped me,’ Rhianna said mildly, as she brushed her fingernails lightly over Danny’s chest, ‘because some clergyman like you was filling his head with guilt-ridden bullshit. Now – sometimes I do it because the preacher in question is so unbearably pious, I just want to fuck some of the sanctimony out of him. Like that Baptist guy we did last month, remember him, Hails? The one who tried to pray aloud for our souls while we were riding him?’

Hailey giggled. ‘He was so silly. But he had a nice cock.’

‘How his wife puts up with him I’ll never know,’ Rhianna mused. ‘He probably says grace before he shags her. “For the cunt I am about to receive…”‘ She seemed to remember Danny’s original question. ‘But you’re another sort, Danny. I mean, I’ve heard you speak a few times at the church and, well, most of it I can’t fault you with. Third World debt and saving the environment and – what? – treating all God’s creatures with respect… You’re fundamentally sincere and well-meaning; a bit full of yourself at times, but essentially a nice guy.’

‘Yeah, we like you,’ chimed in Hailey, snuggling her boobs even closer to his chest. Rhianna leaned over and flicked her tongue over his right nipple. Their actions combined in an instant chemical reaction and Danny’s prick swelled to its original hardness. Hailey began to grind herself gently and moistly on his left hip, as Rhianna continued her explanation.

‘It just drives me insane to see you clinging so desperately to all those outmoded ideas on sex and passing them on to all the poor bastards in your church! Every time you mention sex in one of your sermons, it’s so blatantly obvious how much you secretly want to fuck! But I know your type, Danny – trying so nobly to resist, convinced you’re committing some awful betrayal if you don’t. That’s why Hailey and I just take the decision out of your hands.’ She twanged one of the nylon ropes that secured him. ‘Then we fuck the shit out of you and let you sort out how you think about it later.’ She reached down and began to toy with his renewed erection, causing his head to swim with miserable ecstasy once more. ‘You want to sit your little twat down on this first, Hails?’

‘Can I?’ the curvy youngster exclaimed with happy enthusiasm. ‘Yes please!’ She scrambled to Danny’s midriff and swung one leg fully across him; then she squatted astride the cock that Rhianna was helpfully directing upwards towards the wet space between her legs, gripping her friend’s shoulder for balance. Her pussy, Danny could not avoid noticing, was a blooming pink, waxed as free of hair as he had suspected back in the kitchen. Carefully she lowered herself, just enough for Rhianna to rub the ripe head of the prick back and forth over Hailey’s dainty, wet clitoris. ‘Oooh that’s good,’ the Boston girl muttered, biting her lip and squirming her pelvis to increase the friction that was obviously as delicious for her as it was for Danny. ‘God, that’s getting me so wet… Oh I want to sit on it, I want it inside me…’

Rhianna held the rearing flesh-column in place, as Hailey slowly eased herself downwards, slotting her tight and slick young cunt on to it with undisguised joy. Danny could only stare at the sight of her vaginal lips parting and expanding to fit themselves around his cock. He released a long, erotically-charged sigh, as his length was consumed by the girl’s wet sex. Every nerve-ending in his dick was responding, as she began moving up and down on him, slithering the satin walls of her pussy against the hardened contours of his rod. ‘Oooh God – I love having you inside me, Danny,’ she told him with breathy sincerity, as she pumped him with her snug-fitting snatch. ‘I think I wanna date you!’

‘Steady there, sister,’ warned Rhianna. ‘Just concentrate on fucking the guy.’

Hailey lowered herself to the very root of Danny’s cock, taking his entire length for the first time, then settled herself on top of him with her soft ass cheeks pillowed against his balls. She wriggled a little, adjusting to his full presence inside her, then she looked down at him, her face flushed, and gave one of her cutesy little giggles. ‘You look really sexy like that, Danny.’ She frowned suddenly and asked, ‘Do you think my boobs sag too much?’ She sat full weight on his pelvis and let go of Rhainna’s shoulders, so she could massage her breasts and demonstrate gravity’s effect on them. ‘I thought maybe of getting them done… Whaddaya think?’

It amazed Danny, tied down as he was with his dick thrust deep inside the cunt of one of his captors, that she genuinely wanted his opinion on the subject. ‘Ehhh…’ he croaked, ‘they look fine, honestly. They look…really nice…’ The sentence expired, something he felt he was going to as do as well.

