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Taming the Tease

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Brooke felt the excitement coursing through her body and if she had the time she would’ve headed back to see her roommate and would have licked and sucked each other’s pussy to get rid of some of the tension. Instead she was on her way to get a new car and since the new college semester was coming up soon this was something she had to do today.

She had just spent the last two hours helping her stepfather with his clients. Brooke knew nothing about the business but her stepfather would request that she come down to the office in some of her more revealing outfits during negotiations with clients. She would just hang out and be a distraction, allowing her step-father to gain the upper hand in his negotiations.

Brooke love to tease and titillate and she wore a variety of different types of outfits to accomplish this. Today she wore a small mini skirt that sat low on her waist and barely covered her ass. The skirt was held up by two, three inch wide and slightly opaque suspenders that barely hid her nipples. Even though the straps hid her aureole, the bumps from her hard thrusting nipples were still evident. The designers of this outfit had paired with a see-through shirt or even a tube top, but for this particular instance Brooke thought that nothing underneath would be the best.

As she walked around her stepfather’s office her large breasts would shimmy and wobble and everyone was waiting expectantly for one of them to make a break for it. Every eye followed her knowing that any moment a wardrobe malfunction would set one of those magnificent breasts free. Unfortunately for them Brooke was very good at the tease, with the promise always there but nothing was ever exposed, much to the disappointment of all the men and some of the women in her stepfather’s office.

For two hours she would walk around, stretch or do anything to distract everyone from the negotiations and forcing them to look at her. All this turned Brooke on immensely having all those eyes caressing her skin, kept her nipples hard and pussy wet. She could feel the lust coming from everyone’s eyes and she knew they wanted her. The power that her slightly concealed body could generate such lust in men and women alike, was a powerful aphrodisiac.

While Brooke is primarily there to distract her stepfather’s clients, she was also distracting all of his employees as well. She had picked one unfortunate victim to be the focus most of her teasing, Michael was her victim for today. Brooke spent most of her time perched on the edge of his desk with their barely concealed crotch and nipples just inches from his aching hands. Occasionally she would stretch and she could see his eyes bugging out and his tongue licking his lips hungrily.

Brooke escalated her teasing and she would brush her naked legs and hard nipples against his arms. As she leaned over she noticed a lump in his pants and while it wasn’t that impressive her tease is definitely having the impact she desired. As her stepfather called her over to be more visible with the customers, she slid off the desk rubbing the entire length of her body down his arm and she felt him quiver.

Brooke bent over and whispered “See you later”, but as she did her hand went to his crotch gave the unimpressive lump in his pants a quick rub. As she touched him she felt Michael’s whole body jerk and the lump in his pants pulse as he moaned. A quick glance confirmed a large and spreading wet spot in his pants.

Brooke gave an evil chuckle and crooked smile as she headed for her stepfather’s office, knowing that she made Michael cum in his pants. The lusty power she exuded as she headed for her stepfather’s office was palatable and everyone watched as she rolled her hips seductively walking by.

All of her teasing was having its impact on her as well and the hornier she got the more exaggerated her teasing became. She would rub and touch trying to distract everyone from the negotiations and she noticed most of the clients paying more attention to her than the negotiations. While she didn’t have the impact on her stepfather’s clients that she did with Michael, she did notice several bulges in their pants.

Finally the tease was over, negotiations were complete and contracts signed. Brooke’s job was done and the Step-Father gave a kiss on the cheek and swat on her ass. After one of these extended teasing sessions Brooke would generally go to her roommate, they would lick, suck, and thoroughly devastate each other’s pussy’s until the tension was gone and their needs were satisfied.

Unfortunately, today she had to take care of her car and when she pulled into the Honda dealership she was still very horny, but she felt like she would use this to her advantage. As she parked her car she got out and leaned seductively over the hood of her car, hoping some horny young salesman would come running over to help her. She knew she could have the same luck negotiating with them as her stepfather had with his clients.

As Brooke struck her seductive pose she looked over towards the offices and saw two salesman start her direction, but suddenly they both stopped and turned around. She wondered what was going on and started to turn when suddenly a very curvy Hispanic girl touched her on the shoulder and said.

“I’m Maria how can I help you today?”

Brooke looked at her and thought. “Shit, I’m screwed this outfit is wasted on her.”

Maria came up close and stood in front Brooke, invading her personal space with their breasts almost touching. Maria reached up with both hands to Brooke’s shoulders and began to caress the fabric covering her breasts. She put her hands underneath with her thumbs on top of the fabric and began to slowly slide both hands downward under the pretense of feeling the fabric.