‘Thanks Danny, you’re right,’ Hailey beamed, cupping her tits from below to show them off to best effect. ‘Keep them like God made them, right? Hey!’ Her eyes positively sparkled. ‘Check out how they bounce when I ride your cock!’

She was off in an instant, Rhianna reaching down to brace her thighs, as she commenced an enthused pelvic grinding, moving herself on Danny’s pole, so that its head rubbed silkily all over the walls of her vagina. Then she began to bounce on him for real on his length, her breasts undulating as freely and gorgeously as she had suggested they would.

‘Ohhhhhh,’ Danny was groaning in an aching delight he could not deny. ‘Ohhhh God…’ Hailey was laughing and squealing and bouncing like she was riding a space hopper – lifting three inches off the base of his cock each time and then plunging down, causing his whole extension to plough upwards to her cervix. He was crazily hard from the Viagra and likely, he knew, to remain so for the rest of the evening; he had become exactly what Rhianna had intended – a human sex toy that they could use to fill themselves up for as long as they desired. That was how he was aware of himself, as his head lolled on the pillow – as a great, thick, phallic tower, thrusting rigidly to the ceiling, being fucked gloriously and extensively by a pretty young girl’s pretty cunt.

It was soon after this that events began to grow hazy in his mind. Hailey took time out from his cock, so that Rhianna could deep throat it messily, pressing her lips around the base and actively squeezing the head with her throat muscles, making him cry out from the surge of pleasure. Then she emptied her throat of his meat, gulping back the reflexive gagging it had induced. She crawled up the bed and, fastening her mouth to his, thrashed her tongue about inside; it was flavoured, he realised in appalled excitement, by the juice Hailey’s cunt had smeared all over his pole. Hailey meanwhile reinstated herself on that same pole and, bending forward to stabilize herself by laying her hands on her chest, began to hump him again joyously, giving little ecstatic cries as she used him to fuck herself.

The taste of Hailey’s pussy was still in Danny’s mouth, when Rhianna turned fully about, sat her own naturally lubricated sex on to it and began to ride his face. His nose was quickly infused with her aroma . Her wriggling, wet snatch mashed itself into his face, its muskily flavoured juice flowing on to his taste buds despite any feeble resistance he might have had left. His vision was utterly obscured by Rhianna’s rutting ass, but he could hear her panting moans combine with Hailey’s, until their noise was swallowed up in what could only be a prolonged, wet, lesbian kiss. Then Hailey was speeding up her movement, jabbing at herself with her fingers (he could feel them frigging away busily as she pumped her twat back and forth on his cock), while she attained a near-manic fuck-rhythm. Thrilling sensation emanated from his powerfully erect organ, so that he strained once more against his bonds and opened his mouth wide to scream, allowing more of her Rhianna’s nectar to flow down his tongue.

He heard Hailey’s moaning grow intense and felt her thrash and shudder on his cock. ‘Oh God, I’m gonna come…I’m gonna come!!!! Oh – oh – ohhhhhhhhh!’ He felt her vagina contract fiercely on him, knew she was bathing his organ in her own natural juice. But hard though he was, he was very far from coming and the girls knew it. Rhianna had swung herself away from his face and before Hailey had even calmed down from her orgasm, one was prising the other off him to make room for herself on his cock. He briefly felt the cool air of the room on the cunt-slickened surface of his exposed dick, then it was smothered again, but in the tight, soaking folds of a different gash.

Rhianna began by riding him slowly, demonstrating exactly how much control she had over her own vaginal muscles. ‘Feel that, Danny?’ she said smoothly, as her talented cunt tightened on his shaft, then eased its hold, before contracting on him again. ‘Two years of Kegel exercises, hardly missed a day. Time well spend I think you’ll agree. How does it feel?’ He answered with a heartfelt groan. ‘What was that Danny? Let’s hear you… How does it feel?’

‘It feels great.’ So why not admit it?

‘I think the expression you’re looking for is “fucking great”,’ Rhianna said evenly. ‘Or maybe we haven’t achieved “fucking great” yet?’ She grabbed hold of his shoulders and manoeuvred her pumping ass-movements up through a series of gears, until she was screwing herself on his defiantly stiff member like a cowgirl trying to ride her horse to exhaustion. He could hear her cries somewhere off in the distance as she built up to a fierce gallop – ‘Oh God, oh shit, ride that cock, ride that fucking cock’ – but by that stage he could hardly focus, partly due to delirium, but more so because Hailey seemed intent on feeding one of her lovely, pliable breasts into his mouth. Sweat rolled from his fettered body, soaking into the mattress, as Rhianna slapped her petite ass repeatedly against his loins, shafting her pussy on him with outrageous vigour. ‘Fuck me Pastor Danny, go on, fuck me! That’s right – You think God knows what a great fucking time you’re having? Do you Danny? What a great fucking time you’re having fucking my cunt?’

Oh God, oh Christ, he was having a great time. He was diamond-hard, plunged to the bollocks in wet snatch, with the second hot bitch of the evening entering the throes of loud, orgasmic fury, so she could come all over him. As she drove her body recklessly on top of him, ploughing through her pleasure barrier and shouting about it all the way, he could feel the beginnings of his own fulfilment. He had been unconsciously thrusting his loins in response to Rhianna’s insistent motion and now he could feel the tingling sensation in his scrotum, that meant his own orgasmic explosion was on its way. He gave himself over to it – what else was there to do? – and welcomed what would be his second climactic rush of the evening.

And then it stopped. Rhianna lifted herself off him, panting post-coitally, and his heavily engorged member slapped on to his stomach unrelieved.

‘Come on babe, let’s get something to drink,’ he heard her say. The American girl’s tits were withdrawn from his face; she kissed him swiftly on the forehead and turned her swaying ass on him, as she and Rhianna retreated to the kitchen. He lay, stewing in unsatiated lust, his fat erection yearning for the attention of his hand. The bonds, however, held tight, and to wrestle with them any further would have chafed his wrists raw.

‘Hello?’ he ventured somewhat pathetically. ‘Girls?’ Through the ensuing silence he could distinctly hear his mobile ringing again. Pastor Simmons and the church elders, most likely, concerned about his no-show at the Bible Study. Now that would call for some fancy explanatory footwork. More difficult to explain to God, though – explain how much he needed the girls back in to finish what they had started. ‘Rhianna! Hailey! Please don’t just leave me here!’

‘Now Danny, how could we forget about you?’ Rhianna peered back into the room, then strolled inside, nude and nonchalant, sipping from a glass of water. ‘After you provided us with so much entertainment. Here, have some.’ She sauntered to the bed and tipped the glass to his lips. ‘It’s okay, no more Viagra, you’ve got more than enough in your system as it is,’ she assured him, and he finally accepted the drink. She poured the greater part down his grateful throat, propping up his head to prevent him from choking, but saved the final few drops to dribble over his cock. ‘Now what else would you like, Danny?’ Her hand brushed the sheen of moisture over the ultra-sensitive surface of his prick, making his entire body jolt. ‘Tell me.’

‘No, no,’ he groaned. ‘Please just let me go…’ It was a last, not-terribly-valiant attempt at righteousness.

Rhianna set the glass aside and tugged hard on both his nipples. ‘Don’t you want to come, Danny?’ She let her palms wander over his chest and stomach. ‘Go on. Ask me to make you come – I know how much you want to, so let’s hear you beg for it. We’re not letting you go until you do.’ She brushed a fingertip over his cock with a feather-light gentleness.

‘Please, please…’ He felt close to tears. ‘Make me come.’

‘Danny, you bad boy!’ Rhianna scolded teasingly, providing the head of his dick with a playful squeeze. She turned her head in response to a noise at the door. ‘Hailey, did you find it?’

‘Yeah, I did. You definitely want to use the big one?’ Hailey sounded slightly more reticent than before, as she padded back into the room. Danny looked about and started so badly that he jerked against his ropes. In her left hand the Boston girl was wielding an almost absurdly huge synthetic cock; it was livid pink and its cartoonish length terminated in a great, swollen bell-end. In her right hand was a large jar of Vaseline and a pair of surgical rubber gloves.

Danny’s buttocks clutched automatically. His face must have registered his abject terror, for Rhianna crowed with merriment at his expression. ‘Chill out Dan, it’s not for you!’