As Maria gave Brooke a smoldering look she said. “I love the feel of this fabric, don’t you?”

Maria continued to slowly slide her hands down the underside of the straps covering Brooke’s hard nipples. The closer she got to her nipples the more excited Brooke became and as Maria his hands touched her nipples Brooke gasped loudly. As each finger slowly rubbed across her nipples Brooke felt her pussy clench in response to the nipple play, but Maria wasn’t finished as she crushed each nipple between two of her fingers and pulled sending a hard pulse of lust directly to Brooke’s pussy.

As the hard pulsing need suddenly blossomed in Brooke’s pussy she felt her knees quiver and she sagged against her car. Maria gave her nipples a little twist and the fire in her pussy suddenly turned into an inferno and Brooke’s head fell backwards emitting a lusty moan. Brooke knew she had lost negotiation advantage now that a master was teasing her, but with her body suddenly afire with a passionate need, she didn’t really care.

Maria leaned in and sensuously licked Brooke’s exposed neck and then said.

“You really need to get these nipples pierced so they would always stand at attention and really let me tease them.”

Maria suddenly released her nipples and stepped back and suddenly very professional tone said.

“What car can I help you with today?”

Brooke was still leaning against the car with desire still coursing through her body, her legs trembling, pussy throbbing and nipples trying to rip through her top. The sudden change in Maria showed her who’s really in charge of the car negotiation. Brooke tried to pull herself together and stood facing Maria on still shaky legs.

“I need to trade this car in for a new one with a lot less mileage and I don’t have a lot of money, so what do you have.” She said in a still quivering voice, although she tried to sound like she was in charge, but both of them knew who was really in charge today.

Maria said. “Think I have several that you might be interested in, follow me.” She led Brooke to a much more isolated section of the car a lot and then came up with a nice looking Honda Civic in what looked to be in very nice shape.

Brooke walked around the car noticed the tires were good, no scratches or dings, the mileage was low, the interior in good shape, all for a very acceptable price. She opened a good the engine looked clean, although Brooke really couldn’t tell if the engine was good or not, so she asked Maria for a test drive.

Maria agreed this would be the next logical step and told Brooke to wait there while she went and got the keys. Brooke waited feeling the sun warm her almost naked back and then Maria came back with the keys and a towel. Maria came over and handed the keys to Brooke and then put the towel down on the driver’s seat for Brooke to sit on and asked her to sign two release forms. Both basically said that car dealership would not be held responsible for anything broke did while driving their car, and if she crashed it she was responsible for the repair up to and including the full price of car. Brooke signed.

Brooke looked at Maria quizzically and ask. “what is the towel for?”

Maria walked up to Brooke and then brazenly slid her hand between her legs and cupped Brooke’s barely covered pussy and said. “We wouldn’t want your fragrant scent permeating the new car.” Then Maria grabbed Brooke’s pussy and squeezed sending hard pulse of desire from Brooks toes to her scalp. Just as quickly Maria let go her pussy and then went and sat in the passenger side of the car. Brooke was still wobbly from the inflamed yearning centered in her pussy as she settled herself in the driver seat.

Brooke sat in the driver seat for second trying to compose herself. She was already very horny when she arrived here and with Marie’s nipple and pussy play Brooke was finding it hard to concentrate on anything except the craving in her pussy. She slowly slid the key in the ignition and started to buckle her seat belt, but Maria stopped her. The car started easily and purred smoothly as the idled on the back lot and it drove just as smoothly as Brooke put it in gear and left the lot. The minute they were out of sight of the car lot of Maria pulled the straps off both of Brooke’s breasts, exposing her to anyone that wanted to watch and began to cruelly twist her nipples.

Driving topless thrilled her to the core with her already quivering body jumping to a new level. Brooke didn’t know what it was about the exhibitionism, but the thought of someone seeing her throbbing nipples sent her passion soaring.

As the nipple play send passionate lightning bolts straight into her already inflamed pussy, Brooke tried to keep the car on the road and not crash into anything. Her eyes began to cloud with the lust she was feeling and it was becoming more and more difficult to keep the car on the road. She had trouble breathing with her gasping breath making her breasts wobble excitedly on her chest. Then Maria made it worse when one of her hands left her breasts as two fingers slid under her panties and into her soaked pussy.