‘Oh God, no!’ Hailey cried out in reassurance, and she rushed to the preacher, laying the fearsome dildo and accompanying items beside him on the bed, so she could press her soft boobs to his chest and kiss his horrified imaginings away. ‘No, it’s for me…’ She sounded a little scared herself. ‘Rhia must like you, she only makes me take the big one on special occasions.’ Her dropped voice, as if she were divulging a guilty secret. ‘She’s mean to me sometimes, but I suppose I kinda like it…’

‘Okay,’ said Rhianna in businesslike fashion. ‘Get that little American ass on to the bed. I want Pastor Dan to get a good shot of this.’ Hailey pulled a resigned, ‘whatch-gonna-do?’ face to Danny and climbed over him, brushing her malleable breasts over his stiffness as she went, then she parked herself alongside him on all fours, her peach-like ass pushed meekly into the air, close to his face. His terror had given way to a dreadful curiosity about what fresh, dick-hardening spectacle his virtue was about to be subjected to.

There was a loud, elastic snap and Danny looked to where Rhianna now stood beside the bed, squeezing her hands with wicked enthusiasm into the rubber gloves. She then proceeded to scoop generously from the Vaseline jar with two fingers. ‘Now watch closely, Danny,’ she said, as if conducting an interesting science experiment, the thick wodge of petroleum jelly poised at her friend’s butt crack. ‘Hailey’s asshole here is as tight as one of those little Chinese finger-traps – trust me, these fingers know. The first time I tried this, I had no idea it was going to work. But I was ready to make her squeal in the attempt.’ She used both gloved hands to part Hailey’s plump cheeks, taking care not to waste any of the lubricant on the surface of her skin. Danny could not help but note how pretty and puckered Hailey’s anus actually was; never before had he considered the opening to a woman’s rectal passage as potentially beautiful.

‘The secret is…’ Keeping the young girl’s bum prised open, Rhianna squeezed her thickly greased index and middle fingers through the compact anal entrance, producing various shudders and squeaks from the object of her demonstration; then she probed and squirmed her digits around inside, licking her lips with filthy enjoyment as she did so. ‘…To get plenty of Vaseline up there and work it around.’ Danny was astounded. Even in his pre-Christian days he had never seen anything as blatantly pornographic as this, not in real life. One girl using her two lubed-up digits to rummage inside another’s ass, while the sufferer of the indignity wriggled and moaned, looking back over her shoulder forlornly at him as if to say, ‘Look at what she’s doing to me, Danny!’ His cock ached from the devilishly lewd sight, desperate to be pumped free of its intolerable, bone-hard tension.

‘There, nice and squidgy,’ said Rhianna, sliding her hand free of Hailey’s pertly positioned rear. She ripped the gloves from her hands and disgarded them, took one more appraising look at her flatmate’s greased bum hole and seized the pink, plastic dildo, a look of evil determination on her face. ‘Okay Danny, what do you think? Can I get this big boy inside? Or do we need to pray for a fucking miracle?’ She put one knee on the matress behind Hailey to brace herself and wielded the massive sex toy like a pepper grinder, pressing the massive head to her friend’s Vaseline-slick asshole and adding downward pressure. ‘Got a good view Danny? Got a good view of this going into Hailey’s ass?’ He had, and he watched the slow-motion plunge of the dildo’s head, as it prized away the resistence of Hailey’s sphincter and sank inside her. Danny stared in wonder as the girl’s ass swallowed the thick end of the great, artificial cock. ‘And we have access!’ Rhianna’s voice was triumphant.

‘Ooooooh… Ooooooh fuuuck!!!’ Hailey sounded as if she could not quite believe the accomplishment herself.

‘Okay, now take it girl!’ said Rhianna fierily, shunting the head of the dildo back and forward determinedly enough to send shudders through her younger friend’s body. ‘Let’s give Pastor Dan a good show!’

‘Ohhhhh God!!!’ cried Hailey, searching for Danny over her shoulder again, a look of anguished bliss on her face. ‘You like that Danny? You like seeing me get fucked in the ass?’ It was not so much a tease as an genuine expression of hope that he was having a good time. He gazed at her and what was happening to her rear, lost in his advanced state of sexual bewilderment.

‘Now,’ Rhianna mused, ‘I think we need something else here to get her ready.’ She suddenly pulled on the giant dildo, stretching her friend’s anal opening wide once more, as she extracted it from the restricted ass-space. Ignoring the American girl’s surprised exclamation, she searched inside the bedside cabinet and withdrew a substantially smaller, but somehow equally wicked-looking blue-jelly dildo. Its stem was moulded into numerous angular facets and the head was like a long, slightly bulbous arrow. ‘She borrowed this from me last week, Danny, and the naughty girl didn’t give it back. Which means she gets’ – she stabbed the new, blue toy viciously up Hailey’s asshole – ‘this.’

The willing victim of Rhianna’s assault squealed aloud, as the jellied invader was plunged into her, several inches deeper than the first dildo. ‘How’s this for entertainment, Danny?’ the ass-reamer inquired, as she jabbed and delved ever deeper into her roommate’s butt. ‘Better than a prayer meeting, is it?’ She wrenched the lewd bendy-toy free of its anal confines and stared at her male captive with a crazed, Amazonian glee. ‘Or maybe your most secret prayers are being answered! Come on, Danny, what say your cock goes up there next? Hailey, get in position!’

However testing a time Hailey had been going through, she leapt up dutifully and manoeuvred herself carefully into a reversed squatting position above Danny’s pelvis, glancing at him with pained affection as she did. ‘Let’s get her a little more greased up for you,’ Rhianna smiled. Dispensing with the gloves this time, she applied a thick Vaseline coating to the same two fingers as before, and gripping Hailey’s arm to steady her, shoved them back up her ass. She looked from where her hand intruded into the girl’s wriggling bum to Danny’s face, and read the thought that reeled his mind. ‘My, Danny, you’ve never been up a girl’s ass before, have you? Are you in for a treat!’

She slid her fingers from Hailey’s well-prepared anus and gripped Danny’s formidably hard dick, pointing it towards her roommate’s rear entrance and making him groan. ‘Okay, let’s plug you into this nice, tight socket. Bring it down, Hails!’

Obediently, almost shivering with anticipation, Hailey lowered her bottom the few inches necessary to bring her hole into contact with the bulged, scarlet head of Danny’s cock. Rhianna supported her friend with one hand and held the youth pastor in position with the other, as asshole and hard prick united. ‘Oh God, Danny – there you are, there you are…’ Hailey murmured, as her lubed opening pressed against his quivering prick-head and suddenly popped on to it.

‘Oh God…’ Whether it was a prayer of supplication or of gratitude was not even clear to Danny. Whichever, he craved this new, crazily tight sensation and now that Hailey was in place he was about to experience it utterly. With Rhianna standing up on the mattress to support her under the armpits, the young girl sank slowly and unflinchingly on to his greasy shaft, giving him the sense of his manhood prising its way into a dark, constricting tunnel. With a long, low moan she slid all the way down, so that her soft buttocks nestled firmly into Danny’s loins. He was supporting her full weight, his cock a steel pole jammed its full seven inches into Hailey’s unfeasibly tight shithole.

It felt fucking unbelievable. Despite being tied down, Danny had never been more aware of his own masculinity; he was one great priapic rod thrust far up into this soft-bodied young woman. He succumbed to a very basic urge and began to thrust, to fuck actively, for the first time that night and in over ten years. He heard Hailey’s aching cries as he began to pump her and suddenly wanted to make her shout more. So he thrust upwards harder, stuck it to her, started to fuck her good. Wasn’t that what they said in one of his secret porno flicks? Fuck – her – good. Go on, give it to her, make the little bitch take it, make her feel that cock – right the way up her ass! Yeah, fuck that ass good!!!

Hailey fell backwards on to him with the ramrod urgency of his penetration, and propped herself on the mattress, as he continued to plough her anally from below. ‘Oh God, Danny,’ she was moaning, her voice shuddering from the hard, rhythmic pump of his raging cock. ‘You’re so sweet – I’m so glad it’s you, so glad it’s you fucking my asshole!’ How could she be so soft and feminine and so damned filthy as the same time? It made him want to pound her ass through the fucking roof. Go on, take it – you want it? Okay then – fucking take it!!!

Then the porno-speak in his head was being supplied for real by Rhianna. ‘Go on, Danny, I knew you had balls! You like that? You like your cock in that tight, young ass? You going to come in there? You going to shoot a load right up inside her?’ She was right there, pointy, little nipples pressed into his ribcage, mouth pouring depravity into his ear. ‘Oh yes Danny, I can see you want to, go on – spunk inside that ripe little bum, fire it right up her shithole!’