Brooke’s whole body jerked with a passionate clinch in response to the pussy penetration, her body quivering and building towards the inevitable climax as Maria kept teasing her unmercifully. Two hours of teasing and now all of Maria’s nipple and pussy manipulations were driving her insane with need and lust. Brooke had a death grip with both of her hands on the steering wheel and her knuckles were white as she tried to keep the car from crashing into something. As Maria continued to drive her crazy Brooke pulled her foot off the gas and allowed the car to coast as her vision became clouded with unresolved lust.

Just as Brooke released control and felt herself building towards orgasm a siren sounded behind them in a she looked in the mirror she saw an unmarked police car on her bumper with the driver motioning her to the curb. Marie however did not relent and continued finger-fucking Brooke as she gathered enough of her wits to steer the car and parked at the curb.

Brooke tried to pull Maria’s hands from her pussy and tits and tried to make herself presentable for when the cop came to the door, but Maria was hearing nothing of it. She relinquished her hold on Brooke’s nipples but clamped harder down on her pussy as she continued to ram her fingers in and out of Brooke’s pussy. The fear of discovery by the cop had diminished some of Brooke’s build towards her orgasm, but Maria’s continued fingering of her pussy was rapidly building her back to the pre-orgasmic state.

In the mirror Brooke saw the cop exit his car and start to walk towards her window, but she no longer cared about anything except trying to cum. Her whole body was vibrating with the manipulations that Maria was doing to her pussy and with her lust crazed state her vision clouded and she no longer saw or cared about the cop approaching her window.

Steve was still working the gang unit after having spent a year undercover in one of the gangs. That whole year was blown when they kidnapped a legal assistant to show one of the gangs partners their power. This turned out to be a good thing because it broke open a whole new area in the investigation and had garnered commendations for everyone. Steve was on his way home from a grueling day of paperwork and expense accounts when he saw a car weaving from side to side and then it started to drift to a stop in the middle of the road.

He hit the lights on his unmarked police car, motioned the driver over to the side of the road and when they complied he parked behind them. Steve grabbed his ticket book and handcuffs as he left the car. He figured he was encountering a drunk and was probably going to have to arrest him for DUI. As he approached he noticed two people through the back window of the car and the long swinging brunette hair told him the female on the driver’s side seemed very agitated and squirming in her seat.

Having somebody agitated during a traffic stop has always been a warning signal for cop approaching a stopped car, so Steve unsnapped his pistol, pulled it and held down against his leg. As he began to approach the driver side window he noticed some very sexy naked shoulders and the driver’s head was tilted back looking at the ceiling with her mouth agape. The closer he got a more naked skin shone through until he could see she was completely topless with her breasts shimmying and hard nipples protruding as she writhed in her seat.

Steve put his gun back in his holster realizing they were no longer a threat. As he got closer he looked in the window he saw the reason for the driver’s agitation and distracted driving, the passenger had multiple fingers stuffed into the driver’s snatch and was fucking her hard. The driver seemed helpless to stop the feeling ravaging her body, but she was thrashing in her seat with her head thrown back moaning loudly. Her back was bowed, breasts were thrown out and engorged nipples were thrust at him begging. Steve figured he never could resist a begging nipple so he joined in.

Brooke saw the Cop come towards the driver’s window through her lust clouded eyes and she was helpless to stop what Maria was doing to her. She felt the eyes of the Cop caressing her breasts as he approached when he reached the window she saw only his crotch and there was a massive bulge going down his leg. Shit it looked like he had a huge link of sausage running down his leg and Brooke felt her pussy twitch at the sight.

She arched her back thrusting her breasts at the cop. Once again the unmerciful tease in her came out and the thrill of being so exposed to a cop made her obsessive need flare even higher. His eyes hungrily caressed her breasts and that combined with Maria’s fingers in her twat had her hanging on the edge of a massive orgasm. Brooke felt like she was going insane with desire and she needed to cum soon or she would go crazy.

The Cop leaned in the windows began to caress her breast and then pinched Brooke’s nipple sending pulses of desire through her already enflamed pussy. Having the Cop watch while Maria finger fucked her was erotic enough to send her passion reeling, but when he joined in she couldn’t stop the orgasm that completely consumed her.

Brooke’s body clinched in a massive cum with her mouth opening and closing in a breathless scream and her whole body trembled and shook with newly released passion. The whole day of teasing plus two people playing her body seemed to turn this into one of the hardest and longest cums ever. Then the cop leaned in, took her nipple in his mouth and bit down on her nipple, while his hand snaked down and pinched her clit.

Brooke hadn’t even come down from the first cum before she blasted into another one, this time seeing fireworks behind her eyes. Her body came out of the bucket seat in a body consuming and gut twisting cum, then seized with every muscle in her body locking in an exultation of the lustful rapture that had taken her.