Christ help him, there was no stopping it now. White fire was in his balls and he was heading wildly towards a tumultuous climax. ‘Ohhh – ohhh – ohhh -‘ The moan started low, then built in pitch and intensity, as his scrotum tightened fiercely and began to propel its load upwards. His body stretched into a long, rigid arc, his loins driving hard into Hailey’s tight passage, and then he burst deep inside her, his screams merging with hers as she bounced on his hard, spewing organ. As he came, a bizarre image flashed through his mind – of him, strapped to the church’s Communion table, savagely spearing his cock into the American girl’s ass, screaming in orgasm, as Pastor Simmons and the entire congregation looked on and listened in disbelief. ‘Oh Gggoddddd – oh shhhhiiittt – oh fuuuuuuckkkkk!!!’

He emptied the final few shots deep into Hailey’s American butt, his thrashing, quaking body subsiding gradually into after-tremors and finally sinking sweatily into the mattress, with the thoroughly-fucked young woman still perched on top of him. ‘Well done, Pastor – the Spirit really moved you that time,’ he heard Rhianna say, as she hauled her friend’s reamed hole slickly from his still not-remotely-limp dick. ‘Feeling liberated?’

His sense of what had befallen him was swinging from liberation back to violation, however, as his head rolled damply on the pillow, his eyes attempting to focus on the ceiling. Had these women any idea what they were extracting from him along with his cum? Had they no concept of the turmoil into which they were plunging him? It would have seemed vaguely sporting if they had released him at this point, now that he had been made to deliver his first ever act af anal sex, but Rhianna obviously sensed there was more sport to be had. After he had been allowed to relieve his bladder into a bottle, his cock was teased back into full hardness, so the girls could indulge in a second energetic bout of cowgirl antics. That accounted for his third ejacuation of the evening. The fourth and final one was cajoled out of his wretchedly exhausted body around midnight, by Rhianna and Hailey’s combined mouth and hand applications. This final draining of his balls left him limp, even to his dick, at which point his sexual captors agreed he had passed his usefulness. As he lay there drained of water, cum and Christian hope, they finally set him free.

Danny dressed silently and meekly, substituting an ill-fitting, only vaguely girly T-shirt of Rhianna’s for his ruined one. He allowed Hailey to massage his aching wrists and ankles tenderly and gulped down the glass of water she passed him, having checked that it came straight from the tap. Rhianna, once more wrapped in her red-silk robe, helped him into his jacket, tiptoeing her petite body upwards to whisper into his ear, as she slid the garment on to him. ‘That’s a nice cock you’ve got there, Pastor Dan. You really should make more use of it.’ Bewilderment and guilt combined to outweigh his resentment and he could find no answer. He just made to leave.

Hailey showed him to the door, displaying the same unassailable air of innocence with which she had greeted and fucked him. As they reached the front door, she went to kiss his mouth and a look of concern crossed her face. ‘Don’t be sad, Danny, we just wanted you to have a nice time.’ She planted the kiss softly on his lips and smiled at him radiently. ‘Just because you like sex doesn’t make you a bad person.’ He stared at her in baffled astonishment, failed once more to articulate any response and so passed mutely through the doorway and into the night. He was halfway down the street when he heard her voice again, its ridiculous earnestness carrying through the still night-time air. ‘Hey Danny! Maybe I’ll come see you in church sometime!’


She did come see him, some three weeks later, just when he had begun to convince himself that he need never lay eyes on either satanic vixen again. He was midway through the Bible reading when he saw her down the back of the hall, displaying generous amounts of cleavage in a pale yellow summer dress, and had to pass off his shock as a dramatic pause in the reading. The remainder of the service was a sweaty nightmare.

The witch-like Rhianna had done the planning, he presumed, watching out for the once-a-month occasion when Danny led the church proceedings – the outside notice board proclaiming him as speaker – then sending her innocently filthy sidekick along to continue her campaign of advanced sexual temptation. As if he had not been dreading this day already – the first occasion after his night of coerced lust that he had to stand before the congregation and fly the flag for virtue.

If Pastor Simmons had realised the lies he had told to explain his absence from the Bible Study… If the congregation had but known his inner turmoil, four weeks’ worth of dark nights for his soul, nights devoted to either agonized prayer or frantic masturbation at the memory of the bizarre threesome… If any of them had heard him rage at God for letting this happen after his ten years of righteous abstinence….. But he had wrestled his way through it all, pushing aside all notions that he should leave the church and work for Oxfam or Friends of the Earth instead. He had made himself believe that he could stand in front of the church-people, old and young, and focus on his mission to teach the Bible, not on Rhianna and Hailey’s secret, wet places and his cock’s recent labours there.

And now, all the way through the prayers, the praise songs, the sermon that Pastor Simmons had prescribed for him to preach – on the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins for heaven’s sake – here was Hailey, gazing at him perkily from the back row, as he stumbled his way through his duties, with a prickling under his shirt collar and a twitching restlessness in his trousers. Every wicked, forbidden image that he had tried to suppress from that night bubbled up to his mind’s surface and he gripped the lectern till his hands hurt, trying to wrest his focus away from Hailey’s tits and back to his godly task.

‘You feeling all right, Daniel?’ Pastor Simmons inquired of him as the service broke up. ‘You were looking a bit peaky during the sermon. Don’t think your mind was quite on the job.’

‘Stomach’s feeling a bit rough, had a dodgy curry last night,’ Danny explained hurriedly, feeling sure that Hailey was primed to swoop on him at any second. ‘Would you do the handshakes today? I kind of need to…’ He pointed to the rooms at the back of the hall and grimaced to indicate dihorretic desperation.

‘Certainly, certainly,’ said the concerned Senior Pastor. ‘I didn’t realise.’ Danny was already fleeing for refuge into the back study. He collapsed into the chair where he normally sat to fine-tune his sermons prior to a service and buried his face in his folded arms on the writing desk, letting the immediate sense of horror subside and waiting for the church to empty. Ten minutes had passed when the door opened, and he raised his head, startled.

‘Everything okay, Daniel?’ Pastor Simmons again, his frown suggesting the merest hint of scepticism this time at Danny’s excuse of an upset stomach. ‘I can’t give you a lift home?’

‘No, no, no,’ Danny insisted, with a weak smile. ‘You go on. I’ll lock up in a bit. I could do with the fresh air. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.’

Alone again, he lay in the chair, caught between despair and that other all-too-familiar feeling, the one that had hardened his dick half a dozen times during the service, despite all his confusion and fear. Wasn’t it enough that he had to wrestle daily with the erotic images and sensations branded on his memory that night, without one or other of his sexual tormentors putting in a live appearance? How was he to continue as a youth pastor, while his nightly dreams swam with the sordid sweetness of his captivity? ‘I’ve tried, you know I’ve tried.’ The prayer was muttered under his breath to combat the newest stabs of guilt. ‘Ten years, being the good boy, fighting temptation… Okay, maybe I was an idiot to go there, but how could I have known? It wasn’t my FUCKING FAULT!’

‘Danny? Danny, you okay?’ This time the voice was soft and American and it made him jump out of his seat.

‘Hailey! What are you doing here?’ His heart was thumping like a drum in his chest. She was standing in the doorway, tanned and pretty in her flimsy, yellow dress, nervously chewing her bottom lip.

‘I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to come and say how good your talk was. You’re a really good preacher…’ She advanced into the room, shutting the door behind her, a sweet, yet hesitant smile on her face.

‘Did Rhianna send you here?’

Hailey looked confused. ‘No, I just thought I’d come visit your church, like I said I would…’

Danny’s nervousness in her presence was rapidly fermenting into anger. ‘You planned this between you, right? She reeled me in last time and now you’re here to mess with me some more. What’s wrong with you two, I mean wasn’t that night enough for you? You want to carry your twisted games a step further, is that it?’

‘No, no, it’s not a game! I just wanted to see you, Danny!’ The American girl seemed genuinely startled by her reception. ‘I – I felt a bit bad after that night – you seemed such a nice guy and I thought maybe we’d upset you.’

A month’s worth of violent, conflicting emotions seemed to be swelling inside Danny. ‘Upset me? You thought maybe you’d… You assaulted me, that’s what you did! I went there in good faith, because I thought that…that bitch wanted to talk about God, and the two of you carried out a criminal assault! Don’t you get that, Hailey? Or are you too stupid?’ He jabbed a finger repeatedly against his temple, as he advanced on her in his building rage. ‘Or – or maybe your stupidity’s just part of whatever sick routine you two have going!’