When Maria saw this she had to ratchet up the game and took Brooke’s other nipple in her mouth and likewise bit into the nipple. Brooke screamed as her body went spastic trying to cope with all the continuing massive stimulation ravaging her.


Steve and Maria were fighting each other for the power over of Brooke’s out of control orgasm, while Brooke was lost in a sea orgasmic bliss the likes of which she had never felt before. She was having trouble breathing and had lost control of her arms and legs as they thrashed convulsively with her continuing orgasm. Steve and Maria continued to fight for dominance of Brooke’s body with her having no say in the matter.

Steve became more aggressive and pulled Maria’s fingers from Brooke’s cunt and then jammed two of his fingers into her pussy. Steve’s large fingers felt like a large cock being shoved into Brooke’s pussy and her ass came out of the bucket seat simultaneously wanting more and trying to get away from the massive invader. Her body convulsed in response to the new stimulus and her orgasm flamed anew with Brooke screaming her continuing orgasm.


As Steve curled his fingers in her pussy he starting rubbing Brooke’s g-spot while rubbing her clit with his thumb and her stomach muscles cramped in response with a renewed cum. Steve felt her pussy clamp down on his fingers and knew he had to get his cock in this quivering pussy. So he pulled his fingers out Brooke, flung open the car door, reached in and pulled Brooke out of the car.

Maria still had her mouth attached to Brooke’s nipple and almost bit down when the breast she was nibbling on was suddenly yanked from the car. Brooke, still in her orgasmic fog, had no idea what was happening and it felt like an earthquake with her body suddenly being ejected from the car. Her legs had turned to jelly with her massive orgasm and wouldn’t support her outside the car and she started to fall to the pavement, but a huge arm held her pressed against the car.

Brooke felt her breasts pressing against the window, she shook her head trying to clear the lust from her brain and she tried to figure out what was happening. Suddenly her arms are yanked behind her back and she heard the ratchet of handcuffs as her hands were cuffed behind her back. She was about to scream in protest when suddenly she was floating in the air as this massive cop picked her up and put her in the front seat of his car.

The cop wrote something on the back of a card and then walked over to Maria threw the card at her saying. “Come pick her up at this address in a little while.”

Maria looked stunned at the turn of events and started to protest.

“What are you doing with her, where are you taking her?”

“I’m going to go interrogate the prisoner and if she doesn’t cooperate then I’ll arrest her for multiple violations, including indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior and many others, but you get the point. She is mine, until I’m done with her.” Steve said.

Brooke sitting in the front seat of the squad car heard the whole exchange as she felt her whole body tingle. She was scared and knew she was in trouble, but she didn’t have much of a choice. She looked at Steve as he was coming back to the car and he was easily a foot taller and maybe 100 pounds heavier than she was and it was all muscle. She knew she had no chance of escape, then she looked again at his crotch and there was a massive bulge there going halfway down his thigh. If that was indeed his cock she knew she was going to be well and truly fucked with the thought scaring and exciting her and her whole body quivered at the thought.

Steve got in the car and they drove off with Brooke sitting topless with her hands cuffed behind her sitting on the passenger seat. They drove for only four or five blocks and then Steve pulled into the driveway, got out, opened the garage door and then pulled the car into the garage. He shut the garage door and came in opened Brooke’s door and then picked her up out of the seat and carried her into the house.

The garage door entered into the kitchen and Steve set Brooke on top of the kitchen counter. He laid her on her back and pulled her skirt and panties down at the same time, so now she was completely nude. Brooke had never felt so vulnerable in her entire life; she was naked, lying on the counter with her arms cuffed behind her back and a huge monster of a man getting ready to fuck the shit out of her. She knew she should be afraid but instead she was exhilarated and couldn’t wait to have that huge hunk of man meat shoved in her pussy.

Steve unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants and bend over to take off his shoes and remove his pants. When he stood back up Brooke gasped as she saw the monster waiting to tame her pussy as she felt a shiver run through her. His cock was easily the biggest she had ever seen and it seemed to her it had to be close to a foot long, maybe not that long but at least 8 inches. It was big and fat, she knew she was in for a fucking like she’s never had before and the thought of that monster scared her while exciting her at the same time. Brooke was looking at this beautiful monster cock while Steve leaned down and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth as he began to shove his long tongue deep into her pussy.

Brooke had never felt a tongue go that deep into her before, her hips climbed off the counter begging for more, and more is what she got. Steve’s mouth covered her clit and sucked on it as his tongue dove deep inside her pussy and Brooke’s whole body began to shake with a hunger that suddenly consumed her body. Brooke had many women and a few men eat her pussy before, but Steve was a master and he quickly rekindled her earlier passion, quickly whipping her body into a frenzy clamoring for more.

Brooke felt that now that she was about to be taught a lesson by a master and everyone that had fucked her before was an amateur compared was about to happen to her. A tremor ran through her body from her toes to her scalp as Steve rapidly began to flick her clit with his tongue and she felt her body quickly rushing to an orgasm. Right before she went over the edge he stopped and let her cool down, then he drove her towards the edge again with his tongue and again he stopped. He kept doing this until Brooke was screaming and begging him to finish her. She had always been the tease and now she was being teased masterfully and being driven insane with the need to cum.

Her hips were bouncing on the counter trying to get enough stimulation to push her over the edge, but Steve held her tight controlling when she would cum. Finally when her body was quivering with need and she was begging for him to take her he pushed her over the edge and sucked her clit deep into his mouth as he pummeled it with his tongue.

Brooke felt every muscle in her body exploded in orgasmic release, but he didn’t let her end there as he continued pummeling her sensitive clit relentlessly taking her higher and higher. Brooke’s clit was so sensitive now her body was squirming trying to get away from the sensation and finally Steve relented and pulled his lips from her pussy. Brooke was still quivering with the intensity of the orgasm he had just forced on her when she felt him sliding her off the counter and then the head of his massive cock started probing her pussy lips.

Brooke looked down and saw that massive truncheon probing her pussy lips and she felt the hair stand up on the back of her neck. She never had anything remotely approaching the size in her tight quim as he started rubbing back and forth through the lips of her pussy she felt her breath catch in both fear and excitement.

Based on how tightly she gripped his fingers Steve knew how tight Brooke’s pussy was going to be and he knew he had to take it slow in the beginning. He started using her pussy nectar to provide lubrication for his cock’s journey as he rubbed the head of his cock through her pussy lips and caressing her clit with each swipe. As he started pushing into her pussy he could see her lips spreading wide to try and accommodate his girth and her clit was forcefully uncovered. Her clit was red, full of blood and throbbing waiting for stimulation.

Brooke felt her pussy being spread wide and she kept being spread wide until she felt like she was going to tear. She didn’t tear but the stretch kept going spreading wide and then suddenly he popped through her outer lips into her pussy and tearing sensation stopped but she felt stuffed with cock and he only had the head of his cock in her, he still had another 7 inches to go.

As he popped inside her pussy Steve felt the tight squeeze and knew is going to have to watch his control because this tight soft pussy felt so good wrapped around his cock. He let the head of his cock sit and rest inside her pussy while he started caressing her clit with one hand and pinching and pulling on her nipples with the other.

Brooke felt like she was an erotic dream, first she had been finger fucked by car sales woman, kidnapped by a gigantic cop and now she had this huge cock inside her getting ready to tame her pussy. These were things she read about, but didn’t really happen to her, until now.

“Holy shit that monster cock is stretching my pussy so good. Oh god fuck me hard.” She moaned.

Steve started small thrusting motions with his cock going slightly deeper with each thrust and by the time he had half his cock inside Brooke she was thrashing and moaning, trying to pull him deeper with her legs. Since her arms were still cuffed behind her, she used her legs to try and get more of that monster in her needy pussy. Steve got the hint and in one push sunk another quarter of his cock in her tight hole. She was even tighter the further he went and he wasn’t sure he could get all of his cock in her. But he was sure going to try.

Brooke’s hips jumped off the counter in euphoric splendor. No one had ever been this deep, she had never been this stretched like this, and the feelings were amazing. Her pussy lips were spread so wide open that every gust of air stimulated her uncovered clit and every time Steve pulled back her pussy would cling to his cock turning itself inside out. Brooke never felt anything remotely like this and she never wanted to end. Her whole body was tingling and she was building to a spectacular cum.

“Oh god you’re so deep … Holy shit you’re going to make me cum again… tame this pussy … fuck me hard.” She screamed.

Brooke thought Steve was all the way inside her, but when she told him to fuck her hard Steve took the hint and did exactly that. Steve pulled all the way back to her pussy lips and then plowed into her burying his entire cock in her pussy slamming against her uncovered clit. Brooke’s whole body convulsed as she felt the entire length and breadth of Steve’s cock slam into the depths of her pussy and when her clit was pummeled at the same time her entire body exploded in orgasmic euphoria. Brooke saw fireworks behind her eyes and every part of her body from her scalp to her toes tingled as she screamed her release.