Hailey stared at him, frightened and perplexed, wringing her hands a little in her confusion. ‘But we just wanted you to have some fun…’

Danny stopped short, stunned by the sheer extent of the girl’s gaucheness. ‘Fun? Is that what you think you’re doing, giving people fun? Is that what that mad friend of yours tells you it’s all about?’ He moved towards her again, his voice shaking with emotion. ‘You fucked with my head, Hailey! You fucked with my faith!’ He grabbed her bare arms bruisingly and stared in her shocked, nearly tearful face. ‘You fucked with everything I’ve devoted my life to for the past ten years, don’t you understand that? Don’t you get it? Don’t…’ He was seized with fierce, irresistible passion and dragged the trembling girl to him, attacking her mouth with his in a furious, tongue-searching kiss. After a split-second of shock she responded completely, pressing the full curves of her body into him, the soft wetness of her mouth and tongue yielding deliciously to his lustful, oral assault.

Danny reached down and clutched her ass through the thin material of her dress, moulding their loins tightly together. His mouth searched its way hungrily to her neck and throat, causing her to moan in an unexpected, half-frightened ecstasy. Then, propelled by the momentum of his lust, he swung her about and all but flung her against the side of the desk. Her face was flushed, her throat producing little breathless noises of anticipation, as his fingers hitched up the short hem of her dress, scrabbling for whatever might be found beneath. He discovered a tiny wisp of thong, which he jerked sharply downwards to her knees, before setting about his own trouser fastenings. Having tugged himself free of the clothing layers that constrained his desire, he hoisted Hailey into sitting position on the edge of the desk and wrenched her thighs apart. His cock had sprung from his briefs already hard, her cunt was already sopping with its natural juice. She clung to his back through the damp material of his shirt, her pupils dilated and her lips slightly parted in a fearful thrill of expectancy, as he planted himself firmly between her legs and found out her slippery entrance with the tip of his ready organ. With a single, vehement fuck-thrust, he filled her completely.

Hailey nearly fell back on to the desk, as his surging cock-head rammed its way towards her womb; he caught her and pulled her to him, but not before her flailing arms had scattered papers and knocked a tray of Communion glasses explosively to the floor. Undeterred he dug his fingers into her fleshy butt-cheeks and delivered a barrage of penetrating thrusts into her pussy, making her cry aloud with each hard, wet connection of their sexes.

‘Oh God, oh God, oh God,’ she was moaning, as he pumped fluidly and aggressively into her tight, juicy box. ‘Oh-oh-oh- Fuck me Danny, fuck me hard – I deserve it! Fuck me like I deserve!’ Her voice was jolting with each thrust she absorbed. He gritted his teeth and fucked her with all the passion that had gone into his recent prayers. He fucked her because she was pretty with great tits, that were currently tumbling out of her dress. He fucked her because she was a silly, air-headed girlie-girl, who played along mindlessly with the evil sex-games of her devious, hot friend. He fucked her because however much anger he had felt towards her, he had still ended up fantasizing about her sweet smile and her dirty little ass. He rammed himself deep into her cunt for every moment’s mental torment she and Rhianna had caused him. He fucked her long and hard and recklessly – like he was already damned for it – until the juice welled up from within his balls and he came, a long scream of anguished joy issuing from his throat, even as the hard jets of semen spurted freely from his cock deep inside the young American. Then she fell back on to the desk with her breasts on display, as he let her go. Danny felt his own drained body wilt, although he remained standing, propped as he was between Hailey’s legs.

He was still propped there moments later, when the door opened and Pastor Simmons strode into the room. The senior preacher was halfway through some brisk comment about having left his notes for the evening’s service on the desk, but when he saw Danny and Hailey he actually stumbled back, as if physically rebuffed by some invisible wall. Danny stared stupidly at him, and at Luke and Rebekah, his teenage children, who were standing behind their father, goggling into the room in adolescent astonishment. It occurred to him in his dazedness, that the notes in question were probably to be located beneath Hailey’s naked ass, with her vaginal fluids soaking their way through the top sheet. He felt his dick flop heavily out of her slit, so that the last of his cum dribbled on to the carpet.

‘Ehhh…’ Pastor Simmons stared vacantly at the obscenely irreligious tableau before him. Danny imagined his career as a preacher trickling stickily down Hailey’s thighs. Even in the overwhelming horror of the moment he felt the faintest trace of relief at letting it go.

‘Hi there.’ Hailey was climbing up into a sitting position, hitching up her dress straps to conceal her bared breasts, a look of embarrassed sincerity on her face. She clearly hoped the situation was not beyond salvage. ‘Danny’s been telling me all about the church. Do you think it’d be okay if I joined?’

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