“Oh god … Oh my fucking god … I feel you in my stomach … I’m cumming … Oh god.”

Steve slid Brooke’s quivering body off the counter and into his arms and she was now being held weightless by his arms and the massive cock that had impaled her. Steve slid one arm up her back to stabilize her and the other hand cupped her ass as he now began to drive his cock in and out of her clasping pussy. Steve used his hand to pull her up off of his cock and then let gravity impale her on his massive truncheon.

Brooke felt her whole body go into overdrive as her stretched and spasming pussy overruled all other bodily functions. Her legs and belly were shaking as her orgasm seemed to intensify and her handcuffed arms were trying to break free from the cuffs binding her. Her head rolled back on her shoulders as her mouth opened and closed in silent passionate scream and for a few moments her body forgot how to breathe.

Steve continued to relentlessly drive his cock into Brooke’s unresisting pussy, every time she felt his cock hit bottom and her clit was crushed between their bodies her passionate euphoria flamed anew. Brooke had never felt anything like this and she didn’t know if it was one long orgasm or multiples piled on top of each other. Her body was twitching and shaking in an erotic dance seemed to have no end and of which she seemed to have no control.

Brooke didn’t think she couldn’t take anymore when suddenly she felt some soft hands clasped her waist and as those soft hands also touched Steve his pummeling stilled. Brooke twisted her head around and saw Maria behind her, but then in horror she realized Maria had a strap on dildo and was aiming at her asshole. Maria used her fingers to apply some grease to her rosebud and then began to feed the strap-on into Brooke’s ass. As she felt a burning sensation in her asshole Brooke screamed.


Brooke felt full and stretched before with just Steve’s cock and now with Maria taking her asshole she was stretched beyond her ability to cope and continued scream as Maria’s strap-on dildo continued its journey into her ass. Steve reached between their bodies and began to stroke her clit and the pain started to ease mixed with pleasure. The competition between Steve and Maria started again with Brooke’s helpless body trapped as the pawn in their competition.

Steve once again started pulling Brooke up and down his cock but this time it also served to move Maria’s dildo in and out of her ass. Maria started adding her thrusts to Steve’s and soon Brooke was being buffeted between the cock in her pussy and the dildo in her ass. She felt like a helpless marionette being manipulated by these two puppet masters, but soon the pain ended and the pleasure began to consume her once again.

As Brooke felt the orgasm began to build she realized being helplessly buffeted between these two competing forces had ratcheted up her excitement. When the orgasm finally hit Brooke felt like she was strapped to a rocket flying into outer space and her earthly existence faded before the power being unleashed through her body. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, but could only feel as her whole body was centered on her pussy and ass.

Brooke felt her body go into a seizure as the orgasmic power was unleashed on her body and she began to spasm between Steve and Maria’s unrelenting pounding.

Each cum piled on top of the next like a series of tsunami’s sweeping and pushing her before its unstoppable its power. The dildo in her ass made everything tighter making his cock rub relentlessly against her clit and g-spot. Brooke had trouble catching her breath with each cum robbing her of breath. She keep seeing her vision narrow and fade until she felt her whole body go limp as everything faded to black as she fainted.

When Brooke came to she was sitting on the floor with Maria’s arms wrapped around her holding her. The handcuffs were gone, as was Steve. Brooke felt completely exhausted and those muscles that weren’t completely limp were very sore. She tried to roll over but her boneless limp body refused to cooperate and Maria had to help her stand. Her pussy and ass were gaping open and her thighs sticky with the combined juices from her and Steve. As she got her wobbly legs underneath her, she now completely understood the term “walking bowlegged”. Her pussy and ass were both so sore she couldn’t stand to have anything touch her.

Maria helped her get into her skimpy dress and helped her walk out to the car. As she walked outside she realized it was still mid-day and over the last hour her whole life changed. She sat gently in the seat of the car and laid her head back to rest as Maria drove the car away. When the car stopped, Brooke figured they were back in the dealership, but she looked out the window she saw they were in front of a tattoo parlor. She looked over at Maria questioningly and she responded.

“I’m getting your nipples pierced, and you will love it.”

Brooke remembered Maria talking about the piercing but hadn’t remembered making a decision, but wait she said she was Maria’s bitch. Brooke looked over submissively at Maria, her mind was still fuzzy so she nodded her head and walked into the tattoo parlor.


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